30 Football Gifts for your Boyfriend to Kick Off the Season

If your boyfriend’s a huge football fan, you’re in luck when it comes to gift-giving. Football fans are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for because if all else fails, you just get them something with their favorite team’s logo on it. They’ll go nuts for it, no matter what it is.

Here we’ve collected 30 of the best football gifts to give to your boyfriend on just about any occasion.

30 Football Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

3D wall art

A True Masterpiece: YouTheFan NFL 5-Layer 3D Wall Art

If your football-loving guy is looking for a nice piece of art to decorate his office wall, desk or mantle piece, this three-dimensional wall art featuring his favorite team’s stadium is just the thing.

You can choose the stadium of any major NFL team to make this piece a little more personal. The piece is made from five layers of engineered wood and features the name, team logo and team colors of his favorite team.

Best of all, it’s a perfect, miniature replica of the team’s stadium. The piece can be displayed standing up, lying flat or hanging on the wall.

stainless steel whisky stones set

Keep Him Chill: Whisky Stones Stainless Steel Footballs Set of 6

The last thing any whiskey drinker wants when sitting down to watch the big game is ice melting and diluting his drink. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your boyfriend by buying him this collection of six football-shaped whisky stones.

They come in a gorgeous, luxury box and have a set of tongs included. He can stick them in the freezer until he needs them, and then drop them into his drink on game day, keeping it from becoming watered down.

men´s lounge robe

Lounge in Style: Officially Licensed NFL Men’s Silk Touch Lounge Robe

If your man likes to watch Sunday Night football in maximum comfort, buy him a licensed NFL silk touch lounge robe. You can choose his favorite team, and the robe will match that team in both color and logo.

The robes come in a size called “Large/Extra Large” and are made of 100% polyester, so they’re warm, soft and comfy. They’re also conveniently machine-washable and not hard to care for at all. Whatever your boyfriend’s favorite team, the Northwest Company has a robe to represent it.

moccasin slippers

For Comfortable Feet As Well: FOCO NFL Mens Football Team Logo Moccasin Slippers

While we’re on the subject of comfort and lounging around the house, these moccasin slippers would also be a great gift for your boyfriend. Like the robe, these slippers can be customized with your boyfriend’s favorite NFL team’s logo on the toe of each shoe.

They come in four different sizes ranging from small to extra large and are made from polyester both inside and out. Although they’re incredibly comfortable and made to be used as slippers, they have hard soles, which makes them great for slipping on to walk out and check the mail or take the dog out to do his business.

They’re also lined on the inside for extra warmth.


The Shirt Says It All: Mens Fantasy Football Legend Funny T Shirt

Many times, people automatically decide against buying t-shirts as gifts. Some people feel like they’re too impersonal, while others are just afraid they won’t be able to find the right fit or design. Luckily, you know your boyfriend well.

You know what size shirt he needs, and you know what design would make him most happy. As long as you put some thought into it, a t-shirt isn’t a bad gift option at all.

If your man is someone who likes fantasy football almost as much as he likes real football, he’ll certainly appreciate this awesome shirt that proclaims to the world he’s a true legend.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to 5x, and it’s made of a comfortable poly/cotton blend sure to feel as good as it looks. It’s machine-washable, and the company will accept exchanges for any reason, meaning you can buy with confidence.


For the Tailgater: Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler

If your boyfriend prefers to watch his football while tailgating, he’s going to need a great cooler. This 70-quart cooler by Coleman preserves ice for up to five days and can hold 100 cans of your guy’s favorite beverage.

There are four modified drink holders on the cooler’s lid to help him keep from spilling and wasting his beer, and it comes equipped with a leak-resistant channel drain that’ll allow him to drain the excess water from inside the cooler without having to tilt or turn it over.

It has handles for easy carrying, and the lid can support a 250-pound person in case someone needs an extra spot to sit.

BBQ grill set

For the Weekend Grill Master: YouTheFan NFL Classic Series 3-Piece BBQ Grill Set

For the boyfriend who likes to have a little barbecue with his Sunday football games, this three-piece utensil set is the perfect gift. The business ends of the utensils are all made of easy-to-clean, hard-to-rust stainless steel, and the maple handles feature laser-cut engravings of his favorite NFL team.

The entire set includes a pair of tongs, a spatula and a barbecue fork. Both the barbecue fork and the spatula have embedded bottle openers on their ends. These bottle openers are also useful if you want to hang the utensils as opposed to storing them.

NFL 100 book

For the History Buffs: NFL 100

If, in addition to loving football, your boyfriend is also a big reader or interested in the history of the sport, buy him this book, NFL 100: A Century of Pro Football. Edited by Rob Fleder and including an introduction by Peyton Manning, the book features the history of the NFL and some of its all-time best moments over the last century.

An example of “coffee table books” at their finest, this collection features interviews with many of the most notable and influential men of the NFL, excerpts from newspapers, magazines and other books and plenty of original material as well.

This is also a great gift if your partner likes to take part in football trivia nights.

board game

For the Strategist: MasterPieces NFL Checker Board Game

For the boyfriend who loves Checkers almost as much as he loves football, this NFL-themed Checkers board is the ideal gift. The board is made to look like a football field, although the colors and markings on the field will differ depending on which team you select for the board.

The Checkers are the same colors as the team’s colors, and there are even tiny football helmets for use when crowning a “player.”

football training vertical target net

Give Him Some Practice: GoSports 8’ x 4’ Football Training Vertical Target Net

If your guy likes to play football as much as he likes to watch it, get him this vertical target net so he can practice his throws. The net has three different target pockets, located in areas that specifically mimic the three most common receiving areas.

The entire thing is foldable and comes with a carrying case so it can easily be put away and stored when not in use. When it comes time for set-up, it folds out again into its original shape with no fuss or hassle.

scurry portable neck fan

For Those Long, Hot Games: Scurry Portable Neck Fan w/360° Rotation

If you and your partner hit up a lot of live football games, you know how hot they can get – especially early on in the season when fall hasn’t yet cooled things down. Get your guy one of these headphone-style neck fans to help keep him cool on those long, warm days.

You might want to grab one for yourself as well.

The band of the fan sits easily around his neck, and the dual fans can be turned and twisted into any position needed for maximum effect. It also acts as a flashlight or a party light when you activate either the steady white light mode or the color changing party light mode.

The fan is easily recharged via its USB port.

NFL 21 video game

Hours of Fun: Madden NFL 21 Video Game

Many football fans are also fans of football video games. If your boyfriend falls into this category, grab him the newest version of the popular Madden football game for PS4 or whatever system happens to be his favorite.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to whatever version of the game is the newest either. Look through your boyfriend’s games when he isn’t home. See which versions of Madden he’s missing. Whether you get him the original, the 2017 version or some other version, he’s sure to have hours and hours of gaming fun.

decorative pillow

Athletic Decor: OutelsrStuff Custom & Personalized Decorative Throw Pillow

Although a throw pillow may not seem like a very “manly” gift, this is one throw pillow your boyfriend’s sure to love. First and foremost, you can choose the colors from your boyfriend’s favorite team.

Then you can further customize the pillow by adding the number of his favorite player and either the player’s last name or your boyfriend’s last name to the top of the pillow to make it look like an authentic football jersey.

The design is printed on both sides of the pillow, and although its zipper is hidden so well you can’t really see it when looking, it is there, which means he can easily unzip the case and throw it in the washing machine in case of spills or bad smells.

portable folding picnic table

All His Tailgating Needs: Portable Folding Picnic Table with Storage Bag

For the boyfriend who loves to tailgate, it doesn’t get much better than this portable folding picnic table with an included carrying case. The table is super lightweight, and despite its relatively unobtrusive look and size, it has everything he’ll need in one central location.

The table is constructed of canvas and stainless steel and is much sturdier than you’d think a cloth table could be.

The second tier is a flat surface stretched taut between the poles. He can use it for storing extra utensils, paper plates or even food.

The top has both a flat surface used for setting out and preparing food and four embedded mesh cup holders where people can put their drinks without fear of spilling them. When he’s done with it, he just has to clear it off, fold it up and stick it back in its case until next time.

It’s the ultimate in tailgating convenience.

box sign

Add a Little Humor to the Room: Primitives by Kathy Classic Box Sign, Football Season

This sign will make a good addition to any gaming room or man cave. It’s a stark and very amusing reminder that there’s really only one measure of time for a true football fan – football season and waiting for football season.

The sign is made in the traditional box sign style with a distressed finish, and its black and white painting matches the decor of most rooms. While it might not be the most traditional gift for your boyfriend, it’s definitely one that’ll give him a good chuckle.

grill cover

Protect What’s Important: NFL Fan Shop Vinyl Padded Deluxe Grill Cover

If your man is a true grill master, he’s going to take pride in keeping his grill clean, undamaged and safe from all the elements. A standard boat tarp would do the trick, of course, as would a regular grill cover, but why not help him showcase his love of the game while protecting the grill he loves? These grill covers by Rico Industries are made of strong, durable, easy-to-clean vinyl.

Each one is made with extra padding to protect the grill against falling debris, and you can pick the team logo you want added to the cover. The color of the grill cover depends entirely on what team you pick.

Most are black, but some, such as the Kansas City Chiefs (red) cover, are more colorful.

3D LED night light lamp

A Bright Idea: Bigfoot 3D/LED Night Light Football Helmet Illusion Lighting Lamp

Over the last couple of years, these cool, floating, holographic lamps have become popular among men, women and children of all ages. They make these types of lamps for practically everything, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are football-themed ones out there.

This particular one is made to cast a 3-D image of a Seattle Seahawks football helmet over the flat base. If your boyfriend isn’t a Seahawks fan, don’t worry; there are plenty of other teams represented by these cool lamps.

There are also ones shaped like footballs, football players and more. Each lamp has a convenient touch sensor that allows him to change the color being displayed simply by touching it.

beer glasses

Share a Drink Together: Football Beer Glasses

Although Libbey is one of the most famous glassware brands on the market, Libbey glasses probably aren’t anything you’ve ever really considered buying your boyfriend as a gift. This set of four football-shaped beer glasses just might change your mind though.

With their awesome shape, these are the perfect glasses for any football watch party your man decides to throw. They are sturdy and durable, and they are dishwasher safe, which makes for easy cleaning.

A set of glasses may not seem like the most typical gift for a man, but trust us when we tell you your guy is going to love these.

coaster set

A Very Unique Gift Indeed: Football Field Coaster Set

Whether he’s drinking out of his new football-shaped beer glasses or just a regular old aluminum can, your boyfriend is going to need a place to set those sweating drinks. Help complete the football-theme he has going in his man cave (and save his tabletops in the process) by grabbing him these cute, inexpensive football field coasters.

They’re made of a material that looks just like genuine green AstroTurf, and they come complete with the chalked football lines as well. Using these coasters will have your man doing his very own touchdown dance every time he takes a drink.

acrylic football display case

For His Most Prized Possession: Deluxe Acrylic Football Display Case w/ Mirror & Gold Risers

If your boyfriend is a football super fan, odds are he has at least one autographed football lying around the house somewhere. As much as we love them, we also know that men aren’t always the best at taking care of valuable things.

Help your boyfriend preserve his cherished football by buying him this gorgeous display case. There are all kinds of display cases on the market, but not all of them look this good.

This one is made with clear acrylic and has a mirrored backing.

The black and gold risers underneath really pull the whole thing together and make it look very high-class and expensive. If your man doesn’t have his own autographed football yet, that’s another gift to consider, as well.

Present him with a football signed by his favorite player and displayed in this case, and you’ll win the “Best Girlfriend of the Century” award for sure.

chef hat and apron

For the Man Who Loves College Football and Cooking: NCAA College Men’s Chef Hat and Apron

If you get your guy some great grilling utensils and an NFL-themed grill cover, you might as well go all out and get him everything he could possibly need by buying him this awesome apron and chef hat set as well.

The set is proof that die-hard football fans don’t just get excited about the NFL. For most true fans of the sport, college football is just as exciting to watch. Help your boyfriend express his love for his favorite college team while cooking you something delicious to eat.


Him the Time of Day: Rico Industries NFL Men’s Model Three Watch

One of the best things about buying gifts for a football fanatic is that you can find just about anything with a team logo on it. This is even true of watches. Rico Industries, a company well-known for making products you can customize with your boyfriend’s team of choice, makes a great wristwatch with a face featuring whichever team your boyfriend loves the most.

The watch has a 10-inch band, a 1.75-inch face, and it’s colors are determined by the team colors of whichever team you choose. It’s shock-resistant up to three ATM, is well-made and durable and will last your man a long, long time.

portable sunshade

Give Him a Break from the Heat: Eurow Tail Gator Sunshade Portable Shade

Tailgating isn’t as much fun when it’s being done in the middle of a hot, asphalt parking lot with the sun beating relentlessly down on the tops of your heads. Help your partner remedy that problem by buying him this convenient, easy-to-use sunshade.

The frame is made of fiberglass, so it’s extremely durable, and it has attached magnetic strips that stick right against the car, truck or SUV. Your boyfriend can attach it to the back, front or sides of his vehicle.

It’s large enough to cover at least two lawn chairs, his cooler, a small picnic table and even more.

Super bowl Moments DVD

Football’s Greatest Hits: NFL Greatest Super Bowl Moments

If you have the kind of boyfriend who could literally sit for hours watching old games and highlight reels, this is the gift for him. This DVD features 155 minutes of the best and most exciting moments in Super Bowl history.

It contains highlights from Super Bowl I through Super Bowl XXXIX and a collection of interviews and commentary from coaches, players, commentators and more. Your boyfriend is sure to love this gift, but be warned: He may watch it on repeat until you want to take it out and break it.

football draft board chart kit

For the Fantasy Football Lover: Zieglerworld Reusable Fantasy Football Draft Board Chart Kit

Fantasy football can be extremely addictive. If your boyfriend runs a fantasy football league and you don’t know much about it, sit down with him one day and have him explain it to you. People get into this stuff, and it can get extremely complicated with all the swaps, free agents and auctions.

Help your man keep his league organized and under control by buying him this reusable fantasy football draft chart.

Every year, companies put out a ton of these fantasy football graphs and organizers.

Often, though, they’re made specifically for that one particular season. With this board, your boyfriend can get several years worth of use out of it as opposed to having to buy a new one when next season rolls around.


Take a Load Off: Officially Licensed NFL “Scorcher” Backpack

There’s not a single man on Earth who couldn’t benefit from having a convenient backpack every now and then. Whether he uses it for school, camping, work or the gym, this backpack, officially licensed by the NFL, will help him carry everything he needs in one convenient, over-the-shoulders package, leaving his hands free to do whatever they’d rather be doing.

Personalize the gift by choosing his favorite team for the design. There are a few different officially licensed backpacks available, but this one is our favorite because of its size, carrying capacity and nice appearance.

kids rug

For His Man Cave: Dalyn Rug All Stars Football Ground Kids Rug

Although listed as a rug for the kid’s playroom, this miniature football field rug is the perfect addition to any boyfriend’s man cave, gaming room or anywhere else he wants to put it. There are two options for size: 3’3″ x 5′ and 4’5″ x 6’9″.

This allows you to pick the perfect rug for his space. It’s a woven, nylon rug that features a football field scene, complete with the 50-yard line, touchdown end zones and a football in the middle.


Showcase His Name in Style: NFL Detachable Lanyard

If your partner goes to a lot of conventions or has to wear a name tag for work, a lanyard is the best way to go. A lanyard that features his favorite football team, though, is even better. Choose from 26 different teams in order to pick your man’s absolute favorite.

One of the team’s colors will be on the outside of the lanyard, and it’s other team color will be on the inside. The team’s name and logo are also emblazoned across the lanyard, so everyone your man meets will know he’s a fan.

football stress ball

For Stress Relief: Football Stress Ball with Helmet Stand

We all get a little stressed out sometimes. Your boyfriend is no exception. A stress reliever always makes for a fun, lighthearted gift. If he’s a football fan, though, this stress reliever is even more perfect.

The stress ball is a soft, squeezable football. It’s made of rubber, so it’s extremely durable, and no matter how much your boyfriend squeezes the life out of it, it won’t tear up. Additionally, this stress ball comes with its own stand that’s shaped like a football helmet.

It’s the perfect addition to any workplace desk.

cheerleader costume

Show Him You’re His Biggest Fan: ZTie Women’s School Girls Musical Party Halloween Cheerleader Costume

Your boyfriend may claim the title of “Number 1 Football Fan!” With this gift, you can show him that you’re his number one fan. Although technically, you’d be buying this cute, sexy cheerleader outfit to wear yourself, we promise your boyfriend will see it for the amazing gift it is.

Man or woman, all we really want from our partners is to know we’re cherished. Let your man come home from work one day to find you wearing this, and he’ll certainly see how cherished he really is.

Finding a Flawless Football Present

Things change. That’s just a fact of life. However, one thing that remains constant year after year is that Americans love football. Football is consistently ranked as the most watched sport in America. As we’ve already mentioned, finding a gift for a football fan isn’t hard.

The biggest problem with buying gifts for your football-loving boyfriend is finding something he doesn’t already have. Football’s been popular since the late-1800s, and even though your boyfriend hasn’t been around that long, he’s probably been a fan for a long time and likely has a lot of memorabilia.

The great news is that he’s your boyfriend, which means you either live together or spend a vast amount of time at each other’s houses. In that case, you can just be sneaky and check out his collection to make sure you get something unique. As long as you make sure not to get something he already has, something from a team he hates or something he just can’t find a use for, he’s going to love whatever you get him.

If possible, try to find something that matches other aspects of his personality than his love of football. For instance, if he loves football and working out, get him some workout sweats with his team’s logo on them. If he loves football and likes to grill, a nice team apron could be a great gift. Use this gift as an opportunity to show him you know him well and appreciate him just as he is.


If you have any other great football gifts for our list, please let us know in the comments, and be sure to like and share this post. Come back and visit us again soon!

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