39 Gifts for Jeep Lovers (They’re Sure To Love)

What do you buy for the Jeep-lover who has everything? From cool accessories to trick out their rig to awesome apparel to represent their favorite hobby, this list has everything a Jeep lover could need or want.

Read on to find the perfect gift for any Jeep enthusiast in any budget or style.

39 Gift Ideas For Jeep Lovers


Jeep-Lover Parking Only: Small Jeep Parking Sign

Every Jeep-lover wants to park their rig in the perfect spot to show it off. If you have a friend or family member who loves to proudly display their Jeep in the best spot on the street, help them claim their parking space in style with this embossed metal “Jeep Parking Only” sign that will be the perfect addition to their driveway.

pop up jeep card

A Pop of Surprise: Pop-Up Jeep Card

For a simple, yet memorable gift, consider this custom Jeep card. Laser cut to capture each of the Jeep’s signature details, this won’t end up in the trash heap like so many cards do! The high-quality materials will last for years, allowing them to keep this card as an accent piece on a shelf or table to show off their love of Jeep culture.

jeep logo keychain

Bling Out Those Jeep Keys: Genuine Leather Jeep Logo Keychain

If you’re looking for an elegant gift, look no further than this classy leather keychain embossed with the iconic Jeep logo. The strap is made of genuine leather, so this keychain can handle whatever your rugged Jeep-lover throws at it.

This product also comes with a smaller keychain that can be clipped to a belt, so they don’t lose those precious keys while hiking, off-roading, or just walking around town.

car door lights with logo projector

Make it Glow: Car Door Lights with Logo Projector

If there’s one thing Jeep-lovers enjoy, it’s tricking out their favorite mode of transportation. With these awesome car door light projectors, they can make sure that everyone around knows just how much they love their Jeep.

These easy to install accessories project a red ring of light with the word “Jeep” in the center onto the ground below the car, so their ride is sure to be the center of attention wherever it goes!

shoulder bag

A Jeep on Your Shoulder: Jeep Messenger Shoulder Bag

Who says that your hobbies belong only to the weekends? With this stylish messenger bag, the Jeep enthusiast in your life can show off their love for Jeeps as they head to and from work each day. The bag is made from faux-leather with a waterproof nylon interior that will keep all of their belongings safe and dry on even the rainiest days.

The cross-body design means that this bag could even accompany them on the hiking trail, so they can get a lot of use out of your gift.

kids ride on truck

Vroom Vroom: Kids Ride On Truck

If your giftee is a kid (or a kid at heart), this ride-on toy Jeep is the perfect way to let them live the Jeep life without ever leaving their backyard. This fun toy comes in five cool colors and is loaded with safety features, so mom and dad don’t have to worry while their little one gets a head start on their lifelong Jeep obsession.

This awesome car even has a built-in AUX outlet, so your mini Jeep-lover can rock out to their favorite music while cruising in the coolest car on the block.

tire brake light wheel

Light it Up: Spare Tire Brake Light Wheel

Do you want to help the Jeep enthusiast in your life stay safe, and look cool doing it? If so, this brake light wheel may be the perfect option. This ring of red, easy to install LED lights gets mounted just inside the spare tire mount and lights up when the driver hits the brakes.

The large, bright ring of lights makes the brake lights easier to see, making it the ideal gift to keep them safe and help them customize their ride.

mounted bottle opener

Who’s Thirsty?: Mounted Bottle Opener

Everyone knows that Jeeps are perfect for tailgating and for trips to the great outdoors. Neither of these events would be complete without an ice-cold beer. Make their hangouts easy and fun by gifting them this cool bottle opener that mounts directly to their Jeep for easy access.

This part is customized for Jeeps, so you know it will blend in seamlessly with the Jeep’s signature look, making it a functional and fashionable accessory that any Jeep enthusiast would be proud to display.

chocolate gift set

A Taste of the Road: Chocolate Gift Set

For a yummy treat that still pays homage to their favorite car make, you can’t go wrong with this delicious chocolate gift set. Each chocolate is wrapped in a custom-designed wrapper depicting a different Jeep model.

The package even comes with a magnet that they can hang on the fridge long after the chocolate is gone.

four jills in a Jeep DVD

An Off-roading Classic: Four Jills in a Jeep

For a Jeep-lover who’s also a film buff, what better gift than their very own copy of the classic “Four Jills in a Jeep”? This star-studded film tells the tale of four lovely ladies doing their part for the troops on a USO tour filled with music, romance, and comedy, traveling from place to place in their beloved Jeep.

An off-the-wall gift idea, this DVD is sure to get plenty of laughs.

car wash kit

Time to Shine: 16-Piece Car Wash Kit

A Jeep gets muddy when it heads off-road, but they can have their ride looking sparkling and new with this kit jam-packed with car washing accessories. The kit comes with 16 items, including wheel and rim cleaner, a microfiber wash mitt, a foam blasting wash gun, and many more luxurious car cleaning items.

With this amazing gift, they can spend some quality time with their ride while making sure it shines.

Jeep-spare tire cover

Trick Out that Ride: Jeep Spare Tire Cover

The back-mounted spare tire is a key part of the Jeep’s signature look. Help the Jeep-lover in your life display their passion for the brand while keeping their all-important spare tire safe with this stylish tire cover.

This cover is made with durable vinyl fabric emblazoned with the Jeep logo, so it’s ready to keep the spare safe from even the most rough-and-tumble off-road driving. This particular cover is made for 32-inch wheels, but comes in a variety of other sizes.

seat belt cover shoulder pad

A Touch of Comfort: Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pad

Jeep-lovers may be rugged, but they still want to feel comfortable while cruising around town or taking their rig off-road. That’s where this custom seat belt cover will come in handy. This padded cover slides over the shoulder harness, making it more comfortable as the seat belt rests against the shoulder.

The cover is branded with the Jeep logo, so their love for the brand will be front and center both inside and outside of their favorite car.

1001 Jeep facts paperback book

A Fascinating Read: 1001 Jeep Facts

Does the Jeep-lover in your life enjoy curling up with a good book when they aren’t exploring the great outdoors? If so, this fascinating paperback book filled with little-known facts about Jeeps is sure to keep them turning the pages long into the night.

Written by Jeep expert Patrick Foster, this fascinating read includes facts and trivia about every Jeep model, including military and overseas Jeeps. With this book, they’ll never run out of things to say about their favorite brand.

baseball cap

For the Jeep Lady in Your Life: Vintage Women’s Baseball Cap

The Jeep world isn’t just a boy’s club anymore. For a Jeep-lover who loves the down and dirty lifestyle of Jeep culture, but still wants to embrace their feminine side, this baseball hat is the perfect way to represent the ladies of the Jeep world.

Embroidered with the phrase “Jeep Hair Don’t Care” and a fun, hot-pink Jeep, this distressed baseball cap is perfect for bad hair days, off-roading, and any other occasion where your Jeep enthusiast cares to wear it.


A Little Jeep Bling: Jeep Girl Bracelet

Another fun and funky option for the Jeep girl in your life is this lovely silver bracelet. Made from high-quality stainless steel that will never rust or tarnish, this beautiful wrist cuff bracelet subtly shows the Jeep-lover’s passion with stylish jewelry.

The iconic Jeep front grill is etched into the bracelet as a covert nod to their favorite car brand,

grab handle storage bag

For That Messy Friend: Grab Handle Storage Bag

If they’re taking their Jeep off-road, cross-country, or even to their kid’s soccer game, they may need to cram a lot of essential gear into the car. To help with storage woes, consider this convenient mesh storage bag.

The bag easily attaches to the Jeep’s grab handle, making it the perfect storage solution for items you need to grab in a hurry. This easy to use bag is a perfect, durable option for any Jeep-lover who loves to stay organized.


For Dog Enthusiasts: Jeep Keychain for Dog Lover

Does your Jeep-enthusiast’s favorite copilot have four legs and a tail? If they’re just as passionate about dogs as they are about Jeeps, this cute keychain is the perfect gift. Made from solid stainless steel, this keychain is hypoallergenic and will never rust or tarnish.

If all they need is their Jeep and their dog, help them show off their passions with this adorable accessory.

front shark grill

Make it Mean: Matte Black Front Shark Grill

If your Jeep-lover sees their ride as a lean, mean, fighting machine, you can’t go wrong with a gift that amps up their car’s intimidation factor. This stylish front grill will make their Jeep even more menacing with its patented shark-face design.

This product is made from high-quality ABS plastic and can be mounted to a 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, Sahara, or Sport.

jeep trailer tow

That’s a Drag: Jeep Trailer Tow

Jeeps have a lot of space, but if they have a ton of gear to bring along, they may need to use their trusty Jeep to tow a trailer or even another vehicle. With this hitch receiver plug, they can provide a tow in style.

The plug is all-black and features the Jeep logo. This product is available for the 2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee, 2017-2020 Jeep Compass, and 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler.


Keep It Hydrated: Jeep Logo Tumbler

It’s important to stay hydrated while driving off-road or even just heading to work. With this clear tumbler embossed with the Jeep logo, anyone can let the world know that they are a Jeep fan for life.

The tumbler comes in 16-ounce and 24-ounce sizes, and can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

renegade hood decal

For Distressed Designs: Jeep Renegade Hood Decal

For a truly tricked out ride, consider this awesome Jeep Renegade hood decal. This decal will emblazon their hood with a distressed, all-black American flag that will let everyone know how proud they are to drive an American car.

The decal comes with all of the tools they’ll need to quickly and easily apply this amazing vinyl image to their favorite ride.

emergency CB radio

For Safety’s Sake: Hand Held CB Emergency Radio

Off-roading is an important part of the Jeep lifestyle, but going off the beaten path can sometimes be dangerous. Give them peace of mind with this emergency CB radio that they can use to contact help in the event of an emergency.

This compact radio can also be used to chat with other drivers who have CB radios installed, making any road trip fun and entertaining.

plush seat protector

Sitting on a Cloud: Plush Jeep Seat Protector

To keep your seats safe from damage and make them more comfortable to boot, nothing beats these custom Jeep seat covers. These covers are plush and soft, making even the roughest of roads feel like a dream.

They come in four different colors and are emblazoned with the Jeep logo, so you’re sure to find the right match for any ride.

Total combat history of the jeep book

A Blast from the Past: Total Combat History of the Jeep

If a digital gift is more their style, consider this digital movie that will teach them all about the history of the Jeep. The Jeep started as a combat vehicle, but today is one of the most popular car brands in the United States.

This movie charts this history with fun and interesting facts about the iconic car.

stainless steel jeep sign

“Don’t Follow Me”: Stainless Steel Jeep Sign

This stainless steel, laser cut sign is the perfect way to help your Jeep-lover carry their love for the brand into their home décor. The sign measures 10 inches by 10 inches: the perfect size for any room.

It features a Jeep on rugged terrain with the phrase “Don’t Follow Me,” showcasing Jeep’s iconic off-road capabilities.

car safety tool

For the Jack of All Trades: Car Safety Tool

To keep all of the most important tools and gadgets for car maintenance and safety in one compact place, consider this car safety tool. In one “Swiss-army” style tool, they’ll get a digital tire pressure gauge, car window breaker, led flashlight, seatbelt cutter, pliers, scissors, and screwdriver, so they’ll be ready for any situation their lifestyle throws at them.

wall art print

Living in Style: Giant Wall Art Print

With this one of a kind piece of art, you can give your Jeep-lover the newest centerpiece for their living space. This massive print measures 46.7 by 33 inches and is made up of eight separate panels. Together, these panels display a rugged-looking Jeep Rubicon battling a jagged terrain.

This image’s dark, neutral colors make it perfect for any living room or bedroom and adds a touch of style to their décor.

tire snack bowl with hubcap lid

For the Foodie: Tire Snack Bowl with Hubcap Lid

All that rugged, all-terrain driving is enough to make anyone a little hungry. Any motor-head would love to fill up this stacked-tire candy dish with their favorite snack to close out a day of off-roading.

The dish is about the size of a small cereal bowl and comes with a hubcap lid, so they can keep their food fresh between snacks or even bring it along on a drive.

repair tool kit

For the Gearhead: Repair Tool Kit

If the Jeep-enthusiast in your life lives to work on their ride, this massive toolkit could be perfect for those last-minute or emergency jobs. This kit is small enough to keep in the back of the car, but contains 95 essential tools to keep their Jeep in tune.

Encased in a sturdy plastic toolbox, these tools can survive even the toughest of roads.

creeper seat

Do Repairs in Style: 36-Inch Creeper Seat

To make working on their Jeep easier and more comfortable, consider gifting this padded creeper seat. Your Jeep enthusiast can use it to creep under the car as well as to sit higher off the ground. Six swivel casters make this creeper seat easy to maneuver, allowing them to keep their Jeep in tip-top shape.

cleaning gel for car detailing

Polish That Interior: Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing

For another unique car maintenance, check out this car detailing gel! Car dashboards are full of tiny cracks and crevices where dirt can get trapped. These spaces are usually difficult to clean. With this gel putty, you can simply press the putty into the hard-to-reach space and pull the dirt out with it.

This gift is perfect for Jeep-lovers, and can also be used to clean remotes and keyboards.

license plate frame

Roll Me Over If You Can Read This: Jeep License Plate Frame

“Roll me over if you can read this”: another classic joke from the depths of Jeep culture. Playing on the dangers of the rough-and-tumble Jeep lifestyle, this high-quality black plastic license plate frame is the perfect accessory for any hardcore Jeep fan.

This gift fits both American and Canadian plates.


Give Those Feet Some TLC: Hiking Cushioned Boot Socks

If the great outdoors is an important part of their Jeep obsession, these hiking socks are an ideal accessory. They are made from a durable cotton material that will last through countless outdoor adventures and keep their feet cool and dry.

The cushioned soles are perfect for long hikes, lessening the impact of every step. These socks, stitched with the Jeep logo, are perfect for Jeep-loving outdoorsmen.

headlight bezels

Make It Meaner: Angry Bird Headlight Bezels

Who doesn’t love an angry Jeep? If the Jeep fanatic in your life loves to make their ride look menacing, these headlight bezels will make the perfect gift. Fit for 2007-2015 Jeep Wranglers and Wrangler Unlimited JKs, these bezels are easy to install and will give any Jeep that extra aggressive edge that hardcore enthusiasts are known for.

multi compartment trunk organizer

Storage Storage, Storage: Collapsible Portable Multi-Compartment Trunk Organizer

For an even bigger storage solution for the Jeep-owner on the go, check out this portable trunk organizer. This unique contraption is collapsible, so it can easily be stored under a seat or even in a bag.

It has numerous compartments for storing and organizing tools, cargo, and even snacks. If you Jeep-lover is constantly complaining about their messy car, this organizer could be the storage solution of their dreams.

wine tumbler

Pop the Cork: Stemless Wine Tumbler

Is your favorite Jeep-lover more of a wine person than a beer person? To help them take the edge off after a long day of trailblazing and off-roading, gift them this stylish wine tumbler. The stemless design makes the cup sturdier than a traditional wine glass.

In addition, the tumbler style keeps the wine at the perfect temperature. Emblazoned with the catchphrase, “No Road? No Problem!” and the Jeep silhouette, this wine tumbler will be their go-to wine glass.

tire coffee/tea cup

Good Morning: Tire Coffee/Tea Cup

To keep their coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for hours, look no further than this stacked tire cup. With a silicone outer layer and stainless steel interior, this cup provides amazing insolation for any beverage.

Designed to look like a stack of rugged tires, what Jeep-lover wouldn’t be proud to sip their morning brew out of this stylish cup?

dashboard camera

Just Press Play: Dashboard Camera

Jeeps are about adventure. Help them capture their journeys with this mounted dashboard camera. Whether off-roading or mudding, this camera will capture every second of the action. The 3-inch display mounts to the windshield of the car, and captures video with a 170-degree wide-angle camera, so they won’t miss out on a single detail of their Jeep life.

How to Pick a Jeep Fan’s Present

Choosing just the right gift can be frustrating, but if you keep your eyes and ears open before the big day, the giftee will most likely give you some hints that will help with the selection process.

Have they mentioned anything that they really want or need recently? (besides a new jeep)

Have you noticed their eyes lingering on a particular item in a store window? All of these little hints can help you choose just the right gift.

If you’re still unsure, remember that the best gifts are the ones that are personal and meaningful. Make a list of things they love to inspire you. Think about special memories the two of you have had. If you can make the giftee feel special, your gift will be a home run!

Which Model Are They Interested In?

There are a number of cars under the jeep brand, if you know the right model, you can pick a more relevant gift:

Recent Vehicles (2016 and later):

  • Cherokee 4WD
  • Cherokee 4WD Active Drive II
  • Cherokee FW
  • Cherokee Trailhawk 4WD
  • Compass 4WD
  • Compass FWD
  • Gladiator Pickup 4WD
  • Grand Cherokee 2WD
  • Grand Cherokee 4WD
  • Grand Cherokee SRT 4WD
  • Grand Cherokee SRT8 4WD
  • Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 4WD
  • Grand Cherokee TrackHawk 4WD
  • New Compass 2WD
  • New Compass 4WD
  • New Wrangler 4WD
  • New Wrangler Unlimited 4WD
  • Patriot 4WD
  • Patriot FWD
  • Renegade 2WD
  • Renegade 4WD
  • Renegade Trailhawk 4WD
  • Wrangler 4WD
  • Wrangler Unlimited 4WD

Older Vehicles (2015 and before)

  • Cherokee 2WD
  • Cherokee/Wagoneer
  • Cherokee/Wagoneer 2WD
  • Cherokee/Wagoneer 4WD
  • CJ7
  • CJ7 4WD
  • CJ8 4WD
  • Comanche 2WD
  • Comanche 4WD
  • Comanche Pickup 2WD
  • Comanche Pickup 4WD
  • Commander 2WD
  • Commander 4WD
  • Compass 2WD
  • Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • Grand Cherokee SRT8 AWD
  • Grand Wagoneer
  • Grand Wagoneer 4WD
  • J-10 Pickup 4WD
  • J-10 Pickup Truck
  • J-10 Pickup Truck 4WD
  • J-20 Pickup Truck
  • J-20 Pickup Truck 4WD
  • Liberty 2WD
  • Liberty 4WD
  • Liberty/Cherokee 2WD
  • Liberty/Cherokee 4WD
  • Patriot 2WD
  • Scrambler
  • Scrambler Pickup 4WD
  • Wagoneer 4WD
  • Wagoneer Limited 4WD
  • Wrangler 2WD
  • Wrangler/TJ 4WD

In Conclusion

If you’re struggling to find a gift for the Jeep-lover in your life, hopefully this list is the solution. With the right gift, you can help them truly “Do Anything.”

If you liked these gift ideas, share this list with your friends and comment with your own awesome gifts for Jeep-lovers!

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