34 Gifts for Marines To Put Some Oorah in Their Hooray

They’re tough. They’re strong. They smell like sweaty gym shorts and freedom. If you’re celebrating a special occasion with the Marine in your life, here are 34 gifts that will get them jump-jacking for joy!

whiskey glass

A Bullseye Gift: USMC Bullet Whiskey Glass

Officially licensed by the United States Marine Corps, this shot glass has a bada*s design for a bada*s soldier. A real copper bullet is lodged into the side like it was shot there, but thanks to the careful, hand-blown quality of the glass, it can still be filled to the brim without leaks.

Your Marine can enjoy whiskey, scotch, bourbon or anything else that they’d like. They could also forego the drinks entirely and use the glass a decorative item. The choice is theirs, and so is the bullet.

military award shadow box

For the Experienced Serviceman: Military Award Shadow Box With Display Case

If they’ve been decorated with honors during their time in the service, they’ll need a shadow box to put their awards on display, and this shadow box is one of the best. Not only is it made with a handsome mahogany wood, but it has separate compartments for different kinds of memorabilia.

The triangular corner is for the flag; the remaining felt-topped back is for medals, ribbons, pins, patches and other items of note. Plexiglas panels cover everything with shatterproof strength. Get those awards out of the footlocker and onto the wall with a gorgeous, high-quality shadow box!


To Wear Their Pride Every Day: Men’s World War II Patriotic Necktie

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima is one of the most iconic photographs in U.S. history, and it’s been used to great effect on this necktie. Its sits under a rippling American flag with WWII fighter jets flying overhead, and everything but the flag has been burnished in black and white, so the deep monochrome really makes the stars and stripes stand out.

It’ll be a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a dark suit, and since the soldiers depicted in the photograph were all Marines, it’ll show solidarity with the USMC to boot.

wall art print

Always Faithful: History of the United States Marine Art Print

Marines have been protecting their country since the very beginning, and this poster celebrates their long, dedicated history by showcasing a typical soldier from every era. It starts with the Continental Marine, moves through major conflicts like the Civil War and the two World Wars, and finally ends with a modern-day Marine.

Beneath the portraits, there are more than 50 historical facts about the Marine Corps and how they’ve shaped society. If you want to give a gift that’s both memorable and meaningful, this is it!


To Keep Them Fit and Fine: Black Stainless Steel Marine Corps Tumbler

Hydration is critically important for an active Marine. The good news is that tumblers like this make it easy for them to get their water, juice, coffee or protein shake. A double-walled, vacuum-sealed body will keep their liquids hot or cold, and a latching lid with a stainless steel straw will let them drink without spills.

A stylish matte black finish covers military-grade stainless steel with USMC logos printed on both sides. All in all, it’s a high-quality tumbler for someone who could crush a flimsy little water bottle with a single fist.


Because Every Marine Has the Same Spirit: 14k Gold-Plated Marine Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for gender-neutral gifts for Marines, this is the necklace for you. It’s made with a thick, gold-plated brass that won’t look out of place on male or female wearers, and its eagle, globe and anchor (EGA) emblem will represent every proud member of the Corps.

A chain is included, but if your gift recipient doesn’t want to wear it as a jewelry piece, they could just as easily hang it behind a desk or put it in a shadow box. This is the kind of keepsake that’s worth showing off.


For the Retiree Who Can Take a Joke: Not as Lean Marine Corps Bumper Sticker

When the term “spare tire” can be applied to more than just the thing in their trunk, this is the bumper sticker for them. It says “Not As Mean, Not As Lean, But Still A Marine” with the USMC logo printed in red and gold.

It’ll be ideal for retirees who have passed the torch to the younger generation, especially if they still take pride in being a leatherneck. The leather might be a bit weathered these days, but it functions just fine!

wood block sign

To Shout It From the Rooftops: Oorah Custom Wood Block Sign

There’s nothing like an “oorah” to lift the spirits of a Marine, and this wooden block sign will allow them to take that energy to any home, office or barrack that they please. It measures 4 x 12 inches and has the Marine Corps logo printed directly on the wood to allow visibility of the grain.

It can be propped up anywhere, but it also includes a keyhole slot for hanging. On the back, there’s a print of the American flag and the assurance that the product was 100 percent made in the USA with genuine hardwood materials.

It’s a patriotic present in every way.


For the Devil Dog Within: U.S. Marine Corps Bulldog Themed Cork Coaster

Is he fiercely protective of his entertainment center? Does she like to take care of her home with the same military precision that she uses to whip the corporals into shape? They might appreciate this Marine-themed coaster.

It depicts a snarling, vintage-style bulldog with big teeth and a spiked collar, and he’s surrounded by banner text that reads “United States Marine Corps” and “Semper Fi.” He’ll be a great guardian against the drink rings that are ready to destroy grandma’s heirloom dinette set.

First Aid kit

Because You Never Know When a Pandemic Will Hit: 250-Piece Survival/First Aid Kit

Marines probably have a lot of these things lying around the house already, but there are benefits to having a quick, well-organized survival kit where everything is neatly laid out and ready to go. As a bonus, this one comes with a massive 250 pieces in total, and the supplies range from weapons to first aid tools to bad weather essentials.

They can put it in their car; they can take it with them on deployment. They’ll be prepared for any emergency scenario with a kit like this.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

wall cross

For the Christian Marine: The Few, The Proud Marines Wall Cross

Made with a thick, silver-coated polyresin, this cross is dedicated to “The Few, The Proud” who would lay down their lives for our country. It measures 12 x 7 inches, so it’ll be easily visible on any wall, and it combines a traditional cross design with an anchor motif that includes ropes and bolts.

To further emphasize the Marine theme, there’s the EGA emblem on the front, and it’s officially branded as a United States Marine Corps product. Buy this gift for the spiritual Marine who likes to apply “Semper Fi” to all aspects of their life.

cards with dice gift set

For Game Night in Iraq: Marine Corps Playing Cards With Dice Gift Set

Tucked into a handsome wooden box with the official USMC logo engraved on the lid, this game set can keep anyone occupied during a long, lonely deployment. Everything is Marine-themed, including the playing cards that bear rank insignia from “Private” to “General.

” The jewel dice have the eagle, globe and anchor insignia. The joker cards are even decked out with awesome artwork of a skeleton soldier in full combat gear! When not in use, everything can be laid back into the box and latched shut, so it’ll be both awesomely fun and conveniently portable for globetrotting Marines.

Molly marine statue

To the Lady in Dress Blues: Molly Marine USMC Statue

“Molly Marine” is a famous statue from 1943, the year that female reservists were finally allowed to join the Marine Corps. It still stands in New Orleans to this day. If you know a woman in the Marines, this brass statuette can be a nice way to acknowledge both her own efforts as a soldier and the long, noble legacy that she’s inherited from the female soldiers who came before her.

The figure has a bronze finish to give it an antiquated look, and its features are a near-perfect replica of the real thing. It’s sure to be a proud addition to her shelf or mantel.

tin sign

If He’s a Grumpy Old Man: Property Protected by Marine Funny Tin Sign

When he really, really hates Jehovah’s Witnesses, this is a sign that can fully brandish his ire. It’s a funny take on the old “beware of dog” sign, but instead of being about man’s best friend, it warns of the Marine on the property who has a gun and lacks negotiating skills.

It can be hung outside to caution solicitors or mounted on a garage wall or basement door to designate the entrance of a man cave. Its rustic metal design will suit any tough, no-nonsense space.


Because Even Marines Get Cold: Semper Fidelis Blanket Throw

They might make fun of “snivel gear,” but when it gets chilly at night, your Marine will be glad to have a blanket like this one. Its cozy cotton material will help them regulate their body temperature even as its fuzzy thickness serves as an indulgence for their softer side.

It’s also woven, not printed, so there’s an extra layer of quality that they can depend on even in the dead of winter. Semper fidelis is a warm sentiment, and with the help of this blanket, it can be a warm gift as well.


Because Devil Dogs Never Truly Leave the Ring: Once a Marine Always a Marine Engraved Wallet

“Once a Marine, always a Marine.” It’s a powerful statement, and it resonates so strongly because it’s true. This wallet isn’t the first product to say it, but since it’s a handy, everyday item that can be carried everywhere as a constant reminder of one’s service, it’s a nice vehicle for the message.

Other features include genuine leather materials and multiple compartments for the storage of bills, cards and receipts. Wrap it up, give it as a gift and hit them with a loan request immediately afterwards.

Sgt. Teddy bear

Hard and loving at the same time: Sgt. Sleeptight Teddy Bear

Marines might be tough, but they can still appreciate cute things, and this teddy bear definitely qualifies. He’s meant to be a sleep aid for kids, so he comes with colorful little door tags for a child’s room, but you can always discard these extras and give him as a solo gift.

He’ll be great as a “get well soon” gift for injured Marines or a “come home safe” gift for a loved one who is deploying. He’s soft and squishable, and he’s even wearing the official, exclusive camouflage pattern of the USMC.

He’s destined for a Marine family in every way.

coffee mug

Sir Yes Sir: Military Alphabet Novelty Coffee Mug

Perfect for the Marine with a sly sense of humor, this coffee mug has a list of words from the military alphabet. It looks innocent at first glance, but once you take the time to properly read it, you’ll realize that “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform” spells something very direct indeed.

Give it to a soldier who hates his commanding officer or a sergeant who doesn’t want to hear a peep from the cadets until after he’s had his morning cup of joe.


Because Birth Can Be Harder Than War: U.S. Marines Mom Leather Bracelet

This bracelet embodies the dual nature of a tough Marine and a loving mom. It’s made with a strong leather cord that winds around the wrist and ends with a lobster clasp, and its red and silver colors are strikingly bold.

On the flip side, it has several delicate charms, including one that says “mom” and another that has the EGA emblem. These are embossed with fine details that include hearts and laurels. Do you know a proud Marine mama? Or perhaps you’re shopping for the mother of a Marine? Either way, she’s sure to appreciate this awesome bracelet.

whiskey decanter

To Help Them Unwind After a Long Day: USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor Whiskey Decanter

With their wooden bases and hand-blown glass, “globe” decanters are a luxuriously stylish home decoration that have become quite trendy in recent years. However, this one takes things even further by etching the EGA on the front.

It’s a bit hard to see when the decanter is empty, but once it’s filled with dark or amber liquid, the eagle and its associated emblems will stand out in stark relief. Additionally, since each decanter is handmade, you’ll get a subtly different design with every order.

This is a high-class gift for a high-class soldier.

A book of marine corps humor

When They’re Made of Sturdy Stuff: A Book of Marine Corps Humor

The full title of this book is To Err is Human, To Forgive Divine – However, Neither is Marine Corps Policy. It has a cartoon of a sergeant yelling at a terrified cadet on the front. You can tell right away that it isn’t a book for the easily offended, so if you know someone who clutches their pearls at a little off-color humor, they might not enjoy the jokes and anecdotes of this particular tome.

If you know a Marine who loves to live on the edge, however, they should adore this gift and all of its wisecracking wisdom about life in the USMC.


Because There’s Nothing Patriotic About Sunburn: USMC Globe and Anchor/US Flag Low Pro Cap

Baseball caps for Marines tend to be plain and perfunctory, but this one does something a little different with a stylish front that incorporates a half-flag cutting diagonally across the official United States Marine Corps logo.

It comes in two varieties, black and brown, with different color schemes on each. The material is a pure cotton twill, and there’s an adjustable hook and loop closure to ensure the perfect fit on every leatherneck.

If you’re looking to upgrade their very basic cap collection, this is the one for the job.

fitness snack box

When They Love Their Gains: High Protein Fitness Healthy Snack Box

While not strictly a gift for Marines, this high-protein snack box will be welcomed by anyone who hits the gym on the regular. It includes nuts, muffins, tuna boxes, energy bars, granola bites and more.

There are even some high-protein cakes and cookies in there! It can provide just the nutritional boost that they need to maximize their muscle growth. Whether they’re training for boot camp or just keeping in shape after retirement, they should be glad to have the right fuel for the job.

shot glasses set

To Make Fun of the Weaklings: Four-Pack Military Level Shot Glasses

Another great gift for the Marine who knows how to handle their liquor, these shot glasses are sure to get a belly laugh as soon as they’re taken out of the box. They have measured lines climbing up the side to show the stoutness of the drinker, and each line is labelled with a different branch of the U.

S. Armed Forces. “Air Force” is at the bottom; “Marine” is at the very top. The former might not find them as amusing as the latter, but hey, it’s not their occasion to celebrate!

stepping stone

To Elevate Their Decor: U.S. Marines Stepping Stone

Vividly colorful, this stepping stone is sure to get attention whether it’s placed outside in a garden or mounted to a living room wall for everyone to admire. It’s made with a resin and calcium carbonate blend, so it can withstand the elements if you choose to use it as an outdoor decoration, but it also comes with a hook on the back if you’d prefer to hang it indoors.

At just 1.3 pounds, it’s much lighter than it looks, so its decorative possibilities are endless. Oorah!

helicopter figure

For Your Favorite Pilot: Bullet Shell Casing Helicopter Figure

People will definitely look twice at this model helicopter. It’s made entirely with shell casings! From the rotors to the propellers, every inch has been hand-crafted with simple lines but stunning attention to detail.

There are even machine guns mounted to the bottom of the aircraft. The whole thing weighs about a pound, and its gleaming golden color will shimmer in the light of any home or office setting. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a unique Marine, hurl into the sky with a one-of-a-kind helicopter.

license plate

A Stylish Gift for a Stylish Marine: USMC Black Flag License Plate

This isn’t a frame that you can attach to a real license plate, but it can still serve as a kicka*s decorative item for the car, truck or camper of your favorite Marine. The EGA is stamped onto the American flag, and everything’s rendered in black, white and gold to make it instantly draw the eye.

The material is a high-quality aluminum; the print has a glossy, premium ink. It’s anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It can withstand all of the elements and then some. All in all, this will be a fantastic gift for a Marine who spends a lot of time on the road.

bottle opener with keychain

Celebrate Good Times: Rifle Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener With Metal Keyring

The coolest bottle openers are ones that do something a little different, and this one definitely qualifies. It’s shaped like a rifle and made from real carbon fiber, so it’ll be a tough little accessory for all deserts, mountains and mud pits.

Additionally, since it measures less than three inches long and weighs less than a single ounce, it can be carried everywhere without any trouble. There’s even a metal keyring that can be attached and detached at will! You never know when you’ll need to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, but this bottle opener will make sure that your Marine is prepared for any celebration.

belt buckle

To Hold Up Their Camo: Devil Dog Marine Corps Belt Buckle

Made with solid brass, this belt buckle will be a fierce addition to both men’s and women’s closets. It depicts a barking bulldog who is directly facing the world with all of the bravado of a Marine, so it really lives up to the “devil dogs” nickname that was bestowed on the USMC by German forces during WWI.

It can be fit to any belt with measurements between 1.50 – 1.75 inches. If you’re looking for a multipurpose, multi-gender gift for a Marine, you might want to consider this belt buckle.


For the Java Junkie: Black Rifle Coffee AK-47 Roast

Has their body been pumped with so much coffee that it doesn’t even register caffeine unless it’s brewed at the level of a nuclear blast? If so, you can knock their socks off with Black Rifle Coffee. Not only does it come with multiple roasts, flavors and caffeine levels, but since it’s packed into jet-black bags with names like “AK-47” and “Murdered Out,” it’ll be a stylish addition to their cupboards as well as an extra-strong one.

refrigerator magnet set

To add color to your kitchen: 12-Piece American Flag Refrigerator Magnet Set

Another gift for the Marine who isn’t afraid to enjoy cute and kitschy things, these American flag magnets will be fun, colorful additions to any fridge. Each one has a different pattern, so even though they’re all decorated with red, white and blue, their exact stars and stripes will vary.

For example, some have fireworks-style sunbursts while others have more traditional flag motifs. There are 12 in all, so your gift recipient will have plenty to look at as they pin up all of life’s little notes and reminders!

Leathernecks book

For Bookworms and History Buffs: Leathernecks: An Illustrated History of the United States Marine Corps

There’s no shortage of books about the Marines, but Leathernecks: An Illustrated History of the United States Marine Corps goes the extra mile by illustrating every fact, story and history lesson with real-world photographs.

Some are old, grainy things that have barely withstood the test of time; others are glossy, full-color images with striking details. Since this book covers every era of the USMC from the very beginning, the gallery is quite diverse.

Do you know a Marine who would like to learn more about their institution? Give them Leathernecks.

Luggage tags

For the Well-Traveled Marine: USMC Semper Fi Luggage ID Tags

Luggage tags make great gifts for Marines since they’ll be useful on and off duty. They can be put on a duffel bag when the soldier is deploying; they can be attached to a backpack full with swim trunks and flip-flops when it’s time for a vacation.

This particular tag also comes with the USMC emblem printed on soft leather materials with reinforced stitching, so it’ll be fashionable as well as functional. If you’re looking for a nice, low-key gift for your Marine, consider a luggage tag.


To Honor the Fallen: All Gave Some, Some Gave All USMC T-Shirt

At the end of the day, a Marine is someone who is prepared to give their life for their country. This t-shirt is just a small way to acknowledge their spirit and sacrifice. It declares “All Gave Some, Some Gave All” over a silver-and-gold EGA with banners that read “United States Marine Corps” and “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

” It’s an important message, and with this t-shirt, it can also be one that’s delivered to the entire world.

Present Buyer’s Guide

Gifts for Marines can range from hilarious to heartfelt. The best one for your recipient will depend on what they like, how they feel about their service and which special occasion that you’re celebrating. Here are just a few tips for making your Marine happy!

Shop Specifically for Marines

Did you know that the Marines have their own brand of camouflage? It’s called Marine Pattern or MARPAT. This is just one of the ways that they distinguish themselves from other branches of the military, so before you buy a generic “soldier” gift, double-check that it’s applicable and appropriate for the United States Marine Corps.

Avoid Mentioning Rank

While you might be tempted by a “#1 Corporal” t-shirt or “World’s Best General” coffee mug, the truth is that gifts like this always have an expiration date. As soon as the Marine is promoted, they’ll no longer want them. Who would willingly walk around in a shirt that advertises them as a lesser rank? To avoid having your gift stuffed in a closet somewhere, make sure that your present will never become outdated or irrelevant.

Consider Their Circumstances

Are they headed to the academy? Do they have a ridiculous story about tearing their uniform pants with their can opener? Have they picked up a foreign language of their latest deployment? Knowing these little details can help you choose a thoughtful gift for both the person and the occasion. Every Marine is one of a kind, so your present should follow suit.

Determine Their Tolerance for Sappiness

Some military-themed gifts are sentimental things that express support and appreciation for the soldier’s sacrifices. Other gifts are funny or even offensive things that are designed to get a laugh from a ribald devil dog. Make sure that you land on the right side of this choice when shopping for your own gift recipient. When in doubt, play it safe.


Marine corps gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but with these tips, you should be able to cut through the bullsh*t and find something that’s worth the money.

What do you think of our suggestions, readers? Is there anything that you really like? Is there anything that your Marine wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Let us know! We can take it!

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