30 Fish Extender Gift Ideas You’ll Want to Catch

If you’re gearing up for a Disney cruise, chances are you’ve been doing a little research about what kinds of things make the best fish extender gifts.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of a Disney cruise yet, fish extenders are hanging gift bags that Disney cruise patrons hang outside their cabin doors to act as “mailboxes.”

Other people fill these bags with letters, dinner invitations and small gifts. If you’re a little unsure about what types of gifts to get your cabin mates, keep on reading to find some great ideas.

30 Fish Extender Gifts

backpack tote bag

Something to Carry All Their Gifts: 3PC Disney Mickey and Friends Drawstring Backpack Tote Bag

These cute little bags are great for men, women, boys and girls. If you’ve never been on a cruise ship before, you can’t possibly imagine how large they are. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around it even when you have been on a cruise.

People do a lot of walking to get from one place to another, and they don’t want to lug around their carry-on luggage, tote bags or even their purses. They do need something to hold their pool supplies, wallets, cell phone chargers, toys, etc.

though. These drawstring bags are the perfect option. They’re super lightweight, yet they hold a surprising amount of stuff in them. Plus, they’re Disney-themed!

pirate hat´s eye patches set

A Pirate’s Life for Me: Alphatool 24 Pcs Skull Print Pirate Hats Eye Patches Set

While these pirate eye patches and hats are really geared more towards the children in the gift exchanges, they’re still a possibility for some of the more silly, fun-loving adults on the cruise too. If you’re gifting to an adult, the hat does have an adjustable band, so don’t worry about him/her not being able to wear it.

This particular pack comes with 12 sets – 12 hats and 12 eye patches – which makes them perfect for giving to everyone on your gift exchange list. The eye patch is made out of durable, hard plastic and is easy to clean.

The hat is made from non-woven fabric, which makes it seem more authentic than other pirate hats made from lesser materials.

bubble wand set

Bubbly Fun: Bubble Wand, 14″ Big Bubble Wand Set (14 Pack 7 Colour)

There is something about bubbles that just makes people happy. Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, bubbles are just plain fun. These giant bubbles wands come in a 14-pack, so you can give them to the majority – if not all – of the people participating in the gift exchange.

They’re odorless and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about making anyone sick with the smell of chemicals in an enclosed space. They also come in a variety of colors so you can pick something appropriate for either a male or a female.

coloring book set and stickers

For When They Have Downtime: Disney Princess Coloring Book Super Set 4 Books & 175 Stickers

When people are on a cruise, they stay busy a lot of the time. Between eating meals, spending time at the pool, participating in trivia nights, enjoying the parties, watching shows and everything else, people’s schedules are full.

No matter how full a schedule is, though, there’s bound to be at least a little downtime in the cabin, even if it’s just at night before bed. This can be the hardest time to keep a young child entertained.

Help the parents around you entertain their children by buying them these Disney princess coloring books.

There are four books in this set, so you can give them all to one lucky little girl on the trip, or you can spread them out and give one to each girl participating in the fish extender exchange.

Either way, they’re sure to love them. All-in-all the pack has over 400 pages of coloring and other activities, and it comes with over 175 stickers as well.

crayons 6 pack

They Can’t Color without Crayons: Crayola Crayons, School & Art Supplies, Bulk 6 Pack

Whether you’re buying for boys or girls, crayons are always a smart option. They’re relatively inexpensive; you can buy them in multi-packs to save money, and kids love them. Heck, some adults love them too.

If you buy coloring books or activity books as gifts, crayons are pretty much a ‘must buy’ additional gift. Even if you don’t go the coloring book/activity book route though, crayons can still make for a great gift.

Most kids love to draw and color their own pictures, so even without a coloring book in which to color, kids can always find a use for crayons.

hand sanitizer gel

Keep It Clean: Hand Sanitizer Gel (4 Pack – 2oz Bottle)

It doesn’t matter if you happen to be taking a trip during a worldwide pandemic or just during a normal year when everything is fine, hand sanitizer is an essential item on a cruise ship. That’s what makes it such a great gift.

A lot of times, people don’t think to pack it, and even if they do remember, they often run out before the cruise is over. These little packs of hand sanitizer are perfect for the whole family. They can use them to clean their hands before snacks or meals, after shaking hands with new people they meet on the boat or after getting a little dirty during one of the many activities happening on the cruise.

If you want to make these even more special, get them some cute, Disney-themed hand sanitizer keychain holders for their purses, lanyards or bags.

photo album scrapbook

A Place for Their Family Photos: Photo Album Scrapbook, Our Adventure Book, DIY Handmade

One of the most common things people do while on a Disney cruise is take pictures. They want to try to memorialize everything that’s going on around them so they can remember it later and – perhaps more importantly – show off their exciting trip to friends and family.

Give them an excuse to take their pictures off their cellphones and actually put them somewhere special by buying them this “Our Adventure Book” scrapbook/photo album. It has 20 pages in it (40 fronts and backs) and can hold over 100 pictures.

It has a hard, cardboard cover that makes it extremely strong and durable, and the pages are thick enough to hold glue, card stock and whatever else they want to use to make their scrapbook special. It also has this great, old-fashioned, distressed look to it that actually makes it look like it’s been on an adventure with the family.

mickey glasses

For the Cool Kid: Sun-Staches Officially Licensed Lil’ Characters Mickey Glasses

The great thing about buying gifts for kids is they’re so easy to please – especially little kids. They’re often more excited by the idea of getting a gift than they are about the gift itself. This means you don’t have to buy them anything super elaborate or expensive.

These Mickey Mouse “sun-staches” are a huge hit with kids. They have the practical purpose of being actual sunglasses, and additionally, they help the kid you bought them for look like Mickey Mouse, which is super cool.

These are officially licensed by Disney and have been pleasing kids for over 90 years, so it’s a safe bet the kids you buy them for will love them.

LED laser swords

For the Jedi: Liberty Imports Set of 12 Color Changing LED Laser Swords

Most Disney fans are also Star Wars fans, and most little boys are light saber fans even if they’ve never even heard of Star Wars. This case of 12 light sabers is sure to be a hit with the kids on your cruise.

They have LED lights in them and change colors so the kids can pick whichever color light sabers they want. They also come complete with awesome light saber battle sound effects, and they’re retractable.

They come with the batteries needed to make them work, so you’re spared that additional expense.

UNO card game

Fun for the Whole Family: UNO Toy Story 4 Card Game

Family game time is another great way to pass those few hours of downtime families sometimes have in the evenings. Most everyone has played Uno, and playing with these cards is no different. The rules are the same, but the cards feature characters from beloved Disney favorite, Toy Story.

This game is perfect for people over the age of seven but may not be appropriate for families with toddlers only. For older kids and cabins full of adults, it’s a great choice. Up to 10 people can play at once.

12 beloved disney classic golden books

The Joy of Reading: 12 Beloved Disney Classic Little Golden Books

There’s nothing more magical than reading to kids at bedtime, except maybe reading a Disney story to kids at bedtime while on a Disney cruise! This collector’s edition set includes 12 Walt Disney “Little Golden Books” featuring well-known Disney stories like Dumbo, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and more.

You can give this gift to one person/family, or you can open the set up, remove the books, and give one book to each family on your gift exchange list. Either way, “Little Golden Books” are a fan-favorite when it comes to bedtime on Disney cruises.

play doh modeling compound

For the Sculptors: Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10 Pack Case of Colors

Play Doh is another inexpensive gift you can buy in a multi-pack to stick in the fish extenders of several different guests. Kids love Play Doh; that’s why it’s been so popular for so many years. These containers hold two ounces of various colored Play Doh and are the perfect size for fish extender gift exchanges.

Pop one or two of these into each extender on your list, and you’re good to go. The kids will have hours of fun building, shaping and then tearing the Play Doh apart again.

travel laundry bag

Their Dirty Laundry: HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag

Buying extender gifts for adults can be a little more challenging than buying for kids, but even so, it isn’t that hard. With adults, it’s a little less about making sure everything is fun or Disney-themed and a little more about what would make their lives easier or more convenient.

One thing people often forget to bring with them on cruises is a laundry bag. A family of four can really pile up the dirty laundry over a one-week or two-week cruise. Buy them these cute little “Wash Me” laundry bags to help them find a place to put their dirty clothes other than on the cabin floor or back in their suitcases with their clean stuff.

Disney cruise ships also generally come equipped with guest laundry facilities, but lugging around a huge clothes basket full of clothes isn’t a lot of fun. In addition to being cute, these bags are also lightweight and easy to carry.

All the parents have to do is fill them up, sling them over a shoulder and head down to clean the laundry. The bags themselves are also machine-washable in case they start to stink before the trip is over.

USB flash drive

A Place to Store Their Info: 16GB Iron Man The Avengers USB Flash Drive

Sometimes real life doesn’t stop just because a family is on a cruise. Some people have to spend some time getting work done in between all the fun. This Ironman flash drive with eyes that glow is the perfect gift for the workaholic.

It gives him somewhere to store his work and also keeps him in the Disney spirit. Even those families that don’t have members who have to work on the cruise can always benefit from a new flash drive, and flash drives that are cool, look like Ironman and glow when you use them are always better than plain, boring flash drives.

Oral-B toothbrush

For Good Oral Hygiene: Oral-B Mickey and Minnie Mouse Kids Toothbrush

You may not think a toothbrush is a great gift idea, especially considering most people pack their own toothbrushes when they come on a cruise. Despite that, though, toothbrushes – especially Disney-themed toothbrushes for kids – are actually a really great idea to stick in a family’s fish extender.

Anyone who’s ever had little children can tell you that anything can happen at any time.

Families do usually pack toothbrushes, it’s true; however, when dealing with toddlers, those toothbrushes could end up in toilets, stuck down diapers or used as a way to scratch itchy feet.

It’s always a good idea to have one or two backup toothbrushes available for little kids, and those that feature Mickey and Minnie are even better.


For Getting in the Disney Spirit: Picoway Mouse Ears Headband Set of 20

Ask anyone what they think of when they think of Disney, and they’re likely to list Mickey Mouse in at least the top three answers. There’s nothing more typically Disney than Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse ears.

Whether you’re on a Disney cruise or at Disneyland, you’re bound to see people wearing these. Adults and children alike enjoy getting into the spirit with these Mouse ears headbands, so why not be the person who supplies them for the whole group? Everyone is sure to thank you for helping them get into the Disney spirit right off the bat.


Don’t Forget Dad: Captain America Shield Tossed Adult Crew Socks

When buying gifts for fish extenders, most people say dads’ gifts are the hardest to find. They don’t have to be, though, especially when you remember that Marvel just happens to be a huge part of Disney now.

Most dads like superheroes. Grab the men on your gift exchange list these awesome Captain America socks to keep their feet warm in style while they’re walking around their cabins. These socks are officially licensed, machine-washable, and they fit most average men’s shoe sizes.

You can’t go wrong with the Cap’.

can cooler

Keep Those Drinks Cold: WinCraft Star Wars Can Cooler 12 oz

Another great gift idea for dad are these cool Star Wars-themed koozies. These come in a package of five. You can give all five to one family or spread them out throughout the different cabins. Each one features a beautifully detailed scene from Star Wars, including characters like Yoda, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers.

They fit 12-ounce aluminum cans and keep people’s drinks cold with style.

sunscreen lotion

Protect Their Skin: Coppertone SPORT Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 Travel Size Multipac

Another thing most people need on a cruise but often forget to pack is sunscreen. When it comes to packing toiletries for vacation, that’s just one thing that often gets overlooked. While people could just go buy it from one of the shops onboard, chances are it’s really expensive.

Help your cabin mates out by buying this multi-pack of Coppertone SPF 50 sunscreen for their fish extenders. These are the small, travel sizes, so they’re perfect for fitting inside the extenders, and they’re strong enough for the whole family.


Classy and Elegant: MYANAIL Luminous Hollow Pumpkin Carriage Necklace

If you’re looking for something super special to put into a female’s extender, this pumpkin carriage necklace is just the thing. It’s absolutely stunning. The pendant features Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, and the stone inside stores light so that it shines brightly in the dark.

You can choose from three different stones – blue, azure or green. The chain is stainless steel, and the pendant is silver plated.

candy dispensers

Something Yummy: Mickey Mouse & Friends PEZ Candy Dispensers

Everybody loves candy, and Pez dispensers are just fun. This case contains 12 different Disney-themed dispensers, all individually wrapped so you can give out 12 gifts to 12 different people. Each pack comes with two Pez refills.

The heads of the dispensers each feature a well-known and well-loved Disney character, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and/or Goofy.

hermes zipper pull charms

A Cute Little Addition: Hermes Zipper Pull Charms for Jacket Backpack Bag

This case comes with 20 different zipper pulls featuring different Disney characters. The pulls work on jackets, purses, laptop bags and more. They’re made of rubber, so they’re very durable. In addition to the well-known characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, this set also features other characters like Daisy Duck and Pluto.

These are usually a hit with both children and adults, who tend to get a little nostalgic when they get on the ship and are surrounded by all the Disney greatness.

beer bottle opener

Pop a Top: LXSLFY Infinity Gauntlet Beer Bottle Opener

This Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener is one of the best adult gifts on the list. It’s a near-perfect, miniature replica of the gauntlet worn by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The opener is embedded in the palm of the gauntlet, so when in use, it actually looks like a tiny Thanos hand gripping and opening the bottle top.

This gift is a huge hit with dads especially, although moms often like it too.

LED night light

Light Up the Night: GE Color-Changing LED Night Light 2-pack

Sleeping in a new place, even a fun, exciting place like a Disney cruise cabin, can be disconcerting or even scary, especially for children. Help them find their way around in the dark with these pretty, color changing night lights that plug easily into any outlet.

They automatically turn themselves on in the dark and off in the light. They also have three modes: solid white light, solid colored light and color changing cycle.


Keep Their Hands Busy: MAYBO SPORTS 3PACK Wiitin Superhero 2-Sided Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are one of the most popular small toys for young children right now, and these superhero themed ones are the best of the best. Whether a kid prefers Spiderman or Captain America, this three pack of fidget spinners has him/her covered.

They easily fit in a pocket and are made of durable material, so the kid you buy them for can take them literally all over the ship to play. Kids are sure to get hours of fun out of these small toys.

band AID disney

Just in Case: Band-AID Disney Pixar Incredibles 2

While you always hope no one will get hurt while on vacation, accidents do occasionally happen. When they do, you can be there to help by sticking a pack of these Incredibles band-aids into the fish extenders hanging from cabin doors.

They’re put out by the Band-Aid brand, so you know they’re high quality band-aids that are going to get the job done, but these have the extra benefit of being Disney-themed for extra fun. You get two boxes when you order this set, and each box comes with 10 large band-aids and 10 small band-aids for all different sizes of boo-boos.

portable power bank

Extend Their Battery Life: Poweradd Slim 2 5000mAh Ultra-compact Portable Power Bank

Another great gift for the parents on the trip, these Power Bank portable chargers will allow them to recharge their phones with utmost convenience. On a crowded cruise, a person might not always be able to find an outlet outside his/her own cabin, but with these portable chargers, an outlet isn’t necessary.

They can simply recharge them in their cabins at night and slip them in their purses or bags to keep their phones charged all the next day.

disney tattoos party

Disney Body Art: Disney Tattoos Party Favors Mega Assortment

Although no one is 100% sure why, kids love temporary tattoos. This mega pack comes with seven different sets of Disney-themed temporary tattoos, ranging from The Lion King to Princesses to Toy Story and more.

Each individual pack includes 25 different temporary tattoos, and buying them in a mega pack means you can spread them out throughout the different kids around your cabin. They’re 100% safe and wash off easily, so you shouldn’t have any angry parents coming to yell at you about the tattoo on Timmy’s face that won’t come off and is ruining all the family pictures.

mickey flatware tableware cutlery

Sanitary Utensils: Disney 3D Little Kid Mickey Flatware Tableware Cutlery

It’s always more sanitary to take your cutlery with you when you go into a restaurant, but that could potentially make you look like a crazy person. Help your cabin mates not look like crazy people by giving them Disney-themed cutlery in cute little carrying cases instead.

This way it looks less like they’re crazy people and more like they’re just really big Disney super fans.

mickey mouse photo frame

For a Special Memory: Mickey Mouse and Fantasyland Castle Photo Frame

Usually, after people get back from vacation, there’s always one really special family photo that means more than all the others. Help them display their special family photo in this gorgeous photo frame.

Created especially for the Disney theme parks, this frame features both Fantasyland Castle and Mickey Mouse at the bottom. It holds any horizontal 4″x6″ picture, and the picture is safely displayed between two panes of glass.

Choosing the Right Gifts for Strangers

People often get a little panicky about finding good fish extender gifts because, in general, the people you’re buying the gifts for are usually strangers. Unless you’ve gotten a large group together and are all rooming in the same basic area of the ship, you’re going to be surrounded by people you don’t know. How in the world do you buy a gift for people you don’t know?!

The good news is that this has become so popular over the years, you can now use the DIS discussion boards or dozens of Facebook groups to help you “meet” other cruise members before the cruise to get to know them a little better. This helps you find out a little more about who’ll be in which cabins (mom, dad, 10-year-old daughter, etc.) and should help you plan your gift-giving ideas a little better beforehand.

By necessity, these gifts must be small enough to fit inside what’s practically an oversized door hanger. This means they also don’t have to be very expensive, which is great, especially when you’re buying gifts for a whole section. In fact, most people admit to spending much more time, money and effort on making adorable, handmade fish extenders than they do on picking out gifts to go in them.

If you want to participate in the fish extender gift exchange on your next Disney cruise, join one of the forums or Facebook groups and meet your cabin mates. Knowing the gender and age of each person in the cabins is the best thing you can do to help ensure you get the right types of gifts.

Also, it probably goes without saying, but you can’t go wrong with buying Disney-themed items. Finally, try buying things in bulk to save money. Buying something that comes in a 20-pack is always going to be cheaper than buying 20 individual gifts.


Have you ever participated in a fish extender gift exchange before? What was it like? Did you enjoy it? Did you have trouble finding great gifts, or was that part actually pretty easy for you? What types of gifts did you get in return? Let us know all these answers and more down below in the comments. In addition to your comments, be sure to like and share this post with others.

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