45 Fresh Flamingo Gifts for Fabulous Friends

They’re big. They’re pink. They stand on one leg, which still mystifies everyone from biologists to zookeepers. If you know someone who can’t get enough of these delightfully bizarre birds, here are just a few flamingo gifts that are sure to make their feathers rustle!

45 Flamingo Gift Ideas

water bottle

For Good Health: “Oh For Flock Sake” Motivational Tracking Water Bottle

Are they terrible at keeping themselves hydrated? Do you weep for the state of their kidneys? Save a life with this time-tracking water bottle. It has little markers to note the passage of time and how much water should be gone by then, and a haughty flamingo is watching their progress and saying, “Oh For Flock Sake, Drink Your Water.

” It’s such a cute gift that they won’t even mind being told off by a bird!


For Gardeners and Growers: Fiber Flamingo Bird Planters

Flamingo planters can range from ceramic pots to marble sculptures, but these stand out from the crowd… literally. They’re made with flexible wire legs that extend more than 25 inches, and they have metal bodies and glass bead detailing on the eyes and tails.

A coconut wire basket can hold everything from flowers to shrubs. If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to a yard or garden, these flamingos should do the trick!

bathroom accessories set

To Bring Some Pizzazz to Their Bathroom: Four-Piece Flamingo Bathroom Accessories Set

Take their interior design to the next level with this four-piece accessory set. It includes a soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler cup and soap/lotion dispenser, so all of the necessities are here, and everything is decorated with pale pink flamingos against white accents and metal fixtures.

It’s stylish without being showy, so it’ll be perfect for a flamingo lover who’s ready to redecorate.

LED phone charger

To Get Lit: Pink Flamingo LED Phone Charger

Charging your phone isn’t exactly a fun-filled event, but with these flamingos, you can bring a little excitement to an everyday chore. Pink flamingos are strung on the charging cable, and they’ll light up when syncing the juice between phone and port.

When not in use, you can simply roll up the cable and stash it with your other tech accessories. It’s such a nifty little gadget that you might wind up keeping it for yourself instead of giving it as a gift!

coloring book

Because Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids: “I Believe in Flamingos” Coloring Book

If they have an artistic side, I Believe In Fabulous Flamingos: A Funky Flamingo Coloring Book is sure to charm them right down to their quirky, pink-patterned socks. Each page has hand-drawn illustrations of flamingos being flamingos, and it’s just as entertaining to look at them as to color them.

What’s next in the strange, charming life of a flamingo? Flip the page and find out!

Hawaiian shirt

When He’s Daydreaming About White Sand: Men’s Flamingos Casual Short Sleeve Aloha Hawaiian Shirt

Available in a full range of eye-popping colors, these “aloha” shirts will fit nicely into a man’s summer wardrobe. They’re decorated with flowers, clouds, palm trees and flamingos, and they’re made with light and breathable materials that won’t stick to the skin during hot weather.

Whether he’s traveling abroad or just sighing at the thought of tropical beaches from his cubicle, he should enjoy these classic and comfortable shirts.


To Laugh in the Face of Winter: Fuzzy Flamingo Blanket

Available in both white and blue, this microfiber blanket will be a fashionable and functional addition to your home. Its fibers are so soft that you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud, and the edges are lined with fleece to trap the warmth under the blanket and create a snug little cocoon.

The only bad thing about this flamingo blanket is that you won’t want to leave the couch once you’re all cozy with it!

String art box sign

To Inspire and Empower: “Be a Flamingo” String Art Box Sign

Box signs are one of the trendiest elements in contemporary home design, and this one takes style even further with 3D string art. It depicts a pink flamingo standing stall with the text “Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons.

” The wood is artfully distressed, and the strings stand out with their vivid color and geometric pattern. It’s a unique but tasteful box sign that’s sure to delight interior designers who are always on the lookout for new and popular decorations.

water shoes

For a More Sanitary Swim: Flamingo Water Shoes

Also known as “aqua socks,” these tight-fitting water shoes are perfect for pools, beaches, patios, camp sites, dorm room showers and anywhere else that you don’t want to plod around in bare feet. They’re made with quick-drying materials that are meant to be in the water, but their soles have flexible rubber protection against unpleasant surfaces.

Whether you’re wading through unknown shores or just trying to avoid the grossness of a public pool, these water shoes are the real deal.

Trinket tray

For Odds and Ends: Flamingo Trinket Tray

Made with delicate pinks and golds, this ceramic trinket tray will be an elegant addition to any room. It has a small flamingo sitting in the center of a marble-inspired bowl, and it can be used for everything from jewelry pieces to cute little soaps and tea lights.

Put it in the bedroom; put it in the bathroom. It’ll elevate any interior design.

makeup bag

To Get Ready For Their Close-Up: Pink Flamingo Makeup Bag

She’ll never fumble with eyeliner again when you give her this pink flamingo makeup bag. It’s stylishly minimalist, bearing only a single bird on a pale background with a dark zipper as contrast, and its 8.

7 x 5.3 inches can hold a variety of tools and trinkets. It doesn’t have to be a makeup bag. It can also function as a cute little clutch, so she can fill it with coins, keys, receipts, jewelry and anything else that her heart desires.

flamingo vinyl stickers

For Sticky Fun: Waterproof Flamingo Vinyl Stickers

Decorate a dorm room. Plaster the walls and windows of a nursery. Put some extra “oomph” in party favors. These flamingo stickers can be applied to any flat surface, so whether you’re looking to decorate shoes, desks, lockers, laptop cases or car bumpers, you can make sure that it’s pretty in pink with your favorite water bird.

There are 50 stickers in total, and the manufacturers guarantee no repeats in the bag, so you can have fun with them for a long time!

glass globe decoration

A Novel Idea: Flamingos Glass Globe Decoration

Is it a paperweight? Is it a snow globe without the base? Your gift recipient can decide. This transparent glass sphere will fit into the palm of their hand, so it’s easily portable around desks, mantels, cubicles and file cabinets.

They can use it for office organization; they can display it on a shelf at home. This vibrant flock of flamingos will look good anywhere.


When They’re Ready for the Runway: 20-Inch Flamingo Compression Socks

Flamingo socks come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something special about this pair. Maybe it’s the knee-length material that contrasts bright pink flamingos on an inky black background. Maybe it’s the compression element that hugs the wearer’s calves and relieves pain and muscle fatigue.

Either way, this is one memorable pair of flamingo socks, so they’ll make a lovely gift to the fashionista in your life.

wine tumbler pack

For Busy Bees With Thirsty Throats: Flamingo Insulated Wine Tumbler Two-Pack

With an artsy watercolor design that swirls together various shades of pink, blue and yellow, these flamingo wine tumblers are both aesthetically pleasing and excellently functional. Despite their name, they can be used for a lot more than just wine; their stainless steel insulation will also work on tea, coffee, milk, juice and anything else that needs temperature control.

Is your buddy always on the go? Give them a flamingo tumbler for a more hydrated commute!

refrigerator magnet

To Keep Them Organized: Pink Flamingo Rhinestone Crystals Refrigerator Magnet

Upgrade their kitchen decor with a dazzling rhinestone magnet. It’s shaped like a tall, colorful flamingo with one leg raised in his signature pose, but unlike plain, flat magnets, this one is covered in dozens of tiny gems.

It’ll be a great little stocking stuffer to remind them of warmer times, or it could serve as a fun trinket for goodie bags and gift baskets. The possibilities are endless!

kimono robe

For a Spa Day Right at Home: Women’s Flamingo Kimono Robe

Made with smooth, silky fabric, this robe could be straight from Japan with its classic kimono cut. Instead of cherry blossoms, however, it’s adorned with pink flamingos on a blue background. Bell sleeves drape halfway down the arms, and a sash can be tied around the middle for extra comfort and style.

If there’s a woman in your life who deserves a bit of pampering, let her luxuriate in the feeling of this kimono robe.


To Make Her Extra Huggable: Women’s Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt Flamingo Print

Cute and cozy, this pullover sweatshirt is the height of flamingo fashion, and it’s sure to delight the lady in your life. Its sleeves will give a little definition to her shape, and its soft, comfortable fabrics will rest gently against her skin.

Pink flamingos dance across the entire sweatshirt for a cute and flirty look. You can even order it in white and burgundy for double the fun!

wine holder

To Get the Party Started: Flamingo Wine Holder

This cute little flamingo will complement everything from genial garden parties and boozy book clubs. He’s made with hand-sculpted, environmentally-friendly metal, and his wings are bent in the perfect shape for holding your favorite bottle of Merlot.

He’ll look adorable in a bar, kitchen or dining room, and he’ll do his job so well that you’ll come back to him again and again!

pajama set

To Netflix and Chill: Women’s Flamingo Two-Piece Pajama Set

These pajamas are so chic that you might even miss the flamingo pattern on them. They’re cut in a two-piece “suit” style that mimics high-end sleepwear, and they have a notch collar with a buttoned front for a snug fit.

The flamingos are fashionable ones with soft ombre colors that range from pink to white. The next time that you’re cuddling that special someone on the couch, put them in these pajamas first!

teapot and mug

Like Alice in Wonderland: Flamingos Style Teapot and Coffee Mug

These adorable flamingos are ready for brunch. One is a mug with a handle shaped like the curve of a flamingo’s neck; the other is a teapot with a pourer hidden inside of the flamingo’s beak. They’ll be great conversation starters during a social occasion, and they’ll fit right in with other refined china.

plush slippers

To Protect Their Toes: Plush Flamingo Slippers With Memory Foam Support

Slippers should always be soft and fuzzy, and these flamingos don’t disappoint. In addition to the memory foam footbed that will feel like a blanket beneath the wearer’s heels, there’s also a fuzzy lining to increase both softness and warmness.

Two flamingo heads stick up from the toes for a little extra fun. From beak to tail feathers, these slippers are sure to be a hit with flamingo fans!

table lamp

Let There Be Light: Flamingo With White Shade Table Lamp

This will be an outstanding collectible for people who like flamingo fare. Its avian shape will grab instant attention, and its unique design will make people come closer out of sheer curiosity. Have you ever seen a lamp that cleaves itself in two like this? Guests won’t be able to resist the temptation to inspect it.

bow tie pocket square set

To Turn Heads at a Spiffy Event: Men’s Flamingo Bow Tie Pocket Square Set

Flamingo ties are a dime a dozen, but a flamingo bow tie is just novel enough to earn a second look. It even comes with a matching pocket square! The design is understated; it could be mistaken for polka dots from a distance.

However, this kind of unobtrusive design makes it ideal for offices, weddings, banquets and other formal occasions. They can show a bit of personality through their outfit without taking things too far.

mouse pad

To Banish Carpal Tunnel Forever: Pink Flamingo Round Mouse Pad

There are tons of flamingo mouse pads out there, but this one is so sleek that it stands out. A light pink background outlines the dark pink flamingos, and rounded edges give it a more unique look that your standard rectangular mouse pads.

The waterproof material won’t absorb moisture, and the ergonomic, two-sided design is comfortable from every angle. If they spend a lot of time on the computer, give them a stylish flamingo mouse pad to keep them company!


For Singing in the Rain: Umbrella Flamingo with Ruffles

They won’t be warbling “rain, rain, go away” when they own this umbrella. They’ll want the storm to stick around so that they can show off their cool new accessory! A flamingo head forms the handle, and a three-toed tripod is on the other end to make it stand up on its own.

The ruffly hem will even look like a flamingo’s feathers when unfolded. Who needs good weather when the bad stuff will allow you to be this dapper?

compact purse mirror

For Lovers: Flamingo Compact Purse Mirror

Compact mirrors are a throwback to another era, but if they’re a fan of vintage fashion, they might just reach for this accessory rather than their smartphone camera. It offers a clear, double-sided mirror for primping and preening, and the outside is sculpted in a lovely rose gold that mimics antiques.

Two pink flamingos are nuzzling each other in the central print. This compact would make a sweet and thoughtful gift to a girlfriend, sister, mother or anyone else that you really care about.


Because Safety is Paramount: Flamingo Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet

Who needs a boring leather wallet when you could have a flamboyantly stylish flamingo wallet? Not only does it come with a bright pink flamingo on a black-and-white striped background, but it’s made with an aluminum, RFID-blocking material that will keep your information safe from electronic pickpocketing.

A click latch will never open by accident. Accordion slots on the interior will hold up to nine credit cards. If you’re looking for an awesomely safe wallet that also boasts a lot of style, consider this flamingo.


To Inspire a Few Tears: Pink Flamingo “Stand Tall” Necklace

Jewelry can be a tricky gift, but this necklace is so inspirational that she’s sure to be touched by it. It says “Stand Tall and Be Fabulous” on the message card, and the words are right below a gold-plated flamingo pendant on a delicately linked chain.

It’ll complement her wardrobe; it’ll boost her self-esteem. Best of all, it’ll keep you on her mind since she’ll think of your generosity every time that she wears it.

lunch bag

To Make Their Colleagues Jealous: Flamingo-Patterned Insulated Lunch Bag

A lot of flamingo lunchboxes have cutesy, kitschy designs that are obviously meant for kids, but this one is geared towards adults. Its flamingo pattern is a subtle splash of color on a pastel bag, and it comes with a zippered exterior compartment for keys, napkins and even smartphones.

Aluminum foil covers the interior to keep food items from getting messy. If your friend could use a nice lunch tote for work, school or travel, this is the one to get them.

glass suncatcher

For Dreamers and Believers: Think Pink Flamingo Glass Suncatcher

It can be difficult to find flamingo gifts that don’t have a tropical theme, which is just one of the reasons why this suncatcher is so special. Not only is it made with handcrafted glass, but it’s also exquisitely detailed with lifelike flamingos against a floral background.

This one-of-a-kind gift is sure to thrill a flamingo lover, especially if they already have a taste for true art.

drawstring bag

To Trick Your Kids Into Thinking That You’re Cool: Sequin Flamingo Drawstring Bag

Perfect for young flamingo lovers, this bright, bedazzled bag can be taken everywhere from gymnastics classes to dance recitals. It has ample space for clothes, shoes, towels and other necessities, and a drawstring enclosure will keep it all safe when it’s slung over a shoulder or tossed into a trunk.

As a bonus, its glittering sequins can be endlessly played with, and its signature flamingo has a reversible color scheme!

flamingo stuffed animal

For Serious Scholars: National Geographic Flamingo Stuffed Animal

If they have a genuine interest in flamingos as creatures of the animal kingdom, they might appreciate this plushie. It’s made by National Geographic and modeled after real-world flamingos, so the details are true to life, but it’s soft to the touch just like you’d expect a stuffed animal to be.

It’s not exactly cute, but it’s accurate, and that will be its own reward to an avian enthusiast.


For Moms Who Have Had Enough: Pink Flamingo “Don’t Make Me Put My Foot Down” T-Shirt

If she threatens to turn the car around so much that it’s practically a catchphrase, she should enjoy this “Don’t Make Me Put My Foot Down” tee. Its flamingo print is full of attitude, but it still manages to be fun and feminine.

It’ll be a great gift for a busy mom with a chaotic brood that could use a reminder about who’s really in charge.

wind chime

To Send Them on a Tropical Vacation: Water’s Edge Flamingo Wind Chime

Nothing says “exotic paradise” like palm trees and flamingos, and this wind chime is decked out with both. It also has shells, beads, sandy shores and other reminders of the beach. It can be hung from any hook, and it will chime softly whenever a breeze passes by.

You might not be able to take them on a Caribbean vacation, but you can bring its scenery home!

glass flamingo garden stake

To Create a Secret Garden: Solar Powered 28-Inch Glass Flamingo Garden Stake

Yard flamingos are usually cheap plastic things that blow over in a strong wind. This flamingo, however, is a hand-blown decoration made of artisan glass, so it’ll immediately stand out in someone’s garden.

It even charges during the day using solar power so that it can shine with a soft glow at night. If you’re looking for beautiful and unique flamingo gifts, this is one that will get them talking.

kitchen linen set

Because the Coolest Kitchens Come in Pink: Five-Piece Printed Flamingo Kitchen Linen Set

If you can’t decide between dish towels, oven mitts and pot holders, buy them a set that includes it all! These kitchen accessories will make them feel like they’re cooking in an exotic paradise. Everything is decorated with pink flamingos and green ferns, and while it’s the same print, different items showcase different aspects of it.

A cook can’t ask for more!

outdoor rug

For Exterior Decoration: Outdoor Flamingo Rug

Invite guests into your home with this boldly-patterned flamingo mat. Or maybe you’d prefer to put it in a shed or garage? The choice is yours; the rubber bottom will have traction on any surface, and the water-resistant cover can handle rain and snow like a champ.

You’ll have plenty of options with this bad boy.

paper clips

If Their Office Could Use a Bit of Fun: Flamingo Paper Clips

There’s no shortage of flamingo-themed office supplies, including pens, stickers, notebooks and washi tape. But have you ever seen flamingo paper clips? The bottom halves are the functional parts that attach to documents and folders; the top halves stick out in the unmistakable shape of flamingos.

They can be used as clips, bookmarks, photo hangers or even clothes pins. They’re very versatile!

eyeglass holder

Four Eyes, One Beak: Wooden Hand-Carved Flamingo Eyeglass Holder

If they’re always misplacing their glasses, this holder could save them a lot of stress. It’s a bright pink flamingo head with an elongated beak, so it’s impossible to miss even when they’re stumbling around in the morning with bleary, sleep-encrusted eyes.

It’s also perfectly shaped to cradle a pair of glasses or shades. Say goodbye to plain old holders and hello to a new flamingo friend!


When They Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks: “Zero Flocks Given” 12-Set Flamingo Shot Glasses

Perfect for everything from bridal showers to divorce celebrations, these flamingo-themed shot glasses will take center stage at any social gathering. They’re decorated with pink flamingos and equally pink words that say “Zero Flocks Given.

” Each glass can hold up to 1.75 ounces, and there are 12 glasses in total, so the alcohol should flow nicely. Who’s ready to party?


To Whip Their Wardrobe Into Shape: Basic Cotton Flamingo Kitchen Chef’s Apron

Made with plain but durable cotton, this apron will transport her straight into a southern-style kitchen. It was woven on an oversized loom, so it covers the front of the body with more material than usual, and it features adjustable shoulder straps and waist ties so that she can find the perfect fit.

There’s even a pocket on the front for recipes, spoons, thermometers and anything else that she might need to whip up something delicious!

quartz watch

Because It’s Always Time for Flamingos: Flamingo Quartz Analog Wrist Watch

This is a bare-bones watch with only the quarter hours printed on the face. Its simplicity, however, is why it looks so good! The flamingo takes center stage without a bunch of tick marks crammed around the sides, and the big, bold numbers make it easy to estimate the time at a glance.

They won’t want to use it for precision timekeeping, but as a general day-to-day watch, it’ll serve its purpose just fine.

inflatable coasters

For Amazing Pool Parties: Inflatable Flamingo Coasters

It’s such a chore to paddle to the edge of the pool and pick up your soda can. Why don’t you invest in these inflatable coasters instead? They’re shaped like bright pink flamingos, so you can’t miss them, and they’ll float right on top of the water while cradling your cans, bottles, cups and mugs.

They even come in a pack of 12 for big families and parties!


For the Finishing Touch: “Born to Stand Out” Gift Bag With Card and Tissue Paper

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a cool way to wrap your flamingo gift, consider this decorative set. It includes a medium-sized gift bag with a card and tissue paper, and it’s decorated with softly-brushed watercolor flamingos who ask, “Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?” With its beautiful design and inspirational message, it’ll be the cherry on top of your flamingo present!

How to Choose the Perfect Flamingo Themed Presents

It isn’t hard to find flamingo gifts. However, you might run into problems finding the right flamingo gifts. With so many options, how can you be sure that you’ll knock it out of the park with your present? Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for these fluffy pink beanstalks.

Think About Design Style

Most flamingo gifts are decorated with cartoonish animals, but there are a few with more realistic details or true-to-life proportions. Which ones would your gift recipient like more? If they’re conducting academic studies about Phoenicopterus roseus in the wilds of South America, it’ll probably be the latter.

Stay Practical

Flamingo gifts can be just as outlandish as the animals that inspired them. Before you get carried away, however, make sure that your gifts have real-world value. A novelty mug with a flamingo-shaped handle should still be microwavable; a pajama set with printed flamingos should still be cozy enough to wear every night.

Look For Something Unique

Anyone can print a pink flamingo on a greeting card. You’ll want your gift to be more memorable than that. Can you find flamingos in different colors? Can you look for cool, one-of-a-kind products that incorporate flamingos in new and unusual ways? Can you customize something?

Final Words

These are just a few suggestions for awesome flamingo gifts. If we’ve missed anything, feel free to comment and let us know! We’re always looking to expand our collection of flamingo gift ideas.


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