41 Funny Office Gifts To Make Anyone Laugh

Funny office gifts can be some of the trickiest to buy. How much should you spend?

Who will you offend if you imply that Bob has stinky bathroom habits? If you want to get it right, here are just a few office gifts that will be funny, fragrant and fabulous.

41 Funny Office Gifts


For the Old Fogies: Slang Flashcards

What up, baller? You been keepin’ it real? If you have any culturally-challenged people in the office, these flashcards can be both entertaining and educational about young folks and their slang. Each card comes with a definition, illustration and pronunciation guide, so even the most out-of-touch ancestors can drag themselves into the language of the 21st century.

As a bonus, these cards might actually be helpful to an older person who feels left out of the lingo; they’re a gag gift, but they also teach legitimate, real-world slang.


To Put Thieves In Their Place: Lend-a-Pen: Pens No One Will Steal

If you’re going to explode if you hear one more rant about stolen office supplies, take matters into your own hands with these Lend-a-Pens. They come in a handsome set of five, and they’re laser engraved with slogans like “Center For Infectious Disease: Do Not Remove from Lab” and “Little Orphans Labor Camp: Thanks For Your Donation.

” Your co-worker should enjoy a respite from the theft, and you should enjoy a respite from the complaints. Everybody wins!

mug set

For a Boss With a Sense of Humor: “I Survived Another Meeting” Ceramic Coffee Mugs

If you have a boss who can laugh at themselves, consider giving them these self-aware coffee mugs. They say “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” in classic typewriter font, and they’re safe, durable and microwave-friendly for genuine use around the office.

Your boss can take their morning coffee with a little meta humor. There’s even an extra mug in this two-piece set for the office that’s really committed to its redundancy.

BS button

To Tell It Like It Is: The Official BS Button

Perfect for friends, relatives, co-workers and telemarketers, the official BS button is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gigantic red button that you can slam whenever you smell bull feces in the vicinity.

An alarm will sound, and a voice will declare “bulls**t detected” or “that was bulls**t.” You’ll want to keep it away from HR, but as a stocking stuffer or desk decoration for a colleague, it’s sure to be appreciated.

toilet spray

For the Smelly Bathroom Bombers: PooPourri Before You Go Toilet Spray

Do you have to brace yourself before walking into the office bathroom like you’re Jon Snow facing off against the White Walkers? Consider giving the offender this “before you go” toilet spray. Like its name suggests, it’s sprayed before they release the kraken, and it will stop odors before they even begin.

As a bonus, it’s made with completely natural compounds that won’t trigger any perfume allergies, so it’s safe to use in a busy public bathroom.

desk flipchart

For Emotional Clarity: The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart

This is one of those silly gag gifts that can be unexpectedly helpful when used in the right way. Do you have a co-worker who hates being interrupted when they’re busy? Are you sharing a cubicle with an anxious or introverted person who doesn’t really communicate? Either way, the daily mood flipchart can help them express their feelings without needing to say a word.

It has more than 42 emotions to choose from, including “giddy,” “neglected,” “fabulous,” “tired” and “apathetic.” They should be able to find something that represents their state of mind.

lunch joke

To Start a Prank War: Lunch Bugs Zipper Sandwich Bags

You should know in advance that this gift is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. If you don’t mind the chaos that will ensue, however, it’ll be an amazing gift for pranksters and practical jokers.

It’s basically a set of everyday plastic baggies with bugs printed on them, and the prints are so realistic that they’ll inspire all kinds of gasps, shrieks, screams and stomps from their victims. They might even deter a sandwich thief from raiding the office fridge!

beach zen garden

To Daydream of Exotic Vacations: Beach Zen Garden

Anyone can buy a miniature zen garden. How many people splurge for a beach-themed one? It has the same stress-relieving sand that your colleague can push around when they need to chill out, but it’s surrounded by towels, umbrellas and seashells for a more vacation-y look.

It will take them away from their troubles and let them fantasize about that trip to Hawaii that they’ve always wanted. Of course, it might be a bit of a torment as well…

desktop punching bag

When Your Boss Has Just Announced Another Meeting: Desktop Punching Bag

If you have a co-worker with an anger management problem, this probably won’t help, but it will definitely be fun to watch. The desktop punching bag can be clamped or suctioned to any flat surface. It’s made of durable, double-stitched leather that can take a legitimate pounding.

It isn’t a gag gift; it’s a real punching bag that just so happens to be cubicle-ready. You might find that it becomes a popular fixture for everyone in the office, not just your gift recipient.

message stamp

Say It With Red Ink: “Not My Job” Self-Inking Novelty Message Stamp

Great for bills, memos, requests, complaints and anything else that needs to go to a different department, this “not my job” stamp will send a clear and direct message in vividly red ink. If you have a buddy who is always beleaguered by things that aren’t his responsibility, this stamp can help him blow off some steam and reclaim some of his time.

When you want to make a statement, do it in red.

sticky notes

Forget Me Not: Time Will Tell Novelty Sticky Notes

These aren’t your usual post-it notes. Shaped like a watch and worn like a wristband, they’re basically wearable memos that are perfect for office settings. If you have a colleague who always forgets to lock cabinets or refill the coffeemaker, you can poke gentle fun at their absent-minded behavior while also giving them the tools to correct it.

It’s a nice little gift for an office stocking or white elephant exchange.

gummy bear

For Sweet Teeth: Cherry Flavored Giant Gummy Bear

Hailed as the world’s largest gummy bear, this is a five-pound monster that’s simply masquerading as a snack. Your colleague will need weeks to finish it, and that’s with dedicated eating. It’s so ridiculously large that it could probably double as a hand weight during exercise.

Your colleague will certainly need to burn some calories if this beast is on the menu.

file folders

Adding a Little Fun to Organization: Honest File Folders

If you know someone who doesn’t like to beat around the bush, consider these file folders. They’re printed with “must do,” “won’t do” and “don’t want to do,” so they’re a truthful trifecta for any office worker with a lot of paperwork.

They even come with tabs on alternate sides so that they can be stacked together in a neon bundle of regret and exhaustion. Merry Christmas!

note pad

For the Airing of Grievances: Sh*t List Note Pad

Everyone has a sh*t list in their thoughts, but this gift will give annoyed and aggravated co-workers the chance to write a real poo-poo postcard. The next time that someone steals their parking spot, they can jot down the “offender,” “violation” and “plan of attack” on their trusty notepad.

Options for future action are “ignore,” “confront,” “stew” and “avenge.” There are 60 sheets in total, so your buddy will be able to overflow an entire toilet before he runs out of grievances.

travel tumbler

To Celebrate Mediocrity: World’s Okayest Employee Travel Tumbler

It takes a lot of effort to walk the middle of the road, and you can honor that aggressive averageness with the “World’s Okayest Employee” travel thermos. Double-sided plastic will provide insulation and keep beverages warm, and a removable silicone sleeve will prevent slips, fumbles and burns.

Your colleague will be able to enjoy their java while proudly declaring to the world that they’re adequate in all things.

message gum

For Awkward Encounters With Awkward Small Talk: Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum

If you know someone who hates small talk, they might appreciate the “get along with your co-workers” gum. It can really grease the wheels of stilted encounters during smoke breaks or watercooler chats.

There’s nothing funny about the gum itself; it’s a regular, fruit-flavored treat. It just comes in a bright package with its name proudly emblazoned on the front, so it’ll get a chuckle when someone pulls it out and puts it to good use.

Consider it an icebreaker for people who don’t like icebreakers.

memo pads bundle

Embrace the Stress: Funny Novelty Memo Pads Bundle

“Everything is fine,” says the man drowning underwater. “This is my life now,” says the man surrounded by flames. If these sentiments describe your everyday office life, your co-workers should get a kick out of these grimly funny memo pads.

There are four in total, including “I have no idea what I’m doing” and “I’m not even trying anymore,” and they’re sized at 4.25 x 5.5 inches with 50 pages each. They’ll be great for notes and doodles during your millionth meeting of the week.


For Women Who Get Stuff Done: Boss Lady All-Natural Organic Soy Candle

Show some solidarity with a female boss by gifting her this “Boss Lady: Infused With Hustle and Caffeine” candle. Made with soy products, it’s completely free of harmful chemicals, but it still offers an amazing scent that combines coffee, vanilla, butter and caramel.

She’ll perk up and power through her appointments even as she enjoys the therapeutic benefits of an organic soy candle.

sound machine

To Liven Up Meetings and Conferences: 16-Reponse Sound Machine

Who wouldn’t enjoy a round of applause after a presentation? With this miniature sound machine, your gift recipient can provide a soundtrack to all of the office’s triumphs and tragedies. It offers more than a dozen noises in total, so the owner is free to utilize them as they see fit.

Maybe they could punctuate a budget meeting with a “ka-ching,” or maybe they could roll out the drum roll before someone makes a dramatic announcement. The possibilities are endless.

grenade figure

For Whiners, Weepers and Whisperers: Complaint Department Grenade

This gift is for the folks who are two seconds away from committing justifiable homicide if people don’t stop complaining about the dishes in the break room or the temperature of the thermostat. Made to look like a real grenade, it’ll send a funny but meaningful message to all of the whiners in the office, so it’s ideal as a passive-aggressive present.

It also works as a present to HR professionals who have to deal with the whiners for a living.

pen holder

For the Guy With a Sick Sense of Humor: Dead Fred Silicone Rubber Pen Holder

Fred has been murdered and turned into a pen holder. If this sounds like something that could really spice up your office, stuff him into a stocking for the holiday season. He’s a small, red-shaped human with a hole in his heart that’s perfect for standard-sized pens, and he can be splayed on his front or back for multiple murder tableaus.

He’s the kind of office accessory that will be an immediate conversation starter. You could say that he’s a… killer gift.


For Quirky Friends: Custom Face Socks

You’ve already gotten them a t-shirt with kittens firing laser guns while on the back of a unicorn. What’s next? Consider some custom face socks. These goofy fashion pieces can be customized in a number of ways, so whether you’re thinking about raunchy jokes or meme-inspired galaxy prints, you can bring out your creativity in full force.

Stick their own face on the socks or make them groan by putting on your boss or a hated celebrity. This is a gift that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “subtle,” so have fun with it!

coffee mug

When Your Life is Like a Sitcom Anyway: “That’s What She Said” Coffee Mug

“That’s what she said” is an ancient and revered proverb in any context, but it’s especially fitting as an office gift because of its frequent use in The Office. If you’re constantly cracking jokes with your co-worker about how your boss is a Michael Scott, they should appreciate this mug and its meaning.

It can be used as either a regular coffee mug or a desktop pen holder.

box sign

A Reminder of One’s Priorities: Pawprint Trimmed “For My Dog” Box Sign

Some people are motivated by pictures of their kids. Others take strength from inspirational quotes or posters. With this wooden block, you can remind a dog owner of why they’re grinding every day: “I work hard so my dog can have a better life.

” It’s a nice little sign that can be mounted on a wall or propped up on a desk, and it also comes in a cat version for feline moms and dads.

chia pet zombie

A Green Thumb With a Red Tip: Chia Pet Zombie

Chia pets are funny office gifts for any occasion, but you have to be careful when buying the likenesses of celebrities or politicians. You don’t want to offend anyone in a company full of divergent opinions.

The good news is that the zombie chia pet is suitable for left wingers, right wingers and all of the wingers in between: It would eat everyone indiscriminately, so you’re in the clear.

finger yoga

For the Butt-Scratcher in the Office: Finger Yoga

Finger yoga is perfect for co-workers who have a problem with scratching themselves, cracking their knuckles, poking all of your stuff or constantly drumming their digits on their desk. It gives them a more productive way to occupy their time, and it doesn’t even require any fancy candles or meditative chants.

Who has time to take a full-body yoga class, anyway? Skip the studio and go straight for the important stuff: the ability to pick your nose with fast, flexible fingers.

mouse pad

When You Can’t Say It Out Loud: “Drop Everything” Mouse Pad

Funny mouse pads come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is especially suitable for the office. It says “let me drop everything and work on your problem,” so it’s quite relevant for people who are pestered by their co-workers every day.

It will let them snark without having to say a word. It’s also a nice mouse pad, so that’s a plus; it’s a gift that will actually be useful for people who spend a lot of time on the computer.

gift box

For Hilarious Results: Nap Sack Prank Gift Box

Wrapping can play a big role in the success of your gift, and with this prank box, you’re sure to get some guffaws. It advertises itself as the “Nap Sack Sleep Hood,” a ridiculous invention that looks like something out of the world’s worst infomercial, but it’s actually an empty box that you can fill with whatever you want.

Just enjoy your co-worker’s face as they struggle to be tactful when receiving what they think is the most bizarre gift ever!

ring toss game

Family-Friendly Fun: Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

This is a great gift for the parent in your office. Not only can they entertain the masses at your office holiday party, but once everyone’s done with their tipsy ring tosses, they can deflate the game and take it home to the kids.

It’s good clean fun for all ages, so it will make a thoughtful, family-friendly present that can be used for years to come.

money soap

To Encourage Good Hygiene: Money Soap

There’s nothing worse than someone in a shared office space who doesn’t wash their hands. If you can’t coax them into better habits, however, you can always bribe them. This “money soap” comes with a folded bill in the middle of the bar, and the only way to free it is to use the soap.

Maybe you could stick it in the bathroom and announce a competition: The first person to reach the money gets to keep it.

color changing mug

For Grumpy Mornings: “Go Away” Color-Changing Coffee Mug

If you’ve never heard of color-changing mugs, they’re made with heat-sensitive paint that can detect the change in temperature when the mug gets warmed by coffee and other beverages. This one has three marked levels: “go away,” “not yet” and “how may I help you.

” When the mug is filled with coffee, it says “go away” and “not yet” because the drinker hasn’t imbibed enough caffeine yet. Once the coffee is gone, the previous words fade, and only “how may I help you” remains.


To the Technologically Challenged: WTF Is My Password: Internet Password Logbook

This nifty little notebook is designed specifically for passwords. Every page is in alphabetical order, so you can make entries in a very tidy fashion, and the categories are cordoned off into “website,” “username,” “password,” “pin/hint” and “other.

” You might wind up buying two of these just because they’re so useful. One can be an amusing Secret Santa gift, and the other can be tucked away into your own desk.

lighting LED gloves

Relief for Cold Hands: Flashing Finger Lighting LED Gloves

Typing can be a chilly task in the winter, especially when you’re forced to do it a lot. Is your colleague counted among these unfortunate folk? Give them some light-up gloves. They’re thin enough to be used at the computer but thick enough to keep their hands warm, and as a bonus, their fingertips will flash in psychedelic colors in the dark.

You might even keep this part a secret and let the other person find out on their own. Their reaction will be priceless!

beanBoozled game

For the Break Room: BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box

If you and your colleagues like to hang out in the break room, BeanBoozled can be a fun way to pass the time. You’ll spin a wheel to determine which color of jelly bean to eat, but the nice ones are mixed with lookalike versions that taste vile, and you can never be sure which is which.

The green ones, for example, might be peach or rotten egg. It’s a low-stakes challenge without any points or time restraints, so it’s perfect for office settings. You can play or abandon the game at will.

plush bear

Squeeze for a Surprise: Sir Growls-A-Lot Plush Stuffed Bear

Everyone has a co-worker who loves cute things and decorates their cubicle to match. Why don’t you give them a sweet, cuddly teddy bear to go with their decor? Just don’t tell them that Sir Growls-A-Lot will completely transform when he’s given a squeeze.

His cute little mouth will drop open to reveal sharp, pointed fangs, and his adorable eyebrows will furrow in hunger. He’s ready to eat. Your co-worker will be lunch.


Trick Your Bosses: Office Party Stapler-Style Corkscrew

Perfect for wine lovers, this clever gadget can sit right out in the open while management is none the wiser. They’ll assume that it’s a regular stapler, but it actually unfolds into a corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter.

It’s ideal for office parties or a few late-night nips when you’re burning the midnight oil. If you know someone who works a lot of overtime, this could be a fashionable and functional gift that they’ll use time and time again.

face pillow

Save Your Spine, Sacrifice Your Dignity: Nap Sleeping Face Pillow

On one hand, this is a genuinely comfortable pillow that can be used for home, work, leisure or travel purposes. On the other hand, it has a gigantic hole in the middle for face-first naps, and there’s simply no way to use that without looking like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

Wrap up this bad boy if you want to give a gift that’s practical but also a bit ridiculous.

foot hammock

Kick Up Your Feet: Adjustable Office Foot Hammock

Do you have an annoying co-worker who always tries to kick up his feet at your desk? Or maybe he’s the type to stretch out and hog all of the leg room at a shared table. Either way, this “foot hammock” should get him back into his own space.

It even comes with portable, adjustable features to suit a wide variety of furniture, so he’ll have no excuse to bother you anymore.

garden flag

For the Lucky SOB Who Is Leaving the Company Forever: “You Can’t Make Me, I’m Retired” Garden Flag

“I don’t want to. I don’t have to. You can’t make me. I’m retired.” If your co-worker is headed towards retirement, send them off with a garden flag that’s equal parts style and sass. It can be displayed on walls, doors, banisters or flag poles, and it’s the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t care anymore.

Hopefully, you’ll be in the same position some day.

collection of jokes

Take a Deep Breath: We’re All A Mess, It’s OK

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a funny stress reliever to keep from strangling all of your co-workers with your bare hands, consider We’re All A Mess, It’s Okay. It’s a collection of jokes, stories and anecdotes about a wide variety of embarrassments and failures, and it can really calm you down during a bad day.

You’ll love it; your colleagues will love it. Maybe you can pass it around the office when your boss starts talking about corporate retreats again.

3 Important Considerations When Picking Gag Office Gifts

Office gifts can be hit or miss, so you’ll want to take some time and think about your choices before you decide that a whoopee cushion is the pinnacle of human comedy. If you want a better breed of joke, here are just a few things to consider as you shop.

1. Functionality

The best kind of gag gift is one that’s actually useful or purposeful in some way. Where’s the fun in buying something that they’ll just chuckle at and stick in their bottom drawer forever? For a gift that keeps on giving, buy them something that they can’t resist using even if it’s comedic.

2. Appropriate for the Workplace

Unless you work in a very liberal office, you’ll need to toe the line when it comes to funny holiday gifts. Avoid the usual no-nos like religion and politics, and be careful with edgy humor that uses colorful language. If you would get in trouble for saying it in everyday life, don’t say it with your gift.

3. Genuinely Funny

This is easier said than done, of course, but the whole point of a funny gift is to make the recipient laugh. If they don’t get the joke or aren’t amused by it, your gift has failed. Keep this in mind while shopping for them, especially if you don’t share a similar sense of humor. What’s funny to you might not be funny to them.

You might need to poke around a lot of different products before you find the perfect gag gift for your colleague. If you’re dedicated to the healing benefits of laughter, however, use this gift guide to bring a little levity to your workplace.

Final Words

What do you think, readers? Do you love or hate our taste in funny office gifts? Have we missed anything that should be included? We’re open to suggestions!

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