36 Gifts for Foodies To Really Sizzle Their Salsa

When they coddle their kitchen knives like they’d coddle their own children, you know you’re dealing with a foodie.

Here are just a few gifts for foodies that will live up to even the highest of standards!

My 36 Best Gift Ideas for Foodies


For Extra-Special Movie Nights: Indoor Electric Stainless Steel Smores Maker

Who says that you need a campfire for ooey gooey smores? With this tabletop smores maker, you can munch on your favorite stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth dessert without ever leaving the couch. It uses flameless electric heat to warm up the chocolate and marshmallows, and the graham crackers can be stashed in convenient side trays.

It even comes with two toasting forks for a genuine campfire feeling. It’ll be a great gift for friends or couples who like to curl up with tasty snacks and a good movie.


To Experiment in the Kitchen: Will It Waffle? Cookbook

Waffles are a breakfast staple, of course, but they’re not the only things that can be cooked in a waffle maker. From chocolate-stuffed French toast to grilled cheeses layered with tomato and bacon, Will It Waffle?: 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron will teach its readers how to make delicious and imaginative dishes with the same old waffle maker that they’ve had lying around forever.

Have you ever considered waffle-shaped pizza? Would you like to try homemade waffle fries or onion ring squares? Give this gift to your buddy and invite yourself over for dinner!

ramen collection

For Masochists: Spicy Chicken Ramen Variety Collection

If you know someone who laughs in the face of hot sauces, give them this ultra-spicy ramen collection and see if they’re still laughing as their face melts. There are six packs in total, and their flavors range from the demure “2x spicy” to the no-holds-barred “nuclear.

” To add insult to injury, they’re imported from South Korea, so their packages have goofy little cartoon characters that will wave to your friend as he chokes down his noodles and regrets everything. It’ll be great!


For Tipsy Book Clubs: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Filled with clever puns and even cleverer recipes, Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist is the kind of book that will be a smash hit at book clubs and garden parties. Drinks include “The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose” and “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita.

” It has a little something for every type of alcoholic beverage, and the cocktails aren’t just funny; they’re genuinely fresh and flavorful. Give this book to foodies or bibliophiles who can appreciate the thought that went into a name like “Love in the Time of Kahlua.

grow kit

Green Thumb, Green Veggies: Grow ‘n Serve Microgreen Kit

Do they yearn for their own garden even though they live in a top-floor condo? Are they constantly complaining about the state of the grocery store’s produce? They might like this mini microgreen kit that will allow them to grow their own vegetables in less than two weeks.

All it requires is a window and a little water, and the microgreens will sprout like they’re being tended by a master horticulturist. Once snipped, they can be added to all kinds of soups, smoothies, salads and sandwiches for crisp and crunchy goodness.

It’s a “farm to table” gift without the need of a real farm!


A Potential Heirloom: Teabloom Complete Tea Set

Made almost entirely out of glass, this “teabloom” set is the kind of gift that people will want to pass down to their children one day. It comes with the standard assortment of cups, pots, warmers and infusers that you’d expect from a tea set, but it’s also graced with “tea flowers” that will slowly unfurl in hot water.

You can watch their progression through the glass teapot for an added element of beauty and serenity to your tea-making ritual. If you’re looking for an incredible gift for sencha lovers, this is it!

sea salt sampler

When You’re Feeling a Little Salty: Infused Sea Salt Sampler

It’s a common misconception that all sea salts are alike. As any foodie can tell you, there are big differences in color, flavor, texture and size, especially when you start experimenting with “infused” salts.

These compounds have been given blasts of flavor that range from bacon to black lava, and they can be added to all sorts of dishes for an extra-tasty crunch. This sea salt sampler isn’t the only variety pack on the market, but it’s one of the best, so it’ll be a great gift for chocoholics, meat eaters, popcorn lovers and anyone else who appreciates a dash of salt.

oil selection set

To Take Their Cooking to the Next Level: Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set

Every foodie knows about truffles, but unless you really want to spoil someone, their price is probably beyond what you’re willing to spend on a gift. The good news is that truffle oil can provide the taste and aroma of truffles for a fraction of the cost.

This gift set is particularly nice; it comes with three different varieties, including black truffle oil and white truffle oil, and the bottles are packed into an easily-wrapped box. Pair it with some truffle butter for an even yummier present!

travel food poster

For Culinary Globetrotters: “The Greatest 100 Foods of The World” Scratch Off Travel Print

Maybe they travel a lot. Maybe they just like trying exotic foods. Whatever the reason for your friend’s well-developed palate, you can help them keep track of their culinary adventures with this scratch-off poster.

Every square is a different food from a different part of the world, and the goal is to try all 100. Scratching off the golden film will reveal a cute picture of the food underneath it. From the dim sum of China to the ceviche of Peru, the poster has a diverse menu that will keep your friends hopping from plate to plate.


For Vegans and Vegetarians: “B*tch, Peas” T-Shirt

If you know a vegan or vegetarian who is tired of know-it-alls trying to dictate their diets, this t-shirt will make a hilariously pointed gift. It says, “Where do I get my protein? B*tch, peas.” In addition to being a funny novelty tee, it’s also an amazing example of passive-aggressive vegan humor, especially if it’s worn in a situation where judgemental people are expected to see it.

Give it to your friend and let them strut their stuff in front of the carnivores. The t-shirt will bite them back.

bacon kit

When They’re Bacon You Crazy: Bacon Addicts Survival Kit

They live it. They love it. They carry around the smell like a warrior covered in the blood of vanquished enemies. If you know someone who is obsessed with bacon, the bacon addicts survival kit will send them into hog heaven.

There are five bacon-flavored gifts to enjoy, including mints, gumballs, dental floss, lip balm and air freshener. They can smear on their mouth; they can spritz it in the air. They can basically turn their home into one big smokehouse where it’s always breakfast time and the menu of the day is totally, inevitably bacon.

fondue fountain

A Black-Tie Gift: Cascading Fondue Fountain

A fancy dinner party just isn’t complete without a fondue fountain, and this one comes with an excellent, eye-catching design that will make it the centerpiece of any banquet table. You can fill it with chocolate, cheese, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce or any other kind of melted substance, and the motor at the bottom will keep it warm while it funnels through a cascading tower.

A small “pool” will allow guests to dip in their foods and snacks. Whether your parents love to host parties or your friends are about to get married, this gift will make their gathering the talk of the town!


For Some Honest Advice: What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? Cookbook

If you know someone who can spend hours poking around their refrigerator like it’s an endlessly scrolling Netflix queue, this is the cookbook for them. It’s a sassy, profanity-laden collection that tells it like it is, so it’s perfect for jokesters, millennials, busy professionals and anyone else who can appreciate a straight-shooting author.

The recipes are real, but their instructions are phrased like “honor the pig god with your sacrifice” and “cook the onions however the f**k you want.” It’s funny, but most importantly, it’s useful.

deterrent labels

To Catch a Predator: Food Theft Deterrent Labels

There’s a particular kind of frustration when your homemade, high-quality hummus disappears from the break room fridge, and foodies know this feeling well. Help them defend their lunches with some funny anti-theft labels.

They say things like “bacterial growth experiment” and “keep refrigerated: contains live insects,” and they might just make a food thief think twice. If nothing else, they’ll let the thief know that someone is onto them.

Office warfare begins now.

matryoshka dolls cups

From Russia With Love: Matryoshka Measuring Cups

Styled like matryoshka dolls from Russia, these measuring cups will stack inside of each other as both a fun party trick and a space-saving measure in the kitchen. They can be used for any kind of sauce or spice, and they come with flat bottoms for self-standing on the countertop.

There are six in total. Their capacities range from a fourth of a cup to a full cup. For cooks who like their kitchen accessories to have a bit of flair, these matryoshka dolls will be both cute and quaint.

They’re a double threat!


For Interior Decorators: Rustic Wooden Three-Tiered Wine Rack

Wine racks make a great housewarming gift, and this one is a showstopper. Not only does it offer three wall-mounted shelves made of gray charcoal wood, but it’s also designed to hold wine bottles and goblets.

The top shelf is for decorative elements like plants or spice jars; the second shelf will hold up to five wine bottles; the bottom shelf will secure stemmed glasses in an upside-down position. The whole thing will look terrific in a kitchen or bar setting.

If you have classy foodie friends, this is a gift that will impress them.


Better Than Willy Wonka: Kirkland Signature Chocolates of the World

With flavors ranging from “milk chocolate cookie butter” to “dark chocolate orange cinnamon,” these globetrotting treats are sure to delight the chocoholic in your life. There are 10 in total, and their origins include French factories, Spanish countrysides and German chocolate shops.

Each piece is wrapped in delicate, colorful paper that will make you feel like you’re feasting on an exotic gourmet food. Another nice thing about this gift is that it comes in a gigantic two-pound jar! It might be difficult to wrap, but it will look absolutely mammoth under the tree!


To Shake Off Backseat Cooks: “Your Opinion Is Not in the Recipe” Apron

There’s always that one person at the gathering who thinks that the cook is just dying for their advice. This apron might set them straight. It says “your opinion is not in the recipe” in big, bold letters, and since it’s made with adjustable straps and a unisex design, it can be worn by cooks of any gender.

It’s an all-purpose kind of gift for anyone who hates having people drone in their ear about marinades when they’re just trying to flip some burgers!

cocktail kit

When the Weather Outside is Frightful: Mulled Wine Cocktail Kit

There’s nothing like a cup of hot cider on a chilly morning, so to pamper your friends this holiday season, give them the mulled wine cocktail kit. Everything that they need is right in the box, including cloves, berries, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and dried orange clovers.

There’s a mesh infuser if they want to create their own spice bags, or they can use the mini-grater for shavings and toppings. It’s a do-it-yourself activity with many different possibilities for those who enjoy the steam of a hot drink on a cold day.

chopsticks set

The Purrfect Gift: Lucky Cat Chopsticks Set

If they’re a foodie with a taste for the orient, consider gifting them a set of bamboo chopsticks that can be used for everything from natto to miyeok guk. There are five in total, and in addition to their functional, non-slip grips, they’re also decorated with adorable Japanese cats.

They can even be laid on kitty-shaped chopsticks holders! Each kitty is different, so the chopsticks might rest on their heads, tails or bellies as they stretch out like well-rested pets. It’s the cutest set of chopsticks that you’ll find this side of the Pacific.

coaster set

To Preserve Grandma’s Coffee Table: Don’t F**k Up the Table Coaster Set

Made with white ceramic stone that’s styled like marble, these heavy, high-quality coasters will look completely natural in a contemporary home setting. It’s only when guests look closer that they’ll see the warning: “Don’t f**k up the table.

” By the time that they’re done laughing, their drinks will have enough condensation to see the coasters in action, and they work quite well. Cork backings will keep them from sliding, and their sleek, waterproof ceramic won’t absorb any moisture.

They’ll do their job while also providing plenty of snickers.

tea towel set

The Most Important Kitchen Accessories of the Day: Bacon and Egg Kitchen Tea Towel Set

Are you shopping for a couple? Consider this bacon and egg tea towel set. They’re both adorned with colorful cartoon depictions of our favorite breakfast foods, and one pleads “don’t go bacon my heart” while the other assures “I couldn’t if I fried.

” They’re so cute that your gift recipients might want to display them rather than use them, but even if they succumb to the urge to wipe up some spills, the microfiber materials will get the job done.

They have style and substance.

"Hannibal" cookbook

Nothing Here Is Vegetarian: Hannibal: The Complete Series Collection

For the chef with a sense of humor, give them the three-season collection of Hannibal. It’s a critically acclaimed television version of Thomas Harris’s enduring classic, and it’s famous for mixing gory murders with absolutely amazing dinner table spreads.

It even inspired a cookbook from the food stylist who worked on set! Your friend will be so busy admiring the elegant plating of the amuse bouche that they’ll forget it’s made of people.

warmer coffee mug

For Caffeine Addicts: Coffee Mug Warmer and Mug

If they’re serious about their coffee, this is a gift that should put a little pep in their step. It’s a portable warmer plate that can be adjusted to a single degree on a digital LED display, so whether they like piping hot lattes or warm, cozy teas, they can adjust the temperature to their satisfaction.

The set also comes with a matching steel mug that’s been outfitted with a cool-touch handle and textured grip sleeve. All in all, it’ll be a wonderful gift for coffee lovers.

glass sand timer

Vogue and Vintage: Three Minute Glass Sand Timer

Kitchen timers have been going out of style with the rise of smartphones and other digital alarms, but if your friend enjoys rare, unusual things, they might like this sand timer. It’s shaped like an hourglass, but it has a sleek, self-standing design for a stylish twist on the old classic.

It’s also filled with black sand for striking visuals instead of kitschy ones. Three minutes is the run time, so it can be used for cooking, gaming, hair drying or even brushing your teeth. Give it to a creative spirit and tell them to improvise.

cutting board

When They’ve Put a Ring On It: Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting boards are a practical gift, especially for newlyweds, first-time homeowners and anyone else who is making the jump into the next chapter of their lives. If you’re looking for something special, however, you’ll want to avoid the cheap plastics and go for the high-quality hardwoods.

This cutting board can even be customized for couples! You can inscribe their name forever, expressing your faith in the longevity of their relationship. You’re such a good friend.

refrigerator magnets

To Leaf Through the Papers and Report Cards: 24-Pack Tree Refrigerator Magnets

A cluttered fridge doesn’t have to be an ugly fridge. In fact, with these glass magnets, your loved one can transform the entire look of their appliance. Each magnet is decorated with a beautiful, colorful tree, and the art style is a bohemian abstract that utilizes lots of swirls, flowers and shadows.

Despite their delicate appearance, they’re sturdy pieces that will stay in place once they’re situated. They’ll hold all of a family’s important notes and notices over the years.

grill accessories

For Meat Eaters: 21-Piece Grill Accessories Kit

They’ll never have to buy another grilling tool when you give them this all-in-one collection. It offers a knife, spatula, basting brush, grilling fork, tongs, skewers, corn holders and much, much more.

Everything is made of stainless steel except for the carrying case, which is made of aluminum. The manufacturer even throws in an insulated cooling bag for temperature-sensitive ingredients! Whether they’re a camper or a backyard barbecuer, they should be dazzled by the sheer range of the instruments in this BBQ kit.

boba straws

For the Environmentally Conscious: Stainless Steel Boba Straws

We’ve all heard about the horrors of plastic straws, but unless people are given an alternative, they tend to default back to their everyday choices even when they know it’s bad for them. Fortunately, you can change their habits with the introduction of stainless steel straws.

This multi-pack comes in brilliant, light-catching colors, so they’ll fit right in with trendy bubble teas, but they’re also thick enough to handle juices, cocktails, coffees and milkshakes. They’re a good gift and an equally good lifestyle choice.

Ice cream maker

Be Your Own Baskin Robbins: Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Maker

Homemade ice cream has a unique flavor that can’t be replicated by the store-bought stuff, and it tastes especially nice when it’s churned by hand. Why don’t you give your foodie friends the chance to make their own ice cream the old-fashioned way? It does offer an electric motor option if their arms get tired of cranking, but if they can hold out until they’ve created a cold, creamy treat, they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor with pride.

They can make yogurt, gelato, sorbet and ice cream. All they need is ice and rock salt to fill the bucket along with their dessert ingredients.

hot sauce

Dawn of the Dumpling: Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce

Another great gift for those who like it hot, the Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce combines ghost peppers and habaneros to set your mouth on fire like it’s the end of the world. Other ingredients come in the form of spices, sauces and oils, but you probably won’t notice those as your eyes start watering and your nasal cavity turns into a passageway for molten lava.

The Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you know someone who enjoys torturing themselves with extra-hot dishes, this bottle will be a supreme punishment.

cheese board & knife set

A Yummy Fundamental: Cheese Board and Knife Set

Every self-respecting foodie has a cheese board, and this one blows the others right out of the water. For starters, it’s made with solid bamboo wood that will serve as an attractive backboard for wines, cheeses and artisan breads.

It also comes with grooves to hold extra appetizers like olives and crackers. Finally, it has a pull-out drawer that holds four different utensils! It just doesn’t get any better than this cheese board, so if you’re willing to splurge a little on an extra-awesome gift, this is the one that deserves your money.

coconuts bowls

For Those Who Dream of Beach Vacations: Coconut Bowls and Spoons Gift Set

Coconut bowls are one-of-a-kind tableware. Like their name suggests, they’re carved out of coconut shells, so each one has a unique appearance filled with nicks and flaws. However, their imperfections only add to their organic appeal.

They’re completely vegan; they aren’t embedded with any plastics or toxins; they’ll be great conversation pieces at a dinner party. Why wouldn’t you gift these to a foodie?

baking molds

To Make Pies, Cakes, Tarts and Other Treats: Cake Shapers Baking Molds

Baking molds are fun, but they can start to pile up after awhile, and that takes up valuable cabinet space. Why don’t you replace them all with these DIY cake shapers? They’re basically silicone bands that can be twisted and locked into whatever shape you want, so you can use the exact same bands to create Christmas trees, Halloween monsters and Valentine’s Day hearts.

They’re infinitely reusable and endlessly exciting. If your foodie friend is a baker, tell them to grab their muffin mitts and get to shaping!

wine condoms

To Practice Safe Sips: Wine Condoms

They’ll crack up when they realize what they’re looking at, but once they pull these foil-covered “condoms” out of the box, they’ll understand the practicality of the gift. You see, these wine covers are made with shrink fit technology that forms an airtight, watertight seal, so they’re actually quite useful when you can’t finish that bottle of Merlot.

They won’t let a single drop spill, and they’ll trap the freshness for a little while longer. They just have a hilarious appearance!

popcorn set

Old School, New Taste: Amish Country Popcorn Burlap Gift Set

Move over, Orville. Natural popcorn has been gaining popularity as more and more people try to escape the additives of the big brands, and nothing is more natural than Amish Country! This gift set offers four pounds of both white and yellow kernels in old-fashioned burlap sacks.

There’s also a jar of homemade canola oil and a jar of buttersalt. Proceeds will support the Amish community where everything was made, so not only will your gift be a fun, unique present for popcorn lovers, but it will also contribute to sustainable living.

Everyone gets a warm and fuzzy feeling from a gift like this.

3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Foodie Gifts

If they’re passionate about food, you can channel that energy into a gift. But what do you need to know before you start buying sauces and spices?

Here are just a few questions to ask during the pursuit of the perfect gifts for foodies.

1. Will it expire?

You don’t have to worry about a cheese board going bad, but if you’re ordering fruit, chocolate, bread or coffee, you should consider the freshness of the product before and after delivery.

After all, your gift recipient might not eat the whole thing at once. You don’t want it to start souring right after they open it.

2. Can they actually use it?

Foodie gifts can fall flat when they require something that the gift recipient doesn’t have. For example, smoothie mix is pretty much useless without a blender, and a bread cookbook might call for the use of things like proofing baskets and dough scrapers.

Even a nice bottle of wine needs a corkscrew, and that isn’t even getting into pourers, stoppers, goblets and decanters.

3. Does it suit their interests?

If they’re serious foodies or chefs, they might not be amused by a cheap gag gift. On the other hand, if they’re just casual viewers of Chopped, they might not know what to do with fancy gadgets or high-priced ingredients.

Match the gift to their interests and skill levels in the kitchen.

These are just a few things to think about when you’re looking at gifts for foodies. As you can see, it might require a little more effort than just buying a fancy chocolate bar, an edible, or some organic cooking oil, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Food brings people together!

Final Words

These are some of our favorite gifts for foodies in this list of ideas. Do you agree with our choices? Would you add anything else to the list? What’s the very best food-related present that you’ve ever received? We want to hear about it!

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