46 Hippopotamus Gifts That Will Start a Stampede

There’s nothing like the majestic sight of a 3,000-pound hippopotamus snorting its nose and stomping its feet in a dirty swamp.

If you know someone who is deeply moved by these wondrous displays, here are just a few hippo gifts to drive them wild!

46 Hippopotamus Gift Ideas

hippo plush

For Aches and Pains: Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Hippo

Stuffed with lavender, this soft, fluffy hippo will be a comforting presence in more ways than one. Not only will he serve as a great snuggle buddy, but his fragrance will also settle and soothe. He can even be put into the microwave! His insides are filled with natural grains that will warm but not burn, so he can be cuddled, carried or used as a hot pack.

He’ll definitely watch over someone who is hurting.

shaped pencil holder

To Chomp Down on Essays: Hippo-Shaped Pencil Holder

Perfect for students, writers, office workers, book lovers and anyone else who has pens and pencils scattered across their desk, this hippo-shaped organizational tool will make sense of the mess while also looking super cute.

His body is white ceramic, and his mouth is opened wide to hold their supplies. He even has a couple of blunt teeth to complete the look!

cocoa cream biscuits

To Curb a Craving: Kinder “Happy Hippo” Cocoa Cream Biscuits

Imported from Germany, these tasty treats are so cute that you might not want to bite into them. They look just like hippos that have been wading through the mud, but they’re actually chocolate-covered dessert cakes filled with cream and cocoa.

There’s even a crunch of hazelnuts for extra flavor! If you know someone who loves chocolate almost as much as they love hippos, these Happy Hippo Biscuits will be a finger-licking delight.

tea infuser set

Tea for Two: Hippo Tea Infuser Gift Set

Make a great cup of tea with Mr. and Mrs. Hippo. They’re small silicone infusers that will “hang out” on the rim of your cup while your oolong steeps, and since they’re made with reusable, non-toxic materials, you can wash them after the brunch ends and put them away for next time.

The couple that works together stays together, so Mr. and Mrs. Hippo should be in business for quite awhile!

animal planet safari crochet

To Bring the Zoo Home: Animal Planet Safari Crochet

Send their needles into the African savanna with this beginner’s crochet kit. It has full-page color instructions for crocheting a dozen different animals, including lions, elephants, zebras, hippos and honey badgers.

It also comes with a small amount of yarn to get them started. They’ll be able to build their own menagerie as they stitch and loop. The hippos are just the beginning!

shower curtain

When They’re a Filthy Animal: Hippo Shower Curtain

These shower curtains are decorated with the image of a fat, happy hippo getting his bath on, so they’re thematically appropriate and extremely adorable at the same time. Grommets and hooks are included, and they’ll slide right onto the pole of a standard shower.

Let your friend wash just like a hippopotamus. Their tub might not be a lagoon in Africa, but it’ll do.

mause pad

For Computer Geeks: Ornamental Hippo Mouse Pad

Mouse pads come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no shortage of hippo-themed ones out there, but this mouse pad is particularly awesome. Its hippo print has an ornamental, ombre-style design, and its watercolor patterns give it an almost abstract effect.

It’ll be a great gift for hippo lovers, art enthusiasts or just cool mouse pad collectors.

necklace and earrings set

A Beautiful Gift for a Beautiful Woman: Crystal Hippo Hippopotamus Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but hippos are the ones that will gore her enemies. This jewelry set comes with sparkling crystal hippopotamuses that will catch every light in the room with their lifelike details and multifaceted cuts.

The earrings have a matching, dangling pair of hippos, and the necklace has a 3D hippo pendant. It’s definitely a jewelry set to make her gasp.

shaped string lights

To Light Up Their Life: Hippo-Shaped String Lights

Wind them around the banister. Drape them along the fireplace mantel. Hang them over the bed. These hippopotamus lights will cast a warm, peach-colored glow over their domain, so they’ll look great in everything from a nursery to a home library.

Their string measures five feet long and comes with almost a dozen dangling hippos.

geometric hippo piggy bank

For Your Favorite Penny Pincher: Geometric Hippo Piggy Bank

Hippo piggy banks are usually made in a cutesy style, but this one is definitely meant for adult savers. It’s crafted from rich black resin and shaped with geometric edges to give it an eye-popping design.

The open mouth of the hippo is where the coins and bills are inserted. If you’re looking for a unique gift for people who love hippos, consider a black, Benjamin-eating piggy bank.

stress toy

When They’re Tired of Fidget Spinners: Hippo Stress Toy

Does his job raise his blood pressure? Does she need a break from the chaos of kids, pets, dishes and endless piles of dirty socks? This stress relief hippo could be just what the doctor ordered. He’s a palm-sized foam toy that can be squeezed and crushed without damaging him in any way, so he’s perfect for stress, anxiety, depression and emotional disorders like OCD and ADHD.

coffee mug

For Your Annoying Co-Worker: Hippotwatamus Coffee Mug

Passive-aggressive presents come in all shapes and sizes, including a “Don’t Be a Hippotwatamus” coffee mug that bears the image of a purple cartoon hippo. It’ll be perfect for friends, siblings, spouses, in-laws and colleagues that make you want to reach over the cubicle and strangle them.

If you’re lucky, they’ll take the message to heart.


To Turn Their Garden Into a Disney Movie: Hippo With Bird Planter

As a heavy, bronzed decoration, this planter is more suited for the yard than the office, but it’ll look amazing as it sits among the flowers, grasses and ponds. The hippo is a gentle giant with a smile on his face, and there’s even a bluebird perched on the tip of his nose.

It will make a serene picture in any garden.

scrapbook photo album

To Make Memories: Hippo Scrapbook Photo Album

Chronicle life’s most precious memories with this scrapbook photo album. It has a weathered, faux-leather cover with a rope cord binding and attached pendant, and its blank pages can be used for names, dates, photos, messages, stories and guest lists.

Treat it like a personal journal; use it for guest lists or bucket lists; make it a baby book for a new bundle of joy. The possibilities are just as great as the hippo printed on the cover.

Smartphone grip

For Cool People Only: Hippopotamus in Sunglasses Smartphone Grip

There are hippos, and there are awesome hippos. This stud is definitely among the latter. He’s all decked out in shades on a fashionably black background, and he’s ready to serve as a smartphone grip for anyone who wants to prop, tilt, grasp, stand or collapse their device.

Owning a phone is so much easier with a good grip, and thankfully, this hippo is here to save the day.

bottle opener

For Lazy Evenings on the Porch: Hippo Bottle Opener

Hailed as “a bottle opener with a bite,” this hippopotamus is ready to serve. His jaws are opened at just the right angle to clamp down on bottle tops, and his thick, realistic body will make him a cool novelty item for both men and women.

This isn’t a cutesy hippo. It’s a hefty boy who’s ready to get the beer flowing and the good times going.

coloring book

A Different Kind of Stress Reliever: Hippo Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids. This one is filled with elaborate, finely-detailed hippopotamus illustrations that incorporate everything from flowers to mandalas, so they’ll keep adults occupied much longer than children.

Each page comes with a thick backing to prevent bleed-through, and even though it’s advertised as a coloring book, it would work nicely with watercolors as well. The artist can let their imagination run free in the same green grass as their favorite animal.

wall plaque decoration

The Last Stop on Obsession Avenue: Hippo Highway Wall Plaque Decoration

Is her room covered in tusks and tails? Does she like to stomp around the halls just like a Hippopotamus amphibius? Let her commemorate her sanctuary with this “Hippo Highway” wall plaque. It looks just like a street sign, but it’s pretty in pink, and it comes with four mounting holes drilled into the corners for both indoor and outdoor use.

She can use it at home or take it to a locker or cubicle so that she’s never without some hippo love.

3D hippo color changing lamp

Upgrade Their Night Light: 3D Hippo Color-Changing Lamp

Color-changing lamps are always fun to look at, and with the help of a large, friendly hippo, they can become a real conversation starter in the home. This one will cycle through seven different colors as it sits on a desk or table.

You can control the changes with a switch, and you can charge the LED light with either batteries or a plug-in USB cable. If you don’t like the cartoon hippo design of this particular lamp, there are other, more realistic models available as well.

hand-carverd stone hippo

Say It With Stone: Hand-Carved Stone Hippo

Handmade in Puglia, Italy, this stone hippopotamus is meant to be a symbol of love, courage, strength and calmness in a crisis. It’ll be the perfect gift for someone who is going through a tough time, especially if they’re already a hippo collector.

It even comes in a stylish box with a blank white card that you can fill with a personal message. Add a thoughtful touch to a thoughtful gift.

giant stuffed animal

Just Like the Real Thing: Giant Hippopotamus Stuffed Animal

Measuring more than two feet long, this hippopotamus is bigger than some household pets. He has a fierce look on his face, but he’s soft and easy to snuggle, and he has a sturdy wire frame through his spine to keep him upright.

Toddlers can ride him; teenagers can covertly take pictures while pretending that they aren’t interested in him at all. Adults can enjoy him like a carnival prize that they’ve always wanted.

pajama set

For Sleeping In: Hippo Happy Women’s PJs

Send her off into dreamland with these hippo-themed pajamas. The shirt has a picture of a hippopotamus that says “Hippos Make Me Happy,” and the soft flannel pants can be ordered with stripes, checks, plaid and even camouflage.

They’ll make a great gift for birthdays or anniversaries. You could even use them as a surprise on Valentine’s Day!


To Pass Along Some Wisdom: Always Be Yourself Hippo Key Chain

This inspirational key chain delivers one of life’s most important lessons: “Always be yourself except if you can be a hippo, then always be a hippo.” It’s a sentiment that dates back to the days of great scholars and philosophers.

.. probably… so it should resonate with the hippo lover in your life.

hippopotamus family vindyl decal

For Family Folks: Hippopotamus Family Vinyl Decal

Let them show off their love for the hippopotamus family with adorable vinyl decal. It depicts a mom and dad hippo with two little babies in tow, and the parents are nuzzling each other with hearts drifting from their snouts.

You’re probably most familiar with decals being stuck to cars, but they can also be applied to walls, windows, laptops and more.

wristlet wallet pouch

To Simplify Their Life: Universal Phone Wristlet Wallet Pouch

If she hates carrying a purse, consider a fashionable but functional alternative like a wristlet wallet pouch. At 7 x 4 inches, it’s large enough to hold phones, keys and credit cards, and it comes with inner pockets for organizational purposes as well.

There’s also a wrist strap to keep it close even as it frees her hands for everyday tasks. A hippo design will make her smile. What’s not to love about this wristlet?

jewelry container

A Gift to Remember: Egyptian Hippo Jewelry Container

This isn’t a cartoon hippo. Inspired by the blue hippo statues of ancient Egypt, it’s a rarer, more culturally significant depiction of the animal, and its craftsmanship has a handmade quality to it. You can also open it up and use it as a container for jewelry, love notes, dried flowers and any other trinkets that you’d like to protect.


To Encourage Daydreaming: Cute Hippo Composition Notebook

If she can barely concentrate at school because she has hippos on the brain, this notebook won’t help at all, but at least she’ll fail stylishly. It’s a regular, standard-sized composition notebook, so it’s perfectly suitable for class, but it’s embellished with cute pastel hippos wearing bows and polka dots.

She’ll get a kick out of it every time that she opens it.


For Big and Beautiful Women: Fabulous and Thicc Hippo Socks

Who wants to count calories when you could be proud of your size instead? These fun, flirty socks have a picture of a female hippo who isn’t ashamed of being curvy. She’s declaring herself “Fabulous and Thicc” even as she smirks at the world.

Say goodbye to diets and hello to tasty feasts that are fit for 3,000-pound stomaches!


For Breathing a Little Easier: Blue Hippo Cool Mist Humidifier

Humidifiers can work wonders for your indoor air quality, but you don’t have to purchase a plain metal contraption. You can have a little fun with a hippo-shaped humidifier that works just as well as a regular model! It’s marketed towards children, but that’s only because it uses ultrasonic vibrations instead of an interior heating element.

It’s safe for babies and kids with curious fingers. Adults can enjoy it, however, if they have a love of hippos and a sense of whimsy.


To Strut Their Stuff: Hippo Leggings

Nothing is cuter than a hippo covering your tush, so if you have a girlfriend who likes to harness the power of kawaii, you can make her day with some hippo-themed leggings. They’re made with a mix of polyester and Spandex for extra stretch, and they’re covered in adorable little hippos and baby chicks.

As a bonus, their sizes range from XS – 5XL, so they’ll fit hippo lovers of all shapes and sizes.

the secret life of hippos blu ray

Because Hippos Are Actually Fascinating: The Secret Life of Hippos Blu-Ray

Despite their cute and cuddly depictions in the media, hippopotamuses are some of the most deadly animals in the wild. The Secret Life of Hippos will tell you all about it. Shot in the national parks of Tanzania, it’s an award-winning documentary with some truly spectacular close-ups of hippos in their natural environment, and it’s a must-see for animal and nature lovers who are genuinely interested in hippos.


For Sweet Feet: Hippo Slippers

The manufacturers claim that these slippers are “just like walking on pillows,” but even if they aren’t quite cirrocumulus, they’ll still feel great on tired feet. Their fur is so soft that you’ll want to sink your fingers into the padding and never let go, and their textured, no-slip bottoms will provide enough friction to keep you steady on any kind of floor.

They’re so comfortable that you might just keep them for yourself instead of giving them away!

hippos game

To Relive a Childhood Classic: Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

Turn back the clock with Hungry Hungry Hippos. It’s just as fun and addictive as ever, and its design hasn’t changed a bit, so they can take a foot-stomping, marble-chomping walk down memory lane with the exact same game that they played in elementary school.

If they have kids, they can even introduce the next generation to the anarchy that is Hungry Hungry Hippos.

art print

When They’re Ethically Minded: Smarty Pants Hippo Upcycled Art Print

The only thing better than a gift is a gift that gives back, and with this “upcycled” art print, you’ll be helping the community and impressing your gift recipient at the same time. It’s a framed drawing of an intelligent-looking hippopotamus in glasses, but he’s been printed on an old, slightly yellowed dictionary page that would’ve been thrown out, so he’s giving new life to an old book.

He has a good story to tell.

surprise hippo mug

For Java Junkies: Marine Blue Surprise Hippo Mug

From the outside, this is a regular coffee mug. From the inside, a hippopotamus is rearing its head with a wide-open mouth that’s ready to accept some coffee! Your hippo lover can enjoy all of their favorite beverages with this cute and practical gift.

It breaks the mold in terms of design, but it’s still perfectly functional for everyday use.

shopping tote

When They’re Always on the Go: Reusable Hippo Shopping Tote

Don’t be fooled by the thin material of this colorful, lightweight tote bag. It’s made with a rip-stop fabric that will resist leaks, stains and tears, and it can carry up to 50 pounds before it starts to sag.

That’s several grocery bags in one! You could also use it for books, diapers, towels, beach toys and anything else that needs to be transported. Despite its appearance, it’s a heavy-duty tote that will live up to its depiction of a heavy-duty animal.

yoga statue figurine

To Find Inner Peace: Hippo Yoga Statue Figurine

Ommmm with the best of them when you buy this yoga-fied figurine. The hippo is sitting cross-legged and meditating deeply with his palms facing the sky, so he clearly knows what he’s doing, and he should be happy to guide you or your friend into spiritual enlightenment.

Just make sure that you’re counting your breaths properly. Ommmm.

slipper socks

Cute and Cozy: Hippo Women’s Sherpa Slipper Socks

These slipper socks are almost sinfully soft. They’re thick and fluffy, especially with their plush inner lining made of Sherpa fleece, and they’re long enough to cover all of the ankle and most of the calf.

Best of all, they’re designed to look like hippos! They have happy hippo faces on the toes, and there are even fabric ears sticking out from the sides. If you know someone who loves hippos so much that they want to turn into one, these socks can put them one step closer to rolling in the mud of a river.

soapstone african figurine

From Africa With Love: Soapstone African Hippo Figurine

Made by hand, these colorful hippopotamus figurines are one-of-a-kind creations from the Kisii region of Kenya. They’re carved from soapstone, which is abundant in Kisii, and they’re painted in the bright hues and exotic patterns that are customary in their homeland.

They’re also imperfectly perfect since each one comes from the hands of real African craftsmen. If you’re looking for a rare, memorable gift for a hippo lover, this is it.

onesie pajama

Because They’re Too Cute to Resist: Adult Hippo Onesie Pajamas

Gag gifts are funnier when they actually serve a purpose, and this gigantic hippo onesie is so warm and soft that they’ll be cursing you even as they snuggle into it. The material is 100 percent polar fleece, and the fit is deliberately shapeless to allow for flexibility and freedom of movement.

The hood has a cute hippo face with two doll-like eyes and protruding fabric teeth!

bathroom wall art

To Get a Little Sassy: Sweet Cheeks Hippo Bathroom Wall Art

“Why Hello Sweet Cheeks, Take a Seat.” These fun, frisky hippos will make a great addition to bathroom decor that isn’t afraid to have a little fun. They come in a set of three prints, but they’re all hung up together, and their soft colors will perfectly match the neutral tones of most bathrooms.

They’re also available with other messages like “Wash Your Hands” and “Hello Lovely.”

hippo cookie cutter

For Bakes and Cakes: Hippo Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters make a great addition to stockings, gift baskets, baking sets and more. They’re even better when they’re hippo-shaped! This cute critter measures four inches long, so he’ll make a good mouthful of cookie, and he’s made with certified steel for both sanitation and ease of use.

Just press him into the dough to create a sweet treat!

creamer and sugar bowl

To Add Some “Aww” to Their Brunches: Hippo Creamer and Sugar Bowl

If they like to host book clubs and garden parties, they’ll need some fashionable brunching accessories to show off to their friends. Why don’t you gift them two adorable hippos that are ready to hold cream and sugar? One has an open mouth for pouring while the other will just cutely gaze at the guests.

They’re absolutely perfect for social gatherings where tea and coffee is served.


To Banish the Cold for Good: Hippo Pattern Fleece Blanket

They’ll never have cold toes again. This hippo-patterned blanket is made with the softest of velvet, and its large, luxurious size makes it easy to wrap around the entire body in a fluffy cloud of warmth.

When it needs to be washed, it can be thrown in the washing machine like any other blanket, but the high-quality fabric will keep it from wrinkling or fading. Say goodbye to chilly mornings!

3 Considerations When Buying Hippopotamus Gifts

If you’re in the market for hippopotamus gifts, you might be overwhelmed by all of your choices. How are you supposed to know which larger-than-life beasts will create a larger-than-life present?

You’ll need some tips and tricks to find the perfect gift.

1. Consider the Style of the Hippos

Some hippo gifts have cute, colorful depictions of cartoon animals. Others have highly realistic hippos with tusks and wrinkles.

Which style would your friend prefer?

If they have an academic interest in the wild, they might not like purple hippos in sunglasses. On the other hand, if they collect kitschy hippos, they might not be charmed by a war-like hippo figurine with a gigantic maw.

2. Keep It Appropriate

Many hippo gifts come with jokes and puns, so you’ll need to be careful not to cross the line. For example, “Big and Beautiful” won’t flatter someone who is struggling with their weight, and “You’re Such a Hippotwatamus” might get you fired with the wrong boss. Don’t take any chances with funny hippo gifts. Only give them to people who will appreciate their humor.

3. Buy a Useful Gift

Last but certainly not least, make sure that your gift is a useful one. If it’s a hippo-shaped coffee mug, it should be made of durable ceramic that won’t chip or crack. If it’s a stylish hippo bag, it should be able to carry actual weight so that it’s functional in everyday life. You don’t want your gift to be abandoned at the back of a closet for years to come, so make it practical even if it’s a gag gift at the same time.

Final Words

These are just a few hippopotamus gifts that will delight animal lovers. What do you think of our gift guide?

Have we left anything out? Did we miss any amazing hippo-themed gifts? We’re always open to suggestions!

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