35 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Him To Grow Fonder

Maybe he’s going away. Maybe he’s already gone, but you want to send him a care package that demonstrates your love, loyalty and acceptance of his Flaming Hot Cheetos obsession.

Whatever the reasons for your shopping trip, here are 37 long-distance relationship gifts for him!

Long distance relationship gift ideas (for him)

pillow covers set

To Say Good Morning: Two-Set Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

“Good morning, gorgeous.” “Hello there, handsome.” With the help of these pillowcases, you and your boyfriend don’t have to be physically present to wake up together. You can enjoy the same morning banter that you always do, and time zones won’t matter at all.

Your greeting will be the first thing that he sees when he rises and the last thing that he sees when he goes to bed. Since there’s a pillow for you as well, you’ll enjoy the same feeling of connection no matter what the distance.

two pack bond touch bracelets

To Be Connected At All Times: Two-Pack Bond Touch Bracelets

These bracelets are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of long-distance relationship gifts. They’re wirelessly connected to each other through a shared app, so no matter how far apart you might be from your boyfriend, you can send him “touches” in the form of short, vibrating bursts.

It’ll be like giving him a little nudge or a brief squeeze of your hand. He’ll know that you’re thinking of him, and when the reverse is true, he can send you a touch in return.

coffee mug

When You Miss Your Shower Duets: And IIII-E-IIII Will Always Love Yooooou Red Bistro Coffee Mug

You might be apart, but you can still sing loud, off-key songs together with the help of this coffee mug. It channels the spirit of Whitney Houston with the text “And IIII-E-IIII Will Always Love Yooooou” scrawled across a bright red background.

It’s cute, funny and romantic at the same time, and it’s the kind of gift that will never expire. Even when he comes back home, he can continue to use the mug with the knowledge that you love him… as long as he doesn’t try to hit the high notes.


To Be Discreet About Your Devotion: One Day Closer Key Chain

Made with a thick, durable ring and a no-frills stainless steel pendant, this key chain manages to be sweet and affectionate without crossing the line into mushy. Its message is simple: “One Day Closer.

” It’ll be a comforting reminder that your separation isn’t forever, but since it’s plainly made without a lot of adornments and inscriptions, it’ll also be discreet enough for the guy who doesn’t like being emotional in public.

clock with picture frame

When You’re Counting Down the Days: Countdown Clock With Picture Frame

Though it’s marketed as a wedding present, it’ll be quite easy to swap the bridal stock photo for a photo of your choosing, and then you’ll have a wonderful little countdown clock with a personalized touch.

It’ll track the days, hours and seconds until you’re reunited as a couple. As a bonus, since it’s infinitely reusable, you can haul it back out of the closet when it’s time to count down to weddings, honeymoons, babies, vacations and retirements!

teddy bear

A New Twist on an Old Classic: I Miss Your Face 12-Inch Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a time-honored gift among couples, but this one does things just a little bit differently. He still has the soft, snuggable fur that you’d expect from a plushie, and he’s clutching a red heart pillow like a proper Romeo.

However, the message printed on the pillow is more straightforward than usual: “I Miss Your Face.” He’ll be perfect as a fun and low-key gift that isn’t overly saccharine.

letter book

To Document Your Love and Your Story: “Letters to Open When…” Letter Book

“Open when you’re feeling lonely.” “Open when you need a good laugh.” “Open when you need to make a big decision.” These are just a few of the prompts that you’ll find in this letter box, so if you’re looking for a thoughtful, personalized present, you should definitely consider Letters to Open When.

Each one offers a chance for you to write a touching message to the man that you love the most. When you’re done, send them off in a thick bundle, and he’ll have sweet messages to reach for whenever he needs them.

compass with box

To Lead Him Back to You: Personalized Compass With Box

Make sure that he can always find the way home with this personalized compass. It’s made with a handsome brass material that can tucked into an equally handsome leather box when not in use, and on the back, it can be inscribed with up to five lines of text.

You can have it engraved with an inspirational quote about traveling and adventuring; you can have it carved with immortal words of love, loyalty and affection. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

healthy fitness box

For the Health Nut: Ultimate Healthy Fitness Box

You want him to return to you in the same condition that he left, and with this care package, it’s entirely possible. He’ll be able to snack away his sadness from missing you without putting on a pound! The secret lies in the healthy assortment of goodies that are stuffed into the box.

There are protein bars and granola bars; there are fig newtons and peanut clusters; there’s even some good old-fashioned trail mix. Let him crunch and munch without changing a single thing about the body that you love so much.


To Boldly Go: The Man, The Legend 20-Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler

If he’ll be traveling a lot, this is the tumbler that he’ll need to stay fueled. It can hold everything from hot coffees to ice-cold smoothies, and thanks to its high-class, premium-quality stainless steel, it won’t spill a drop even when it’s jostled in transit.

A double vacuum seal will regulate beverage temperature, and a shatterproof frame will resist bottle damage. By the time that he reaches the bold, stylish text declaring “The Man, The Myth, The Legend,” your boytoy will be thoroughly won over by this tumbler.

photo frame with shadow box

Double Trouble: Vertical Hinged Photo Frame With Shadow Box

With two sides connected by a hinge, this vertical photo frame will offer a double dose of love. You can use it for photos; you can utilize it as a kind of freestanding shadow box for notes, poems, ticket stubs, dried flowers and other keepsakes.

It can be as creative as you’d like it to be, so it’s very customizable. Send him off with a present that represents your love and why it’s worth waiting for!

couple bracelets

A Wearable Secret: “I Love You” Morse Code Couple Bracelets

Say “I love you” without saying anything at all. These bracelets are made with tiny black-and-white beads that spell out the phrase in Morse code, so even though they’ll have immense meaning to you and your boo, they’ll look like regular jewelry to the rest of the world.

He’ll be able to wear them without getting embarrassed; you’ll be able to wear them with the smug knowledge that you finally wrangled him into matching couple gear. Everybody wins!

corgi butt pillow

For the Dog Lover: Cute Corgi Butt Throw Pillow

If he’s the type to miss his dog just as much as his girlfriend, this is the pillow for him. It’s shaped like the backside of a corgi, and it’s just realistic enough to be funny while still being suitable for public travel.

He can use it on planes, trains, buses; he can stuff it behind his neck or use it to support his lower back or tookus. It’s guaranteed to keep him comfortable as he travels wherever he needs to go, and he’ll think of you whenever he uses it.

couples picture frame

Because Love Conquers All: More Than The Miles Couples Picture Frame

“I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us.” It’s a simple sentiment, but it transforms into a beautiful and inspirational piece of art on this romantic picture frame. The wooden finish gives it a cute, country look, and the curling font adds some trendy flair.

On the functional side, an acrylic photo protector will keep your picture safe, so you won’t have to worry about dents, dings, scratches or cracks. All in all, this picture frame will be a nice way to keep yourself in your boyfriend’s thoughts while you’re apart.

key rings set

A Gift for Two: Couples Stainless Steel Key Rings

The best thing about this gift is that it’s actually a his-and-her gift, so not only can you send off your boyfriend with a keepsake, but you can wait for his return with a matching one. Each stainless steel key ring comes with a little airplane charm and a metal plate that says “Under the Same Sky.

” It’s unisex, so it’s perfect for guys, girls and couples of any gender combinations, and it’s slight enough to fit into any kind of pocket or purse. It’ll be ideal for couples who want to carry around a small but meaningful token of their love.

pillow cover

When He Misses the Warmth of Your Arms: “Hug This Pillow” Red Love Heart Throw Pillow Cover

He might not want to use it around the guys, but if he’s alone in a hotel room or flying for thousands of miles, he could definitely derive some comfort from this throw pillow cover. It’s made with soft, cozy materials, and it says “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me” with a red heart against a black background.

It’s just a cover, so you’ll need to buy an actual throw pillow to go along with it, but the final, assembled product will be perfect for beds, couches, cars, campers and more. He’ll never be lonely as long as he can hug you.

question for couples journal

To Keep Your Love Alive: Questions for Couples Journal

You might be apart, but your relationship doesn’t have to stagnate. Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner is a way to keep your bond strong even with a physical distance between you.

You can quiz each other through texts or video chats; you can mail the book back and forth until you’ve answered all of the prompts by hand. If you plan things right, you can finish the last of the 400 questions just as it’s time for your boy to come home.

your butt coffee mug

When You Know Your Priorities: I’m Never Not Thinking of Your Butt Coffee Mug

Another great mug for java junkies, this one says “I’m Never Not Thinking of You” in a bold, black script. You’ll have to look closer to see the “-r Butt” in light pink text right beside it! It’s sure to make him laugh, especially if his rear end is something that deserves the extra attention.

Additionally, since it’s a larger-than-usual “bistro” coffee mug, it can hold even more of his favorite brews and roasts to get him through the day.

neck and back massager

If He’s Going to Miss Your Massages: Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

When he can’t get a shoulder rub from you, this is the next best thing. It’s a U-shaped neck and back massager with fabric straps that he can hold on to after wrapping it around himself, and it uses simple but sophisticated technology to apply heat, pressure and motion to tired muscles.

There’s even a built-in timer that will shut off the massager after 15 minutes, so if he falls asleep during all of his relaxation, he won’t have to worry about burning himself. It’ll be an amazingly convenient tool for a busy man who needs to de-stress every once in awhile.

gift stone

To Rock His World: I Love You Collectable Gift Stone

You might think that your love is written in stone, but until you’ve actually carved it into a rock, it’s still just a figure of speech! The good news is that this funny collectible stone will allow you to bring the quote to life in a very literal way.

It says “I Love You” with a saucy little “Written in Stone” underneath it, so your love will be inscribed forever in its sleek, smoothly-polished surface. Tuck it into your boyfriend’s luggage and wait for the amusing text that you’ll receive when he finds it later!

box photo frame

A Simple Truth: You’re My Person Inset Box Photo Frame

There’s no shortage of sentimental picture frames for couples, but this one is worth a second glance. Not only does it boast a rustic, country-style frame made from artfully distressed wood, but it also has an inlaid chalkboard surface where your chosen photo is clipped rather than hung.

The text says simply, “You’re my person.” It’ll be a quick and easy going-away present that still packs a powerful punch.

little map art print

If He Needs a Reminder: Distance Means So Little Map Art Print

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.” It’s a lovely saying, and it takes on special meaning when you and your boyfriend have to endure a period of separation. This artwork has it printed on a picture of a map, but you can find other gifts with the same quote, so don’t be shy about looking around and weighing your options.

This inspirational message might be just what you need to find strength on the difficult days of being apart.

couples memory book

An Interactive Present: Handmade DIY Couples Memory Book

With more than 50 blank pages just begging to be filled with photos, flowers, love notes and other tributes to your relationship, this “memory book” is the perfect blend of a scrapbook and a photo album.

You can build it together before your boyfriend leaves so that he’ll have an emotional touchstone while he’s gone, or you can give it to him completely blank and let him fill it up with thoughts and memories whenever he’s thinking of you.

It’s a versatile gift that can be customized in many different ways. In the end, the final product will be as unique as your relationship itself.

mini waffle maker

To Keep Him Fed: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

If you’re going to miss those lazy mornings that you spend together at the kitchen table, consider keeping the tradition alive with the help of this mini waffle maker. It’s compact enough that it can be slipped into a side pocket of his luggage, but despite its small stature, it’ll make amazingly tasty waffles with a perfect golden crisp.

It’ll also be great for the guy who doesn’t cook since it’s so quick and easy to use. You won’t have to worry about him starving to death without your TLC!

rustic box sign

To Get a Little Cheeky: I Love You With All My Butt Rustic Box Sign

Even if he isn’t the type to display box signs around the house, he won’t be able to resist this one. It says, “I love you with all my butt. I would say heart, but my butt is bigger.” It’ll be a hilarious way to remind him that he’s still on your mind, and it’ll serve as a cute and flirty keepsake that he can hold onto forever.

As long as your butt remains phenomenal, the sentiment here will never stop being true.


To Put Home in a Package: Homesick Scented Candle

Send him a little taste of home with the help of a “homesick” candle. It’s available for multiple cities, states and regions, and each one holds a unique fragrance that will remind him of the place that he loves.

For example, the “southern California” candle has the scent of sea breeze while the “Tennessee” candle smells like smoke, wood and earth. Finding the perfect candle for your boyfriend is just a matter of finding the one that will make him close his eyes, take a deep breath and smile.

linen towel

An Important Reminder: Not That Far Linen Towel

If he’s anything like most guys, he probably packs his luggage without any consideration for things like dish towels. It’ll be up to you to make sure that he has the essentials before he leaves. This towel is particularly nice since it reads “It’s honestly not that far” below a picture of the United States.

It doesn’t single out any state in particular, so as long as he’s traveling domestically, it’ll still apply to his movements.

couples pillowcases

To See Him in Your Dreams: Wish You Were Here Couples Pillowcases

These pillowcases only tell a complete story when they’re together, which makes them perfect for the long-distance couple that plans to be reunited someday. When you’re apart, you each have a “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” pillow with half of a texting conversation.

When you’re back in the same bed, the texting bubbles will slot together to reveal the full conversation. Spoiler art: It’s super sweet.


For an Honest Assessment of Your Priorities: I’d Walk Through Fire For You 11-Ounce Coffee Mug

“I’d walk through fire for you!” this coffee mug boldly declares. In smaller text underneath, it says, “Well, not fire, that would be dangerous. But a super humid room.” After further thought, it adds, “But not too humid.

Because, you know… my hair.” If he’s ever lamented the amount of time that you spend in front of a mirror, this mug will be funny and functional, so he’ll definitely get a kick out of it during his morning coffee routine.

banner sign

To Show Your Support: Do Epic Sh*t Hanging Banner Sign

Perfect for a farewell party, this banner is made with bright and glittery card stock that spells out the words “Do Epic Sh*t.” Whether he’s headed to a new job or a first-time deployment overseas, it’ll bolster his spirits to know that you have his back.

You might have to endure a physical separation for awhile, but you’ll always be there for him in spirit, and it starts with loving enthusiasm for his journey ahead.

wallet insert card with key ring

To Carry a Piece of Your Love Everywhere: Romantic Engraved Wallet Insert Card With Matching Key Ring

This gift comes in two parts. The first is a metallic insert for his wallet that’s been engraved with a sweet and sentimental message about the strength of your love. The second is a heart-shaped key chain that’s been cut out from the insert; that one is for you to carry around while he’s gone.

You’ll each have a little memento to hold onto as you weather the long-distance period of your lives, so in a way, it’s a gift for both of you and not just your boo.

leather toiletry bag

To Save All of His Nail Clippers: Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men

Another great travel gift for him, this toiletry bag looks like a leather briefcase in its compacted state, and he can carry it around or stuff it into a carry-on compartment with minimal fuss. When he’s safely ensconced in his hotel room, however, he can unroll it like a magic carpet to reveal dozens of pouches, pockets and compartments for all of his toiletries.

There’s room for everything from bath products to shaving supplies, so he’ll be well-organized. With any luck, he’ll stop losing all of his beard combs as well!

you and me LED light

When Forever is More Than Just a Word: Customized Infinity You and Me LED Light

This isn’t a gift that will fit into his suitcase, but if you’re willing to ship it, it could make for a wonderful surprise. It’s so much more than just a hanging wall light. Its infinity symbol is lit up with an LED glow that curves along the words “You” and “Me,” and it can also be customized with two names and a date.

Does he remember the day that you met? With this light, he’ll never forget it.


To Wrap Your Love Around Your Wrist: Going the Distance Beaded Couple Bracelets

Another great his-and-her gift, these beaded bracelets are made with complementary colors that identify them as part of a set. One has all black beads except for a lone white bead, and the other has all white beads except for a lone black bead.

They’re pinned to a card that calls them “Going the Distance Bracelets,” and there’s even a sweet little quote about keeping people in your heart despite the miles that might be between you. All things considered, it’ll be a lovely gift for two folks who want to commit themselves to their relationship before a period of separation.

flask gift set

When You Can’t Be There After Long Days: Rosewood Finish Flask Gift Set

If he’s driven to drink without you around to take away his stress, he might appreciate this flask set. Not only is the flask itself a beautifully made stainless steel piece, but the set also offers a funnel and shot glass for a classier kind of alcoholic experience.

It even comes with playing cards and a dice set if he’s entertaining guests! This is a gift that he’ll come back to again and again, so it’ll be perfect for any occasion, including a farewell.

keepsake hands casting kit

For an Utterly Unique Gift: Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Molding kits are quite literally one of a kind, so if you’re looking for something that blows cheap and generic presents right out of the water, consider this DIY plaster-molding kit. It will let you immortalize your clasped hands forever, so not only will you create a lasting keepsake, but you’ll also get to bond with your boyfriend over the shared experience of making it.

It’s basically multiple gifts in one!


To Declare Your Victory Through Word and Deed: I Love You Most Burlap Pillow Case

“I love you most. The end. I win.” It doesn’t get plainer than that, so to round off this list of long-distance relationship gifts, we thought that a straightforward finish would be best. Declare your success with a pillow case cover that he can’t refuse! Since it’s made with burlap, it’s more of a decorative item than a functional one, but that’s okay.

He’ll be forced to acknowledge your triumph every time that he sees it.

Present buying guide

Whether he’s moving, deploying, working overseas or going on an epic backpacking adventure around the world, there are ways that you can stave off the loneliness of your boyfriend living separately from you. Here are just gifts that will keep you connected no matter how far that you’re apart.

Wrap It Carefully

Chocolates can melt in the mail. Lotions can spill. Misspelled labels can get stopped at customs. You don’t want your grand gesture to get broken, battered, crushed, seized or turned back around as it travels hundreds of miles to your boyfriend, so do a little research on long-distance mailing before you send it off.

Keep It Practical

If he doesn’t wear jewelry, he probably won’t care about a his-and-her bracelet set. If he doesn’t drink coffee, he might not get a lot of use out of a mug or thermos. As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t buy it for him as a regular present, don’t assume that he’ll be into it just because it’s one-half of a couple’s present.

Don’t Overdo It

While it might be cliche to say that guys don’t like mushy gifts as much as girls, it’s also a fact that holds true for many couples. You can disregard this tip if he’s just as sweet and sentimental as you are, but otherwise, make sure that you aren’t expecting him to cuddle a fuzzy pink pillow that says “I Miss You” in front of everyone else in the barracks.


If he’s going away for awhile, these are just a few suggestions for long-distance relationship gifts for him. Is your boyfriend headed somewhere new? What are your plans for coping? What gifts are you considering to send him off in style? Let us know!

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