45 Creative Gifts for Grandparents to Show Your Love

Whether they’re your weekend babysitters, holiday hosts or travelers enjoying their retirement, shopping for grandparents can be a difficult task to accomplish.

Below, you’ll find the most creative gifts for the special grandmas and grandpas in your life that are thoughtful, sweet, useful and bound to be appreciated by your loved ones.

My 45 Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents


Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your Legacy

Let your grandparents record stories from their childhood, teens and adult lives in this thoughtful workbook. With easy to follow prompts, your grandparents can preserve memories the whole family will look back on and share together.

There’s also a genealogical record section in the book to record vital statistics about yourself and immediate family members.


Storymatic Rememory: Share Memories & Make New Ones Card Game

This card game will be a hit at your next family get together. There’s a lifetime of memories in this little box. There are three decks included in this game with 25 seasonal cards, 25 generational cards and 180 prompt cards to share memories, let people know more about you and know yourself better as well.

Your grandparents can play this game alone, together, with friends, and family as a fun and creative conversation starter game.

picture frame

For Displaying the Whole Family: Family Tree Picture Frame

Perfect for grandparents, this unique metal tree features 10 hanging picture frames that fit 2×3 photos. Your grandparents can use this decorative frame to show off their whole family and continue to be reminded of how their family has grown and blossomed.

The frame itself is shaped with leaves and branches that would fit perfectly on a fireplace mantel, end table, shelf or countertop as a beautiful and flourishing home décor piece.

organizer caddy

For Space Saving: A Bedside Storage Organizer Caddy

This functional and convenient gift idea will allow your grandparents to easily store their essentials close by. Now, they can keep their water, remote, phone, books and other handy objects right at their bedside or couch.

To keep it in place, simply slide the steel frame between the mattress and box spring or couch cushion. It’s functional and versatile design makes it a great and handy item to put in any room of the home.

candy care package

For a Nostalgic Snack: Vintage Candy Co. Candy Care Package

Treat your grandparents to their favorite vintage candy. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a holiday or any other special gift giving occasion, this will instantly blast them into the past in a fun and unique way.

This box is loaded with nearly 3 pounds of classic, retro and old-time candies. They’re sure to have a chuckle and remember all the times they enjoyed these vintage candies once upon a time.

microfiber blanket

For Getting Cozy: Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

For grandparents who tend to get cold quickly while relaxing on the couch or in bed, this premium microfiber fleece throw blanket is a nice and cozy gift idea. Even though this blanket is super soft and cozy, it’s not too thick making it a great blanket to use in the spring and summer months in addition to those cold winter nights.

scrapbook album

A Book of Memories: DIY Scrapbook Album with 80 Black Pages

The possibilities are endless with this DIY scrapbook album. You can fill it with your favorite memories with your grandparents for a personal and thoughtful gift they’ll love, or you can also gift this for them to fill out.

The hard-cardboard cover and superior black pages give this scrapbook a very stylish and classy way to share memories and photos to look back on.

bird feeder

To Enjoy the View: Wild Window Bird Feeder for Window Viewing

Your grandparent’s home will soon be filled with year around bird watching. This awesome and unusual gift will turn their home into a bird paradise. The window bird feeder features easy to mount suction cups to attach to any window and a detachable tray to make the window bird feeder easy to clean and refill.

This unique gift is sure to provide endless bird watching entertainment all day long.


For Reading to Grandchildren: How to Babysit a Grandma

Your grandmother will create a special bond with her grandkids by reading this delightful bestselling book, “How to Babysit a Grandma” during their next sleepover. This book is both heartwarming and comical between grandmas and grandchildren.

The author tells a relatable story about the qualities of being a good babysitter, told from the perspective of a grandchild spending time with her grandmother.

memory book

Letters to My Grandchild: A Memory Book to Write Now & Read Later

This thoughtful and unique gift idea will allow your grandparent to share stories about you, kind of like a paper time capsule to open on a later date. This keepsake collection features twelve letters they can fill with words of wisdom and stickers to seal each envelope carefully.

This gift idea is great for sharing with future generations to come.

mug set

For Morning Coffee: Best Grandma & Grandpa Ever Mug Set

Remind your grandparents of how special they are with these custom “Best Grandpa Ever” and “Best Grandma Ever” mug set. This gift set includes two mugs that hold 11 fluid ounces and made of white ceramic.

They are a classic look perfect for any beverage. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe for easy heating and easy cleaning.

picture frame

Grandkids Make Life Grand: An Elegant Picture Frame

If you have children, your grandparents will absolutely love this sentimental quote, “Grandkids make life grand, they fill a place in your heart you never knew was empty.” This lovely frame can stand with an easel or hang on the wall for a variety of display options.

They can simply slide their favorite photo of the grandkids into the clear protective acrylic sheet and show off their grandchildren in style.

wood box frame

For Displaying Memories: Love-KANKEI Shadow Box Frame

This solid wood shadow box features a woven fabric interior complete with stick pins and a magnetic door for your grandparents to perfectly display their memorabilia in. The interior has a linen cloth material they can easily pin photographs, concert tickets, stamps and more.

The torched wooden finish gives this beautiful shadow box a rustic and vintage look that will match any home décor style.

alarm LED lights

For Protection: Safe Sound Personal Security Alarm with LED Lights

This KOSIN portable personal alarm is the perfect gift that will you have you resting easy knowing your grandparents are safe and protected. This set includes 6 high powered emergency alarms that make a loud sound for protection or in case of an emergency.

The sound can be heard from distances over 600 feet and this device makes a continuous 50-minute ear-piercing alarm sound when activated. It’s the perfect gift for an elderly grandparent to keep close-by or attached to their body if they may ever need urgent help.

calendar wall hanging

To Serve as a Reminder: Wooden Calendar Wall Hanging

This wooden calendar plaque serves as a nice reminder so your grandparents will never miss a family or friend’s birthday, anniversary, special holiday and more. This wall hanging features an easy to hang system with several blank round and heart-shaped disc tags they can personalize by hand and hang accordingly.

cooling neck wrap

For Sore Muscles: Bed Buddy Heat Pad & Cooling Neck Wrap

Filled with 100% natural herbs, grains and flowers, this heating and cooling pad is perfect for relieving back or neck pain. This neck wrap provides a flexible pad with a form-fitting design and fabric cover.

This gift idea is a natural alternative for therapeutic relief from muscle pain with its soothing warmth and cold affect. Your grandparents can use this whenever and wherever for instant relief.

garden stone

Funny Garden Decor: Carson Home Accents Grandchildren Welcome Stone

This beautiful garden stone measures 9.5” tall and 9.5” wide and is made from high-quality resin. It’s a lovely gift for a grandparent who adores their grandchildren. The garden steppingstone features the funny quote, “Grandchildren welcome, parents by appointment.

” Each stone is hand-painted and includes beads for added detailing. It’s also finished with a UV coating for longevity and outdoor protection.

essential oil diffuser

For the Home: Essential Oil Diffuser with Multiple Features

This essential oil diffuser can last up to 10 hours and features 7 color lights, a timer with 4 settings, an auto shut-off function and a cool mist humidifier all-in-one. The mist output of this aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for creating a cool, calm and fragrant space.

When this diffuser runs out of water, it automatically turns off which is a great safety feature. The wood grain style makes this essential oil diffuser a super modern gift that your grandparents will love.


For Hydration: Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Tumbler with Straw

This dual-wall vacuum-insulated stainless-steel tumbler will keep your grandparents’ water cold up to 18 hours. It features an easy-to-clean lid and can be sued with or without the included plastic straw.

The lid is BPA-free and made of durable, stain and odor resistant plastic. It fits most standard cup holders and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


For Tired Legs: 3-Pack Unisex Compression Socks

These compression socks combine fashion, technology and science to give your grandparent triple comfort no matter how they wear them. Compression socks have been scientifically proven to provide relief from varicose veins, leg swelling, blood clots and more.

They feature a comfort and breathable, moisture absorbent material with optimal support. They’re ideal for those who walk or sit for long periods of time. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit the simplest grandparent to the quirkiest.

genetic DNA testing kit

For Health & Ancestry Service: 23andMe Personal Genetic DNA Testing Kit

Let your grandparent discover and explore their unique traits, genes and overall well-being. This kit will allow your grandparent to discover what makes them unique and learn more about their genetics.

Once they have registered their Ancestry DNA kit, they’ll submit their sample and wait for unique reports on their ancestry composition, health predisposition, wellness reports and more.

grow garden

An Indoor Home Garden: Click and Grow Smart Garden

Let your grandparents grow their own fresh greenery with this beautiful Scandinavian design indoor garden. This kit comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods to grow fresh and healthy vegetables without GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

This smart garden will take care of all their gardening needs with simple watering.


For Comfort: Unisex Classic Memory Foam Slippers

These indoor/outdoor slippers feature a classic and simple design with a plush lining and memory foam insole. This thoughtful gift for a grandparent is the perfect way to treat their feet around the house.

They’re available in multiple sizes and color options and are both hand and machine washable for easy cleaning. The sole is ergonomically designed for optimal foot support to relieve pressure on the foot and for comfortable routine wear.


For Sharing Recipes: Our Family Recipes Journal

Let your grandparents preserve and organize all their favorite family recipes all in one place with this thoughtful journal. The journal includes recipe pages for deserts, beverages, appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, main dishes and more.

There are also pockets on the back to include note cards or other mementos. This is a treasured gift that will hold special meaning for your family for many generations to come.


A Scent to Remember: Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick is a candle company aimed at creating memorable scents from every state. By gifting your loved ones a candle from their home state or current state, they’ll immediately travel back to those carefree days simply by inhaling the sweet aromas from these lovely, nostalgic candles.

They have several states, cities, countries and even memorable scents including books, grandma’s kitchen table and summer camp. This warm gift is sure to add a meaningful and sentimental touch to their home.

lamps set

For Connecting with Loved Ones: Set of 2 Friendship Lamps

These lamps will allow you to connect with your grandparents no matter where they live. By syncing the two lamps, you’ll be able to touch your lamp and their lamp will illuminate. These lights can light hundreds of colors and can be synced with as many lamps as you wish.

Choose a different color for each family member and enjoy watching the lamp light up when they are thinking of you.

espresso machine

For a Morning Pick-Me-Up: Breville Coffee and Espresso Machine

Now your grandparents can have the ability to create barista grade coffee or espresso at the touch of a button. This easy, single touch button mechanism makes it super easy to deliver the best cup of coffee of their choice.

This design is for use with Nespresso Vertuo capsules only which are available in a variety of flavors and blends. This machine conveniently includes 12 large capsules to introduce them to the world of luxury caffeine right at their fingertips.

roses in a box

Premium Roses: Fresh Roses in a Box That Last a Year

These fresh cut roses are preserved using a scientific formula that holds in natural moisture and freshness in each flower for an entire year. The flowers come in an elegant display box with gift wrapping and an instruction card included.

There is no maintenance required for these beautiful roses which makes this a great gift any grandparent will love and appreciate.

kindle E reader

For Easy Reading: Kindle Glare-Free E-Reader

Gift your grandparents the enjoyment of reading more books in more ways with this Kindle e-reader. With an adjustable front light, they can comfortably read for hours whether they are indoors or outdoors, day and night.

The glare-free display reads like real paper even in direct sunlight with a single battery charge that can last weeks. They have the opportunity to choose from over millions of books, newspapers and audiobooks and if they’re a Prime member, they have access to thousands of free titles.


Meet Echo Dot: A Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

This popular speaker features a fabric design and compact design that fits perfectly into small spaces. Whether your grandparents want to know the weather, hear a song, read the news, set alarms or control other smart devices in their home, this echo dot has all the skills they need without lifting a finger.

They’ll simply use their voice to control the device which makes this tech-savvy gift great for grandparents both young and old.

digital photo frame

For Sharing Moments Instantly: Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

This number one selling frame will allow your family to share photos and videos privately with loved ones. Your grandparents can now have access to all your family photos by connecting their frame with the Nixplay app.

Instantly share new photos and invite your entire family to do the same so your grandparents can stay up to date on all the family fun. The frame itself is wall-mountable and can adjust to both portrait and landscape placement.

Motion sensors turn the frame on and off automatically which is convenient, especially for grandparents.

weighted blanket

For Better Sleep: 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads

Weighted blankets are great for better quality sleep, alleviating muscle pain, combatting stress and other upset sleeping episodes. This weighted blanket weighs 20 pounds and can be used all year around and in various ways.

They can lay the blanket across their lap, around the shoulders or on top of their body for improved sleep cycles.

travel posters

For the Traveler: Scratch Off Map of the World

If your grandparents love to travel, they’ll absolutely treasure this set of two deluxe gold scratch-off travel posters. They can scratch off the gold foil of each country and state they have visited to reveal a colorful piece to remember their travel experiences by.

Also included in this travel lover’s gift is a guitar pick and stickers to easily and conveniently highlight their travel experiences and memories.


For Finding Everyday Things: Tile Mate Item Locator

This convenient Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker can easily loop onto keychains or attach to nearly anything, so your grandparents won’t lose their important belongings. Using a smartphone, you can track when the Tile Mate device is nearby.

With an easy-to-use app, this device can track and record the last time and place it saw your Tile Mate. It’s perfect for finding a lost phone, keys or other common essentials.

cutting board

For the Kitchen: Personalized Engraved Cutting Board with Handle

This 5×11 paddle shaped serving board can be customized with the name or monogram of your grandparents. It features beautiful engraving and a hole on the handle for easy hanging in any location of the kitchen.

This custom chopping board is personalized for display on one side with the custom engraving and a solid opposite side designed for food preparation.

collection succulent plants

For the Plant Lover: A Unique Collection of 12 Live Succulent Plants

If your grandparents love plants, they’ll get a poke out of this hand-selected variety pack of mini succulents. Each succulent varies and come in 2-inch square pots already fully rooted in soil. These plants are very low maintenance and need watering only once a week and every two to three weeks in the wintertime.

This succulent kit includes instructions for easy maintenance and grooming for long-lasting beautiful plants.

massage chair

For Neck & Back Relief: Adjustable Folding Massage Chair

This transportable chair is great for at home, travel or at outdoor events. With various heat levels, this convenient and easy to use chair makes a great gift for a grandparent who suffers from mild neck or back pain.

This chair offers the same features as a high-end massage recliner with six massage heads, a movable neck level, heat mode, USB charger and seat vibration. Its sleek and foldable design makes this a compact massager perfect for loved ones.


For Staying Warm: Bedsure Knitted Sherpa Throw Blanket

Gift your grandparents a soft and cozy bedding blanket with a classic knit design that reverses to a fluffy Sherpa lining. It’s the perfect gift for your grandparent to stay snug and warm in while also adding a nice tranquil contemporary design accent to their home.

This blanket is machine washable for easy cleaning and will not fade after consistent washing.

LED toiled night light

LumiLux Toilet Light: Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light

For our loved ones who may have trouble getting around at night, this toilet light may be the perfect gift that automatically illuminates the bathroom when they enter. Choose between a fixed color to set the mood or choose a carousel mode which cycles through every shade of color when activated.

The flexible arm on the night light can be bent and secured easily to fit any standard size toilet bowl.

fitness tracker

For Tracking Health: Willful Fitness Tracker with 14 Modes

For our health-conscious loved ones, this fitness tracker has it all. Accurately track steps, distance, calories burned, activity time, heart rate, sleep and more with this fitness watch. Your grandparent will also see calls and messages on their smart watch, so they’ll never miss an important message.

The watch is waterproof with a color screen that offers excellent HD image quality.

coffee mug

For His Morning Coffee: Grandpa Shark 11oz Coffee Mug

Now grandpa can sip his morning tea or coffee with a character from one of the most popular children’s songs in the world. This grandpa shark mug is made from 100% high-quality ceramic and holds 11 fluid ounces.

It’s a great gift for any grandpa to sit back, relax with their coffee and enjoy.

trays set

For Style and Convenience: Wooden Serving Trays with Handles

Made from renewable resources and natural bamboo, this beautiful wood serving tray features elegant sides with wide handles for easy gripping. It has a surrounding tray lip to prevent items from falling over or spilling out.

These trays come in a set of 3 and are perfect for serving food, drinks, snacks or other various purposes. They also make great accent pieces for the home.

moving art frame

For a Calm and Tranquil Experience: Sand in Motion Moving Art Frame

Gift your grandparents the calm tranquil sounds of the ocean without even leaving their home. This sandscape sculpture features a rotating picture frame filled with colored sand for a unique and relaxing image each time you flip it.

The combinations of the sand and glitter will create a soothing seascape right in the comfort of their own home.

electric pressure cooker

For Quick Dinners: Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker

This is one of America’s most loved multi cooker and it’s easy to see why. This instant pot has been built with the latest technology that combines 7 appliances in one: pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer and more.

Your grandparents will save tons of time making their delicious dinners with this advanced stainless-steel pressure cooker.

electronic pet

An Ageless Innovation: Lifelike & Realistic Companion Pet

This electronic pet was specifically designed for senior citizens. It plays and responds the same way a real-life pet would with puppy-like movements and sounds. The revolutionary technology built into this lifelike pet allows the puppy to respond to your voice.

This little pup is sure to bring comfort, companionship and joy to your loved ones.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for a Grandparent

Becoming a parent is life-changing, but becoming a grandparent is pretty magical and deserves some serious recognition during any gift giving season.

Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special occasion it can be tricky finding the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation while also being something that’s useful and commemorating. While searching for the perfect gift for your grandparents, consider the following:

Ask yourself what your grandparent needs.

Carefully think about what your grandparents needs, aspirations and desires are. What do they like to do for fun? Do they have a green thumb? What hobbies are they currently interested in? What sparks joy for them?

There are tons of products on Amazon that will fit their lifestyle and help their lives run more smoothly and efficiently. If finding one specific gift is difficult, consider bundling a few items together into a gift basket for them.

Include a bit of yourself to make it personal.

Picture frames, scrap books, candles and other custom gift ideas are perfect for adding your own personal touch to your grandparents’ gift. Whether it’s a scented candle from your state or a family tree photo frame with the entire family, personalizing a gift will be extra special for your loved ones.

Think about something you would want.

Where do you see yourself in the next few decades? What types of items would you want, or do you think would benefit your lifestyle in the future?

With technology as big as it is these days, there are several innovative items you can gift your grandparents to help them with their everyday tasks. From a personal tracking device, health and fitness watch, voice command pod, digital frames and more your grandparents can stay up to date with the trendy gizmos and gadgets that definitely won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Make them laugh.

Do you and your grandparents share a significant memory or inside joke? Keep those memorable childhood experiences you had with your grandparents in the back of your mind when selecting their perfect gifts. Did you used to bake cookies with your grandmother? Gift her a funny cookie cutter shape. Ever go fishing with your grandfather? Gift him some novelty fish socks he’ll get a kick out of.


Get started on finding grandparents gifts now. With all the options I’ve listed above, you’re sure to find something creative and unique to show your grandparents how much you love and appreciate them.

Pass this gift guide along to your family and friends and if you have any other grandparent gift idea suggestions, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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