39 Gifts for Someone Who Lost Their Job

They’re restructuring. They’re sizing down the department. They found out about your friend stealing post-it notes and have decided to make an example out of him.

There are many reasons why people get laid off, and they’re all terrible. If you want to make someone feel a little better about being unemployed, here are just 39 gifts for people who have lost their jobs.

When It All Sucks: 39 Gift Ideas for People Who Lost Their Job

hidden message bracelet

For Self-Possessed Women: F*ck This Sh*t Hidden Message Bracelet

“A wise woman once said ‘f*ck this sh*t’ and lived happily ever after.” If this is the kind of sentiment that your BFF needs to brush the dust off her boots and keep going, you won’t find a better delivery method than this bracelet.

The inscription is completely hidden on the interior cuff. From the outside, it looks like a plain silver bangle. She can wear it to meetings, appointments and even job interviews without anyone knowing about its motivational powers!

tank top

To Sweat Away the Stress: Everything is Fine Tank Top

It’s healthy to express a little aggression, especially after a jerkwad fires you for no reason and you’re ready to strangle him with your bare hands. This tank top is perfect for the job.

It’s made with soft, comfortable materials that are ready for the gym, and the front declares, “I’m fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine.” Pound away on a punching bag; attack the air with a kickboxing class.

Everything’s fine.

bed tray

For the Newly Unemployed: Dark Bamboo Media Bed Tray

Is their immediate future going to be filled with day drinking and Friends marathons? Help them become the best slob that they can be with this all-in-one bed tray. It offers a flat surface for food and drink on top of a raised platform with built-in grooves for propping up cellphones, tablets, newspapers and other essentials.

When not in use, they can simply fold the legs and stash it somewhere else. Let Ross and Rachel commence!

The subtle art of not giving a fuck book

To Reinvent Themselves: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life is a self-help book for people who hate self-help books. It takes a funny, no-nonsense approach to identifying the problems in your life and figuring out how to fix them, and it doesn’t spare a single line for crunchy granola rubbish.

It’ll be great for someone who doesn’t want platitudes about being laid off. Instead, it’ll deliver real tips and tricks to help them get back on their feet.

stress ball bundle

To Let Off Some Steam: Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball Bundle

Stress balls can be quite funny when they’re shaped like poo emojis or political figures, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about an old-fashioned one. Its round shape is perfect for your hand, and its soft materials will let you squeeze and crush to your heart’s content.

This “tri-density” gift set even comes with three separate stress balls with soft, medium and hard textures. You can swap them out depending on how much stress that you need to relieve.

well fuck card

To Say It All in Just Two Words: Well F*ck Sympathy Card

With its soft watercolor flowers, you might have to do a double-take to see the true message of this sympathy card. Rather than something maudlin like “You’ll Get Through This” or “I Care About You,” it says “Well F*ck” in curly letters surrounded by a wreath.

The inside is blank, so you can add whatever personalized message that you’d like. It’s a straight-shooting card for a sucky situation.

bath bomb

For Your Favorite Potty Mouth: “F” Bath Bomb

Sometimes, you just have to drop an F-bomb. It’s the only way to feel better. This clever little bath product recognizes the urge and channels it into something constructive, so it’s a great gift for a loved one who is going through a difficult time.

They can relax with the soft colors and soothing fragrances after dropping it into hot water, and when the bomb is completely fizzled, there’s a surprise inside!

chakra thumb stone

When They Want to Unleash Their Inner Energies: Seven Bonded Chakra Thumb Stone

Worry stones come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is special. It represents all seven of the bonded chakras with multicolored layers made from quartz, carnelian, amethyst, jasper and more. Together, they’ll encourage physical and emotional healing for the holder, and they might just make a job loss a little easier to bear.

For bonus points, since the stone is around the size of a quarter, it’ll be easy to carry around during difficult times.


A Cuddle a Day: Hugs Blanket

If they’re in need of a hug, this blanket can deliver a continuous one! It’s made with a soft, fluffy material that they can completely wrap themselves in, and it’s covered in a dozen different ways to get a hug.

From “bear hugs” to “tender hugs” to “super duper hugs,” the text is sure to make them smile, and the blanket is sure to become a bad-day essential.

organic soy candle

Better Than Perfume: F*ck It All-Natural Organic Soy Candle

There’s nothing like the sweet smell of “f*ck it” to put you in a good mood. It has an mossy, earthy sort of fragrance that will bring to mind the wild forests of Craplandia where your former boss King Birdbrain reigned supreme.

There’s also a hint of cedar! If you’re ready to light a candle in remembrance of the awful job that you just escaped, this is the candle for you.

wood carving tools set

Because They Have a Lot of Time on Their Hands: 12-Piece Wood Carving Tools Set

Maybe they’re finally getting around to those home repairs that they’ve been putting off. Maybe they’ve started carving or whittling since they don’t have anything else to do. The nice thing about this tool set is that it’s flexible enough to serve many needs, so whether they’re a hobbyist or a handyman, they can make good use of these materials.

There are three knives, a wooden spoon, a leather strop, a polishing stone and a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

sequin pillow

For Your Antisocial Friend: I Hate People Sequin Pillow

Who needs people when you can have pillows? This one is covered in shiny sequins that can be reversed with the sweep of a hand to reveal a message: “I hate people.” It’ll be funny and relatable to someone who is going through a job loss, but since the sentiment never expires, they can still enjoy it even after they find a new job.

They can simply hide the message when company comes over.

bottle opener

To Transform Their Layoff Into a Layover: Gold Airplane Bottle Opener

Traveling can be a good way to ease the pain of a lost job. Instead of wallowing in it, they can seize the opportunity to hop on a plane and see the world without the burden of watching the calendar. This airplane bottle opener isn’t the only one of its kind, but thanks to its sleek golden materials and tiny, lifelike details, it’ll be a stylish addition to their kitchen!

tea drops standard sampler

To Feed Their Caffeine Addiction: Sweetened Loose Leaf Tea Drops Standard Sampler

A good cup of tea can make your troubles seem far away, especially when you add “tea drops” like these. Each one is a pint-sized portion of sugar, spice and caffeine, and they come in a variety of flavors to give your tea a unique little kick.

From citrus ginger to matcha green, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful sampling of tea. The drops even come in cute shapes to make you smile!

lined blank notebook journal

A Gentle Reminder: Sometimes You Forget You’re Awesome Lined Blank Notebook Journal

One of the most devastating things about a lost job is the feeling of inadequacy that can come with it. Fortunately, there are gifts that can help your loved one overcome their negative thoughts and bolster their self-esteem again.

For example, this notebook says “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome, so this is your reminder.” It can be used for writing, drawing, doodling and list-making every day of the year, and the other person will see a positive affirmation every time!


When They’re Grouchy and They Know It: Middle Finger Novelty Socks

There’s nothing like flipping the bird to blow off a little steam, and with these socks, your gift recipient can do it endlessly. There are about a half-dozen middle fingers printed on each one, and they’re all primed and ready to tell someone what the wearer really thinks.

They’re made with a blend of cotton and polyester, and they’ll fit most shoe sizes from 4 – 10. They’re in a crew cut style for added oomph.

wall plaque

Wise Words: Braver Than You Think Wall Plaque

Though it’s advertised as a wall plaque, this small, decorative sign could just as easily be propped on a desk or nestled into a planter or shelf. It measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches in a perfect square shape, and it’s made with soft, eco-friendly materials that won’t trigger any allergies.

Best of all, it has a motivational quote for tough times: “Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and loved more than you know.” The message is even carved into the block so that you can slip multicolored papers behind the words and change their appearance!

bear hug greeting card

When They’re Eating Their Sadness Away: Bear Hug Novelty Greeting Card

Satisfy their sweet tooth with a unique greeting card that comes pre-stuffed with gummy bears. The front says “sending you a big bear hug,” so it’s thematically appropriate, and it’ll express gentle condolences for their job loss without getting overly sappy about it.

On top of that, since it’s filled with real gummy bears, it’ll be a much better gift than a plain old greeting card that gets tossed into the trash after awhile.


To Inspire a Better Tomorrow: Accomplish Magnificent Things Necklace

With the outline of a mountaintop, this necklace is designed to give them the power and confidence of an Everest climber. It looks simple, but its meaning is compelling, especially since it comes on a printed card with an inspirational quote.

It starts with “accomplish magnificent things” and ends with “you are capable of anything you imagine.” It’ll be a wonderful piece of jewelry for a wonderful person that you adore.

lamp covers

The Perfect Gift for Rush Hour Traffic: Angry Bird Style Headlight Lamp Covers

Yes, you read that correctly. These headlights were inspired by Angry Birds! They fit over the front lights of a vehicle to give it a grouchy face. If your buddy is in a bad mood and doesn’t care who knows it, these light covers can be just what they need to take their rain cloud on the go.

Just make sure that you buy the right size for their particular car.

squishy toy

Voodoo for Dummies: Scented Stress Relief Squishy Toy

Voodoo dolls have never looked so cute! With a kawaii-style flair, this doll comes stitched together with soft, squishy materials that also allow it to double as a stress ball. Your gift recipient can pretend like it’s their ex-boss while throttling it to death, or they can coo over its adorable appearance and treat it reverently.

The doll is versatile enough to serve many purposes.

instant happy notes

A Spoonful of Sugar: Instant Happy Notes

The great thing about this gift is that it can be given to someone or used for someone. It’s a collection of 101 sticky notes, and they come pre-printed with cheerful, colorful messages that are designed to make people smile.

You can give the whole thing to your friend and allow them to use the notes as they see fit, or you can surprise them by plastering the notes on their belongings when they least expect it. “A gold star for you!” “You put the shine in sunshine!” Who can resist such sweet little messages?

blokus game

For Those Long, Boring Afternoons: Blokus Game

Boredom is inevitable when you’re unemployed, but instead of letting them sit around and rot their brains with their 800th rewatch of Game of Thrones, challenge them to something a little more stimulating.

Blokus is a board game that takes only a minute to learn, but it can be stretched into hours of play. They can even play by themselves when no one else is available! Whether they treat it like drunken entertainment or a serious strategic enterprise, Blokus will definitely keep the boredom at bay.

coffee mug

To Say Goodbye to a Colleague: Good Luck Finding Better Co-Workers Coffee Mug

If you want to acknowledge someone who is leaving your team, this mug can be a friendly, office-appropriate way to do it. It says “good luck finding better co-workers than us!” with a cheerful little exclamation point.

You might not want to give it to someone who is grieving over being let go, but if they’re looking on the bright side of things, a friendly gesture from their colleagues can send them off on a high note.


A Spiritual Keepsake: Everything Happens for A Reason Key Chain

If they believe in higher powers, this key chain can serve as a talisman against hard times. It says “everything happens for a reason” in plain, unadorned text, so it’s suitable for both men and women, and it’s small enough to be carried in pockets as well as purses, wallets, clutches and backpacks.

They can take it with them wherever they go, and they can touch the plain silver metal whenever they need a reminder to hold their head high.

coloring book

To Slap Some Happiness Into Them: Cheer the F*ck Up Coloring Book

Coloring books are more than just a childhood pastime. They have genuine therapeutic value, especially when they can make people laugh, and Cheer the F*ck Up: An Irreverently Positive Adult Coloring Book does just that.

It’s filled with motivational messages to help people out of a funk, but instead of being silly or saccharine, they’re unapologetically blunt. Your friend will spend their time coloring in messages like “F*ck Stress” and “Love The Sh*t Out of Yourself.

wine glass

For Drinking Away Their Woes and Worries: Because Punching People in the Face is Illegal Wine Glass

A nice glass of wine has prevented many crimes of passion, so if you know someone who is on the verge of egging their ex-boss’s car, give them this glass and ply them with some Merlot. It says “wine: because punching people in the face is illegal,” so it should make them laugh.

Even more importantly, it can hold up to 15 ounces, so it should get them nice and drunk.

indoor plant

The Low-Maintenance Version of a New Puppy: Live Mini Succulent Echeveria Indoor Plant

If they’re living in a pair of sweatpants as they lounge on the couch all day and ignore the classifieds, they might be stirred into caring about things again with the responsibility of a live plant. This succulent grows just four inches tall, so it isn’t huge and unwieldy, and it’ll thrive indoors just as well as outdoors.

For bonus points, it comes in a ceramic pot that says “my life would succ without you,” so it’ll be a sweet little gesture of support for a friend who needs you.

beach zen garden

To Cross Something Off Their Bucket List: A Day at the Beach Zen Garden

A tropical vacation will put a smile on anyone’s face, but let’s assume that you don’t have the funds to actually send them to Hawaii. This zen garden can be a nice alternative. It has all of the sand, sun and beach toys that you’d expect from an island getaway, but it’s condensed into a tiny, tabletop version of itself.

Your friend can enjoy a little slice of paradise without having to leave home at all.

rock painting kit

When They’re Tired of Yoga and Origami: Rock Painting Kit

It might be marketed to kids, but there’s nothing about this rock painting kit to discourage adults from having fun with it. It’s a convenient, all-in-one craft box that comes with everything they’ll need to get started, including rocks, brushes, paint, stickers, decals and googly eyes.

They can make themselves a worry stone or feng shui piece; they can bring life to a goofy little pet rock. The silver lining of unemployment is that they’ll have plenty of time to mess around.

novelty memo pads

To Prepare Them for Their Next Job: Funny Female-Centric Novelty Memo Pads

Office work can be hellish, but these memo pads might add a little humor to her next job. They depict vintage-style cartoon ladies who are telling it like it is! For example, a notepad for lists is headlined with “other people’s problems that I for some reason have to solve,” and a blank notepad says “she wanted to throat punch someone, but she was trying to get right with the Lord.

” With office supplies like these, your friend will be more than ready for her next desk job.

chakra yoga bead bracelets

To Align With the Divine: Chakra Yoga Bead Bracelets

With vibrant colors and beautiful beadwork, this bracelet will quickly become a must-have style icon in your favorite person’s wardrobe. Black lava beads are woven together with a rainbow collection of amber, turquoise, tiger eye, lapis lazuli and more.

Each color represents one of the seven chakras of the body, and they’re porous, so they can be spritzed with everything from perfumes to essential oils. They’ll be a fashion piece and an aromatherapy treatment all rolled into one!

stainless steel mug

A Practical Piece of Advice: F*ck It Bucket Stainless Steel Mug

When life gets you down, “chuck it in the f*ck it bucket and move on.” That’s the message of this stainless steel mug, and it can be applied to everything from lost jobs to relationships that end badly.

Use it for coffee; set it on your desk as a daily reminder to keep going. Fill it with crumpled-up papers that represent your frustration. Since it’s made of gloss-coated stainless steel, you could even take it on camping trips!

mouse pad

For Clicking and Clanking: Life is Tough Vintage-Colored Floral Mouse Pad

“Life is tough, but so are you.” This is one of those classic inspirational quotes that’s printed on everything from t-shirts to wooden box signs, but if you’re looking for something a little different, consider getting it on a mouse pad.

It’ll be a constant reminder of their strength and determination if they use it every day, and it’ll support them on future job searches as they browse Indeed.

round puzzle

If They Need New Purpose in Their Life: The Indian Feather 1,000-Piece Round Puzzle

Keep them busy for years with this beautifully intricate puzzle. There are 1,000 pieces in total, and they depict a colorful feather filled with swirls, circles, flowers, grooves and other mind-bending patterns.

If it ever gets too hard, they can flip the pieces over and find “cheat codes” that divide the puzzle into A – F sections. It’ll be a fun way to keep them engaged during a time when it would be easy to let themselves go.

snack sampler box

To Take Their Taste Buds on a Ride: Elite World Snack Sampler Box

Another great gift for the travel-minded, this care package will take them all around the world with a single box. It’s stuffed to the brim with international snacks and treats, including Mexican cookies, Russian cakes, Japanese gummies and English toffees.

Their sweet tooth will be more than satisfied with this collection, and it might give them a little perspective on their troubles as well.

wine tumbler

For Your Very Best Friend: Take Your Pain Rose Gold Wine Tumbler

For the friend who doesn’t like mushy gifts, this one is much more straightforward: “I wish I could take your pain and give it to someone we both really hate.” It’s a no-nonsense kind of sympathy, and it comes printed on a wine tumbler that can hold up to 12 ounces of the good stuff, so it shouldn’t trigger any gross displays of emotion.

It’ll make them laugh; it’ll make them drink. That’s what good friends do after someone gets laid off.

cat slippers

For Early Mornings: Grumpy Cat Slippers

These plushly-lined slippers are so cute that you can almost miss the irritable countenance of Grumpy Cat on the front. Once you get past the face, however, there’s a lot to enjoy. The materials are soft and comfortable; the fit is generous enough for most shoe sizes.

There’s even a warming element through a USB charger if your loved one wants toasty toes on cold mornings! Help them cope with the pain of a lost job in the warmest and cutest way possible with these Grumpy Cat slippers.


To Get Them Back on Their Feet: You Will Never See Me Quit T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least, if they’re ready to get back on the horse and find another job, this t-shirt can offer some much-needed encouragement. It says “you may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.

” It’s available in multiple cuts and colors, so it’s suitable for friends of every age, size, shape and gender, and it can be tossed into the washing machine without any special care. It’ll be perfect as a “go get ’em” present for someone who is motivated for the next chapter of their life.

4 Considerations When Buying Presents for Someone Who Lost Their Job

Losing a job is terrible. There’s no way around that. With the right gift, however, you might be able to lessen the sting a little, and you’ll show your loved one that you’re willing to support them through the good times and the bad. Here are just a few ways to express your condolences.

1. Match Their Mood

Some people are angry when they’re laid off. Others are sad or worried. Whatever gift that you buy, make sure that it’s suitable for the emotional state of the gift recipient. If they’re stressed about money, for example, they might not appreciate a gag gift that makes light of their situation. On the other hand, if they’re allergic to sappiness, they might roll their eyes at a sentimental sympathy card.

2. Keep It Practical

Every gift should have a practical element to it. Even if it isn’t something that they’ll use every day, it should be something with physical or emotional value. It should be something that they won’t just throw in the trash in a few months. Think about your gift recipient and their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and lifestyle.

3. Make Them Smile

People can go through an entire range of emotions when they’re fired, and most of them are negative. Try to combat the vortex of anxiety, stress and depression by bringing a smile to their face. You don’t have to give them a funny gift; it can be something touching or heartwarming. Just try to lighten their heart for a minute or two during a difficult time.

4. Don’t Worry About Being Profound

In the same vein as the above, you don’t have to make a big, meaningful statement with your gift. You don’t have to single-handedly lift them out of their funk. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is provide a listening ear and a small gift to show your love and concern. These are the kinds of things that they’ll remember in the future.


These are just a few tips and tricks when gift shopping for people who have lost their job. What do you think of our ideas? Have we missed anything obvious? What would cheer you up after getting laid off? Let us know!

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