30 Freakin’ Fantastic Family Guy Gifts

Although it may seem impossible to some people,Family Guy has now been on the air for over two decades, with the first episode premiering after the 1999 Super Bowl.

Whether you personally love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s a hugely popular show, and despite the fact that it’s animated, it isn’t just loved by children.

If you have someone in your family or group of friends who’s a huge Family Guy fan, this list will help you find the perfect gift for that person.

30 Family Guy Gift Ideas

family guy ultimate complete collection

Literal Hours of Entertainment: Family Guy Volumes 1-12 Ultimate Complete Collection

Because Family Guy is still airing new episodes and is scheduled to run through at least 21 seasons, there’s no complete box set just yet. There is a box set for seasons one through 12, though, and they’ll provide your friend with over 75 hours of Family Guy entertainment.

If you want to go super big, you can also get her seasons 13-19 single season collections to go with it.

If you’re not looking to go quite this big, there are other options as well. For example, there’s the box set collection of seasons one through five, a seasons six through ten collection, etc.

The main thing is that you’re giving her a way to binge watch her favorite show even when it isn’t airing episodes on TV.

laugh it-up fuzzball family guy trilogy DVD

The World’s Most Perfect Parody: Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy

If your friend’s the type who loves parodies and spoofs and also happens to love Family Guy, he’ll love this box set collection of the straight-to-DVD Star Wars parody films Seth MacFarlane did with the Family Guy characters.

These movies are parodies of the original three Star Wars films, and they’re hilarious. The movies place Family Guy characters in the roles of traditional Star Wars characters.

There’s Peter Solo, Princes Lois, Chris Skywalker, Stewie Vader and more. If your friend is a Family Guy fanatic, he’ll love this crazy collection.

inside family guy book

Help Them Experience the Show in a New Way: Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History

This awesome gem was released on the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere date. It’s a 240-page, full-color, illustrated book that discusses all things Family Guy. There are original character sketches, storyboards, excerpts from original scripts, interviews with crew and cast members and other great behind-the-scenes stuff that fans are sure to enjoy.

If your friend’s a true Family Guy fan, she isn’t going to want to miss this must-have gift.

plush toy

Something to Snuggle with at Night: Family Guy Stewie Giant Head Plush Toy

Even people who claim they’re “too old” for stuffed animals are sure to get a kick out this one. It’s a nine-inch tall, ten-inch wide Stewie plush. It’s made from polyester, is long-lasting and durable and can even be thrown into the washing machine if it needs to be.

It makes a great toy for a child who loves the show, but it also makes a great collector’s item for any adult fan of the show who just enjoys things that allow him to display his love of Family Guy.

clue family guy game

A New Twist on an Old Classic: Clue Family Guy

This is the classic game of Clue that everyone knows and loves, but it has a Family Guy twist to it. According to the manufacturer’s description, the game begins “one stormy night in Quahog, Rhode Island” when the Griffin family decides to host a dinner party and invite all of their friends.

Somehow, the famous giant chicken from the show ends up dead, and it’s up to your friend and the other players to find out which of the six suspects killed with which of the nine weapons in which of the nine rooms.

The game features nine weapons custom-made for this version of the game, more cards and more interactive fun than any Clue game that came before it.


Totally Hilarious and Totally Inappropriate: Family Guy Peter Griffin’s Yanket Blanket

This officially licensed Family Guy gift is not for children. Anyone who watches the show knows that Peter Griffin is always having “great ideas.” These ideas usually turn out to be awful or at least groan-worthy.

This is one of the latter. He called it the “Yanket,” which is a play on the word blanket and something else that won’t be discussed here. (You can Google it!)

The blanket features two arms on the outside so that – according to Peter’s idea – people could be doing whatever they need to do under the blanket without anyone ever being the wiser.

It’s a hilariously inappropriate gift, but it’s one that any Family Guy fan will instantly recognize and love.

american dad season 1

Another MacFarlane Classic: American Dad: Season 1

If your friend loves Family Guy, chances are he’d also love American Dad, which is another animated comedy put out by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. The show is about Stan Smith, a CIA agent who’s pretty uptight and is trying to balance his family life and career all without losing his mind.

It’s pretty great.

stewie bubble blower

The Perfect Gag Gift: Stewie Bubble Blower with Sound from Family Guy

Affectionately named “Farty Pants Stewie,” this bubble blower is a must-have for lovers of the show and collectors of its merchandise. It’s made to look like Stewie holding his naked bottom over a bucket, and when you hit the button, he’ll blow bubbles out of his bottom to simulate “Farty Pants Stewie.

” He also talks as he does and can say ten different things including “Silence!” “A little help,” “I’m going to crap double for you tonight” and more. It’s a super cheesy gift, and not very tasteful, but it’s something that’ll likely amuse a Family Guy fan.


A Victorious Message: Family Guy Thoughts of Victory Pullover Hoodie

This Stewie “Victory is Mine” hoodie comes in three different colors – black, navy and dark heather – and ranges in size from small to 2XL. The hoodies are made of a cotton/polyester blend that makes them comfortable, durable and easy to wash in the machine.

They’re officially licensed Family Guy merchandise and feature a plotting Stewie contemplating victory and world domination. The hoodies are classic fit with twill-taped necks for supreme comfort, and they look great.

funko pop animation family guy

For the Funko Fanatics: Funko Pop! Animation Family Guy Collector Bundle

If you aren’t a collector or a pop culture nerd yourself, you may not know about Funko Pops, but these things are huge right now. These are practically the baseball cards of this generation. People wait in line at store openings to get special, limited edition pops.

They buy them, sell them and trade them with others. They take them to fan conventions and get them signed by the actors who portray the characters the pops represent. They’re hugely popular.

This is a bundled set of two Funko Pops.

One is of the Family Guy patriarch, Peter Griffin, and the other is of the family’s alcoholic dog, Brian. These figures may not look like much to you, but to a Funko collector and a Family Guy fan, there are few better gifts you could give.

fire TV stick 4K streaming device

Hours of Binge Watching All Their Favorite Shows: Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa

You may be wondering what an Amazon Fire Stick has to do with Family Guy. The answer is not much. However, with this gift, your friend will be able to stream and binge watch as much Family Guy as he wants right from the comfort of his own home without having to worry about getting up and changing discs or anything else.

With the Fire Stick, he’ll have access to live TV, various streaming platforms and services and more. This is the newest version of the Fire Stick, and it comes with an Alexa-enabled remote that’ll allow him to operate it with his voice.


A Themed Gift for Dad: Family Guy Peter The Greatest Father Funny T Shirt

If you’re looking for a gift for the dad in your life who loves Family Guy, grab him this great Peter Griffin shirt that ironically proclaims him as being the “World’s Greatest Father.” For comic relief, it includes a drooling, passed out Peter to show just how “great” he actually is.

The shirt comes in sizes ranging from small to 5XL, so you can find one that fits practically any dad. It’s made of 100% cotton and is machine-washable. It’s also official Family Guy merchandise, so you can be sure you’re getting the real thing, not some knock-off that’ll fall apart after only a single washing.

Plus, the shirt comes with a bonus pack of Family Guy stickers as well.

The cleveland show seasons DVD collection

Get Him the Spin-Off: The Cleveland Show: The First Two Seasons DVD Collection

The Cleveland Show is another great offering by Seth MacFarlane and was actually marketed as a spin-off of Family Guy. The show focuses on the titular character, Cleveland, an African American man who’s just moved out of the Griffin’s neighborhood and into a new suburb in Virginia.

It features much of the same dry humor laced with tons of relevant social commentary for which MacFarlane is so well-known. If your friend is a fan of one, it’s almost certain that he’ll be a fan of the other as well.


A Cute (but Creepy) Place to Rest His Head: Jay Franco Family Guy Victory 1 Pack Pillowcase

If your friend isn’t creeped out by sleeping on a pillow featuring a scheming baby bent on world domination, along with some bombs, knives, rockets, etc., he’ll probably actually get a kick out of this Stewie pillowcase.

It’s actually kind of cute, especially if Stewie happens to be his favorite Family Guy character.

Jay Franco, the pillowcase’s creator, is known for his pop culture bedding and housewares items.

This pillowcase, like all of his products, is well-made of super-soft, durable microfiber and is treated so that it won’t fade after washing. It’s also double-printed, with the image appearing on both the front and back of the case.

coloring book

For Relieving Boredom: Family Guy: The Coloring Book

A show really can’t be considered a hit show until it has its own official coloring book, and that’s exactly what this is. This 75-page coloring book celebrates over 15 years of Family Guy in the best possible way.

It’s full of some of your friend’s favorite scenes and characters, as well as landscape scenes from the Griffin’s town of Quahog, Rhode Island. There’s also some hilarious Stewie- and Brian-themed pages that’ll make her crack up while she’s coloring.

If you’re looking for a unique gift that’ll give your friend a nice way to pass the time, you can’t beat the official Family Guy coloring book.

trivia game

Test His Knowledge: Family Guy Trivia Game

This is a fun little game for two to four players that’ll allow your friend to test his knowledge of his favorite show. The game is packed full of awesome Family Guy trivia that’ll have even the most die-hard fans stumped at times, but it isn’t just about trivia.

It’s actually a real game that requires dice rolling, moves, turns, rules and pretty advanced game play. Your friend is sure to have a blast not only testing his Family Guy trivia skills but also playing the actual game.

Everything comes in a nice tin container for safe-keeping.

bobblehead by funko pop

Everyone Loves a Bobblehead: Wacky Wobblers Family Guy Quagmire Bobblehead by Funko

Bobbleheads are cheesy, ridiculous and kind of pointless, but for some reason, people still love them anyway. This bobblehead is of the pervy – but yet somehow still likable – character of Quagmire from Family Guy.

(Giggity Giggity!) It’s put out by Funko, but it isn’t a part of their Funko Pops line. Instead, this is a legitimate bobble head. Your friend can set it up on his entertainment stand or superglue the base to his dash in order to showcase his love of the show in his car.

Either way, he’s sure to love it.


It’s Small, but It Sends a Powerful Message: Family Guy Stewie Mooning Lanyard

This little gift may not seem like much at first glance, but as any retail worker – or anyone who works with the public – can tell you, having a little figure that moons everyone that sees it can be entirely therapeutic some days.

The lanyard is well-made and durable, and it’s a great way for your friend to hold her name badge and showcase her love of the show with one small accessory. The real draw to this gift, though, is the detachable PVC charm of Stewie showing his naked butt to the world.

There’s also a detachable plastic buckle that’ll allow her to pull apart from the end of the lanyard in case it gets caught in or hung up on something.

snacks food box

Junk Food for Binge Watching: CraveBox Care Package (60 Count) Snacks Food

As any dedicated binge watcher can tell you, sometimes you just don’t want to get up to fix something to eat in the middle of a great binge watching session. That’s where a giant pile of junk food comes in handy.

This box has 60 packages of various junk food including savory, salty, sweet and even a few healthy snacks. There are cookies, chips, candy bars, granola bars, crackers, popcorn and other great stuff that’s pre-packaged and easy to grab and eat without ever having to take a break from the Family Guy marathon that’s currently holding her attention.

family guy T-shirt

Showcasing His Fandom in Style: Family Guy Group Shot Box Up T-Shirt

There are no shortage of Family Guy shirts from which you can choose for your loved one, but this one is one of the best. It’ll put you in mind of the old-school The Brady Bunch TV show. The characters are featured in much the same way on the shirt with the show’s logo popped in the middle of all the individual pictures.

It comes in seven different colors, multiple different sizes and can be purchased for women or men. The shirts are made of a cotton/polyester blend. They’re lightweight, durable, fade-resistant and machine-washable.

The t-shirts are classic fit and feature double-needle sleeves and a strong bottom hem.

family guy figures set

For the Collector: Family Guy Figures – Set of 10 Vending Machine Toys

If you have a friend or loved one who enjoys displaying little knick knacks and figures on her desk or around her house, this is the gift for her. There are ten of these figures. They are: Ninja Stewie, Mutant Stewie, Showman Stewie, General Stewie, Southern Gentleman Stewie, Showman Peter, Prisoner Peter, Brian in the Fly Outfit, Brian the Police Dog and Brian the Entertainer.

Each one is about one to two inches tall and made from a durable, food-safe material that makes it perfect as a cake topper as well.

face cover

For the Peter Griffin Wannabe: Multifunctional Headbands Family Guy Face Cover

These are some of the funniest, most unique face covers you’ll ever see. Each one features a Family Guy theme, and there are 12 different designs from which you can choose. Pictured here is the Peter Griffin winking face cover, but there are also covers that feature all of the Family Guy characters, ones that feature a nearly nude Peter and even more choices.

Each one is made of 100% polyester. It’ll protect your friend’s face from dust, wind, sand, sun, germs and more. It’s perfect for the Family Guy fan in your life; it doesn’t matter if that person is a woman, man, boy or girl.

It’s also very versatile. It can be worn on the head, over the hair, over the mouth and nose, as a neck gaiter or in other ways.

adult party game

A Game for Adult Game Night: Family Guy Stewie’s Party Game

This is a great game for your friend to play on adult game night. According to the manufacturer, it’s “not really suitable for anyone,” which means it’s probably going to be great fun for everyone – everyone over the age of 16 at least.

It’s a sexy, side-splitting, fast-paced word game that’ll have your friend and his guests rolling on the floor with laughter and teasing each other mercilessly.

family guy playstation 3

Old but Still Good: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Playstation 3

Alright, so any game meant for the Playstation 3 is a little outdated, but this is such a great game, it deserved a spot on the list anyway. This game is exactly what it says – Bizarre Universes. Your friend will play as the Family Guy characters as he battles his way through some of the wildest, weirdest and most demented universes that the Family Guy writers dreamed up specifically for the game.

Whether he plays as Brian or Stewie, he’ll be fighting in epic battles and in extra-dimensional spaces. He can even play in co-op mode with another friend who loves the show. There are ten playable characters and a ton of unique weapons to choose.

men´s boxer

For the Super Fan: Family Guy Stewie Satisfy Mens Boxer Shorts

These boxers range in size from medium to 2XL to fit a wide variety of sizes. They’re made of 100% cotton for supreme comfort, and your friend can use them as underwear or as sleep shorts as he likes. They feature all the most popular male characters in the show, and the double-stitched hems, elastic waist and button fly ensure a perfect fit.

They’re fade-resistant, durable and can be machine washed in cold water with like colors.

tapestry wall hanging

For the Kid’s Room: Family Guy Tapestry Wall Hanging

If you’re buying a gift for a grown adult, this may not be the best option unless he has a dedicated game room, man cave or theater room for entertainment purposes. In that case, this wall tapestry featuring the entire Family Guy family chowing down on some delicious ice cream sundaes and banana splits could fit right in with the rest of the decor.

If not, this gift is more suited to the teenager in your life who loves the show. It makes a great addition to a teen’s room, which is usually covered in posters and pictures anyway. This one will just showcase his love of the show to anyone who comes to visit.

Plus, it’s more appropriate and family-friendly than some of the things that cover teenagers’s walls.

auto window decal

Family Guy on the Car: Family Guy Peter Griffin Auto/Window Decal

If you’re just looking for a small, random, everyday type of gift with which to surprise your Family Guy-loving friend, this is a great option. It’s small and inexpensive, but it’s a great way for your friend to show off her love of the show.

It’s a white decal on clear material, so when she adds it to her window, all that will show is Peter Griffin and no ugly background material. It can be used on car windows, laptops, binders or practically anywhere else she wants to put it.

It’s approximately five inches high and doesn’t need any type of extra adhesive to ensure it stays put.


For the Coffee Drinker: Tervis Family Guy Insulated Tumbler

This great, Family Guy-themed tumbler comes in either stainless steel or clear Tritan, but the stainless steel one is the one most people prefer. It’s triple-insulated and lined with copper, so it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to eight hours.

The triple insulation also helps cut down on the amount of condensation that pops up on the outside of the tumbler. It’s BPA-free and both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. The lid is easy to close and leak-proof.

Best of all, it features Peter Griffin doing his favorite party dance.


Family Guy from Head to Toe: Odd Sox Family Guy Peter Griffin Novelty Crew Socks

Generally speaking, socks aren’t the most original or exciting gifts to give someone, but if they’re Family Guy socks, and your friend happens to be a giant fan of the show, that’s another story altogether.

These socks make a great gift for any super fan. They feature Peter Griffin’s face and upper body on them, and they’re made so that when your friend puts his feet together, the two socks make one cohesive image.

They fit men’s sizes six through 13 and are high-quality and machine-washable.

Finding Fan-Favorite Family Guy Presents

As popular as Family Guy has become over the years, it’s hard to believe that it was canceled by Fox not once but twice! It’s hard to believe a show the network felt worthy of two cancellations has made it two decades and is still airing new episodes, but that’s exactly the case with Family Guy, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in January of 2019.

Family Guy and its creator Seth MacFarlane owe the show’s success to its hardcore base of fans that have kept it alive all these years by tuning in, buying the box set collections and spending extra money on the show’s related merchandise. If you’re here checking out this guide, chances are you or someone you love is a part of that dedicated fan base. The good news is that it’s easy to find gifts for a Family Guy fan. You just need to be sure the gift you buy isn’t something s/he already has. Truthfully, that’s the hardest part of finding a gift for a fan, but there are all kinds of ways to do that.


Let us know in the comments section which of these gifts is your favorite. Is there something Family Guy-related that you’ve bought for yourself or a loved one that you thought should have made our list but didn’t? Let us know about that as well. Also, just for fun, let us know your all-time favorite Family Guy quote! Be sure to like and share our guide with others, and please come back and see us again sometime soon.

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