30 Hummingbird Gifts That’ll Stir Up Quite a Buzz

Hummingbirds may be small, but they make a big impression on the people who are lucky enough to see them. There’s just something about their tiny bodies and the knowledge that their little hearts are beating over 1,000 times a minute that makes people go crazy for them. If you have a hummingbird lover in your life, there are all kinds of great gifts you can buy.

30 Presents For hummingbird Lovers

hummingbird feeders for outdoors

Give Her a Chance to See Real Hummingbirds as Often as Possible: LUJII Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors Hand Blown Glass

The best gift you can give to any hummingbird lover is, of course, access to more real-life hummingbirds. The easiest way to do this in most areas is by buying her a hummingbird feeder to help attract and then keep hummingbirds coming back to her home.

This one is especially nice. It’s handmade of blown glass, and it’s simply stunning. In addition to looking lovely, the bright colors also help attract hummingbirds to the feeder, and there are five flower feeding spots so that up to five birds can feed at the same time.

It’s easy to refill and easy to clean, and because it’s handmade, it’s pretty much one of a kind because no two feeders look exactly alike.

hummingbird feeder hand blow glass

Another Great Feeder: Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder Hand Blown Glass Moroccan Lantern

In truth, we could have filled this list with dozens of hummingbird feeders and had a perfectly acceptable list because there really isn’t anything better you can give someone who loves hummingbirds, but we tried to limit ourselves to just these couple.

Hummingbirds are attracted to red, so this feeder is like a shining beacon in the darkness to them. It features four flower feeding ports, and the black iron “cage” around it makes it a little more durable than it otherwise might be.

Like the other feeder on the list, it’s handmade, so no two are exactly alike.


A Lamp to Set Her Heart Aflutter: Tiffany Lamp W12H18 Inch Hummingbird Stained Glass

If you’re looking to go in a slightly different direction, this gorgeous Tiffany lamp featuring a hummingbird feeding from a flower is a beautiful option. It’s on the pricey side, as most Tiffany glass is, but it’s well worth the cost.

The lampshade is 12″ x 18″, and the base is about six inches wide. The base is bronze, which looks quite nice against the stained glass lampshade, and when the bulb (not included) is turned on, the scene almost looks magical.

It’s the perfect end table or bedside table lamp for any hummingbird fanatic.

decorative garden planter

A Place to Plant Hummingbird-Attracting Flowers: Green Amish Wagon Decorative Garden Planter

In addition to a feeder, another good way to draw hummingbirds to someone’s home is by planting lots of flowers. This garden planter shaped like a small Amish wagon is perfect for that. Everything about it, from the large iron wheels to the painted boards used in its construction, looks totally authentic, and with the wagon itself – excluding the handle – measuring 21.

75″ x 14.5″ x 15.5″, there’s plenty of room to place lots and lots of all the hummingbirds’ favorite potted plants. Plus, it just looks really nice.


For a More Elegant Gift: Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bracelet for Women

If your loved one cares less about decorating her house or garden and more about decorating herself, get her this silver hummingbird bracelet. It’s made of a delicate, S925 sterling silver chain, and it features a green and white crystal hummingbird pendant at its center.

The bracelet is adjustable to fit a variety of wrists. It can be adjusted to either six, seven, eight or nine inches in diameter.

wooden bench

A Comfy Place to Sit and Watch the Birds Fly By: Best Choice Products Rustic 2-Person Wooden Wagon Wheel Bench

Unless your friend has a large picture window facing the direction his hummingbirds like to visit, he’s not going to be able to see them very well from inside. Get him this lovely wagon wheel bench for his front porch or his garden, and he can sit and watch them fly by all day.

The bench is made from strong, solid fir wood and finished with a weather-resistant coating to keep it from becoming ruined outside. The giant wagon wheels on either side give it a charming, rustic look, but don’t worry; there are actual legs underneath, so your friend won’t go rolling down the hill every time he sits on it.

wooden wishing well

Make All Her Wishes Come True: Best Choice Products Rustic Outdoor Wooden Wishing Well

This could be another lovely, rustic addition to your friend’s garden. It looks like an authentic wishing well, but it’s actually a garden planter. Your friend can plant all kinds of great hummingbird-attracting flowers in the well itself and in the well’s attached bucket.

It doesn’t actually work for drawing water, but if she plants the right flowers in it, it can still make all her wishes come true, at least as far as visiting hummingbirds are concerned.

hummingbird swing red

Help His Birds Stick Around: OSP Pop’s Charmed Hummingbird Swing Red

Once your friend gets the hummingbirds coming around, he’ll want some additional things to keep them happy and healthy. This is an inexpensive gift that’ll help him do just that. Just like any other bird, a hummingbird needs somewhere to perch.

While they’re feeding, they stay in motion, hovering above the feeder while drinking. Your friend can hang this small, red swing somewhere nearby, and the hummingbirds will perch on it during those few, short moments when they aren’t in motion.

He’ll also be able to see and/or photograph them much more easily when they’re sitting still.


For the Lady who Knows How to Accessorize: Colorful Crystal Flying Hummingbird Pendant Necklace

This brightly colored hummingbird necklace is a good gift for the jewelry lover in your life who prefers necklaces to bracelets. It includes an 18-inch chain with two extra inches for ease of adjusting and the pendant itself, which is about three inches long.

It’s modeled after the hummingbird known as ‘Anna’s Hummingbird.’ It has a purple head and a green body, and the crystals used to make the pendant sparkle and shine every time the light hits them. The whole thing is made of 925 sterling silver, so it’ll never rust or lose its shine.

Currently, the company is even sending the necklace in a four-stage opening gift box for a little extra fun while your friend is unwrapping it.

glass vase

Absolutely Gorgeous: Glass Vase Hand-Painted Hummingbird Design

There is something about hummingbirds and stained glass that just make them go so well together. The aforementioned Tiffany lamp is evidence of that, but this gorgeous, ten-inch vase provides even more proof.

It’s fully functional as a vase; your loved one can use it to display flowers, river rocks, glass beads, bamboo stalks or whatever else she wants to put in it. It’s hand-painted and features a gorgeous garden scene, complete with vivid flowers, butterflies and, of course, hummingbirds.

It’s absolutely breathtaking, and it would make a great centerpiece for any table, hearth or display.

woven hummingbird house

A Home for His Feathery Friends: Gute Grass Hand-Woven Hummingbird House

This is another great option for the friend who cares less about material things and more about keeping hummingbirds coming back to his home. This set comes with two hand-woven hummingbird houses made of dried hibiscus grass.

They’re 100% environmentally friendly, and they’re much more durable than you might think. There’s no true guarantee that the hummingbirds will decide to use them, but if they don’t, there are likely some finches, chickadees or other small birds nearby that certainly will.

glass solar birdbath

For the Avid Watcher of All Kinds of Birds: MUMTOP Outdoor Glass Solar Birdbath with Metal Stand

If your loved one just loves to watch birds of all kinds, this enchanting bird bath will ensure she gets to see plenty. The legs are made of sturdy, weather-resistant stainless steel for extra stability, and the top is made of glass that’s been painted (with non-toxic paint!) to look like hummingbirds feeding from flowers.

It’s a gorgeous piece that’ll satiate her need for a hummingbird-themed gift while also giving her a way to ensure more birds of all kinds visit her yard for a quick drink.

moore wild birds hummingbird kit

For the Friend who Wants to Attract Hummingbirds: Moore Wild Birds Hummingbird Kit

Although we promised to limit ourselves to just two feeders, this one was too good to leave off the list. This is a great beginner kit for someone who knows nothing about attracting hummingbirds to her yard.

It includes a sturdy, practical and attractive feeder with five feeding ports, a package of hummingbird food that’s easy to mix and a book that’ll tell her all about watching hummingbirds. It’s the perfect gift for someone just getting started, and it comes at a reasonable price as well.

wind chimes

For Soothing Sounds to Break the Silence: Loving Basso Memory Wind Chimes Outdoor

This wind chimes set is topped with a hand-cast and hand-painted, stained glass hummingbird and features bright blue chimes that catch the light and look as beautiful as they sound. The bright blue glass pendant at the bottom is just as lovely and completes the overall look.

The sounds the chimes make are light and tinkling and will bring a little fairy tale magic to your friend’s front porch – or wherever she decides to hang them.

solar lantern pattern

A Gift to Light Her Way: Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging Solar Lights Hummingbird Pattern

Whether inside or outside, there’s always going to come a time when everyone needs a spare, non-electric light to brighten up the darkness. This solar-powered lantern with the hummingbird and flowers design on the screen is a great option.

Whether your friend is having a nighttime garden party or just needs something in case of a power outage, this lantern will do the trick. It doesn’t require electricity or even batteries; it’s charged entirely by the light of the sun.

Despite its lovely stained glass appearance, it’s actually made of plastic, so it’s durable and fade-resistant. It also comes with a convenient handle for ease of carrying.

decor stone

A Warm Greeting: Carson Home Accents Welcome Hummingbird Decor Stepping Stone

This may be a relatively simple gift, but it’s one that’ll add a lot of warmth and comfort to your friend’s home. Garden stones are nice additions to any walkway or garden path, and this one, with it’s “Welcome” greeting and realistic-looking hummingbird, is even nicer than others, especially for the friend who loves hummingbirds.

It’s made of sturdy, hard-to-break cement and is ten inches in diameter. It can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall thanks to the embedded hanger in the back.

candle holder

A Truly Unique Candle Holder: Hummingbird Candle Holder Silver Metal Rotating Spinning Humming Bird Charms

If your loved one enjoys burning candles, she’ll absolutely adore this frosted glass candle holder covered in flowers and hummingbirds and topped with silver-plated, precision laser-cut hummingbirds. The hummingbirds actually “fly” – spin – above the candle thanks to the heat rising from the burning flame.

It’s soothing to watch, and it casts a lot of fun, interesting shadows against the walls. A smokeless tea light candle is provided with the candle holder, but your friend can use her own candles if she’d prefer.

hummingbird book

A Beautiful, Easy Read: Hummingbirds by Ronald Orenstein

For the friend who likes hummingbirds a lot, just reading about them and getting to see a collection of pictures of them can be a true gift. With this book, he can do just that. The book features over 170 full-color photographs of many different species of hummingbirds, some of which he’ll likely never see in real life.

Additionally, there are 256 pages full of everything about hummingbirds he could possibly want to know.


For Quiet Entertainment: Large Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces

Puzzles aren’t the ideal gift for everyone, but if you have someone in your life who does enjoy putting together puzzles and who loves hummingbirds, this is exactly the ideal gift for her.

It’s a large, 1,000-piece puzzle; once completed, its dimensions measure 29.5″ x 19.7″. It’s full of bright, vibrant colors, and equally bright hummingbirds feature prominently in the design, along with some flowers, butterflies, grass and clouds.

The puzzle is made of high-quality wood, so it’s exceptionally durable, and the pieces are precisely cut for a tight, secure fit. It’s a great way to pass the time, and she can even frame it afterwards.


A Beautiful Scarf for a Beautiful Soul: Etwoa’s Teal Blue Birds Pattern Infinity Scarf

The hummingbirds on this scarf aren’t as bright and multi-colored as hummingbirds are often portrayed on merchandise, but they’re still lovely, and unlike some of those other hummingbirds, these look quite realistic.

The scarf is made of 100% chiffon, so it’s lightweight, soft and thin, meaning your friend can wear it even in the warmer months without becoming too hot. It features double-layered sewing that doesn’t show any raw edges or seams, and because it’s an infinity scarf, it’s just one continuous loop, so she never has to worry about whether or not she’s got it on “the wrong way.

” It’s the perfect way for her to accessorize with her favorite birds.

hummingbird nectar

Something to Put in All Those Feeders: Naturally Fresh Hummingbird Nectar with Nectar Defender

Whether you buy your friend a new hummingbird feeder or whether he already has plenty of his own, he’s going to need some food to put in them. Otherwise, they’re little more than a pretty porch decoration.

To be so small, hummingbirds are voracious eaters, and constantly buying food for them can get expensive. Help lighten his load a little by buying him this one- or two-pack of hummingbird nectar. It’s easy to mix, and one pack makes 96 ounces of food.

plant hanger

For Holding up Her Plants: Mkono Hanging Plant Bracket Iron Decorative Plant Hanger

If your loved one is the type who enjoys hummingbirds but doesn’t want to be so obvious and “in-your-face” about it, this two-pack of wrought iron hanging basket hooks is a great gift idea. The hooks are very attractive and showcase her love of hummingbirds, but they’re also understated and classy.

Because of their natural iron color, they fit in practically anywhere. She can use them on her house whether it’s made of brick, wood, stone or something else, or she can use them on a fence, shed, tree or pergola.

They’re very versatile.

soap dish

A Little Pricey, but So Perfect: B JANECKA Hummingbird Blue Soap Dish or Ring Tray

This gift may be a little expensive, especially in relation to its size, but it’s very beautiful and is sure to delight even the most discerning and hard-to-buy-for hummingbird lover. It’s handmade by skilled artisans in New Mexico and can be used as a soap dish or a trinket dish.

It’s made from porcelain, and every single piece is entirely handmade; molds or casts are not used to shape these dishes. The dish features a lovely hummingbird design and is finished with a clear glaze for a delightful shine.

Each piece is also hand-signed by the artist.

cushion cover

Add a Splash of Color to the Room: DANGCCI Animal Decorative Throw Pillows Cushion Cover

This is a relatively inexpensive gift that’ll add a touch of color and brightness to any room. It’s important to note that the price is only for the pillowcase; the pillow isn’t included, so you’ll have to pick that up separately.

There are three sizes – 16″ x 16″, 18″ x 18″ and 20″ x 20″ – to fit a variety of accent pillows, but each one features the same bright, vibrant design that looks like a watercolor hummingbird that’s been left to drip down the page.


Staying Warm in Style: Comfort Her Zon Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket Spring Hummingbird

This wonderful throw comes in four different sizes, and the print is so lovely and detailed that it almost looks like a photograph of a real hummingbird feeding from a real flower. It’s a fleece-lined Sherpa throw, and it’s much thicker than many other throws.

It’s thick enough and warm enough that it could be used as an actual blanket on your friend’s bed, but she’ll probably choose to snuggle under it while reading, watching TV or doing other similar things.

However she chooses to use it, there’s no doubt that it’ll draw the eye in any room.


Birds on Her Feet: Hot Sox Women’s Animal Series Novelty Casual Crew Socks

A lot of people shy away from buying socks as gifts because they think they’re too inexpensive or too boring. We disagree vehemently! Socks are a necessity that everyone needs, but no one really wants to go out and buy them, so receiving them as a gift usually makes people quite happy.

If your loved one is a hummingbird fan, these socks are sure to make her especially happy. They’re made from a cotton/nylon/spandex blend that’s cool, comfortable and holds its shape well, but best of all, they’re covered in beautiful, realistic hummingbirds!

design paper block set

The Perfect Pen and Paper Pad: Lissom Design Paper Block Set Scent of Lilacs

If your friend works somewhere where she has to leave a lot of notes for others or if she leaves a lot of notes for herself at home, having a lovely pad of paper featuring a hummingbird flying around lots of flowers is sure to please her.

This set is exactly that, and it comes with a matching pen as well. The paper pad looks very nice just sitting around on a desk or bookshelf, but it’s a very practical gift as well.

garden flag

An Attractive Addition to Any Garden: Briarwood Lane Hummingbird Greeting Spring Garden Flag

This is another nice gift for the hummingbird lover who enjoys taking care of and making her garden look nice. If she has a garden flag post, this vivid, brightly colored hummingbird and flowers flag will look great on it.

It measures 12.5″ x 18″ and is made of 100% all-weather polyester so that it’s weather-resistant, fade-resistant, mildew-resistant and isn’t easily damaged by the wind or the rain. If your friend doesn’t already have a small garden flag post, you may have to pick one up for her to go along with this gift, but they’re relatively inexpensive.

night light HP honey pinion

A Tiny Light in the Darkness: Thirstystone Laz NL Hummingbird Nightlight HP, Honey Pinion

Whether the hummingbird lover in your life is young or old, he can always find a use for a nightlight. This little nightlight features a precision-cut metal cut-out of a hummingbird in flight, and when it’s turned on, it puts out quite a bit of light to be so small.

It also throws a pretty, unique shadow against the wall. The nightlight is great for the friend who prefers to have a small light on while he sleeps or for the friend who often gets up at night and doesn’t want to turn on the overhead light and wake up everyone else.

Unlike many nightlights today, this one even comes with an on/off switch so that he can leave it plugged in and still have the option of turning it off. The bulb is included.

dwarf petunia mixture

Beauty that Attracts the Birds: Seed Needs Dwarf Petunia Mixture Twin Pack

We’ve already said this a few times, but it’s absolutely the truth, so it’s worth repeating: The best gift you can give to someone who loves hummingbirds is the opportunity to see more of them in real life! One of the only things better than a hummingbird feeder for attracting hummingbirds is a real-life flower full of real-life nectar.

Give your friend these petunia seeds so that she can plant them and hopefully watch the hummingbirds fly right into her garden. Of all the plants that attract hummingbirds, petunias are one of their favorites and one of the easiest to grow, so trust us when we tell you that your friend will definitely appreciate this gift.

“The daily hummingbird assaults existence with improbability.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Imagine a world where you had never heard of a hummingbird. Now imagine in this world, someone were to tell you about a bird who weighs about as much as a quarter, whose heart beats over 1,200 times a minute and whose wings beat 200 times per second while diving. What would you think? You’d likely think that person was either insane or outright lying to you, but all those things are true of hummingbirds.

Perhaps the hardest thing for most people to conceive of are wings that can beat as many as 200 times per second. That just sounds impossible; it sounds like something that would be part of a science fiction novel… or perhaps a fairy tale. That seems closer to the truth because there’s something about hummingbirds that just seems so magical. They’re like little faeries in avian form. Despite seeming like fairy tale creatures, though, hummingbirds are very real, even if they’re somewhat rare and elusive.

Today, there are a little over 300 species of hummingbirds in the world, and of those 300+ species, less than two dozen can be found in North America and/or Canada. Furthermore, of those 20 or so species, only a few live here year-round, with the rest flying away when it gets too cold for them in the North America/Canada region. The rare occurrences when Americans and Canadians get to see hummingbirds makes them seem even more magical and is perhaps why so many people love them so much.

Because of their rapid heart rates and the speed and frequency with which they beat their wings, hummingbirds have to eat a lot. Normally, hummingbirds eat about half their weight in bugs and nectar, feeding every ten to 15 minutes. It’s not uncommon for one hummingbird to feed from over 1,000 different flowers a day, so if you or your loved one is a huge fan of hummingbirds, a nice hummingbird feeder makes a great gift because the steady stream of nectar will help ensure the hummingbirds are properly fed and will keep coming back for more.

Aside from hummingbird feeders and plants that’ll attract hummingbirds to their homes, many people also enjoy hummingbird-themed accessories and merchandise. This is because the little birds – the smallest birds in the world, actually – are so naturally attractive. They look great on jewelry, clothing and as decorations. In short, there are plenty of gift options available for those people you love who love hummingbirds. Just try to get something that suits their specific tastes.


Do you agree with our list of the 30 best hummingbird gifts? Which was your favorite? Did we miss something lovely that definitely should have made the top ten? Let us know other fun hummingbird facts too, and just for fun, tell us which species of hummingbird is your favorite and why. Be sure to fill our comments section up with all your hummingbird wit and wisdom, and don’t forget to like and share this article with others. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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