35 Overwatch Gift Ideas (For True Fans)

If you are not a gamer, you may not understand the best gift ideas to give to your gamer friend. But the list of great gaming gifts is nearly endless.

One thing you have to note about gifts is that there is no one-size-fit-for-all’, every Overwatch gamer needs something different for their gaming.

The best gift idea for an Overwatch gamer would be something that enhances their gaming experience, but they are not the only gift ideas. Check out my compilation of the best gift ideas for an Overwatch gamer:

35 Overwatch Gifts

Overwatch anthology volume 1

A Look at History: Overwatch Anthology Volume 1

Each hero on Overwatch has a story, and those stories are available on the Overwatch Anthology Volume 1. It doesn’t help the gamer play better, but it makes the gaming experience sweeter, knowing everything about the heroes.

The book has backstories and new and interesting details about the heroes. With each new story, the gamer gets more excited and falls in love with the action figures even more. The book also provides other details about Overwatch, the game, which could help the gamer understand important aspects about the game.


A Place to Hold Documents: Bioworld Overwatch Gift Wallet

Gamers are seldom outside. A gamer might be stuck in the house for days and a wallet is the last in the list of needs. However, a good wallet is always a place to hold cards even when you are not leaving the house.

The wallet comes with an Overwatch logo at the top for the game lover. It comes with a clear window for your ID and another pocket to hold cash. It is made of leather, which makes it sturdy and long lasting even when used every day.

A gamer who works a 9 to 5 will appreciate the wallet.

Hasbro overwatch mask

For the Fun Lover: Hasbro Overwatch Mask

This mask is an ideal gift for Overwatch players. It features orange lens and a wind-swept hair to make the wearer look badass. The adult premium tracer mask is a collector’s item – the gamer doesn’t have to wear it if they don’t want to as long as they appreciate the sentiment.

They can wear it for cosplay or as a Halloween mask. There are many more masks for other heroes on Overwatch that you can get for your friend or family member who loves Overwatch.

water bottle

For Hydrating on the Go: Overwatch Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Before you get into battle, you need to stay hydrated; it is easy when you have a stainless steel bottle with an Overwatch logo. The bottle carries 17 ounces of fluid, enough for you to stay hydrated for many hours.

It is a high quality bottle to last long for gamers on the go. Even if a gamer never leaves the house, the bottle will still be a great gift as it inspires them to drink enough water every day. It is an easy to wash bottle.


Sleep on Overwatch: Jay Franco Overwatch Pillowcase

If an Overwatch gamer can play all night, why not get a pillow case with an Overwatch logo? The case sports vibrant colors and is soft enough to keep the user comfortable at all times. It is a 20 by 30 inch pillowcase design made of soft microfiber.

The fabric lasts long and is easy to care for. Lovers of Overwatch will enjoy every bit of the pillow case. There are many more overwatch bed accessories from the same seller for anyone who wants to complete the collection of the overwatch bed items.

mouse pad

A Swift Way to Use the Mouse: SteelSeries SCK Gaming Mouse Pad

This mouse pad looks like an ordinary pad, but when you run your mouse on its gaming surface, you realize its smoothness and uniqueness. The rubber base makes it easy for an Overwatch gamer to use the mouse without unnecessary slips and movements.

With absolute control of the mouse, the gamer can play with more precision. It is also larger than other mousepads, to give you a large field of play.

oculus rift touch VR system

A Gift for Gamers Who Want to Get Real: Oculus Rift Touch VR System

The Oculus Rift Touch VR System allows the Overwatch gamer to travel into a virtual world where they get a fun experience away from the reality of the gaming desk. The VR system gives the player more intense gameplay, allowing them to better immerse into the game’s action.

Although it is not Overwatch-related, it allows the gamer to immerse in preinstalled games for a fun experience.

computer glasses

A Gift to Protect the Eyes: Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses

Instead of letting your gamer friend get eye damage from the blue light from the computer, you can get them computer glasses. The use of computer all day can lead to formation of cataracts or macular degeneration.

These glasses can block most of the blue light to keep the eyes safe. Active Overwatch players can sleep better as the glasses reduce eye strain.

arcade headheld gaming system

For the Lovers of Classic Items: My Arcade Handheld Gaming System

Retro gaming machines are a collector’s item, especially for gamers. Because you may not get an arcade machine to buy the Overwatch gamer, you can get them The Arcade Handheld gaming system. It is a gaming console that mimics the retro gaming arcade.

It has original D-buttons with a joystick at the center. The Overwatch gamer can engage in any of the retro games from the 80s and 90s during their break from playing Overwatch.

gaming headset

For the Best Game Sound: ASTRO A50 Gaming Headset

The ASTRO A50 is designed to make your music listening experience better. It has standard features such as noise cancellation and microphone, but it has advanced features that make the sound finer. It is ideal for active Overwatch gamers who play on the personal computer or PlayStation game console.

It features the 7.1 Dolby surround sound technology to deliver a loud bass. It amplifies the sound to immerse the gamer deeper into the action.


For Speedy Controls: Razer Naga Chroma Mouse

An ordinary mouse is not convenient for a gamer, which is why the Razer Naga Chroma comes in handy. It offers exceptional gameplays, and it is also comfortable to use as a mouse. The mouse sports a design that follows your palm’s contours so you can use it with ease.

Better yet, it comes with adjustable DPI, which stands at 16,000 and programmable button.

X Rocker gaming chair

For Comfort During All-Day Gaming: X Rocker Gaming Chair

This is a gaming chair for serious gamers. It sports four powerful speakers to immerse the Overwatch gamer into the action. The subwoofer in the chair amplifies even the smallest bass into a thunderous sound.

Besides the great sound system, the rocker chair protects the player’s back to keep them healthy during extended gaming periods.

charging dock

For Ease of Charging: Nintendo PowerA Joy-con Charging Dock

If the gamer uses Nintendo Switch Joy-con, this charging dock will be a great addition to their gaming gear. The dock can accommodate four Switch Joy-Con controllers, and it comes with LED charging indicator lights to understand when the controllers are fully charged.

It simply connects to USB enabled devices. The gamer can also use the dock as a display for the controllers.

monster energy drink

A Drink to Give Energy: Monster Energy Drink

Coffee and energy drinks are a gamer’s best friend. The long nights playing and scaling the levels of Overwatch need something more than water. The Monster Energy drink comes in handy to load up caffeine to keep the body energized and the mind alert.

With an 8-ounce can of the drink, you get 160 milligrams of caffeine – enough to keep you up for hours. Instead of coffee, which only gives caffeine, the drink also gives energy to keep the gamer on all night.

gaming desk

For Gamers Who Need Convenience: Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is made of steel to last for many years. It is an ergonomic desk with cup holders and attachments that help a gamer organize their gaming items. There is a cable management system that the Overwatch gamer can use to make their table more organized without wires running from here to every part of the house.

Other features include a charging station, a rack, monitor stand, hooks, speaker trays, and others. Its feet have rubber pads to protect your floor.

SOLLED bias lighting

Lights for an Intimate Moment: SOLLED Bias Lighting

Lights create an intimate moment, especially when the house lights are turned off. The SOLLED Bias Lighting are strips of LED light that allows a game to turn their LED screen into an entertainment system that gives a cinema experience.

The lights are easy to mount on any entertainment system including TV, desktop monitor, speakers, and others. When installed, the lights set the mood. You can alter the lights into different shapes as you prefer.

Netgear nighthawk S8000

For Fast Connections and No Buffering: Netgear Nighthawk S8000

The Netgear Nighthawk S8000 looks like something from an alien planet. It is an Ethernet switch that any gamer would appreciate as it allows them to stream their games without disruptions. The system has eight ports and a unique network traffic system.

It gives the gamer a chance to manage different connections. You can give the Overwatch gamer a chance to stream games fast and conveniently. Get the Overwatch gamer this router and they will be happy for weeks on end.

laptop backpack

For Gamers Who Play Away from Home: BRINCH Laptop Backpack

Gaming laptops have large screens – most are between 17.3 and 18.4 inches. You might even see a bigger laptop. For a gamer who wants to take their game outside their home, a good backpack comes in handy.

The BRINCH Laptop Backpack is just ideal as it is not only sturdy to carry a heavy laptop, but also has a comfortable design for comfortable carrying. The backpack sports enough storage pockets, a ventilation system for breathability, and a large main compartment.

It also has thick padding to protect your back.


For Healthy Hands: Copper Joint Arthritis Gloves

Sooner or later, the gamer might need a way to protect their hands from disorders such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Your gamer friend will be protected wearing the Copper Joint Arthritis Gloves.

They may look like ordinary gloves, but they are different in the way they work. The gloves act like compression sleeves to improve circulation in the fingers to reduce inflammation and offer fast relief to pain.

For an affected joint, the copper gloves help in fast rehabilitation.


For Great Game Control: KontrolFreek FPS Thumbsticks

Any gamer who have used a thumbstick for game control may not feel comfortable going back to a standard control – it’s like going back to high school after your college graduation. Thumbsticks come with a contoured design that gives the player so much control over the game.

They feature non-slip rubber to offer great grip and reduce fatigue on the wrists, hand and thumb. Again, they feature a great design to fit each analog stick. The left thumbstick is shorter than the right, for optimized game control.

bluetooth controller

For Wireless Smartphone Control: PowerA MOGA Bluetooth Controller

Does your friend play on a smartphone? If they do, they are not alone. The experience can be better with a Bluetooth controller. It is not easy to control a videogame on a mobile device as the screen is small and the controls are even smaller.

With the PowerA MOGA Bluetooth Controller, the gamer can play on their smartphone without touching it. It looks like an Xbox One controller. This way, the gamer gets a familiar feel, thanks to its ergonomic design.

The controller sports an integrated power bank where you can charge your phone.

keyboard mouse combo

For Gamers Who Need Speed: Redragon S101 Keyboard- Mouse Combo

A standard keyboard and mouse just doesn’t do it for an Overwatch gamer. Anyone who needs faster gaming control needs a better keyboard and mouse, a set designed for gamers. The Redragon S101 is the ideal set for those who need to game fast and conveniently.

The keyboard has large keys for fast and accurate typing while the mouse responds fast without any lag. One of the unique features of this combo is the RGB backlight that offers seven lighting modes and adjustable brightness.

The lights make the game look cooler and allow the gamer to find the keys they need with great ease.

air circulator fan

For the Hot Weather: Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

That nasty bead of sweat that drips down your face when you are gaming is more distracting than a fly that keeps coming to your face. When gaming during hot weather, a fan comes in handy. The Honeywell desktop fan is an ideal choice as the Overwatch gamer can place it close to them for a great cooling experience.

The fan rotates fast enough to keep the gamer comfortable at all times. It sports a 90-degree pivoting head, three-speeds, and an aerodynamic design for efficient air movement. The black design allows it to fit into the aesthetics of a gaming setup.

Plus, you may never have to buy a towel to use to wipe out sweat.

headphone stand

For Better Desktop Organization: Geekdigg Gaming Headphone Stand

No gamer wants to spend so much money on gaming equipment to end up with a cluttered desk where they cannot find the item they need. A headphone stand helps the gamer place everything in its rightful place for ease of access.

The Geekdigg Stand might be the perfect gift for the Overwatch gamer as it fits most headphone brands. It also comes with a cable organizer and a smartphone stand. You can pick one in black or transparent, and it also comes in different budgets to meet everyone’s needs.

You don’t need an extraneous budget to make your gaming friend grin from ear to ear.

vital vitamins nootropics booster

For Sharper Focus and Brain Power: Vital Vitamins Nootropics Booster

Gamers who take their game seriously understand the need to keep their brain in good health. Gaming involves making split second decisions as you immerse deep into the action. Nootropics are great at boosting brain power.

Although there haven’t been any certifications from the Food and Drug Administration, the thousands of consumers who have seen the results of the Nootropics are inspiring. The supplement enhances mental focus, memory, and clarity.

Before a gamer sits for a 12-hour gaming session, they need to keep their minds in good shape, and the best way to do that is to get a brain supplement. So many gamers use the supplement which makes it an ideal gift.

hand therapy kit

For Hand Health: Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit

Repetitive strain injury, RSI, is common for gamers who spend so much time gaming. You do not want your gaming friend to have their hand stuck in one position or their joints to get arthritis. The Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit is ideal for all gamers.

It is a massaging tool that gamers can use to improve blood circulation in the brain, hand, and fingers. The tool sports two massaging sides for different massage options. With the massage tool, you will get an exercise book to take notes and videos that teach you how to use the tool.

A gamer doesn’t need extra hands using the tool as they can do it themselves.

console protective cover

For Classic Game Lovers: AISALL Gameboy Game Console Protective Cover

Shopping on a budget? You can get a protective case for iPhones 6, 7, 8 Plus and iPhones X, XR, XS Max. The cover features 36 classic retro games with vibrant covers that a gamer will love. The protective cover keeps the iPhone safe from breaking after a fall, and it also looks great for an Overwatch lover.

The cover comes with a full color display; from there, the gamer can play 36 games. This cover comes with responsive keys for easy gameplay. It is an interesting gift when gamers want to play but they are away from the computer.

lapboard for gamers

For Ergonomic Gaming Experience: Couchmaster CYCON Lapboard for Gamers

This is a lapboard for gamers who need convenience. The board brings the keyboard and mouse closer to you, so, you do not strain reaching for them. It is an ergonomic piece with a 4-port USB 3.0 hub for ease of use.

It is designed for cable management so you never have a cluttered gaming space at all times. Its internal cable management allows it to stay clutter-free. Better yet, the unit has memory foam cushions where you can place your arms.

It also has pouches to hold your drinks and other small equipment you might have.

tablet stand

Play From Your Bed on a Tablet: Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet Stand

Anyone used to playing on a large screen computer might feel out of place playing on a tablet. It’s like using an analog phone after many years of using a smartphone. The tablet stand makes the gaming experience great for a gamer that plays on a tablet.

You can customize the shape of the stand to suit your needs. It accommodates tablets as thick as three inches. It is ideal for Apple iPhone iPad and Android devices between 4 and 10 inches. It is an affordable gift for an Overwatch gamer who loves playing while in bed.

PS4 controller charger

Never Let Low Power Stop You: PS4 Controller Charger

You can use the PS4 Controller Charger to store your controller as you charge it. The unit comes with two USB ports that make it easy for you to charge your controller fast. The charger fills a controller in two hours, so four hours are enough to charge two controllers.

It has a LED indicator that shows when the controller is fully charged. When charging, the charger shows red, and once the controller is full, the charger turns blue. It is an excellent gift for every gamer.

neck and back massager

For the Pain in the Neck and Back: Resteck Neck and Back Massager

Gaming for the whole day feels more tiring than working a corporate job from 9 to 5. You need to think a lot in gaming and the hand movements too. Sitting all day, and sometimes crouching the neck, leaves the back and neck feeling sore and aching.

A neck and back massager that the gamer can use alone at home comes in handy. The set allows the game to have a deep massage on the go or at home. It is easy to control the heat and the stimulation needed for a deep massage.

The shiatsu kneading leaves the back and the neck feeling refreshed.

craveBox care package

A Sweet Treat for Everyone: CraveBox Care Package

Everyone loves a box full of treats, and this candy and sweets box is the right for an Overwatch gamer. There are 60 snacks in the care package including sweet, savory, salty, and other snacks to give the gamer the energy they need.

It is an occasion box, but your gamer friend will appreciate a care package that gives them some energy to hit the controller a few more hours. Again, it is a budget gift box, so, you never have to break your bank to buy it.

samsung gaming monitor

Better Display: Samsung Curve Gaming Monitor

The 49-inch curved gaming monitor is a perfect gift for an Overwatch gamer. It is not only a budget gift idea, but a gift that will get your friend excited enough to scale their game to another level. The graphics on Samsung monitors are awesome.

The screen uses Quantum Dot Technology to deliver unparalleled graphics. It also has super fast refresh rates and comes with an adjustable stand. Plus, it is large enough to give a great gaming experience.

action figures

A Collector’s Item: Hasbro Overwatch Action Figures

Action figures are a gamer’s love. You can get Overwatch action figures for your gaming friend. The action figures feature intricate details as seen in the game. The two action figures, 76 and Shrike will impress any serious player who loves Overwatch.

The action figures live up to the name of the game. The exquisite design of the figures makes them ideal for desktop placement – they add to the aesthetics of the gamer’s desk. If your friend loves other action figures, they can get them separately.

Nothing looks great than an action figure sitting on a gamer’s desk.

lubricant eye drops

For Sore Eyes: Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

Gaming leaves the eyes dry and dry eyes are not something you want your friend to have. The Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops restores the lubrication of the eyes to ensure the gamer keeps playing for extended periods.

If a gamer has conditions such as allergies or they live in a windy and low humidity area, they need the lubricant more. The formula on this lubricant is fast acting and stay on the whole day. They can use it when the eyes feel dry and they need to continue gaming.

Present Buying Guide

While you can go for all Overwatch related items, that is not what your friend might want. An Overwatch wallet looks great, but does your friend want it? Again, a backpack might look great, but if your friend already has two of those, it might not be of much help. A gamer will appreciate the sentiment, but they may not use the gaming accessories or the merch you get them. Before shopping, answer the following questions:

What does the gamer need?

Instead of buying a table that the gamers don’t even have space for, consider what they may need. No matter how effective in noise-canceling a headset is, if the gamer has three more of them and they needed a controller instead, you will not have helped them much. As such, scout and stalk them to understand their gaming needs. Sometimes, the gamer might only want someone to take them on a road trip and not add accessories on the gaming desk.

What is the practicality of the gift you buy


Once you realize something they do not have, you need to consider whether they need it. Not everyone appreciates the beauty of action figures. They look great on a desk, but are they just adding clutter or the gamer loves them. Consider all other items such as water bottles, does the gamer really want them?

Do they have the space?

A good rocking chair would impress anyone, but it takes so much space that the gamer may not have. If the gamer is pressed for space, you can opt for smaller gift items. This doesn’t mean that you go for mugs and t-shirts like everyone else, you can be creative when choosing from the list above.

Do they really need another gaming accessory?

A gaming accessory would be great if the gamer lacks one. But some gamers just want any other gift they can identify with outside the gaming room. It might be something like a personalized pen, or a planner/diary, or anything else. You need to be creative when choosing the gift so it doesn’t look obvious.

What’s your budget?

Overwatch gift ideas will cost you anything between less than ten dollars and more than three thousand dollars. You budget will limit what you can buy. Plan wisely and you will have an interesting gift for an Overwatch lover. A low budget doesn’t have to limit you – choose from the list above while considering the gift receiver’s needs and you will never go wrong.


Gift shopping can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to start. If you are not an overwatch lover yourself, the experience is even more challenging. With the list above, all you have to do is follow the provided tips and pick the right gift.

Do you have other gifts in mind? Have you ever gifted a gamer any gift? How was the experience – easy or challenging? Let us know about your gift shopping experience in the comment section below – let us make gift shopping easy for everyone.

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