32 Gift Basket Ideas for Fundraisers to Please Every Crowd

Having a fundraiser is excellent for raising money for a wide variety of causes. No matter if your child’s school needs new playground equipment or you’re hosting a fundraiser for a local family in need, using gift baskets will help that effort along.

The following gift basket ideas for fundraisers cover a broad range of ideas, and it’s our hope they’ll inspire your buying decisions during your next charitable event.

Gift Baskets for Fundraisers

sweets gift basket

For the Snack Lover: Care Package with Sweet and Salty Snacks 26 Count Plus Bonus Candy

When creating this gift basket, it could have a movie night or snack lover theme. You could also gear it toward those who have an insatiable sweet tooth. This snack package contains twenty-six different sweet and salty snacks, as well as bonus candies.

So, when you’re filling your gift basket, it will be brimming with tasty treats everyone will love. The variety ranges from Cracker Jacks to Famous Amos cookies. Not only will this gift basket be a crowd pleaser, but it will also tempt those who are looking for treats to send to those who are serving our country overseas.

spa lotions gift

Create a Home Spa: Spa Gift Baskets for Women, Body & Earth Bath Gift Set with Tub

Spa gift collections are all the rage when holding fundraisers. You’ll find this is especially true when you’re using them around Mother’s Day or any other major holiday. These gift baskets make a great gift and, when people go to fundraisers, they’re looking for items like this.

You’ll find this particular gift basket idea has a plastic tub that’s filled with shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, and a bar of soap. The entire set is various shades of blue and inspired by the ocean.

You can present gift basket as a stand-alone item, or add it to a larger gift basket.

For the Wine Enthusiast: 2 pairs of Funny socks, Stemless Funny glass, Coasters for drinks, Bottle Stoppers and a Bottle tote

Many fundraisers and charitable events have people who enjoy drinking wine, beer, and other beverages. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create gift baskets that cater to all of these interests. In gift basket ideas for fundraisers like this one, you’ll be presenting two pairs of funny socks, a stemless glass, coasters, a bottle tote, and bottle stoppers.

The stemless glass has sections on it that read, “Seriously, keep going, and now we’re talking.” Everything is contained in a cute box, or you can remove it all and arrange the items into a gift basket for the fundraiser.

Either way, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

set of garden tools

For the Gardener: 9 Piece Garden Tool Set

Featuring gift baskets like this not only turns heads but raises money. People love having these sets and giving them away as gifts. This gardening set is the ultimate in portability as it features a stable gardening tote bag for all their essentials.

The tote bag is slightly smaller than a five-pound bucket, making it ideal for carrying tools and other gardening items. You’ll also find eight other gardening tools that feature ergonomically shaped handles and a rust-proof design.

Gardeners will also appreciate the fact that one of the gloves features claw fingers for digging and weeding.

vegetal oil bottles

Focus on Healthy Oils: Mantova Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Variety Pack

Creating a gift basket using healthy oils is sure to get the attention of many people at your next fundraising event. You’ll find this is especially true if people are focusing on healthy diets, weight management, and experimenting with new cuisine in your audience.

Olive oil is known for offering protection for the heart and brain due to the healthy fats it contains. These gift baskets could contain the oils, as well as a cookbook for healthy meals and treats.

The variety pack includes four eight and a half ounce bottles flavored like Tuscan herbs, garlic, basil, and truffles.

For the Beer Connoisseur: Beer lover’s gift basket and accessories

Beer connoisseurs love seeing gift baskets geared toward them at fundraising events. This gift basket idea for fundraisers includes a wide variety of items including a 15-ounce beer stein, a 16-ounce beer tasting glass, a pair of socks, beer openers, coasters, and five bags of snacks.

The beer stein reads, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy beer, and that’s kind of the same thing.” The beer tasting glass reads, “For a quart of Ale is a meal for a King. — William Shakespeare.

” One of the beer openers is in the shape of a skeleton key, and the other is themed as the Ace of Spades.

complete golfing set

For the Avid Golfer:: Complete Golfing Presents Set with Accessories

Golfing is enjoyed by men and women of all ages, so including this gift basket at your next fundraiser is a must. You’ll be creating a fundraiser gift basket idea that includes a glove, three golf balls, twenty tees, a microfibre towel, a valuables bag, ball marker, ball liner, pen, and groove tool.

Each of these tools is designed to help golfers improve their game. No matter if you’re putting this gift basket together for novices or professionals, it’s sure to become a conversation piece at your next event.

Not only are these products high-quality, but they contain all of the most sought-after golfing items.

Starbucks coffee and Teavana tea gift basket

For Tea and Coffee Fanatic: Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Extravagant Gift Basket

Just about every fundraising event is complete with serving food, desserts, beverages, coffee, and tea. So, it makes sense to use a basket geared toward those who have a passion for all things coffee and tea.

In this gift basket, you’ll find an excellent choice of coffee, tea, snacks, and a twenty-ounce Starbucks tumbler. The basket contents include a 2.5-ounce bag of Starbucks ground coffee Veranda blend, a 2.

5-ounce bag of Pike Place medium roast, cookies, truffles, Starbucks hot cocoa, honey grahams, 0.06-ounces of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint flavored green tea, 0.1-ounces of Teavana chai black tea, 0.13-ounces of Teavana Peach Tranquility flavored herbal infusion, and much more.

newborn baby care box

For the Newborn: Newborn Baby Gift Set – Keepsake Box

This gift set is available for newborn baby girls and boys. So, when putting together your next fundraising events, and thinking about who may be attending, it might be a good idea to include gift baskets for new parents.

They always need bibs, baby powder, shampoo, soap, diapers, and other essentials. In this beautiful keepsake box, they’ll receive those items as well as much more. They’ll also find a cute teddy bear, swaddling cloth, bodysuit, socks, washcloth, brush, and comb.

Parents of newborns always appreciate gift baskets such as these. These gift baskets are also great when you have guests who are looking for baby shower gifts.

ghirardelli chocolate box

For the Chocolate Lover: Ghirardelli Assortment Tower

You have some options when it comes to this set. Because this chocolate lover’s delight is contained in a beautiful tower of boxes, you can present it at your fundraising event without making any changes.

On the other hand, you could remove these Ghirardelli chocolates from the box and arrange them into a gift basket of your choosing. Either way, chocolate lovers will go crazy over this gift basket idea for fundraisers.

Each square of chocolate is individually wrapped and includes a wide variety of flavors. The largest box contains an assortment of flavors, the medium box is full of dark chocolate, and the smallest box has caramel.

dog toy set

For the Dog Owner: Dog Treats Crewing Toy Set

There are usually at least a few dog owners attending charitable events and fundraisers. So, adding gift basket ideas for fundraisers geared toward dog owners could stir up some interest and conversations.

This gift basket includes a dog bowl, assorted treats, two tennis balls, and two toys. You can present this gift basket as it comes, or disassemble it to use the items in a larger gift basket for dog owners.

The basket size measures 12″ x 9″ x 4.5″, so it won’t take up much space on the table where the rest of the fundraiser gift baskets are being presented.

USA flag mug smoked summer sausages

For the Meat and Cheese Lover: USA Flag Mug, Smoked Summer Sausages, 100% Wisconsin Cheese, Crackers, Pretzels and Mustard

Filling gift baskets with meat and cheese for fundraisers is always a crowd pleaser. You’ll find this is especially true when it’s a variety such as the ones featured here. This gift basket includes smoked summer sausage, jalapeno and cheese summer sausage, and smoked garlic summer sausage.

There’s a bag of dipping pretzels, a jar of mustard, water crackers, and a white mug featuring an American flag. The cheeses include cheddar and pepper jack. You’ll receive this meat and cheese gift set packaged in a box that’s ready to go, or you can take everything out and arrange it all into a gift basket.

gift basket for thrilling grilling

Time to Get Grilling: ‘Hit the Sauce’ Gourmet Gift Basket for Thrilling Grilling

No matter if your guests are looking for a Father’s Day or birthday gift at your fundraising event, this gift basket idea is sure to be a hit. Grilling enthusiasts may want it for themselves, too! This gift basket contains three sauces, two kinds of mustard, and three packages of coffee.

All of the flavors feature “hit the sauce” themes. For example, the sauces are Maker’s Mark Gourmet Sauce, Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce, and Budweiser Smoked BBQ Sauce. The mustards are Jack Daniels Mustard, and Sierra Nevada Porter Mustard.

The coffees feature a variety of White Russian and Irish Whiskey flavors.

puzzle books and snacks

For Entertainment Seekers: All-Star Puzzle Books and Snacks

We all know someone who gets bored easily. So, adding this basket full of presents is sure to attract some attention. This gift basket includes word search, sudoku, and crossword puzzle books.

You’ll also find snacks, including pretzels, popcorn, and chocolate chip cookies. There’s also heat and eat soup, as well as packets of crackers. Therefore, this is a complete gift basket for keeping anyone entertained for hours! Those who are attending charitable events will find gift basket ideas like these optimal for college dorm rooms, those serving in the military, or parents staying in retirement homes.

fishing gift box

For the Fisherman: I’d Rather Be Fishing Gift Box

Sometimes, finding the best gift for a man who has everything or doesn’t readily express their interests is a challenge. So, when you have gift baskets like this one at your fundraiser, you’re helping your guests find great gift ideas.

This gift basket contains sliced summer sausage, smoked gouda cheese, pimento stuffed olives, a keepsake fishing frame and a box that reads, “I’d Rather be Fishing.” There’s also coffee, snack mix, trail mix, chips, pistachios, and more! You can present this fundraising gift basket in the original box it comes in, or take it apart to put into a different basket you arrange yourself.

Advengers activity basket bundle

For Avengers Fans: Avengers Activity Gift Basket Bundle

Sometimes, gift baskets are all about having fun. That’s what the theme of this Avengers gift basket’s focus is all about, and fans will love its variety. First, you’ll have a reusable gift basket featuring Marvel’s Avengers on the front.

The basket includes an Avengers water bottle, coloring book, sticker book, puzzle, play pack, and more! Those who are attending your fundraising event can pick this gift basket up to use as a birthday gift, Easter basket, or for any other special occasion.

The basket comes wrapped with a bow that’s available in various colors, so it’s ready to go for your event!

wincker picnic basket

It’s Time For a Picnic: 4 Person Traditional Deluxe Wicker Picnic Basket

Gift basket ideas like this for fundraisers are great because, even though they come with a lot of items, there’s plenty of room to tuck in more. This gift basket is a picnic basket for four people. It features a leather handle, and the interior has a cotton lining.

The set has a picnic blanket, four cotton napkins, utensils for four people, salt and pepper shakers, a bottle opener, four plastic wine glasses, and four plastic dinner plates. The plastic ensures nothing will break when this basket it toted from one place to another.

There’s plenty of room for food when everything is packed inside.

Soups on family box

Comfort Foods: Soup’s On Family Gift With Delicious Food and Old-Fashioned Comforting Chicken Soup

We never know what’s going on in our guest’s lives. They could be looking for gift baskets for a special occasion, for themselves for their home, or to wish someone well. Gift baskets for your fundraising event like this one are all about comfort foods.

You’ll be presenting a beautifully arranged wooden tray filled from end-to-end with everything to wish someone well. This gift basket contains two soup bowls, a bamboo spoon, mozzarella cheese swirls, chicken noodle soup, peanuts, hummus, crackers, and snacks.

Not only is the presentation of this gift basket elegant, but it’s also thoughtfully put together with items that define comfort.

games gift basket

Family Game Night: Games, Games and More Game

It’s possible to bring back family game night with gift baskets like this one. This gift basket is also great for families who are looking for games to take with them on-the-go on trips or camping.

This gift basket contains a wide variety of family favorites including UNO, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Dominos, Go Fish, and Barrel of Monkeys. There are also grow capsules with assorted animals, microwave popcorn, and an assortment of cookies and candies.

So, this is a well-rounded gift basket for families who are looking for ways to being game night back! It also makes a great gift for fundraiser guests who are looking for something unique to give to college students.

taste of Italy gourmet basket

Inspired by Italy: Taste of Italy Gourmet Extravagant Gift Basket

No matter if the guests at your fundraiser are looking for housewarming gifts or something to give away during the holidays, food inspired by another country is always a hit. That’s where gift a basket like this one is sure to become a conversation piece.

You’ll be presenting a gift basket filled with pasta sauce, pasta, olives, hard candies, Italian toast, biscottis, nuts, and cookies all perfect for preparing a gourmet Italian meal. These gift baskets are not only beautiful, but they’re also a unique addition to your fundraiser.

The main reason is that they add a bit of luxury when people are looking for something different with a touch of class.

pancake sampler set

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Sampler Set

There’s something about creating a gift basket that’s all about Sunday morning breakfast. It’s a way of bringing families together while tempting taste buds at the same time. This gift basket idea features three different kinds of pancake and waffle mix, four types of jam, and a bottle of maple blueberry syrup.

So, it’s a twist on your traditional breakfast. The sizes of the jams are 3.75 ounces and are Raspberry Peach Champagne, Wild Main Blueberry, Red Raspberry, and Strawberry. The pancake and waffle mix flavors include Farmhouse, Blueberry, and Double Chocolate.

So, this gift basket features something for every taste!

welcome home gift box

For the New Homeowner: Welcome Home Gift Box

If you have guests at your fundraiser who is looking for a housewarming gift, this gift basket idea is one that can’t be missed. This gift basket is in the shape of a home and filled with lots of delicious goodies.

At your next fundraiser, you’ll be presenting this gift basket filled with fortune cookies, crackers, cheese, peanuts, mints, peanut brittle, cookies, truffles, and more. Some of the treats feature a “Welcome Home” themed bag.

Not only are gift basket like this one conversation starters but they’re also unique in comparison to the traditional offerings found at these kinds of events.

protein snacks fitness box

For the Fitness Buff: High Protein Snacks Fitness Box

If your fundraiser is being held at a gym or has a health theme, then this gift basket idea is optimal. You’ll be presenting a present basket that’s filled with high-protein snacks. Each of these snacks is organic and non-GMO.

This gourmet gift basket is brimming with twenty full-size snacks that are healthy and nutritious. Those who are health-conscious and are also looking for something to snack on will be delighted to see the offerings available in this gift basket idea.

Everything from a FlapJacked Mighty Muffin with probiotics to Skinny Dipped Chocolate Covered Almonds is available. No matter if your guests are looking for something for themselves to give as a gift, this idea will be a hit!

snacks box with water bottle

College Care Package: Snack Boxes Gift Variety with Salus Water Bottle

Sometimes parents or grandparents go to fundraising events looking for something to send to their children or grandchildren who are off at college. Therefore, it’s good to have baskets with that theme.

This gift basket features a water bottle as well as a wide variety of snacks every college student will love. In addition to Nutrigrain breakfast bars, there are also drink mixes and tons of sweet and salty snacks.

The variety is sure to please every taste and craving on your guest’s shopping list. You can keep these snacks in the original box it comes in, or arrange them in a gift basket presentation of your own.

cat toys and food box

Cater to the Cat Lover: Cat Gift Box for A Favorite Feline Fur Baby

Your fundraising event is bound to have at least one or two cat lovers in the mix. Therefore, adding gift baskets like this one is beneficial. You’ll be presenting a gift basket that features toys, treats, a photo frame, and cat food for cat lovers.

Eight items for cat lovers are packaged in a glossy box and ready to go for your fundraising event. Or, if you prefer, you can take everything out of the box and arrange it all into your own presentation.

Either way, your guests will love the variety offered in this gift box idea.

gift basket for children

Light Up a Child’s Life: Just for Kids Gift Basket for Children

When your guests are looking for a high-quality gift for children that ignites their imagination, then this gift basket idea is ideal. At your next fundraiser, you’ll be presenting a gift basket filled with a stuffed puppy, puzzle book, assorted snacks, Crayola crayons, Crayola colored pencils, and a puzzle book.

This gift basket idea is perfect when parents, grandparents, or friends are looking for a sweet alternative to gifts children typically receive. In addition to helping children explore their creative side, this idea will also give them something to use during imaginative play.

Your guests will appreciate that this gift basket for children doesn’t involve electronics or require batteries!

date night box

For Date Night: Date Night Box – Tango Together

Even though this comes packaged in a box, your guests may appreciate it more if you arrange this in a beautiful basket. This gift basket idea features a game couple can play together on date night as a way of enhancing their communication.

You’ll be presenting two sets of tangrams, fifteen playing cards, a tent card game, a kiss bag complete with tokens and mints, a candle, and Spotify playlist link. When arranging your gift basket, add a couple of champagne glasses and a bottle of bubbly to complete the ensemble.

Your guests will love how unique this basket is, and it will quickly be a conversation piece at your event.

guitar music gift basket

For the Fundraising Guitarist: Epic Guitar Music Basket

If you’re throwing a fundraising event with a musical theme, this guitar-shaped gift basket is the perfect addition. It’s a gift basket that’s filled with a handmade chocolate pizza pie, Jelly Belly pyramids, and chocolate dipped pretzel logs.

Everything is wrapped up with a silk gingham bow for the best presentation. The guests at your fundraiser are going to love this one-of-a-kind and unique gift basket idea. Not only is it a great gift idea for the guitarist in their life, but it’s also filled with delicious treats.

The best part is you don’t have to do anything to this gift basket because it’s all ready to go for your fundraising event!

good vibes girl box care

Gift of Good Vibe For Your Fundraiser: Good Vibes Gift Box Care Package Surprise

Your fundraiser’s guest may be looking for a gift basket that’s all about sending someone good vibes, so you can arrange one that’s all about that. The contents of this gift basket includes a keepsake bookmark, travel mug, coloring book, colored pencils, pampering pack, chocolate, lip balm, playing cards, mints, puzzle book, pencil sharpener, and a card.

Each of the items in this gift basket is selected to help someone feel good vibes and have better experiences during their downtime. No matter if your guests are looking for a birthday gift or something to send someone who’s away at college, this assortment of presents for your fundraiser is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

hunter survival kit

For the Avid Hunter: Hunter Survival Kit

Putting together a gift basket of essential items for the avid hunter, or someone who strives to be one, this is an excellent idea for fundraisers. Those who are stuck for gift ideas for the men in their life will love that this option is available for them.

You’ll be presenting them with a gift basket that includes a flashlight, snacks, coffee mug, a camo hat, dress, pine scent spray, coffee, and a six-can cooler. These items make an excellent gift for those who are new to hunting or seasoned hunters alike.

No matter if you want to keep everything packed in the cooler when it arrives or arrange it a gift basket, this idea is sure to become a conversation starter at your fundraising event.

For the Mom-to-Be

If the guests at your fundraising event know an expectant mother, then this is the ideal gift basket idea. Create a gift basket using these items that include two bath soaks, magnesium lotion, organic pregnancy tea, belly oil, and a door hanger.

Everything comes packed in a box that reads, “Congratulations,” or you can arrange these items beautifully in a basket of your own. Your guests will love that moms-to-be have a wide variety of items to help pamper herself during her pregnancy.

You may also have a pregnant mom at your fundraiser who is interested in buying this gift basket idea for herself!

beyond bookmarks camp counselor survival kit

For the Camp Counselor: Beyond Bookmarks Camp Counselor Survival Kit

You could take gift basket ideas for fundraisers like this one in a variety of directions. It comes in a box that reads, “Counselor Survivor Kit,” which is cute. However, when you take the contents out, you could theme this gift basket idea toward any camping enthusiast.

The contents include a can of Febreeze, a survival tool, duct tape, playing cards, toys, a wide variety of snacks, lip balm, and ear plugs. So, even though the original theme is all about camp counselors, you could take these items and run with them when filling gift baskets for your fundraising event.

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting gift baskets for your event. Your best recourse when exploring gift baskets is choosing ones that cater to a wide range of interests.

That way, many people attending your event will have several options from which they can choose. It’s also a good idea to have more than one of the same idea present.

Like spa and food gift baskets, for example, tend to have more than one buyer.

gift basket ideas for fundraisers

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