31 of the Most Nifty Gifts for Knitters

If you’re not a knitter yourself, finding a gift for a friend who knits can at first seem pretty hard. What does a knitter really need, after all, except knitting needles and yarn?

As it turns out, they need quite a lot. There are all kinds of great gifts out there for knitters. You just need to know what kind of stuff they need. This guide can help you with that.

31 Gift ideas for Knitters

ceramic bowl for crochet

Something Magical: Ceramic Yarn Bowl for Crochet and Knitting Accessories

There are all kinds of great yarn bowls out there, and if your friend prefers a more natural, wooden look, this might not be the bowl for her. However, if she loves things that are colorful and full of magic and pizzazz, this is definitely the yarn bowl for her.

The bright orange bowl stands out against just about any decor, and the unique cut of the bowl keeps her yarn from snagging or pulling against its edges. It’s handmade from ceramic material and is heavy enough that she’ll never have to worry about accidentally pulling the bowl as she pulls her yarn.


Something Knitted Just for Her: Hygge & Cwtch Chunky Hand Made Knit Blanket Throw

If your loved one has everything she could possibly need or want for her knitting obsession, give her a little something different. Instead of giving her something to knit with, give her something that’s already been knitted.

This handmade, hand knit, chunky blanket is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in six different colors, is about four-feet wide by five-feet long and weighs seven pounds! It’s super chunky and as warm as a blanket possibly could be.

It makes a great accent piece for any room, comes with its own storage bag and is fully functional as well as beautiful.


A Beautiful Set of Needles: Knit Picks Options Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

If your friend is a knitter, she definitely already has a set of knitting needles. It’s pretty impossible to knit without them. She probably doesn’t have needles quite like these though. There are several different designs from which to choose, everything from rainbow to sun struck patterns.

The needles are interchangeable, which will allow your friend to switch between various knitting projects with ease. The set includes nine pairs of needles, eight black end caps, two metal tightening keys, four cables made of memory-free material (to prevent kinks and tangles) and a convenient carrying case.

60 yarn skeins

Something Every Knitter Needs: Mira Handcrafts 60 Yarn Skeins

Another thing your friend likely already has if she’s a knitter is yarn. Like the knitting needles, she can’t really knit without it. However, a knitter can never have too much yarn. This kit comes with 60 different skeins of yarn in multiple colors.

The colors include neutral colors, like white, black, gray and brown, and vibrant colors ranging from the lightest pink to the brightest blue. In total, there’s over 1,300 yards of yarn included in this set.

It also comes with a convenient carrying bag for when she needs to transport her yarn while on-the-go and seven downloadable e-books full of knitting patterns.

knitting and crochet organizer

Help Her Stay Tidy: ArtBin 6932AG Needle Arts Caddy Knitting & Crochet Organizer

Ask any knitter anywhere, and she’ll tell you that knitting can quickly get messy if you’re not careful. With all the different sized needles, different colors of yarn and everything else, knitters accumulate a lot of stuff.

That’s why having a convenient place to store all that stuff is so important. This collapsible, canvas caddy is just the thing for keeping your knitter friend tidy and well-organized. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored somewhere out of the way.

When it’s needed, though, it opens easily and can hold just about everything she’d need for working on a knitting project. The whole set comes with the foldable caddy, a needle roll for holding her knitting needles and a pouch with a zipper that can be snapped onto the caddy’s side.

yarn ball winder and umbrella swift

Be Kind, Rewind: Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella Swift

Trying to rewind loose yarn is a bit like trying to put spilled milk back into a glass, unless you have a yarn ball winder, that is. This set comes with a yarn ball winder and an umbrella swift. Both pieces are easy to set up and just as easy to take back down again.

Both can also attach to the edge of a counter, table or bar. The winder can wind up to four ounces of yarn at once, and both items collapse into compact sizes and take up minimal space while in storage.

knitting machine

For Lazy Days: Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine

This knitting machine is for the friend who loves knitting but sometimes just needs a break and wants to do it the easy way. With this knitting machine, she can knit much faster than she could ever dream of knitting by hand.

It supports knitting with yarn from three and a half millimeters to eight millimeters in thickness and can knit items up to 45 centimeters wide.


A Cut Above: LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty

One of the things every knitter – or anyone who does crafts of any kind – hates more than just about anything else is a pair of dull scissors. There’s nothing worse than trying to cut something with scissors that are so dull you’re not even sure they’d cut paper.

Make sure that never happens to your friend by buying her this amazing pair of scissors by LIVINGO. Consistently ranked by numerous sites and reviewers as the number one best pair of crafting scissors, these are sharp, durable and long-lasting.

They’re strongly resistant to rusting and to damage from glue or the sticky residue from tape and can cut through up to 16 layers of fabric.

stitch marker jewerly

The Most Beautiful Markers: Teal Dragonfly Knitting Stitch Marker Jewelry

Marking stitches is an important part of the knitting process, and chances are your friend probably has some generic, rubber or plastic stitch markers. But why be boring when you can be extraordinary? Get her these beautifully crafted dragonfly stitch markers so she can mark her stitches in style.

They’re handmade and come six to a pack. They’re guaranteed to be snag-free, so she doesn’t have to worry about them picking or damaging her yarn. More importantly, they’re absolutely beautiful.

plush ottoman

A Little Cute and a Little Crazy: Critter Sitters 15″ Seat Height Plush White Sheep Ottoman

If you’re the kind of person who likes to buy the most unique and original gifts possible, look no further than this plush sheep ottoman. While someone else might look at this gift and think you’re completely nuts for buying it and insist that it came completely out of left field and makes no sense, your knitting enthusiast friend will understand exactly why you bought it.

This adorable little sheep will make the perfect addition to her crafting room. She can put her feet up in style and comfort while working on her favorite projects. And don’t worry; no actual sheep were harmed in the making of this ottoman.

pattern holder

A Helping Hand: Knitter’s Pride Fold-Up Knitting Pattern Holder

This is one of the most convenient and useful gifts on the list. Knitters often use patterns to create their projects, and it can quickly become tedious and time-consuming for them to keep putting down the projects they’re working on and picking up their patterns to examine them.

With this pattern holder, they never have to stop working to check out the pattern again. They can simply place the pattern in the pattern holder, set it down somewhere in front or to the side of them and look up at it anytime they need a refresher.

DIY vest knitting kit

For the Snazzy Dresser: DIY Vest Knitting Kit

Even the best knitter can run out of things to knit sometimes. Give your loved one a little inspiration by buying her this Do-It-Yourself Knit Vest Kit. The kit contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to knit the vest and has a link directing her to a website to follow along with a tutorial if she needs to do so.

The yarn is all-natural, 500-GR, organic Peruvian cotton for extra comfort and coziness. The kit also contains a set of bamboo knitting needles, a bag to hold all her supplies and a wooden accent pin for the vest once it’s done.

knitting needles

A Light in the Darkness: Cornerstone Products 3998 Lite Knitting Needles-Size 10.5

Sometimes knitters just get into the mood to knit, even when it isn’t the most convenient of times. What happens when your friend wants to knit, but her child is asleep, so she can’t turn on the bright overhead light for fear of disturbing him? Well, that’s where these knitting needles come into play.

They actually have tiny flashlights in the tips of them so that she can knit by the light of the needles themselves. These are also the perfect knitting needles for knitting when the power goes out, which is great because trying to find things to do during power outages can be extremely difficult.

storage tote bag

For Convenient Transportation: Teamoy Knitting Bag, Travel Yarn Storage Tote

In addition to needing a place to store her supplies while she’s at home, your friend could also benefit from having a convenient carrying tote for when she wants to take her knitting with her on-the-go.

You can choose from a flamingo pattern or a dandelion pattern, whichever you think your friend would prefer. Either one is large enough for her to carry several balls of yarn, the project on which she’s currently working and the knitting supplies she needs to finish it.

It also has several different pockets to keep things separated and easy to find.

brass knitting needle stitch gauge

Cute and Convenient: Knitter Sheep Brass Knitting Needle/Stitch Gauge

All knitters need a reliable stitch gauge to help them choose which size needles they’ll need for their projects. This one, shaped like a sheep and made of sturdy, durable brass, is one of the best out there.

It measures needle sizes from one and one-fourth millimeters to 10 millimeters. It’s covered in a lacquered glaze to keep it from tarnishing, and it has a small, embedded ruler as well. Despite its durability, it’s very lightweight and flat, so it takes up very little space in carrying cases and supply boxes.

knitting magic-harry Potter book

For the Potterhead: Harry Potter: Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

If you have a friend who loves Harry Potter as much as she loves knitting, this is the perfect gift that combines the best of those two worlds. It’s the first ever official Harry Potter knitting book, and it has a lot of great stuff in it.

The book contains 27 different knitting patterns, and they’re all related to Harry Potter in some way. Whether your friend wants to make a Gryffindor house scarf or one of Mrs. Weasley’s infamous Christmas sweaters, she’ll have the means to do so with this book.

Other patterns include patterns for costume pieces, toys, a Hogwarts house mobile and other projects she’s sure to love.

lace blocking mats

Blocking Made Easy: Knitters Pride Lace Blocking Mats & T-Pins Bonus Bundle

When it comes to blocking for her projects, there’s no easier way to do it than with this set of blocking mats. They’re made like giant jigsaw puzzle pieces and fit together in exactly the same way. This’ll allow her to choose the number/size she needs very easily.

There are nine blocking mats included; each one has measurements of 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″. This set also comes with a bonus item in the form of a carrying case full of 50 metal t-pins. Additionally, there’s also a clear vinyl case in which she can store the mats themselves when she doesn’t need to use them.


Warm Feet Are Happy Feet: Snoozies Parent-Knitters Pairables

There aren’t many people out there who don’t like a warm, cuddly pair of house shoes in the cooler months of the year. These are especially great for your friend who likes to knit. They come in sizes ranging from small (5-6) to extra large (11-12) and feature some endearing artwork of several balls of yarn in a basket and a stern reminder not to mess with knitters because “Knitters have balls!” The insides of the slippers are lined with extra snuggly Sherpa fleece, so your friend’s feet will stay both warm and comfy all night long.

LED neck light

Another Bright Idea: Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light for, Knitting, Etc.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how bright the overhead light is; it’s just not enough to see those small stitches. Pick your friend up one of these LED neck lights by Glocusent to help ease the strain on her eyes.

Although technically marketed as a reading light, it is also perfect for knitting. It’s designed to simply hang around her neck and shine light directly onto whatever she happens to have in her hands.

It has three different color options for providing light in different settings, and the arms are made of an easily adjustable material that’ll allow her to bend the neck light into the shape that best suits her needs.

knitting tools accessories

Safe Storage for Small Stuff: BCMRUN Knitting Tools Accessories 56Pcs & Case

Although this kit is on the list mainly for the convenient, plastic carrying case that’ll give your friend the perfect place to put all of her small, easily lost items, there’s actually a lot more to it than that.

This kit features 56 pieces that any knitter could use. The carrying case is perfect for keeping track of the many tiny items knitters need. Additionally, there are 10 stitch markers, 15 gold pins, 2 stitch holders, 15 counting rings, four needle point protectors, three knitting needles and one each of the following: seam ripper, measuring tape, scissors, timber, thread clip, blunt needle and plastic sewing needle.

It really is a very comprehensive kit to come in such a small package.

DIY knit cactus kit

A Little Prickly: DARN GOOD YARN One of A Kind DIY Cactus Kit

If you’re looking for a gift that’s winsome, charming and not too serious, this little DIY knit cactus kit is perfect. Everything your friend will need to make these lovely little cacti – the pattern, needles, yarn, stuffing, etc.

– is included in the kit. She can make them for herself or make them as gifts for someone else, but either way, she’s sure to have a ton of fun creating these not-so-prickly prickly pears. If she doesn’t like the gift, which is practically impossible, the kit also comes with a one-year, money back guarantee.

knitter´s dictionary book

A Little Light Reading: The Knitter’s Dictionary: Knitting Know-How from A to Z

This is a great gift for a knitter at any stage of the knitting process. Just as the title claims, it contains everything a knitter needs to know about knitting from A to Z. (Well, A to Y actually. The last entry is “yrn.

“) One of the hardest parts of following a knitting pattern is that companies often use abbreviations like “alt” and “yrn” to give directions on the patterns. Even seasoned knitters can sometimes forget what the more obscure ones represent.

With this book, they never have to wonder again. There are also over 150 illustrations that show the difference between stitching types and other useful information.

arthritis hand gloves

Support Her Hands: ComfyBrace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

As much as your friend or relative may love to knit, her hands might not love it quite as much. Knitting, like any other hobby that requires extensive use of the hands, wrists and fingers, can cause your loved one to suffer a lot of aches and pains, especially after a particularly long knitting session.

These compression gloves will help minimize the pain she feels while leaving her fingertips free for maximum dexterity. The gloves come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can buy them with confidence that they’ll work, or you’ll get your money back.

Aqua sock blockers

Making Socks the Easy Way: Knitter’s Pride KP800120 Aqua Sock Blockers

When it comes to knitting socks, there’s absolutely no easier way to do it than with sock blockers. With these blockers, your friend can ensure she knits the perfect sized sock every time. They’re also handy for drying the socks and taking great, Instagram-worthy photos of them once they’re done.

These blockers also help maintain the socks’ shapes while knitting and after the knitting is done. This particular set of blockers is for medium sized socks, but you can also find kid’s sizes and adult sizes small through extra large.

yarn boss yarn bag

The Ultimate Carrying Case: Yarn Boss Yarn Bag

There are plenty of different carrying cases for knitting supplies out there, and many of them are quite good. However, if your friend spends a lot of time commuting via bus, train, subway, etc., this is probably the best one for her.

First of all, the case is quite large and should be able to hold just about everything she needs to work on an ongoing knitting project. More importantly, though, this case comes with six eyelets on the top.

These eyelets actually allow your friend to pull strings of yarn out through them and work on her project without ever removing the materials from inside the bag.

coffee mug

For the Friend with a Sense of Humor: Boxer Gifts ‘Knit Happens’ Novelty Knitting Gift Mug

Although coffee mugs aren’t always the most inspired gift idea, when it comes to this one, you’ll be willing to make an exception. This company, Boxer Gifts, makes some of the most unique and hilarious mugs for knitters.

This one is actually made in the shape of a large roll of yarn. The detail is amazing and makes it look totally authentic. Then, across the middle where a label would be on a real roll of yarn, is a “label” with the adage “Knit Happens” on it.

It’s bound to make your friend laugh, and she’ll think of you and smile every time she uses it.

retractable tape measure plush ruler

Make Measuring Easy: YEQIN 4 Pcs Retractable Tape Measure Plush Ruler

Why should your friend be forced to use a plain, boring measuring tape when there are tape measures out there that look like these? The easy answer is she shouldn’t. Get her this four-pack of cheeky, plush tape measures.

The measuring tape inside each one measures up to five feet (60 inches) and is retractable, so she doesn’t have to worry about trying to roll it up and put it away when she’s done with it. There’s also a three-pack of Teddy Bear measures if that’s something she’d prefer.

giant wool yarn chunky

For the Hand Knitter: Giant Wool Yarn Chunky Merino Arm Knitting Yarn

If your friend has recently gotten into hand knitting (also called “arm knitting”) or if you just think she’d enjoy trying something new, get her this ball of extra chunky, giant wool yarn. You may not think a single ball of yarn is much of a gift, but this particular yarn isn’t cheap, and your friend isn’t going to think less of you if this is the only thing you happen to buy her.

You can choose from several different sizes, and there are also 13 different color choices available. It’s incredibly soft and super fluffy. Your friend will love it.

hands cream

For Tired, Aching Hands: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

If you aren’t a knitter yourself, you may not realize the amount of damage knitting can do to a person’s hands. Looking at the hands of a serious knitter is much like looking at the hands of someone who does a lot of manual labor for a living.

Help cut down on the calluses and dry skin your friend is sure to get by buying her this two-pack of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream. With this hand cream, your friend should see the difference in her hands in just a matter of a few days.

It’s also safe for people with diabetes.

knit count

Never Miss a Stitch: Susan Bates Universal Knit Count

Although this tiny little gift might not seem like much – it is, after all, about the size of a small spool of thread or a large piece of bubble gum – it’ll mean the world to your knitter friend.

Counting stitches is one of the hardest, most easily botched parts of knitting anything, and the consequences of miscounting or losing count can be severe enough that your friend will want to throw her project across the room and be done with it.

With this teeny tiny gift, though, she’ll never have to miss a stitch in her count again.

labels for kitting

Made with Love: Personalized Satin Sewing Labels for Knitting

A completed knitting project is, without a doubt, a work of art. By the time your loved one finishes the scarf, sweater, blanket, toy or whatever else she’s knitted, she’s invested a ton of time, energy, love, sweat and maybe even a few tears into it if it was an especially hard pattern.

Unlike a painting or sketch though, there’s rarely a place to sign her name once she’s done. Give her the opportunity to “sign her work” by buying her these personalized sewing labels. You can totally, 100% customize them to say whatever you want them to say, and your friend will love being able to add them to all her future projects.

Get Your Knit Together: Picking the Perfect Gift for Knitters

According to a study done by the Association for Creative Industries, over 28 million people claim knitting as a hobby. With numbers that high, it’s very likely you have someone in your circle of friends or family who likes to knit. In many ways, this can make buying gifts for them a little bit easier.

People with hobbies are generally easier to buy for than people without them. If all else fails, you can simply buy them something related to that hobby, and there are a lot of essential items knitters need. In addition to the essentials like yarn, knitting needles, stitch counters, and a yarn bowl, there’s also a ton of other stuff that, while not essential, is really nice for a knitter to have.

Hopefully this guide has opened your eyes to some of the numerous possibilities when it comes to gift-buying for knitters. In addition to all the things listed above, there are also knitting-themed gifts from which to choose. These include t-shirts and sweaters with cute, catchy phrases about knitting on them, knitting charms for charm bracelets, sassy wall art proclaiming a love of knitting and so much more.

Just remember, when it comes to gift-giving, you know your loved ones better than anyone else. You know what kinds of gifts they’d most appreciate, so don’t sell yourself short. As long as you put a little thought into the gift, your friend or family member is sure to love and appreciate it.


Please let us know if this gift-giving guide for knitters helped you find the perfect gift for someone you love. Be sure to like and share it, and leave us some ideas for other knitting gifts down below in the comments.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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