30 Puck-Tastic Gifts for Hockey Fans

The hockey fan in your life will be sure to enjoy all of these one-of-a-kind gift ideas. If you’re searching for the perfect gift to give the hockey lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ll explore 30 exciting and puck-tastic gifts that will definitely score!

Gift Ideas for Hockey Fans

benshot glasses

When Hockey Meets Quality Craftsmanship: BenShot Glasses With Hockey Puck

This beverage glass is truly unique and will be sure to put a smile on any hockey lover’s face. This glass also comes in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 11oz to 16oz (325.31 to 473.18 ml).

No matter what their go-to beverage is, this one-of-a-kind glass is sure to add a little bit of personality and style to your loved one’s collection. Built by artisan glassmakers, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality gift such as this.


When You Have Zero Pucks To Give: Men’s Zero Pucks Given T-Shirt Funny Hockey Gift

This hilarious t-shirt is a must-have for the hockey fan in your life. This super comfy men’s t-shirt is not only a gift that they’ll get a kick out of, but this super-soft tee will quickly become their favorite.

The puck-themed t-shirt is perfect for them to wear to their next hockey game. Make sure to add this high-quality tee to your cart today! Your loved one will be glad you did!

hockey mug

When Playing With Your Food Is Okay: The Hockey Mug With a Net

This unique mug comes with its very own mini hockey goal attached to the rim. Your loved one will score a goal every time they take a sip with this hockey-themed mug. This versatile mug is also perfect for cereal and sundaes!

The hockey super-fan in your life will love to flick their favorite cereal and sprinkles into their new mini goal! This 14-ounce (414.

03 ml) mug will become their new favorite and will be sure to put a smile on their face first thing in the morning!

3D-lamp night light

A Cool 3D Light for Hockey Fans: Hockey Player 3D Lamp Night Lights

This incredible 3D LED light is perfect for hockey fans of all ages! Whether young hockey fans are using it as a nightlight or older fans would love it as decor, this versatile gift is a must-have!

The holographic LED light comes in seven different colors, giving your loved one plenty of vibrant options to choose from.

This amazing touch-control light will be sure to bring your loved one plenty of compliments, and they’ll love having it around.

sports street hockey pucks

For Practicing Their Skills: Franklin Sports Street Hockey Pucks

Help your loved one practice their mad skills off the ice with these street hockey pucks. This purchase comes with three pucks, all of them being different colors and having the ability to glow in the dark.

Practice anywhere, day or night, with these high-quality hockey pucks. These pucks are durable and will be sure to last a long time, giving the hockey player in your life plenty of time to perfect their game.

The great book of Ice hockey book

To Test Their Hockey Knowledge: The Great Book of Ice Hockey

This sports trivia book is another must-have for the hockey fan in your life. This book is packed with amazing stories and insightful trivia about the game of hockey!

With over 140 pages, the hockey fan in your life won’t want to put this fascinating book down! Test your loved ones’ knowledge with this one-of-a-kind sportsbook that will be sure to help them learn something new.


A Gift for the Hockey Mom: Infinity Collection Hockey Mom Charm Bracelet

Do you know a hockey mom that’s passionate about the sport? This iconic charm bracelet will be sure to make her smile and beam with pride. This bracelet fits most wrist sizes and is a fashionable and elegant gift to give any hockey mom.

Let her show off her love of the game with this fashionable charm bracket. You’ll be sure to score a goal with a gift like this, so make sure you add it to your cart soon!

bottle opener

A Unique Bottle Opener: Miicol Hockey Stick Beer Beverage Cap Bottle Opener

This hilarious bottle opener is a must-have for any hockey fan to have around the house. This bottle opener is shaped like a miniature hockey stick, and this a safe and durable way to open up your drinks.

The unique kitchen accessory will be sure to add a little bit of personality to your loved one’s collection. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use accessory that’s practical and funny, this is a great gift idea for the hockey fan in your life.


When the Big Game Is On: Full Length Sports Fan Lounge Hockey Socks

Do not disturb! If your loved one is wearing these fashionable and comfy socks, you’ll know they’re watching the big game. These stylish socks are non-slip and are extra-cozy, making them a must-have!

Socks are always a go-to gift idea, and what better socks to surprise your hockey fan with than these! If you’re looking for a comfy pair of socks they won’t want to take off, add these to your cart today!

vintage wall art photos

For Those Who Love a Vintage Look: Hockey Patent Prints Set of 6 Vintage Wall Art Photos

This unique gift is perfect for those who are fans of the vintage aesthetic and love everything hockey. This purchase comes with six different wall art photos, all of them showcasing various hockey patent illustrations.

These wall art photos will look phenomenal anywhere and will be sure to make any hockey fan smile! These photos are 8×10-inch (20.32 x 25.4-cm) and are printed on high-quality paper that will be sure to stand the test of time.

slap shot soap

Hockey Approved Soap: Slap Shot Soap-100% Natural & Hand Made

This is another unique gift that will make your hockey player happy. This one-of-a-kind premium soap is perfect for the hockey lover in your life, as the cover has an illustration of a hockey player making moves on the ice!

The handmade soap is crafted with natural ingredients and is scented with 100% essential oils.

This hand soap will be sure to help their skin feel smooth and soft, allowing you to give your loved one a wholesome gift they’ll enjoy.


Hockey, but Make It Fashion: Blade Shades Hockey Stick Sunglasses

These high-quality sunglasses are a unique gift for the hockey player in your life for many reasons. For one, the frames are shaped like hockey sticks, which are definitely a conversation starter!

The glasses also promise 100% UV protection and are a fashionable way to avoid the harsh sun on those hot days.

This gift also comes with either a grey or chrome mirror lens, giving your loved one plenty of options to choose from.

hockey ice jersey

An Iconic Jersey They’ll Love: 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Miracle on Ice Jersey

This iconic vintage jersey is a must-have for the long-time hockey fan in your life. This jersey also comes in various colors and styles, as well as different numbers on the front. No matter who your loved one’s favorite player is, there’s lots to choose from.

This high-quality shirt will definitely blow them away! Treat them to their new favorite jersey now; you won’t regret it.

hockey net

For Taking the Game to the Streets: Franklin Sports Street Hockey Goal Steel Street Hockey Net

Pair those outdoor pucks we mentioned earlier with this high-quality hockey net, and game on! This durable outdoor goal will be sure to equal plenty of outdoor fun when the hockey lover in your life isn’t on the ice.

This hockey net is 54” x 44” (137.16 cm x 111.76 cm) and is perfect for young hockey lovers looking to practice their game. Even the hardest slap shots are not a match for this durable and one-of-a-kind hockey net!

Z is for zamboni a hockey

A Book for Young Hockey Lovers: Z Is for Zamboni a Hockey Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)

This hockey alphabet book is perfect for the little hockey lover in your life. This colorful book will help them learn the alphabet and hockey terminology at the same time. This exciting book is also packed with bright and fun illustrations, making it perfect for the little one in your life.

The sports alphabet book will become their new favorite book in no time! Don’t forget to add this one-of-a-kind hockey-themed gift idea to your cart today!

KLASK 4 half air hockey

Air Hockey on the Go: KLASK 4, Half Air Hockey

A portable game that’s half foosball, half air hockey, what more do you want? This one-of-a-kind gift is perfect for the hockey lover in your life that loves all forms of hockey. Play with up to four players and get the party started no matter where you are.

Does your loved one have fast hands and even faster-thinking skills? This game will be sure to keep them on their toes and scoring goals against their friends in no time!

game change book

A Must-Read for Hockey Lovers: Game Change the Life and Death of Steve Montador

If you’re looking for a book that goes in-depth into the world of hockey and the life of Steve Montador, this book is for you. This book dives into the world of hockey and how deadly head injuries play a role in the sport.

If you know someone who loves the game of hockey and is interested in learning more about these subjects, this book will be sure to open their eyes and help them learn new and fascinating things.

automatic one timer hockey passer

For Practicing on Your Own: Franklin Sports Automatic One-Timer Hockey Passer

Simply fed, set, and shoot! This NHL-approved automatic feeder is perfect for the hockey lover that’s practicing solo. This purchase also includes four hockey pucks, giving you extra pucks to use while you’re on the move.

This machine also comes with a built-in LED light, making it perfect for preparing for your puck and getting ready to score! Practice makes perfect, so make sure to add this must-have tool to your cart today!

hockey puck cell phone stand

A Practical Phone Stand: Original Indestructible Hockey Puck Cell Phone Stand

This iconic, novelty gift is a must-have for the hockey lover in your life. Hold your smartphone or tablet with ease with this hilarious phone stand shaped like a hockey puck.

The durable phone stand is one-of-a-kind makes it easier to set your phone or tablet down and watch movies or listen to music.

This phone stand also naturally enhances your device’s sound, making it the perfect gift for the hockey fan in your life.

hockey bracelets silicone

Perfect for Hockey-Themed Parties: 24 Pieces Hockey Rubber Bracelets Silicone

These high-quality bracelets would make perfect party favors for a hockey-themed party. These colorful and durable rubber bracelets will help your loved one show off their love for their favorite sport every day.

This purchase comes with 24 different bracelets, which include various colors and phrases printed on. If you’re looking for an adorable hockey-themed gift idea, these bracelets will be sure to make them smile.

hair accessories

Hockey Hair Accessories: Infinity Collection Ice Hockey Hair Accessories

These adorable hockey-themed hair ties are perfect for the hockey lover in your life that loves to keep their hair up. Whether they’re at practice or having a bad hair day, these colorful and durable elastic hair ties will be sure to come in handy.

This purchase comes with seven different hair ties, all of them in different colors that showcase the rainbow! These sports-themed hair ties are a useful and thoughtful gift to give the hockey lover in your life, so make sure to add these to your cart soon!

NHL game of spot it

Hockey-Themed Mini-Games: MasterPieces NHL League Version Spot It!

Are you searching for more hockey-themed fun and games? This game of Spot It comes with 55 unique cards and five different mini-games to choose from. If you know someone who can’t get enough hockey in their lives, this is the game for them.

Help them share their love of their favorite teams and their all-time favorite sport with this one-of-a-kind game that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

hockey stickers

For the Sticker Lover: WOXIN 100Pcs Hockey Stickers

This purchase comes packed with 100 hockey-themed stickers. Perfect for any surface, the hockey lover in your life won’t know what to do with all these fantastic, vibrant, and high-quality stickers!

These stickers would be ideal on their water bottle, luggage, and even their phone case.

Help them add a little bit of personality to their belongings with this one-of-a-kind sticker pack!

hockey shaped pasta

Pasta That Scores a Goal: Pastabilities Hockey Shaped Pasta

Hockey lovers of all ages would be thrilled to receive hockey-shaped pasta. This delicious sports-themed pasta will be sure to put a big smile on their face, and they’ll gobble this down in no time.

Made from the highest quality ingredients, this pasta is stylish, delicious, and healthy.

If you’re looking for a truly unique gift that is yummy and perfect for any occasion, this pasta is for you!

wood words

Hockey, but Make It Home Decor: ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Wood Words

This decorative and handcrafted sign is perfect for the hockey super-fan in your life. Let your loved one show off their love for this iconic sport with this 12.5” W x 2.5” H x 1” D (31.75 x 6.35 x 2.

54 cm) sign that will add some personality to any room in their house!

This sign is perfect for any occasion and will be sure to look impressive and classy in their space. If you know someone who loves to incorporate home decor and the love of their favorite sport, this is the perfect gift idea for you.

blanket for newborn

For Starting Them off Young: Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket for Newborn

Help your loved ones track and capture every step of their baby’s growth with this adorable hockey-themed milestone blanket. This soft and comfortable baby blanket is perfect for the future hockey lover in your life.

This blanket is just the right size for any newborn, and your loved one will definitely be thankful for this unique and memorable gift! Don’t forget to add yours to your cart today!

magnet decal

For Your Favorite Lady on the Ice: Female Hockey Player Magnet/Decal

This classic female silhouette decal is perfect for your favorite female hockey player. This high-quality decal is ideal for plenty of different surfaces such as their car, fridge, or locker.

This impressive magnet will make them smile and remember how powerful they are on the ice.

If you’re looking for the ideal gift to give your favorite female player, this is a great gift idea for you!

hockey pucks chiller set

To Keep Your Drink Cool: Whiskey Stones Hockey Pucks Chiller Set of 3

These reusable drink coolers are perfect for any hockey fan. This purchase comes with three different chillers, all of them shaped like real pucks you’d find on the ice. Enjoy your favorite drink in style with these genuinely unique drink chillers.

Simply freeze these chillers for two hours, and you’re ready to start sipping on your favorite beverage. These chillers are a conversation starter, and your favorite hockey fan will get a kick out of using this practical and unique gift.

BBQ grill set

A Hockey-Themed Sporttula: YouTheFan NHL 3-Piece Classic Series BBQ Grill Set

Do you know a hockey fan that loves to grill outdoors while representing their favorite team? This is the perfect gift for them! Let your loved one grill in style with this iconic, high-quality sportula that will easily stand the test of time.

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, your loved one can rep their favorite NHL team while they’re grilling their favorite foods. What more can you ask for? There are plenty of teams and designs to choose from, so add your loved one’s favorite team to your cart today and start grilling!


A Multi-Purpose Gift: Hockey Puck Stress Toy Keychain

Not only is this keychain a fashionable hockey puck, but it’s also a useful stress toy! This fun novelty gift will be sure to put to lots of good use and will make the hockey fan in your life smile.

This foam hockey puck will look great next to your loved one’s keys and is another great conversation starter.

Your loved one will immediately become obsessed with this gift, so don’t forget to add this super fun gift idea to your cart today!

Hockey Presents Buyers Guide + What To Remember

It’s clear to see there are plenty of unique and useful hockey-themed gifts out there. No matter who you’re buying for, we mentioned many different products on this list that any hockey lover will be sure to love.

But before you click add to cart, let’s discuss what you should consider beforehand to give your loved one the best gift possible.

Their Favorite Team

Every sports fan has that one team that they ride or die for. Consider who your loved one cheers for the hardest before you purchase them a hockey-themed gift. The last thing you want to do is buy merchandise with their opposing team’s logo on it.

If you’re aware of their favorite team, it will help you buy them a gift that they’ll really enjoy. Taking the time to consider who their favorite team is will help you buy a gift that they’ll treasure for a long time.


Price is another factor you’ll want to consider before you click add to cart. Most of the items we listed above are budget-friendly, but other gifts may be considered more on the pricey side.

It’s important to consider what your budget is before you start spending. Are you buying for a special occasion or a gift exchange? Is there a spending limit on the type of gift you should be buying? These are all questions you should ask before spending any money on the hockey lover in your life.


You should also consider the age of the recipient before you buy your gift. We discussed many different gift ideas on this list, many of which are suitable for all ages.

Are you shopping for the young hockey lover in your life? The hockey-themed sports alphabet book should make a great learner tool for the little sports fan. Are you shopping for a passionate hockey mom? The elegant charm bracelet we listed above would make a great addition to her collection.

Considering who you’re shopping for will allow you to buy your loved one a gift they truly appreciate!


There are plenty of hockey-themed gift ideas to choose from! We hope you found a gift listed above that the hockey lover in your life will love. Make sure to share this article and leave a comment below telling us about your favorite hockey team!

gifts for hockey fans


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