39 Farewell Gifts for a Female Boss To Say Goodbye

She’s retiring. She’s transferring. She’s finally had enough of you losers and is flipping the bird on her way out.

There are many reasons why your boss might be calling it quits at the office, so if you’re looking for a nice way to send her off, here are just a few gift ideas for saying goodbye.

39 Farewell Gift Ideas for Your Female Boss

wine bag

When She’s Seeking Greener Pastures Elsewhere: Congratulations on Pursuing Your Dreams Wine Bag

Perfect for wine, champagne, vodka and any other farewell gift that comes in liquid form, this cloth bag will protect the goods while also sending a funny message: “Congratulations on Pursuing Your Dream of Not Working Here Anymore.

” To soften the joke, “PS: We’ll Miss You” is printed on the bottom. The material is a natural cotton linen, and there’s a drawstring at the top for both storage and transportation. Say cheers to her next adventure!

office leaver funny balloons

For the Boss With a Sense of Humor: Office Leaver Funny Balloons

Are you throwing a goodbye party? These balloons are printed with funny messages like “Traitor!” and “Don’t Go, We Beg You,” so they’re much better than the generic ones. There are 12 in total, so you can tie them all around the office or parking lot.

Put “We Never Liked You Anyway” by the cake; hang “Congrats on Leaving This Hell Hole” on her side-view mirror. Let her laugh at all of her dumb employees one last time before she leaves.

desk plate

Love Like a Gryffindor, Lead Like a Slytherin: She Who Must Be Obeyed Desk Plate

From afar, this golden name plate looks like any other of its kind. You’ll need to get closer to realize that it says “She Who Must Be Obeyed” in the official Harry Potter font! It isn’t a cheap lookalike, either; it’s made with laser-engraved materials and includes both the desk plate and the sliding metal holder.

She’ll be able to establish herself at her new job right away with a high-quality office decoration.

cloudliving experiences for her

To Spoil Her Senseless: Indulgent Experiences From Virgin Experiences

It’s always fun to get a taste of the high life, and Virgin experiences will take her away from her troubles and let her live like royalty for a few hours.

Not only can she enjoy spa days, chocolate tours and five-star dining experiences, but many of them are offered in unique settings as well. She can enjoy wines and cheeses during a cruise of the New York City coastline; she can sip on cocktails as she takes an aerial tour of San Francisco; she can be waited on by black-jacket servers during a Napa Valley train ride. The possibilities are endless with Virgin!

retired business cards

Sayonara, Suckers: Retired Business Cards

If she’s saying “see ya” to the entire concept of work, these business cards will be a must-have for her wallet. They don’t have a phone number or email address; they don’t have any names, contacts or fax information.

Instead, “Retired: Ask Someone Else” is printed in the center, and “Not My Problem” is listed under the hours of operation. There are 50 cards in total, so she can pass them out to anyone and everyone who bothers her in everyday life.

BADASS affirmations book

For the Hustler: Bada** Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women

Maybe she’s being promoted. Maybe she’s changing careers or starting her own business. Bada** Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women will cover all situations, so no matter where she’s going, she’ll have some awesome quotes to keep her swinging her fists and confronting new challenges with confidence.

You’ll be able to express your appreciation for her previous awesomeness even as you encourage her to keep it up at her new workplace.

photo frame

To Let Everyone Say Goodbye: White Signature Photo Frame

Though it’s marketed as a wedding gift, this picture frame can be easily repurposed for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and going-away parties. Just replace the stock photo with an image of everyone at the office, and fill the blank white space with signatures and stories of days gone by.

It’ll be a portable memento for your boss to take to her new job. She’ll never forget you when you’re right there with her!


When She’s Free At Last: Blank, Lined and Dot Grid Paper Notebook

You can never have too many notebooks, and this one is especially fitting for a boss or coworker who is breaking free of the shackles of the corporate world. It says “Congrats, You Escaped” with a picture of an office worker slaving away behind bars! Its dimensions are 9 x 6 inches, so it’s nice and small for everyday portability, and it comes with three different types of paper to suit all of their writing or doodling needs.

It’ll be an excellent gift if you’re looking for both fashion and function.

coffee mug

To Suck Up: My Favorite Employee Coffee Mug

Give her a little something to remember you by with this funny gag gift. It says “My Favorite Employee Gave Me This Mug,” so she’ll think of you every time that she sips a homemade latte. She could also use it for pens, pencils, paper clips and other office supplies.

She could even stick a cactus in it! The possibilities are endless with an all-purpose coffee mug.


To Bring Tears to Her Eyes: Grace of Pearl Necklace for Female Boss

“A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.” Originally spoken by Gandhi, this pearl of wisdom is very fitting for a pearl necklace, and it’s sure to touch the heart of your boss.

You can take away some of the sadness of her departure with the reminder that she created and cultivated a strong team that will carry on even after she’s gone. She made a real difference when she was with you, and with this gift, you can let her know.

jar candle

For a Sweet-Smelling Office: She Believed She Could Soy Wax Jar Candle

With a blend of orange, lemon, lavender and cedar, this candle manages to be soothing and invigorating at the same time. It’ll also make a stylish desk accessory with its rainbow-colored jar! It supports a good cause as well; it’s manufactured by a positive, empowering company that sells an entire series of pro-woman candles.

This particular one says “She Believed She Could, So She Did,” but you can also order “Girl Boss,” “Be Your Own Hero,” “Queen of Everything” and “You Glow Girl.”

memory book

To Remember the Good Times: Work Will Suck Without You Memory Book

A memory book is exactly what it sounds like, and Work Will Suck Without You! A Few Of Our Favorite Memories With You takes the traditional design and puts an office-friendly spin on it. You can fill the pages with stories, signatures, photos, post-it notes and other keepsakes from the job.

If your boss is the sentimental type, she’ll probably enjoy a thoughtful, homemade gift more than any kind of gift card or candle-topped cupcake.

gift plaque for women

Say It With Glass: Personalized Boss Appreciation Gift Plaque for Women

A good boss is more than just the person who signs your paychecks. They’re a leader, and they deserve a little appreciation when they’re exiting your life but leaving valuable lessons and memories behind.

This beautiful glass plaque will express warmth and gratitude for your favorite mentor, and it can even be customized with her name for extra meaning. She’ll want to carry this gift with her forever.

desktop boxing kit

To Apologize for All of Your Annoying Moments: Desktop Boxing Kit

You’ve put your boss through a lot. It’s okay. You have one last chance to make it right, and you can do it by preparing her for future versions of yourself at her new job. This desktop boxing kit comes with a tiny punching bag and two “gloves” for her pointer fingers, and it can be suctioned to her wall or desk to keep it in place as she pounds it.

It’ll be just as therapeutic as a stress ball but tons more fun!

Ashes of problem employees jar

To Set the Tone of Her New Office: Ashes of Problem Employees Jar

First impressions are always important, and this jar won’t leave any doubt about your boss in her new workplace. It says “Ashes of Problem Employees” in a curling font on the front! It can be used as a personal piggy bank or pen holder; it can be used as a communal suggestion box for everyone in the office.

There are many ways to have fun with a quirky gift like this.

spa and coffee gift set

For the Lady Who Likes Luxury: Boss Lady Spa and Coffee Gift Set

Nestled in a silk-lined box, these luxury goods will take your boss to a softer, quieter place without ringing phones and nagging colleagues. The pièce de résistance is a pink-and-white coffee mug with the words “Boss Lady” in curling golden letters on a marble finish, but there are other goodies as well.

A lid and stirring spoon will assist her in the kitchen, and soft, fuzzy socks decorated with cupcakes will keep her feet warm. A blank card that says “Best Wishes” can be used to send her off with a personalized message.

boss nutritional facts mug

Does a Body Good: Boss Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

A boss is comprised of 1,000 percent hard work, 500 percent skill, 110 percent caffeine and zero percent sleep. If this sounds about right for your manager or supervisor, she should get a kick out of the “Boss Nutritional Facts” coffee mug.

It can hold up to 11 ounces of her favorite brew, so it’s a fully functional mug, but it’s fun and unique enough to stand out from all of those generic farewell gifts that she’s going to get from your less awesome co-workers.

coffee mug and balloons

To Share a Laugh Together: Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Coffee Mug and Balloons

“Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us!” says this coffee mug. It’s also printed on three matching balloons. If you’re looking for a fun, friendly way to say goodbye to your boss, this can put a smile on her face during her farewell party, especially if you fill it with something fun.

Does she like exotic tea samples? Is she always munching on gummy bears at her desk? Don’t be afraid to get creative.

bath bombs gift set

For a Hot Soak After a Long Day: Inspirational Bath Bombs Gift Set for Women

Bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes, but this gift set goes the extra mile by including inspirational messages with each drop of fizzy goodness. From “Stay Strong” to “Dream Big,” every bath bomb has a message to deliver, and they range from gentle words of comfort to empowering messages that will fire her up for work.

They’ll be perfect for a woman who is about to set forth with a new job and all of its associated challenges.

pillow cover

If She Never Stops Working and Grinding: Every Day I’m Hustling Decorative Pillow Cover

You have to hustle to make a living these days, and your boss is probably very much aware of that fact. You can commemorate her drive and determination with this pillow case that says “Every Day I’m Hustling.

” It’s made of a soft cotton linen, and it will fit any 18-inch throw pillow. You can even buy an insert if you want it to be instantly usable for cat naps at the office!

makeup clutch

For the Senior With Style: You Can’t Retire From Being Great Makeup Clutch

If she’s leaving the corporate world forever, you can say a fashionable goodbye with this makeup clutch. It has a durable waterproof lining to protect all of her keys, coins and lipstick tubes, but it’s also softly decorated with a vase of flowers behind text that says “You Can’t Retire From Being Great.

” With any luck, she’ll be touched by the sentiment and pleased with the style, and it’ll be a knockout gift in every way that counts.


When She’s Leaving You All Alone With Your Smelly Coworkers: Good Luck Traitor Key Chain

Made with eco-friendly metal, this key chain will be the perfect companion for a new job. It’s small and discreet enough to fit into her pocket, but it has plenty of room to deliver a message: “Good Luck In Your New Job, You Traitor.

” If she wants to remove the tag before her new co-workers see it, that’s also an option; she can leave behind a smaller tag that says simply “Good Luck.” Customizable gifts are always the best, don’t you think?

12 pack flower bookmarks

For Bookworms and Bibliophiles: 12-Pack Positive Affirmations Flower Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an ever-practical gift. Even if she doesn’t need them right now, she might need them in the future, and it’s not like they’ll expire. She can just stash them in a drawer until she’s ready for their soft floral patterns and encouraging words of wisdom.

“My courage is stronger than my fear.” “I appreciate each moment of my life.” “I can make it happen.” They’re fitting affirmations for a new job, but they’ll suit a variety of other challenges and occasions, too.

socks box

For Her Sweet Tooth: Women’s Doughnut Socks Gift Box

Is she the bearer of morning doughnuts? Has she bought the office more muffins and eclairs than you can remember? Return a little of that energy with these doughnut-inspired socks. Not only are they made with soft, cozy fabrics and cute little sprinkle patterns, but they’re rolled in a bakery-style box with a transparent lid to make them look like real doughnuts! The only downside of this gift is that it might make her hungry for the real thing, so consider bringing in some cream-filled jellies to go along with it.

water bottle

To Match the Glint In Her Eye: Tears of My Staff Aluminum Water Bottle

Hydration is important, especially when you’re crushing lesser mortals under your heels all day long. Give this water bottle to your female boss so that nothing will slow her down as she makes grown men cry.

It even says “Tears of My Staff” so that there will be no doubt about her status whenever she walks into a room, office, gym or conference hall. The shiny aluminum letters will declare her prowess to the world.

party balloons

For a Picture-Perfect Prank: Rude Farewell Party Balloons

“GTFO.” “Hope You Fail.” “We Will Miss You… For Five Minutes.” These pitch-black balloons are dark in both color and humor, so they’ll make great party decorations for someone who isn’t interested in sappy goodbyes.

They can also serve as one last practical joke for the office to fondly remember in the days to come. String them up at your boss’s going-away party and watch her face as she reads “Leaving? We Didn’t Know You Had Started” for the first time.

Her reaction will be priceless!

mouse pad

To Celebrate Her Softer Side: Boss Lady Pink Rose Flower Mouse Pad

Don’t let the pink flowers fool you. With its smoothly-textured surface and non-slip rubber base, this is a mouse pad that’s designed for hard work, so it’ll be perfect for a female boss with lots of sh*t to get done.

It even works with multiple types of computer mice such as laser and optical. Its design might be light and feminine, but it’s a no-nonsense office accessory for a no-nonsense lady.

wooden box  with inscribed coins

Powerful and Positive: Take What You Need Wooden Box With Inscribed Coins

A uniquely inspirational gift, this “take what you need” jar can provide a nice little pick-me-up for difficult days. There are nine coins in total, and they’re all inscribed with different virtues like patience, strength, hope, luck and confidence.

As she heads out the door, she can grab whatever coin that she thinks she needs for the day ahead, and she can carry it in her pocket until finishing time.

unicorn coffee mug

Because a Great Boss is Like a Unicorn: Other Bosses and Me Unicorn Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a safe bet for bosses, especially when they have fun, quirky designs like this! There’s a juxtaposition between a plain brown horse and a sparkling, rainbow-colored unicorn doing a pole dance, and the text labels them “Other Bosses” and “Me.

” The message couldn’t be clearer. Your boss is one of a kind, and with the help of this mug, all of her new colleagues will know it.

wall art

To Send Good Vibes: Inspirational Quotes Wall Art

Starting a new job is scary for anyone. Your boss isn’t immune to first-day jitters just because she’s in a management position. The good news is that you can soothe some of her anxieties with this inspirational wall plaque! It’s filled with positive affirmations like “Be Brave” and “Make a Difference,” and they’re arranged in an artful fashion with different fonts, colors and materials.

It’s an eye-popping decoration, but it’s a meaningful one as well. She’s sure to draw strength from it as she enters the next chapter of her life.

sugar cookbook

To Acknowledge a Woman in a Man’s World: Empowdered Sugar Cookbook

Empowdered Sugar: A Collection of Sweets, Treats, and Female Feats is a cookbook for the self-possessed woman. Not only does it offer killer recipes for mouth-watering goodies, but it’s sprinkled with stories of female empowerment just as much as sugar and cinnamon.

She’ll laugh; she’ll bake; she’ll be inspired to take down the patriarchy. With this kind of fuel, she’ll have all of the energy that she needs to succeed.

desk sign

When She’s a Bada** And She Knows It: I’m Not Bossy I’m the Boss Novelty Desk Sign

This is another name plate that can replace the boring old one that she has on her desk. Before she packs it up and inflicts it on her new office, encourage her to replace it with this newer, snazzier version that’s full of female empowerment! It says “I’m Not Bossy, I Am The Boss” with capital letters to truly emphasize the words.

The material is laser-engraved plastic, and it measures 2 x 8 inches overall. Everyone who steps into the office will know what’s up!

burt´s and bees gift set

For Hard-Working Hands: Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit Gift Set

Bath products can be hit or miss as a gift since you can never be sure of things like allergies and sensitivities. However, the nice thing about Burt’s Bees is that all of their ingredients are organic, and their gift sets include a wide range of scents, textures and materials so that their recipient can always find something to use.

From the coconut foot cream to the lemon butter cuticle cream, this six-piece sampler kit will truly take care of their body from “the tips to the toes.”

sleeping mask

To Keep Her Rested and Refreshed: 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask

If she’ll be traveling a lot for her new job, this gift can make things a little easier when she’s in the air. It’s a fancy-schmancy sleep mask that will block all light as it contours to her face with cozy, comfortable precision.

It can also be used on buses and trains if she isn’t the flying type. It even comes in a little bag for portability!

bathtub caddy tray

To Make Her Feel Like Royalty: Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Another great gift for relaxation, this bathtub caddy tray comes with everything from accessory slots to extendable handles to make it perfect for a late-night soak. The material is a natural bamboo wood with a glossy lacquer to protect it from water damage, and it’s available in multiple colors for maximum style.

Your boss will be the queen of her domain with accessories like these!

madness game

For Breaking the Ice at Her New Job: Office Madness Game

With more than 140 cards, this game will definitely get people talking at the office. Its questions range from funny to thought-provoking as it asks team members to spill everything from embarrassing moments to their real thoughts on mandatory conference calls.

It even comes with three “levels” of mild, medium and spicy depending on how personal that everyone wants to get! It’ll be a great ice-breaker for someone going into a new job, especially if she’s trying to get to know her subordinates at the same time.

funny office mood cards for boss

To Say It All Without Saying a Word: Funny Office Mood Cards for Boss

It can be difficult to peer around the edge of the door and gauge your boss’s mood from their body language. This flip calendar takes the guesswork out of it. It comes with more than a dozen cards that express a wide range of attitudes, including “No Raises Today,” “Answer It Yourself” and “Please Come In, I’m In a Good Mood.

” It might be too late for you and your colleagues to benefit from this gift, but your boss’s future employees will thank you.

plush teddy bear

For Secret Snuggles: 47-Inch Cute Plush Teddy Bear

She might be a hard-charging BAMF at work, but few people can resist a gigantic teddy bear behind closed doors. It’s just so soft and fluffy that it demands to be touched, and with an oversized model like this one, it’s basically a pet.

She can stash it in the car, pose it in the bedroom or plop it on the couch to watch movies with her on her night off. The possibilities are endless!

planter with seed kit

For a Boss Who Made You Blossom: Appreciation Planter With Seed Kit

Express your appreciation for your boss with these adorable little planters. Each one comes in a wooden box with a different kind of seed, and its message is customized depending on the species. For example, the thyme box says “Thank You For Your Thyme” and the clover box says “Someone Like You is Hard to Find and Lucky to Have.

” She’ll be able to grow a desk plant for her new office even as she fondly remembers the old one.

never forget notebook

A Gift That Keeps On Giving: Never Forget the Difference You’ve Made Notebook

Decorated with soft purple flowers, this notebook is a gift that she’ll treasure for a long time. It’s soft and sentimental, especially considering the text that says “Never Forget the Difference You’ve Made,” but it also has utilitarian function for the home and office.

She can use it for writing, doodling, organizing, scrapbooking, list making and more. It’s a one-time present with long-term value.

4 Tips When Buying Farewell Presents for a Female Boss

Some bosses are evil hellhounds who have been sent from the depths of the planet’s core to rain misery down on their underlings. Others aren’t too shabby! If your boss is one of the latter, here are just a few things to think about when you’re trying to send her off nicely with a farewell gift.

1. Consider Her Personality

Is she a fun-loving boss who will laugh at a gag gift? Is she the sentimental sort who would appreciate a thoughtful or homemade gift? Everyone is different, so don’t make the mistake of focusing so much on the “boss” part that you forget about the real person beneath the title. A generic gift can be worse than no gift at all!

2. Don’t Be Inappropriate

This might sound obvious, but it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that social protocols don’t matter anymore or that it’s okay to cross the line with your boss since she already has one foot out the door. However, you should maintain professionalism right up until the moment that she leaves. You never know when a rude or offensive gift might come back to haunt you later.

3. Get Your Co-Workers Involved

There are many benefits to group gifts. You can buy something a little more expensive, for example, when you all pool your money. You can also make a more powerful statement about your support and gratitude for your boss when everyone comes together. Ask your colleagues if they’d like to join you in saying goodbye with a really great present.

4. Treat It Like Your Last Chance

Things are always different when a boss leaves. Even if she’s just moving to another department, you’ll never have the same work experience again. Her departure will change things forever. Think about that when you’re buying your gift, especially if you’re buying something sweet or sentimental.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking at farewell gifts for a female boss. What do you think of our selections? Outside of a whoopee cushion, how would you say goodbye to the head honcho at work?

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