30 Unique Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Horses

Little girls and horses seem to go together well in childhood. Whether you have a niece or a darling daughter, it’s always nice to make sure they have the gifts of their dreams at all times. If you have a little girl in your life who loves horses, consider one of these gifts for her.

Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Horses

horse themed dress for little girl

For the Fashionista: BEILEI CREATIONS Girls Casual Dress

If you have a young daughter who loves the fashion just as much as she loves horses, combine the two passions with this lovely casual dress. Between the bright-colored stripes to the fun horse decal on the lower half of the dress, your daughter can pair this outfit with a pair of boots in the wintertime.

Alternatively, she can wear it with a pair of sandals in the summertime. If it becomes your daughter’s favorite dress to wear, you can breathe easy because it’s inexpensive and easy to replace if damage ever happens to it.

Knowing this, purchase the dress in a few bigger sizes so that she can enjoy it as she gets a little bigger.

Barbie with her horse

For the Doll Lover: Mattel Barbie Doll & Horse

Inspire creativity and imagination in the mind of the little girl in your life by purchasing this adorable horse doll gift set for her. Mattel is known for their ability to produce stunning model horses.

Don’t worry about purchasing styling tools as there is a brush already added to the mix in order to help her detangle, smoothe and style the horse’s tail and mane.

horse themed night light

For the Fearful One: ChiMoon Night Lights for Kids

It’s not uncommon for a little one to be afraid of the dark. Alleviate those fears by providing a night light. The ChiMoon Night Light is the perfect solution mainly because it provides light in seven different colors.

Plus, it comes in the shape of the beloved horse. It’s really simple to set up and use. Additionally, the 3D LED light is an energy-saving option. This is perfect for the household with those who care about decreasing their carbon footprint.

From the LED button to the safety seal, this is a great night light for the little girl in your life.

scented scrapebook gift

For the Artist: SMITCO Scrapbook Craft Kit for Kids

Scrapbooking is an incredible hobby for a little girl to cultivate. SMITCO provides horse-themed scrapbook craft kids that allow children to enjoy lots of 3D stickers, scented stickers and more. Furthermore, the scrapbook craft kit comes with its own secret password and code for private entry.

This is a fun way to help a little girl feel like she can enjoy a top-secret project that fully expresses her creativity. Self-adhesive jewels and a feather pen are more fantastical items that are included within the craft kit.

horse stories for girls

For the Avid Reader: Great Horse Stories for Girls: Inspiring Tales of Friendship and Fun

Reading is a phenomenal way to encourage mental stimulation and engagement. So, if you have a little girl in your life who loves to read and loves horses, provide books like Great Hors Stories for Girls.

This paperback book was written by author Rebecca E. Ondov. In addition to the positive messages the book shares, it gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your little one preoccupied while you take care of errands and more.

This book teaches young ladies how to develop confidence in God has made them to be. It also instills the messages of wisdom, the power of prayer and more.

hair elastics ribbon ties

For the Girl with the Ponytail: Perfect Seeking Horse Silhouettes Hair Elastics Ribbon Ties

For a girl with long hair, it can be really annoying when there’s no available hair elastic when it’s time to put their hair in a ponytail. That’s why this set of hair elastic ribbon ties is an excellent gift to consider for a girl with a full head of hair.

The design includes the chic silhouette of a horse. It also comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, this set of 16 hair ties provide a pain-free experience for a girl who wants to keep her tresses intact.

Many hair ties tend to pull and tug on the strands until they come out. These ties are also wonderful because they don’t cause any creasing.

horse figurines craft kit

For the Painter: Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Horse Figurines Craft Kit

If you want to see a young girl’s creativity come to life, allow her to paint her favorite animal. If she’s a lover of horses, purchase this fun horse figurine craft kit. It comes with two horse figurines.

There’s an attached row of paints to choose from. With six colors to consider and a chic paintbrush, a little girl can customize the look of her two horses and make each one appear completely unique. The paintbrush is really easy to clean and reuse for another project.

The paint is non-toxic, which is perfect for little ones who like to get messy. With the right supervision, this can be a fun way to spend an afternoon and channel a girl’s inner Picasso.

wildkin-overnighter duffel bag

For the Traveling Girl: Wildkin Overnighter Duffel Bag

Traveling is an excellent way to experience the world and expand the horizons. Teach the little girl in your life more about how to travel in style. It starts with making sure she has the right luggage to use.

The Wildkin Overnighter Duffel Bag is a perfect option because it is completely covered in an adorable pink pattern with horses. One of the benefits of this bag is that it is extremely spacious and has inner pockets.

The thoughtful design is not only convenient, but it’s also moisture-resistant.


For the Jewelry Lover: ELOI Multicolor Horse Pendant Pony Mustang Necklace

If you have a little girl who loves pendants, multi-colored jewels and horses, this necklace is an ideal gift to surprise her with. There are plenty of necklaces made of metals that can irritate the skin.

Thankfully, this necklace is nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic. The multi-colored jewels will match tons of outfits. It’ll also pop as a great statement piece.

hooded blanket

For the Couch Potato: Kanguru Wearable Hooded Blanket Gifts

Curling up on the couch to watch a great movie is such a nice pastime. When the Snuggie emerged as the perfect combination between a blanket and a robe, so many people used it for curling up on the couch.

If you have a little girl who loves horses and snuggies, this Kanguru hooded blanket provides the best of both worlds. This hooded blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyester. It serves as a great option for role playing as much as it’s great for cuddling up for a nap.

The fibers are machine-washable so it’s very easy to keep clean.

wrapping paper

For the Gift-Giver: Lovely Pink Horse Birthday Party Holiday Wrapping Paper

First impressions are lasting impressions. When your little girl walks into a birthday party with a gift for the guest of honor, make a statement by wrapping it in this horse-decorated wrapping paper.

This wrapping paper perfectly communicates the love of all things feminine and horses. The great part about this wrapping paper is that it’s durable. When it’s made of quality material, your little girl can proudly carry in a gift that’s finely wrapped.

lunch box

For the Girl at Lunchtime: Wildkin Lunch Box

It’s always nice to sit down and enjoy a delicious lunch with friends at school. Give your daughter the gift of this lunch box. It’s spacious as it can carry everything from tupperware and snacks to sandwiches and water bottles.

There’s an inner mesh pocket that’s perfect for storing items like utensils and napkins. Compartments are always important with a lunch box.

coloring book

For the Art Therap: Art Therapy Coloring Horse Coloring Book For Girl

There’s something so soothing and relaxing about taking time to color. Be intentional about making sure your little girl understands the importance of activities like coloring. Get her a horse coloring book for art therapy.

If you’d like to, consider purchasing a coloring book of your own. Clear the schedule, turn on some music and pull out some crayons to color. With 36 drawings to choose from, you two can enjoy intricate designs for days to come.

unicorn shape flash drive memory

For the Tech-Savvy Girl: Unicorn Shape Flash Drive Cartoon Animal Horse Thumb Drive Memory Stick

In this digital age, it’s so important to learn how to operate everything from tablets and laptops to hard drives and jump drives. If you’ve seen that your daughter is developing her relationship with technology, include another interest she has by purchasing a horse-shaped jump drive.

It’s easy to use up a lot of space over a period of time. This is why a 64 GB option is the most ideal. It’s an adorable option. Plus, this jump drive transfers files five times faster than the average 2.

0 jump drive. It’s convenient and easy to carry as well.

horse onesie

For the Baby Rider: Crawl, Walk, Ride Baby Horse Onesie for Infant Boys & Girls

There aren’t too many things a newborn baby can do besides eat, cry and sleep. However, it’s always nice to dream. If you have a newborn baby girl, get her started early by dressing her in this horse onesie.

It makes a really fun gift for a friend at their baby shower as well. Choose one of six colors or purchase all six.

makeup bag

For the Makeup Newbie: HUGS IDEA Horse Print Protable Handle Makeup Bag

When a young girl is transitioning into the pre-teen and teenage years, there are quite of few changes that take place. Her interest in appearance might increase a bit. As a result, she’ll want to wear lipstick, mascara and more.

As you introduce her to new makeup products, purchase this lovely makeup bag that’s decorated with pictures of one of her favorite animals. It’s water-resistant, comes with a removable handle and is made of high-quality leather.

She’ll be able to fit it in luggage, purses and more. Thankfully, it’s pretty durable. Additionally, it’s a lightweight option.

popSockets grip

For the Girl with the Phone Attached to Her Hand: Horseback Riding PopSockets Grip

Whether she’s trying to take a good selfie or scrolling through her phone at night, it can be easy for a smartphone to slip out of a girl’s hands. Since most cellphones are easily breakable, it’s always important to find ways to avoid breaking them.

This durable popsocket provides the grip and style a girl needs in order to successfully enjoy her smartphone. Whenever she wants to watch her favorite horse movie or a fun YouTube video, she can use the popsocket to prop up her phone.

It’s convenient because she won’t have to hold it.

horse riding gloves

For the Equestrian: Kids Horse Riding Gloves

If you’ve signed your little girl up for horse riding lessons, this is an exciting, new experience for her to have. You’ll want to make sure she has everything she needs in order to succeed. This is why equestrian gloves need to make this list.

Since they’re breathable, they’ll be perfect for use during the spring and summer months. They’re made of a stretchable material, so they can stretch in four different ways. They are adjustable with a velcro strap to ensure security.

Choose one of five colors or purchase them all.

oil painting

For the Artistically Challenged: Rihe DIY Oil Painting by Numbers

There’s something about being able to naturally create beautiful artwork that’s fascinating and admirable. However, not everyone has the talent to paint a beautiful picture from scratch. This is why a paint-by-number system works perfectly for those who really want to create a stunning masterpiece.

Furthermore, it’s possible to create beautiful artwork that features the beloved horses. The paints are oil-based and high-quality. The instructions are really simple to follow. As a result, a girl can proudly say that she created the masterpiece that’s hanging on her wall.

She can even frame the artwork when it’s complete. The full size is 16 x 20 inches.

baseball hat

For the Girl with the Attitude: Horse Lover Baseball Hat

Nowadays, there are three-year olds who are affectionately known as “three-nagers”, which means they have the attitudes that typically associated with teenagers. Whether you have a three-year old or a pre-teen girl who loves horses, this is a perfect hat to describe her attitude on any given day.

It has a fun distressed look. Since this hat has an adjustable strap, you won’t have to worry about an ill fit.

toddler baby cartoon animals

For the Toddler Horse Lover: Toddler Baby Cartoon Animals

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to put together a difficult puzzle. This is why it’s important to be mindful of what kids need at their level. This is why it’s really helpful to get age-appropriate puzzles for children.

If you have a little girl who is clearly into horses, this puzzle will work perfectly. It also provides a developmental aspect. The puzzle requires a certain amount of critical thinking, whcih is great for educational development.

It’s also really helpful for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This puzzle is perfect for a toddler to develop their problem-solving ability while encouraging creativity.

hand painted stable

For the Imaginative Girl: Breyer Classics Country Stable

This hand-painted stable is really easy to put together. It’s also perfect for a young girl who loves to play with intricate details like a swinging hose and a wash stall that slides out. A movable ladder is another one of the fun features included.

At the top, the roof opens up for easy access to the spacious loft and stalls.


For the Sophisticated Girl: Luvalti Heart Pendant Bracelet

This silver pendant bracelet is the epitome of understated elegance. It is perfect because it combines the love of horses with chic sophistication. This is a perfect gift for a teenager who doesn’t necessarily want to wear horse t-shirts or horse baseball caps.

Luvalti provides a range of stunning accessories for girls of all ages. This horse bracelet is a simple accessory to wear with a lovely dress for a fancy event or a jean outfit for a day at school.

electric toothbrush set

For the One with the Pearly Whites: Brusheez Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set

Dental hygiene is definetly an important habit for every young girl to develop. However, when you send a little girl to the bathroom to brush her teeth, this can be seen as a chore. This is why it’s best to become intentional about setting up incentives to help her develop the habit.

If she knows that a cute electric toothbrush set is waiting for her, she might be more inclined to get the job done. It’s also great to consider this adorable toothbrush set that features Prancy the Pony.

It comes with a sand-timer, a stand, replacement brush heads and more. The sand timer is absolutely perfect for little ones who like to rush through the process. It encourages them to be mindful of how long they’re brushing.

The electric-powered option removes more than two times the amount of plaque as a manual brush does.

stable cleaning accessories toy

For the Neat Freak: BREYER Classics Stable Cleaning Accessories Toy

Whether she’s dealing with life or horses, it’s important for a little girl to know that she has the ability to clean up any messy situation. In this case, she can learn to clean up her toys in a way that’s lots of fun.

Horses tend to be pretty messy so this stable cleaning kit works perfectly to help her get the job done. It comes complete with a hay bale, a shovel and a rake. There’s a wheelbarrow to effectively get hay around the premises.

To provide a realistic situation, there’s even faux horse manure to clean up. The hand-painted details help little girls feel like they’re getting an authentic experience.

3D wooden assembly puzzle

For the Builder: Rolife Build Your Own 3D Wooden Assembly Puzzle

While this puzzle is stunning replica of a horse, it’s not your average puzzle. This comes with flat wooden panels that a girl can use to build the final product. In order to create the final product, there’s no need to use glue.

The puzzle comes with instructions that are easy to understand and follow. If you’re looking to gift a little girl with this puzzle, it’s best to wait until she’s at least eight years old as it might be a bit too challenging for anyone younger.

Good for hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and more, this 3D craft puzzle will definitely be a hit for the young horse lover in your life.

horse print backpack

For the Study Session: Dellukee Two Horses Print Personalized Children Backpack

It’s always wise to encourage young girls to study and work hard in order to achieve the success they desire. If you’re going to tell a girl to study hard, you’ve got to make sure she feels supported.

Why not offer support by providing a supportive backpack she can wear to and from school? This particular backpack includes a stunning portrait of two horses. In addition to books, it can carry a lunch box, pencil cases and umbrella and more.

horses bracelet

For the Individualist: Horses Charms Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for the girl who wants to stand out and create her own style. This eclectic accessory comes complete with the jewels that spell out ‘horses’ as well as two other charms. The other charms feature a horse and the word ‘love’ as well as a braided element.

The diversity within the textures of this bracelet are enough to intrigue and captivate at the same time. You can choose between a bracelet with brown tones, one with pink tones or another with turquoise tones.

The other option features unicorns.

pocket genius horses book

For the Walking Encyclopedia: Pocket Genius: Horses: Facts at Your Fingertips

If you have a little girl in your life who loves horses, she should know why she loves them. She should also learn more about their quirks, intricacies and more. This is why a book that covers all of the horse facts is a great gift.

In her spare time, she can pull it out of her pocket to learn more about her favorite animal. Before long, she’ll become a walking encyclopedia regarding all things related to horses.

bathing suit

For the One who Swims with the Horses: One Piece Girls Bathing Suit Animal Pattern

Make sure the little girl in your life gets the opportunity to enjoy variety. Even though she might take horseback riding lessons, don’t forget to take her to swim classes as well. Whether she’s headed to her swim class or to a pool party with friends, add this fun one-piece bathing suit to her swim wardrobe.

The eye-catching design features powerful white horses in motion. It might inspire your little girl to give her all when she’s in the water.

While this list is complete with tons of options to consider, know that you don’t have to choose only one option. Purchase a few from this list to match her all-consuming love of horses. As you search for the right gift, you might find that you’ll develop a new love for horses on your own.

If you know of a friend who has a little girl who loves horses, share this list with her. Do you have any great horse gift ideas for little girls? If they’re not on the list, comment below and share them.

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