36 Pampering Gifts to Indulge That Special Someone

She loves to be spoiled. He’s a sucker for a self-indulgent treat. If you know someone who enjoys the finer things in life, here are just a few pampering gifts that will let them forget their troubles for awhile with some well-earned extravagance!

essential oil diffuser bracelet

To Take the Indulgence With Her: Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Offering the scents of lavender, rosemary, bergamot and eucalyptus, this bracelet turns aromatherapy into an “on the go” experience. It looks a bit like a watch, but there’s a Tree of Life pendant rather than a clock face, and the pink band winds several times around the wrist in a very chic style.

The oils are nestled beneath the pendant, so you can enjoy a steady, low-level release of fragrance without getting any liquid on your skin or clothes. It’s aromatherapy for the busy lady.


For Blossoming in Hard Times: Opal Lotus Flower Necklace

If you aren’t familiar with the story behind the lotus flower, it’s famous for surviving in dark, muddy places like swamps and marshes. It pushes through the muck and reveals gorgeous blossoms that range from pale, delicate pinks to dark and mysterious purples.

This pendant necklace embodies both the mood and the message of the lotus blossom, promising that “we too have the ability to rise from the mud” and “radiate into the world.”

face mask pack

For a Trendy Take in Skincare: Let’s Get Sheet Faced 14-Piece Face Mask Pack

With its sassy packaging and fun, vibrant colors, Let’s Get Sheet Faced can bring some much-needed energy into their morning routine. Whether they’re tightening their pores with the “Time Warp” mask or brightening their complexion with the “Up All Night” mask, they’ll enjoy all of the benefits of ingredients like citrus, olive, acai berry, eucalyptus and lotus flower.

Since there are 14 in a pack, they’ll also make great gifts for parties and girl’s nights!

bathtub caddy tray

A Different Kind of Wining and Dining: Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

If they enjoy long, luxurious soaks in the tub, you can take their ablutions to the next level with a bathtub caddy tray. It includes everything from a smartphone slot to individual compartments for towels, candles, soaps and books, so they’ll have everything that they need to decompress after a long day.

It’s also available in multiple colors and finishes, so whether they’d prefer a swanky pink or blue tray or a luxury, salon-style natural wood tray, you can find one to suit their aesthetic.

incense holder

Namaste: Ceramic Waterfall Backflow Incense Holder

If they’re into yoga, meditation, reiki or anything else that centers around calmness and mindfulness, this incense holder can be a great relaxation tool as well as a stylish home accessory. It operates “backwards,” pushing the smoke of the incense through a hidden tunnel in a ceramic mountain, so it looks as though water or mist is flowing downwards from the rocks.

It can serve as a wonderful centerpiece for a calm, relaxed space.

almond milk and honey spa kit

As Sweet as a Honeycomb: Lovery Almond Milk and Honey Spa Kit

You can’t talk about pampering gifts without including at least one gift basket filled with bath products. This one offer gels, creams, oils, salts, soaps and bubble baths that all come with Lovery’s signature scent of almond milk and honey.

There are eight pieces in total, so your gift recipient won’t be running out of goodies anytime soon. They’ll be able to sink into fragrant baths or give themselves soft, smooth pedicures for months to come.

jar candle

Because Pampering Isn’t Only for Girls: Manly Indulgence Azure Sands Scented Jar Candle

He insists that he doesn’t like girly things, but when your back is turned, he totally steals your jasmine candles for a long soak in the tub. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to shop at Manly Indulgence! They have an entire line of goodies for the guy who likes grooming.

This particular candle is made from a soy-based white wax and has combined notes of cedar, sandalwood and coconut for a fresh and tropical feeling, so he’ll feel like he’s relaxing on a beach in Maui with every inhale.

ceramic mug with spoon

For a Walk Through Tokyo: Cherry Blossom Ceramic Mug With Lid and Spoon

With its delicate, feminine charm, this mug looks like something out of an 18th century Japanese tea set. It’s made with a smoothly-polished white ceramic dotted with pink cherry blossoms, and it’s complemented by a gold-framed lid, handle and stirring spoon.

On top, a single unfolded cherry blossom serves as the central decoration. It’ll be a gorgeous way to take morning tea or afternoon coffee.

sacred pampering principles book

To Nourish the Mind As Well As the Body: Sacred Pampering Principles Hardcover

Self-care can be much more than just an indulgence, and in Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman’s Guide to Self-Care and Inner Renewal, author Debrena Jackson Gandy explains why.

By improving your own life, you also improve the lives of others. You become a better friend, a happier spouse and a more patient parent. You aren’t the only person who will benefit from the rejuvenating tactics of this book.

Everyone around you will, too.

milk frother

For the Starbucks Addict: PowerLix Handheld Battery Operated Milk Frother

There’s nothing luxurious about waiting in line for a latte. To help your favorite person enjoy gourmet or artisan coffee in the comfort of their own home, get them an electric milk frother. It’s easy to use with its simple buttons and handheld design, but it’ll create thick, foamy goodness that’s a perfect imitation of cafe-style cappuccinos.

They’ll never have to deal with grumpy baristas again!

foot spa bath

For a Spa Experience Right at Home: BeauWink Foot Spa/Bath

With 36 individual massage rollers, this foot bath will help them reach a nirvana-like state of bliss. Its gentle vibrations will soothe away all kinds of aches and pains through the pressure points of the feet.

It even comes with heat-generating infrared bubbles to improve circulation from the bottom up! It’s therapeutic, but it’s also luxurious, so it makes a great gift for self-pampering.

assorted tea gift set

To Get the Par-Tea Started: VAHDAM Assorted Tea Gift Set

Tea sets come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for luxury, it’s hard to beat the sampler pack from VAHDAM. Each collection of loose leaf is gathered in a small golden tin with a transparent face, so as soon as you open the box, you’ll be treated to the sight of saffron masala chai, Earl Gray spice chai and sweet Himalayan green tea.

Pair it with a saucer and spoon set for maximum elegance!

dark hot chocolate mix>

For the Chocoholic: Total Indulgence Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

The great thing about dark chocolate is that it’s healthy and hedonistic. It contains antioxidants that are just as good for the heart as a glass of red wine, and studies have shown that it can also trigger releases of serotonin in the brain as a natural mood booster.

If you want to spoil someone without ruining their keto diet, consider giving them this dark hot chocolate mix set that offers everything that they’ll need for a warm, cozy and semi-sweet evening.

collagen eye masks

For a High Dollar Look: 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Masks

You’ve seen face masks. Have you heard of eye masks? They serve many of the same purposes in terms of lifting, hydrating and rejuvenating the skin, but they’re designed specifically for the under-eye area.

Their minerals will draw out the toxins that create dark, puffy circles, and their collagen will restore the skin and protect it from further damage. As a bonus, since they’re designed like 24K gold, these eye masks will make the wearer feel like a million bucks!


For Sweet Mornings and Sexy Nights: Slpbaby Silk Pillowcase With Floral Print

Nothing will send her off into dreamland like a silk pillowcase. Made with the softest and gentlest of fibers, it’ll feel sinfully extravagant against her cheek, especially if there’s a plump pillow tucked inside of it.

You can order multiple sizes depending on the scale of her bed, and there are different colors and prints for fashionable flair. This one is decorated with flowers on a dark blue background, but there are many more.

dandelion paperweight

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Real Dandelion Specimen Paperweight

Dandelions are another flower with a lot of significance. They can represent everything from wishes blown into the wind to “weeds” transforming themselves into beautiful and meaningful objects. This paperweight has a real dandelion encased in a glass box, so it’s a rare and eye-catching piece of craftsmanship, but it’ll also serve as a touching memento to a loved one that says bright things about their future.

It will have emotional resonance as well as physical beauty.

lavender neck wrap

For the Person Who Works Too Hard: Victoria’s Lavender Aromatherapy Lavender Neck Wrap

Heating pads come in all shapes and sizes, but this one goes the extra mile by being flexible enough that the wearer can determine where it sits and how it’s folded. It’s basically a long, padded noodle that can be wrapped around the neck, draped across the shoulders, stuffed behind the back, curled around the knee and more.

Its soft lavender scent adds an aromatherapy element, and its flax seeds are a comfortable, all-natural stuffing. It’ll be much nicer than a commercial, electrically-heated product.

canvas wall art

A Touch for Nature for Indoor Spaces: Foggy Forest With Birds Canvas Wall Art

There’s nothing like “getting away from it all” with a hiking or camping trip. But what if they aren’t able to sling a backpack over their shoulders and go traipsing off into the forest? Consider bringing the wilderness to them with this three-piece wall art set.

It depicts a gorgeous nature scene with birds flying over mist-covered mountains, and since it’s spread across three different canvases, it looks like it’s about to rise right off the surface!

pen pencil holder

CEO Style: All-Metal Desktop Round Clock Pen Pencil Holder

Let’s say that you married a workaholic. Is there any way to bring a little luxury to his life even when he’s chained to a desk? With this pencil holder, the answer is yes. It’s shaped like a luxury watch right down to the round-faced clock surrounded by faux black leather and gold metallic accents, and it’ll be a stylish desktop accessory even as it serves a real, functional purpose for the working man.

shower steamer set

To Upgrade Their Morning Routine: Essential Oil Shower Steamer Set

Maybe they don’t have a bathtub. Maybe they’re too busy for a long, leisurely soak. Shower steamers are the quick and easy alternative to bath bombs, offering the same self-indulgent experience but without any of the wait or clean-up.

All that they have to do is place a tab on the shower floor and let the natural steam and moisture of the shower release soothing, sweet-smelling vapors. The fragrances will reach deep inside of the lungs to rejuvenate the user from the inside out.

wood lined cigar humidor case

To Make Them Feel Like Old Hollywood: Brown Leather Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Humidor Case

Everyone has a vice, so if cigars are theirs, you can make them happy with high-class cigar accessories like this humidor case. In addition to keeping the stogies fresh, it will also provide lighters, droppers and cutters with guillotine dual blades.

Everything comes tucked into a handsome leather-covered box made from genuine cedar wood. To make them say “oooh” when they open their gift, get a top-dollar cigar case.

electric griddle

If They Watch a Lot of the Food Network: Isiler 12 Inch Electric Griddle

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to use a griddle. On the contrary, you can be the world’s simplest chef, and this easy-to-use kitchen accessory will still allow you to prepare gourmet-level dishes. Make a stack of fluffy pancakes; get your crepes and omelettes just right; cook your own tortillas from scratch.

The possibilities are endless when you have the right tools for the job.


To Invoke the Feeling of a Hot Spring: Lightweight Long Sleeve Cherry Blossom Bathrobe

Another great gift for the lady who loves cherry blossoms, this bathrobe manages to be fashionable and functional, so it’s ideal for someone who likes luxury goods that are still practical. Soft polyester keeps it lightweight and moisture-resistant, and a belt at the waist preserves modesty.

A short-cut style will bring to mind the Japanese kimono, especially since it’s covered in cherry blossoms, also known as sakura.

perfume bottle

For the Queen of Your Life: Shenzhao Empty Refillable Perfume Bottle

Elaborately beautiful, this perfume bottle looks like something that you’d find in the ancient tomb of an empress. It’s made with metal, glass and rhinestone elements, and it’s available in various color combinations that include everything from pure, traditional golds to exotic pinks and greens.

She’ll definitely feel like royalty when she spritzes on her favorite fragrances out of this bottle.

iPhone case

For Rich Texts: uCOLOR Rose Gold Marble iPhone 11 Protective Case

High-end gifts don’t always have high-end price tags. This phone case, for example, will be perfect as a stocking stuffer or a casual birthday gift, but it still says “opulence” with every inch of its imitation marble.

The pink and white streaks perfectly offset the rose gold background like a piece of Roman architecture. As a bonus, the case will also support things like wireless charging, so your gift recipient won’t have to sacrifice functionality for fashion.


For a Total Bathroom Upgrade: HarJue High Pressure Stainless Steel Square Rain Showerhead

They don’t have to visit Mt. Fuji to jump under a waterfall. With this square-shaped showerhead and its 144 nozzles, they can transform their own bathroom into something out of a nature preserve! Its high-pressure jets will beat down on any sore or aching muscles at a rate of 2.

5 gallons per minute, and its shining chrome material will look sleek and stylish in the modern home. It’s the kind of showerhead that you see in high-priced salons, but it’s available for a fraction of the cost.

mulled wine spice mix

To Warm Them From the Inside Out: Mulled Wine Spice Mix

Another gift that can be easily slipped into a stocking or goodie bag, this spice collection will bring comfortable coziness into any household. Its ingredients include everything from cinnamon to allspice, and it can be added to tea, cider, mulled wine and more.

If they like sipping from a warm mug on a cold evening, this is a gift that will keep on giving.


When They Don’t Want to Ruin Their Waistline: Bakerita Cookbook

For guilt-free indulgence, give them a cookbook like Bakerita: 100+ No-Fuss Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Refined Sugar-Free Recipes for the Modern Baker. Each recipe is a healthier, more diet-friendly version of classic desserts, so whether they have a taste for chocolate pies or lemon raspberry scones, this cookbook can satisfy their sweet tooth without making them pay the price on the scale.

hand cream gift set

For Self-Indulgence All Across Genders: 7-Piece Hand Cream Gift Set for Men and Women

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral gift, this hand cream set is the way to go. There are seven bottles that combine soothing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E with subtle fragrances like aloe, jojoba, coconut, green tea and honey almond.

Since they aren’t overly feminine or excessively masculine, they can be enjoyed by both sides of the gender divide.

rose flowers gift box

To Top Off Your Anniversary Gift: Luxury Gift Box of 16 Red Rose Flowers

Sometimes, the packaging can make just as much of an impression as the gift itself. Such is the case with this extravagant gift box that unfolds from both sides to reveal more than a dozen red roses surrounding a central compartment.

It’s marketed as a jewelry holder for things like necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even engagement rings, but you could easily repurpose it for other luxury goods as well.

bath towel

Like They’re a VIP in a Hotel: Qualtry Personalized Luxury Bath Towel

They’ll need to dry themselves off after making use of all of the shower steamers and bathtub trays that you’ve given them, so look for something like Qualtry towels to make that experience a blissful one, too! The linens are made with genuine ringspun cotton, and they have a thick, plush feeling that will feel amazing against their skin.

As a bonus, they can be monogrammed with the person’s initials for a personalized touch.

whiskey decanter set

For an Upper Class Evening: Premium Glass Whiskey Decanter Set

If he likes his liquor, he’s sure to appreciate this luxurious decanter set. Not only does it come with a dazzling glass decanter that can hold up to nine ounces of whiskey, scotch or bourbon, but it also includes a funnel, four drinking glasses and a collection of chilling stones to keep everything cool.

He’ll be able to host his guests in a true gentleman’s style.

slipper socks

To Cure Cold Toes Forever: Women’s Diamond Cable Knit Fleece-Lined Winter Slipper Socks

Beat back the cold with these slipper socks. Like their name suggests, they have all of the soft, thick plushness of a pair of slippers, but they’re actually a pair of socks that will hug your feet and keep them toasty warm throughout the day.

The bottoms come with anti-slip rubber traction, and the tops have a faux fur lining for an even fuzzier experience. Once your gift recipient puts them on, they’ll never want to take them off!

wine decanter and aerator

To Transport Them to Napa Valley: Electric Portable One-Touch Wine Decanter and Aerator

A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon can be just what they need after a long day, and with the help of this wine dispenser, they can turn it into a real pampering experience. The dispenser will aerate, oxygenate, pump and pour their wine like they’re at a countryside vineyard rather than curling up on the couch with a Friends marathon.

For bonus points, everything is controlled by a single button, so it’ll be an easy experience as well as an elegant one!

leather gloves

Because Everyone Loves a Sharp-Dressed Man: Cashmere Lined Touchscreen Lambskin Leather Gloves

Made with genuine lambskin, these black leather gloves are the very picture of extravagance. The outsides are sleek and stylish; the insides are soft, supple and flexible. He won’t feel like he’s wearing gloves at all, but he’ll still look like he just walked off the cover of GQ.

coffee maker

For the Java Junkie: Diguo Belgian Family Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

Last but not least, if you really want to spoil a special someone in your life, consider an extravagant gift like an authentic Belgian coffee maker. Not only does it offer smooth and flavorful brews thanks to its precision filtering technology, but it’s also plated in Egyptian-style black and gold with a black wooden base under borosilicate glass, so it’ll be an absolutely gorgeous addition to their countertop.

If you’re serious about some self-pampering, get a coffee maker that’s capable of elite-tier gourmet brews.

How to Find and Select Great Presents for Pampering

Maybe they’re a busy professional who needs to unwind. Maybe they’re just going through a tough time, and they could really use a spa day or a gourmet coffee or chocolate experience. Whatever your reasons for wanting to pamper them, here are just a few gift-giving tips to get the job done.

Keep It Practical

Make sure that your pampering gift is something that your loved one will actually use. If they aren’t a candle person, for example, they aren’t going to get excited about a candle gift just because it has a relaxing vanilla scent. If they’re a caveman who likes going barefoot, even the softest, fuzziest pair of slippers will get an “eh” reaction. Don’t forget about their unique likes and dislikes just because you’re shopping for luxury-level goods.

Think About the Gift’s Therapeutic Value

Similar to the above, you’ll want to choose a gift that has actual therapeutic benefits for the recipient. For example, a heat wrap or a handheld massager might help them physically relax while an enormous fruit basket might give them a mental or emotional boost. Even things like coloring books have been shown to have de-stressing properties.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Overboard

You don’t want to blow out your budget, of course, but there’s no harm in splurging a little when you’re buying something that’s meant to be lavish or luxurious. The whole point of self-indulgence is that it isn’t an everyday occurrence. Every once in awhile, it’s fine to be extravagant.


These are just a few ways to spoil someone with pampering gifts. Do you have any other ideas? What do you turn to when you need a little self-care? We’re always open to suggestions, especially when they involve cookies, candles, bath bombs and other indulgent treats!

pampering gifts

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