35 Goddaughter Baptism Gifts For Loving Godparents

Being asked to be a godparent is a special honor but it’s also a serious responsibility. In agreeing to be a godparent, you’re signing up for a lifelong relationship with your goddaughter. There’s no better way to start that relationship off right than by giving her the perfect baptism gift! Check out this list of ideas.

Baptism Gifts For God Your Goddaughter

First bible book cover

A Mix of Practical & Decorative: Baby Girl First Bible and 4 Pewter Baptism Guardian Angel Crib Cross

The role of a godparent is to help a child grow in their faith. One of the best ways to do this is through a Bible. An age-appropriate Bible is one of the best gifts to help you follow through on this. This Her First Bible tells “little stories for little hearts.”

With engaging pictures and Bible stories told in short and engaging doses perfect for little ones, this gift can help ensure that your goddaughter grows up with a foundation of these Biblical stories. The Bible is on the small side, but it will be the perfect size for her little hands during her early childhood.

This gift set does more than just fill that practical need. It also includes a lovely 4″ pewter guardian angel crib cross. This decorative touch includes a sweet message of blessing to adorn the crib of your sweet little goddaughter as she grows.

baby bible white cover

A Gorgeous Cross Cover: Elegant Baby White Heirloom Baby Bible With Cross Cover

A baby Bible is always a suitable gift to give a goddaughter. This option adds a touch of elegance and delicate grace to the Bible with its hand-embroidered cloth cross cover. The cover design is reminiscent of a baptismal gown and is a reminder of the purity of the ceremony.

The delicate stitching is certainly a reminder of the delicate beauty of your goddaughter. This Bible and cover come in a lovely gift box. It is truly a keepsake or heirloom Bible that your goddaughter is sure to treasure for many years to come.

God bless book cover

A Faith-Filled Storybook Perfect for Little Hands: God Bless You and Good Night (A God Bless Book) Board book

Storytelling is important to child development and storybooks can also be a wonderful way to grow the roots of faith. This book is a delight to read and a delight for little ones to hear, perfect for bedtime. With lovely colorful illustrations, the story introduces you to a number of adorable little animals getting ready for bed.

The pictures are all engaging and feature snuggly animals like giraffes and polar bears in the middle of their nighttime routines.

Through gentle rhyming, children are reminded of God’s blessings and how much they themselves are loved. Your goddaughter’s parents might thank you because the story might even help to lull little ones to sleep.Because this is a board book, it’s easy for a little one to hold onto and turn the pages. It can even withstand some chewing for those teething years.

godchild bodysuit

An Outfit to Connect You: Godchild Quote Baby Onesie, Godchild Baby Bodysuit

Whether you live next door or across the country, you probably want to foster a strong connection with your goddaughter. This unique gift features a sweet message from you that your goddaughter can wear. Hopefully, her parents will read the message to her each time she wears this onesie.

It reads, “Godchild, I promise to love you, to guide you, to hold you in my heart, forever & always.” It is written in a lovely script with a few appropriate adornments, including a cross, a heart, and a dove.

This godchild onesie is available in 0-3m, 3-6m, and 6-12m sizes. Although this 100% Cotton onesie is meant to be worn, it also makes a perfect keepsake. It can be worn once or twice and then stored away in a baby keepsake box or even framed for display in the nursery.

baptism picture frame

To Hold the Memory: Pewter My Baptism Day Photo Album Picture Frame with Certificate, 6 3/4 Inch

Your goddaughter probably won’t remember her baptism day but that doesn’t mean you can’t help her keep the memory alive. This lovely pewter frame can hold a 4 x 6 photo of your precious goddaughter on her baptism day.

Perhaps you will give a photo of the two of you together at her baptism to go inside the frame. The frame is engraved with a lovely message and some faith-themed objects. In addition to the frame, this comes with a certificate to fill out with all the details of the baptism day. This set of frame and certificate comes in a nice gift box.

baptism engraved picture

A Personalized Frame: J Devlin Pic 393-46H EP590 Personalized Baptism Picture Frame Engraved Glass Photo Frame 4×6

This elegant engraved glass frame elevates the photo frame gift a bit by letting you personalize it. You are able to have it engraved with up to five lines of text with a maximum of 10 characters each.

Including your goddaughter’s name and date of baptism is what most people choose to do, following a line that says “God Bless.” There is also a beautiful engraved cross design that is below the first line of text.

For a photo frame, this has a unique design. The triangular glass sides and base are pleasing to the eye but they also provide superior stability and support for the frame. Around the picture frame part itself, there is some gorgeous decorative metal that really adds to the elegant presentation of this frame.

nursery door hanging

Nice Nursery Decor: Silver Girl wall Cross Infant Blessing Baby Plaque Wall Decor Hanging

This is another lovely baptism gift that comes in a nice gift box. This 6-inch silver cross is perfect for hanging on the wall in your goddaughter’s nursery.

It features a delicate and simple cross with a young girl on her knees praying at the center of the cross. This lovely reminder can help encourage your goddaughter to always say her prayers.

The construction of this cross is not cheap. It is solidly constructed and a bit heavier than you might expect. It is built to last and should look nice as it watches over your goddaughter for years to come.

baptism blanket

A Personalised Blanket: Baptism/Christening Baby Blanket for Girls

The comfort of a soft blanket is something even adults enjoy but it can particularly important for children. This personalized blanket will have your goddaughter feeling warm, safe, and cozy. The blanket is a soft fleece with a wide satin border.

It is a nice size of 36 x 36 inches. One corner of the blanket features a cross, a dove, and a Bible along with your goddaughter’s name. Optionally, you can pay a bit more to have the date of baptism included on the blanket as well.

There’s no guarantee, but this personalized blanket may well become the beloved blankie your goddaughter treasures above all others for years to come. Without question, it’s a way to keep her warm and all wrapped up in your love for at least a little while.

jeremiah baby blanket

Another Blanket Option: Luxuriously Soft Scripture Throw Baby Blanket | Jeremiah 29:11

If you hope to prevent your goddaughter’s life from being one big explosion of pink, this ivory blanket is a nice alternative gift. The 100% Fleece/Sherpa Fabric is ever so soft and cozy.

There is fleece on one side and fluffy, lamb’s wool-like Sherpa on the other side. We all know that messes happen with little ones so it will comfort you to know that this is easy-care fabric that will do well when washed.

Since it is adorned with a beloved verse from Jeremiah, it’s a way for your goddaughter to literally “Get Wrapped Up in The Word.” The verse is written in a lovely calligraphic script.

porcelaine cross

Precious Moments for Your Precious Goddaughter: Bisque Porcelain Cross, Girl

Precious Moments has been a longstanding provider of perfect gifts for little ones at important moments in their lives. These keepsakes with their unique design aesthetic are favorites for many people. This decorative cross display features a little girl, just baptized.

The center of the cross at whose feet she sits reads “You are a child of God.” Sitting at just over 6 inches high, this is a delicate piece made of fine bisque porcelain. It is hand-painted, mostly in pinks and whites.

On the back of the cross, there is a space to write your goddaughter’s name and date of baptism. This keepsake will be treasured for years and will be a lasting reminder of her baptism, your love for her, and most importantly, God’s love for her.

goddaughter quote

A Lovely Goddaughter Print: Quote Sign by Ocean Drop Designs

This lovely print will fit in beautifully in any nursery, especially one with a more contemporary design. The beautifully stylized word art captures the feelings you surely have your goddaughter.

It reads, “Goddaughter, I promise to love you, to guide you, to support you, to care for you, to encourage you, to keep you in my heart always.” The black and white print is perfectly sized at 8 x 10 inches and will look lovely framed or hung with the included hanger. If you wanted to buy a frame as well, you could give the gift framed for that next level of gift presentation.

swaddle baby blanket

Swaddle Her With Love: Baby Swaddle Blanket with Baby Quote

Swaddling is a great way to help a baby relax and it ensures they stay warm and comfortable when sleeping. Why not give a gift that makes that swaddling experience extra special for your goddaughter? This blanket measures 47 x 47 inches, an ideal size for swaddling.

Made from 100% cotton, the blanket is soft, warm, and easy to care for. The design is black and white and features a message of blessing in a lovely script. The blanket reads, “May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, take your hand when need be and fill your heart with his love.” What a perfect message on a blanket that will give your sweet little goddaughter comfort and warmth.

Swarovski jewel set

A Jewelry Set: Necklace Gift Set with White Swarovski Simulated Pearls and Crystals

Not every girl wears jewelry at her baptism but this set would certainly make your goddaughter look extra special on her special day! This darling bracelet and necklace set features delicate white Swarovski simulated pearls alternated with crystals and a small sterling silver cross at the center.

The jewelry set is available in a range of sizes, so it’s a suitable gift for your goddaughter whether she is a newborn or a 10-year-old! This sweet and delicate jewelry set can certainly be worn for other occasions as well and it makes a nice keepsake item, too.

noah's ark playset

A Faith-Themed Toy: Aurora World Baby Talk Carrier, Noah’s Ark Playset

Giving gifts to little girls is always a delight but giving a toy as a gift can be extra fun. This playset lets you give a toy that is also faith-themed so it makes a perfectly acceptable baptism gift!

The soft Noah’s Ark playset features a soft plush Noah’s Ark carrier and four removable plush toy animals: Elephant, Lion, Zebra, and Giraffe. As if that weren’t darling enough, the four animals all make a sound. Children get a lot of pleasure from sound and learning animal noises is always fun.

Pair this fun playset with a children’s Bible and you have a fun way for a child to play with one of the Bible stories she is hearing! It doesn’t get much better than that.

louie the lamb stuffed animal

A Praying Pal: Lil’ Prayer Buddy Louie the Lamb

Every child needs at least a few stuffed animals. Why not spoil your goddaughter with a little stuffed friend that also recites prayers? With the push of a leg, the lamb recites three prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

This lamb is an especially appropriate gift for Catholic families. This adorable little lamb is made from a cotton blend and features both fuzzy “wool” and legs with whimsical printed fabric. For when you can’t be there to snuggle with and pray with your goddaughter, Louie the Lamb makes a pretty cute substitute! Batteries are included.

porcelain picture frame

Picture Perfect: DEMDACO Godparent Porcelain Picture Frame

This porcelain frame measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ and holds a 4″ x 6″ vertical photo. It reads, “A Godparent is a special gift of love, blessed by God above, a guiding hand of love, faith and encouragement”. They can choose to display it on a desk or shelf with the easel back or hang it on the wall with the included hanger.

It comes in a gift box, and is something they will treasure forever.

wine glass

Fun Drinking Glasses: Godparent Matching Pint and Wine Glass

For the fun loving Godparents, these set of drinking glasses will be a hit! The pint glass reads “Godfather” in the old movie font and holds 16 ounces. The wine glass reads, “Godmother” and holds 12.75 ounces.

The glasses are printed with ceramic inks and then fired at high temperatures ensuring they’ll never fade. Whether they choose to use them or just display them, they’ll be thrilled with this set.

decorative glass cross

Lovely Keepsake: For My Godparents Decorative Glass Cross with Sentiment

This 4″ glass mosaic cross comes with a ribbon hanger and can be displayed on the Christmas tree or year round. The glass features different shades of grey and it arrives in a gift box with a lovely saying.


They’ll Be Reminded Everyday: Fairy Godmother Keychain, Godfather Keychain

They will love each having their own keychain from their Godchild. The Godmother keychain reads, “Godmothers are a blessing. Thank you for being mine.” The Godfather keychain reads, “Godfather, I count my blessing when I think of you.

” You can also choose to get the round keychain set that simply says ‘Godmother’ on one and ‘Godfather’ on the other. They arrive in a lovely gift box.


Beautiful Bracelet: Godmother Baptism Bracelet

This Godmother bracelet will be cherished forever. Made of silver-plated stainless steel, it slips over the wrist and will fit up to size 8″. It includes a laser engraved charm, a heart charm filled with rhinestones, and a white Swarovski crystal pearl.

It arrives with an organza bag for gifting.

standing message cross set

For Their Home: Pewter Godmother & Godfather Standing Message Cross Set

Another wonderful gift set, where each receives their own, is this pewter cross set. Each one measures 3″ tall and arrives in its own gift box. The Godmother standing cross reads, “Godmother, God bless you for always being there to help and guide with love and care.

” The Godfather standing cross reads, “Godfather, As you walk beside me, as you always guide me, as you share your gift of love, may you be blessed by God above.” Each Godparent can choose where to keep this lovely gift, whether it’s in their office or somewhere in the home.

They will love it!

photo frame

Show Them You’re Blessed: LifeSong Milestones Personalized Godparent Photo Frame

This personalized picture frame by LifeSong Milestones measures 8″ x 10″ and holds a 4″ x 6″ photo. It has an engraved saying that includes the child’s name and ‘is blessed to have you as her Godparents’.

You can also include the date and the occasion such as First Communion or Baptism. You can choose between black, cherry, ivory, or maple frames. It can be displayed on a shelf or desk with the easel back or hung on the wall.

porcelain family figurine

Treasured Keepsake: Precious Moments, Grow In The Light Of His Love

This adorable bisque porcelain figurine by Precious Moments makes a wonderful Baptism Day gift. It features a couple holding a new baby, and would be a lovely way to represent Godparents holding their new Godchild.

It measures 5.5″ x 4.25″ x 2.75″ and is certain to be treasured.

music box

Lovely Music Box: Cottage Garden Godparents I Am So Blessed Music Box

This music box by Cottage Garden features a traditional wind up mechanism that plays “Friend in Jesus”. It has a wood grain finish with a rope trim. It measures 8″ x 6″ x 2.5″. The inside is lined with black velvet for keeping important pieces safe and secure.

The top of the music box reads, “My Godparents – I’m so blessed that God has put you in my life to love”.

coffee mug

Just for Him: ‘Best Godfather Ever’ Ceramic Coffee Mug

He will proudly show off this ceramic coffee cup every chance he gets. This white mug has “Best Godfather Ever” printed on both sides. It has a large handle for easy gripping and holds 14 ounces. It will be his favorite cup!


Just for Her: Godmother Gift from Godchild Necklace

She’ll want to wear this beautiful alloy necklace everyday! It features a silver snake chain with a lobster clasp. The charm features a 3D flower with ‘Godmother’ imprinted. This is a present she will treasure forever.

coffee mugs set

They’ll Match: Set of 2 Best Godmother Godfather Ever Coffee Mugs

This fun set of coffee mugs is a wonderful gift idea. Designed to be larger than normal coffee cups, they each hold 15 ounces. Made from ceramic with quality printing on both sides, one cup reads ‘Godfather’, and the other reads ‘Godmother’.

Each mug is white with a black interior and black print. They feature a large grip handle and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They’ll love enjoying their coffee or tea and discussing their amazing Godchild.


His Favorite Tee: Godfather The Man The Myth The Legend T-shirt

This fun t-shirt will be his favorite! Boldly printed with ‘Godfather, The Man, The Myth, The Legend’, it’s available in sizes small – 3x. Made of 100% cotton, it has a lightweight classic fit. You can choose between black, navy, kelly green, brown, or olive.

It makes a wonderful gift that he will absolutely love!

wall art

Beautiful Artwork: Tree Godparent Gift Wall Art

This adorable wall art features a whimsical tree with in fall colors. It’s printed on artist matte canvas and hand stretched on a wooden frame that is .75″ thick. It measures 16″ x 20″ and reads, “A Godparent is a gift sent from above, a guardian angel that was chosen with love”.

They will be thrilled with this present!


Rosary for Him: To My Godfather Rosary

This gorgeous rosary is made of silver plated metal and features 8 mm hematite beads. It’s 23″ in length and includes a beautiful embossed crucifix cross pendant. It comes in a lovely package with a designer art card that includes a saying.

black wooden picture frame

Modern Elegance: Malden International Designs Godchild Picture Frame

This black wooden picture frame measures 7.6″ x 5.5″. It has an opening for a 4″ x 6″ photo. It’s simple, yet beautiful, with the word ‘Godchild’ in silver 3D. It looks amazing with a black and white photo.

It’s perfect for displaying on a desk, shelf, or anywhere they’d like. It’s definitely a gift they will love showing off and will treasure forever.

green glass cross

Gorgeous Cross for Her: For My Godmother Handmade Green Glass Cross

This handmade 4″ green glass cross makes a lovely gift for any Godmother. It has a white satin ribbon for hanging from her rear view mirror, in a window, on an ornament stand, or it can even be used as a bookmark.

However she chooses to use it, she will be thrilled with this gift. It arrives in a gift box that measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ that includes a card with a lovely saying and unique art.

bangle bracelet

Fairy Godmother: elix Home Godmother Gift – Bangle Bracelet

This adorable cuff bangle bracelet is made of stainless steel. It measures .5″ wide and 6″ long. It can be adjusted on the wrist for a better fit. The inside of the bracelet reads, “You add magic and sparkle to my life.

Thank you for being my Fairy Godmother. Love you”. It has a smooth fit so it’s comfortable enough to wear everyday. It arrives in a gift box ready for gifting. She will be so happy with this present!


Treasured Artwork: Personalized Godparents Artwork

This amazing artwork for Godparents is a perfect choice. You can choose the background color from a huge list of options. You can use the poem pictured or choose one on your own. Each print is made to fit in standard frames and mats.

It’s offered in sizes 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, and 11″ x 14″. It features a whimsical tree with a bird’s nest, the Godparents names, the child’s name, and date and place of baptism. This makes an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift.

Pair it with a lovely frame that matches their home decor, and you have a gift they will talk about for years.

metal angel with poem

Angel & Poem: Beautiful Metal Angel with Beyond Blessed Poem

This lovely metal angel with a silver finish measures 4″ x 2.25″. It includes a white satin ribbon and can be used as a Christmas ornament, a rear view mirror charm, displayed on an ornament stand, or whatever they choose.

It arrives in a black gift box that measures 5.5″ x 7.5″. What makes it even more special is the touching poem that is included. It reads, “Like an angel, you are a guardian of faith and grace. Your presence reminds me that I am wonderfully created and surrounded by love.

You guide me and light a path so I may walk through life knowing truth, purpose, compassion, and joy. To have you in my life, I am beyond blessed”. Be sure to have tissues handy when you present this lovely gift.

It is something they will treasure forever.


Do any of these gifts look right for your goddaughter? Do you know anyone who is a new godparent? Share this list to give them some ideas!

Do you have any ideas for goddaughter baptism gifts that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!

35 Goddaughter baptism gifts

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