32 Gift Ideas for Dragon Lovers: Treasures Beyond Gold

Smaug. Drogon. Saphira. Falkor. These are just a few of the dragons of pop culture, and from fire-breathing beasts to misunderstood friends of magic, they’ve been capturing imaginations since people first started telling stories around campfires.

If you know someone who can’t get enough of draconem, here are just a few gift ideas for dragon lovers!

wooden dragon puzzles

For the Puzzlemaster: Apro Vision Wooden Dragon Jigsaw Puzzles

This is a puzzle like you’ve never seen before. Not only is it shaped like a dragon, but its 304 pieces are carved in unique, memorable forms like birds, lions, gates, and clock towers. Everything is vivid and popping with color.

Artistic details range from clawed talons to horned wings with elaborately painted imagery like stained glass. After they’ve put the whole puzzle together, they’ll probably want to frame it rather than disassemble it.

medieval-dragons table lamp

A Light in the Dark: Gothic Guardians of Light Medieval Dragons Table Lamp

Made of a deep red cabochon stone, this table lamp looks like something straight out of a medieval-style dungeon. Two winged dragons seem to be climbing the intricately decorated urn that makes up the lamp’s base.

A dark shade keeps its light dim and moody. It won’t do much for someone looking for a light to read by, but if they enjoy unique, dragon-themed home accessories, call up the castle warden and tell them you want to place an order.

show blade with stand

To Slay a Fell Beast: FM-571 Fantasy Dragon Show Blade With Stand

The spirit of the samurai is strong with this one. Not only is it a genuine steel blade, but it’s been applied to the sleek, deadly curve of a dragon’s tail, accentuating the majesty of the beast with nine razor-sharp points.

Its head would be the pommel if it was a real blade and not an artistically rendered show version. Even as a decorative item, however, it has a real “wow” factor that’s sure to get compliments from dragon lovers and everyday guests alike.

chess set

Checkmate: Dragon Chess Set

Gorgeously crafted, this chess set is so high quality that your gift recipient might just hoard it like a dragon’s treasure. Each piece is decorated with a dragon – the castle of the rook, for example, has a dragon wrapped around its pillar – and they’re moved across a glass board marked by white and transparent squares.

The pieces themselves are finished with bronze and silver. To play a stylish and sophisticated version of the game of kings, this is the chess set that you’ll need.

dracopedia of the dragons

For the Obsessive: Dracopedia of the Great Dragons

There are thousands of dragon species out there, but none have been celebrated throughout the centuries as much as the “great eight.” Dracopedia of the Great Dragons: An Artist’s Field Guide and Drawing Journal takes an in-depth look at these particular beasts of legend and where they come from, what they’re known for, and how artists can draw them.

From horned Icelandic dragons to frilled Italian dragons, this tome is a must-have for anyone serious about their dragon lore.


For the Office Worker With a Roaring Spirit: Dragon Stapler

They might not be able to escape their cubicle, but they can turn it into a legendary cubicle with the help of office accessories like this dragon stapler. It’s hand-painted with gray charcoal to make the resin look like old and crumbling stone, and fine detailing can be seen in the dragon’s eyes, ears, scales, and snout.

The stapler mechanism is hidden in the mouth, so it works by snapping the mouth shut. They might wind up stapling an excessive number of documents just because it’s so much fun!

dragon dice storage box

To Protect Their Crystals and Gems: Fanged Dragon Dice Storage Box

Though it’s advertised as a dice box for Dungeons and Dragons players, this delightful little container could be easily repurposed for other means. It looks like a plain treasure chest from the outside, but when you throw open the lid, you’ll be greeted by spiked dragon teeth jutting out from blood-red walls and a single eye that sees all.

You can also add a lock to the hatch for even more of a “keep out” message. Kids will love it, and many adults will get a kick out of it, too.

bodycon dress

A Gift That Will Keep on Giving: Chinese Cheongsam Dragon Print Bodycon Dress

If she likes dragons that come from the East, she might appreciate this sexy, slinky bodycon dress. It’s designed to look like a cheongsam from ancient China with red dragons dancing on black fabric.

Another version of the dress has the same style but with a white dragon print on black. No matter which that you choose, you’ll be giving her a fantastic look for future date nights!


For a Huff and a Puff: Sleeping Dragon Ashtray

Made of polyresin, this detailed, hand-painted dragon looks more like a work of art than an ashtray, but there’s no reason that they have to use it for cigarettes. The basin created by the curled figure of the sleeping dragon could just as easily be used to hold candy, coins, or any other small trinkets.

If they’re a smoker, however, they’ll definitely appreciate the little touches like the scales of the dragon’s tail being spaced out enough to act as cigarette holders.


Cutely Kitsch: Thick Knit Novelty Dragon Socks

Fun and funky, these dragon socks will be a statement piece for any fire-breather or prince-battler. They look like open-mouthed dragons chomping down on the wearer’s calves! Fabric teeth complete the look, as do fabric wings and spikes along their backs.

The only downside of these socks is that they’re so thick and fluffy that they won’t really fit into shoes, but that’s okay. They can be something comfy worn when a dragon lover is lounging around at home.

garden dragon statue

To Harness the Sun’s Magic: Solar Powered Orb Garden Dragon Statue

The only thing cuter than a dragon is a baby dragon, and this statue is so adorable that it’s sure to get squeals as soon as it’s unboxed. It depicts a chubby, pint-sized dragon laughing and clutching a solar-powered orb like the world’s greatest toy.

During the day, everything is the same shade of stone-colored silver; at night, the orb will glow with a golden light. It’ll be a magnificent decoration for any yard or garden that could use an otherworldly touch!

toilet paper holder

For the Knight of the Bathroom: Mythical Winged Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

This laugh-out-loud gift is the kind of thing that becomes a funny story for years to come. It’s a fully functional wall-mounted holder for toilet paper rolls, and it just so happens to be in the shape of a fierce, red-eyed dragon.

He holds the toilet paper with two clawed hands and a look of great concentration. Give it to your friend and watch the laughter erupt as soon as they unwrap it.

vinyl decal

Fire and Blood: Targaryen Dragon Symbol Vinyl Decal

A three-headed dragon is already awesome, but when you add in the fact that it’s the house crest of the Targaryens in Game of Thrones, it takes on a truly epic meaning. They can use this sticker to declare themselves king or queen on any number of surfaces, including walls, windows, laptops, lockers, car bumpers, and water bottles.

Its vinyl material makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

neck pillow

For the Jetsetter: Dragon Plush U-Shape Neck Pillow

Do they often travel to faraway lands? They don’t have to do it in discomfort. This cute, cuddly, and squeezable dragon plushie is conveniently U-shaped to make it perfect for long trips in uncomfortable seats.

Its microfibers keep it soft and cozy even as its stuffing keeps it solid and stable. It’s adorable, too, with anime-style features that are closed in sleep just like its owner. If you look closely, you’ll even notice a pink blush on its cheeks for extra charm!


When They’re No Damsel in Distress: Steel Sword Dragon Necklace

If there’s anything more metal than a dragon wrapped around a sword hilt, we don’t know about it. This necklace will make them feel like they’ve been dropped right into the Sword of Truth series every time that they don it.

It’s available in both gold and white gold, and the chain can be adjusted to lay at different lengths down the chest. Turn them into a bada** with a necklace that’s just plain punk.

3D-dragon lamp

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Dragonfire: 3D Printed Volcano Dragon Lamp

You’ve seen the elegantly wrought gothic dragon lamp. Are you ready for the fun kids’ version? This dragon lamp is made in a “floating” 3D style that depicts a dragon in the middle of flying and breathing fire.

The smoke cloud is what lights up, casting white, yellow, orange, and red shadows like it’s really shooting flames out of its mouth. You can run it via batteries or USB power, and it’ll last 8 – 10 hours before needing another charge.

it’ll function nicely as everything from a night light to a cool tabletop decoration.

leather journal

For the Next Tolkien: Handmade Leather Double Dragon Journal

Available in both black and brown, this handsome leather journal has an old-fashioned feeling to it, which will give a certain gravitas to any lists, notes, dreams, or drawings housed within it. Twin dragons are embossed on the cover, and the threaded spine and golden hinge closure make it seem like something from the 11th or 12th century.

Inside, more than 200 pages are awaiting their words and artwork. If they have something to say, they can say it with a dragon.

wall mask

From the Paleontologist: Dragon Head Wall Mask

Masks are used in a variety of cultures to represent both the best and worst of humanity, but this mask goes in the opposite direction with something utterly inhuman. It’s a dragon skull, and it’s been delicately crafted but fiercely sculpted to look like the real remnants of a great beast.

Your gift recipient will probably want to hang it on the wall rather than actually wear it. It’s that artistically done.


A Better Way to Eat Ramen: Reusable Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Chopsticks

Another gift inspired by the orient, these wooden chopsticks have an achingly beautiful design that showcases ancient dragons and phoenixes from China folklore. They come nestled in a decorative box for ready-made gift giving, and they include matching holders for resting the chopsticks on the table between bites.

Calligraphy is inscribed on the sides along with the animal motifs. There are two pairs in total, so they’ll also make a great present for couples.


In Recognition of Their Next Life: Dragon Spirit Animal T-Shirt

Do they already know that they’ll be reincarnated as a dragon? If so, you’ve just found a gift that will speak to their innermost thoughts and desires. It says “Spirit Animal” with the letters dripping down into a colorful backdrop that shows off the black silhouette of their favorite creature.

Sizes are available in S – XXL, and multiple cuts and colors are available to suit dragon enthusiasts from all walks of life.

refrigerator magnets

The Lord of the Leftovers: Collectible Sculptural Dragons Refrigerator Magnets

If you’re looking for quick and easy gifts for dragon lovers, consider this four-set magnet collection. They’re high quality sculptural pieces with lots of loving attention to detail, but they’re also cute, colorful, and reasonably priced, so you won’t break the bank with your purchase.

They’ll be ideal as a stocking stuffer or a gift for someone you don’t know that well.

snow globe

For the Collector: Ice Dragon StormBall Snow Globe

If they like snow globes, this one is sure to become the centerpiece of their collection. The globe is actually an orb being held in a dragon’s upturned mouth! Everything has a frosty, winter-themed look with icicles decorating the base and the dragon itself having blue and white scales.

Inside the orb, glitter swirls in a sparkling and multicolored spectacle that will mesmerize everyone who sees it. Who says that dragons have to emit fire? They can also amaze with ice.

blank note card set

Wish You Were Here: Dragon Dreams 10-Piece Blank Note Card Set

With so much dragon stationery out there, how can you choose just one gift? This set makes it a bit easier by including 10 cards in a single pack. Each one has a different dragon design on the front, and the inside is left purposefully blank so that your gift recipient can use it for any occasion.

The material is a thick, high quality card stock, and the images are glassy and full color. Envelopes are included.

metal tin sign

To Celebrate the Great Stories: Book Dragon Metal Tin Sign

“In a world full of bookworms, be a book dragon.” This decorative sign will be perfect for teachers, librarians, bibliophiles, and anyone else who enjoys passing the time with a novel or two. More than just a printed piece of art, it’s a tin sign with pre-drilled holes for hanging on a wall or bookcase, and it can add a fun, rustic touch to someone’s interior decor.

The dragon’s wings are even spread against a backdrop of yellowed dictionary pages!

dragon egg figurine

To Hatch a Little Magic: Birthstone Dragon Egg Figurine

This is a fun and unique gift with a personal touch. All you need to know is their birthday, and you can order a cute, birthstone-colored dragon statuette in everything from opal to emerald to aquamarine.

Each hatchling has a slightly different pose as they emerge from their egg, but all are equally adorable, and they’ll make great decorative items for homes, offices, dorms, and more.


For the Mother of Dragons: Game of Thrones Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles

This is another gift inspired by Game of Thrones, but you don’t need to be a khaleesi to appreciate them. They’re a trio of candles designed to look like dragon eggs, and they have everything from the scales to the subtly shimmering color gradients to prove it.

Each candle is unscented, so they’ll be nice even if the other person isn’t into fragrances. Be sure to watch their face when the wax first starts melting, too: It’ll look like liquid gold running down a fiery egg!

viking tankard

Bottoms Up: Medieval Dragon Viking Tankard

When a regular coffee mug is too boring, consider upgrading with a tankard! This one is thick, sturdy, and covered in faux metalwork that gives it a distinctly Viking aesthetic even as it’s covered with dragons.

Despite its heavy detailing, it’s still dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so it can be used for real drinking and not just holding pens. Did we mention that the handle itself is also a fierce, snarling dragon ready to leap off the ceramic?

trinket box

To Hoard Their Treasures: Eye of The Dragon Mystical Trinket Box

Dragons are all about safeguarding their gold, and this trinket box lives up to the spirit with its cool, fantasy-themed design. It has a single dragon eye peering out from the middle of its circular container, and the edges are embellished with detailed scales, swirls, and curls.

Best of all, since it comes empty, you can fill it with yet another gift of your choosing. Does she like candy? Would he appreciate some cash?


For the Weary Knight: Purple Dragon Throw Blanket

Cute and colorful, this throw blanket will make your gift recipient feel warm and fuzzy in more ways than one. Its rainbow dragon is stitched with a childlike sense of whimsy, and the effect is even more pronounced thanks to the quilted patchwork of additional multicolored dragons around its edge.

Hypoallergenic fabric will ensure that it doesn’t trigger any allergies. Available sizes include 51 x 59 inches and 59 x 79 inches.

dragon building kit

For the Littlest Dragon Lover: Remote and APP Control Dragon Building Kit

Get your kids interested in STEM while also indulging their dragon fever. This building kit will let them build a moving dragon model from scratch and control it via remote when they’re done, so it’s a chance to work hard, problem solve, and enjoy the fruits of their labor after following directions.

Additionally, since the dragon can be moved through the jaw, head, neck, tail, and feet, all kinds of creative and dynamic play is possible. They’ll be training their hands and unlocking their imaginations all at once!

stamp set

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Flying Dragon Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Help them write letters like they’re a dragon-riding king making peace with his enemies from behind the walls of his castle. This kit comes with everything that they’ll need to create an old-fashioned wax stamp, including the stamp itself and two red and gold wax sticks for melting.

The seal is, of course, in the shape of a dragon. It’ll be high fantasy fuel for anyone who’s ever dreamed of rescuing maidens, battling evil forces, or simply living a life grander than what ordinary society has to offer.

wrapping paper

Wrapped With Love and Firepower: Black and White Dragons Pattern Wrapping Paper

For the finishing touch on your gift, how about some dragon-themed wrapping paper? It depicts black and white dragons mid-flight across a gray background, so it’ll be classy enough for adults but fun enough for kids as well.

You can use it yourself on whatever present that you’ve purchased, or you can wrap up the gift wrap and make it the present. Your dragon lover will be able to share their passion with everyone else in their life, too.


These are just a few gifts for dragon lovers that are sure to get them roaring. What do you think of our selections? Is there anything that you love, hate, or want to see again? What would you give a dragon lover to make them soar?


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