40 Gifts for Lab Techs for a Positive Test Result

Some people are notoriously hard to shop for, including medical professionals.

Do you know a lab tech but are unsure what to get them?

If you decide to show some appreciation for the lab tech in your life (whether that’s a friend or the person who collected your urine last week—both could use thanks, we’re sure), look no farther than this list of presents!

Gift Ideas for a Lab Technician

beaker pilsner glass

For a Cold One After Work: The Beaker Pilsner Glass

Lab work can be stressful, and it’s essential to be able to wind down after work. What better way than with a cold beer in this fancy pilsner glass? It’s one of the best shapes for a beer glass and is perfectly decorated like a scientific beaker.

Perfect for relaxing and measuring just the right amount of beer!


To Jot Something Down in Style: The Symbols of Science Pen

This is not just any pen – it comes with a fancy case, a light, and has a stylus tip. It’s the kind of pen you would sign important documents with (like a will or maybe a restaurant receipt). Did we mention it has the symbols of science on it? Because that makes it even more classy.

vintage canvas set

To Spruce Up Their House: Vintage Microscope Canvas Set

These canvas prints are reproductions of the first patent on the microscope (complete with notes and close-up views of the instrument). They can all hang together on a home study wall or hang in separate places.

Either way, these prints are seriously scholarly and sure to please.

beaker mug

To Measure Their Caffeine Intake: Beaker Mug

We’ve talked about measuring the amount of beer you drink with the beaker pilsner glass, but why not measure the morning draught as well? This fantastic glass coffee mug not only measures the amount of coffee you pour in but also has the molecular structure of caffeine on the front (in case anyone wasn’t clear what your lab tech was drinking in the morning from a clear mug).


For the Basic Elements of Life: Lab Life Tee

Everyone loves a periodic table shirt, right? Of course they do. This has “Lab Life” written out in the periodic table elements (specifically Lanthanum, Boron, Lithium, and Iron, and yes, we did have to look those up).

It’s cool, it’s sciency, and it highlights where they spend most of their working day: the lab!


For the Soon To Be Lab Tech: Lab Tech Flashcards

If you know someone who is training to be a lab tech (or a nurse), this set of flashcards might be the most valuable gift you can give them! It’s a complete set of detailed, colored flashcards with everyone they will need to know to pass their test and get certified.


To Remind People What They Do: Lab Tech Sticker

It’s easy to forget what lab techs do in a doctor’s office. Well, if your lab tech is underappreciated for the lifesaving work they do, this sticker is just the gift. It says, “Be nice to me; I’m a lab tech.

I keep doctors from killing you.” Their test results are essential, and so are they!


To Wear on Their Lab Coat: Microbial Magnifying Glass Pin

Does your lab tech friend want to show their love for science but in a more subtle way? Or is their lab coat getting dull? This enamel pin is a magnifying glass with microbes prominent in the center. It’s perfect for a lab coat, scrubs, or even a backpack!


To Hold Their Phone Up: Microscope PopSocket

PopSockets are helpful, no matter what you do for a living. They make it easier to hold your phone, prop it up somewhere, and are just fun to pop in and out! This particular PopSocket has watercolor microscope artwork on it, which is genuinely quite pretty.

laboratory shot glasses

To Measure Their Liquids: Laboratory Shot Glasses

What’s funnier than a clever shot glass gift? A chemistry-themed clever shot glass gift. These four shot glasses are shaped like different science beakers and are perfect for various shots (and even small cocktails, but not the chemical kind, please!).

syringe pens

To Confuse the Other Lab Techs: Syringe Pens

These pens do look like syringes (even though the colored liquids aren’t precisely what you’d see in a lab). You can buy them in smaller amounts or bulk to give to all the lab techs in the office or host a lab-themed party.

Just be sure not to confuse them with actual syringes—that could get messy!

mug and wine tumbler

For Before and After Work: Mug and Wine Tumbler

Before patients: coffee. After patients: wine. This mug and tumbler set exemplifies the necessary liquids lab techs need before and after collecting liquids from other people all day. They can use one tumbler in the morning and one at night (whichever they please, honestly—we won’t judge)!


To Emphasize Their Job: Funny Lab Tech Sticker

A lab tech’s job is demanding and to save lives, but many people don’t realize how much they do for their patients. Since they don’t have much patient interaction, it’s easy for people to assume the doctor does all the work.

This sticker says, “I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you don’t understand,” and might shed some light on what lab techs do.


For a Night Out: Periodic Table of Elements Bracelet

If you know a lab tech who likes to dress up on their day off, this science-themed bracelet might be just the present for them. It’s a broad silver band with the entire periodic table of the elements etched onto it.

Not subtle, maybe, but very pretty nonetheless!

phone case

To Commemorate and Decorate: Lab Tech Life Phone Case

For the lab tech who is constantly dropping their phone (but hopefully not dropping their lab samples), this phone case will keep their phone safe and remind the world that they live the “Lab Tech Life” (it has a silhouette of a microscope against block colors as well, so that’s pretty cool)!


To Remind Them How Great They Are: Amazing Lab Tech Notebook

If you want to thank your lab tech for their hard work and remind them that they’re the best around, this notebook will tell them that they look at it every time. You can buy them this to go with their syringe pens or just because they genuinely are the most amazing lab tech you know.


To Knock Their Shoes Off: Science Socks

In my opinion, you can’t own enough pairs of fun and colorful socks. For the lab tech in your life, this pair is perfect! They are long and comfy and have microscopes, laboratory vials, and other scientific paraphernalia all over them.

It’s easy to show how much you love science when you are wearing science socks all day!

caldrea lotion

To Moisturize After Hand Sanitizer and Gloves: Caldrea Lotion

On a more serious note, lab techs use a lot of hand sanitizer and wear gloves most of the time. They have to stay safe and clean from the myriads of fluids they examine and take samples of every day. This lotion is made with natural, extra-moisturizing ingredients for long, demanding days of dry hands and is an excellent gift to anyone who wears latex gloves a lot.


For Minimalist Home Decoration: Microscopic Bacteria Poster

If you know a lab tech who is a minimalist when it comes to artwork but still want to buy them some artwork, you’re courageous. But don’t be afraid – this bacteria poster might be precisely what their aesthetic needs! It’s a poster with four outlined microscope slides of bacteria on a simple black background.

sanitizer keychains

To Keep Their Hands Clean: Hand Sanitizer Keychains

Almost everyone knows about lab techs: how much bacteria and fluid they handle in a day. They wear gloves when they collect samples and run tests, but it’s always nice to have some hand sanitizer around.

This set of two keychains come with leather pouches that attach to a backpack or purse, to make them extra handy!

wine glasses

For a Co-Workers Get Together: Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses

These wine glasses look like beakers on stems. we feel like we don’t need to say more, but we will anyway. If your lab tech likes to relax on the weekend with friends or lab partners, these quirky and fun wine glasses will make a great gift (and be sure to get tons of comments at parties).

lab sticker set

For Accessory Decoration: Lab Sticker Set

If you want to get your friend a gift that is fun and not expensive (We get it—we can’t all break the bank), this lab sticker set is perfect! It can decorate anything they want and add a little science flair to their life.

Use it on laptops, clipboards, water bottles, and more!


To Write Down Their Findings: Scientific Grid Lab Notebook

Notebooks are great, but for the scientifically minded, lined paper is just not enough. Whether they use it in the lab or at home, this notebook with scientific grid paper will help them write down their results, thoughts, or the grocery list as they prefer.

badge reel

To Keep Their ID Safe: Lab Life Badge Reel

If you work in a lab, you probably have a security badge or employee identification card to get through the door. Many medical professionals prefer to keep these on a badge reel to access them for entry and exit easily.

This “lab life” badge reel will keep their ID on them and look nice as well!

drink cooler

For Scientifically Cold Drinks: Lab Tech Drink Cooler

We’ve given a lot of options for after-work drinks, which are very important. But equally necessary is staying hydrated during work. This thermos will keep drinks cool or warm (depending on how you want them) all day and is customizable!


pparel for Their Day Off: Lab Tech Shirt

When they’re not wearing scrubs, lab techs need regular clothes! This shirt will remind them how great their job is even when they’re not there (it equates laboratory technicians to badass miracle workers, and we all know that’s true).

It comes in several different colors and men’s and women’s sizes.


ecause Scrubs Could Use Accessories: DNA Microscope Necklace

If you know a lab tech who loves jewelry, this necklace will be fantastic for an evening out! It is unique because it has both a DNA strand and a microscope dangle. It displays scientific pride with subtlety and class and is a sure win for a gift!

key ring

To Remind Them They’re Royalty: Lab Queen Key Ring

If your lab tech friend is proud of where they work (and many lab techs are), you have to get them a present that will reflect that pride! This keyring says “Lab Queen” on the bangle – the perfect gift for the lab tech who rules the lab.

Everyone’s got to keep their keys together, so why not do it with power?

microscope wall art

To Add a Splash of Color to the Office: Microscope Wall Art

This poster is a lovely silhouette of a microscope, done in bright colors and seeming to splash right off the print. It would be great for a bedroom, office, or even in the lab. Don’t forget to get a frame to complete the gift!

tote bag

To Keep All Their Things Together: Beaker Tote Bag

Organization is vital for lab techs – they have to keep track of all of their samples and test results in the office. Outside the office, however, it can become more complex. This tote bag can help them keep everything together (and is super cute to boot!).


For a Post Work Nap: Lab Tech Pillow

Every lab tech works insanely hard. After a long day at the laboratory, technicians should get some well-deserved rest. What better to rest on than a pillow commemorating the hard work they do all day and taking a friendly dig at doctors and nurses while they’re at it?

badge reel

For the Phlebotomy Specialist: Happy Blood Drop Badge Reel

If your lab tech friend specializes in phlebotomy, they’re all about the blood, and they’re happy about it. This badge reel will reflect that—it’s a small felt drop of blood with a cute little smile! It will make their patients more at ease and make your friend smile too.

lab tech parking only sign

To Claim Their Territory: Lab Tech Parking Only

If there’s a pesky doctor or nurse that always steals your friend’s spot, this “Lab Tech Parking Only: Violators Will Be Tested” sign is a hilarious gift. Of course, they might not be able to claim a parking spot with it, but they can put it up in their garage or driveway as a warning to those inclined to steal their spot.

coaster set

To Prevent Water (or Acid) Rings: Laboratory Coaster Set

When you work in a lab, there are some tried and true lab rules. Some of the fundamental ones seem like they are no-brainers, but it’s still important to remember them! These coasters have rules like “never lick the spoon” and are great to keep around the home or the lab.


For Science and Fashion: Science Scarf

Infinity scarves are fabulous during the fall and winter months because they are fashionable and keep your neck warm. This one is a perfect gift for someone who likes the vibes of Ms. Frizzle—pair it with some microbe earrings and a funky skirt, and you’re all set for the Magic School Bus!

plush blood cells

To Snuggle at Home: Plush Blood Cells

If your lab tech has kids (or loves stuffed animals), this will make their day. Tiny plush blood cells are great for learning or cuddling and come in a great gift box! White and red blood cells, plasma, and platelets populate this little box of soft fun! You can also get other microbiology-themed boxes.


For a Bedroom Backsplash: Science Tapestry

If you want to get your friend wall art but can’t decide on a poster, why not go big or go home? This science-themed mandala tapestry looks like a chalkboard with science equations and drawings of equipment in tools.

In short, it’s cool and would look great in a classroom or bedroom.

baseball hat

To Wear to the Game: Caffeine Molecular Hat

For the chill lab tech who is dependent on coffee, this hat is a must-have. It has the molecular structure of caffeine on the front, which makes for a great conversation starter. The hat is also adjustable for lab techs with heads of all sizes!


For the Correspondent Lab Tech: Women in Science Postcards

This set of 100 postcards feature different women from every area of science, from laboratory science to psychology. It’s a great way to celebrate women who made history while sending things through the mail! Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail!

What Is a Lab Tech, Anyway?

After all these gift ideas, are you still unsure what a lab tech does? That’s okay—it’s a profession that you don’t come in contact with unless you’re a doctor or a scientist. Lab technicians do the vital work between a medical professional and the scientists at the lab to get the test results back to the patient.

If you need a test involving bodily fluids or skin tissue, a lab technician will take your samples and get you results once you’re done seeing the doctor or nurse. They are in charge of collecting and processing the test specimens and discussing the test results with medical professionals. This is all in a day’s work for a lab tech—they generally do many tests, and help many people find answers.

Of course, not all lab techs are the same. Some have associate’s degrees, and some have bachelor’s or even master’s (but all pass the same ASCP certification test). As a lab tech, you can specialize in several different areas, including microbiology, immunology, and blood banking. Lab techs are essential employees at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and laboratories around the country.

If you know a lab technician, thank them for their vital work in the healthcare field. And what better way to thank them than with a present from this list? Whether it’s a gag gift or a genuine token of your appreciation, the lab tech in your life will love receiving a present from you that shows you know and care about their career choice.


We like to show appreciation for the medical professionals in our life—after all, they keep us healthy and make sure nothing’s wrong with our bodies and minds.

It’s easy to focus on doctors or nurses for all the great work they do, but lab technicians are also a vital part of medical testing, so why not give them some love (and presents)?

Share our list of lab tech gifts, and let us know in the comments which gift the lab technician in your life loved the most!

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