27 Unique Gift Ideas for Farmers (A Needle in a Haystack)

It isn’t easy being a farmer, so if you want to show your love, support and appreciation for a hard worker in your life, you’ll need a present that’s just as kicka** as they are. Here are just a few gift ideas for farmers that they’ll adore until the cows come home!

board game farm-opoly

To Become a Business Tycoon: Farm-Opoly

Who needs boardwalks when you have barns? Farm-Opology puts a fun twist on the usual game by giving everything a country-style makeover. You’ll move boots, tractors and ears of corn around the board as you manage everything from “Bale Out” cards to “Free Manure” squares.

Just make sure that you don’t land on the “Go to Drought” corner!

farmhouse sign

Counting Their Chickens: Personalized Chicken Coop Farmhouse Sign

“Fresh eggs daily!” “Keep gate closed.” “The fluffy butt hut.” These are just a few of the sayings on this collection of funny and ever-practical chicken coop signs. Their styles vary, so you can choose which one that you think your gift recipient would like, and you can even customize it with their name for a personal touch.

The tin metal will make it durable, and the distressed edges will keep it rustic and authentic.

baseball cap

To Spoil Him a Little: John Deere Men’s Oilskin Baseball Cap

This is one of those things that he might not buy for himself but would really appreciate as a gift. It’s a genuine John Deere product with the logo positioned front and center, and it’s made from premium grade oilskin that will repel dirt, rain, sleet and other foul weather elements.

He’ll be able to work outside in comfort with the protection of high-quality, name-brand gear.

metal sculpture

For That Farmhouse Feeling: Iron Rooster Metal Sculpture

Wake them up bright and early with this iron rooster. It has rich, deep colors as well as a metal frame that’s been hollowed out in the center. It almost looks streampunk, but its sharp geometric lines are softened by the lifelike details of a rooster who could only come from genuine farmland.


Showing Your Support: Farmer I’m More Than You Think T-Shirt

Mechanic. Meteorologist. Machine operator. These are just a few of the hats that are routinely donned by farmers, which is why “Farmer: I’m More Than You Think” is such a fitting message for this t-shirt.

It features an entire itemized chart of job duties that are expected of farmers, so it’ll pay homage to a tough profession while also allowing the farmer in your life to brag about their bag of tricks.

wind chime

Gone With the Wind: Green Tractor Wind Chime

This is an uncommon wind chime to give to an uncommon farmer. Rather than the usual birds or butterflies, it’s topped by a bright green tractor! It’s sure to get a place of honor somewhere on the old homestead, especially since it’s made with a mix of sturdy, high-quality aluminum and resin.

This combo makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

exotic vegetables seed collection

To Diversify the Dining Room Table: Exotic Vegetable Seed Collection

If they’re anything like most farmers, they’re probably up to his elbows in tomatoes and cucumbers already. But have they ever tried to grow popcorn strawberries? How about radish watermelons, basil opals or purple Vienna kohlrabi? This seed collection is unlike anything that they’ve seen before, so it could be a fun exploration into new territory.

measuring cups

For the Home Cook: Live Simply Farm Animals Measuring Cups

Fiendishly cute, these measuring cups are stamped with several animals that you’ll find on a typical farm: cow, pig, chicken and bee. The cow has the largest capacity at one full cup while the bee holds the tiniest volume at 1/4th cup.

They’re also stackable, so they won’t take up a lot of countertop space. They’ll be adorable additions to any southern-style kitchen!

seasonal planner

For the First-Time Farmer: The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner

If they’ve only recently started to plant seeds, raise piglets or toil the land, they might benefit from the wisdom of The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner: What to Do and When to Do It. It’s sectioned into neat and colorful tabs for every season, and it covers everything from garden maintenance and orchard work to barn, stable and pasture chores.

It’ll be a great resource for a new farmer who doesn’t even know what questions to be asking yet!

manual butter churner

To Get Yourself a Dinner Invite: Manual Butter Churner

They don’t need to be a farmer to enjoy this gift, but if they enjoy living off the land, it’ll be a great way to take their fruits of their labor and turn them into shared meals around the table. It’s a manual, hand-crank butter churner, but it’s incredibly simple to use, and it’s small enough to not take up much space on the counter.

It’ll be a delightful present for anyone who isn’t afraid to work for their dinner.

dish towel

A Moo-ving Gift: Home is Where The Herd is Kitchen Dish Towel

Fresh linens are always appreciated when you’re living on a farm, but this one is so adorable that your gift recipient might want to display it rather than dirty it. It says “Home Is Where The Herd Is” with a cow and a heart! It’ll be a sweet and simple present that you can put in a goodie basket or use as a stocking suffer, so if you’re looking for low-key gift ideas, this might suit.

tool belt

To Keep Them Organized: Genuine Leather Framer’s Rig Tool Belt

Is there any greater frustration than being miles from the barn and realizing that you’ve left a tool behind? You can spare your farmer this headache by gifting them with a tool belt. It’s beautifully crafted from strong and supple cowhide leather, and it’s outfitted with a rig system that includes dozens of storage options such as pouches, pockets and hanging loops.

They can carry their entire toolbox on their person!

LED night light

When It’s Past-ure Bedtime: Two-Pack Vintage LED Farmhouse Night Lights

These night lights will look great in any kind of rustic, country-style homestead. They’re a throwback to old-fashioned farms with golden bulbs in black metal cages, but their technology is completely modern with LED power backed by internal dusk/dawn sensors.

They’re also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so your gift recipient can plug them into homes, farms, sheds, stables and more.


Hold Your Nose: The Smell of Cow Poop 20 Ounce Travel Tumbler

They’ll get a good laugh out of this tumbler. It says “I Love the Smell of Cow Poop in the Morning,” so it’s very fitting for farmers and ranchers, but it’s also sleekly designed with insulated, double-walled stainless steel and a no-leak lid.

In other words, it’s just as functional as it is fashionable. They can use it during all of their farm rounds.

towel holder

Country Chic: Windmill Metal Paper Towel Holder

Another great kitchen accessory, this one is designed to hold paper towels, but it’s so cool-looking that its actual function will probably get lost behind its design. It’s shaped like a tall, homely windmill complete with a weathered patina made from distressed metal.

It’ll be just as much an art piece as an organizational tool.

wooden sign

Udder-ly Charming: Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open Cow Wooden Sign

Wooden pallet signs are a must-have in modern farmhouse decor, and this one will bring smiles as well as style. It says “Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open” over an image of a cow with a daisy in its mouth.

Its cedar slats are made from real wood, so they have the slight imperfections of authentic crafts, and the back is pre-prepped for hanging, mounting or propping up on a table. The life advice is just icing on the cake!

super sexy T-shirt

For the Fetching Farmer: Super Sexy Farmer Novelty T-Shirt

“I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super sexy farmer, but here I am killing it.” If you know someone who’d instantly crack up at this boast, you’ve just found the perfect t-shirt for them! It can be a genuine sentiment for a lovely lady or a funny gag gift for an uncle with a beer belly.

The shirt is available in multiple fits, colors and sizes, so you’ll have your pick of something suitable.

canning essentials boxed set

Yes They Can: Six-Piece Canning Essentials Boxed Set

Canning can be an intimidating process for first-timers, but this kit makes it easy. It includes almost everything that your farmer will need to get started, including a funnel, jar wrench, bubble popper and magnetic lid lifter.

Just add jars and yummy things to go inside of them! Help your farmer preserve more of the season’s crops with this simple, easy-to-use canning kit.

tile artwork

To Call on a Higher Power: A Farmer’s Prayer Tile Artwork

“As I tend each crop and critter, you’re the one who helps them grow.” This is the farmer’s prayer, a heartfelt message to the Lord that thanks Him for all of his blessings. It has cute and kitschy artwork of red barns on a green hill, and it measures just 7 x 7 inches, the perfect size for a kitchen shelf or a porch wall.

If you know someone who pours spirit into their soil just as much as water and fertilizer, this is the gift for them.

bumper sticker

A Simple Truth: Without The Farmer Bumper Sticker

Make them laugh out loud with this vinyl decal. It says “Without the Farmer, You Would Be Hungry, Naked and Sober,” and it’s a nice 9.5 x 2.5 inches so that its message is easily readable. It can be applied to any flat surface, so it doesn’t necessarily have to become a bumper sticker.

It could also be slapped on walls, windows, laptops, lockers and more.

family chore chart

To Prevent Their Place From Becoming a Pigsty: Magnetic Sunflower Family Chore Chart

Kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from chore charts. This one is designed with the whole family in mind, so mom and dad can also keep track of daily, weekly and one-time responsibilities. It’s entirely customizable with blank spaces for every task, and both the chart and its dry-erase marker are magnetized for ease of use and storage.

It’s even decorated with sunflowers for a truly country theme!

outdoor birt house feeder

To Duel at Dawn: Cowboy Rooster Outdoor Bird House/Feeder

The only thing better than a cowboy is one who comes with his own plumage! Decked out to the nines, this “cowboy” rooster looks straight out of the Old West, and he’s much more than just a decoration. He’s been hollowed out and put on a piece of twine to function as a bird house or feeder.

He’ll be perfect for any farmer looking to attract local birds to their land.

cuff links

To Keep Him Fit and Fresh: Silver Tractor Cuff Links

He might spend his days in the dirt, but when it’s time to clean up, you can help him clean up quite nicely. These tractor cuff links are made with a polished sterling silver that will gleam in the light and attract the eye to their fine craftsmanship and detailing.

A gift box is included, and so is a microfiber polishing cloth to help them maintain their shine.

cutting board

Ham Not Included: Bamboo Wood Pig Cutting Board

This cutting board is sure to leave them squealing with delight. (Get it? Get it?) It’s made with a high-quality, laser-cut bamboo wood, so it’ll fulfill its duties in the kitchen, but it’s also adorably shaped like a pig.

Your gift recipient can use it for everything from meal prep to appetizer servings at a dinner party. They might even choose to forego the food entirely and hang it up as a wall decoration!

universal socket adapter set

The Practical Gift: Universal Socket Multi-Function Adapter Set

Able to fit nuts, bolts, screws, wings and hooks, this universal socket attachment can be a useful tool for handymen and do-it-yourself types. It’ll attach to any power drill or ratchet wrench of the right size, and it also includes a bonus adapter to turn drills and screwdrivers into power socket drivers.

Your favorite farmer can use it for all kinds of repairs around their property.

keep gate closed goat sign

Going Hog Wild: Keep Gate Closed Goat Sign

At first glance, this sign could belong on any farm. It says “Keep Gate Closed” in the usual warning design of blocky red letters on a black background. When you keep reading, however, you’ll see the text on the bottom: “No Matter What the Goats Say!” You can also purchase variations of the sign for cows, chickens, dogs and more.

wrapping paper

The Finishing Touch: Farm Animal Wrapping Paper

Last but not least, if you’re looking for some cute wrapping paper to add a farm-fresh feeling to your gift, consider this roll. It’s printed on beautifully glossy paper that brings out the full color and detail of its cartoon farm animals.

There are cows, chicks, pigs, donkeys, sheep, sheepdogs and more!

Buying guide: Do’s and Don’ts

Maybe he’s the type of guy who doesn’t really need anything. Maybe she’s picky about her gifts, and you want to get it just right. Here are just a few how-tos when shopping for the farmer in your life!

Do: Buy something with genuine value.

Avoid giving them something cute and kitschy just because it has a farming theme. They’ve probably been receiving gifts like that for years. Instead, find them something that they can actually use, or offer them something with sentimental value that exceeds material value.

Don’t: Buy something overly specialized.

This is a common trap for people who want to avoid generic gifts. Instead, they go too far in the opposite direction and buy something specialized that might be completely wrong for their gift recipient. With a farmer, for example, you aren’t going to know as much about farming equipment as they do, so don’t even try to buy it.

Do: Consider their likes and dislikes.

A surefire gift-giving method is to buy them something that they already like. You can just add a farming theme to it to show that you’re supportive of their career or interested in their hobbies. On the flip side, they aren’t going to suddenly like a useless or hated item just because it has a farming joke on it, so avoid anything that you wouldn’t normally give them.

Don’t: Offend them.

This might sound obvious, but since farmer jokes can revolve around people being messy or smelly, you’ll want to tread carefully when buying a gift with this kind of humor. A good gag is something that they can laugh with; it isn’t something that will make them feel bad on what’s supposed to be a special occasion. Be kind!


These are just a few gift ideas for farmers that strike the balance between funny, thoughtful and meaningful. What do you think about our choices? Is there anything that you’d add to the list? Let’s hear from farmers and their loved ones!

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