34 Fun Engagement Gifts for Couples

Finding the perfect engagement gift can be tough. Finding something that is perfect for one person is hard enough, but finding the right gift to suit two people!?

That’s a challenge. It can also be a lot of fun.

34 Fun Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples

Our adventure Scrapbook

For the Exciting Couple: T-HAOHUA Our Adventure Scrapbook

If your newly engaged couple is one that enjoys taking vacations and other adventures together, give them the gift of saving all the memories they make together. This scrapbook will allow them to document all the places they’ve been together, all the fun they’ve had and all the memories they’ve made.

It comes with 40 sheets (80 pages), but the unique binding allows it to be easily refilled with new sheets so your friends can keep making and adding new memories their whole lives.

glass set

For Stressful Planning: Wedding Planning Glass Set

If there’s one thing any couple knows, it’s that the engagement is the fun part. The actual planning of the wedding can be a little more stressful. If you want to give your friends an early engagement gift, pick them up these adorable glasses soon after they’ve announced their engagement.

No matter which of the couple is the wine drinker and which is the beer drinker, these glasses will surely be put to good use during all the talk of seating arrangements, reception foods and band vs. deejay.

double laundry hamper

Practical but Purposeful: BirdRock Premium Double Laundry Hamper

When a new couple is just starting out in a new home, they need practically everything. People often rush to get them the cutesy couples stuff. Others rush to get them kitchen appliances and matching bath sets.

What often gets overlooked is a nice, durable laundry hamper. While the first few weeks of marital bliss may be spent in a lazy haze of irresponsibility, eventually the new couple will have to get back to the real world.

When that happens, they’re going to need clean clothes. Trust us on this one; they will love a good laundry basket.

Blossom bonsai light

The Gift of Peace: LIGHTSHARE Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light

This lovely gift combines two of the most well-known and appreciated symbols in the Asian culture: a bonsai tree and a cherry blossom tree. The bonsai tree represents balance, peace and harmony, which are certainly three things a newly engaged couple needs in their home.

The cherry blossom lights on the tree represent the beauty and fragility of life, which will remind the two newly engaged lovebirds not to take one another for granted. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful gift that will also be a lovely addition to any room.

picnic basket for two

Some Alone Time: INNO STAGE Wicker Picnic Basket for 2

Another thoughtful gift for the newly engaged couple is this wicker picnic basket for two. Often, the best gift you can give to two people in love is an excuse to go spend some alone time together. That’s exactly what this basket does.

It comes equipped with everything they’d need to take the day off and have a nice, romantic picnic anywhere they see fit. Plates, utensils, two wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers and a soft, fleece blanket – this basket comes with everything except their favorite foods.

sushi socks box

For the Sushi Lovers: Men’s & Women’s Sushi Socks Box

If your recently engaged friends have a great sense of humor and also love sushi, why not get them a couple of trays of sushi socks? The socks are actually made for both men and women, so you could buy them each their own set of matching sushi socks.

There are different options, so you can even tailor their boxes to fit their favorite types of sushi. Whether your friends are fans of yellow-tail or tuna tamago, there’s a sushi box of socks out there they’d enjoy.

pillowcase set

For the Pet Lovers: His, Hers, the Dog Pillowcase Set

If your friends fit into the category of couple who never leaves home without their furry best friend, this could be the perfect gift. This super soft cotton/polyester blend will keep their heads cool at night, but more importantly, these pillowcases give dedicated space to love of both their lives, their doggy.

Best of all, they’re machine-washable, which makes it so much easier to get all the pet hair off of them when they get too furry.

gourmet gift basket

Sweets for the Sweet: Gourmet Congratulations Gift Basket

This beautiful gift basket comes packed full of all kinds of delicious goodies for the newly engaged couple with a couple of sweet teeth. The basket contains roasted nuts, gourmet white cheddar popcorn, Ghirardelli caramel squares, English toffee caramels, Lindt sea salt chocolate and so much more.

The party basket itself is lovely and reusable, and it comes with an attached congratulations ribbon and a personal message from you. There are even included scissors so they can get into their sweet treats without any hassle.

record disc coasters

Inexpensive but Awesome: Record Disc Coasters

When people start buying gifts for newly engaged couples, they often think of all the large, high-priced items. Sometimes the little things get overlooked. Every new couple looking to start their lives together needs coasters, and these particular coasters are really amazing.

They are fashioned to look just like actual vinyl records, only they’re a little bit smaller. Not only are these super neat and very useful, they’re also the perfect gift for the couple that shares an intense love of music.

nintendo switch mario kart

For the Gamers: Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Bundle

If your newly engaged couple friends are the type of people who are competitive and love to play games with one another, you can splurge and give them the ultimate gaming experience with the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundle.

With this system, they’ll have countless hours of gaming fun, rowdy competition and, most importantly, bragging rights. This bundle comes with everything they need for two players with an extreme rivalry.

luggage collection set

For the Travelers: Steve Madden Designer Luggage Collection

There are many things newly engaged couples enjoy doing. One of those things is usually traveling. Whether it’s going on their honeymoon after the wedding, going on a trip to celebrate their engagement, visiting relatives to tell them the good news or just getting away for a long weekend, couples love to travel.

Make it a little easier, not to mention a little classier, for them by purchasing them an excellently made, three-piece luggage set from Steve Madden.

The set comes in eight different colors and includes a carry-on and two suitcases.

The luggage comes with highly stabilized, wide-wheel design which makes for easy rolling and ultimate maneuverability. The set also comes with a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer in case any of the pieces have defects or malfunction.


For Book Lovers: Artori Design Supergal & Book Hero Bookend Set

If your friends are big readers, these superhero/super reader bookends could be the perfect gift. There is one female superhero and one male superhero, symbolic of their new engagement, and the bookends are just plain fun.

If in addition to being big readers, your newly engaged couple friends are also fans of comics or superheroes, this gift is even more fitting for them.

vacuum cleaner

The Bare Necessities: Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Vacuum Cleaner

If there is one thing that everyone – including newly engaged couples – need but nobody wants to buy, it’s a good vacuum cleaner. Everyone needs clean floors. Everyone hates trying to clean their floors with a sub-part vacuum cleaner.

For that reason, everyone wants an excellent vacuum cleaner. However, no one wants to spend money on a new vacuum. Be the good friend, and buy it for them. Trust us, your new friends will absolutely love this gift, and they’ll love you so much more for making sure they didn’t have to buy it themselves.

karaoke machine

Couples Got Talent: KaraoKing New 2020 Karaoke Machine

If your friends love to sing, put on a show and be the center of attention, this awesome gold karaoke machine could be the perfect gift. While it isn’t made of real gold, it looks like it is. It’s super flashy and has everything your pals need for singing a duet of their favorite song.

If they’re more of a competitive couple than a dueting one, they can also use it to compete against each other to see which one of them is ready for the next American Idol. It’s also really great if they like to host parties.

Scratch off map of the world

Give Them the World: Scratch Off Map of The World

This is another great gift for the couple who loves to travel. This map makes a gorgeous wall hanging simply hanging there, as-is by itself. However, the great thing about it is that it’s a scratch-off map, which allows couples to scratch off the areas in the world to which they’ve traveled.

This results in a map that started off black and brown turning into a multitude of beautiful colors as the years go by. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift that can bring your friends joy for several years, possibly even a lifetime.

heart zodiac sign

Star Crossed Lovers: Customizable Couple Heart Zodiac Sign

This beautiful, customizable art print can be personalized with your friends’ names and their zodiac signs mapped out in the stars. This is an especially great gift for couples who truly believe in astrology and other new age ideologies.

If your friends aren’t super into astrology, they’ll still enjoy this print for its beauty and the thoughtful personalization you put into it.

apron set

For the Chefs: The Boss & The Real Boss Apron Set

If your newly engaged couple friends enjoy cooking or grilling, grab them these great aprons. They are made from a comfortable, machine-washable cotton blend. They are both adjustable to fit people of just about any shape or size.

One says “The Boss,” and the other says “The REAL boss.” You can leave it up to them to fight over who gets to wear which apron.

smart alarm clock

Techy Convenience: Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

If there’s one thing just about anyone can use, it’s a good, reliable alarm clock. This clock, in particular, is also equipped with Amazon Alexa, which turns it into so much more than a mere clock. With this clock, your friends can watch the news, check out the weather before they head out, make video calls with each other and their friends and relatives and more.

It also connects to their Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music accounts so that they have access to their favorite tunes any time of the day or night. It’s a very versatile, voice-activated gift that will serve many purposes for them.

USB charging ports

A Bright Idea: ZEEFO Touch Lamps with Built-in Dual USB Charging Ports

These matching bedside lamps are the ultimate in bedroom lighting convenience. They work simply with a touch of a finger and come with a dimmable bulb for each lamp, allowing three brightness settings for the couple who have different ideas on how bright the bedside lamp should be.

Even more wonderful is that each lamp has two built-in USB charging ports and two built-in AC outlets. This will allow your friends to charge their phones, plug up their alarm clocks or music players, etc.

It’s like a charging/power/lighting station all in one small, modern and very sleek package.

kitchen knife set

Cooking is Art: Galaxy Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

These gorgeous knives serve the dual purpose of being incredibly effective cutting utensils and being beautiful works of art. Each knife has a line of color across the handle and a stunning galaxy scene across the blade.

They are pretty, unique and very sharp.

If your friends enjoy having things that are new and different, they’ll love this knife set. If they also happen to be scientists, astronauts or astronomers, they’ll love them even more.

There are also wildlife animals and landscape scenes available if you think your friends would prefer those. For us, though, it’s the galaxy scenes all the way.

wall art

A Fairy Tale Ending: They Lived Happily Ever After LifeSong Wall Art

This customizable piece of wall art is understated, simple and perfect. The thing that every newly engaged couple wants more than anything else in the world is to live happily ever after. This piece of art, which can be customized with their names and the date of their wedding, proposal or first date, promises just that.

wine bottle labels

Commemorate the Milestones: Marriage Milestones Wine Bottle Labels

Make your loved ones upcoming milestones even more special by helping them celebrate with occasion-specific wine labels. These five wine labels commemorate five huge milestones in any new couples’ lives: first Christmas together, first anniversary, first child, first big purchase together and the first that always requires wine – their first big fight.

Simply purchase five bottles of their favorite wine and put these labels on them instead. Then, present them to the newly engaged couple. No matter when those firsts happen – within days or after several years – they’ll think fondly of you when they decide to pop the cork on those “First” wine bottles.

coloring book

Coloring Fun: Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

If you’re looking for something small and silly to give to your friends to put a smile on their faces, this snarky coloring book that pokes fun at married life could be just the thing. From the endless battle over putting down the toilet seat to a Star Wars-themed battle for who gets to control the thermostat, this coloring book certainly breaks married life down to its most stereotypical and hilarious components.

Whether the couple just wants a laugh or needs some stress relief from wedding planning, these 78 pages certainly won’t disappoint.

calendar block and other gifts

A Friendly Reminder: Wedding Countdown Calendar Block & Other Gifts

After sharing the news of their engagement with you, your friends are sure to love this wedding countdown calendar. It comes with three, six-sided numerical blocks which allow them to make the numbers 1 through 365, one two-sided text block that says “days until” on one side and “months since” on the other, one additional numerical block with an image of a heart on one side and crossed rings on the other and one two-sided text block that says “Mr.

& Mrs.” on one side and “Anniversary” on the other.

This allows your friends to count down how many days until they’ll be married, how many months they’ve been married, how many days until their anniversary and any combination thereof.

This allows them to use it both before and after their wedding day. As additional bonuses, this gift also comes with Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags and a beautiful Mr. & Mrs. ring dish. It truly does cover all the engagement bases.

door hanger

An Important Message: Uimiqc Do Not Disturb Honeymoon Door Hanger

Although this adorable little door hanger might not seem like much of a gift, when it comes to its usefulness, it is priority gift number one! The door hanger is soft and cute to look at, but it also performs a very important task.

It lets the whole world know that these two lovebirds are on their honeymoon and that absolutely, under no circumstances are they to be disturbed. Small, simple door hanger as a gift – inexpensive. A whole weekend, undisturbed, between a new bride and groom – priceless.

shower curtain

A Luxury Bathroom: Volens Gray/Grey Rustic Ruffle Shower Curtain for Bathroom

When it comes to decorating new houses, bathrooms are often overlooked and end up with a plain white shower curtain, plain white toilet, plane white rugs and matching white towels, but decorating a bathroom can be fun.

This gorgeous, rustic country gray shower curtain adds a beautiful touch of simplicity and old-fashioned tastefulness to any bathroom. Your friends will love that it is made of fabric and is machine-washable.

They’ll also be just as pleased to show off their bathroom as they will every other room in their house.

sandwitch maker

Breakfast on the Go: Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Whether or not your friends enjoy cooking, they probably enjoy eating, and in our experience, there is no better meal than breakfast. With this dual breakfast sandwich maker, your friends can make a quick, simple, delicious breakfast for them both, even on mornings when they don’t have a lot of time.

In fact, it makes delicious breakfast sandwiches in as little as five minutes. It heats your meat, melts your cheese, fries your eggs and toasts your bread all at the same time. It’s so easy, even Fred Flintstone could work it.

red japanese tree plant

Something Everlasting: Red Japanese Maple Tree (Live Plant)

When it comes to something that seemingly lasts forever, there isn’t much that beats a tree. Trees are strong, beautiful, and long-lived. They are the perfect symbol of everlasting love. Although many people don’t realize it, Amazon actually sells live red Japanese maple trees that are about one foot high and are ready to be planted.

This is an extremely thoughtful, personal gift. In addition to giving the new couple a gift, it also gives them the memorable experience of planting the tree together, nurturing it and watching it grow throughout their lives together.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

bath and body gift basket

Clean and Relaxing: Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men

Although many people would argue that men don’t enjoy long soaks in a hot tub, we’d argue that they’re wrong. There is nothing quite as romantic and intimate as a warm, relaxing couple’s bubble bath. This bath set for both women and men comes with everything a newly engaged couple needs to enjoy themselves and relax.

It has bubble bath, two large, delightfully smelling bath bombs, vanilla body oil, bath salts and more. It is the ultimate gift for both relaxation and romance.

cutting board

Personal and Practical: Personalized Cutting Board

This cutting board is entirely customizable. You can pick the type and color of the wood, the size of the board, what you want it to say, whether you want a matching stand, etc. When it comes to personal gifts, this one is one of the best.

Traditionally, people customize the board with the names of the soon-to-be bride and groom and “Est. _______” the date of their wedding. You can do it however you please though. This is sure to be a hit with any newly engaged couple.

#staymarried guide book

The Family that Prays Together: #StayMarried: A Couple’s Daily Devotional

If your newly engaged friends are church-goers, this daily devotional guide for newly married couples could be a great gift for them. It has over 200 pages of faith-based advice and exercises for couples to help them build and maintain trust, set and adhere to house rules, grow in respect and love for another and so much more.

Plus, it gives your friends a reason to take at least 30 minutes out of their undoubtedly busy lives each day and connect with one another, as well as with their spirituality and faith.

family tree picture frame

Showcase Their Memories: Mandzixin Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame Display

When two people get engaged, they take the first step to committing themselves to one another. They also take the first step to committing themselves to each other’s families. Each one gains a whole new set of siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, grandparents and more.

For that reason, they’ll love this gorgeous family tree photo display. This allows them to show off multiple branches of their soon-to-be new family tree in a beautiful, tasteful way.

sleeping eye mask headphones

Give Them a Good Night’s Sleep: Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones

One of the only, and we do mean only, bad things about becoming engaged and getting married is having to give up your half-across the bed, snoring like a steam locomotive, hogging all the covers sleeping habits.

When you start sharing your bed with someone else, you have to be considerate of their sleeping habits as well. What if they like a small light in the hallway and you like the room pitch black? What if you like to play soft music and they want total silence?

These are things every new couple has to get used to at some point.

Help them out by buying one or both of them this Bluetooth sleeping eye mask. If they like it dark, this will give them a total blackout. If one of them likes listening to music, this will allow him/her to do so comfortably without disturbing the other.

Trust us; they will absolutely love this gift.

card game adult pack

Sheer, Ridiculous Fun: Exploding Kittens Card Game Adult Pack

Just because two people get engaged, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have stupid, mindless fun every now and then. Get your friends an Exploding Kittens game and give them access to hours of lighthearted, stress-free fun.

Finding the Perfect Cool Engagement Present

Finding the right gift for an engaged couple presents a unique challenge because it means finding something that two different people with two separate personalities will enjoy. That challenge can also make engagement gifts some of the most fun gifts to give.

And no matter what people think, gift giving should be fun, not stressful. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Engagement Etiquette 101 tells us that as long as you give a thoughtful, personal gift, the couple will likely love it.

Plus, the world is changing. In a world where Engagement Days, Mutual Proposals and all kinds of modern engagements are happening, you can afford to be a little creative with your gift-giving ideas.

This is a totally new generation of couples getting engaged. The gifting ideas are endless.


If this guide has helped you pick the perfect gift for your fun-loving, newly engaged couple, let us know in the comments.

Let us know what your favorite funny gift on the list was. Feel free to share it around and help others find some amazing gifts.

If you’ve just gotten engaged or were recently married, let us know the best gift you got at your reception and why you loved it.

Did not find what you were looking for? Maybe an experience gift for the couple would be better than something physical?

We hope to see you again soon!

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