28 Father to Son Gift Ideas You Can Take to the Bank

Jumping into the father to son gifts fray isn’t hard, Dad, but if you’ve always relied on the women in your universe to do the job (you know who you are), time to reform.

Whether your kid loves offbeat surprises or he’s as conservative as you are liberal, go forth and shop using our 30 clever suggestions. It’s easier than you think, and we’ve got your back.

camping chair

He’ll have the best seat in the crowd NFL Game: Changer Large Folding Tailgating and Camping Chair

Name the team. You’ll find the ideal tailgating chair embellished with his team’s logo will be wildly appreciated even if his team hasn’t the most memorable season. The breathable mesh back, 2 cup holders, foldability and carry case make this gift idea one that guarantees a thank you hug and if your kid doesn’t weigh more than 275 pounds, getting him out of this chair during football season won’t be easy.

gym workout shirt

If you can’t laugh at muscle building, what’s the point?: Mens “I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off” Gym Workout Shirt

For sons who consider gym time as essential as beer dates with buddies, this Crazy Dog branded garment gives guys something to laugh about when too many reps turn a smile into a grimace. Machine washable, this gym essential comes in sizes up to 5XL, so if he’s lifting weights to trim down, tuck an IOU for a smaller size into the gift bag as inspiration.

LED glow basketball and net

Play BB at night. Every night, dude.: LED Glow in the dark basketball and net

If driveway pick-up games show no sign of ending despite the setting sun, your son could keep on dunking his heart out courtesy of the pre-installed 100 hour battery included with this Light up Basketball and net set.

Every item in this set is durable, and crafted of high-quality materials and a pump is included as well so your son and his pals can keep dribbling, passing, and dunking until they run out of steam.

batting swing trainer

The swing’s the thing when you show up to show off: SKLZ Hit-A-Way batting swing trainer for baseball and softball

Must he let the guys on his baseball or softball team know that he’s got a secret weapon designed to improve his swing? That’s up to your son if you know he’ll appreciate this aid. A black synthetic training system that improves timing and confidence, your gift can help improve both your kid’s swings and stance once he attaches it to a pole or tree.

The manufacturer claims this device delivers up to 500 swings per hour so for guys sick of chasing batted balls, this gift could be a game changer.

A global history hardcover book

Become an art know-it-all in one reading: Abstract Art: A Global History hardcover book

Author and international art expert Pepe Karmel wrote what’s considered to be an innovative hard cover book that takes “a radically new approach to the understanding of abstract art.” Beautifully illustrated and factually rich, this book belongs in your son’s library if he’s too busy to tour world art galleries.

Divided into 5 sections and featuring narratives rarely found in one compendium, fans of Wu Guanzhong, Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock and more will treasure this tome filled with 250 color illustrations making this 5.

25-pound, 360-page book a gift that has no equal.

whisky infusion kit

Any excuse for a toast will do: Whisky infusion kit

Manufacturer “Do Your Gin” invites all curious mixologists to trade a cask for the bottle by pairing neutral alcohol or a less expensive whisky with woodchip blends that elevate ordinary blends to extraordinary ones.

Comes with three types of oak and six herbs and spices – all of which are 100% natural and packed into glass tubes with corks. Sound like something your son would love to own?

pizza socks box

There’s not a single calorie in this pizza: Pizza socks box (Pepperoni)

The box arrives at your son’s home, and he assumes you’ve sent him is favorite pizza. Expect him to laugh out loud at the site of 4 pair of socks rolled up so artfully, even the crusts (ankle areas) look hand thrown.

If pepperoni isn’t your son’s fav, no worries. The pizza socks box serves up Capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and vegetarian plus 5 graphic mixes. Sizes run from S to XL and the thread mix of 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide and 3% Elastane assures your son that these tasty socks will stay put.


Turn up the heat, techie guy, with this clever tool: Premium Wireless smart meat thermometer with Bluetooth

It was bound to happen: Bluetooth enabled food prep guaranteed to delight guys who can’t decide whether they like eating better than the latest technology. If he’s a whiz at the grill and already owns every device on the market, up his inventory of innovations with this thermometer.

Device envy has been known to break out when friends spot this handy item, so prepare your kid for this possibility.

juicer machine

This machine is no pulp fiction: MOLTRES Slow Masticating high yield, cold press juicer machine

He’s been talking about a juicer for so long, you are weary of hearing about it, but he never found one with enough bells and whistles to suit his sensibilities. Dad to the rescue. This is more than an extractor; it features a reverse function for veggies and fruits and this hot red appliance sports a motor that’s blissfully quiet.

Easy to dismantle and clean, getting juiced was never this easy.


Plant your tush in one of these essentials Kootek Camping: Portable Hammocks

Highly rated by Forbes magazine outdoor editors, Dads can choose from 30 colors and two sizes while counting on this lightweight gear to hold up to 500 pounds of weight! Both sizes fold down compactly and tuck into the attached sack so either hammock can be stashed in a gear bag without hogging space.

Both hammocks are crafted of 120T nylon parachute fabric, resist dirt and fraying and come with adjustable tree-friendly straps.

hunting crate

The starter kit for every wannabe hunter: Personalized hunting crate

One size may not fit all in clothing, but this personalized hunting crate is loaded with surprises for guys who look forward to hunting season. Included in the crate are a personalized Stanley insulated vacuum bottle, stormproof matches, a TrueBlade folding knife, a bar of Duke Cannon’s hunting soap and camo face paint guaranteed to help your son disappear into the landscape.

You provide the tools. He supplies the hunting dog. This gift is a match made in deer hunting heaven.

camping lantern and phone charger

Get a big charge out of this handy gadget: LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 camping lantern and phone charger

Your son can count on the built-in 2000mAH battery to stand at the ready to power an extra bright LED solar lantern and charge a cell phone. This cleverly designed essential is solar powered, lightweight, inflatable, and portable.

Set it on Turbo mode to bring device(s) to life fast. Long lasting light? You bet. Your son can count on 50 hours of illumination on low mode or choose from 4 other brightness settings. A USB cord is included.

Fold this charger down to 1-inch thick for packing ease. Waterproof, shatterproof and engineered for rugged environments, this gift never disappoints.

emergency survival kit

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts: Emergency survival kit and first aid kit

Nothing says “I worry about you” more than a 142-piece professional gear and equipment bundle designed by survival experts. Included are a hatchet, folding shovel and pick, military knife, 3-mode tactical flashlight, whistle, emergency blanket, fire starting kit, fishing tools, and so much more.

Everything fits into the durable 600D nylon bag measuring 9 inches x 6 inches x 5 inches when folded down. Straps attach the bag to other gear or belt, so wherever he goes, he’s equipped for anything.

warming gloves

Gotta hand it to you when temperatures plummet Heated: Rechargeable hand-warming gloves

If your son can’t get enough camping, cycling, skiing, snowboarding or ice fishing, you’ll be his hero for life when you present him with waterproof, touchscreen rechargeable gloves. These gloves come with two 5.

4V 4000mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and offer immediate warmth, even in -20°F temperatures. Outfitted with finger sensors that make using a device while keeping the gloves on a breeze, he can remove the batteries to wash the gloves – even if his only outdoor activity happens to be snow blowing his driveway in frigid weather.

creeper seat

It’s okay to lie down on the job: Pro-Lift C-2036D Grey 36″ Z-Creeper Seat

He already owns enough tools to stock a respectable repair shop, but does he own a creeper seat that gets him under cars without requiring a masseuse to rehabilitate his back? This best-selling, professional grade product features a headrest and thick, padded cushions for comfort.

When it’s not transporting your son underneath whatever he’s repairing, this flat seat can be re-configured to an upright position using the retractable pin. Six swivel casters evenly distribute body weight up to 300 pounds.

AM-FM hearing protector

Ear protection that delivers on rhythm, too: 3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector with audio assist technology

Garage dwellers appreciate a well-reviewed pair of AM/FM ear protectors from 3M that replace the din with his choice of music, news, or game of the week. These are no wimpy shields: they sport a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

Audio Assist Technology delivers operational and set-up guidance that won’t require your son to take off the headset or take a course in electronics to program up to 50 AM/FM radio stations. The low battery indicator makes sure this product stays juiced.

dual lens camera

Peek into dark places. You’ll be rewarded big time: Endoscope Borescope, Teslong dual lens camera with 4.5″ Screen

Even with 20/20 vision, your son can’t look for trouble unless he can peer into the recesses of car engines, plumbing systems and remote places. This technology lets him feed 50-feet of cable into the abyss and spot trouble areas via the dual lens HD camera.

He can effortlessly switch between main and side view lenses and tap the Zoom and rotation tools with a click of the function keys enabled by the built-in 2500mAh battery. This handy product comes with a built-in 32G TF card that supports JPG images and AVI video.

The microphone feature captures your son’s findings in real time as he troubleshoots each challenge.

check engine light

Does “check engine light” haunt you? Here’s your solution: Foxwell Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light

If you and your son commiserate over persistent check engine light signals popping up on dashboards of your cars, this check engine light reader could trump every gift you’ve ever bought him. This NT301 obd scanner is charged directly from the 16pin DLC in his vehicle so he finds out fast what’s causing that indicator to light up.

This tool does everything from diagnose malfunctions to retrieve VIN numbers and comes with Free Lifetime Updates and a 1-year warranty.

truck engine toy

When I grow up, I want to be just like my dad: iPlay, iLearn Truck Engine Toy

How early is too early to share your passion for all things mechanical with your little boy? The answer is at hand thanks to IPlay, iLearn toy designers producing this authentic reproduction of the inner workings of a truck.

This unique product includes 58 parts and tools, and the LED headlights and engine’s light & sound features are all driven by electric power. Meant for kids up to age 8, this gift promotes hands-on learning, imaginative role-playing, and confidence, but for dads eager to share their interest, this is more than a toy.

laptop bag

Secure your laptop in a bag that screams “Mine!”: Personalized laptop carry bag

This picture-perfect laptop carry bag turns you into the most creative Dad on the planet. Whether your son has a dog he dotes on, the child who made you a grandpa or you have a photo memory from his childhood that takes him back to stress-free days, this 100% neoprene carrier is made with an accessory pocket, zipper closure and you can add a message that’s no more than 22 characters long in two font choices.

Since the image you selected is only imprinted on the front, your son can turn it around for trips to clients without having to switch to a more formal carrier.

audio sunglasses

Throwing shade just got fun: Bose Frames: Audio sunglasses with open ear headphones

Whether your son relies upon his car to get from client to client or he’s just got a commute that requires a pair of shades that do more than block sunlight, these smart glasses by Bose take business travel to a whole new level.

Wireless connectivity is a great feature but your son’s eyes will benefit, too. These shades block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Turn up the tunes. Open air audio will keep your son focused on sounds around him yet nobody else hears what’s being broadcast.

Available in sizes S or M.

phone soap

The twice-as-nice device magician: PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer

Pundits predicting no end to Covid may lead you to conclude that this touchscreen germ/UV sanitizer is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your son these days. All he need do is place his electronic device inside the case, attach the charging cable (included) and close the lid so ultraviolet light kicks in to banish germs.

While his cell is doing its thing, the built-in acoustic amplifier plays music or functions as an alarm. The built-in rechargeable battery can power up to four full phone charges, or 45 sanitizing cycles.

whisky decanter set

Guaranteed to make your office the center of the universe: Personalized whiskey decanter gift set (Decanter and 4 glasses)

If your son’s line of business requires him to host clients, vendors, and salespeople on a regular basis for late-in-the-day meet-ups, this sleek gift will show off his good taste when he offers guests and colleagues a glass of whiskey.

This is no ordinary set, Dad. It’s etched with your last name and features a important date — like the day he went out on his own to launch his business. The decanter holds 23.75 ounces of spirits, there’s no extra charge for engraving and the maker promises fast shipping, too.

dali watch

Set your watch to Dali Savings Time: Dalí watch

For guys who are intrigued by the quirky imagery of Dali’s melting clocks, only a Salvador Dali watch will do. This timepiece features the face of the Spanish master, and his mustache revolves around the dial to measure the passage if time.

As befits a watch this unusual, an ant circles the portrait ticking off minutes. It’s not waterproof but the nickel-free alloy case sports a leather band and marks the hours dramatically thanks to a Japanese quartz movement.

The maker gives buyers a “1-year guarantee against melting over tree branches”!

musical serving board

Mom says it’s okay to put cheese on this piano: Musical serving boards

If your son entertains frequently to share his latest musical discoveries, this lyrical serving board trio, hand-crafted by artisans Bonnie Bond and John Caraberis, will strike a chord. He can load the piano, violin and/or guitar with cheeses, fruit and other snacks that start gatherings off on a high note.

Crafted of yellow birch with pewter embellishments, these hardwood serving pieces require just soap and water for upkeep once they are seasoned with mineral oil.

portrait painting

Hang the face you love on a wall: Custom portrait

You provide the photo of your son, daughter-in-law, grandchild or his entire family and artisans will paint a beautiful portrait on canvas as a surprise for your son’s next celebratory occasion. You choose the size of the portrait you prefer that range between 8″ x 10″ and 24″x 38″.

Your son’s highly detailed portrait will be mounted on stretched canvas so he can hang it without or without an extra frame. This personal idea gets rave reviews from folks who order it so count on your son being thrilled.

grey harness

This unique harness was made for klutzes: CCS G3 camera harness system

Whether his passion for photography consumes him or he’s a casual hobbyist, this grey harness system could save his pricey optics from damage. Your son can strap it on and wander worry free knowing that up to 2 cameras and lenses are securely attached.

This harness’s ergonomic design distributes camera weight to cut down on fatigue, yet his hands stay free to catch that elusive shot. Outfitted with safety tethers, a slip-over cover and two stash pockets, this harness fits comfortably over backpacks, too.


Everything you want to know about your fav NFL team: New York Times Custom Football Book

The book to end all books. You already know your son’s favorite professional football team so why not go the extra mile by ordering a New York Times hardcover book showcasing his favorite NFL team? Have this oversized book personalized with your son’s name to remind him that even when your favorite team beats his, your shared passion for the game remains a tie that never breaks.

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