36 Meaningful Memorial Gifts for the Loss of a Son

Maybe you’re buying a sympathy gift for a loved one. Maybe you want something to honor and cherish the memory of your own child.

Whatever your reasons for seeking memorial gifts for sons, here are just a few items that might bring comfort and grace during a difficult time.

36 Meaningful Memorial Gift Ideas for the Loss of a Son

memorial lantern

To Light the Way: Walk Beside Us Memorial Lantern

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this memorial lantern will be a touching tribute to a life that was taken too soon. It’s made with high-quality composite wood and a copper finish, and it’s printed with a poem that begins, “The ones we love don’t go away; they walk beside us every day.

” The light is battery-operated, so it never has to go out. It can shine eternally in remembrance of a beloved son.


To Feel His Spirit Every Day: Angel Wings Memorial Windchimes

If you want proof that your son is still with you, consider these windchimes. They’ll remind you of his presence with every breeze and every gentle sound. They’ll be a comfort to you, too, since they come with silver angel wings and engraved teardrop pendants that say things like “I thought of you with love today.

” If you want to say hello to your child every morning, these windchimes will let him say hello back.

jar with messages

For Positive Thinking: Glass Keepsake Gift Jar With Sympathy Messages

Artfully arranged in a colorful glass jar with ribbons and charms, these inspirational messages can be a powerful tool for folks who are ready to move on. The words are gentle, but instead of dwelling on grief and loss, they bring hope for the future.

“Let the beauty of each new day nourish your soul and bring you peace.” “You have so many people who love you and are here for you.” “Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.” These messages can be unwrapped every morning for a dose of positivity during a difficult time.

letter from wood plaque

A Message of Hope for Mourners: A Letter From Heaven Wood Plaque

Written from the point of view of the deceased, this tender poem seeks to reassure the loved ones that they left behind. It says things like “I know how much you love me” and “every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.

” The words are engraved on a beautiful, high-quality wooden plaque, and it comes with beveled edges and round slots for easy hanging. While not specifically for the loss of a son, it’s a memorial gift that will speak to their soul regardless.

pendant necklace

To Carry a Token of Love: Stainless Steel Glass Hourglass Pendant Necklace

Made with a combination of glass and stainless steel, this necklace can serve as a beautiful keepsake for a son who has passed on. It’s shaped like an hourglass, and it’s shipped empty so that the wearer can fill it with whatever reminds them of their loved one.

Whether it’s ashes, flowers, beads, seeds or sand, they can carry a little tribute to their child everywhere that they go, or they can hang it in their home to keep watch over everyone else in the family.

It might be especially effective in a house where children still mourn the loss of their brother.


For Quiet and Meaningful Remembrance: Hidden Message Mantra Cuff Bracelets for Women

If you’re the type to mourn privately, you might like these bracelets. From the outside, they’re plain silver cuffs made of stainless steel, and their only adornment is a string of laurel leaves engraved on the metal.

On the inside, however, they have a message: “God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart.” It’s a way of remembering and honoring your son without having to put your grief on display for the entire world to see.

Despite the fact that they’re marketed towards mothers, they’re unobtrusive enough for fathers to wear as well.


For Souls Who Have Left Behind Their Suffering: I Will Hold You in My Heart Angel Wing Son Key Chain

If you’ve lost a son to illness or injury, it can be a comfort to think that they’ve left behind their pain and suffering. They’re at peace, and they’re watching over you until the day that you’re reunited in a higher place.

This key chain says “I will hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven” along with angel wings and a small silver token that says “son.” You can carry it every day as a reminder of your child, or you can hang it up in a car, home or office so that he can serve as your guardian angel.

glass heart bereavement gift

When Their Love is as Clear as Glass: A Little Bit of Heaven Glass Heart Bereavement Gift

This glass heart will be a moving memorial gift for the loss of a son. It says, “Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home.” It’s self-standing, so there’s no need for hanging or mounting; it can support itself on any shelf, desk, mantel or display case.

It’s a little generic, but that can be a good thing if you don’t want to get too personal or presumptive with your sympathy gift. This heart will express your condolences in a quiet, respectful way.

angel figurine

Because Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel: Sculpted Hand-Painted Remembrance Angel

Made by hand, this beautiful figurine can be displayed with pictures, candles, urns and other memorial items. It depicts a soft and gentle angel with her hands pressed over her chest, and her card says “Memories.

.. hold each one safely in your heart.” She can watch over your son during a wake or funeral, or she can sit on a mantel and keep him alive in your memory every single day. She could even be left at cemeteries if you want to do something a little different than flowers.

memorial necklace

For Small Souls Being Cradled in Heaven: Mommy of an Angel Infant Loss Memorial Necklace

If you’re struggling to cope with a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, this necklace might bring you a small amount of comfort. It’s designed specifically for mothers who have lost very young children.

The center pendant says “mommy of an angel” with hearts and tiny footprints, and it’s flanked by an angel wing and a pearl bead with silver embellishments. Nothing can replace the loss of your baby, but this necklace can honor his memory in a very real way, and you can wear it until your grief starts to ease.

memorial step stone

To Remember Them With Every Step: Beautiful Memories Memorial Step Stone

Made with a combination of resin and calcium carbonate, this stepping stone will slot neatly into gardens, driveways, pathways and other outdoor environments. It’s decorated with yellow-and-white daisies to give it a hopeful feeling, but its delicate appearance is belied by the strength and durability of its construction.

It’ll last for years, which is exactly what you want from a memorial gift to mark the passing of a son.


For a Good Night’s Sleep: Always With You Memorial Blanket

“I am always with you, blanketing you with warmth and love.” It would be a poignant sentiment on any memorial gift, but it’s especially fitting for a blanket. Made with the softest of faux-fur materials, it has a plush texture that they’ll love sinking your fingers into, and its gentle gray-and-white pattern will be soothing to the eye as well as the heart.

If you know someone who could use some creature comforts to help the days pass more comfortably, get them this blanket. It can warm them physically even as it helps them emotionally.

red cardinal ornament with poem card

When Their Soul is Flying High: Red Cardinal Ornament With Stand and Poem Card

Red cardinals have a special meaning for mourners. As it says on the card, “God made me red so you would see I still exist outside your memory.” The poem is accompanied by a beautifully sculpted cardinal figurine dangling from a string, and it can be hung from hooks, shelves, bird feeders, holiday trees or an included golden stand.

Wherever it’s placed, it’ll be a sweet and meaningful memento for a lost son.

string art present

To Tug on Their Heartstrings: Bereavement Handmade String Art Present

You’ve probably seen “forever in our hearts” on a lot of memorial gifts, but you’ve never seen it presented quite like this. Three-dimensional string art decorates a wooden pallet, and the words are hand-painted on the bottom in a soft, flowery script.

It also says “in honor of those that are watching from heaven.” Your gift recipient can hang it on a wall, display it in a case or prop it up on a desk. There are many possibilities with a versatile gift like this one, so it’ll serve as a nice expression of sympathy and empathy.


To Appreciate His Life Instead of Mourning His Death: Son Guardian Angel T-Shirt

This is a gift that will show unity to other grieving parents. It’s a soft, comfortable t-shirt that can be worn to a variety of events, and it says, “My son was so amazing God made him an angel.” It’s available in both male and female fits, and its available colors include black, gray, navy, purple and heather.

You can order them something that suits their own unique style even as it celebrates the life of their son.

picture frame

To Immortalize His Photos: We Thought of You With Love Today Memorial Picture Frame

This keepsake picture frame can be purchased for any death, including the death of a son. Its message is an ageless, gender-neutral one that speaks only about missing a loved one and thinking of them often.

It can hold any 4 x 6 photo that was taken horizontally. To customize it, you could include a nice picture of their son, or you could print out a sentimental poem about love and loss. You could even add an illustration of a sunset or something else thematically appropriate.

poem print

For the Faithful: You’ll Meet Again Bereavement Poem Print

It’s a bit of a tearjerker, but this stirring poem comes straight from the heart, and it might be exactly what your loved one needs to find some peace after the loss of a son. It’s printed on a delicate watercolor painting and framed with colored cardboard, and its ornate, old-fashioned font has an almost Biblical look to it.

This is fitting, however, since the poem is about God watching over their son until they’re all reunited again in heaven.

hero christmas ornament

If He Loved the Stars and Stripes: Patriotic Hero Christmas Ornament

If their son died in the line of duty, this will be a touching gift that commends his bravery and honors his sacrifice. Angel wings flank a pendant that says “hero” and is decorated with red, white and blue rhinestones.

A similarly-colored ribbon holds it together and allows it to dangle from hooks or stands. Whether they were a firefighter, police officer, military serviceman or some other kind of patriot, this memorial will keep their burning spirit alive.

cuboid bar necklace

To Wear Your Remembrance: Personalized Vertical Cuboid Bar Necklace

Though it isn’t marketed as a sympathy gift, the customizable nature of this necklace means that you can turn it into a keepsake with little effort. You can print any set of numbers on it, including birthdays and death dates, and you can add them to any side or multiple sides of the cuboid.

You can also order it in black, white, yellow or gold. You can basically create your own memorial keepsake from the ground up, and since it’s a necklace, you’ll be able to wear it everywhere when you’re done.

candle holder

To Light a Candle for His Life: Personalized Family Memorial Candle Holder

Made with cherry wood, this candle holder is suitable for wakes, funerals, memorial gatherings or just everyday display in the home. It has a tall, narrow shape with an opening for a single tea light at the top, so it bears the classic look of a memorial candle, but its reusable nature means that the flame never has to go out.

It even comes with touching words meant specifically for the loss of a son, and it can be customized with his name and birthday to remember him always.

angel teddy bear

If They Need a Hug: Bearington Peace Stuffed Animal Angel Teddy Bear

Perfect for someone that you don’t know very well, this stuffed animal will allow you to express your condolences without crossing any lines or getting overly familiar during a time of grief. He’s suitable for colleagues, bosses, distant relatives and other people that you care about but aren’t necessarily close to.

He’s pure white and decorated with a bow and a pair of angel wings, so he’ll be appropriate for the occasion, and he’s soft to the touch for maximum cuddle potential. Pair him with a sympathy card to say “sorry for your loss.

fruit basket

To Keep Their Strength Up: Sympathy Deluxe Fruit Basket

You can’t go wrong with a fruit basket. While not uniquely meant for the loss of a son, it’s tied with a white-and-gold bow that says “with sympathy,” and it’s packed with an arrangement of gourmet snacks that mourners might appreciate when they aren’t in the mood for cooking.

The basket contains apples, oranges, pears and mangoes in addition to several types of nuts, crackers and cheeses. There’s even a small collection of sea salt chocolates for when they’re feeling better.

I love you still memorial baby book>

For the Youngest of Losses: I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book

Everyone responds to infant loss in a different way, but many women like to remember their baby with the same mementos and milestone markers of their living children. I Love You Still can help a mother record these precious memories before they fade away.

It offers the same prompts, illustrations, photo slots and writing exercises as a typical baby book, but it uses gentle, sensitive language, and it doesn’t make assumptions about the future. It’s ideal for both recent and upcoming losses.

engraved memorial bird feeder

To Make Him Part of the Circle of Life: Custom Laser-Engraved Memorial Bird Feeder

Some of the best tributes are ones made in public places like parks, cemeteries and botanical gardens. With this bird feeder, you can bring colorful birds to a memorial site for everyone to enjoy. The box is made with a top-tier cedar wood, so it’ll withstand the elements without any problem, and you can customize it with the name of the deceased under a sweet memorial poem.

If he loved to make people smile, let his spirit bring sunshine and birdsong to anyone who visits the park.

heart angel wings ornament

For a Memory-Filled Christmas: A Piece of my Heart Angel Wings Ornament

Big and beautiful, this ornament will shine on any Christmas tree. It has double-sided angel wings framing a gold heart pendant and message of remembrance, and it dangles from a white silk ribbon to mark it as a memorial object.

The wings are so large and lifelike that you can see the tiny details etched on the metal, and it comes pre-wrapped in a red silk bag for ease of gift giving. If you’re looking for a good bereavement present, this is it.

wall cross

To Feel the Touch of the Lord: In Memory Bereavement Silver Resin Stoneware Wall Cross

This is a touching tribute to a young man who died unexpectedly. It starts with the acknowledgement “little I knew that morning God was going to call your name,” but it ends with the reassurance that his family will be reunited again as the Lord brings everyone home.

All of the words are engraved on a single cross. It can serve as a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague, or it can bring comfort to your own family if everyone is grieving together.

sentiment coin

For a Portable Memorial: Always With You Angel Sentiment Coin

Some people find it easier to grieve with a tangible token of their loved one to carry around. This coin is small, smooth and hypoallergenic, so it’s easy to move from place to place. One side says “always with you” and the other is engraved with angel wings.

Your gift recipient can stash it in a pocket, slip it into a purse or keep it beside them in a car, home, office or hotel. It’s a simple but meaningful gift for bereavement.

memorial stone

For Finding Peace After the Storm: If Love Could Have Saved You Memorial Stone

If you know someone who passed away after a long battle with cancer, depression, injury or some other struggle, this memorial stone might bring a little peace to those who were left behind. It says, “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

” It’s a heavy, seven-pound stone ornament, so it’ll be ideal as a gravestone marker. They can lay their son to rest knowing that they did the best they could in the time they had.

stone and crystal comfort bowl

When the Loss is Fresh: Stone and Crystal Comfort Bowl

Made by hand, this bereavement gift is truly one of a kind. Its small metal tin is filled with black and white stones, and each one carries a comforting message like “it’s okay to cry” and “we don’t need to pretend it’s all okay.

” Small crystals are included in each bowl to represent tears. Whenever your gift recipient needs to take a moment to mourn, they can pull out a stone, warm it with their hands and let themselves remember their son.

necklace for mother and son

To Acknowledge the Bond Between Mother and Son: Sterling Silver Sideways Heart Necklace for Mother and Son

This is another accessory that doesn’t announce its meaning, so if you want to remember your son quietly and privately, consider adding it to your jewelry collection. It’s a plain silver heart with curling edges, and it comes on a piece of card stock with the words “the love between mother and son is forever.

” You can wear it everywhere in remembrance, and no one will ask questions or think twice about it. It’ll be a hidden link between you and your son’s memory.

picture frame memorial

Because His Life Mattered: Miscarriage Gift Picture Frame Memorial

“I carried you every second of your life and will love you every second of mine.” Miscarriage is a devastating thing to endure, but keepsakes like this can help. It’s a pastel picture frame made with lightly-dyed birch wood, and it can hold everything from ultrasound photos to baby portraits.

It can even be customized with the full name of the lost angel. If you’re looking for a sensitive gift for grieving mothers, this one might be appropriate.


For Patios and Porches: A Gift from Heaven Memorial Wind Chime

Written with the voice of the deceased, this gift can console grieving parents with the reminder that their son is always with them. Not only is it a gorgeously-made windchime with an intricate pattern of bows and hearts, but it’s engraved with a poem that’s also printed on an accompanying bookmark.

“God has taken my hand. I am complete.” It’s a powerful message, and it might be just what they need to smile for the first time after their son’s passing.

Terracota candle holder

To See the Light: Stars in the Sky Terracotta Candle Holder

“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.” It’s a beautiful message on a beautiful candle holder, so it’ll make a touching memorial gift for someone who has lost a son.

The candle holder is short and round with light-colored terracotta walls, and a single tea light fits at the top. When not in use, the tea light opening can be covered with a blue flower lid. Everything comes packaged in a white gift box with a bow and more flowers.

You can gift it to someone for an upcoming funeral, or you could even give it as a present on the anniversary of a death that you still want to recognize and remember.

The gift of a Memory book

To Help Them Mourn: A Keepsake to Commemorate the Loss of a Loved One

With its warm words and soft watercolor illustrations, The Gift of a Memory is like an extended sympathy card that the bereaved can return to again and again. Every page has different words of comfort, and they promote love, peace and healing.

There’s even a blank page at the end to record personal thoughts and feelings. If you want a gift that will give back to its recipient, consider this thoughtful memory book.

jewelry music box

To Keep All of Their Keepsakes: Wooden Memorial Jewelry Music Box

With a handsome wood grain finish, this jewelry box will be a high-quality gift that shows the depth of your caring towards its recipient. They can keep all kinds of mementos inside of it, including necklaces, notes, records, poems and pressed flowers.

Every time that they open the lid, a music box version of “Amazing Grace” will play. There’s even memorial text on top of the box, but it can be removed and replaced with a photo if they’d prefer a more personalized keepsake.

cotton tapestry

Because Hope is a Flame: Keep The Light On Cotton Tapestry

Have they expressed a desire to move on? Are they ready to wipe their tears and live a happy life like their son would have wanted? If they’re going to pick up the pieces and try again, this is the tapestry for them.

It depicts a beautiful, old-fashioned lantern against a rustic red background, and it shares a heartwarming poem about God “keeping the light on” for a grieving family until everyone can be reunited again.

It even says “don’t lose hope and don’t be sad.” It’s perfect for parents who want to take strength from their son’s memory and keep going.

How to Buy a Thoughtful Memorial Present for the Loss of a Son

Memorial gifts can be tricky. You want to express your sympathies, but you don’t want to accidentally make things worse with a poorly-chosen present. You’ll need to walk a careful tightrope to buy something appropriate for such a sad occasion. Here are a few tips for getting it right.

Respect Their Feelings

People mourn in different ways, and your gift should reflect that. If they’re still processing their anger and depression, a cheery gift about staying positive isn’t going to go over well. If they’re angry at God, a gift with angels or crosses is going to hit their buttons in a bad way.

Be understanding about the emotions that they’re going through. Make sure to avoid any emotional triggers that they might have during this difficult time.

Don’t Be Overly Familiar

Unless you’re a close friend of the family, you don’t want your gift to presume familiarity with the parents or the deceased.

It might seem pushy or intrusive during a very private time. This is one occasion when it’s actually okay to buy something generic, so forget the usual advice about making your gift thoughtful and super-personal. Just this once, keep an appropriate amount of emotional distance.

Ask Around

This is especially important if you’re buying a sympathy gift for a miscarriage or stillbirth. Some mothers like to remember every little thing about their babies; others just want to forget, at least for awhile, until the pain is easier to bear. Ask the people closest to them how they’re coping and what kinds of gifts would respect those coping mechanisms.


These are just a few suggestions if you’re in the market for memorial gifts for the loss of a son. It’s a terrible thing to experience, but the right gift might ease a little of his parent’s suffering, so it’s worth taking some time and effort to figure out a nice gift. Do you agree?

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