30 Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Aren’t Clothes

If your boyfriend has, like, a million shirts or way too many pairs of pants, why not get him something that he doesn’t have to shove into his closet? This article will go over 30 fun gifts that he will never have to put on his body!

30 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend that aren’t Clothes

wekapo inflatable lounger

For Comfort Anytime, Anywhere: Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

This fantastic outdoor lounger is the perfect gift for guys who enjoy spending time outside. It is effortless to inflate. No pump required! It is also very comfortable with a built-in headrest, ensuring that your man’s neck and back will remain supported.

This unique lounger is waterproof, so he can use it whenever he wants! Whether he requires a comfortable place to relax at the beach, music festivals, picnics, or while traveling, this air sofa has his back.

With its unique anti-deflation technology, this lounger can stay inflated for over six hours, so he’ll have endless outdoor fun.

the kaufmann mercantile guide book

To Improve His Skills: The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

To give your man the gift of knowledge, get him this unique guidebook! This book will teach him a wide variety of skills, from planting with the seasons to brewing the perfect cup of jo. It is organized into five sections, kitchen, outdoors, home, gardening, and grooming, turning him into a jack of all trades.

personal water filter

For Emergency Preparedness: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Whether your boyfriend is a regular hiker, camper, traveler, or just likes to be prepared, the LifeStraw will be his new favorite tool. This unique product can filter up to 1000 gallons (4,000 liters) of water.

Its unique technology permits it to remove several harmful contaminants, such as iodine, chlorine, bacteria, protozoan, and more. This tool is highly portable and doesn’t have any batteries, so it’ll always be in working order when he needs it the most.


To Help Him Find His Way: Eyeskey Navigation Compass

If your boyfriend is an adventurer at heart, he’ll love this military-grade compass. It comes with a clinometer, which will permit him to measure the angle of elevations, slopes, and hazards such as avalanches while he’s skiing, hiking, or climbing.

The compass is incredibly easy to use and read. At night time, it has a luminous dial, so he’ll never lose his way. It is also waterproof and impact-resistant, so it can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

survival gear and equipment

To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment

This 100 piece survival kit will prepare your boyfriend for anything that comes his way (yes, even zombies)! Some of the included tools are a serrated knife, fire scraper, emergency rope, whistle, emergency escape tool, fishing tools, and so much more! The gear comes in a functional bag that is small, lightweight, and highly portable, so he’ll be able to take it with him, no matter where he ventures.

credit card multitool

For Outdoor Adventurers: The Adventure Guys Credit Card Multitool

This card-shaped multi-tool is small enough to fit inside your boyfriend’s wallet, so it is highly portable. It has over 1001 uses, making it the ideal tool to have on hand for fishing, hiking, camping, and any other outdoor excursions.

This multi-tool 0is made from durable stainless steel and ABS plastic, so it won’t easily bend or break. Go ahead! Try to run it over or throw it off a cliff. It’s pretty much indestructible.

wood cornhole set

If You Love Him With Your Hole Heart: GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set

If your guy loves nothing more than hanging out in his backyard, this premium cornhole set will be his favorite outdoor activity. The set comes with regulation-sized boards, eight weather-resistant bean bags, a carry case, and rules.

Your boyfriend will spend hours outside playing this exciting game with his friends and family.

outdoor family games

For Unlimited Outdoor Fun: Bocce Ball Set – Outdoor Backyard Family Games

Get your man this awesome bocce ball set for some wholesome outdoor fun! The set comes with four green balls, four red balls, and one Pallino ball. The balls are made from a high-quality resin material, ensuring that they’ll last for years to come.

Since this game doesn’t require too much equipment to play, he can bring it with him on camping trips, beach outings, or neighborhood barbecues.

whiskey cocktail kit

For Whiskey Lovers: Whiskey Cocktail Kit

This gift will impress all of your boyfriend’s friends. This luxurious whiskey kit comes with 11 specialty tools, including whiskey glasses, a crystal mixing glass, a silicone ice tray, a bar spoon with a muddler, a jigger, and garnish picks! He’ll have everything he needs to drink whiskey like a pro.

Whether he wants to make a classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan, he’ll have the tools to pull it off.

whiskey bullets

To Make Drinking So Much Cooler: Whiskey Bullets

These bullet-shaped whiskey stones will make drinking that much more exciting. The set comes with five stainless steel bullets that come in an extraordinary carrying case. These whiskey chillers are odorless and tasteless, so he’ll be able to enjoy the authentic flavors of his beverage.

flask gift set

If He Likes Customized Stuff: Personalized Leatherette Flask Gift Set

To give your boyfriend’s gift a personal touch, get him this nifty customizable flask set! The set comes with one black flask, two shot glasses, and a funnel for easy pouring. The flask and the box the set comes in are personalizable, so you can engrave your boyfriend’s name, first initial, and the date you met onto them.

ice cube tray

For Icy Cold Cocktails: Ice Cube Tray Combination

Regular ice cubes water down cocktails since they melt too fast. However, with these fabulous oversized ice cubes and ice balls, your boyfriend’s drink will stay cold while maintaining its full flavor.

This unique tray has 16 slots, eight for ice cubes and eight for ice balls, so he’ll have enough ice for himself and all of his friends! The trays are straightforward to fill, producing perfectly shaped balls and cubes every time.

liquor infusions gift set

If He Considers Himself a Mixologist: Make Your Own Homemade Liquor Infusions Gift Set

This unique gift set will permit your boyfriend to create infused cocktail creations. Whether he wants to add strawberries to his gin, lavender to his vodka, or any other type of mixture, this kit will teach him how to do it!

The infusion set comes with a one-quart (1000 mL) jar, funnel, strainer insert, fine mesh filter, and a cool moonshiner’s jug in which he can serve his unique concoctions.

It also comes with over 71 different recipes to give him inspiration for new infusions to try.

tiny topple tower

If He Loves Drinking Games: Tiny Topple by Tipsy Topple – Jello Shot Tower

This set mixes outdoor games with alcohol for ultimate backyard fun. The Tiny Topple looks like any other classic tower set. Its pieces are made with durable pine wood permitting them to withstand the impact every time the tower topples.

However, the twist is that each block in the set has two holes in it, which are the perfect size for jello shots. Adding shots to the mix makes this classic game way more fun. It also makes it more challenging since it’ll be a little harder to perform well as the game progresses!

beard kit

For Whiskered Men: Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men, Complete Set

The Isner Mile Beard Kit is the ideal gift for bearded boyfriends! This set has unscented beard shampoo, balm, and oil to give your man the sheen he’s been after. It also comes with a professional straight edge razor, scissors, and a brush so that he can shape his beard into his desired look.

All products are made with organic ingredients to keep his face and beard healthy and moisturized all day long.

bath and body spa gift set

To Help Him Chill Out: Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket

Permit your man to sit back and relax with this luxurious spa kit. The set comes with two in one shampoo and conditioner infused with tea tree and menthol to give him a deep clean and combat dandruff. It also comes with refreshing body wash, daily moisturizer, post-shave lotion, and a footstone to remove dead skin and calluses.

dead sea mud mask

For Softer Skin: Dead Sea Mud Mask With Lavender Oil

Give your boyfriend the gift of soft skin with this soothing Dead Sea Mud Mask. The mask is crafted with therapeutic ingredients, such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, and lavender oil. The mask is formulated to have an extensive impact on the skin, making it more nourished and supple than ever.

This mud mask is suitable for all different skin types, so your boyfriend will benefit whether he has oily, dry, or combination skin.

buddha board

If He’s Super Zen: The Original BUDDHA BOARD

Help your boyfriend live in the moment with the popular Buddha Board. With this board, he can draw beautiful images that have a uniquely Japanese look. After he’s finished, the drawing will slowly fade away to help him practice the art of letting go.

The set comes with a board and a bamboo brush. All he has to do is dip the brush into water to undergo this calming experience.

coloring book

If the Force Is With Him: Art of Coloring Star Wars

Is your boyfriend a Star Wars fanatic? If so, he’ll love this calming Star Wars coloring gift set! The booklet comes with over 100 images of Star Wars related landscapes, patterns, and characters that he can color.

Coloring is very calming and will inspire your boyfriend to release his creative energy. He’ll love working on his Star Wars coloring book to relax and unwind after a long day.


To Make His House Smell Awesome: Paddywax Candles Apothecary Collection

What man doesn’t enjoy the musky smell of tobacco and patchouli? This premium soy candle will give your boyfriend’s home a deliciously smokey scent. The candle comes in a vintage apothecary bottle, adding a sophisticated touch to his house’s decor.

Once the candle is burned out, he can reuse the bottle for storing change, paper clips, or anything else he desires.

manicure set

To Keep Him Neat: 16 Pieces Manicure Set With Leather Case

This stainless steel manicure set will be his fingers and toes’ new best friend. With 16 high-quality tools, your man’s skin and nails will always be in tip-top shape. The set comes with a premium leather carrying case so he can take it with him on business trips or vacations.

popcorn maker

If He’s A-maize-ing: Nostalgia Vintage Kettle Popcorn Maker

Why go to the movie theater when you can bring the theater experience right to your boyfriend’s house? This vintage popcorn machine makes movie theatre quality popcorn at the press of a button! The popcorn maker has a lighted interior and a tilted serving door, so popcorn serving has never been easier.

It also has decorative wheels and a crank, making it look straight out of the early 19th century!

indoor S´mores maker

To Bring Him S’more Joy: For Nostalgia Indoor S’mores Maker

Bring back his fond memories of campfires as a kid with this S’mores Maker! This machine has a flameless electric heater, so it’s perfectly safe to use indoors! The set includes two roasting forks, so he’ll have everything he needs to cook deliciously browned s’mores.

The stainless steel base is effortless to clean, so he won’t have to worry about peeling off any gooey marshmallow messes!

saucemoto dip clip

If He’s an On-the-Road Dipper: Saucemoto Dip Clip

If your boyfriend is always eating in his car, this gift will make his life so much easier. The Saucemoto is designed to securely hold his sauces in place, no matter the driving conditions. Now the next time he gets fries, chicken nuggets, or any other dipping food, he’ll have his favorite sauces right at his fingertips! All he has to do is snap the Saucemoto into any vent, and he is off and running.

journal for couples

For Endless Adventures: Our Adventures: A Bucket List Journal for Couples

The adventures never have to end with this bucket list journal! The journal has 101 unique adventure ideas that you and your boyfriend can do together. From small adventures like learning to say I love you in five languages to big adventures like kissing in front of the Eiffel tower, this book will inspire you both to experience more.

Your boyfriend will love this gift since it is creative and it’s something that you can do together!

luna bean casting kit

If He’s Romantic but Also Artsy: Luna Bean Casting Kit

The Luna Bean Casting Kit is an adorable keepsake that your boyfriend will hold onto for years to come. To do this kit, you and your boyfriend will hold hands inside of the plaster. When time’s up, you’ll have a perfect cast of your hands! This is a thoughtful gift that’ll continuously remind him of how much you care.

guitar picks

For Guitar Players Who Appreciate Art: 12 Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks

These unique guitar picks will inspire him as he’s strumming away! The 12 picks have one of Van Gogh’s paintings on them, including classics like Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Bedroom in Arles. They come in a specially designed metal case that will easily fit into his pocket or guitar case.

games bucket list scratch poster

For Serious Gamers: 100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

If your man is a huge gamer, he’ll adore this poster! This Games Bucket List Poster has 100 specially selected games that every gamer should try. After he finishes the game, he can scratch it off on the poster and move onto the next.

This is a fun way for him to try new games, and it adds some tastefully designed decor to his room or man cave.


If He’s a Bookworm: Industrial-Style Pipe Tabletop Bookends

These unique bookends are the perfect tool for holding your boyfriend’s book collection on his shelf. They are shaped like industrial pipes with wooden frames, making them ideal for guys who enjoy a rustic or industrial look.

These will add style to his home while also serving a great purpose.

phone docking station

For his desk: TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

This functional docking station can hold all of your boyfriend’s gadgets. It comes with a section for his phone, wallet, watches, and loose change, so he’ll always be able to keep tabs on his essential items.

The station is made out of solid ash trees, giving it beautiful, unique coloring and a strong structure. He can put this docking station by his bed, on his desk, or anywhere else to keep his items organized and together.

How to pick the right present

Outdoor Gifts
If your guy loves being outside, get him one of these awesome outdoorsy gifts! Whether he likes hiking, camping, or just chilling out in his backyard, we’ve got the perfect present to suit his interests.

Alcohol Themed Gifts
If he enjoys a nightcap every now and again, he’ll adore any of these alcohol-themed presents! We’ve got selections for whiskey drinkers, up-and-coming mixologists, drinking game fanatics, and more.

Self-Care and Relaxation Gifts
This list of calming presents will help your boyfriend relax and find peace. We’ve also included a selection of self-care gifts that will encourage him to take time for himself and his body after a stressful week.

Unique Gifts
These gifts are incredibly unique, meaning it’s unlikely he already has them! If your boyfriend seems to have everything, this is the perfect section for you to find something that’ll wow him.

Think About His Traits

If you want to get a gift for your boyfriend that he’ll enjoy, you need to consider his traits. Don’t just get him something that you would like to get! For example, if he’s really into Star Wars or hiking, getting him something relevant to these interests will be so much more meaningful than getting him a generically “nice” gift.

To help you get the ideas rolling, write down a list of his hobbies and interests. If you want to go even deeper, write down a list of his characteristics, beliefs, and principles. The more you think about who your boyfriend is, the easier it’ll be to come up with a present that he’ll find meaningful and valuable. Once you’ve determined the kinds of gifts he’ll enjoy, go back through this list and select something that matches those interests!

Wrap It With a Bow

While some guys may act like they don’t care if their presents are wrapped or not, wrapping gifts makes the experience so much more special! Receiving a present isn’t the same if it doesn’t come in a cute bag or wrapping paper with a bow! You want gift-giving to be a meaningful experience, not just something you slap into a plastic bag and call a day.

So, try to wrap your boyfriend’s gift in a way he’ll appreciate. You may choose to wrap it to look like something (pizza-shaped boxes are my favorite), or maybe you’ll wrap it based on a theme. Whatever you do, get creative! You’ll be able to come up with some excellent wrapping ideas if you put your mind to it!


Now you have 30 awesome gift ideas for guys who don’t want clothes! I hope this article has helped you select a meaningful gift for your boyfriend. If you found this article helpful, make sure to comment on it and share it with your friends!

30 Gifts for your boyfriend that are not clothes

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