30 Exciting Experience Gifts for Couples

Buying the perfect gift can be challenging enough when you’re buying something for one person.

When you’re trying to find the perfect gift to give to two people with different tastes, preferences and personalities, it can be nearly impossible.

One thing almost everyone likes, though, is the gift of experiencing something amazing.

This year, instead of giving physical gifts to the couples in your life, try giving them an amazing experience they can enjoy together and remember for a lifetime.

people hiking

A Walk to Remember: Hollywood Hills Sunset Hike, Los Angeles, CA

If you have friends who love Hollywood and hiking, this is the perfect gift for them. The three and a half mile hike is a breathtaking experience that’ll take them over the peak of Mount Hollywood, right past the Hollywood sign.

It’s a guided hike, so while they’re hiking, the guide will be telling them lots of great information about Hollywood and the history of Los Angeles. There will even be some interactive screens that show iconic Hollywood footage filmed in the very spots where they’re standing.

From the top, they’ll get a selfie with the sign and have a 360° view of the Beverly Hills mansions, downtown skyscrapers and more.

Catalina Island tour 2 night

A Romantic Getaway: Catalina 2 Night All-Inclusive, Los Angeles, CA

This is a romantic getaway your loved ones will never forget. This package gives them a two-night, all-inclusive stay on the gorgeous Catalina Island. They’ll start at Dana Island and have a lovely boat ride to Catalina, where they’ll be able to camp on some of the most beautiful, remote beaches in the state.

These beaches are only accessible by boat, so they won’t have anyone stumbling up accidentally to disturb them. It’ll truly feel like they’re living on their very own private island. By day, they can explore caves, snorkel or go cliff diving, and by night, they can sleep under the stars and fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

bungee jump

For the Adventurous Couples: Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump, Azusa, CA

If your friends are an adventurous couple, give them the gift of pure adrenaline. You can rest assured they’ll be in good hands with this company, which is the oldest operating bungee company in all of America.

Your friends will start with a five mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, a ten-story-high bridge above a raging river. Then they’ll take the plunge over the edge.

lunch in train

For the Fine Diners: Napa Valley Lunch Train, Napa, CA

Allow your friends to slip back into a simpler time with this peaceful, scenic, 36-mile train ride through Napa Valley. They’ll enjoy the ambiance of riding in a vintage train, and they’ll savor the delicious, multi-course, gourmet meal being served.

As the train heads to St. Helena and then back again, they’ll be surrounded by the beauty of wine country while feasting on such gourmet cuisine as kale and Farro salad, Soup du Jour, lemon-thyme roasted chicken, gemelli pasta, wine tasting and more.

And of course, they’ll enjoy a lot of premium wine.


For the Nature Lovers: Redwoods & Wine Country Lunch Tour, San Francisco, CA

With this gift, your loved ones will get the authentic, total California experience. They’ll start with a guided drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge before heading into Muir Woods National Monument.

Then they’ll get to stroll through the Redwood forest, marveling at the 200-foot Redwood trees. Next, they’ll head into Sonoma Valley to learn to taste wine like a sommelier, followed by shopping and a gourmet lunch, and then they’re off again to Napa Valley for their second wine tasting of the day.

They’ll end the day at a gorgeous vista with views of the San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Camp Paradise: 3-Day Yosemite Camping Adventure, San Francisco, CA

With this gift, your friends will have the opportunity to explore, camp and hike with a trained and award-winning tour guide. They’ll have a chance to see some of the most beautiful sights in Yosemite, including beautiful wildlife and wild places, granite cliffs, rushing waterfalls and gorgeous giant sequoias.

They can camp under the stars at a fully equipped campground with all modern amenities. Along the way, they’ll see such stunning, well-known sights as Bridalveil Fall, Half Dome, May Lake, El Capitan, Mount Hoffman, and they’ll even have the chance to swim the Merced River.

helicopter tour for New York city

Get Them High on Life: Helicopter Tour NYC, New York City, NY

Help your loved ones experience New York City in a totally new way by giving them the experience of seeing it from above. This helicopter tour will take your friends all around the isle of Manhattan and give them a bird’s eye view of some of New York City’s most stunning sights.

In addition to the New York City skyline, which is breathtaking and an amazing gift all on its own, they’ll also see the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Freedom Tower and so much more.

Escape room Manhattan New Work

For the Houdinis: Escape Room, New York City, NY

Your friends may have experienced escape rooms before, but they’ve never experienced one quite like this. With this package, your friends will have the option to choose between five incredibly unique, amazingly complex and realistic escape room scenarios.

There’s the Gold Rush, where they try to find a greedy miser’s stash of gold before the mob, the Prison Break, where they’ve been wrongfully convicted of a crime and must escape prison or be doomed to spend the rest of their lives there or the Heist, Special Ops or the Playground, all of which are equally unique, fun and challenging.

They have 60 minutes to find their way out of each.

class of painting for couples-NY

For the Artistes: Romantic Painting Class, Manhattan, NY

If you’re looking for an experience that’s a little more low-key and romantic to give your friends, this romantic painting class for two might just be the perfect gift. The room is full of candles and rose petals for ambiance, and your friends will be guided by their own private art instructor in painting a single image that means something to them both.

It’s informative, romantic, personal and extremely intimate, and it’s sure to be a night your friends will never forget.

private class blowing

A Unique Experience: Private Glass Blowing Classes, Brooklyn, NY

With this gift, you have the option of purchasing one or two classes for your loved ones. They’ll learn about the unique, delicate art of glass blowing in an exclusive, professional studio. They’ll learn about the history of glass blowing and the tools, techniques and skills used in the creation of glass.

Finally, they’ll be able to try their hands at this delicate art themselves. They’ll each have their own gorgeous paperweight to take home at the end.

exotic dinner

Exotic Food Sets the Mood: Exotic Dinner for the Connoisseur, Chicago, IL

Give your friends an evening with executive chef Christopher Tong, chef of fine cuisine to the stars. The same man who’s cooked for such prestigious names as Michael Jordan, Cher, Michael J. Fox and Nancy Reagan can now cook for your friends for a single intimate evening.

He fixes exotic dishes using imported caviar, seasonal seafood and exotic wild game for a fabulous, four-course meal. Your friends will feel like royalty after Tong’s staff turns their kitchen into a gourmet dining hall, setting their table, presenting the menu and serving them their delicious and unique gourmet meal.

private hot air balloon

For Those Looking to Get Away: Private Hot Air Balloon Ride, Hampshire, IL

For your couple friends who aren’t afraid of heights, this is an amazing, unique and unbeatable gift. They’ll be able to soar high above the gorgeous Illinois countryside on their own private hot air balloon ride.

Setting out just outside of Chicago, your friends will start out by meeting the crew and pilot and will learn a little about the mechanics and history of hot air ballooning. They’ll have the option of helping to set up the balloon themselves, or they can sit back and relax while the crew does that for them.

After the initial take-off, they’ll soon find themselves 1,500 feet above Chicago proper, where they’ll enjoy 45 minutes of peaceful floating and beautiful scenery.

indian cooking class

For the Aspiring Chefs: Indian Cooking Class, Miami, FL

Give your friends the gift experience that the Miami New Times ranked the “#1 Cooking Class in Miami.” Your friends will be able to choose from 13 different Indian-themed cooking classes, each with its own specifically chosen menu.

They’ll learn to create an entire meal, starting with appetizers and ending with a delicious, delightful dessert. Allow them to explore all the wonderful flavors of India with superb chef Ayesha D’Mello.

Under her tutelage, they’ll learn to prepare anywhere between six and eight different dishes. Hopefully, they’ll cook some of them for you one day as a thank you.

private DJ lessons

Music Soothes the Soul: Private DJ Lesson, Miami, FL

Although this may seem like an odd gift for a couple, for the couple who loves music and dancing, it’s actually pretty perfect. Send them back to school – a school they’ll actually love and enjoy. Originally founded by Jam Master Jay, this school will teach your friends all the formulas, styles and tricks to become legitimate DJs, no matter their skill levels when they first walk through the door.

This is actually a really great gift to give them; once they get good, you can have them DJ all your special events.

Miami convertible tour for up to 4

Cruise in Style: Convertible Tour, Miami, FL

If your loved ones are the type of people who love to sit back and just enjoy a good drive or ride, you won’t find a better gift for them. They’ll be able to cruise all over the gorgeous city of Miami, seeing the sights and taking in all the local scenery riding in the back of a perfectly maintained, pristine 1940’s or 1950’s convertible.

The three and half hour tour covers such areas as Little Havanna, Coconut Grove, the Design District, gorgeous Downtown Miami and more. They can ride in companionable silence, or their chauffeur will also act as a tour guide for them if they choose.

couples massages

A Relaxing Evening: Couples Massage, Fort Lauderdale, FL

It doesn’t get much more relaxing and intimate than a couples massage. The spa atmosphere is full of the smells of soothing soy candles and the sound of soft, pleasing music. With this package, they can choose from either a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage.

They’ll enjoy such additional perks as aromatherapy, reflexology and the smell and feel of warm, organic, scented coconut oils. These massages are designed to improve circulation as well as skin and muscle tone.

Your friends will love every second of this amazing experience, and they’ll be dying to go back again.

private everglades airboat adventure

A Swampy Ride: Private Everglades Airboat Tour, Weston, FL

Cranes, snakes and gators… oh my! That’s what your friends could potentially see on their private airboat tour of the Everglades. During this hour-long tour, they’ll learn about the ecosystem in the Everglades and all the wildlife that calls the Glades home.

They may even get a chance to see many of these creatures for themselves. The boat will cruise along over cattails at a smooth 40 mph. After the boat ride is over, your friends will have a chance to tour the park, where they’ll see a panther, hold an alligator and so much more. Great for the holiday season.

Grand canyon tour

Some Like it Hot: Two-Day Grand Canyon Tour, Las Vegas, NV

Another great trip option for those couple friends who love nature and hiking, this one takes them to the beautiful Grand Canyon. They’ll see the beginning of the notorious Route 66 and visit the Hoover Dam.

They’ll take a nice, scenic drive through the desert and visit the Grand Canyon railway. After they arrive, they can explore the rim of the Grand Canyon and visit a hidden ledge to watch the sun go down.

They’ll spend the night in a nice, four-star hotel. The next day, they’ll be able to explore the Canyon in more detail, see several exhibits and take part in one of the many ranger programs.

rage room experience

For the Stressed Out Couple: Rage Room, Las Vegas, NV

If you have some couple friends who’re a little more … destructive, buy them a Rage Room package and let them go crazy – literally. There are two different packages you can purchase for your friends – the Wrecking Package or the XL Wrecking Package.

Depending on which package you purchase, they’ll get to destroy between 26 and 37 items of varying sizes using bats and crowbars. They’ll be decked out in safety gear so they won’t be harmed, and they’ll have a blast taking out all their frustrations on computers, liquor bottles, radio receivers, beer bottles and more.

overnight whitewater rafting

Brave the Waves: Overnight Whitewater Rafting Adventure, Buena Vista, CO

This Whitewater Rafting adventure in Colorado is one of the more adventurous, exciting experiences on our list. This is an overnight trip, and your friends will have a full 24 hours of camping and rafting.

They’ll enjoy the peaceful, restful night’s sleep they get from sleeping under the beautiful Colorado stars and sky, and then they’ll get to test their strength and agility against the crazy class II and III rapids of Browns Canyon.

Chattooga river treehouse overnight stay

For Your Friends Who’d Rather Be Tree Nymphs: Chattooga River Treehouse Overnight Stay – 1 Night, Long Creek, SC

This is a beautiful, whimsical and almost magical gift to give your friends. It’s also the perfect mixture of nature and modern convenience. Give your friends a night away in this gorgeous treehouse tucked away in South Carolina near the Chattooga River.

Dubbed a “fully functional escape to the skies,” this treehouse actually has a tree trunk growing through the floor of the bedroom. Although they’ll be living in and surrounded by nature, they’ll also have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and a private outdoor deck with a grill.

They can choose to spend the day tucked away in their lover’s nest, or they can head to the Chattooga River for rafting, kayaking and more.

Tandem skydiving

For the Risk Takers: Tandem Skydiving, Molalla, OR

This experience gift isn’t for the faint of heart, but if your friends love adventure and the feel of adrenaline coursing through their veins, this is the gift for them. Your friends will fly up to jumping altitude on a Super Twin Otter aircraft moving at 120 mph.

They’ll soar through the clouds in a complete free fall, their parachutes only opening after they’ve broken through cloud cover. As they’re gliding down, they’ll also get a gorgeous view of Oregon.


Let Them Shoot Each Other: Paintball Adventure, Nashville, IN

If you have a couple in your life who are super competitive and like to have a little fun together, buy them the ultimate paintball package and let them have fun (safely) shooting each other. There are ten different fields from which your friends can choose.

Each has its own obstacles and its own name. They can choose from Bunker Hill, the Refinery, the Armory or more. Each package includes the gear they’ll need, unlimited CO2, 500 paintballs and more. They’ll have a blast, get a whole lot messy and have the ultimate bonding experience.

horseback riding

Experience Life in the Country: Soldier Hollow Horseback Riding, Midway, UT

There’s something that just seems magical about horseback riding. With this package, your friends will be able to visit the very spot the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. They’ll take a relaxing ride across the southern slope of Soldier Hollow, where they’ll see plenty of Mother Nature’s beauty and some historic sites.

The horses are friendly and gentle, and even inexperienced riders can ride them with ease. They’ll get to see Mount Timpanogos, the Wasatch Mountains and Deer Creek Reservoir. They’ll also climb to the very top – the Crow’s Nest – which is an original hunting camp that was used by the Ute Indians.

pottery class

The Gift of Clay and Creation: Date Night Pottery Class, Hopkins, MN

Anyone who has ever watched Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost can attest to just how romantic an evening of pottery creation can be. Your loved ones will have a lovely, intimate time working at their own potter’s wheels to create their very own clay creations.

They can bring a little wine, play a little music and create something beautiful and magical. It’s the ultimate date night experience for two people in love, and a great experience gift idea.

NASCAR ride along

For the Speed Demons: NASCAR Ride Along, Lincoln, AL

If one of the couples in your life loves speed, adrenaline and NASCAR, this is the ultimate couples experience for them. This gift is for every person who has ever dreamed of being a NASCAR driver. Send them down to Lincoln, Alabama to have an actual ride along with one of their favorite NASCAR drivers, such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

and others. They can ride in the passenger seat or the back as a professional driver speeds them around the track in a 600-horsepower stock car traveling at 165 mph.

crepe making class

For the Sweetest Couple You Know: Exclusive Crepe Making Class at Sofi’s, Baltimore, MD

Just about everyone, everywhere loves crepes. Crepes are almost a universally adored treat. Give your friends the gift of learning to make their very own crepes by purchasing them a private class at one of the best crepe restaurants in the United States, Sofi’s.

During the class, they’ll learn a little about the history of crepe making and learn to make their own. They’ll learn about which ingredients work best together, which tools make crepe-making easier and which techniques to use to make the lightest, sweetest, most delicious crepes possible.

They’ll gain experience making both sweet and savory crepes and experiment with different combinations and flavors. Afterwards, hopefully they’ll invite you over for brunch.

fly a jetpack

Everyone Dreams of Flying: Fly a Jetpack, Oahu, HI

If you have friends who’ve always dreamed of flying, this is their chance to do it! They’ll feel just like their favorite superheroes – or favorite mad scientists – while strapped to these jetpacks. They’ll head to the gorgeous Maunalua Bay in Oahu, Hawaii and be given their own private instructors to teach them all about how to safely fly and control their jetpacks.

Then they’ll head out and get to enjoy one of the very few ways that human beings can actually experience flight outside of a plane or helicopter. They’ll have 15 minutes to fly and show off to one another, all while getting a great view of some of Hawaii’s most beautiful sights.

tandem hang gliding flight

Fly Like an Eagle: Tandem Hang Gliding, Orient OH

This is another one for the adrenaline junkies and the risk takers. Send your friends up somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 feet in the air, towed behind a carbon trike. Then let them take over the controls and actually get to hang glide.

Much like the jetpack, this is one of the only ways human beings get to experience the true beauty of flight without climbing into a helicopter or airplane. They’ll feel just like eagles soaring through the sky, and they’ll love you for giving them that chance.

seattle date night

A Night They’ll Never Forget: Seattle Date Night, Seattle, WA

Compared to some of the other super exciting, thrills and chills experiences on this list, a standard date night might not seem like the best gift, but actually, it could be exactly what your loved ones need.

With this date night, they’ll be able to design their perfect evening. It can be the fairy tale date they’ve always wanted to have. This allows them to choose for themselves. If they want a romantic dinner cooked by a world-class chef, that’s what they’ll get.

If they want to bungee jump off a bridge, they can choose that instead. You can’t go wrong with letting them pick their own experience.

Buying Guide

When we start thinking about gifts to give the people we love, we often start off on the wrong track and just keep going. Human beings, and humans living in developed countries specifically, tend to think that gifts have to be the biggest, the most expensive and the best. A true gift, though, doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those things. Something small and from the heart is far preferable to most people than something big, flashy and impersonal.

That’s one of the reasons giving the gift of an experience is such a good idea. When you give this type of gift, you don’t automatically start thinking about finding the biggest, best and most expensive. Instead, you start thinking about what someone would enjoy most. The gifts end up being much more personal and relevant to the person’s – or couple’s – interests. Additionally, numerous studies have been conducted that prove people just like experiences more than they like things. So why wouldn’t we want to give the people we love what they’d like most?

Choosing the right experience gift for a couple is often a lot easier than buying a physical gift as well. When it comes to material things, the two people that make up the couple may have very different ideas about what they’d like. For instance, the male half of the couple might really appreciate a giant, oversized poster signed by the entire cast of Game of Thrones, but the female half of the couple might really, really not appreciate that in her house.

Additionally, the female half of the couple might really enjoy a handmade quilt for their bed, while the male half of the couple might think, “That seems like a lot of time wasted when you could have just bought a comforter at Sears.” Buying one gift for two very different people is hard because they just have such different interests when it comes to physical items.

However, couples are couples for a reason, and that usually has to do with them having similar interests. While you may never be able to find the perfect physical gift for your brother and his wife, you know they both love going to concerts or dance lessons.

Giving them concert tickets for a band they both love is a great gift. Additionally, finding something material that your best friend and her girlfriend would agree on might be impossible, but you know they have both been wanting to learn to cook for a while now. You could make that happen for them by enrolling them both in a couple’s cooking workshop.

You know your family members and the people you love; you know the types of things they enjoy doing together. You probably even know what their dream annual pass or vacation is or what their top three “Bucket List” experiences are. The next time you have the occasion to give them a thoughtful gift with virgin experiences, consider giving them those experiences to enjoy together. They’ll cherish the memories for a lifetime, and they’ll always have you to thank for them.

Final words

Let us know in the comments what your favorite couple’s experience has been. With whom did you share the experience? A girlfriend? A boyfriend? A spouse? What made it so enjoyable, and why would you recommend it to others? Also, be sure to like and share our page so others can learn more about the amazing experiences and gift certificate available near them.

Thanks! Come back again soon!

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