30 Awesome Gundam Gifts For Collectors

If you aren’t a fan of anime, “counter culture” or all things nerdy, you might be having a hard time finding a good gift for the Gundam fan in your life, especially if you’ve never even heard of Gundam.

Luckily, though, you don’t have to know anything about Gundam to find a cool Gundam-themed gift, especially if you use this guide.

Fair warning: One of people’s favorite things about Gundam is the ability to build replicas of the characters (similar to building model cars), so you’ll see quite a few different model kits on this list. Most hobbyists refer to this as Gunpla, short for “Gundam Plastic Model.”

30 Gundam Gift Ideas


The Gundam Gift that Can’t Be Beaten: Metal Build Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Action Figure

When it comes to Gundam action figures, this one is pretty much one of the best you can find. It may not be the ultimate, Holy Grail of figures, but it’s definitely one that most people want and most people don’t have.

If your Gundam fan is a huge, die-hard, spends-every-dime-he-has kind of fan, then he may have this one, but chances are, he probably doesn’t because it’s rare, hard to get and often expensive.

If you really want to buy him a great gift that he’ll go crazy over, this is the thing to get.

The joints on this mobile suit are done in metallic gold, and the kit comes with a ton of accessories including interchangeable hands, an Energy Absorption Claw, a beam shield and more. It also comes with the official Bluefin Distribution logo, which is important to most collectors.

gundam Zeta 50 episode boxed set

Hours and Hours of Fun: Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta (Limited 50 Episode Boxed Set)

If your friend is the type who enjoys binge watching her favorite shows, this is the set for her. Technically, this is a sequel series, but many reviewers claim that it “surpasses the original” in many ways.

It picks up about five years after the events in the original Gundam and features an entirely new plot.

In addition to the full series DVD set, though, this collector’s edition comes with a lot of extras including exclusive artwork, a DVD art box, different collectible Gundam figures, pencil sharpeners, a Gundam “encyclopedia” and an exclusive Zeta Gundam poster.

The DVDs are subtitled in English.

Gundam 00 raiser model kit

The Ultimate Building Kit: Bandai Hobby Gundam Perfect Grade Model Kit

For the expert level Gundam builder on your gift list, this is the perfect gift. It’s a Gundam 00 Raiser model, and putting it together is intense. This is not for a builder who’s just getting started.

This is for someone with skill and lots of experience working on these types of figures. As far as actual construction goes, everything snaps together neatly; there’s no need for glue or any other adhesive products, and everything comes pre-colored, as well, so there’s no need to paint or add detail unless your friend just enjoys customizing his figures.

mobile suit gundam 0083

For the Collector Who Doesn’t Like to Build: Tamashii Nations Full Burnern “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083”

If your friend appreciates Gundman action figures and replicas but doesn’t actually like to put them together himself, this figure by Tamashii Nations is the perfect compromise. It comes mostly pre-assembled, with only a handful of things that need to be put together manually.

It’s a perfect, small-scale replica straight from the anime. It also comes affixed with the official Bluefin and Bandai Namco labels, so your friend will know it’s authentic and not a generic rip-off version.

Plus, this is another figure that’s relatively rare, so unless he’s truly a die-hard collector, it’s unlikely he already has it.

mobil suit Gundam WING

Let Him Experience It in a Whole New Way: Mobile Suit Gundam WING: Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers

Unlike Naruto and some of the other more popular anime series, Gundam was an anime first, not a manga. Manga adaptations were released later after the series became so popular. Because it started as an anime first, a lot of people haven’t read the manga series.

This is a good introduction to them. It’s actually a retelling of the original WING Gundam story (originally done in anime form), but it adds in so much that didn’t make it into the show. If your friend hasn’t yet experienced Gundam in print, he’ll love you for introducing him to it.

deep base carrying case

A Place for All His Tools and Excess Parts: ArtBin Quick View Deep Base Carrying Case

If your friend is a hardcore customizer when it comes to his Gunpla figures, chances are he has a lot of stuff lying around the house. Whether it’s bottles of paint, detailing markers, glue, extra pieces, scissors, box cutters or something else, customizing figures requires a lot of stuff, and most of those things are relatively small in size and easily lost.

Grab him this clear plastic craft box and help him keep up with all of those extras in one, convenient location. The box features sliding, lockable latches for a secure close and is stackable and acid-free.

body bag

The Ultimate Nerdy Accessory: GK-O Mobile Suit Gundam Shield Body Bag

When it comes to buying a cool Gundam-themed backpack, there are a ton of different options out there. There are regular, “normal-style” backpacks that feature a great image from Gundam, and there are other backpacks that are a little more creative and unique.

This one, though, is a fan-favorite. It’s sold by T Shop Japan, which has its products in U.S.-based Amazon warehouses, so waiting on shipping isn’t usually a problem.

It was originally designed by a Tokyo-based store called “Cospa,” which features mostly items used for cosplay and anime-inspired items including clothes, wigs and accessories.

It looks great and is totally authentic. It isn’t large enough to be used as a true backpack, but it’s perfect for holding game systems, cameras and phones.

SD gundam game for nintendo switch

For the Gamers: SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays for Nintendo Switch

If your friend’s a gamer in addition to an anime lover, grab her this Gundam game for the Switch. In comparison with other Gundam video games, this one has been improved and upgraded and features many more units than previous games.

It has the traditional robots, big explosions and intricate missions and features numerous Gundam characters from different story lines including Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.


Awesome Gundam Style: Baycon Men’s Gundam Char Aznable Amuro Ray Hoodies

Help your friend showcase his sense of style and his love of Gundam with this awesome Mobile Suit Gundam hoodie. It looks great for everyday use, but it’s also specifically designed to work for the friend who enjoys cosplay or is looking for an easy Halloween costume.

It’s made of a sturdy, warm, cotton blend that’s easy to care for and super comfy. Pictured here is the Gundam hoodie, but there are other character designs from which you can choose including Amuro Ray, Setsuno and different color variations of Gundam.

The hoodies range in size from small to 5XL.

bandai hobby hi res model kit

Another Great Model Kit: Bandai Hobby Hi-Res 1/100 Gundam Seed Astray Red Frame Model Kit

This is another great option for the Gunpla builder in your life. This one is a little easier to put together than the model kit listed at number three, but it’s still advanced enough to be a challenge for the builder with a little experience under his belt.

The main frame comes pretty much pre-assembled, but the weapons, armor and other details must be put together by hand. Everything comes pre-painted as well, so there’s no need for painting except to add customization to the figure.

The details of this figure are hi-res and look absolutely remarkable.

swpeet for Gundam modeler tools

Tools of the Trade: Swpeet 35Pcs Professional for Gundam Modeler Basic Tools, Tool Set

Whether your friend is a beginning builder or has been building for years, these tools are a great gift. For beginning builders, this comes with almost everything they’d need to get started, and advanced builders are constantly having to replace their tools anyway, so having spares and backups isn’t a bad thing.

The tools are very high-quality, made of stainless steel, carbon steels and other materials that are anti-acid, anti-corrosion and anti-magnetic. The kit comes with 35 pieces including clamps, a mini table vise, screwdrivers, files, a hand drill, a polish cloth and several other incredibly useful crafting items.

master airbrush G233 pro set

For More Detailed Work: Master Airbrush Master Performance G233 Pro Set with 3 Nozzle Sets

For the Gunpla builder in your life who loves to customize things, this miniature airbrush gun is a stellar gift. It’s a professional quality gun that features a precision, dual-action gravity feed airbrush and three separate nozzles of various sizes.

There’s also a gravity fluid cap and an ultra-fine tip that allows the gun to be used for an ultra-fine spray, which is perfect for intricate detail work. The larger nozzle is perfect for backgrounds or spraying solid pieces uniformly.

Best of all, the kit comes with a one-year, money-back guarantee that’ll allow your friend to return it for any reason.

wall unit bookshelf

Put His Figures on Display: Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wall Unit Bookshelf

Serious Gunpla builders can rack up quite a collection over time, so why not give your loved one some place to display his? This is a great piece that’ll give him a ton of extra storage space. Although it’s marketed as a “wall unit bookshelf,” it’s ideal for displaying collectible items, completed Gunpla kits, DVD and manga collections and licensed Gundam action figures.

It’s constructed of stainless steel poles and gorgeous, black wood grain laminate over sturdy, durable particle board. It comes with ten open shelves of varying sizes, and there are also shelf extenders if he needs extra space.

You can buy it in black or white to suit his decor.

cutting mat A3 size

Help Make Her Job Easier: Tamiya 74076 Cutting Mat A3 Size

Many of the Gunpla kits come with the pieces all attached in one, long sheet. In order to separate them for assembly, your friend has to cut them apart. Sometimes pieces also need trimming to fit properly.

With all that cutting, accidents can happen. Furniture can get scratched; fabric can get ripped; anything can happen. Help save your pal’s furniture, clothes and everything else by buying her this large, 12″ x 18″ craft cutting mat.

It’s made of three different layers, both soft and hard, to create a durable, hard-to-damage product. Your friend can cut on this mat for hours, days, weeks and even months, and the scratches will barely be noticeable.

havitar gundam mug

For the Coffee Drinker: Havitar Gundam Mug

Although coffee mugs aren’t usually an exciting gift, this one actually is, especially for a Gundam fan. The inside is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable, easy to clean and able to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for longer than a glass mug.

The outside is made of PVC and is designed to look exactly like the helmet head of Mobile Suit Gundam. The detail on the design is amazing, and the top that opens and closes will delight any fan.

gundam astray noir model 1/100

For the Friend Who Likes a Challenge: Bandai Spirits Gundam Astray Noir, Bandai Hi-Resolution Model 1/100

This is another great model kit for builders who like to challenge themselves a little. The detail on this one is superb. It looks like it walked straight off the television screen. Fans of the show will instantly recognize it as the machine used by Dante Gordigiani in Gundam Seed Destiny Astray B.

All the pieces are pre-painted and made of die-cast and plastic. The figure, once assembled, is incredibly durable and well-made. The blades are particularly gorgeous. They almost look like real swords, only tiny.

The kit comes with the frame, all the pieces, a sticker decoration and the instruction manual.

snapback hat

Ultimate Hat for the Ultimate Fan: Mobile Suit Gundam Sublimated Bill Snapback Hat

If you’re looking for a Gundam gift that isn’t Gunpla-related, this hat is a nice change of pace. It features high-quality embroidery that spells out the Mobile Suit Gundam logo; the bill has its own design – a custom piece of Gundam art.

The cap has a snap closure and is adjustable, so it should fit your friend, no matter the size of his head. It’s also officially licensed merchandise, so it’ll stand up to the high standards of even the most hardcore fans.

Although it works well as a collectible item, the high-quality, polyester materials make it durable enough for everyday use as well.

print blanket

The Perfect Blanket for Gundam and Chill: Bioworld Anime Cartoon Gundam Digital Print Blanket

No matter who you are or where you live, you can never have too many throws. They’re warm, snuggly, cozy and just all-around awesome. This particular blanket measures 45″ x 60″ and is made of 100% polyester micro plush.

It features a gorgeous, full-blanket design of a fan-favorite character and his mobile suit. The colors are stunning, bright and bold, and the blanket is soft to the touch. It’s the perfect addition to the back of any Gundam fan’s couch.

LED light helping hands magnifier station

A Second Set of Eyes: LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station

If you’re not someone who builds a lot of models or paints a lot of mini figures, this setup might look like something out of a mad scientist’s lab to you. To a Gunpla builder, though, it’s an awesome gift.

First of all, it’s adjustable, so it works well with any height, and the magnifying glass is both flexible and adjustable, allowing your friend to point the lights where they need to go and angle of the lens however it best suits his needs.

There are three lenses in the magnifying glass, and he can easily rotate between them as needed. There’s an LED light that also allows the magnifier to double as a super bright desk lamp. This desk lamp/magnifier is perfect for all kinds of crafting projects in addition to model building.

It can also be used for macro photography, small-scale soldering, circuit board repairs, painting minis, needlepoint, making jewelry and more.

mobile suit gundam

For the Beginning Builder: Bandai Hobby SD Gundam “Mobile Suit Gundam

If you’re looking for a beginner figure for a Gundman fan, this is the perfect option. It’s small and super cute, and it’s not hard to put together at all. It’s perfect for beginning builders, but it’s also great for young fans of the anime.

The pieces are exactly suited to their tiny hands. It’ll come with both the official Bandai Namco label and the official Bluefin logo, as well, ensuring your friend is getting a legitimate, authentic product.

marker pouring inking pen set

For More Official Inking: GSI Creos Gundam Marker Pouring Inking Pen Set

Some people enjoy customizing their kits, but they aren’t fond of doing it with actual paint and paintbrushes. These markers are a great alternative. The set contains six paint markers. They’re made by the same company that makes Mr.

Color Paints, so they’re high quality, and as an additional bonus, they actually feature the Gundam logo and art. It doesn’t make much difference in the quality of the markers, but it’ll make Gundam fans pretty happy nonetheless.

mobile suit gundam the origin vol 1 manga

Another One for the Readers: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Vol. 1- Activation

This is another great option for fans of the anime who haven’t yet read the manga or fans of both. This manga tells the origin story of Mobile Suit Gundam. Reviewers love it, with some claiming it “surpasses even the films.

” It tells a whole other side of the Gundam story, and it does it in 456 beautiful, art-covered pages, many of which are in full color.


Allow Him to Express His Fandom: Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Anime Unisex T-Shirt

As you’ve probably already realized, there are lots of variations on Gundam. Iron Blooded Orphans is one of the most popular. There are lots of great Gundam shirts out there for your loved one to enjoy, but this one features one of the best designs.

It ranges in size from small to XXL, and there are five colors from which you can choose. The shirt is made of 100%, pre-shrunk cotton, so it’s durable, long-lasting and soft to the touch. Best of all, it features Mobile Suit Gundam and many of the fans’ favorite characters in the design.

It’s truly a shirt that’ll please any Gundam fan.


Let Him Exercise in Style: Gundam Soft Joggers

Ranging in size from small to XXL, these comfortable joggers are perfect for the Gundam lover in your life. They’re made of an incredibly durable, high-quality poly-cotton blend for durability and extreme comfort.

They feature a drawstring closure for a superior fit and side pockets for holding all of his necessities. Best of all, they feature a custom Gundam design on the left leg that allows your friend to show off just how much he loves the show, even while he’s out running, playing ball or at the gym.

They can be washed and dried in machines, and they’re fade-resistant.

gundam zerachiel build divers model kit

Building on a Budget: Bandai Hobby HGBD Gundam Zerachiel Build Divers 1/144 Model Kit

This is another great Gunpla figure that’s a little more affordable than some of the other figures out there. It comes with 14 sheets of detachable pieces, the official sticker and the instruction manual for ease of putting it together.

Unlike some of the other popular Gundam models, this one also comes with its own display base and its own GN bull/GN sky.

All the pieces are pre-painted, so it’s perfect for the hobbyist who doesn’t care much for customization, and the pieces all snap together securely, so there’s also no need for glue or any other type of adhesive.

In terms of assembly, this is a mid-level project that’ll be fun, but a little on the easy side, for serious builders and challenging, but not too hard to finish, for amateurs.

gundam modeler builders tool craft set

Buy Her Everything She Needs All-in-One: Alemon Gundam Modeler Builder’s Tools Craft Set

This is the ultimate Gundam builder’s kit. It’s perfect for anyone who’s just getting into the hobby. The kit can also be used as a replacement for the much-used tools of a long-time builder. It contains everything a Gunpla enthusiast needs, including the cutting mat, which many building sets don’t have.

There are 16 pieces in total including a side cutter, pen knife, saw blade, file, tweezers and more. The cutting mat measures 9″ x 12″ and is 1.2″ thick.

lanyard ID badge holder

A Nifty, Nerdy Way to Display a Name Badge: Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 Lanyard ID Badge Holder

This is a fun, easy gift that’s also pretty practical, especially if your friend enjoys going to a lot of conventions or works somewhere that requires him to wear a name badge. It’s an official Gundam product designed by Bioworld.

It’s made of high-quality Nylon materials and is durable enough to hold his name badge, keys, a couple of pens and any trading pins or buttons he wants to display on it.

It also comes with a raised rubber pendant featuring the Gundam RX-78-2 Helmet.

The clasp is a breakaway clasp that ensures he’ll never get hurt if the lanyard gets hung in something. Instead, it’ll just pop open from around his neck to release him.

build hands round

Help Him Customize His Kits: Bandai HG Gundam Build Custom 044 Build Hands Round

If you aren’t a collector or a builder, a box of replaceable hands may seem like a very odd gift. For a Gunpla enthusiast, though, you can never have too many extra hands. These are great for builders who like to customize their figures by changing out the hands to create a specific look.

They’re also just great to have around because sometimes pieces get lost. When you’re working with hundreds of tiny pieces, it’s not unusual to get to the end and find one or two missing, which is why your friend will thank you for padding his extra hand collection.


Small but Awesome: GE Animation Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Key Chain

This is another small gift that’s perfect as a “just because” gift, a stocking stuffer or for any other reason you might want to give a gift. It’s an officially licensed Gundam product that features a full-color Mobile Suit Gundam engraved and painted on strong metal.

It’s designed as a keychain, but it can also be used as a decoration for a lanyard, backpack, lunchbox, or something else. If you want to remove it from the ring, you can even turn it into an awesome, nerdy zipper pull.


For Geeky, Toasty Feet: Gundam Athletic Crew Socks

For whatever reason, people love cool socks. Aside from underwear, socks are probably the item of clothing that people see the least on other people, but despite that, human beings just love buying interesting, unique socks.

Buy these for the Gundam fan in your life, and he’s sure to thank you. The art on the socks is custom, and the detail is pretty great. They’re crew socks, so they can be seen peeking over the tops of your friend’s shoes, and they fit men’s sizes eight through 12.

They’re made of a durable polyester/Spandex blend and are machine-washable.

Gundam? Gunpla? It’s All Good Gift-Giving!

Although Gundam isn’t quite as popular or as well-known as some of the bigger name anime series like Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z or Fullmetal Alchemist, it still has a lot of fans. Some of the anime’s fans just enjoy watching the show and don’t really get into it beyond that. Others, though, are crazy about Gunpla.

Some builders, especially amateur builders, get the Gundam model kits and build them straight from the box, just as they’re meant to be built, following the instructions. Other people, though, go all out with their kits. They give them new paint jobs; they decorate them with detail work. Some people even buy custom parts and custom bases and build their figures completely uniquely, adding in electronic parts to make them light up, make noises, etc. There are whole websites dedicated to teaching people how to customize their kits.

If you have a Gundam lover in your life who has a favorite Mobile Suit from Gundam, you’re definitely in luck. You can get a lot of your loved one’s favorite characters in action figures and model kits from Bandai. You also can’t go wrong buying him more accessories used in building his kits. There’s also other Gundam-related merchandise available for fans of the show who aren’t into building their own models. The main step for you is figuring out whether you have a builder or a non-builder. The rest – picking out the actual gift – is pretty simple after that.


Are you or someone you love a huge fan of Gundam? If you’ve ever bought one of the kits on our list, how did it turn out? What’s your favorite Gundam kit that we didn’t feature on our list? Tell us all of that and more down below in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and share our article with others.

Come back again soon for more great gift-giving ideas.

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