34 Mexican Gifts to Fiesta Like There’s No Tomorrow

¡Hola! It’s time to go south of the border to pick out some amazing Mexican gifts for your loved ones.

Whether they’re native to the country or just a person who really, really loves tacos, these gifts should make them feel like they’re right in the heart of Guadalajara.

34 Mexican Gift Ideas

34 Mexican Gifts to Fiesta Like There’s No Tomorrow

barbie frida kahlo doll

When You Don’t Need a Ken: Barbie Inspiring Women Series Frida Kahlo Doll

Frida Kahlo was an inspiration to women everywhere, and the people behind the original Barbie doll have paid homage to her with this stunning collector’s item. It looks just like Frida right down to her iconic eyebrows! She’s also wearing a dress, shawl, necklace and hair accessory that speaks to authentic Mexican fashion circa the early 1900s.

A doll stand is included to show her off on shelves and in display cases, and a certificate of authenticity comes with every order. She’s an official piece of merchandise for both Barbie fans and Mexican culture enthusiasts worldwide.

mexican hot chocolate stone

Not Your Typical Nestle: Organic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stone Ground Sampler Pack

If they’ve never had stone-ground hot chocolate, they’re in for a treat! It’s a uniquely Mexican phenomenon where dark chocolate chunks are melted into milk and then whisked with a molinillo for cafe-style frothiness.

The chocolate can be cut with many different flavors, including chili, cinnamon, nuts, vanilla and coffee, so the texture is gritty and the flavors are rich and earthy. This sampler pack has eight different varieties for your gift recipient to try, all of them in the form of pure, unsnapped dark chocolate discs, so they’ll get the taste and the experience of preparing authentic stone-ground hot chocolate for themselves!

tin mirrors

For the Fairest of Them All: Colorful Five-Piece Hanging Mexican Tin Mirrors

What do a heart, a cross, a rooster, a dove and a sunburst have in common? They’re all part of this eye-popping mirror collection! Each one measures about five inches across, so they’re more decorative than functional, but they’ll be lively additions to any room.

Their rainbow mosaics will bring to mind classic Mexican art, and their embossed chisels and hand-painted details will represent the steadfastness of Mexican craftsmanship. If you know someone who’s all about southwestern home decor, this gift is one for the books.

mexican tile

To Put the Elements in Harmony: Sun Moon Talavera Mexican Tiles

Made in the style of talavera pottery that dates back to 17th century Spain, these tiles will make a wonderful gift to someone who enjoys Mexican art. They come in a set of nine, and each one depicts a sun or moon with a human face; taken all together, they form a colorful and traditional tableau.

While not suitable for flooring, they’ll be great for countertops, backsplashes and bathroom walls. They’re also handmade, so you’ll reap the benefits of authentically crafted items rather than mass produced ones.

tortilla warmer

For Taco Tuesday: Insulated Double-Sided Tortilla Warmer

This is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. Say goodbye to cold, crusty burritos with the help of this tortilla warmer! It can heat as many as 12 tortillas at once, and it’ll keep them hot, soft and steaming for up to an hour.

The outside is made with a soft and padded fabric like an oven mitt, and the inside is insulated with a heat-retaining polyester lining. In addition to tortillas, you can also use it for waffles, flatbreads, chapati, pita, naan and other flour- or corn-based products.

It’ll be great for parties and dinners when you want to serve multiple people at once!

coffee mug

When Mama Raised Them Right: Te Calmas O Te Calmo Novelty Coffee Mug

Every Mexican child can relate to this one. It features a hand holding a sandal with text that says Te Calmas O Te Calmo or “Calm Down or I’ll Calm You Down.” The sandal is the ultimate weapon of Latin American mothers, so this coffee mug will be a nostalgic, laugh-out-loud gift for anyone who grew up under the threat of a butt whooping.

.. or anyone who still delivers them to this day!


A Gift That’s Just to Die For: Mexican Sugar Skulls Day of the Dead Kitchen Apron

Sugar skulls are one of the most recognizably Mexican motifs out there, so if you have a friend who absolutely lives for Día de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, this apron can bring the funk right into their own kitchen.

It features a psychedelic sugar skull surrounded by flowers of various colors and patterns. The apron itself is made from a soft-spun polyester fabric, so it’ll be nice and comfortable, but it also boasts water-resistant properties to keep it from staining.

Adjustable straps mean that it can be fitted for men and women alike.

mexican candy mix

To Tantalize Their Tongue: Mexican Candy Assortment

Everyone loves a gift that they can eat, and since this box comes with dozens of mints, gummies, suckers, hard candies and fruit snacks, your gift recipient will be enjoying this present for a long time to come.

Just be sure to warn them that Mexican candy isn’t like American candy: It’s more likely to be salty or spicy than sugary sweet. Many of these treats are flavored with chili powder, for example, so they’ll burst open on your taste buds as soon as you pop them in your mouth.

They’re utterly unique to Mexico, so they’ll make a great Mexican gift!

mexico map poster

The Land That Time Forgot: Vintage 1847 Mexico Map Poster

Do you know what Mexico looked like in the 1840s? It was before the borders were redefined in the wake of the Mexican–American War, so the vastness of Mexico’s original empire might surprise you. This map lays it all out, and it does so on high-quality, long-lasting archival paper that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Its smallest size is 18 x 24 inches while its largest is 24 x 26 inches. It’s a poster that will delight historians, art collectors, vintage enthusiasts and anyone who just likes cool things for their living room wall.

cactus candles

When They Kill Regular Houseplants: 12-Piece Cactus Tealight Candles

They won’t need a green thumb to keep these succulents alive. Though they’re intricately molded into the shape of cacti, they’re actually tealight candles! Each one measures 1.5 inches high and is made with a paraffin wax that will burn for around 4 – 5 hours in total.

They’re remarkably realistic; they’ve even planted in “soil” at the base of the candle. When lit, however, they’ll function just like any other candles, so they’ll make a cute little gift for a Mexican-inspired gift basket or goodie bag.


Home on the Range: Handwoven Serape Blanket

The serape is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Mexico. It’s a long, blanket-like cloak that’s woven in many bright colors and worn widely throughout the country, so much so that it’s become just as synonymous with “south of the border” as the sombrero.

The serape can be used for picnics, beach days, fashion statements, couch cuddles, yoga sessions and more; it’s a very versatile linen. This particular blanket is made with a combination of acrylic and cotton for extra softness, and it’s available in a dozen different patterns to match your particular sense of style.

mexican dress

For Vintage and Boho Fashionistas: Women’s Casual Floral Embroidered Mexican Peasant Dress

If she’s always had the soul of a 17th century Yucatan basket weaver, this is the dress that will finally let her outfits reflect her spirit. It’s made with a soft, lightweight cotton, and its front is embroidered with flowers and adorned with tassels.

Puffy sleeves give it its namesake “peasant” aesthetic. You can order it in multiple colors, including a modest white, a sensual black, an electric red and a deep and dedicated blue. You’ll want to be careful with sizing, but otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a Mexican gift like this!

pocket knife

Because Dads Deserve a Little Love Too: El Papa Mas Trabajador Engraved Pocket Knife

Mexican dads are some of the handiest people around. Whether you need someone to build a deck, start a campfire or threaten a boyfriend within an inch of his life, a Mexican dad will always have your back.

Show him your appreciation this year with an engraved pocket knife that says El Papa Mas Trabajador or “The Most Hardworking Papa.” Not only will it make him smile, but it’s also a genuinely useful knife with a stainless steel blade and additional multipurpose uses as a rope cutter, can opener and emergency glass breaker.

He’ll never need another pocket knife!

pillow covers

For Sweet Dreams: Mexican Huichol Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Made by the indigenous Huichol people of Mexico and the southern United States, these throw pillow covers will support a good cause while also serving as awesomely unique presents. Each one has its own unique and abstract design, but they’re all vividly colorful, and they all speak in some way to native cultures and their symbology.

You can also order them in sizes ranging from 16 x 16 inches to 26 x 26 inches, so whether you’re looking for cute little couch cushions or gigantic patio or deck pillows, these will fit the bill.

loteria card game

To Get a Little Nostalgic on Game Night: Authentic Don Clemente Loteria Card Game

Everyone in Latin America is familiar with Loteria; it’s a card game that once traveled the world from Italy to Spain to Mexico. This particular version was drawn by the famous artist Don Clemente in the 1880s, and his sketches of suns, roosters, roses and drums have become popular images of Mexican culture worldwide.

The rules of the game are simple, and you don’t need anything but the cards and some kind of small markers for each bingo-like turn. You can use beads, coins, corks and even things like pinto beans if you’re feeling traditional.

Have fun!


For Money Matters: Men’s Bifold Mexican Flag Wallet

Though it’s advertised as a men’s wallet, there’s no reason why women can’t tuck their bills and credit cards into this bifold as well. It’s completely gender-neutral. The only decoration is a rustic green-and-red depiction of the Mexican flag on the front, and the Mexican flag welcomes all citizens beneath its billowing banner.

Inside, you’ll find room for six different cards and two different IDs; there’s also a money pocket for bills, receipts and other stray papers. If you’re looking for a practical gift to give someone that still has a bit of Hispanic flair, consider this wallet!

party balloons

To Celebrate in Style: 50-Piece Fiesta Party Balloons

Maybe you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party. Maybe you’re hosting a fair, carnival or cultural event. Whatever your reasons for wanting to represent Mexico in your decor, these balloons will be a fun and festive way to do it! They all have colorful, cartoon-style images of cacti, pinatas, maracas and tacos.

String them up for a quinceanera; let the kids bat them around at a birthday party or baby shower. The possibilities are endless when you have 50 of these suckers.


For Your Littlest Chili Peppers: Six-Piece Mexican Friendship Braided Bracelets

Perfect for kids, these friendship bracelets will celebrate their Latin heritage while also allowing them to build new bridges with classmates and neighbors of different backgrounds. Each one is hand-crafted with acrylic yarn that’s been woven into colorful Aztec-like patterns.

They come from weavers located in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, so they’re the real deal. They’re also just the sort of thing that becomes a childhood memento that the wearer holds onto for years to come.

tequila gift set

Just Add Alcohol: Cocktail Mixers Tequila Gift Set

Who doesn’t dream of relaxing on a beach with a tequila sunrise in hand? While this gift won’t transport them to the sandy shores of Cancun, it’ll offer the next best thing: a variety of delicious liquors that can be turned into everything from sangritas to salt-rimmed margaritas.

For extra style points, they’re bottled in a way that resembles an old eight-track tape, so vinyl collectors and music lovers everywhere are sure to get a kick out of their presentation!


For the Ross to Your Rachel: Amigos Funny 90s TV Pop Culture T-Shirt

I’ll be there for you… This t-shirt puts a Spanish twist on an iconic logo. Rather than having the word “Friends” spaced out between multicolored dots, this one says “Amigos.” Otherwise, it’s a perfect recreation of the title card that graced so many television screens back in the day.

Give it to a Friends fan, a Mexican roommate or a pop culture junkie who loves collector’s items!

cutting board

To Bring a Tear to Her Eye: Madre Poem Spanish Bamboo Cutting Board

There’s nothing wrong with funny gifts, of course, but there are times when you want to express your genuine love and affection for your mother, and this cutting board can help you do it. It has a beautifully heartfelt poem about the love of a madre and the positive impact that it has on her children.

It’s all in Spanish, so it has extra meaning for Mexican families as well. Additionally, no trees were harmed in the making of this product; it was crafted from naturally-harvested bamboo wood. It’s a gift that you can feel good about giving in more ways than one.

salsa bowl with spoon

To Bring the Heat: Chili Pepper Salsa Bowl With Spoon

Maybe they love some guac. Maybe they can’t get enough pico de gallo. Despite being called a “salsa” bowl, there are plenty of uses for a large, dishwasher-safe food container like this one, especially since it’s shaped like a giant red chili pepper.

Your gift recipient can put all kinds of dips, spreads and sauces in it, and it’ll be an awesome talking piece during a party. It even comes with a lid for retaining heat and a spoon for dishing out all of the goodness on tacos and nachos.


Just Like Madre Used to Make: The Mexican Home Kitchen Cookbook

You can’t taste something like huevos rancheros without wanting to know how to re-create it at home. Fortunately, books like The Mexican Home Kitchen make it easy! It features real, home-style recipes, the kind that get passed down for generations by aunts and grandmas.

Each recipe is complemented by stunning photographs as well as fun facts and anecdotes about the dish. Readers will be able to explore the various tastes and regions of Mexico without even leaving their seats!

ceramic coffee mug

For the Guy With a Sense of Humor: Relax Gringo I’m Legal Ceramic Coffee Mug

Make him spit out his drink with this outrageously funny coffee mug. It says “Relax Gringo! I’m Legal” in a big bold print on white ceramic. It’s both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so he can use it as a real coffee mug, or he can repurpose it as a pen or candy holder if he wants to show it off on his desk at all times.

No matter how he chooses to use it, it’ll definitely get some double-takes at the office.

mariachi wooden nutcracker

Feliz Navidad: Mariachi 14-Inch Traditional Wooden Nutcracker

Bring a little spice to the holiday season with this mariachi version of a nutcracker. He’s wearing a smart black suit and red bow tie to match his mustachio and sombrero, and like any self-respecting musician, he has his guitar slung across his chest.

He’s made with a durable, high-quality wood and is hand-painted to ensure that all of his tiny little details are both correct and unique to the hand that created them. He’ll be a great conversation piece in a Mexican home or a great collector’s item for anyone who appreciates Mexican culture!

metal license plate frame

For Immigrants and Expats: Mexican Flag With Coin Heavy Duty Metal License Plate Frame

This is a gift for someone who is proud of their roots but not a fan of loud or “flashy” heritage items. It’s a standard-size license plate frame with the colors of the Mexican flag, and it has a silver Mexican coin in the middle.

It’ll allow them to represent their home country in a subtle way. Since it comes with pre-drilled holes, they won’t even need a mechanic to put it on their vehicle; they can get it done with nothing more than a screwdriver and five minutes of free time.

metal gecko wall art

To Bring the Mojave to Them: Six-Pack Metal Gecko Wall Art

These geckos are so cute that you don’t even have to be a fan of Mexican culture to appreciate them! They’re fun and zany enough to be an instant serotonin-booster for any room. There are six in total, so you can spread them across a feature wall or put them in individual rooms as a kind of interior design scavenger hunt.

From their painted nails to their colorfully curling tails, these are critters that you’ll actually love having in your home.

poncho shawl cape

Cute and Chic: Vintage Pattern Tassel Poncho Shawl Cape

Available in several dazzling prints, this fashion piece can serve as a cape, shawl, tunic, poncho and more. It all depends on the creativity of the wearer! Its woven patterns are unmistakably Mexican, and it also has a certain bohemian charm that will suit everyone from yoga enthusiasts to DIY thrifters and fashionistas.

It’s one-size-fits-all as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting the fit wrong. Just pick your favorite color and wrap it up as an awesomely vintage Mexican gift!

shadow box

A More Modern Kind of Scrapbook: Fiesta Shadow Box With Glass Front

“Fiesta like there’s no mañana.” If you know someone who lives by this creed, you’ve just found the perfect shadow box for them! Shadow boxes are great because they can hold on to a lot more than just photos; rather than being flat or simple picture frames, they’re basically 3D scrapbooks with room for money, jewelry, love notes, ticket stubs, school awards and other keepsakes or mementos.

The wooden frame will be nice and sturdy while the clear, semi-reinforced glass will display everything inside. Help them keep their memories close with a shadow box that celebrates their Mexican heritage!

gnome cuple ornaments

His and Her Mexican Mementos: Fiesta Gnome Couple Fabric Ornaments

Bring multiple cultures together with these gnarly gnomes. They’re representative of the gnomes of eastern European folklore, but they’ve been given Mexican-style makeovers with ponchos, sombreros, guitars and maracas.

Each one is made with gentle fabric materials such as felt and cotton, but they’ve been weighed down with sand so that they can “stand up” on their own. They’ll look great at a Cinco de Mayo party or just as a decorative item in a Mexican household.

margarita glasses

To Get a Little Tipsy: Margarita Glasses Confetti

Like the name suggests, these glasses are made with hand-blown glass by artisans in Mexico. Each one is fun, cute, colorful and perfectly imperfect; they depict rainbow-shower confetti in a swirl design, and each pattern is unique to the glass that it decorates.

They’re designed like wide-rimmed margarita classes, but you could just as easily repurpose them for other cocktails. They can hold 16 ounces of any alcoholic beverage. Who’s ready to party?

metal cross wall with lady of guadalupe

To Shine a Light in Dark Times: Metal Cross Wall Sconce With Lady of Guadalupe LED Candle

The Lady of Guadalupe is a revered figure in many Latin American cultures, and it’s common to see her printed on devotional candles and prayer beads. This metal-sculpted Guadalupe cross is very similar to other religious iconography from Mexico, but it comes with a contemporary spin: Its candle is powered by LED light.

Rather than lighting it with a flame, you simply turn it on. Its glow has an eternal element to it, which is a good match for the eternal love of the Lady of Guadalupe, so this gift will be a nice one for any religious folks that you know.

phone case

Sweet Like Candy: Sugar Skull Calavera Mexican Decor Phone Case

Another gift that embraces the psychedelic nature of sugar skulls, this phone case has an awesomely eye-catching design paired with durable and functional craftsmanship. It’s sleek and stylish with its sugar skull surrounded by flowers and cacti, but it’ll also serve its purpose as a phone protector thanks to its two-layer construction.

The first is made with scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and the second features a shock-absorbent liner made from TPU material. It’ll safeguard your smartphone and look bada** at the same time.

serape table runner

When They’re Mexican and Proud: Colorful Striped Mexican Serape Table Runner

Last but not least, if you want to add a little flair to your siesta, this table runner can really liven up the party. It’s made with a colorful and traditional serape print, so it’ll be instantly recognizable as southwest-style decor, and it’ll also help to protect your table with its dense fibers and tightly woven pattern.

It can be ordered in multiple colors, and it measures a whopping 14 by 84 inches overall. Bottoms up! It’s time to party!


Tips for Choosing Awesome Mexican Gifts

Mexican gifts can range from cheesy party favors to authentically crafted woodwork art from little-known shops in Puerto Vallarta. Before you go shopping, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and where you can find it. Here are just a few tips for getting started!

Consider Their Likes and Dislikes

Why do they enjoy Mexican culture? Even if the answer is “because they were born there,” everyone has their own opinions on art, fashion, food, music and culture. For example, do you like all of the best-selling books in your country? Would you eat absolutely anything as long as it was labeled as your nation’s cuisine? Probably not. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your gift recipient will automatically love whatever you buy just because it has the Mexican flag printed on it.

Brush Up On Your Spanish Skills

You don’t have to be fluent, but knowing a few Spanish words can help you shop for more personalized gifts. For example, if you know that abuela means “grandmother,” you can give your Mexican nan a really sweet and thoughtful gift that includes a nod to her relationship with you. Phrases like Año Nuevo and Día de la Revolución can also help you shop for specific holidays and occasions. Don’t be afraid to hit up an online English-to-Spanish dictionary if you need a little extra assistance.

Prepare for Delivery

If you’re ordering something directly from Mexico, you’ll need to consider its delivery to your own country. How long is the average shipping time? Are there any special permissions or added fees required by customs? These can be many unexpected challenges posed by international shipping, so do your homework about them. Don’t forget to double-check the shelf life of food and other perishables, too! Even things like candles can melt in their packaging if they spend weeks being transported between warehouses in the summer.

Beware Fakes and Knockoffs

It’s easy for sellers to claim that something is “made in Mexico” or “inspired by the indigenous tribes of Mexico.” Before you hit the order button, you’ll want to investigate these claims for truthfulness. If it ships from China, it’s probably not an authentic tribal blanket woven by the elderly living in Mexico City!

These are just a few Mexican gifts that will make them throw their hat into their air and shout ¡Olé! If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear them. What’s the best Mexico-themed present that you’ve ever given or received?

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