30 Gag Gifts For Lawyers To Put Some Humor in Their Life

Lawyers are a serious bunch, but they sometimes have a sense of humor, especially when caught off-guard.

If the lawyer in your life has a sense of humor, some of these gifts will put them in a laughing mood. If not, you might hear crickets!

30 Gag gift ideas for lawyers

wine tumbler

For the Stressed Lawyer: Trading Legal Advice for Wine Tumbler

Beginning lawyers might not yet have the clientele to create a profitable business, so they might work pro bono in the meantime. If you know someone like this, then this wine tumbler with a cover will be the perfect gift.

The outside of the tumbler states, “Will give legal advice for wine.”

With double-wall insulation, beverages stay hot for up to three hours or cold for nine hours. The cup is made from stainless steel, while the lid is BPA and paraben-free.

The rubber gasket around the lid keeps liquid inside without fear of anything spilling.


Wearing the Scales of Justice: Men’s Justice Socks

It’s a common stereotype that lawyers are serious and always wear drab colors. While they need to dress professionally, it’s okay to wear fun socks. These justice scales socks give the lawyer or law student a bit of fun and color in their outfit without throwing off their professional vibe.

The socks have a navy blue background with bright yellow heels and toes, with yellow justice scales throughout the sock’s entire surface. They are made with spandex, nylon, carded cotton and fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13.

makeup bag

The Importance of Makeup Before Justice: Women’s Makeup Bag

Makeup might not always be that important for women, but justice takes a back seat when it comes to personal routines. This cosmetic bag states it all, “First the Makeup, then the Justice,” in bold black letters between flowers and the scales of justice on the front.

It has a black zipper with a silver pull on top of a beige canvas bag.

If you have any female lawyers on your gift list, they might appreciate the humor of this bag, especially if they aren’t the makeup type of person.


Help Them Make Decisions: Legal Decision Paperweight

It might seem that legal decisions are based on a complex series of decisions and past case histories. But have you ever stopped to consider that maybe legal decisions are made at the turn of a dial?

When you give your favorite law student or lawyer this legal decision paperweight, they’ll likely agree that decisions might feel like this sometimes.

The paperweight is also a fidget spinner that contains very important decisions, such as “insanity plea,” “beg,” “ask mom,” or “lie.” Whatever the spinner lands on is the “right” choice.

coffee mug

Find the Pun: See You Later Litigator Coffee Mug

A pun on words, the “See you later litigator” coffee mug will have your lawyer friend laughing in no time. It is a white ceramic mug with black letters and an alligator on the mug’s bottom half. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and perfect for that first cup of morning java before your loved one hits the law books.


It’s the Cat’s Meow: The Cat Lover’s Law Journal

If your loved one loves cats even more than practicing law, this cat paw journal should give them something to mew about. With a cat paw print displayed prominently on the front, and the words “Lawyer by day, cat lover by night” above the paw print, your friend will love using the journal.

The lined pages, complete with a line for the date, will help your friend organize their thoughts or make lists, or whatever they want to use it for.


Tell Them How You Feel: Billing Conversation T-Shirt

If you go for a consultation with a lawyer, you’ll usually have to pay for it, whether they can help you or not. This fun t-shirt tells people who want to have a free conversation with others that they will be billed for the conversation.

The t-shirt is black with white letters and is made with 100% cotton, and the sizes run from small to 3XL, which run smaller in size than normal.

lawyer magnetic poetry kit

They’re a Poet and Don’t Know It: Lawyer Magnetic Poetry Kit

If you’ve ever played around with magnetic words on the refrigerator, then you already know what this kit is about. The Magnetic Poetry Kit for lawyers contains over 200 law-themed words stuck to magnets that your loved one can use to create a silly poem, paragraph, or several unrelated sentences.

It might even help the law student find inspiration for their next paper.


For the Feminist Lawyer: RBG Unframed Poster

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a role model for many young women who aspired to be lawyers and judges. Most feminist lawyers would love having this unframed poster of RBG’s outline among several books and words.

The main words state, “Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book.”

The poster stands 16 inches (40 centimeters) tall and 12 inches (30 centimeters) wide and comes unframed. The gag here is if your loved one is against RBG, this poster might inspire groans or worse, so tread lightly!

beer glass

Bucking Gender Stereotypes: A Woman’s Place Beer Glass

Gender stereotypes being what they are, many people still seem to believe that a woman’s place is in the home. But for a lot of career women, they buck this gender stereotype and mock it. If you have a powerful woman on your guest list, she will love this beer glass.

“A woman’s place is in the courtroom” is printed on the front of the glass, and it holds 16 ounces–perfect for a bit of beer after work.

trump coffee mug

No More Trump: Trump Coffee Mug

If your loved one is a Trump fan, this coffee mug might not be a joke. However, regardless of their political views, this Trump coffee mug tells your loved one that they are great–better than any other lawyers.

And he knows great lawyers. Really.

This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and is perfect for those dicey situations that a lawyer might go through.

decanter and glass set

Because the Job Is Stressful: Globe Decanter and Glass Set

Once the courtroom doors close and the lights are off, it’s time to relax with a drink. This globe decanter and shot glass set is the perfect thing to come home to after a long day in court. Is this a gag gift? Well, it could be if you tell them you want to give them the world, but then they get this.

A glass decanter and two glasses have the world etched into them, and the decanter sits on a globe holder. Everything sits on a wooden base, and it makes a classic addition to any office or home setting.

pen holder

Beware the Ides of March: Julius Caesar Pen Holder

History fans will get the significance of this Julius Caesar pen or pencil holder, as there are seven slots in his back for pens or pencils. According to the Roman calendar, Caesar was stabbed in the back 23 times while at the Senate on the Ides of March, or March 15.

As a lawyer, your loved one might have times where they want to stab someone, as Julius Caesar was stabbed, but this action is illegal. Instead, give them this bust with seven stab holes they can use to pretend to stab someone else.

Made with a heavyweight painted resin, it can also be used as a paperweight.

shot glass

Rest the Case: Shot Glass

It can be stressful to be a lawyer and have to argue cases all day. But when that lawyer gets home, they don’t want to argue other cases on their hours off, especially with family. The solution to this problem is a small ceramic shot glass that says, “I rest my case.

” Black on the inside and white on the outside; it holds 1.5 ounces (44.4 milliliters) and is great for a quick drink after work.

wood sign

For Your Women Lawyer Friends: Only the Finest Women Wood Sign

Practicing law is traditionally a field dominated by men, so when women enter the field, they need to be tougher than men in some ways. This plaque demonstrates this ideology by saying, “All women are created equal, but only the finest become lawyers.

” The plaque and stand are hand-carved wood made in the USA.

bronze tray

Weighing the Scales of Justice: Bronze Tray

The scales of justice have become a symbol of the law used on or in almost everything meant for lawyers, judges, and politicians. It even shows up as a desk decoration, such as this bronze tray. Fashioned in the antique style, this tray can hold small items like paper clips, rubber bands, or coins.

It will make a nice addition to any lawyer’s desk.

notebook for lawyers

Badass Is Not a Title: Funny Notebook for Lawyers

Lawyers often need to be tough in court and out of court to prove their cases, making them a badass in many situations. Because of this, they earn their title of “Badass,” but it’s still not a job title, which this funny small notebook verifies.

“Lawyer because badass isn’t an official job title” adorns the front cover in bold white letters against a dark background.

The pages inside are lined and contain 50 sheets, front and back, giving your loved one 100 pages on which to write their thoughts or ideas.

ceramic mug

For Law Students: Almost a Lawyer Coffee Mug

Law students will appreciate this coffee mug that says, “Trust me, I’m almost a lawyer,” due to their student status. As students prepare to fight injustice, they need a coffee mug that encourages them and tells them that they are almost there–that they’ve almost made it to their career of choice.

This ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and can hold up to almost 11 ounces (325.31 milliliters).

pen and pen case set

Wood and Scales: Personalized Wood Pen and Pen Case Set

While a pen set in a case is not necessarily a gag gift, you could make it into a joke if you input the wrong name when buying the set. But that is only recommended if you know the person well and have a sense of humor that matches yours.

Otherwise, they might get upset with you.

Either way, this solid wood pen and case set in a rosewood color is an elegant gift that can be personalized with the person’s name and degree letters. The set includes:

Pen case
Rollerball pen
Ballpoint pen

pocket mirror

For the Hair Out of Place: Silver Pocket Mirror

Looking good while fighting injustice in the courtroom is not always required, but it is a preferred look. That is why this silver pocket mirror might be a good idea for the lawyer on your gift list. The one thing that might make it a joke is if your loved one isn’t that concerned with appearances and you’re joking about the stereotypes.

At any rate, the front of the mirror displays the scales of justice containing flowers, while the phrase “Best Lawyer Ever” is over the scales. It is made from stainless steel and comes in a decorative gift box.

charcuterie board

For Elegance on the Rare Day Off: Charcuterie Board

On the rare day off, your loved one might want to indulge in a little charcuterie in style, which this board and serving utensil set provides them. The board is made from a high food-grade bamboo, complete with a hidden drawer that stores four cheese knives.

It comes with an e-guide on how to easily build a charcuterie board like the pros.

Your loved one can either create an indulgent meal for one or an appetizer board for a small gathering with their friends or colleagues.

magnetic book markers

Keep Their Place: 30 RBG Magnetic Book Markers

Lawyers or law students are usually reading for one thing or another, and if they find something that will help their current case, they will need to mark it for later use. RBG fans will love this set of 30 magnetic book markers that can clip on the pages for easy use.

The bookmarks all have quotations from RBG that either entertain or encourage the recipient.


Wearing Justice: Law Scales and Book Socks

Even while wearing a suit and tie, some men want to express their individuality secretly. These justice scales socks will help fill that need. Justice scales, gavels, and books are printed on a light blue or teal background with black heels and toes.

They are made from cotton, polyamide, and elastane and come in men’s shoe sizes 7-13.

alligator T-shirt

A Litigator or Alligator: Alligator Lawyer T-Shirt

An alligator in a suit is A Litigator–get it? Your loved one will certainly get the pun and love the joke. Made with cotton and polyester for a great fit, the shirt comes in navy, cranberry, or heather grey, and the sizes range from small to 3XL.

To maintain a great fit, it needs to be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried at low temperatures.


For Their Keys: Elegant Keychain for Law Students

No, this is not a gag gift, but it is a gift that your law student or lawyer friend will love a cherish. This stainless steel, hypoallergenic keychain contains three charms:

A jeweled heart with a banner with the word “Lawyer” across it
The scale of justice
A round charm that says, “Never forget the difference you’ve made.

All of the pieces are nickel and lead-free, which means they won’t rust or tarnish, and it comes in a velvet gift bag.

evidence bag

Hiding the Evidence: Blue Q Zipper Evidence Bag

This bag is the perfect gag gift for your lawyer friend, as the front design looks exactly like an evidence collection form. Your loved one can use this bag for cosmetics, pens or pencils, or any other small items that clutter up their briefcase.

It is made from a strong and durable recycled polypropylene which can be wiped off again and again, which means the bag is waterproof, so the contents inside won’t get wet if something spills on top of it.

plastic artwork

Let Them Raise Their Voice: Raising a Voice Plastic Artwork

To be an effective lawyer, sometimes they need to raise their voice and make a change. But does raising one’s voice create that change? Or do lawyers just need a more effective argument?

This plastic plaque features a dinosaur with its mouth wide open and the lady justice symbol, with the words “Don’t raise your voice.

Improve your argument.” It is made from high-quality, durable plastic and comes pre-framed, which means it can easily stay in one place without any problems or installation.


Get To Know the Judge: Funny Lawyer Notebook

Lawyers sometimes write a lot, so this notebook should come in handy when taking notes in a client session. While they can use any old notebook, the front graphic might make your loved one laugh in recognition:

“A good lawyer knows the law.

A great lawyer knows the judge.”

If your loved one has been a lawyer in one place for several years, they will identify with this statement, as they know all the judges and can create a case that will appeal to each judge.

The notebook contains 110 lined pages and is 6″ x 9″ (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm), perfect for carrying in a briefcase or even a pocket.

wine glass

For the Student That Survived Law School: Wine Glass

If you’re looking for a graduation present for your law school graduate, why not try this wine glass? This 21-ounce (621.1-milliliter) wine stemless wine glass has green vinyl words that say, “Law School Survival Glass” and a justice scale under the words.

It is perfect for either a law school graduate or someone who is just starting law school. The glass should only be hand-washed so that the printing doesn’t chip or come off.


Lawyer Talk Is Expensive: Talk Is Cheap Coffee Mug

If there seem to be more coffee mugs in this guide than anything else, that’s because coffee is an essential element to this high-pressured career. And what better way to drink coffee than through this funny lawyer mug? The words, “Talk is cheap until you have to talk to a lawyer,” are positioned on top of the justice scale.

The mug has a wide C-shaped handle that makes it comfortable to hold and use. It is top-rack dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Funny Gag Gift Guide: What’s Funny to a Lawyer?

Some of these gifts might not seem so funny, but any gift can be funny if you frame it right. For example, if you get a Trump lawyer coffee mug, as listed above, and your loved one is definitely NOT a Trump fan, they will laugh at the absurdity of the mug. Or, if you get your loved one the Magnetic Lawyer Poetry Kit, you can show them how to create lawyer limericks.

Anything can be funny if you create the correct scenario, but will your loved one have the same sense of humor?

If you think a lawyer appreciates lawyer jokes, you may need to rethink your opinion. Not all lawyer jokes are off-limits. Many of these jokes are fine on the streets or in their homes, but there are certain lawyer jokes that should probably not be said in the presence of lawyers in the office.

However, what lawyers find funny depends on the individual, as humor is varied. That said, you know what your loved one finds funny, and you know what they get offended at. Once you establish that, you’re free to find gag gifts that they will love.


That concludes the gag gift guide for lawyers. We hope you find something in this guide that your loved one will like, and if you do, feel free to leave your preferences in the comment section! We rest our case.

gag gifts for lawyers


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