31 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Pet

No matter if someone you know has lost their beloved dog or pet hamster, the grief they’re experiencing is painful. Giving them a gift to help them overcome this loss helps alleviate some of that pain.

You’ll be helping them pay tribute to their furry companions and honor their time together.

We’ve put together this gift guide to help you find gift ideas for someone who lost a pet.

We hope that they inspire you to find something special to help your friend or loved one feel better through this difficult time.

Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Pet

pet memorial wind chime kit

Musical Memories: Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Capture sweet musical memories with this paw print windchime. It measures 13.5″ and is a beautiful remembrance for a friend or family member who is grieving the loss of a pet. The windchime includes a “Pawprints Left By You,” by Teri Harrison poem card.

A portion of the poem is engraved in the paw print, as well as a ribbon featuring the words, “Pawprints Left By You,” on top of the windchime. The bottom medallion also has a stamped paw print that’s surrounded by the words, “Pawprints Left By You.

” Four metal tubes chime each time a bead touches them. There’s also the option of engraving the owner’s pet’s name and date on the back of the chime as well.

stone with a paw on it and written the word love

Love Set in Stone: Love and a Paw Print

The love an owner has for their pet can be forever memorialized in this keepsake. It’s a solid cast of the word, “Love,” in a piece of cement made to look like a stone. The cement-base paint is strong enough to last outdoors.

This stone measures 5″ wide, 4″ tall, and 3″ deep. It weighs 2.6 pounds and has the feel of actual stone. The letter “O” in the word “Love” is in the shape of a paw print with a heart in its center. You’ll receive a gift box with crinkle paper, making this keepsake ready to give to your grieving friend or loved one.

personalized memorial stone for a pet grave

Customized Memories: HMGYGS Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

Personalizing a piece of memorabilia makes it that much more of a special keepsake. This personalized pet memorial stone reads, “No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.” Before giving this gift, you can customize it with their owner’s pet’s name, date of birth, and the date of their passing.

This personalized memorial stone is painted polystone in the shape of a paw print. It measures approximately 7.9″ x 7.9″ x 1.8″. It’s ideal for alongside walkways, underneath trees, near flowerbeds, or on porches or patios.

The paw print is treated with a special finish to protect it against weather and sunlight.

willow tree little angel sculpture

Give the Gift of a Hug: Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted angel, Angel of Friendship

If you know someone who has just lost their dog, this Willow Tree Angel is a beautiful gift idea. It’s entitled “Angel of Friendship.” It includes a gift card that read, “For those who share the spirit of friendship.

” Owning a dog is often referred to as “man’s best friend.” So, this gift falls in line with that extremely well. The angel measures 5″ tall and is made from hand-painted resin. The gesture this angel communicates is one of sweet remembrance.

The pet owner will love presenting this figurine on their shelf, mantel, or anywhere else they’d like to remember their cherished pet.

blue beads bracelet with a white gift bag

Say it With Jewelry: VILIGHT Pet Memorial Bracelet

The loss of a beloved pet sometimes means wearing things that help make the owner feel better. This memorial bracelet may be just the thing to help them say good-bye. It’s a bracelet made from stone beads featuring a pawprint and heart-shaped bead.

Each of the stones is made from turquoise, and the heart and pawprint beads are plated. The bracelet is one-size-fits-all and made from stretchable elastic. These beads symbolize the pawprints left on the owner’s heart.

The bracelet comes in a pouch that reads, “Some things just fill your heart without trying.” Each time your family member or grieving friend looks at this sympathy gift, they’ll remember their special pet fondly.


For the Garden: Pet Memorial ‘Pawprints’ Metal Plaque with Stake

There’s nothing that can replace the loss of a pet. However, it’s possible to lessen a pet owner’s grief with a personalized gift. A memorial plaque such as this one will forever remind them of the love and joy their pet brought to their life.

This heart-shaped plaque reads, “You left paw prints across our hearts forever.” It’s written in brass against a black background. On the bottom of the heart, there’s a split ring hanging so owners can attach their nametag or other keepsakes.

In the center of the heart is a row of paw prints depicting the year. A garden stake is available for the back or wall mounting attachments are also included.

photo ornament

Make it Ornamental: BANBERRY DESIGNS Dog Memorial Photo Ornament

Remembering a best friend is something those who lost their pet may not know where to begin doing. Help them figure this out with this beautifully decorated memorial photo ornament. It features a photo of their best friend in the center, and the words, “In Loving Memory,” along the top.

The ornament is in the shape of a heart and has a vintage style. The brushed metal has sweeping designs that are dotted with crystals. On the bottom, there’s a bone hanging that the owner can have engraved with their pet’s name or other details.

The ornament measures 4.25″ x 3.5″ and will hold a 1 3/4″ photo.

picture frame

Photographic Memories: earhead Pet Memorial Keepsake Picture Frame

Memorialize sentimental memories for pet owners with this memorial keepsake picture frame. It holds a 4″ x 6″ picture of the pet they lost and reads, “You left paw prints on my heart.” Two tiny paw prints surround those words.

The frame is made from matte silver foil. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a tabletop using an easel backing. Owners receiving this gift can put a picture of the pet in it, or one of the two of them together.

Each time they look at this picture frame, they’ll have fond memories of the cherished time they had together.


Something They Can Carry With Them: CJ&M Loss of Pet Keychain

Sometimes, when someone loses a pet, they need to have something to carry around with them daily. Giving pet owners a keychain to help memorialize the loss of his or her pet may help ease the pain they’re feeling.

This keychain features an angel wing, paw print, and a charm. The charm reads, “When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are far apart. For every time you think of me, I’m right here–inside your heart.

” Grieving the loss of a pet becomes so much easier with sentiments such as this one. Each time they feel down, owners can look at this keychain and get through those challenging times.

pet loss care package

Show Them How Much You Care: Pet Loss Care Package

Showing your heartfelt sympathy when someone loses a pet means a lot to those experiencing that grief. You can do this by giving them this pet loss care package. It includes a keepsake paw print pendant, celebrating love booklet, remembrance journal, candle holder, and how to hold a pet memorial ceremony.

The candle holder can also be used as a toasting glass. Each of these items is carefully chosen, and they each feature symbols of love and remembrance. They’ll each become special keepsakes and show the pet owner they’re receiving the love and support they need during this difficult time.

pet collar keepsake frame

Keep Their Collar: Pearhead Dog Or Cat Pet Collar Keepsake Frame

When someone loses their pet, keeping their collar becomes a priority. Help owners cherish their pet’s collar forever with this pet collar keepsake frame. Pet owners can put a picture of his or her pet, or a picture of the two of them in the photo opening.

Then, there’s a spot to place their pet’s collar below the photo. They can also include their pet’s tags along with the collar as well. The photo insert measures 4.5″ x 3″. The frame’s dimensions are 8″ x 8″ x 1.

5″. This frame will hang on the wall or pet owners can display it on their tabletops or shelves with the easel backing.

candle gift

Flickering Lights: Forever In Our Hearts – Loss of Pet Candle Gift

Telling someone you’re sorry when they’ve lost their pet can be difficult. It doesn’t have to be with a present like this one, though. This candle reads, “Forever in our Hearts,” on a black paw print. On the other side, you can add a personalized message to the person who is grieving.

The center of the paw print features an area where you can add the pet’s name underneath a small heart. Each candle is made from soy and is available in thirteen different scents including French lavender and bouquet of flowers.

You can also select either a white or craft paper label.

garden ststue

Gift of an Angel: Small Sleeping Cat in Angel’s Wing Garden Statue

Your friend or family member may be looking for something unique to place in their garden in memory of the loss of their beloved cat. If so, this gift of a small sleeping cat in an angel’s wing garden statue may be ideal.

It features an inscription that reads, “Good night my friend, until we meet again.” The statue is made from high-quality resin and is entirely white. As the small cat is sleeping in this statue, it’s enveloped in an angel’s wing.

It’s a touching way of paying tribute to the loving memory of the owner’s pet at the time of their passing. It measures 8″ x 4″ x 4″ so, if pet owners would prefer putting this statue indoors, it doesn’t take up much room.


Make it Heartfelt: Sterling Silver Forever Love Animal Heart Pendant Necklace

Having a sentimental keepsake to hold close to their heart is something many want following the loss of their pet. This sterling silver forever love animal heart pendant necklace does just that. It’s a heart-shaped pendant that reads, “Always in my heart.

” There’s a rose gold charm that lays directly over the heart with a paw print stamped through. The heart is made from plated sterling silver with the words in black. The beautiful tones of this necklace are an elegant way of paying special tribute to their favorite pet.

The pendant comes with a rolo chain that measures 18″. You’ll also receive a gift box.

dog memorial stone

Embrace the Outdoors: JHP Dog Memorial Stones, Hand-Printed Heart Shaped

If you know someone who took their dog on a lot of outdoor adventures or was always outside in their garden or yard with them, this present is an excellent choice during their passing. It’s a weatherproof memory stepping stone made from resin with the look and feel of real stone.

It features two paw prints, a poem, and a hand holding a paw. The stone is in the shape of a heart and is handcrafted. It measures 9.5″ x 8.5″ and weighs 1.8 pounds. The touching poem on the stone is a way of helping keep the pet’s memory alive.

collage frame

When One Photo Isn’t Enough: Pet Memorial Collage Frame

Sometimes featuring one photo of a beloved pet following their passing isn’t enough. If you know someone who has several small pictures around, consider giving them this pet memorial collage frame. In its center, the poem, “Pawprints left by You,” by Teri Harrison is featured.

On either side of the poem, there’s room for three 3″ x 2.75″ photographs. There’s also an engravable plaque included with the frame. When someone is grieving the loss of a pet, a gift like this one is an excellent way to help them look lovingly upon the memories they shared.

This classic black framed collage can be hung on the wall or will sit on a tabletop or shelf.


Light Up the Night: Light and Love Pawprints Left by You Memorial Lantern

Help your friend or family member mourn the loss of their animal companion with this memorial lantern. The front piece of glass reads, “You were such a great companion constant, loyal, and true. My heart will always wear pawprints left by you.

” This lantern will hang or sit on top of any surface. It’s made of black metal and has four glass inserts. It measures 10″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″. It comes with a 3″ flickering LED candle, but you’ll need to supply the AAA batteries.

You’ll receive a memorial gift tag and ribbon, making this memorial gift ready for giving.

ash urns for dogs

Holding on to Special Memories: Mia Paws Series Cremation Ash Urns for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

Finding a way to express love for an animal companion following their passing can be difficult. You can help ease that transition with this heartfelt gift to hold their pet’s ashes. It’s a small and discreet way of cherishing their love for their pet for decades.

It’s a beautiful urn measuring 3.5″ x 4.5″ and will hold pets weighing up to 25 pounds. It’s engravable and features two paw prints on the cover. Pet owners can pay tribute to their pet with this unique urn.

Each urn is handcrafted with hand polishing to a gorgeous high-gloss finish. The top screws on for secure sealing.


Give the Gift of Warm Hugs: Pawprints Left by You Pet Memorial Blanket

It isn’t uncommon for people to spend time cuddling with their four-legged friends. So, when they’re no longer with us, those moments are also gone. Giving someone who is experiencing that loss a Pawprints Left By You Memorial Blanket helps alleviate that empty feeling.

Each time they want to snuggle with the pet they’ve lost, they can hug this blanket. It’s a 60″ x 50″ gray plush soft fleece blanket with a black paw print pattern. This blanket is also an excellent gift for those who have a pet who always slept with one, but they’re too sad to use theirs.

wind chime

Colorful Memories: Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime

Bring tranquility and peace to someone who is experiencing grief over the loss of their furry companion. In addition to hearing soft tinkling sounds each time the wind blows, this twenty-five-inch wind chime is also beautifully designed.

Each pipe depicts a different color of the rainbow in honor of the rainbow bridge. The natural wood medallion on the bottom is a circle with a white paw print that reads, “Meet me under the rainbow bridge.

” Each time it’s breezy outside, your friend or loved one will remember their favorite pet as this wind chime plays a song in their remembrance.

memorial card

Show Your Sympathy: Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Card

Getting a gift for someone who has lost a pet that’s special to them may seem overwhelming. You may find this is especially true if this individual doesn’t have a lot of space in their home. This memorial card is an excellent idea in situations like these.

If you know someone who is living in a small living space and would like to express your sympathy, they can tuck this Rainbow Bridge Memorial Card into a book, display it on their nightstand, or place it anywhere else that’s convenient for them.

This card features the Rainbow Bridge poem on a 6.7″ x 1.7″ card. It features a rainbow paw print, is printed on a light rainbow background, has a small hole at the top for hanging, and comes in a small envelope.

personalized dog memorial gift

Custom Love and Light: Personalized Dog Memorial Gift for Dog Lovers

Help you someone who is experiencing grief with this beautiful custom gift. It’s a personalized hand-crafted pet sympathy tea light holder. Twelve different dog breed silhouettes are available. Each of these candle holders also comes with a free personalized nameplate.

They look beautiful with a tea light or LED, which is included free with purchase. You can choose between a pine or chestnut finish. Nine metallic colors are available to help highlight the dog breed chosen.

The entire piece measures 7 1/8″ x 3 1/2″. Each of these tea light candle holders goes through a sixteen step handcrafting process with incredible attention to detail.

pet box

Treasured Memories: Pet Memory Box

No matter if they’ve lost their dog or cat, this pet keepsake box is something that will help an owner treasure their memories forever. This pet keepsake box measures 7″ x 6″ x 5″ and looks similar to a treasure chest.

You’ll be giving someone who is grieving the loss of their pet a place to store their companion’s most precious keepsakes. Customize the front of the box with the pet’s name, a message, and dates. Eleven stains are available, and you can choose fonts from a website listed in the options.

Each of these chests is high-quality and made from pine. They’re available in small, medium, and large sizes.

pet ornament

Remembering Through the Holidays: Pet Memorial Ornament

The holidays are the most difficult time when someone is grieving a loss. Help someone who is experiencing this grief with a pet memorial ornament. When they no longer can share time with their furry companion, they can remember their pet fondly each time they look at this wood-burned ornament.

It’s customizable with the pet’s name, date of birth, and the date of their passing. It measures approximately 2.5″ to 3.5″ in diameter and is approximately 1/4″ thick. It has an acrylic paint finish and comes with a satin ribbon.

You can select a red, antique gold, or white ribbon. The pet’s name, as well as the dates, are featured in a paw print. Underneath the paw print, it reads, “Forever Loved.”

rainbow necklace

Sparkling Remembrance: Personalized Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Necklace

When someone loses a pet that’s extra special to them, give them an extra special gift. This personalized rainbow bridge pet loss present necklace is a touching memorial. It features a paw print charm, an angel wing charm, a Swarovski crystal, and a personalized charm.

The Swarovski crystal is in the shape of a heart and features rainbow elements. The personalized charm has a paw print and an area for you to put the pet’s name. Those who wear this necklace will feel their pet close to their heart beautifully.

The charms are each sterling silver, and you have a choice between an 18″ and 20″ chain. Wearing this necklace will help bring a special connection to the pet owner and the favorite pet they lost.


Wearing Love on Their Sleeve: Dog or Cat Pet Memorial Bracelet

Remembering a lost pet doesn’t always have to be in the form or a picture. Instead, when you know someone who is feeling sad, you can give them a bracelet. This memorial bracelet features three different charms.

One is a paw print, the next is a circle that reads, “No Longer by My Side, But Forever in My Heart,” and the last is a letter. The letter is for the first initial of the pet’s name. The bracelet is an adjustable bangle, so it’s one size fits all.

Stainless steel split rings are what attach the charms. So, there’s no chance these charms will get lost. You can also choose an optional gift box or receive this bracelet in a blue velvet pouch. Birthstone charms are also available.

paw print stone

Subtle Touch of Sympathy: Paw Print Stone for Dogs or Cats

It isn’t uncommon for someone to feel pain following the loss of their pet, but want to add a subtle touch of their remembrance to their garden or landscape. For example, they may want a memorial but nothing too obtrusive.

In situations like these, this paw prints stone for dog or cats is a touching tribute. It’s a stone featuring a pewter heart that reads, “Forever in my heart.” There’s a cutout of a paw print in the upper corner of the heart.

It’s a beautiful way of helping someone honor the passing of their beloved four-legged companion. They can enjoy looking at it and remembering the good times each time they’re in their yards, gardens, or patios.

photo album

For the Adventurer: Our Adventure Book Memorial Photo Album for Dogs & Cats

Do you know someone who was always on-the-go with their pets? Are they now mourning the loss of one of their loyal friends? If so, help them overcome some of this sadness with this memorial photo album.

Creating a keepsake of all of their most cherished adventures may help them feel more connected during this time of grief. In addition to the album, you’ll also receive three postcards, an animal template, four corner stickers, and a box of colored pencils.

So, as your friend or family member remembers their furry companion on the craft pages of this album, they’ll feel better about experiencing the loss.

angel figurine

Angelic Memories: My Kids Have Wet Noses and Furry Paws

It doesn’t matter how long a person has had their pet; the loss is still difficult. Help them overcome that with this 6″ angel holding a cat. On the angel’s skirt, it reads, “My kids have wet noses and furry paws, I am a proud cat mom.

” The angel is made from high-quality polyresin with beautiful details. You’ll receive this tribute in a beautifully packaged box ready for gifting. This angel is ideal for cat lovers who are looking for something to place on their shelf or tabletop in remembrance of their cherished companion.

They’ll look upon it lovingly and remember the good times they once shared together.

paw print stone

Never Forget: Paw Print with Halo Pet Remembrance Stepping Stone

Worries of forgetting a furry companion may overcome those who are feeling sadness following a loss. However, you can help them overcome some of those feeling with this paw print with halo pet remembrance stepping stone.

It’s a plaque that reads, “You left my life, but you will never leave my heart.” In the center of this garden stone is a heart with a paw print in the middle. Above the heart is a halo. The words are written in black and surround the heart and halo.

The stone is made from a cement and resin mix. So, it’s good for either indoor or outdoor use. There’s also a hole in the back making it suitable for hanging. Each time your friend or loved one look at this stone, they won’t have to worry about forgetting their favorite four-legged companion.

customized dog grave marker

Customized Stone: Personalized Dog Memorial Customized Dog Grave Marker

Placing a stone in remembrance of a beloved pet isn’t uncommon when a loss occurs. This present includes a stone that is customizable and includes a message that reads, “You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

” The message is written in beautiful fonts and includes stylish details. There’s also a paw print, as well as an area to include the pet’s name and dates. The stone measures 6″ x 6″ and is made from aged granite.

These stones are an excellent way of honoring pets either inside homes or outside. Each of these stones is weather-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about them becoming damaged by the rain or sun.


When you give someone a gift to help them overcome the loss of their furry companion, it helps them feel better about the loss they’re experiencing.

Showing sympathy helps them understand that they’re not alone and that you care about their feelings.

The loss of a pet is overwhelming to some. So, with these gifts, you can help express love while simultaneously honoring memories. Your friends or loved ones will appreciate the sentiment as they pay tribute to their four-legged friends.

31 Gifts for someone who lost a pet

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