38 Daring & Delightful Gift Ideas that Begin With the Letter D

Trying to find a themed gift can sometimes be difficult, but if you’re looking for some great gift ideas that start with the letter ‘D’, this list totally has you covered. There are plenty of really fun ‘D’ gifts to delight everyone on your shopping list, no matter your budget.

38 gifs that start with the letter D

kids drum set

‘D’ Is for Drums: Mendini by Cecilio 16-Inch 5-Piece Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set

Drums always make a great gift, especially for young children, as long as the drums don’t have to come home with you after the holidays! This set is great for children up to about five feet tall. After that, they get a little too big to use it comfortably.

There are six bright, metallic colors from which to choose, and the set includes a bass drum, floor tom, snare drum, hi-hat, crash cymbal, two tom toms, a bass drum pedal, a drum stool and a set of drum sticks.

Assembly is required, but the instructions are easy to follow.


Best Old-School Retro Fashion: Doc Martens Women’s 1460 Vonda

Doc Martens came out in the 1960s, but they didn’t become popular until the 1990s when grunge became all the rage. Ever since, though, they’ve had a cult following. If you have a loved one who’s still stuck in the 90s or who just loves that style, these black leather boots covered in roses are one of the most gorgeous options available.

They feature a polyvinyl chloride sole, yellow welt stitching and a scripted heel-loop. They’re lightweight, extremely durable and absolutely beautiful.

dremel tool kit

For Handymen and Craftsmen: Dremel Performance Rotary Tool Kit

Whether your loved one is into crafts or fixing things around the house, he’ll probably find himself in need of a good rotary tool at some point. The Dremel 4300 comes with 40 high-quality accessories, five attachments and a durable, hard-to-damage plastic storage case.

The Dremel can run from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, and it comes equipped with a pivot light that’ll allow him to see his project from pretty much every angle without trouble. It really does come with everything he’ll need to complete a wide variety of projects.

docktail bar cup holder

Oh Captain, My Captain: Docktail Bar Pontoon Boat Cup Holder

This is a great gift for the ship lover in your life who also enjoys a good stiff drink. It’s called the Docktail, and it’s a ship-stable drink holder that clamps onto the pontoon’s rails. It requires no additional hardware and can be attached simply with the turn of a few knobs.

It’s water- and weatherproof, durable and built to last on the water. It holds plastic cups, tumblers up to 30 ounces, mugs (with or without handles) and regular cans. There’s also a center section that holds phones, sunglasses and other personal items.


Everyone Wants One; No One Wants to Pay for One: Dutch Oven BK Cookware Dutch Oven Blue

When it comes to convenient cooking, perfect braising and delicious meat, you can’t really beat a dutch oven, but most of them are incredibly expensive, which is why so few people have one. This holiday season, make someone’s dreams come true by buying her this fantastic dutch oven by BK Cookware.

There are four different color options, and each one is made of heavy gauge carbon steel and coated so food doesn’t stick to it. Hands down, it’ll be one of your friend’s favorite gifts this year.


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace in 14k Gold

Diamonds are a classic ‘D’-themed gift, but they’re certainly not something you want to buy for blind gift exchanges or for everyone on your list. However, if you have a special person in your life, this gorgeous diamond solitaire necklace is actually really reasonably priced for a diamond.

You can get it in white or yellow gold to suit her tastes, and the classic piece is simple and elegant enough to go with anything – casual and evening wear alike.

cordless drill combo kit

Do Drilling Right: DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit

This cordless drill combo from DeWalt is another great option for the handyman in your life. The set comes with a drill and an impact driver. Each one is rechargeable, and the charger is included, along with a convenient case to keep everything in while he’s traveling.

Both tools feature lightweight, ergonomic designs that’ll please anyone using them, and their battery life lasts for quite some time without needing a recharge. Additionally, both tools throw out a lot of power.

cologne dolce & gabbana

For the Man Who Likes to Smell Good: Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana for Men

If you have a man in your life who enjoys smelling just as good as he looks, he’ll definitely appreciate this 6.7-fluid-ounce bottle of Dolce & Gabbana’s signature scent. It’s a wonderful cologne that features notes of citrus and orange over a base of cedar, tobacco, lavender and sage.

It smells both herbal and masculine, and it’ll delight the nose of anyone he passes while wearing it. It’s a cool, clean scent, and your friend will absolutely love it.

dash cam sony sensor

For Safer Driving: Dash Cam 1080P COGA 2021 New Sony Sensor

Sadly, the world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Even though you hope your loved one never finds herself in a situation where she needs a dash cam recording as proof of something happening, with this gift, she’ll certainly have it if she does need it.

This great dash cam is very reasonably priced, but it’s also a high-quality camera featuring 1080P FHD resolution and a 170° wide angle lens for maximum recording capabilities. It has a night vision mode, so it’ll record just as clearly in the dark as it does in the light, and the three-inch LCD screen is crystal clear.

The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, and your loved one will get the hang of operating it in no time.


Classy and Convenient: DECOHOLIC Modern Computer Desk

This nice desk is small enough not to take up a ton of space and large enough to satisfy all your friend’s needs. It’s a great desk for a teenager, college student or even an adult who finds himself working more and more from home.

Made from laminated MDF, the desk looks great and fits in with most decor. It’s also fireproof, waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-hot. It holds a maximum weight of 300 pounds. If this size isn’t quite big enough for your friend’s purposes, there are also 55-inch and 63-inch options.

leather jacket

For the Dashing Dude in Your Life: Dockers Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

Dockers has been making quality apparel for years, and this attractive, faux-leather, 100% polyurethane coat jacket is no exception. It features a front center zipper, two pockets at the waist and an interior zippered pocket for keeping track of something that needs a little extra security.

It’s water-resistant with an interior quilted lining, and it looks great with most outfits. There are four color options and a ton of available sizes including some big and tall options.

deep electric fryer

Yummy, Fatty, Greasy Goodness: Deep Fryer Electric Fryer with Basket

Deep fryers always make great gifts, especially if you live in the south where literally anything can be deep fried for extra deliciousness. This one has a variable temperature control of 284℉-374℉ and a timer that ranges from 20 minutes to two hours.

The touchscreen and LED display look great and are simple to use, and the fryer even has a removable lid with a fitter to cut down on the instances of splattering hot oil. The fryer holds two and half liters, which is usually large enough to fix enough food for the entire family.

denix civil war replica

Make History Come Alive: Denix Civil War Philadelphia Derringer Non Firing Replica

While buying your buddy a true Derringer might not be the best idea, buying him this museum-quality, non-firing historical replica of a Derringer is perfectly acceptable. It comes fully assembled and has an authentic antique gray finish, which makes it look just like the real thing.

It’s a great gift for a true gun or history buff.

plush toy

Where Art and Plush Meet: Doodle Bear The Original Fashion Plush Toy

Doodle Bears are a little harder to find now than they were a decade or so ago, but if you have a younger child on your gift list, she’ll love this gift if you’re able to track it down. It’s the original Doodle Bear – not a ripoff version – and it comes with three washable markers your little friend can use to draw all over it.

It’s 14 inches in height and easily cleaned by throwing it into the washing machine. There’s a boy and a girl from which to choose, and you can even buy an additional marker and stencil set.

leather journal

A Place to Keep His Private Thoughts: Double Dragon Blank Page BOOK Handcrafted Leather

This double dragon journal is the perfect gift for any loved one who enjoys writing or drawing. Whether he uses it for journaling, as a travel log or sketchbook or to write poetry or fiction, he’ll love that it’s authentically handcrafted and that it features the etched dragon design on both the front and back covers.

The journal’s dimensions are about 5″ x 7″, and it has 300 acid-free pages that can be written on in either pen, pencil, paint or charcoal.

amber stone insect pendant

For the Friend Who Loves Jurassic Park: Amber Stone Artificial Amber Insect Specimen Pendant

This inexpensive gift is totally unique and perfect for people who love dragonflies or who’re crazy about Jurassic Park. Because it’s artificial and wasn’t found in the wild by scientists, it’s not exactly like the amber stone in the original dinosaur thriller, but it’s close enough that most people aren’t going to know the difference.

It’s fun, creative, educational and makes a nice addition to any library, movie room or fossil collection.

dart board with darts

This Gift Hits the Bullseye: Viper Shot King Dart Board with Darts

You can’t have a list of the best ‘D’-themed gifts and not mention a dart board. This set is really nice. It comes with the regulation-size board, made of compressed sisal fibers that heal themselves over time, always keeping the board in good shape, two sets of darts and a throw line.

You and your friend are sure to have hours of fun with this gift, especially if the two of you are both competitive.

deadwood the complete series

The Wild West Experience: Deadwood The Complete Series

There are really only two kinds of people in the world: people who absolutely love Deadwood and people who haven’t seen it yet. No matter which category your loved one falls into, he’ll love this box set collection of the amazing HBO original.

This set comes with all three seasons of the show on DVD. (There’s a Blu-Ray option as well.) There are 19 discs in total, for over 30 hours of wild west watching that’ll suck your friend in and never let him go.

This is a great way to fill all that free time he’ll have on his next vacation.

dove gift set

So Fresh and So Clean: Dove Gift Set

If you’re looking for a nice, relatively inexpensive gift for a friend or for a blind gift exchange this holiday season, this Dove gift set makes a great one. The set includes a deep moisturizing body wash, original dry spray deodorant and a loofa.

It’s a great set that’ll fully moisturize your friend and have her smelling great too.

painting tools 5D set

For the Friend Who Fell into the Craze: Diamond Painting Tools 5D Diamond Painting Accessories Kit

If your friend is one of those people who fell prey to the Diamond painting craze that swept across the nation last year, this is an excellent gift. While there’s no actual diamond painting included, the set does come with 117 pieces of everything she’ll need to keep up with her supplies and complete the paintings she buys.

In addition to the large carrying case, the kit also has several smaller cases with multiple divided areas for different colored beads, several tools for applying the beads, extra wax, a smoothing roller to smooth down the completed painting and so much more.

The dark tower 8 book boxed set

Stephen King Is Always an Exciting Gift: The Dark Tower 8-Book Boxed Set

Whether your friend is super into Stephen King or just loves horror, this eight-book The Dark Tower box collection set is sure to delight her. The eight paperback books were specifically printed to be part of this matching set, and they all come in an attractive case for ease of storing and displaying.

If she hasn’t read these yet, she’ll go nuts for them, and if she already loves them, she’ll appreciate this new, gorgeous set for her collection.

dinnerware set

Entertaining Made Easy: Dinnerware Set Danmers 18-piece Opal Dishes

This 18-piece dinnerware dish set is great for anyone who likes to entertain or anyone just moving out and getting started on his own. The set comes with six each of the following: dinner plates, bread and butter plates and cereal bowls.

The dishes are classic, elegant white, lightweight and very durable. It takes a lot to break or crack them, and they’re very easily cleaned either by hand or in a dishwasher.

daisy sun catcher

Simple but Beautiful: Daisy Sun-Catcher with Austrian Crystal

It’s always great to find a gift that costs very little but looks like it was probably expensive. That’s the case with this daisy sun-catcher made of Austrian crystal. It’s entirely reasonably priced; it’s also absolutely beautiful – win-win.

It’s shaped to look like a daisy, and the clear crystal will catch the light and throw dozens of tiny rainbows around your friend’s home. She’ll appreciate its beauty and simple elegance.

dark chocolate and cocoa power

Dark Chocolatey Goodness for the Colder Months: Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Powder by Ghirardelli

Whether it’s a gorgeous spring day or a cold winter night, there’s never a bad time for cocoa, especially if it’s a three-pound can of Ghirardelli dark chocolate cocoa powder mix. It’s delicious and any friend with a sweet tooth or a chocolate addiction will go crazy for this gift.

It also comes with a complimentary Ghirardelli measuring spoon. The powder is made from only premium ingredients including dark chocolate, dutched cocoa and vanilla. It’s perfect for cooking or for making hot cocoa.

board game

For a Fun, Geeky Evening In: Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins Cooperative Fantasy Board Game

If you’re looking for a great, relatively simple way to introduce someone to the magic that is Dungeons and Dragons, look no further than this awesome board game, which can accommodate between two and four players and is a little easier to pick up than the original tabletop RPG D&D game.

It comes with everything you guys will need to play a quick campaign, including four plastic mini-figures representing the characters in the game.

disney hoodie

Simply Fun: Disney Hoodie Women’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse Print Zip Up

This Disney hoodie featuring classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures is a great gift for any Disney fan. The hoodie is gray with blue accents and ranges in size from small to XXL. The front breast has a small image of Minnie’s smiling face, and the two famous Disney characters are seen holding hands on the back of the hoodie.

It’s simple, but it’s adorable, and it’s sure to delight any fan of Walt Disney.

game for nintendo wii

She’s a Dancing Queen: Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Nintendo Wii

Whether your loved one is looking for a fun, exciting way to lose some weight or is just the type of person who loves to dance, this Dance Dance Revolution game for the Nintendo Wii is a great gift. The songs included in the game are some of the biggest dance hits from the last 40 years, and up to four players can play the game simultaneously.

With this gift, she’ll be dancing the night away every night of the week.

wind chimes

For the Lover of Aquatic Mammals: Dolphin Wind Chimes by StealStreet

Wind chimes are a great gift because they’re beautiful and they make delightful, pleasing music. These are a particularly nice option for any dolphin lovers in your life. The entire set is made of a durable acrylic material, so your friend can hang them outside without fear of them breaking, but they’re well-made and look like they’re actually made of colored glass.

Daisy duck plush

Snuggly and Cuddly: Disney Daisy Duck Plush Mini Bean Bag

Daisy Duck is probably the most overlooked of all the original Disney characters, and that’s a shame because Daisy Duck is awesome. She’s cute, funny and her little blue hair bow will put a smile on anyone’s face.

This nine-inch plush mini bean bag is a great gift for the little one in your life who loves Daisy Duck. She’s a legitimate Disney Store product with embroidered features and lots of great detail. She’s snuggable, huggable and all-around awesome.

duck call

The Perfect Gift for the Hunter: DUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck Call

This Duck Commander duck call is great for both amateur and experienced hunters. It makes a unique, super raspy sound that’s pretty perfect for attracting mallard hens. It’s made of high-impact plastic, so it’s durable, but the patented double-reed system also means it’s incredibly easy to blow.

Just about any hunter of any age can quickly learn to make the appropriate sounds with this duck call.

lighter 2 pack

A Light in the Darkness: Dragon’s Breath Immortal Lighter 2-Pack

It doesn’t matter if your friend is a smoker, an incense burner or a candle enthusiast, if he has need of a lighter, this Dragon’s Breath lighter is totally unbeatable. Originally designed as emergency/survival kit matches that never go out, they’ve become popular over the years for everyday uses because they’re so pretty and efficient.

This set comes with two dragon’s breath lighters. Each one is made of stainless steel, and each one can be refilled and ignited at least 10,000 times. They’re windproof, waterproof and durable enough for use in any setting or occasion.

dental hygiene kit

Good Dental Hygiene is Important: Terresa 9-Pack Dental Hygiene Kit

It doesn’t matter who you have on your gift list or what they’re like, good dental hygiene is important for everyone. This small, inexpensive set of dental tools will help ensure that your friend always has everything she needs to take care of her lovely smile.

The tools come in a zip-up case for safekeeping and sanitary reasons. Included inside the case are nine of the most commonly used tools for getting rid of plaque and keeping teeth clean. The case is small and unobtrusive and fits nicely inside any purse or toiletry bag.

coaster set

Rustic and Country: Deer Antler Drink Coaster Set of 4 Old West Decor

This is one of those gifts that’s not for everyone, but if your loved one has a sort of rugged, rustic motif in his home, cabin, hunting lodge or man cave, this deer antler coaster set will fit right in with the decor.

The coasters are stored in a coaster holder shaped like a deer’s antlers, and all four of the coasters themselves feature the footprint of what appears to be a large deer. They’re durable and sturdy, and they can collect a lot of moisture without dripping or leaking.

If your friend’s a hunter or just an outdoor enthusiast, he’ll appreciate these well-made coasters and their antler holder.

dodge ball set

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge: Dodge Ball Set GSM Brands Dodgeballs

Dodgeball is probably one of the most popularly played sports in all of America’s high schools, and despite how aggressive it can get, people absolutely love it. Help your friend bring this fun, exciting game into his own home by buying him this set of six foam dodgeballs.

The balls are slightly less than six inches in diameter, so they’re easily gripped and easily thrown by both adults and children. They can be used inside a gym or outdoors, and they’re covered in a very durable skin, so they should last for years.

If you’re looking for a really competitive game to play with your family in the next few months, get this set as a gift for one of your more cutthroat loved ones.

dinosaur toy

All Kids Love Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Toys 2020 Updated SKYLA&SKYLER Dinosaur Toy

When it comes to ‘D’-themed gifts for kids, you simply can’t overlook dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are freaking awesome, and just about everyone played with them at some point in his or her life. This dinosaur is particularly awesome because not only does it look amazing, it also walks, roars and makes all kinds of other sounds.

It also lights up, which is a little odd and unrealistic, but kids seem to love it. It’s made of high-quality, non-toxic materials, and it’s super easy to operate. The young children in your life will have tons of fun with it.

electronic dictionary

Fun and Educational: Children’s Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Dictionaries – the kinds in book form anyway – have largely fallen out of fashion since the rise of the internet’s popularity, but there are times when both kids and adults are reading and come across a word they don’t know.

Getting on their phones to look it up can lead to distraction. Once someone has her phone out, it’s easy to click on Facebook or check email. With this electronic bookmark dictionary, all your loved one has to do is type the word into the dictionary, and she’ll instantly get a definition for the word.

Even more awesome is the fact that the keyboard portion is flat, so it actually does work as a bookmark, and she’ll always know where it is when she starts to read.

card game

For the Big Drinkers: Do or Drink Party Card Game

As people get older, they don’t need to play lots of drinking games in order to enjoy an evening of drinking. However, younger adults, particularly college kids, absolutely love drinking games. If you have someone on your list who can’t take a drink unless there’s a murder in Game of Thrones, this card game will be the perfect gift.

It’s pretty much a more structured, risque version of Truth or Dare, and with 350 “do or drink” cards to draw, this game should definitely lead to some interesting evenings.

dog chew toys

Can’t Leave Out the Dog: Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

As always, when you’re buying gifts for all your loved ones, you can’t ever forget your furry best friend. This 14-pack of dog toys makes a great gift for the special dog or puppy in your life. With ropes, a Frisbee-like toy, chew toys and more, there’s definitely something in here that’ll excite the senses of any type of dog.


Do you agree with my list of the 38 best gift ideas that start with the letter ‘D’? What did we leave off that we should have added? What was your favorite gift on the list?

Have you ever tried any of these products or bought them for a loved one? Let us know all of that and more down below in the comments section, and please remember to like and share this gift-giving guide with all your friends.

I hope to see you again soon!

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