40 Gifts for Parents (They Will Love)

They are cheerleaders, cooks, chauffeurs, huggers, nurses, disciplinarians and loyal anchors for life.

Parents do so much for us and often sacrifice things they really want or need in order to give us the best things in life. Why not return the favor by lavishing them with gifts?

Here are 40 unique gift ideas that fit a range of budgets and can bring smiles to your parents’ faces on any holiday or occasion year-round.

40 Gift Ideas for Parents

luggage set

Wish your parent Bon Voyage : Samsonite Luggage Set

Taking care of others can be exhausting. Encourage your parents to take a vacation to relax. They will enjoy traveling with this 3-piece luggage set, which includes a small carry-on suitcase and two larger suitcases, all with wheels to make getting around a breeze at the airport.

Each suitcase has several dividers and pockets to make organizing clothes and toiletries efficient. TSA locks are included for convenience. Samsonite has a reputation of delivering tough luggage that can be dropped, kicked or smashed without damage.

This set is no exception. Made of durable and hard polycarbonate, these suitcases will last for decades and always protect your parents’ belongings from accidents. The luggage is lightweight and can be toted around the hotel easily.


Say Cheese: The Canon Powershot Digital Camera

The only thing parents like more than having children and grandchildren visit is to capture all the visits for posterity. With the Canon Powershot, it’s easy to take photos, even for a parent who hasn’t quite mastered fancy technology.

That’s because this camera comes with a feature called “smart auto” that will select the perfect settings for each picture. So, whether your parents are taking photos indoors or outdoors, smart auto will help them have the right lighting and exposure.

In addition to still shots, the small, user-friendly camera can record videos or movies so that parents can film activities and parties, complete with voices and movements. The camera has a long battery life and comes with a rechargeable battery pack.

Air fryer oven

Make Meals Easier : Air Fryer Oven.

Parents love nourishing their loved ones by cooking big meals and bonding at the dinner table. Make the cooking easy by gifting mom and dad with this tabletop oven that can fry, toast, broil, bake and roast! It’s a healthier cooking option because it can make food crispy and succulent without using oil.

Mom will enjoy making cakes, cookies, pizza or casseroles while Dad can make chicken wings, fried mozzarella or calzones for the sports games. Cooking is fast and stress-free with this oven. It eliminates the need to turn on the stove and consume excess electricity and gas.

Designed for convenience, the air fryer oven comes with racks, trays, pans and several preset cooking settings.

echo show 8

See Your Parents’ smiling faces: Echo Show 8

Paired with Alexa, the Echo Show 8 has a video screen to allow parents to chat with their loved ones. The echo can also display photos, show live stream of rooms in the house, show TV shows through Amazon Prime, play music, play audiobooks, deliver local news, and so much more.

With just a command, such as “Alexa, show my pictures” or “Alexa, call my son,” the Echo can provide your parents with many delightful moments, including the ease of calling you to video chat so you won’t lose touch.

victrola with bluetooth

Bring Back the Oldies: Victrola Vintage Record Player with Bluetooth

Help your parents reminisce about their favorite childhood or high school tunes by giving them a turntable. Vinyl is coming back in style so pick up albums from the past as well, such as Purple Rain by Prince or Color By Numbers by Culture Club.

Your parents will be dancing all night long. Don’t worry about this gift having limited appeal. In addition to playing vinyl, it can also play modern MP3s. The Bluetooth connection allows it to play any music from a phone, laptop or portable music device.

bath robes

Wrap your parents in the luxury of Egyptian Cotton: Monogrammed Bath Robes

Lavish mom and dad with bathrobes that come in plush 100 per cent white Egyptian cotton. These premium robes are so enticing at high-end resorts that people want to take them home and keep forever. Made of durable fabric, they last nearly forever and provide the comfort of an ample size and a belted waist.

Personalize each robe to make them keepsakes by adding the initial of your mother and father in the upper left-hand corner or simply add “Mr.” and “Mrs.”


Warm the Hands that cradled you and wiped your tears: Downhome Genuine Leather gloves

Lined with cashmere, these classic sheepskin leather gloves are fashionable as well as cozy. Whether you get the black, brown, blue, gray, tan or burgundy option, you can count of a quality pair of gloves with fine stitching and a soft interior lining that will make the hands you love feel very cared for.

The leather is high quality with a supple finish and a sleek fit that allows wearers to maneuver hands and carry out tasks without having to take the gloves off.

planters herb kit

Help spice up those home-cooked meals: Planters Herb Growing Kit

If making your favorite childhood meals whenever you visit is still an obsession for mother and father, help them provide fresh flavor with this herb kit. With the included small pots, soil and organic seeds, your parents will be able to grow parsley, cilantro, chives and basil right there in their kitchen year-round with little effort.

The kit also comes with an herb grinder so the aromatic leaves can be crushed and added to cuisine on the spot the way real chefs do it. Don’t worry if your parents don’t have a green thumb. These herbs are easy to grow and are a culinary delight for any cook.

gin making kit

Appeal to their love of nightcaps: Gin Making Kit

If your parents love a good libation, perhaps they would like to become artisan brewers on the weekend and make their own. This gin-making kit comes with spices and botanicals, such as lemon peel, cubeb berries, juniper berries, angelica root, coriander and grains of paradise to turn vodka into homemade gin with a unique flair.

Brewed in just one to three days, this gin can be the base for your parents’ favorite cocktails or martinis. The kit comes with two bottles and a personalized flask.

healing crystals

Encourage High Vibrations: Premium Healing Crystals

From the goodness of the earth come seven stones with known healing powers to stimulate harmony, peace, passion and good health. The multi-colored gems include clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, red jasper, sodalite, green aventurine and carnelian.

Such stones can be used for spiritual rituals or therapeutic practices. The set includes a pendulum and a special book that explains all the properties of the crystals and how you can use them to enhance your life, cleanse your chakras and boost your mystical powers.

Beyond that, this gift is aesthetically beautiful can enjoyed by sitting the stones on display.

bath bombs

Give the Gift of a Luxurious Bath: Rainbow Bath Bombs

No need to get the wrapping paper or bows. These turquoise, green, yellow and pink bath bombs already come in a beautiful gift box. Inside each box are cloud-shaped bath bombs with colorful bath beads inside.

All your parents will need to do is run a warm bath and gently lay a cloud in the water. Soon, a rainbow will form as the cloud leaks its colors into the foamy bath. In addition to the wondrous visual effects that last for about 30 minutes, the bath bombs will offer a silky and moisturizing bathing experience.

This is what stress-free “me time” is all about.

portable charger

Help Your Loved Ones Stay Digitally Ready: Portable Charger

It’s always a thrill when mom and dad can use their wireless phones, computers and other devices to stay up to date with the digital revolution. However, it can be frustrating when devices are out of power.

Help them stay charged with this portable wonder. It holds a charge by itself and can transfer power through USB or microUSB to charge any device, including phones or tablets. This is great during power outages, travels or just when you forget to plug in your phone.

Shaped like a lipstick tube, this charger is small enough that it can fit in a purse or a pocket so that it’s convenient to carry anywhere.

mixed nuts gift basket

For the Foodie Who Likes Noshing on Nuts!: A Gift Basket of Roasted Mixed Nuts

In homage to the holiday image of chestnuts roasting over an open fire, offer your parents this tasty basket of 12 healthy, roasted nuts with heart-healthy antioxidants. There are walnuts, Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, almonds, filberts, spicy corn nuts, peanuts and various seeds.

Everyone loves having a snack to munch during the holidays while watching movies or chatting with guests. So, make sure that in the midst of all the cakes, cookies and candies, there’s actually something that is good for your parents and may even boost their health.

After all the nuts are gobbled, a wood tray remains and can be refilled over and over again to keep the nut-obsession going.

tea cups

Remind your Parents how much they are loved: heart-shaped teacups

Morning is not complete without a cup of coffee or tea. These translucent cups, which can be used for either brew, come with crimson red hearts in the bottom to remind your parents how much you adore them with every sip.

This will boost their spirits each morning and conjure a thought of you even if you can’t call or visit regularly. Included with the set are small wooden spoons so they can stir in sugar, cinnamon or any other flavorful enhancement to perk up their favorite drink.


Pen memories with style for the new decade: Italian leather journals

As we enter 2020 and beyond, it’s always nice to reflect on the past and write a vision for the future. Encourage your mother and father to examine their thoughts and dreams with these journals whose hand-sewn cover, soft leather and crisp pages urge the imagination to run wild.

Available in an ample 9 x 12-inch size, the journals have enough space that parents can write or draw large enough for senior eyes. Because the paper is unlined, users can choose how to record the highlights of their days, using sketches, bullet lists or diary entries.

Who knows? These notes might become part of family history or lore that can be passed down for generations.

laptop station

Make Surfing the Web a comfortable nighttime affair: over-the-bed laptop station

This wheeled desk slides over a bed to allow anyone to type on their laptop with ease. It’s portable and can even be rolled into the living room so parents can use it with their favorite chair or sofa.

This station is just the right size to support a computer, books, phone and any other device one would want to have close at night before drifting off to sleep. It also has a magazine basket on the side to hold the latest issues of Vogue or Newsweek.

With this workstation, your parents can be mentally active and clued into all the pop culture or political news from the comfort of their boudoir.

tray and cutlery knife set

Their date nights at home will be all the rage: Bamboo Cheese Tray and Cutlery Knife Set

When you decide to entertain yourself in the comfort of home, nothing beats charcuterie. This board is perfect for serving premium cheeses, sausages, pickles, grapes, crackers and your favorite red or white wine.

It comes with an excellent set of cutting and spreading tools to make enjoying your feast super easy. The board is made of natural bamboo; the cutting set is made of stainless steel. There’s a fork, a spatula, and two knives: one for hard cheeses like cheddar and another for soft cheeses like brie.

This gift will get many uses whether at a party or a solo night in front of the TV.

travel bag

Be Ready for Weekend Visits: Unisex Leather Travel Bag

These bags are worth having just for the burnished, quality leather and craftsmanship. A unisex piece of luggage, it’s suitable for mom and dad – so why not get one for each? Made of genuine buffalo leather, the bag has a unique design with a roomy zippered compartment on top and a smaller, flat, zippered section below to accommodate toiletries, shoes or shirts.

It’s roomy enough to hold clothes for a weekend adventure but still small enough to be a carryon. It has sturdy handles as well as a carrying strap to make transporting it easy for any frame. When not traveling, the bag can be used for the gym or office.

Don’t be surprised if they use it to visit you more.

collecting pepper spices

Expand their spice collection: Habanero, Ghost and Jalapeno Pepper Spice Jars

Did you know there are over 50,000 types of peppers? Cooking enthusiasts who like a little heat in their cuisines enjoy collecting pepper spices from all over the world. This is a good starter set to acclimate your parents to the joys of spicy food.

They can start with mild jalapeno and work their way up to the fiery ghost pepper. This will make chili, burritos, tacos and soups kick.

electric fireplace

Make the Nights Hotter and Romantic: wall-mounted electric fireplace

These flames don’t need wood or gas to light up room and keep your beloveds warm. First, it’s a decorative piece that turns a wall into a flickering showcase. Second, it’s a heater during frigid nights.

Third, it’s a romantic element that sets the ambient atmosphere for loving couples, no matter how many years they’ve been together. The 50-inch fireplace, suitable for a living room or bedroom, comes with two heat settings.

The flames look realistic but are so ultra safe the fireplace can be mounted near a TV or other furniture.


They will drift into slumber without counting sheep: Elegant Bamboo Sheets

Sheets made of natural bamboo fiber are renowned for their softness and these are no exception. Made by Cariloha, these 230-thread count sheets are resort quality and come in six colors including ivory, sage green, earthy brown and silvery white.

Bamboo is a breathable fabric, so these sheets won’t induce sweating like satin sheets do. Softer than cotton, they will keep you cool even on sweltering nights. They are designed to resist odors and allergens so they are perfect for sensitive skin and noses.

Plus, the sheets are environmentally friendly and made from a sustainable resource without any chemicals.

portable cooker

Outdoor meals will be the best: Portable Solar Cooker

With the 2020s upon us, don’t be surprised if some people want to cook like the Jetsons. This solar cooker leverages of the latest technology to enable anyone to cook with power from the sun. This device will prepare meals ranging from chopped meats to vegetables to soups while users are on the beach, at a campsite or anywhere there is lots of sunlight.

The cooker comes with a sensor that will help users angle it just right to leverage sun rays. The gift comes with silicone serving trays. When finished cooking, the case folds up for easy portability.

robot vacuum

Save them from the tedious task of dirt busting: Robot Vacuum

The RoboVac by Eufy was named the best automatic vacuum by a consumer guide. It’s quiet, cleans at walking speed and labors for 100 minutes straight. This will save mom and dad from hours of housework so they can relax and enjoy their free time.

The device has special sensors to avoid obstacles and won’t scratch floors or delicate surfaces. The vacuum comes with a remote control, filters, brushes and other cleaning accessories.

coffee gift set

This marries caffeine with eclectic flavors from around the world.: gourmet coffee gift set

With 16 packets of whole coffee beans from Honolulu, Ethiopia, Brazil, Papua and other far-flung places, this coffee gift set is perfect for the coffee connoisseur. This set offers tours of roasted flavors ranging from the medium-roasted Bluebeard to the light-roasted Gerardo Trejo to the lime-and-papaya laced Ricardo Ariz Pacamara blend.

Trust that each packet will be mailed fresh, ready to be ground, and savored.

therapeutic subscription box

Give the gift that is renewed every month: Therapeutic Subscription Box

This gift will be renewed each month with products that promise relaxation and self-care, including aromatherapy products, bath and body products as well as lifestyle goodies. There will be six to eight items shipped per month worth over $100 a stash.

Chosen by certified therapists, the gifts are designed to inspire excellence in living.

winw opener and chiller

Good Times Will Roll: Cordless Wine Opener & Chiller

Made by Oster, this stainless steel set will make wining and dining a breeze. One station opens; the other chills. Both are vertical sculptures that will look stylish sitting on the kitchen counter or on a living room bar.

Just press a button to remove the wine cork. Then, put the bottle in the chiller to stay cold for hours. There’s also a foil cutter and a charging base that will deliver enough power to open three dozen bottles on a single charge.

gummy making kit

use all the benefits of this natural plant oil: Gummy Making Kit for CBD oil

Make gummy bears, gummy fish or gummy worms with a secret ingredient: CBD oil! This legal oil, made from a strain of the cannabis plant, is known for soothing depression, pain, anxiety and more. Why not enjoy it in an edible candy? The candies, made of gelatin, can be made in a rainbow of colors with this electric sweets maker.

Not only is it helpful, this gift is fun and a party piece.

watercolor paint set

It’s Never Too Late to Learn a New Hobby: A Watercolor Paint Set

This gift promotes learning a new skill, such as painting with watercolor. This painting set for beginning adults includes an instructional booklet as well everything one needs to paint a few pictures to try to become the next Van Gogh, such as 12 watercolors, three paintbrushes, a mixing palette, paper, cups and a pen.

The parents will be painting nature and each other in no time.

book collection of Oz

Add to your library collection with a set of the world’s most famous stories: The Five-Book Collection of Oz

There’s more than a wizard in the Land of Oz. The story of Dorothy and Toto is one of literature’s most beloved tales. However, author L. Frank Baum didn’t stop with one story. He penned five volumes of stories based in Oz and this colorful hardcover set will enrapture readers for days and sit lovely on your parents’ living room shelf for years of enjoyment.

The artistic pictures alone make this set a coveted gift.

oil diffuser kit

This Gift of Aromatherapy will promote wellness: Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit

It looks like a lovely vase but is really a diffuser! In addition, this gift comes with natural essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, sweet orange and lemongrass.

wine glass set

Move Over Queen Elizabeth. There’s new royalty in town: King & Queen Wine Glass Set

Make your parents feel regal with these 16-ounce glasses, adorned with crowns and the words king and queen. Use them for beer or wine. The glasses come in a silk-lined box from Impiri Lux.

family sign

Salute the Family Name: Customized Wrought-Iron Family Sign

This personalized gift can be hung on the front door or in the kitchen, to let everyone know of the family legacy. The sign bears the first names of the mom and dad as well as their surname. In addition, you can list the year their marriage started.

One glance at it can inspire a feeling of love and family pride.

passport covers

Motivate recipients to hit the road and explore the world: Mr. & Mrs. Passport Covers

The real gift here is the honoring the spirit of travel and adventure. These passport covers, made of vegan leather, will make mother and father dust off their passports and buy a ticket to some city of intrigue where they can find good food, interesting museums and new friends.


When the nest is empty, cooking for two can renew the romance: “One Pan, Two Plates” cookbook

A favorite for any couple, this cookbook has easy recipes for the man and woman who want to share candlelight dinners when all the children have grown up and left and house. The focus is on cuisine that can be prepared in a few steps and with as few pots and pans as possible.

That way, cleanup is easy and mom and dad can move on to other things: like romance.


Snuggling is second nature: Double Hammock

Whether used for an afternoon nap in the backyard or tucked in its accompanying travel bag for a camping trip, this doublewide hammock, which sleeps two people, encourages togetherness and cuddling. The hammock can support up to 500 pounds and comes in an array of colors, including turquoise, red, orange, charcoal grey and green.

portable speaker

Turn the Shower into a Singing Booth: Waterproof Portable Speaker

Who doesn’t love singing a tune in the shower? With this small, round speaker that comes with its own carabiner, which can be hooked to the showerhead, parents can stream music from their phones and tablets while under the shower stream.

The device is easy to use. It has volume buttons on the back and can play tunes for 10 hours.

roku express

Go Beyond Cable: Roku Express Streaming Device

A streaming device as small as your hand, Roku Express can expand entertainment options with 350,000 films and TV episodes. Whether your parents have a modern smart TV or an old-fashioned one, Roku can be connected with either HDMI or the classic composite cables.

It’s a great way to avoid cable or enhance it.

pizza stone set

America’s favorite fast food gets even yummier when made at home: Pizza Stone Set

Pizza is universally beloved, and when made at home there’s no wait for delivery and the topics are fresh, customized and just right. This set for the pizza lover comes with a pizza stone to ensure the crispiest crust, a pizza peel to help insert and remove from the oven or grill, and a professional pizza cutter.

Now, you know what meal to ask mom to cook when you visit.

vitagene DNA kit

Explore heritage and health: Vitagene DNA Kit

Family legacy can be investigated and shared with this genetic test kit, which also doubles a health test. The DNA kit not only finds current relatives and ancestors but can also detect if you have genes that predispose you to disease.

It can discern what food, exercise and nutritional supplements are right for you based on your genes as well. This gift can help your parents in their journey to wellness and family reunions.

How to pick the right present for your parents

• Gifts should be personal and coordinated with the essence and personality of the recipient. So, be observant year-round and notice personal interests, hobbies and goals.

• Reflect on what your parents or grandparents needs and lacks. While it’s nice to give according to a person’s desires and leisure pastimes, sometimes addressing necessities and deprivations can please a person a lot. Many people cannot afford crucial things they might need.

• Research whether. your parents have a wish list or registry online somewhere. Then, you can be sure that you are buying a gift that is highly coveted. You can also see if someone else is buying the same gift.

Final Words

Gifts are symbols of adoration and appreciation. They reflect our hearts and intentions while lifting the spirits of those we love.

Whether the gift is material or charitable, big or small, expensive or frugal, it will create memories and forever link us to those we care about.

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