Gift Basket for Book Lovers: 42 Ideas to Treat Yo’ Shelf

Are you trying to create the ultimate gift basket for book lovers? You’d better upgrade the size of your wicker. Here are 42 goodies that will stuff that gift basket to the brink!

Gift Basket for Book Lovers – 42 Ideas


Take Their Nose to Another Place: Old Books Soy Candle

You can’t beat the smell of old books, and with the help of this candle, you can transport someone into a cozy, well-loved library where they can curl up in an armchair and breathe deeply. It perfectly captures that heady mix of paper, leather and wax, and it has just a hint of mustiness to seal the deal.

As a bonus, it’s made with all-natural soy ingredients, so it’s completely safe to burn for hours as they get lost in their favorite books.

feather quill pen set

For Old-Fashioned Flair: Feather Quill Pen Set

From the libraries of Alexandria to the cathedrals of Paris, feathered quills have recorded all of history’s records, poems, prayers, manuscripts and documents. Do you know someone who would like to add their own words to the mix? This writing set comes with a quill, a bottle of ink and six different silver nibs that can be used for different types of calligraphy.

It’ll make them feel like they’re hunched over an 18th century scroll in a monastery somewhere.

librarian action figure

A Gift for the Real Heroes: Librarian Action Figure

In a world filled with slavering hordes of people saying “it had a blue cover” and “I don’t know the author, but his name was funny,” librarians are the true saviors of humanity. Represent their power with this librarian action figure.

She has glasses, gray hair and a steely look in her eyes, so she’s ready to take on anything. She even comes with a superhero cape!

lord of the rings ring

Hairy Feet Not Included: Lord of the Rings Gold-Plated One Ring

If they dream of the rolling hills of the Shire and the gleaming beauty of Rivendell, this is a gift that will gather all of their fantasies and bind them. It’s a perfect replica of the One Ring right down to the flowing letters embossed on the gold band.

Your friend can wear it on their finger, or they can put it on a chain and stash it around their neck. The latter might be the better option. You never know when Sauron is watching.

what would Jane do? book

Talk Darcy to Me: What Would Jane Do?

Jane Austen always spoke her mind, and What Would Jane Do?: Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen is a collection of her greatest hits as both an author and a woman. Its stylish hardcover binding comes with a ribbon to mark the reader’s place, and its pocket size will fit neatly into a gift basket.

If she loves Mr. Darcy, she’ll love the mind that created him.

wine glass

For the Literature Nerd Who Can Hold Their Liquor: I Like Big Books Stemless Wine Glass

If you know someone who likes to sit back with a good book and a glass of chardonnay, this is a present that will get them nice and tipsy. It’s a stemless wine glass that says “I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie.

” Not only will it delight them right down to their boozy little toes, but since it’s going into a gift basket, it can be stuffed with candies and other little baubles as well. You can turn it into a gift within a gift.

cat-shaped LED book light

Feline Fun: Cat-Shaped LED Book Light

An adorable gift for an adorable reader, this cat-shaped book light can be clipped to any page or cover. It’s made of soft, flexible rubber that can bend 360 degrees in every direction, and its LED light can be turned on and off depending on their need.

It can also serve as a bookmark. Since it weighs less than an ounce, it won’t add any heaviness to their book, and it can be slipped into bags and backpacks for work, study, travel and leisure.


To Walk With Lucy and Mr. Tumnus: Vintage Bronze Narnia Locket Necklace

Made with a beautiful bronze alloy, this locket looks like something that was unearthed from an antique jewelry box. You can wear it as a pretty pendant, or you can open its tiny hinges and carry a picture or rolled-up note.

Its exterior is decorated with one of the chapter illustrations from the old 1970s version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, so it’ll also make a great gift for Narnia fans.

japanese snack box

Delight an Otaku: Japanese Dagashi Snack Box

In Japan, dagashi are small, colorful snacks that schoolchildren can purchase with their pocket money. They’re the equivalent of penny candy from America. They’re perfect for a gift basket since their fun and exotic packages will make everything pop, and their small size won’t be an issue with everything else that you have stuffed in the basket.

If they’re a big reader of Japanese manga, consider a gift from the Land of the Rising Sun.

coaster set

For Thrills and Chills: Classic Gothic Horror Book Cover Drink Coaster Set

The creak of a door. The shadow of something sinister on the wall. These are the settings for gothic horror, and you can bring them home with a four-piece coaster set that depicts famous scenes from Dracula, Frankenstein, Sleepy Hollow and Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not only are they colorful, fanciful coasters, but since they’re made with a waterproof and heat-resistant resin, they’ll do their job as well.


A Gift to Die For: Wicked Witch Bookmark

Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes, but this one has a unique literary twist that will delight fans of The Wizard of Oz. At the end of the regular, flattened bookmark, a pair of black-and-white striped legs will stick out from the pages! They’re even wearing the ruby red slippers before Dorothy got them.

If you know someone who needs a heart, brain and courage, this bookmark will send them down the Yellow Brick Road.

wooden box sign

To Upgrade Their Interior Design: “Between The Pages of a Book” Rustic Wooden Box Sign

Wooden box signs are a trendy gift, but the words printed on this one are timeless. They say, “Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be” in a swirling font with leaves and an open book as a centerpiece.

It’ll be a touching sign for a book lover, and they can display it on desks, mantles, tabletops and bookshelves.

guest soap

For Shakespeare Nerds: Lady Macbeth’s Guest Soap

“Out, D*mned Spot!” The words of Lady Macbeth have been forever immortalized on this bar of soap, and it couldn’t be a more fitting tribute to a literary icon. Despite the fact that it’s a punny gag gift, it’s also quite nice as a bath product.

It smells like fresh milk and cocoa butter!

teas english

Read ‘Em and Steep: Novel Teas English Breakfast Teas

Perfect for book clubs and other gatherings, Novel Teas are a series of individually-wrapped teabags that have been printed with famous literary quotes. From To Kill a Mockingbird to The Grapes of Wrath, each teabag celebrates a great novel.

There are 25 in total, and they’re all flavored like good old-fashioned English breakfast tea. Give them to a bookworm and see how many quotes that they can remember.


When They Can’t Tear Themselves Away: Just One More Chapter Throw Pillowcase

Every reader knows the irresistible pull of a book when it’s getting good, so they should laugh at this pillowcase that says “Just One More Chapter.” It’s a sentiment that they can definitely relate to, and thanks to the soft, luxurious cotton of the fabric, it’ll become a sentiment that they can snuggle to as well.

Just know that this is only a pillowcase cover. You’ll need to buy an actual throw pillow to stuff inside of it.

Harry Potter page clips

Accio Book: Harry Potter Page Clips

Cast a spell on your gift basket with these adorable Harry Potter page clips. The whole gang is here, including a wand-toting Harry, a buck-toothed Neville and a googly-eyed Luna. There’s even a cute little Hedwig! They’re much more magical than your usual bookmarks, so if you know a Muggle who likes magnetic page clips, this is a gift that will keep the pages turning.

100 books scratch off poster

To Cross Some Titles Off Their Bucket List: 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

Are they making their way through the classics? This scratch-off poster can help. It has a square for 100 of the most famous, well-known novels in human history, and every time that they finish one, they can scratch off its square and reveal a colorful little illustration from the book.

As for fitting the poster into a gift basket, don’t worry: It comes rolled up and stored in a neat little box.

wooden book jewelry box

For Beautiful Book Lovers: Wooden Book-Shaped Jewelry Box

If they love to make themselves pretty, this wooden jewelry box will be just as stunning as the jewelry itself. It’s crafted with real timber from the Ukrainian mountains, and it has a see-through woodcutting design on top that will reveal the shining jewels and gems underneath it.

It’s also shaped like a book! Its side curls into a faux hardcover binding, and if you look closely, there are fine details to suggest paper pages and leather stitching.

coloring book

To Poke Fun at Your Favorite Introvert: Women Reading With Cats Coloring Book

Call them out with Women Reading With Cats: A Coloring Book for Book Lovers. Every page has a unique combination of ladies, cats and books, so they can spend their afternoons relaxing and coloring with their furry friends on their lap.

As the coloring book says, it’s “another excuse to stay home.”

mini notebook

For Jetsetters and Globetrotters: Passport to Neverland Mini Notebook

Fly away to a place beyond the imagination with a Passport to Neverland. It isn’t a real passport, but it’s a perfect replica of one, and it does come with a compartment to stash your passport photo. It also has lined pages for lists, doodles, travel plans and any other information that they want to keep close on the go.

The most important line is printed on the first page of the notebook: Do you believe in fairies?


For Chilly Winter Mornings With a Book: “Shhh I’m Reading” Ankle Socks

These soft cotton socks would be a lovely gift on their own, but they’re made even better with the message printed on the bottom: “Shhh! I’m Reading.” Your gift recipient will be able to stretch their legs and prop up their book on their stomach for a nice, long trip to Hogwarts or Hobbiton, and if anyone tries to disturb them, they can just lift a foot and tell them to come back later.


To Pair With Their Bell Bottoms: Women’s Book Nerd Retro T-Shirt

With its white background and black trim, this t-shirt looks completely normal from the back. It’s only when you face it head-on that you see the rainbow gradient spilling out of the loud, proud “Book Nerd” text.

You can practically hear the synthesizers from the ’80s soundtrack as you admire it. If she loves vintage clothing just as much as she loves vintage sci-fi paperbacks, she’ll put on this shirt and never take it off.

espresso cup and saucer

Drink Me: Alice in Wonderland Espresso Cup and Saucer

Never be late to another tea party with the help of this espresso cup and saucer. It’s decorated with all of the most famous motifs from Alice in Wonderland, including top hats, teacups, clocks, letters, books and keys.

Alice and the Mad Hatter are there, too. Your friend will be able to sip their coffee in style even as they take a trip through another, more fantastic world.

wordsmithery game

For Gaiety and Tomfoolery Among Revered Acquaintances: Wordsmithery Game

See if all of their reading has paid off with the Wordsmithery Game. It’s a simple, turn-based card game where they have to guess the meanings of rare or difficult words. There are multiple choice options if they get stuck, or they can really test themselves by guessing blindly.

Is their vocabulary up to the task? They won’t know until they crack open the Wordsmithery Game, so stick it in their gift basket and offer to play a round or two when they open it.

Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead

Quoth the Raven: Edgar Allan Poe Bobblehead

At first glance, this Edgar Allan Poe figurine might look like any other scholarly gentleman, but you’ll see the tell-tale identifier when you notice the black raven at his feet. He’s also holding a book and quill to further cement his status as the master of the red death.

If you don’t want her to be a lost Lenore, you’ll get her this Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead and let it serve as a cool display item in her home. You’ll be her favorite person forevermore.

bamboo bookends

For the Collector: Natural Finish “Read” Bamboo Bookends

If they’ve lost sight of their floor underneath stacks and piles of books, this gift can help. It’s a set of beautiful bamboo bookends that will make them proud to display their favorites on a shelf. The left one says “RE” while the right one says “AD,” and together, they send a message that every book lover can appreciate.

It’ll also be a great gift for teachers and librarians who want to remind their students about the importance of literacy!

my book down T-shirt

When Reality Isn’t as Nice as Narnia: Forced to Put My Book Down T-Shirt

“If You Can Read This Shirt, I Was Forced to Put My Book Down and Rejoin Society.” It’s the kind of t-shirt that any book lover can relate to, which is why it’s great for a book lover’s gift basket. You can roll it up and stuff it alongside all of your other treats and trinkets, and whether they’re a man or woman, you can order it in the right cut and turn it into a great gift.

Art print

Speak to the Poet in Their Soul: To Be Nobody But Yourself E.E. Cummings Art Print

If you need a centerpiece for your gift basket, this sweet and sentimental E.E. Cummings print might just bring a tear to their eye. It extols the virtues of being yourself in a world that’s always trying to change you into someone else, so it’s a meaningful message on a beautiful print that can be displayed on any wall, desk or bookcase.

It comes without a frame, which is probably best if you’re wrangling it into a gift basket, but you can buy your own to make it extra special.

tote bag

To Relieve Some Burdens: >What Happens At Book Club Canvas Tote Bag

The first rule of book club is that you don’t talk about book club. If you have to mention it, however, this tote bag is the way to go. It comes in both 15 x 15 and 15 x 18 inches, so you can choose the size that’s best for your gift basket, and its reinforced stitching makes it strong enough for books, groceries, towels and anything else that needs to be hauled around.


For Thrifty Shoppers: Antiquarian Bookplates

One of the downsides of buying used books is that they’re often marked by names and dedications in the front pages. With bookplates, however, you can cover them up and make the page like new again. These stylish bookplates come in a pack of 55, and they’re decorated in a soft antique style with quotes from authors like C.

S Lewis, Helen Keller, Johnathan Swift, and Samuel Johnson. They’ll be ideal for the reader who hangs out in thrift shops and secondhand book stores.


Because Who Needs Tact: I’d Rather Be Reading Key Chain

It can be hard to fit all of your goodies into the limited space of a gift basket, but this key chain is small enough to tuck into the side with plenty of room to spare. It says “I’d Rather Be Reading” with a small dangling charm of an open book, so it’s perfect for bibliophiles.

The stainless steel material won’t fade or tarnish, and the one-inch size will be unobtrusive in everyday life.

wax seal stamp set

Dun-Dun Dun Dun Dun-Dun Dun Dun: Game of Thrones Wax Seal Stamp Set

They can send their correspondence in style with this wax stamp kit. There are six different stamps for the six great houses of A Song of Ice and Fire, and while the designs are more show-based than book-based, they’re still instantly recognizable as cultural icons.

Your fantasy nerd will die a little when they see them. Just hope that they don’t come back as a White Walker.

tin candle

For the Swooning Sassanech: Jamie Fraser Scented Tin Candle

Truthfully, Jamie probably smells like any other unwashed 18th century Scottish dude who lives in his kilt and only bathes when it rains. But Outlander has always asked us to ignore reality in favor of hunky warriors pledging their swords to time-traveling nurses, so this candle is just doing more of the same.

It smells like mist and pipe smoke, and it’ll take a sighing romantic right into the Scottish highlands to spend some time with Jamie.

library card

For a Trip Down Memory Lane: Library Card Zippered Pouch

Keep them organized with a zippered pouch. It measures 9 x 6 inches, so it’s small enough for travel but large enough for electronics and books, and it’s decorated to look like an old-fashioned library card.

If they’re old enough to remember the days of checking out books without digital scanners, they’re sure to get a kick out of this pouch.

superwoman bookshelf

To Empower Young Readers: Floating Superwoman Bookshelf

Floating bookshelves are always fun, but this one takes it a step further with a Superwoman design. She’ll hold up all of their favorite books with a single arm, inspiring them to read, dream and achieve.

It’ll be an amazing gift for young girls who find themselves drawn to the written word and all of the things that it can do.

shakespeare plush doll

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle: William Shakespeare Plush Doll

Another great gift for Shakespeare lovers, this one takes a softer, fluffier approach to the Bard. He stands 11 inches tall and is dressed in the ruffles and velvets of his time, and he’ll make a great guardian for bookshelves everywhere.

He might even be the same height as a stack of his own books! He’ll be a fun and unique gift for literature geeks who enjoy off-the-wall collectibles.

coffee mug

Say No to Censorship: Color-Changing Banned Books Mug

Can you identify a list of banned books? Can you explain why they were banned in the first place? With this color-changing mug, your literary friend can use their morning cup of coffee to play a guessing game with the world’s most challenged titles.

As the heat of their beverage seeps into the mug, the titles will slowly be revealed, and they can see if their guesses were correct!

wooden folding book

For a Different Kind of Nightcap: Wooden Folding Book Light

If they like to finish their day with a chapter or two of a good book, this reading lamp is perfect for their bedside table. It’s powered by a lithium battery that can be charged through any USB port or wall outlet, and it’s both foldable and portable.

When it’s closed, it looks like any old hardback book; when it’s opened, the “pages” fan out and fill with light. This is the kind of gift that a bibliophile will be raving about for years to come.

pen pack

A Gift for the Classroom or the Boardroom: Colorful Cats Ink Pen Pack

These cute little pens can be used for school, work, leisure and everything in between. They’re plain enough that they won’t be gaudy or distracting in a professional environment, but their design is still adorable.

They even have a good luck wish from the cats printed on the side. If you know someone who is a writer as well as a reader, let them scribble away with pens that are worthy of their efforts.

inspirational bracelets

Wearable Wisdom: Inspirational Bracelets with Classic Author Quotes

These fun silicone bracelets are decorated with quotes from four of history’s greatest authors: William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. They’re all solid black with the words printed in big, bold colors, so they’ll be an eye-catching addition to someone’s wardrobe.

They’ll make a great gift for fashionistas who are also literature fans.

engraved quote pen

Because the Truth is Out There: George Orwell Engraved Quote Pen

This is a gift for writers, scholars, journalists and even conspiracy theorists. It’s a handsome ballpoint pen that’s engraved with a quote from George Orwell: “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

” It can be refilled as needed, and its design is both heavy and durable, so it’s a luxury writing accessory rather than a throwaway pen. In other words, it’s a gift that they can keep for a long, long time.

literature coffee mug

A Mug Universally Acknowledged: First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

It was the best of mugs; it was the worst of mugs. This coffee cup is decorated with two dozen of the most recognizable opening lines in literature, so not only is it a highbrow present, but it’s also something that can inspire future reading.

How many times have you started a book because of a cool line that you saw somewhere? You can give the gift of experience with the help of this coffee mug.

Creating the Perfect Gift Basket

There’s an art to putting together a gift basket, but as you might expect, the most important things are the gifts contained within it.

How can you choose the most exciting goodies for a book lover’s gift basket? Here are just a few ways to put the Dewey in their decimal.

Have a Theme

Books are a broad interest. It’s like saying that someone likes “cats” or “alcohol.” What do they like specifically, and how can you incorporate those things into a gift basket?
For example, do they like mysteries, romantic comedies or sci-fi novels? Are they a fan of the classics, or do they prefer comics and graphic novels?

Use Your Space Wisely

The trickiest part of making a gift basket is fitting everything inside, so if you can, look for gifts that are easily stacked, stored and stashed.

Don’t buy anything with an odd or bulky shape that will dominate all of the available space. Don’t be afraid to repurpose things, either; a coffee mug can hold snacks, and a shirt can be wrapped around a poster.

Don’t Buy Books

You might think that putting books in a book gift basket is a no-brainer, but how can you be sure that you aren’t buying something that the other person already has or doesn’t like?

It’s the literary equivalent of buying jewelry. Unless you’re absolutely sure that you know their preferences, it’s probably best to exercise caution and buy something else instead.

Consider Their Needs

The best gifts are useful ones. Not only will this ensure that your gift doesn’t wind up in the back of a closet somewhere, but it will also keep you on the other person’s mind.

Every time that they use their new key chains, highlighters, bookmarks or reading lamps, they’ll be reminded of you. That’s the kind of impact that you want your gift basket to have.

Final Words

What do you think of these suggestions for a book lover’s gift basket? Do you have any other ideas?

Do you see anything so amazing that you’re tempted to buy it for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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