30 Farewell Gifts for Friends: Goodbye with a Bang

As Shakespeare said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” With the right farewell gift, a teary, hug-filled goodbye and lots of well wishes, though, it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re getting ready to say goodbye to a good friend, here are some great gift ideas to help ease the pain of that impending separation.

30 Farewell Gift Ideas for Friends


Thinking of You: Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin

One of the hardest parts about being separated from someone you love is not knowing if the friendship will survive the distance between you. These friendship lamps will help ensure it does by reminding each of you just how often you’re thinking of one another.

These beautiful lamps are stylish and fit in with any decor, but the most important part is whenever you touch your lamp, wherever your friend is in the world, her lamp will light up as well. If your friend touches the lamp she has in return, both your lamps will change to a new color.

In this way, you’ll both know how often you’re on each other’s minds.

art print long distance map

A Work of Art: Two States Art Print Long Distance Map

Sometimes the best gifts come from the heart, and this handmade, personalized two states art print is the perfect example of that. The print is entirely customizable. You add your name and the name of your friend, along with the date your friendship blossomed into being.

Then you’ll choose your state and the new state to which your friend is moving. This is a constant reminder that no matter how far apart you may be physically, you’re never far from each other’s hearts.

The print can be purchased with or without the frame.

luggage with spinner wheels

Make Visiting Easier: Samsonite Aspire XLite Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Just because your friend is moving away doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be back. Get him this attractive, durable luggage set by Samsonite to make his back and forth trips to visit a little easier and more convenient.

The set comes in three different colors and comes with a 10-year limited warranty to cover various types of damages and defects. Your friend will be sure to appreciate this thoughtful hint that you want him to come back and visit soon.

While you’re at it, you may want to buy yourself a matching set for all the times you head out to visit him as well.

Atlas obscura book

For the Well-Read Adventurer: Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

If your friend is taking off into the big, wide world to land somewhere new, he would certainly enjoy this copy of Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton. This book is exactly what it sounds like – an atlas full of over 700 of the world’s weirdest, most out-of-the-way and unknown places.

Ever heard of a pub inside of a baobob tree in South Africa? How about a hole of fire that’s been burning for 40 years in Turkmenistan? Neither have we, and most likely, neither has your friend. With this book in his possession, though, there will be no limit to the weird and wonderful places he can go.

You guys might even use it as a guide for places to go together when you both have the time to meet.

vintage paper and envelope set

A Forgotten Art: 60-Count Vintage Paper and 60-Count Matching Envelopes

Although the art of writing actual letters has pretty much fallen by the wayside, it’s not been totally lost to the annals of history. If you and your friend want to try something a little more personal than sending a quick text or email, buy her this gorgeous vintage paper and envelope set.

This way, she can write you beautiful letters longhand and send them your way.

wooden decorative pirate trunk

A Pirate’s Life for Me: Vintiquewise Large Wooden Decorative Pirate Trunk

If your friend is the type who has a bit of whimsy and a love of all things fantastical, he’s sure to appreciate this authentic-looking wooden pirate chest. This chest gives him a safe place to store all his booty – that is, all those memories and keepsakes from crazy nights he had with you and the guys – and all the new memories and keepsakes he makes in his new home.


There’s No Place Like Home: No Place Like Home Scented State Candle

No matter how much your friend loves her new place, she’ll definitely get homesick from time to time. Sadly, she can’t just hop in the car and drive all the way back to whatever state she’s originally from every time she misses home, but you can give her the next best thing.

Define Design 11 makes this line of “No Place Like Home” scented candles – one from every state in the U.S. Each candle is handmade and hand-poured. The unique ingredients are selected specifically to represent the particular state on the candle’s label.

For example, the Kansas candle smells like delicious home-baked bread. Alabama’s scents come from cotton and magnolias. California is sunshine and a fresh ocean breeze.

echo plus

Stay Connected: Echo Plus 2nd Generation

One of the most important parts of maintaining a friendship over a long distance is communication. When your friend moves away, he isn’t there to see all the things that happen in your day-to-day life, so to keep him in the loop, you have to talk to him about what’s going on.

Getting your friend an Echo Plus that you can call directly from your own Alexa/Echo device is one of the easiest, most effective ways of keeping in touch.

apple airpods

Keep Him Entertained: Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Whether your best friend takes a plane, train or automobile to get there, one way or another, he’s got to put in some travel time, especially if he’s moving somewhere far from home. Even the most exciting trip can turn boring during the drive/ride.

Snag him some high quality AirPods so he can listen to his favorite music, audio books or podcasts in style. These come in standard white, with or without a case. Either way, he’s sure to thank you after the first couple of hours into his trip.


Simple but Elegant: EFYTAL “Enjoy the Journey” Sterling Silver Compass Necklace

If your bestie is a jewelry lover, she’s sure to love this gorgeous compass necklace from EFYTAL. The necklace itself is fairly simple, made of sterling silver with an 18″ chain and a beautiful compass pendant.

It comes in a nice, ready-to-gift gift box with the encouraging phrase “Enjoy the Journey” written across it in script. This is a small but firm affirmation to your best friend that you’ve got her back no matter where she goes and that you’re rooting for her 100%.

It’s a gentle reminder that she only gets one life, and it’s important for her to enjoy it every single day.

Douni sleep sound machine

No Greater Gift than a Good Night’s Sleep: Douni Sleep Sound Machine with 24 Soothing Sounds

As anyone who has ever moved can tell you, one of the hardest things about it is learning to sleep in an entirely new environment. Whether we realize it or not, we get accustomed to whatever night sounds go on around us, whether those sounds are speeding traffic and beeping horns or chirping crickets and a lazy wind.

After your friend moves, those first few nights in his new bed are going to be tough ones. Even if he’s sleeping in the exact same bed, under the exact same sheets and on top of the exact same pillows, it’s just not the same in a new place.

This white noise machine has 24 different sounds for him to choose from to hopefully make his night time transitions a little bit easier.

digital photo frame

Showcase Cherished Memories: CAMKORY Digital Photo Frame with 32GB SD Card & Remote

Who says moving far away means you can’t see the people you love every single day? With this digital photo frame, your friend can see you and all her other loved ones as often as she likes. This 16:9, 1280×800 frame comes with an included 32GB SD card, allowing her to save all her favorite photos to it.

Then, when she’s sitting at home or work, missing those people she loves most, all she has to do is glance at the frame to see a slideshow of her favorite memories and favorite people. It also comes with a remote so she can control the slideshow however she likes.

shoulder dolly moving straps

You Can Still Lend a Hand: Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Although packing up and getting ready to move away from home is emotionally draining for your friend, physically, it isn’t so bad because he has you and all his other buddies there to help with the heavy lifting.

When he gets to where he’s going though, unpacking and settling into his new home can be more difficult, especially if he doesn’t yet know anyone in the area. Send him off with these convenient shoulder dolly moving straps to make all that heavy lifting, unpacking and settling in just a little bit easier for him, even though you aren’t physically there to help.

stailess steel time capsule

Back to the Future: Stainless Steel Waterproof Time Capsule

If you and your best friend are the types of people who love to have a little fun and who still see the world through eyes of childlike wonder, this could be the perfect gift, especially if the two of you are about to be separated for several years.

Buy a time capsule – yes, an actual time capsule – and fill it with the things the two of you love. Bury it or lock it away in a safety deposit box at the bank. Then, the next time the two of you see each other, dig it up or pull it out and look at all your favorite things to see how much the two of you have grown.

sampler mixed box

Snacks for the Road: Sweet Choice (50 Count) Ultimate Sampler Mixed Box

If your friend has a long way to travel to get to his new home, don’t underestimate the value of a huge box of delicious snacks for the road. Whether he’s into Oreos, Veggie Straws, Cheez-Its, Famous Amos cookies, Twizzlers, Goldfish or something else, this box has it all.

It doesn’t matter if he’s craving salty or sweet, this snack box is sure to last him all the way through his move. He might even have some snacks left over to stock his new kitchen cupboards.

letters to open when

Words of Encouragement: Letters to Open When…

If you’re looking for something a little more on the sentimental side, this gift, simply called “Letters to Open When…”, is definitely one that tugs on the heartstrings. Whether you’re losing a friend, partner, child or sibling, this gift can help keep the two of you connected.

The package contains 12 prompted letters you write before your friend ever moves away, giving her advice, encouraging and motivating her, etc. Then, when she needs your words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, etc.

, she can choose to open one of the letters and feel like you’re right there with her. This company also makes themed packages to give to specific people in your life, such as children, graduates, your future self, etc.

mini arcade Pac-Man machine

The Gift of Nostalgia: My Arcade Micro Player Mini Arcade Pac-Man Machine

If the friendship you have with your best bud was cemented over hours of video games and wasted quarters in the arcade as children, this mini arcade game could be the perfect farewell gift. Not only will it remind him of all the fun times the two of you spent together, it’s also just an awesome freaking gift for anyone who loves games.

This is a fully operational, 100% playable version of the Pac-Man arcade game – just in miniature.

instapot pot duo

The Gift of Convenience: Instapot Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1

Your friend won’t be sharing as many meals with you once he moves off to his new place, and it might take him a while to settle in and make new friends. In the meantime, he still has to eat. Get him this super convenient Instapot 7-in-1 to make his mealtimes a little bit easier and one less thing for him to stress about.

This particular model of the Instapot is known as the 7-in-1 because it acts as an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute, sterilizer, steamer, yogurt maker and a warmer. It pretty much does it all, and even the worst cook imaginable can use it, making it the perfect gift for pretty much anyone.

vintage recipe box

Fill It with Love: Sapele Recipe Box with Cards and Dividers by Apace

Speaking of cooking, this is another great gift to give a friend moving away from home. Buy her this amazing, vintage-style recipe box. Then, get together with all of her friends and loved ones and have them fill the box with recipes that will remind her of home.

Her grandmother’s famous apple pie, your recipe for that spaghetti that she loves, her mom’s unbeatable sweet tea – whenever your friend needs a little comfort food from home, all she has to do is turn to her recipe box and pull out a card.

world time clock

Give Him the Time of Day: 10-inch World Time Clock

With this clock, your friend will always know what time of day it is wherever he is in the world and wherever you are in the world. This’ll make calling you to check in easier and more convenient because he won’t have to constantly look up what time it is where you are every time he wants to call.

Plus, the clock just looks cool, and the rotating face makes it a pretty unique clock that’s sure to draw the attention of any new friends he has over to his new place.

METAKOO 100 pieces tool kit

Handy Dandy Helpers: METAKOO 100 Pieces Tool Kit for Home

When someone moves into a new home, it’s inevitable that something is going to have to be repaired. It’s almost like an unwritten law of nature. Help your friend be prepared to fix whatever needs to be fixed by buying her this awesome 100-piece tool kit that includes just about anything she’d need to tidy things up around the house.

This kit comes with a hammer, various sized screwdrivers, a box cutter, pliers, a wrench, a tape measurer, various sized sockets and so much more. Whether it’s a loose ceiling fan, an outlet cover that needs to be replaced or a clogged drain that needs to be cleaned, your friend will be set.


A Little Bit of Everything: A Basket Full of New House Goodies

People starting over and moving into a new place often remember all the big things they need. They know they need a couch, chairs, a bed, a fridge and all that other large stuff. What they sometimes forget, though, is that they also need the little stuff.

Help your friend have everything he needs when he moves in by getting him this huge basket (which doubles as a laundry basket when he’s settled in)


A Friendly Message: DoubleJun Funny Speak Friend and Enter Entrance Mat

While your best friend will never be able to replace you, you still want her to make new friends so she doesn’t feel so alone in her new home. This sweet, friendly, Tolkien-themed doormat is sure to make potential new friends feel right at home when they visit her.

Of course, if your friendship is more the type where you don’t want any third parties, you could get her this fully customizable mat instead and put something on it that lets strangers know their place like, “I already have a best friend.

Go away.” Either way, your friend is sure to love it and get a huge kick out of whichever one you choose.

mini coffee maker

Everyone Needs a Pick-Me-Up: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve

Jetlag, or ‘driving halfway across the nation’-lag, is a common side effect of moving to a new place in a new timezone. Help your friend get started off right by buying her this single serving Keurig K-pod coffee maker.

This will ensure she gets just the right amount of pick-me-up every morning and is ready to meet the world head-on, no matter where she is. If you want to add something a little sentimental to the gift, you can also buy her this adorable spoon to remind her that even though the two of you are far apart, you’re still having coffee together in your hearts.

leather messenger bag

Suave and Stylish: Polare 16″ Vintage Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

If your friend is moving away due to work obligations, a genuine leather messenger bag is the perfect gift to say both “farewell” and “good luck on the new job.” This particular bag, by Polare, is made of genuine leather and is imported from Italy.

It’s large enough to hold his laptop and any important files he needs to carry with him on-the-go. It has specifically-made inside padding to help keep his laptop safe, and it comes with a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with it.

It comes in either brown or dark brown to suit your friend’s specific tastes, and he’s sure to love and appreciate it.

tripoC coaster set

Creative and Cute: TriProC Set of 6 Coasters with Cactus Shaped Design

If you’re looking to pick your friend up a gift that’s fun and whimsical but also practical, this coaster set with coasters cut to connect and look like a cactus is the gift for you. It’s the perfect balance between silly, unique and useful.

When your friend gets to her new place, she’s going to want to protect her new furniture for as long as possible, and coasters are great for that. They ensure that pesky, ugly rings aren’t left on every surface able to hold a drink.

However, these are also different and super fun to play with. Your friend will enjoy rearranging them to make them look like a different cactus every day.

toilet light

Let There Be Light: LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection

Getting used to a new house can be difficult, even if it is your new house. It can take a while to get settled in and figure out where everything is. Once your friend gets settled in, he’s sure to have a few nights of bumping into furniture, forgetting where the light switches are and other small mishaps.

One mishap that doesn’t have to happen, though, is him missing the toilet bowl when he has to wake up in the middle of the night to go do his business. With this 16-color LED, motion sensor light, he’ll be able to see the bathroom as clear as day, no matter what time of night it is.

digital camera

Capture the Memories: Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16MP Digital Camera

One of the first things you’ll likely ask your friend to do when she gets to her new place is to send pictures. Whenever two good friends move away from one another, it’s still important that they stay connected in each other’s lives.

That’s why it isn’t unusual to hear, “Send me a picture!” after every conversation. What’s the new house look like? Send me a picture! Oh! You met a guy at the bar? Send me a picture! What are you wearing for your first day at work? Send me a picture!

With the Kodak PIXPRO digital camera, your friend can take as many pictures as she likes.

Then she can easily send them to you by inserting the memory card into her laptop and emailing them your way.

green street sign

A Reminder of Home: Customize Your Own Green Street Sign

Once your friend moves away, he leaves his old home behind, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take a little something of home with him when he goes. With these customizable street signs, you can make a sign that looks just like the sign off his old street for him to hang anywhere he wants in his new home.

This company sells green signs, blue signs, signs with arrows, etc. It’s easy to customize the sign so that it’s a 100% replica of your buddy’s old street sign.

heating pad back wrap

Soothe Her Aches: Sunbeam Heating Pad Back Wrap with Adjustable Strap

After packing up everything from her old life, moving to a totally new location and then unpacking everything and moving it into her new place, your friend is going to be exhausted. More than that, she’s going to be incredibly sore.

All of that heavy lifting really gets to a person after a while. While you can’t be there to rub her shoulders and you don’t know enough about her new state to buy her a massage gift card, you can give her the next best thing – an adjustable heating pad to help soothe her sore and aching muscles.

Plus, she can use it for a really long time.

Picking the Perfect Gift to Say ‘I Love You and Will Miss You A Lot’

Dealing with the reality of friends moving away, especially best friends, can be extremely difficult. You’ll go through varying stages of being happy for them, then being hurt that they’re leaving you, then back to happy, then excited for them, followed quickly by being scared for them and on and on it goes.

The thing to hold onto in those moments where it’s hard to come to terms with the move is that your friend is doing something to better him/herself. Your friend is moving on (and hopefully up) in life and taking the next step. You love your friend, so you have to be happy about that, even when it’s hard to say goodbye.

Buying the perfect parting gift for your friend can also help ease the pain of separation. If this friend of yours means something important to you, chances are you already know all you need to know about him/her and can use that knowledge to find the perfect gift.

As long as it is from the heart and meaningful, your friend is sure to love it. It will be something s/he can take to remember you by, and everything s/he looks at it, s/he’ll think fondly of you.


Have you had to buy a gift for a friend who moved away? Did you decide to buy something sweet and sentimental, or do you find that funny gifts that send you both into gales of laughter are more to your tastes?

We’d love to hear your stories in our comments. Share this story with others so that hopefully, people you know will find the perfect farewell gifts for their own departing friends.

Thanks for stopping by today! Come back soon for more great gift-giving ideas.

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