30 Gift Ideas for an Engineer To Spark Interest

Engineers tend to be analytical, science-orientated people.

Some may even be considered nerdy. They may not like the same things as the majority of people.

They need something to stimulate the mind or the funny bone. Here are some gifts sure to make the engineer in your life happy.

30 Gifts For Engineers


Funny and Comfy: I Void Warranties T-Shirt

Engineers are known for tinkering with things. They may take apart the remote to put it back together again. This t-shirt will get a laugh out of the engineer in your life.
The shirt is 100% cotton and made in the USA.

The simple black and white design makes it easy to wear with just about anything.

OWI robotic arm

Reach for the Sky: OWI Robotic Arm

Thie OWI robotic arm is interesting, scientific, fun, and affordable. Everything an engineer could want! The engineer in your life will build the robotic arm themselves, keeping them occupied. It has multiple points of movement that allow for a variety of different uses once it’s built.

It can extend about twelve inches in total. Also, there’s no welding required! Anyone from ten years old on up should be able to use the arm. Don’t forget the D-batteries since they are required.

math formula tie

Dress Smart: Math Formula Tie

This spiffy, silk tie is covered in a number of different math formulas that all engineers would have encountered in their schooling. The tie has a powder blue background with the math formulas written in white.

It was designed by an artist and handmade in New York, giving it that feel of luxury every engineer deserves. This is especially great for someone who teaches engineering or works in an office setting.

magnetic levitation glove with LED light

Global Levitation: MOKOQI Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe with LED Light

It’s not enough for an engineer to have a globe. They need to have a globe that stands out from the rest. This globe does just that. The globe actually levitates in its frame once you plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.

I’m not exactly sure how it levitates. Ask the engineer in your life to explain it to you. It also rotates slowly. The frame is black, and the globe is black and silver. It just looks super cool. It also has LED lights that illuminate and make the cool item really stand out.

It’s perfect for on top of a desk or on a mantel. The globe itself is only 3.5 inches in diameter. The frame is just under 7 inches tall. The item is also quite affordable, and it’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

crystal ball

Shoot for the Stars: Solar System Crystal Ball

Engineers don’t usually believe in sorcery or crystal balls. However, they do believe in science and the stars. This crystal ball won’t tell the future, but it can teach someone a little bit about the solar system.

It shows a clear display of our solar system, including the names of the eight planets and their rotations. The globe is accurate in terms of size of the planets and their distance from each other. You can power the ball with AAA batteries or with its USB port.

The ball is made out of K9 crystal. There are six different color options. It’s a great decoration, or it can be used as a teaching aide.

engineer Teddy bear

Simply the Best (and cuddliest): Best Engineer in the World Teddy Bear

This adorable shaggy, brown teddy bear made by London Teddy Bears is dressed in an adorable “Best Engineer in the World” t-shirt. The teddy bear is 8 inches tall. It’s extremely soft and has a pretty face.

The bear is safe for anybody over three years old, but someone might also want to keep it on their bed.

musical learning tool workbench

Play and Learn: PowerTRC Multifunctional Musical Learning Tool Workbench

Start them young with this play set specifically designed with a future engineer in mind. The work bench is complete with a wide variety of things for your youngster to interact with. It features buttons, nozzles, tools, and activities all with the child’s development in mind.

The toy can actually help the child improve problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Everything is safe, so you can let any child play. There are some noises, but there’s also a sound control feature to help make things quiet for you and everyone else in the house.

Make sure to buy 2 AA batteries, because they are not included.

DA Vinci clock

Keep Time Like a Scientist: Academy da Vinci Clock

Many people know Leonadrdo da Vinci as an artist, but you may not know he was quite the scientist as well. This clock is a reproduction of his famous sketch. The engineer gets to put the clock together themselves with its 56 pieces.

No batteries or power is required since it’s powered by itself. The clock can go on the wall, or it can stand up on its own.

ROBOTIME 3D wooden puzzle

Build it and Enjoy: ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle

This 3D puzzle is much more complex than a regular puzzle. It comes with 227 pieces, and the engineer must think in several dimensions to put it together. When complete, you get a cool 3D scientific image that includes gears and pulleys.

The wood appearance gives it an additional, scientific attractiveness. The puzzle is about ten inches tall, and it is considered appropriate for anyone over the age of 14.


Dude, Where’s My Pen?: MyPenIsStuck

MyPenIsStuck is a hilarious gag gift perfect for an engineer who will likely be too busy in deep thought to remember where they put their pen. This will be able to help them find it no matter what. Simply place the item on the wall, and your pen will be right there.

It even comes with a LED light in the case an engineer drops their pen.

Kidzlabs science kit

Float Higher than the Rest: Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

You can spot an engineer from a mile away when they are just kids. If you have a soon-to-be engineer in your life, start them out with this cool science experiment kit that focuses on magnetic energy and levitation.

Levitate both a pencil and a screw. There’s also an experiment that allows you to build a maglev (whatever that is). This is appropriate for anyone over the age of 8 without adult supervision, and it will help your child learn and develop an interest in science.

Absolutely everything required for the experiments is included.

barbie doll

Pretty Smart: Barbie Robotics Engineer Doll

Even today, there is a lack of women in the sciences. However, girls should know that they can be scientists, too! This Barbie is both beautiful and smart, just like the little girl in your life. This Barbie is the standard Barbie sized and blonde like the standard Barbie with her hair in a practical ponytail.

She wears casual lab attire and, of course, protective goggles. The Barbie also comes with a tiny laptop and tiny robot. Avoid giving this to anyone under 3 years old to ensure they don’t choke on the small parts.

VIPAMZ tub toys

Learn in the Tub: VIPAMZ Tub Toys Building Pipes Bath Wall Toy

Bath time is a fun time for young ones. However, it can also be an educational time. Teach them about science with this bath toy. Put water into the tank and let your child play with the different pipes and valves.

They will learn that when they move the pipes and turn the valves, they will get different reactions. There are also different extensions that release the water in different ways. This toy is great for anyone between the ages of 3 months to 3 years.

Everything is smooth and safe to prevent any damage to your child. They wont want to leave the tub! The toy is 13 inches tall.

green science windmill generator kit

Clean Energy at Home: 4M 3649 Green Science Windmill Generator Kit

Science is giving us new and exciting ways to create power these days, including wind power. Help teach about renewable energy sources early with this windmill generator kit. The engineer will create their own 5-inch windmill and use it to power a small LED light bulb.

The kit comes with everything except for a recycled soda bottle. The children will learn first hand how windmills work. The kit also comes with information about renewable energy. This kit is for anyone over the age of 8.

Make sure there is plenty of wind around to get the kit to work. Naturally, the packaging is sustainable to ensure we are kind to the environment.

ELEGOO mega 2560 project starter kit

Everything You Could Need: ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit

This kit is perfect for the person who was born to be an engineer and has already established a solid foundation on the topic. This kit comes with more than 200 pieces, allowing for almost innumerable different experiments.

There is even a tutorial CD to give the junior engineer ideas on what exactly to do with everything. The possibilities are endless. There is even a small box to keep keep everything in one place. Also, everything is compatible with Arduino IDE.

The kit comes with 3 CR2 batteries. Generally speaking, this is most appropriate for someone over the age of 15. Adults will enjoy it, too.

periodic table blocks

Build and Learn: Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks

The periodic table is the basis for everything we see. It is the items in the periodic table that make up every little thing. Understanding things from their smallest part will help someone understand them in their complete state even better.

These periodic table blocks will instill an appreciation of the world into your baby. The set comes with 20 1.75 inch blocks made out of safe wood. The blocks are three colors made of nonpoisonous dye.

Even better, the item is made in the USA. Ideal for children 2 years and up.

card game

Witty Fun: Quickwits Party Card Game

Even engineers need to let loose and have fun sometimes. Help the engineer in your life have some fun with this fun party game. The game is a card game that gets everybody talking. You have to be first, so it’s great for an engineer.

However, this is not necessarily a family game. Some topics can bring about adult themes, so give it to someone age appropriate. You can play with 3 or more players. There are 150 card with different themes.

When two cards match, it’s on! Whoever gets the most cards at the end of the game wins.

rocket coding toy

Jump Start Coding: Code Rocket Coding Toy

Start your future NASA employee right now with this award-winning coding toy. It’s a great way to get children to learn basic coding in a fun yet challenging way. This toy does require a computer to make the most of it.

The toy is in the fun shape of a spaceship that stands 3.5 inches high. There are a total of 21 projects that will keep your child busy for hours. Perfect for any 8 – 13 year old interested in space or interested in computers.

They won’t even know they are learning!

stirling engine

Spinning Hot: DjuiinoStar High Performance Low Temperature Stirling Engine

Who knew that hear could product power? This engine works when you put it on top of your cup of coffee or some other hot object. The engine is quite cool looking with a stainless steel flywheel and graphite power piston.

When you place the item on top of a mug, you can start the engine and watch it go for days on end without stopping. The temperature differential to make the item work is between 27-34 degrees. It’s a conversation starter that will have everyone staring in amazement.

flying drone

Beginner’s Drone: Hand Operated Kids Flying Drone

This introductory drone is small at only 2.39 ounces. It’s generally recommended for children three years old and greater. The drone has an attractive globe underneath it that catches the light and makes it look fun.

You simply charge the item with the provided USB and then turn the “on” button to let ‘er rip! When you turn the item on, the drone will start to levitate. You will be able to control it easily with your hands.

When you are ready to stop playing, you’ll simply turn it off with the remote and catch it as it glides down.

disgusting and gross science kit

Creepy Crawly Learning: Playz Disgusting n’ Gross Science and Activity Kit

Some future engineers are really into the creepy and gross things in life. This kit is for them! This kit comes with over 34 tools. However, this isn’t your average science activity kit. Levitate eyeballs, gizzards, poop putty, and boiled boogers.

The kids will be laughing and shrieking at how weird the kit is, but they will be learning all along the way. This is acceptable for anyone over 8 years of age. It comes with absolutely everything you will need to complete the different experiments.

music box 3D puzzle

Rocking Robot Project: ROKR Steam Punk Music Box 3D Puzzle

This 3-D puzzle creates a cool golden robot, and it even plays music! It plays the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” when completed. It has a total of 221 puzzle pieces and should take roughly 4 hours to finish.

When finished, the robot will be right under 6 inches tall. The music box portion of the robot can be wound up. However, the light-up heart on the chest of the robot requires two batteries (not included).

This is perfect for anyone over the age of 14 years old.

3D drawing doodler pen

Draw Out Loud: AWSAD Speed Control 3D Drawing Doodler Pen

Teach children about 3D printing technology with this 3D printing pen. Don’t just color on paper. Create the things you want to see in 3D! The pen comes in either a light blue or light pink color. It may look a little complicated, but it’s safe and easy enough to use for anyone over the age of 8.

While it’s mostly designed toward children, it’s also a great way for adults to experience the joys of 3D printing technology. It comes with 10 pieces of printing wax paper. Order more when you run out.


Genius is Key: Neurons Not Included Genius Periodic Table Keychain

This isn’t just any old key ring. This key ring spells out the word “Genius” in elements from the periodic table. The key ring itself is solid metal. The ring and the edge of the key ring is silver. Then the is a black background and white elements in the middle.

It is 3 inches long in total. The letters are permanently printed, so you will not have to worry about them fading away. It’s also waterproof. The ring is heavy duty. Any engineer will be proud to wear their keys on this.


Sleep on It: BarborasBoutique Aerospace Engineer Pillowcase

Engineers have much more to their lives than just being an engineer. In fact, some have a much bigger job- mom. This pillowcase pays homage to the amazing engineer/moms out there with the phrase “Job title: #1 Mom” above the phrase “aerospace engineer” crossed out.

It’s a microfiber pillowcase of 20″ x 30″. the pillowcase is made in the USA.The pillowcase is machine washable and comfortable. The printing is high quality and will not wash off quickly. This is just the pillowcase.

The pillow naturally does not come with it.

newton´s cradle desk decoration

Table-top Energy: DOTSOG Newton’s Cradle

Stick with a tried and true classic with this Newton’s pendulum. This seemingly simple desk decoration teaches us the very complex theory that an item in motion stays in motion. A line places five balls in a row in between two metal cradles.

When you make one ball hit the next, they will continue this action for about twenty seconds. The line is especially strong to ensure that it doesn’t break. The item is over five inches tall. It is often used as a decorative piece in an office or in a home.

However, it can also be a fun toy for children as well.

DIY-RC car building kit toy

Build and Drive: DIY RC Car Building Kit Toy

Some future engineers are also into cars because of the mechanics. Give them a chance to build something they can later play with with this build your own car kit by RC. Your child will build the car themselves out of 421 pieces.

Once it is finally built, your child will be able to control it with the wireless remote control. Once the battery is charged, it can control the car for 3-4 hours of fun. Perfect for boys and girls between 6 – 14.

3D puzzle

Build Something New: WANBY Magic Combination 3D Puzzle

Forget about the regular Rubik’s cube. An engineer needs something a little more unique and challenging. Each side has 3×3 squares of different sizes. The cube is 2.24 x 2.24 x 2.24. Create different, cool shapes that only an engineer could dream up.

This cube is even used in international competitions, so get practicing.

desk toy

Stress Relief: Samisoler Kinetic Desk Toy

This seemingly simple ball offers stress relief and plenty to look at during your day. Put the aluminum ball on any surface and rotate it to watch it spin and spin. It does spin quietly, so you won’t have to worry about being disruptive.

It will continue to spin for over 120 seconds at a time. It offers a soothing optical illusion effect that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of. The ball is small at only 1.91 inches in diameter and 5.

66 ounces.

How to Pick a Present for your favorite engineer

So, you know you want to get the perfect gift for the engineer in your life. How do you know what gift is the right one for that particular person? Well, think about the person’s demographics.

Age will play a large role in the gift you get. You will get a baby or a child something different than you would get someone who is a full-grown adult with an established career. For a child, talk to them to learn about the things they like.

If they mention robots or magnets, it can help you narrow your options down.

Next, you should consider what is going on in the person’s life. A college grad or someone getting their first engineering job will need something for their desk or office. If someone has been at their job for years, they probably already have decorations in their office and home.

Women and girls could benefit from something specifically directed toward encouraging girls to get into science.

However, many girls like the same things as boys. Don’t think that “masculine” toys might not appeal to the little girl in your life.

When someone is interested in science and engineering, it is a large part of their personality.

Show that you support them and their interests by getting a gift specifically for engineers.


All of these gifts are great options for the engineers in your life. However, the list is anything but complete.

If you have experience with any of the items on the list or have a gift you would like to add to the list, be sure to comment below!

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