36 Gifts for League of Legends Fans To Raise Their HP

With more than 80 million players per month, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world.

Do you count your friends among them? Do you have relatives, roommates or colleagues who would love an LoL-themed present?

Here are just a few suggestions if you’re seeking great gifts for League of Legends fans!

36 Gift Ideas for League of Legends Fans

mouse pad

For the Hardcore Player: Extended Gaming Mouse Pad and Desk Mat

Gamers can be picky about their mouse pads, but they shouldn’t have any complaints about this one. At 27.5 x 11.8 inches, it’s large enough for a mouse and keyboard, and its finely-braided fibers will encourage smooth rolling and fast clicking.

It’s also decked out with extras like a water-resistant coating and a rubber, anti-skid backing, so it’s great for marathon grinds where stability is important. To top it all off, it’s branded with a bad*ss design that showcases the epic spirit of League of Legends.

Any player should be proud to own it!

teemo hat

To Ward Off Winter’s Chill: Teemo Hat

Everybody loves Teemo, so even if you’re a non-gamer who is flailing with confusion at the difference between AAs, ADCs and AOEs, you can’t go wrong with a Teemo hat. It’s a soft, velvety replica of the same one worn by the character, and it comes with plush goggles and tiny fox-like ears to complete the look.

Your gift recipient can use it for cosplay or just keeping their ears warm during the winter. It’s fashionable and functional.

plushie set

For Cuddle Time With Their Favorite Familiars: Star Guardian Familiars Plushie Set

There’s no shortage of LoL plushies out there. In fact, some of the monsters look even cuddlier than the pets! If you want something official, however, you should consider this four-pack of the Star Guardian familiars.

It’s made and manufactured by Riot Games, so you can be assured of its quality, and the material of each stuffed animal is sweetly huggable. Their appearances are right on the money, too. From Zephyr’s floppy ears to Pix’s shining star, they’ll look and feel like LoL familiars come to life outside of the game.


He Is The One Who Knocks: Breaking Bard Novelty Mug

As a champion from beyond the stars, Bard is one of the most powerful and enigmatic characters in League of Legends. Naturally, he’s been put on a cartoon novelty mug. It’s made of safe, non-toxic ceramic, and it depicts him as Walter White from Breaking Bad.

He even has the mask and yellow bio-hazard suit, but he’s probably channeling spells rather than cooking crystal meth. Either way, this is a gift that’s sure to get a laugh from pop culture junkies.

wall clock

To Count the Hours of Marathon Gaming: League of Legends Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Punctuality can fall to the wayside when you’re deep in a duel, but this clock might help. It’s been carefully cut from a single vinyl record, and it depicts a champion going into battle against unseen forces, so it’ll be an awesome and one-of-a-kind wall feature.

At the same time, however, it’s a fully functional clock with quiet movement mechanisms that won’t tick or otherwise distract a LoL player. If you have a buddy who is always late for appointments because they’re counterjungling like their life depends on it, get them a clock and tell them to pay attention.


Slay the Undead: Lucian Gun Key Chain

You won’t want to take this sucker through airport security, but if you know a Lucian fan, they should be happy to receive a miniature relic of his signature weapon. It looks just like it does in the game, but it’s non-functional and safe to carry on a belt loop or attach to a backpack.

It could also be preserved as a collector’s item if your friend is into that sort of thing. It’s not a big present, but it’ll be an excellent stocking stuffer.

akali hat

For K-Poppers and Cosplayers: K/DA Akali Hat

Do you remember jamming to K/DA, the virtual K-pop girls that went viral for their augmented reality song Pop Stars? You can immortalize this iconic piece of LoL history with a K/DA cap. It’s technically part of Akali’s costume, but your gift recipient doesn’t have to be a cosplayer to enjoy it.

They don’t have to put their hair in a purple ponytail or cover their face with a luminescent mask. Just wearing the cap will be enough to make them hum. Can you feel the rush now…

beginners guide book

A Gift to the Newly Addicted: League of Legends Beginners Guide

He’s spending a lot of time on the computer. She’s permanently glued to her headphones, and she can’t seem to stop yelling about runes. You know the signs: Someone has just discovered League of Legends.

If they want to learn more about the fun, fantastic world that they’ve joined, give them this beginner’s guide. It explains things like champions, classes, skills, items and statistics, and it offers all kinds of tips and tricks for moving up the ranks.

It’ll make a great gift for newbies or even veteran players who are open to suggestions!


For Sweet Dreams: Willump Flannel Blanket

Nunu and Willump are some of the oldest characters in League of Legends, but they only recently received a cute, merch-friendly redesign like the one seen here. Willump is the yeti, and his fuzzy self is a nice choice for a flannel microfiber blanket.

It’s available in three sizes, including 50 x 40, 60 x 50 and 80 x 60 inches. It has a velvety texture that will remain soft and smooth even after washing. It’s even hypoallergenic for the person with a sensitive nose! Put this Willump blanket under the tree for a warm and cozy holiday season.

funko pop figure

When Harley Quinn is Too Tame For You: Jinx Funko Pop

With her blue hair and purple eyes, Jinx has always been an eye-catching figure, and now she’s been made into a literal figure with this limited edition Funko Pop. Her brilliant colors stand out like a beacon that draws you into her madness, and her gun-toting stance makes it clear that she’s ready to wreak some havoc.

She really puts the “pop” in Funko Pop, so she’ll make a great collectible for League of Legends fans. Her value might even increase with time, so she’s a gift that will keep on giving.

wall decoration

I Am Become Thresh: Thresh Home Wall Decoration

Nothing will discourage guests from overstaying their welcome like the dark gaze of the Chain Warden overseeing the living room. This massive, five-piece wall decoration depicts Thresh in all of his glory, and it’s perfect for hanging above the fireplace or mounting in the middle of a feature wall.

It can come both framed and unframed, and it’s available in multiple sizes. Hit your gift recipient with a “dark passage” or “death sentence” to show just how much you care.

3D table lamp

For a Better Kind of Nightlight: Xin Zhao 3D Table Lamp

It’s only fitting that the seneschal of Lightshield has been made into a glowing table lamp. He isn’t just a boring stand and shade, however; he’s a fully-formed 3D figure that juts out from an electronic base, and with the touch of a button, you can make him glow in seven different colors.

If you know any Xin Zhao fans, this will be an awesome gift to light up their bedroom, dorm room or living room. It could even be used as an alternative to a night light if you’re shopping for a young player.

coffee mug

Revitalize a Zombie Gamer: Eat Sleep League Repeat Coffee Mug

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a gamer in possession of LoL must be in want of caffeine. There’s just no time for sleep when there are enemies to dive and creeps to farm, so an LoL player needs plenty of coffee to keep them going.

You can make it easy with this tongue-in-cheek novelty mug that says “eat, sleep, league, repeat.” It holds up to 11 ounces of the good stuff, and it’s safe for both microwaves and dishwashers, so it’s a very convenient gift.

They’ll only have to tear their eyes from the screen for a moment.

backlight keycaps

For the Player With Pizzazz: League of Legends Backlight Keycaps

Turn any second-rate laptop into a stylish gaming station with the help of these League of Legends keycaps. Designed for mechanical keyboards, they use Cherry MX switches for smooth, linear gaming, and they’re also backlit to provide visibility in any environment.

Their tops are customized with the insignias of seven different champion skills. If you know a League fan who has or wants a better-looking computer, this is the gift to give them.

sticker pack

Dazzling Decoration: League of Legends Game 100-Piece Sticker Pack

You could probably make a mountain from all of the League of Legends stickers out there, so if you’re looking for a birthday or holiday gift for an LoL fan, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Why don’t you just buy them all? This pack comes with a whopping 100 stickers, and they range from cute familiars to hardcore heroes in the heat of battle. Every sticker is different; there are no repeats.

They’re made with waterproof PVC vinyl that can be attached to bags, laptops, cars, desks, skateboards and luggage cases. When you can’t choose between several different gifts, buy one massive gift!

beach ball

For Fun in the Sun: Poro Beach Ball

Poros might be known for their freezing homeland, but who doesn’t enjoy a day on the beach? Let this Poro get a little sunshine when he’s taken on a summer excursion. He measures 16 inches in diameter, so he’s big enough for all kinds of games and activities; he can be batted around a pool for fun or used for some serious spikes during a beach volleyball game.

His only flaw is that he doesn’t come with Poro Snax included!


A Leaguer Always Pays His Debts: “That’s What I Do” T-Shirt

Combine two of your geekiest passions with a shirt that says “That’s What I Do: I Play League and I Know Things.” Originally spoken by Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones, the quote has been modified to reflect gaming rather than wine-drinking while dragons soar overhead, but you get the picture.

It’ll be a fun, double-layered pop culture gift for someone on your Christmas list. It’s even available in multiple colors and sizes to ensure that it matches the rest of their wardrobe.


To Save Up For New Skins: League of Legends Multi-Card Bifold Wallet

Embossed with the official League of Legends logo, this wallet is a must-have for gamers who can’t pay for everything with riot points. Not only will it showcase their passion for the game, but it will also store their cash and cards in a safe, well-organized way.

There are pouches and zippers; there are dividers and compartments. The cover flips open with ease, but nothing will fall out of its careful containment. It would be nice to live in a world where you could pay for things in RP, but until then, give them a good wallet.


Hulk Smash: Mundo Comic-Inspired Hoodie

There isn’t a lot of Mundo merch out there, so if you know a fan of this violent violet, they should be thrilled at getting an official Mundo hoodie. It’s designed to look like the purple bruiser is charging right off the page of a comic book.

Despite its color, it has a unisex cut, so boys and girls can both wear it comfortably. It’s made of 100 percent cotton for easy washing and drying. Instead of asking yourself why you should buy it as an LoL present, ask yourself what’s stopping you.

plush animal

Where the Wild Things Are: Dino Gnar Plush Animal

Gnar is already adorable, but he gets even cuter when you put him into a dinosaur costume. The soft spikes and tail are the world’s fluffiest signs of danger, and the hood is lined with comfy fangs. The hood is removable if you want to see Gnar’s face without any accessories.

As for his size, this sweet little plushie measures about a foot tall, so he’s just right for hugging to your chest or resting in your lap while you game. Your gift recipient is sure to be charmed by such a cuddly beast!

Katarina figure

Complete Their Collection: Katarina Unlocked Figure

Katarina is one of those characters that deserves an awesome action figure, and thankfully, this one is up to the task of representing her. There’s hyper-realistic detail in everything from the tattoos on her side to the buckles on her knee-high boots, and her vivid coloring makes her a redhead that will immediately catch the eye.

She’s exquisitely done, and she’ll make a wonderful collector’s item for any League of Legends fan. Just watch out for those blades!

T-shirt tells

To Pass the Buck: “Why I Lose” T-Shirt

Customized specifically for League of Legends fans, this t-shirt tells a truth that many gamers don’t want to hear, but a funny and self-aware player should get a kick out of it. It says “Why I Lose” and depicts the following checklist:

– Wood V Team
– Premade noob
– Zero ganks
– Feeders
– My faults

It’s available in both men and women’s cuts, and it comes in multiple sizes and colors.

In other words, unless you’re friends with someone who has never made a single misfire in the game, it’s suitable for every League fan that you know.


If You’re Headed to Mordor: Stainless Steel Glow-in-the-Dark Ring

Though it’s inscribed with “League of Legends,” this piece of jewelry would be right at home on the set of The Lord of the Rings. Its words are written in a curvy gold script that wraps around the band, and the band itself is made with gleaming stainless steel.

The only thing that wouldn’t fit into Middle Earth is the ring’s glow-in-the-dark properties when the lights are dimmed. It’s a fashion accessory that will definitely make a statement!

lunch tote

For Your Own Poro Snax: League of Legends Insulated Lunch Tote

When they’ve worked up an appetite getting into the platinum league, a good lunch is just what they need to refuel. Unlike other LoL-inspired lunch boxes, however, this one isn’t decorated with animals or big-busted women, so it’s appropriate to carry into work or school settings.

People wouldn’t even recognize it as an LoL item if it didn’t have champion names arranged in a gold-trimmed “L” shape on the front. It’s a classy kind of lunch tote, and it’s insulated with an aluminum foil lining to keep its contents nice and temperature controlled, so it’s pretty much perfect.


Part-Time Student, Full-Time Assassin: League Of Legends Minimalist Notebook

You don’t have to completely abandon the physical world for the wonders of Runeterra. In fact, with this minimalist League of Legends notebook, you can bring the wonders right to your own desk. It has a simple, straightforward design that won’t raise any eyebrows among classmates or cubicle sharers, and it offers 55 college-ruled pages for notes, lists, doodles and scribbles.

You could even gift it with an LoL gaming guide so that your recipient can write down strategies and statistics as they learn!


For Fashionable Friends: Leather Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Maybe you know someone who hates the stereotype of the unwashed gamer. Maybe you know someone who is the unwashed gamer, and you’re hoping to upgrade their wardrobe and improve their date prospects in a subtle way.

For both situations, this is the gift for you. It’s a metal-and-leather wrist cuff that centers around the League of Legends logo, so it’s ideal for broadcasting geeky interest while still retaining a fashionable edge.

It can also be worn by both men and women despite the fact that it’s advertised towards guys. You wouldn’t tell Elise the Spider Queen that she couldn’t wear a wrist cuff, would you?


Making Mom Proud: “KDA Higher Than My GPA” T-Shirt

A fun gift for students at any level of education, this casual, comfortable t-shirt tells it like it is: “KDA Higher Than My GPA.” It might not be something that they’ll want to brag about in front of their teachers, but other gamers will get the reference.

Another bonus is that the term isn’t limited to League of Legends, so its owner can still wear and enjoy it even if they move beyond the Summoning Rift one day. It’s a long-term gift that can outlast short-term interest in specific games.

bear plush doll

Cut Down Your Enemies With Absolute Cuteness: Tibbers Bear Plush Doll

Tibbles gets put through the ringer whenever Annie goes into battle, and this sweet little bear plushie shows every stitch and scrape. He’s even lost one of his button eyes! The good news is that he’s in a cuddly form instead of a towering, stuff-of-nightmares form, so he’s much easier to hug without the massive paws swiping at enemies left and right.

He could use some first aid to take care of his hurts, but that’s what makes him such an ideal gift for League of Legends fans who enjoy cute plushies.

tin sign

Take the DoLorean Into Another Time: Retro League of Legends Tin Sign

Manufactured by Tin World, a company that specializes in vintage signs for video games and comic books, this LoL gift is perfect for the old-school collector in your life. It’s made with high-quality tin that’s been polished to a shine and smoothed around the edges for easy handling, and it has four corner holes for hanging on walls, doors, windows or man caves.

It’s just retro enough to be unique while still having the modern logo that any League fan will recognize!


For Giggling, Gossiping and Painting Each Other’s Claws: Pajama Guardian Onesies

Based off the game’s pajama party skins, these onesies are a nice blend of funny and practical. They aren’t quite a gag gift since they’re detailed, full-body costumes that can be worn for everything from sleepovers to cosplay events, but they’re just silly enough to be a real treat.

You can choose from Lulu, Ezreal and Miss Fortune. Each onesie is soft and fuzzy. They come with all of the wings, ears, gloves and hoods that your gift recipient will need for a true-to-life costume, but the extras are removable if they’d like something plainer for bedtime.

pillow cover

Fix That Muscle Pain: League of Legends Decorative Pillow Cover

Throw pillows are a godsend for gamers, especially those who can’t afford fancy ergonomic chairs for 12-hour grinding sessions. Take pity on their back and give them something that can ease the pain. While this is just a pillow cover and not an actual pillow, it’s designed to slip over any standard-sized throw, so your gift recipient can use it on something that they already have.

You can choose from dozens of preexisting cover designs, including Jinx, Ashe and Ahri, or you can submit your own HD picture for a customized cover. The possibilities are endless!

keychain set

For Couples: Support and Carry Key Chain Set

Do something a little different with this year’s his-and-her gifts. Instead of buying monogrammed robes for your favorite couple, cast a healing spell on their team with these League key chains. They say “I’m her carry” and “I’m his support,” so they’re ideal for the gaming duo that loves to play.

They’re even hypoallergenic thanks to their lead-free, nickel-free stainless steel construction. These key chains will be strong and durable for many years of a happy relationship.


When Baby’s Got Back: Dat Ashe Premium Tee

We’ve all had thoughts about Ashe. It’s okay to admit it. With this t-shirt, you can express your admiration for her physique in a mature and gentlemanly way: It bears a picture of her face with the words “DAT ASHE” in big block letters.

You might not want to give it to someone with a girlfriend, but if you have a buddy with a ribald sense of humor and a deep, courtly love of the female form, he’ll probably get a kick out of it. It’s also suitable for LGBT ladies! Ashe’s hotness knows no bounds.

blitzcrank figure

To Pound the Pavement: Blitzcrank PVC Action Figure

If you’re looking for a memorable action figure, it doesn’t get more “in your face” than the Great Steam Golem. He’s even equipped with the gigantic red boxing gloves from his Boom Boom skin. Best of all, he’s detailed in a fairly realistic way; while some LoL figures can be overly cutesy or sexy, the Blitzcrank has been left alone.

He’s big and he’s tough, and he’s ready to go into overdrive with his fists. Move over, haters.


When You Know the Lingo: League of Legends Comic Collection Socks

RIP! GG! Ping ping ping! These socks will send all of LoL’s sounds and shorthands right into your brain. They’re even printed in a comic book style for extra geekiness. If you know someone who is slowly losing their grip on human communication because of how many times they’ve sent “!!!” and “REKT!” to their fellow mages, poke fun at them with these LOL socks.

They’re nice and warm, but they’re funny to boot.

Finding High-Quality Presents for League of Legends Fans

League of Legends is a popular game, and it comes with a staggering amount of merchandise. You’ll need to be smart and careful as you sift through your gift options. Here are just a few tips for buying LoL-themed gifts that are truly worth the money!

Think About Your Gift Recipient

If they’re a tank, don’t buy them a t-shirt about duelists. If they love Janna, don’t shell out for a costly figurine of Riven. It might take some subtle questioning to figure out what your gift recipient actually likes about LoL, but it’ll be worth the detective work when you’re able to buy them something that they’ll truly enjoy.

Beware the Knockoffs

Bootleg products are rampant in the gaming industry. They aren’t automatically bad, and you can find some surprisingly well-made merchandise that doesn’t come from official sources. Just be cautious about things like quality, price, materials and country of origin. Don’t be fooled by fake products that look real, either.

Mind Your Manners

League of Legends is played by all ages and genders, but the flip side of this diverse fanbase is that its gifts can range from “cute stuffed animals” to “X-rated body pillows.” Keep it appropriate when you’re shopping for a young fan or someone from work. You don’t want to offend them with a gift that’s supposed to make them happy!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for League-related gifts. The perfect present is out there, so it’s just a matter of knowing your stuff, avoiding the rip-offs and finding something great. Good luck!

Final Words

What do you think of these gifts for League of Legends fans?

There are only so many that we could fit on the list, so we had to leave out some good ones.

Did I make a mistake by not highlighting the nine-tailed Ahri figure? Would you have traded the Willump blanket for a Poro plushie? Let me know in the comments!

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