45 Gifts for New Puppy Owners They’ll Love

On the list of people to buy gifts for, pet lovers are some of the easiest to please.

Pet lovers generally think of their pets as their childre!

So if you’re looking for a gift to win the heart of a new puppy owner, puppy-themed gifts are nice, but buying something specifically for the puppy is even better.

merry products dog house

Home Sweet Home: Merry Products Room-with-a-View Dog House

If your friend’s new puppy will be spending any time outside, he’ll need a place to go when it’s time for a nap or raining outside. This is the gold standard of dog houses. It’s made of all-natural cedar, which helps keep down on fleas, and is waterproof.

It has a removable roof and bottom for easy cleaning. Plus, it has stairs leading to a rooftop veranda where puppies can go to get some sun.

A Helping Hand: Understanding Your Dog for Dummies

The Dummies books have been around since 1991. Despite being the butt of many jokes in silly TV storylines, there’s a reason they’re so popular. They contain a ton of really useful information.

This one’s excellent for new puppy owners.
It covers basic topics for dog owners like how to cut down on barking at inappropriate times, potty-training, teething and more. It also covers more advanced, uncommon dog-related topics like Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, hand shyness and other things your friend may have never even heard of.

dog umbrella leash

For a Rainy Day: LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash

Having to take a dog outside to use the bathroom while it’s raining is not a fun task for people or dogs. Even if your friend has an umbrella, his dog still usually gets soaked. Then, the dog comes back inside, gets everything wet and smelly, and it’s an all-around bad day.

This umbrella can help solve that problem. It attaches via leash to his dog’s collar, and your friend holds it securely by the handle. Best of all, it keeps pup safe from the rain.

bento dog chew toy

The Treat that Never Ends: Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

Puppies love tasty treats and never want just one, so buying treats for them can become expensive. Help your friend by buying this everlasting bento ball for her new puppy. It comes with one everlasting treat that, while not everlasting, does last a really long time.

The ball itself helps clean puppy’s teeth and massages his gums, which is great during teething time. It can be refilled with new everlasting puppy treats or filled with kibble or other food. It also doubles as an exciting toy.

pet steps with a small dog on it

For the Pampered Puppy: Frisco Foldable Non Slip Pet Steps

If your friend is the type who likes to snuggle with her puppy in the bed, these steps are a great gift. They allow even the smallest of puppies (or the oldest of old dogs) the ability to climb up into the bed/couch/chair/etc.

without having to jump. They come in three different neutral colors to match most rooms. They’re also foldable so that your friend can simply fold them up and put them away when they aren’t needed.

urine detector

Detect a Mess: PeeDar 2.0 Urine Detector

When it comes to potty training, there are bound to be accidents. Any dog owner can tell that you coming home to the overwhelming smell of dog urine and not being able to find it is a truly terrible, malodorous experience.

The PeeDar can help eliminate that problem. It works similarly to a black light. All your friend has to do is turn it on, shine it around his house and find out exactly where the accident happened. Then he can clean it and get rid of the smell.

It also comes with a potty training guide.

hand grooming gloves for dogs

Make Grooming Fun: Mr. Peanut’s Hand Grooming Gloves

For most people, grooming is one of the least fun parts of being a new puppy owner. With these grooming gloves, though, it doesn’t have to be. These gloves fit right over your friend’s hands and have adjustable wrist straps to make them fit snugly.

They’re covered in small bristles that won’t hurt his dog at all. Then, all he has to do is slowly pet his new furry best friend from head to tail, and the excess hair will just shed right off in his hands.

neoprene dog life jacket

For the Pup Who Loves Water: Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

If your friend’s new puppy is going to be spending time in the pool, lake or other body of water, buy him this awesome life jacket. Many puppies take naturally to water and can swim as easily as they walk.

However, just to be on the safe side, while your friend is training her pup to play in the water, this life jacket will ensure his safety. They come in sizes ranging from XS to XL to fit a wide variety of different puppy breeds.

portable pet potty

Help with Potty Training: PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Potty

One of the best ways to housebreak a dog is to teach him from the start the only place to do his business is on grass. This can be hard to do with puppies who pee often and are stuck indoors. The Pet Loo looks and feels like real grass.

It can be placed anywhere in your friend’s home to teach his new puppy to only pee where it’s green. It comes with easy-to-clean basins underneath to catch the urine, and both the basins and grass are replaceable.

Hair, Hair Everywhere: Pure Clean Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Establishing a routine feeding schedule is an important first step in keeping a puppy happy and healthy. However, if your friend is a working dog mom or pet dad, this can be tough. With this automatic feeder, though, your dog parent friend can set up to 12 different automatic feeding times a day.

The feeder will feed all at once or over a 15-minute interval as programmed. It can feed anywhere from 1/8 cup to four cups at once. It’ll also allow your friend to manually activate the feeder from his phone anytime.

warming pad for dog crates

Warmth and Comfort: K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Dog Crate Pad

This self-warming pad is perfect to put in the crates of new puppies, especially in the cooler months or if your friend lives somewhere known to stay cold year-round. It’s made of super comfortable micro-fleece, is adjustable in size and has split edges to fit most any shape/size crate.

The bottom is non-slip, which means it’ll stay right where it needs to be, and it’s easy to clean. Best of all, it’s self-warming, which means no electricity, which can cause burns or fires.

dog winter boots

Protect Puppy’s Feet: Frisco Dog All-Weather Boots

Sometimes people forget that dogs’ feet can be easily hurt. If your friend plans on taking her dog outside, these “boots” are a very thoughtful gift that she might not think to buy for her puppy herself.

Dog’s feet can be sensitive to extreme cold. They can also be hurt by hot pavement, melting asphalt, thorns or sharp rocks. With the suede bottoms, these boots will help protect her puppy’s feet from any of these things which could damage them.

They’re also easy to put on thanks to the fuzzy fastener.

automatic pet feeder

The Gift of Routine: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

Establishing a routine feeding schedule is an important first step for dog owners in keeping a puppy happy and healthy. However, if your friend is a working dog mom, this can be tough. With this automatic feeder, though, your friend can set up to 12 different automatic feeding times a day.

The feeder will feed all at once or over a 15-minute interval as programmed. It can feed anywhere from 1/8 cup to four cups at once. It’ll also allow your friend to manually activate the feeder from his phone anytime.

first aid kit for puppies

In Case of Emergency: Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit

One thing new pet owners often forget to buy but really wish they had is a first aid kit. Pets have accidents and get into things they shouldn’t just like people do. When that happens, it’s important your friend has what she needs to treat her puppy.

This kit comes in a well-made, durable pack and contains 49 items in case of doggy emergencies. There’s a first aid guide, alcohol prep pads, scissors, gauze pads, cold packs, sting relief pads, tweezers and more.

It has everything she needs to help her puppy until she can get him to a vet.

outdoor pool for dogs

Dive Right In: KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Rectangular Dog Swimming Pool

This is a very versatile gift because your friend can use it for fun or for bathing. If her new dog loves water, but there’s not a convenient source around, this pool can provide the puppy with hours of fun and excitement.

It also doubles as an incredibly convenient way of bathing her new dog. It comes in three sizes to fit a wide variety of dogs. Plus, it’s completely foldable, so when not in use, it can be folded up into a small square and put aside for later use.

TOOGE pet dog camera

Daily Check-In: TOOGE Wireless Pet Dog Camera

One of the hardest things for a new pet parent to do is go off to work and leave her new furbaby at home alone. This camera connects directly to your friend’s phone and allows her to check in and even talk to her baby anytime she wants.

It’s motion-activated, so anytime her dog walks by, it’ll ping her and let her say hi to her pup. It also has 350° rotation, which will allow her to check out everything her puppy’s doing in the area.

dog bed Snuggly

For a Good Night’s Sleep: BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed Snuggly Sleeper

People want the best for their puppies. Sometimes, though, trying to buy the best of everything right away can get way too expensive. Help your friend by buying this super comfy orthopedic bed for his new puppy.

Although puppies shouldn’t have any bone or joint problems requiring orthopedic beds, they’ll still want to be as snuggly and comfortable as possible.

This padded, high quality dog bed with a non-slip bottom fits the bill.

It comes in three sizes for most any sized dog. The padded rim around the edges adds an extra layer of awesome, doubling as a pillow and protection against the puppy rolling out in his sleep.

dog travel bag organizer

For the Adventurous Puppy: Dog Travel Bag Organizer

Whether your friend enjoys traveling abroad, taking her new puppy camping or just has an overnight trip, this puppy overnight bag can hold everything she’ll need to take care of her pup. It has one large, zippered compartment with an optional divider for keeping things tidy and several other pockets for maximum storage.

It also comes with two water-resistant dog bowls that can be zipped up to guard against spills, two additional serving bowls for food and water and a front pocket which opens into a tray for feeding.

It has adjustable straps for holding your dog’s favorite fuzzy blanket, an ID tag and a first aid kit (container only, supplies sold separately) just in case of emergency.

pet bathtub

Make Bath Time Fun: Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathtub

Doggy bath time can be difficult. Make it a little easier on your new dog parent by buying this elevated bath station made specifically for dogs. With this, he won’t have to hurt his back by bending over trying to wash his new pup in the bathtub.

He’ll also be able to use the built-in harness to make sure his new puppy is safe, secure and not running around or struggling.

The Booster Bath also comes with an included nozzle for easy rinsing and cleaning and a shampoo caddie.

The tub has a no-slip bottom for safety, and because it’s free-standing, your friend can walk around the tub 360° to clean his puppy. It comes in several colors and three different sizes, so it can be used for dogs up to 175 pounds.

pet hair eraser lightweight vacuum

Pet Hair-Free, Way to Be: BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Whether your friend’s new puppy is short- or long-haired, dog hair somehow manages to get everywhere. Pet parents end up finding hair in the carpet, on the furniture, in their beds and everywhere in between.

If you’ve never had a pet yourself, you can’t understand how much harder pet hair is to get up than other stuff in the carpet. The best way to do it is with a vacuum specifically made for pet hair.

This vacuum from Bissell does the trick.

It’s specifically designed with powerful suction that’ll get pet hair up from any type of carpet. It also has a tangle-free brush that keeps the hair from wrapping around and getting tangled up. The Smart Seal Allergen System will allow your friend to use Febreze filters to help with any bad smells.

Other features include a two-in-one dusting brush, a pet turbo eraser tool and an LED crevice tool.

pack puppy toys

Puppies Just Wanna Have Fun: SZKOKUHO 10-20 Pack Puppy Toys

Puppies’ three favorite things in life are eating, sleeping and playing. Give your friend the gift of bonding and play by buying them this huge bag of puppy toys. It has a great selection of all the things puppies like best: balls, rope toys, squeaky toys, stuffed animals, Frisbee-type toys and more.

It even comes with a cute little bow-tie and a convenient carrying bag. With these twenty toys, your dog mom friend and his new puppy are sure to have hours and hours of fun.

storage basket

Minimize the Mess: Morezi Canvas Storage Basket

Whether you buy toys for your friend’s new puppy or not, that new puppy is going to have toys. When someone gets a new pup, it’s like a compulsion; dog owners just have to buy toys for it. Before your friend knows it, he’ll have dozens of dog toys lying around his house.

This cute canvas storage box will give your friend a convenient place to put all the toys when the puppy isn’t dragging them all over the floor.

water fountain

Clean, Fresh Water: PetSafe Drinkwell Dog Platinum Water Fountain

No one enjoys drinking flat, stale water. This includes your friend’s new puppy. With the PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain, the pup will have access to up to a gallon of fresh, running water whenever he’s thirsty.

This fountain is also great for ensuring he doesn’t get sick. Small puppies often have no impulse control and will drink way too much water way too fast.

This fountain, though, presents a steady stream of water.

The puppy will have to slow down and drink slowly from the stream instead of lapping it up quickly from a large bowl. This’ll keep him from swallowing too much air and getting sick after drinking.

dog blanket

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: VEELU Personalized Throw Dog Blanket

Although buying gifts for your friend’s new puppy is definitely something she’ll love, sometimes you want to buy a gift specifically for her instead. In that case, this gorgeous, customizable blanket can make a spectacular gift.

All you need is a clear, high-res picture of your friend’s new puppy. The VEELU company does the rest.

With this blanket, you can customize everything. You start by picking the background color of the blanket.

Then send in a picture of your friend’s new puppy, and VEELU will turn it into a gorgeous, slightly cartoon-like “painting” on the blanket. The heavyweight fleece blanket is warm, comfortable, machine-washable and perfect for keeping warm on cool nights.

pet clippers and grooming kit

Keep Him Looking Good: Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clippers & Grooming Kit

If your friend’s new puppy has medium to long hair, he’s going to need a grooming kit. There are dog groomers in just about every small town or big city, but taking a puppy to the groomer every time it needs a little trim can get super expensive.

With this complete grooming kit, your friend can take care of small grooming chores all by himself.

The clippers are rechargeable and low noise, so they shouldn’t scare the puppy when he’s using them.

The kit also comes with ten other items. There is a power adapter, several comb attachments for all his trimming needs, a cleaning brush, some scissors, a steel comb and even tools to take care of the puppy’s nails.

pink dog gift set

A Little Bit of Everything: Wolfe & Sparky Deluxe Pink Dog Gift Set

If you’re looking to give a gift full of variety, this gift box is perfect. While it doesn’t have everything a new dog owner needs because a new dog owner needs a lot, it does have a lot of great stuff.

The kit includes an adorable, soft, machine-washable blanket, a brush and some grooming products so your friend’s new puppy can stay clean and smell great.

A 12-ounce container full of delicious, healthy peanut butter-flavored doggy biscuits and two adorable, interactive dog toys make up the rest of the puppy gift basket for dog lovers.

This basket covers all four of the main criteria – food, fun, rest and cleanliness.

sofa protector

Protect Their Furniture: Sofa Shield Original Reversible Large Sofa Protector

There are many great things that come with getting a new puppy. The potential damage to the furniture isn’t one of them. Grab your friend a nice couch cover to protect her couch. They come in three separate sizes and several different colors.

Since they’re reversible, that increases the number of color options as well.

dog backseat cover protector

Cars Need Protection Too: Dog Backseat Waterproof Cover Protector

When it comes to protecting things from accidents, drooling mouths, nibbling teeth and sharp claws, it isn’t just about protecting things in the house. Cars need some protection too. This waterproof backseat cover is designed to fit any type of car or SUV and will ensure your friend’s new puppy doesn’t destroy his seat on those long (or short) rides.

You can choose from solid black or black and orange. The seat cover is easily installed in less than 60 seconds. It’s double-layered. The first layer is to protect against dirt, water and other accidents, and the top layer is designed with your friend’s new puppy’s comfort in mind.

It’s also double-sided like a hammock. This is a great safety feature; if your friend has to slam on his brakes while driving, the dog will only fall forward into the other side of the cover as opposed to into the back of the seat or into the floorboard.

pet clothes hoodie set

Stylin’ and Profilin’: Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes Hoodie Set

If your friend is into fashion and wants to extend that love to her new puppy, this Adidog (yes, that’s a play on Adidas) sweatsuit is the perfect gift for new dog owners. It’s very sporty and unique, and your friend’s new puppy will look amazing.

It doesn’t matter what size puppy your friend has, there’s an Adidog outfit for it. It comes in sizes ranging from small to a 9x. There are also a multitude of colors from which to choose.

picture frame for dog

Make Some Memories: DII Z02160 Keepsake Frame for Dog

Puppies only stay puppies for a short period of time, and while your friend will still love her new puppy when it grows into a full-grown dog, she’ll miss those wonderful puppy years. With this nice keepsake frame, your friend can display two pictures of her new puppy and make a mold of her puppy’s tiny feet.

No matter how big her puppy gets in the future, she’ll always have a perfect replica of those sweet, small puppy toes to remind her of those first few months of puppy love.

pet rolling carrier backpack

For Puppy Portability: Pettom Pet Rolling Pet carrier Backpack

Puppies have lots and lots of reasons to travel. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a trip to the vet for vaccinations, puppies have places to go. With this rolling backpack, you can make your friend’s trips much easier.

Puppies grow quickly, and they can get heavy. Having a pet carrier that rolls instead of lugged around on a shoulder or back can definitely help your friend. It does double as a backpack, though, if your friend prefers to carry his puppy around that way.

cookie cutter and molds pack

A Very Yummy Tummy: Cookie Cutter and Molds Variety Pack

These molds and cookie cutters are super cute and dog-themed. Your friend can use them for making dog-themed cookies, candy, chocolate and/or ice cubes for humans. However, if she wants to make some delicious, all-natural puppy treats, she can use these for that as well.

This particular kit comes with two molds, four large, plastic-covered cookie cutters and three metal cookie cutters shaped like various sized bones. The four unique, plastic-covered cookie cutters are also perfect if your friend has kids because the plastic makes it easy for them to use without cutting or scraping their hands.

foldable metal puppy fence

Fun in the Sun: Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Puppy Fence

This can be a wonderful gift for dog lovers, especially if your friend lives somewhere without a fenced-in yard. This eight-panel fence is foldable for easy portability and can be set up practically anywhere in several different shapes.

The rounded edges keep the puppies from hurting themselves jumping up on the fence and it’s too high for puppies to jump over. It’s a great way for your friend’s puppy to get some exercise safely without having to worry about other animals or being hit by a car.

cookie box

Tons of Tasty Treats: Wüfers Handmade Hand-Decorated Cookie Box

Dogs love treats just as much as any human you know, and there’s no better time for dog treats than when dogs are puppies. Puppies are just like rambunctious children. They have no manners and no concept of what the word “No” means.

It’s during this time period that dog owners will spend a lot of time trying to train his new puppy.

One of the most effective ways of training is with tasty treats. Buying your friend a big box of gourmet dog treats will help with his puppy’s new training regime.

These are especially nice because they’re made with human-grade ingredients safe for both your friend and his dog. They’re also hand-decorated and beautiful.

pet feeding magnetic reminder

For the Forgetful Friend: Allinko Dog Feeding Magnetic Reminder Sticker

Puppies love to eat, and they stay hungry constantly. It doesn’t matter if a puppy has just been fed, he’ll beg and beg for more food. Sometimes, this can actually get puppy parents wondering, “Did I forget to feed him this morning?” Chances are they didn’t and the puppy is just an A-List actor trying to get a second feeding.

This magnetic reminder sticker will ensure your friend never gets tricked by those big, begging eyes and puppy whines. On the off-chance that your friend does actually forget to feed his new furry friend, this’ll also serve as a reminder that the pup hasn’t had his morning feeding yet.

It’s a practical gift that any dog owner will love.

pet odor exterminator candle

Sensational Smells: Barkery 13-ounce Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

No matter how well-trained your friend’s puppy is and how clean she keeps it, puppies are bound to have accidents and occasionally smell bad. There are, however, ways to cut down on bad smells in the house.

This candle by Barkery is one such way. It contains enzymes specifically formulated to actually remove odors from your friend’s house, not just mask them with a scent.

This particular candle has an approximate burn time of about 70 hours.

In addition to ridding your friend’s house of pet odors, it also has a very pleasant smell. According to the Barkery company’s description, the candle smells like the inside of a gourmet bakery full of vanilla, donuts and other sweets.

It’s sure to please the noses of both humans and dogs alike.

dog dental kit

Take Care of Puppy’s Teeth: Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Kit

Although this little gift is relatively inexpensive, it’s hugely important. People, including new puppy owners, often forget how important dental health is for dogs. This little kit includes a specifically designed puppy toothbrush and doggy toothpaste.

This is everything your friend will need to start his puppy off right when it comes to dental hygiene.

dog poop bags

The Bare Necessities: AmazonBasics Unscented Dog Poop Bags

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is buying them something they know they need but don’t want to spend money on themselves. Poop bags definitely fit that description. Every puppy owner needs easily accessible poop bags he can use to pick up and dispose of his dog’s waste, but it’s not something people enjoy buying.

With these bags, you can give the gift of up to 900 bags. They even come with a clip-on dispenser that hooks right to the leash.

dog nail grinder

Protect Your Friend’s Skin: Dremel PawControl Cordless Dog Nail Grinder

Puppies love to play, and they love playing with their owners more than anyone else. The only problem is that puppy nails are like little razor blades. They hurt. Help your friend protect his skin by giving him something to easily trim his puppy’s nails.

Nail trimming is a difficult process for dogs, especially while using clippers.

This tool, though, is a grinder. Instead of having to hold the puppy still and somehow clip its nails, your friend can simply sit with the puppy on his lap and slowly grind the nails down.

It has a 45° nail guard that’ll help your friend grind the nails down to the perfect level without going too deep in the dog’s paws and risk hurting the puppy. It also comes with nine different accessories for all his grinding needs.

coffee mug

A Cute Reminder: Basic Needs “Everything Tastes Better With Dog Hairs” Mug

If you’re looking for something cute and funny to put a smile on your friend’s face, pick her up this wonderful coffee mug. As we’ve mentioned before, somehow dog hair manages to get onto and into everything.

In addition to the carpet and the furniture, this can also include food. People can either fight it or embrace it.

With this mug, your friend can embrace it proudly while also showcasing her sense of humor.

This high-quality, durable ceramic mug is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe and holds up to 11 ounces of whatever morning pick-me-up your friend enjoys. The adorable message on it, “Everything tastes better with dog hair in it,” reminds everyone she sees that she’s a proud pet parent.

It also lets them know to sign her up for store-bought treats only at the next company picnic.

pet photo memory book

Pretty as a Picture: Pearhead Pet Photo Memory Book

For the friend who enjoys scrapbooking or photography, this milestone keepsake photo memory book would make an amazing gift. In addition to being a place for your friend to keep track of all her cute puppy pictures, there are also neat sections that allow her to write about the first day she got her new puppy, her puppy’s favorite foods, what her puppy likes to do at playtime and even more.

It’s very much like a K-12 memory book for a child.

lint rollers for pet hair

For Fur-Free Clothes: PetLovers Six-Pack Extra Sticky Lint Rollers for Pet Hair

After your friend gets a new puppy, lint rollers are a must. There isn’t much a puppy loves more than jumping up into his person’s lap and snuggling. This could happen at any time of day or night, meaning your friend could be covered in dog hair before work, a date, a workout or at any other point in the day.

He may not always have time to clean or change his clothes. Having several lint rollers stashed in important places, such as the car, the bathroom, his desk, etc., can help cut down on the embarrassment of being covered in fur in an important meeting or on a first date.

These particular lint rollers are extra sticky, so they should pick up even the most stubborn dog hairs that don’t want to come off his clothes.

natural deer antlers

To Help with Teething: WhiteTail Naturals Natural Deer Antlers

One of the most difficult times in a puppy’s life is when he’s teething. This usually happens up until he’s about seven months old. During this time, he’ll be in a lot of discomfort. He’ll be chewing on anything he can get his mouth on just to try to relieve some of the irritation in his gums and get rid of the loose teeth.

This could include everything from broken sticks to table legs to your friend’s toes.

Help him out by buying him a pack of these all-natural antlers. These are extremely hard, which means they last a long time.

They’re also all-natural, clean and safe. This’ll help save your friend’s furniture, and it can help keep his puppy from getting sick. Sticks and other things from outside could have all kinds of nasty stuff on them to upset the puppy’s stomach.

With these antlers, your friend can ensure his puppy has something safe on which to chew.

smart dog puzzle toy

For Brain and Tummy: Smart Dog Puzzle Toy for Beginners Treat Dispenser

With this smart toy, your friend’s new puppy will have to figure out how to solve the puzzle in order to get to his treats. This has the dual purpose of ensuring the puppy doesn’t eat too quickly and get sick and also helps the puppy learn to solve puzzles.

These kinds of toys can strengthen puppies’ brains as well as feed their stomachs.

dog mat

The Personal Touch: Custom Catch Personalized Dog Mat

If you’re looking to give a gift that adds a bit of a personal touch, this personalized dog mat’s an excellent choice. The mats come in three different sizes and are entirely customizable. You can choose your friend’s favorite color and add both the name of your friend’s dog, a cute little design and the pet’s adoption date.

You can even choose the font you want the company to use.

It’s a delightful, thoughtful gift. It’s also very versatile. Your friend can use it as a sleeping mat for his new dog, a place to put his food and water dishes or something else entirely.

Whatever he decides to use it for, he’s sure to love it.

Picking the Perfect Present

People who have never had pets, specifically puppies, may not understand just how much hard work goes into owning, training and taking care of a new puppy.

Puppies teethe just like human babies. They whine and whimper when they’re alone. They use the bathroom in inconvenient places, requiring their owners to clean up after them several times a day.

New puppy expenses are also pretty hefty. In addition to a new crate, food, a collar and a leash, there are many other things new puppy owners have to buy.

Plus, just like human babies, new puppies need lots of vaccinations and check-ups at the vet.

Why, then, would anyone want to invest so much time and money into something that can’t even talk?

To put it simply, puppies are awesome. There are plenty of reasons people give for getting a new puppy, but the main reason is this: Dogs really are man’s best friend.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for any animal lover, especially someone with a new puppy, just take care of the animal.

Buying gifts that bring your friends’ pets joy will also bring them joy.

Whether you buy dog parents a dog camera, something to help them out with all those initial new puppy supplies or if you just buy them a mug with her puppy’s face on it, or a custom pet portrait, they are going to love it.

There truly is no easier person to buy a gift for than a pet lover.


If you enjoyed this list of awesome gifts and pet gear for new puppy owners, please share it with your friends. Use the comments to let us know what your favorite gift idea on the list was.

If you’re a new dog owner or just a pet lover in general, tell us about the best gift you or your furry best friend has ever received.

Stop back by again soon!

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