41 Phantom of the Opera Gifts for the Ultimate Fanatic

Maybe she swoons for the star-crossed romance. Maybe he has a deep but secret love of musicals that no one is supposed to know about.

Whatever their reason for obsessing over The Phantom of the Opera, here are just a few gift ideas that will lure them into a dark lair like a young ingenue!

41 Phantom of the Opera Gifts for the Ultimate Phanatic

vintage wood music box

To Put an Angel of Music In Their Pocket: Vintage Wood-Carved Phantom Music Box

Small enough to be cradled in the palm of your hand, this miniature music box will be a delightful gift for Phantom enthusiasts. It has a deep, wine-red color with a golden mask and rose etched on the lid, and when you open it, tiny musical notes will play.

You can even watch the silver gears going into motion! Between its miniature charm and vintage-style construction, it’ll make your gift recipient long for Paris in the 1880s.

ceramic coffee mug

A Truly Pawesome Gift: Phantom of the Opurra Ceramic Coffee Mug

Purrfect for cat lovers, this coffee mug will become their favorite way to enjoy a hot drink in the morning. It depicts a mask-wearing cat who calls himself “The Phantom of the Opuura” as he holds a rose in his mouth.

He’ll be the feline of their deepest, darkest desires as he seduces them into a life of highly caffeinated beverages.

pajama set

For Snuggles and Cuddles: Phantom of the Opera Women’s Cartoon PJs

Cutely whimsical, these cotton pajamas will show a softer side of the Phantom and his dream bride. The top is a fitted t-shirt with cartoon versions of Erik and Christine, and the drawstring pants are made of fuzzy flannel that you can’t help but run between your fingers.

Available patterns include stripes, checkers, plaid and camo. If you don’t want your Phantom gift to be total doom and gloom, consider these adorable PJs!

horror movie poster

To Decorate Their Room: The Phantom of the Opera Italian Vintage Horror Movie Poster

Il Fantasm Dell Opera is an Italian film poster for the 1943 adaptation starring Claude Rains. It isn’t the original poster, of course, but it’s a perfect recreation right down to the sepia tones and old-fashioned fonts.

The Phantom swings from the opera house’s chandelier as the audience watches in horror. Who wouldn’t want to put such an iconic scene on their wall?

phantom of Opera funko Pop

To Scare the Cat: Phantom of the Opera Funko Pop

He doesn’t have the sexy smolder of Gerard Butler, but if you’re looking for a more classic take on The Phantom of the Opera, this figurine will do the trick. It’s part of the “Universal Monsters” series of Funko Pops, so it’s based on the pale, ghastly version of the Phantom from the 1925 silent horror film.

He looks like he crawled right out of the sewers and into the box!

Phantom and Christine figurine

For Letting the Music Softly and Deftly Caress You: Phantom and Christine Musical Mirror Figurine

Is anything more iconic than the mirror scene from The Phantom of the Opera? Despite the fact that it’s been adapted by a dozen different actors, this figure set manages to capture the pure essence of the scene.

The details are so exquisite that you can see the individual curls in Christine’s hair, and there’s tangible love on Erik’s face as he gazes at Christine through the gilded mirror. As a bonus, when you turn the dial, Music of the Night will play.

phantom of opera mask

To Maintain Their Secret Identity: Men’s Phantom of the Opera Vintage Masquerade Mask

You’ll find plenty of masquerade masks inspired by The Phantom of the Opera, but the plain white ones can be a little boring. This mask is much more colorful and vibrant! It has a cracked ivory center between red and black sections decorated with musical notes and golden vines.

Silk ribbons are attached to the back if your gift recipient wants to wear it; otherwise, it can be hanged or displayed as a collector’s item. It’ll be an amazing gift for art lovers, opera lovers and creatives of all types.


To Put a New Twist on an Old Classic: Phantom of the Opera High Top Sneakers

Perfect for writers, actors, theater workers, college students and other artsy folk, these hand-painted sneakers will be the ultimate gift for a Phantom addict. Their bright blue color demands attention, and their mask motif is instantly recognizable as a Phantom phenomenon.

High-tops have always been trendy, but when you add a major Broadway play to their design, they become trendier than trendy!

cuff links

For the Guy Who Can’t Resist the Phantom, Either: Phantom of the Opera Mask Cuff Links

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy Phantom, so if you’re shopping for more male-minded gifts, consider this pair of cuff links. They’ll jazz up any suit with their gleaming silver accents that catch in the light, and they’ll show an appreciation for the arts since they’re so clearly modeled after the play.

Whether he relates to brooding anti-heroes or just appreciates pretty girls in dresses, he should like these cuff links as a Phantom fan.

Artificial red rose

A Valentine’s Day Gift That You’ll Never Top: 24k Artificial Red Rose

Made from a real rose, this glass-covered model will be a long-lasting testament to the passion that you have for your lover. Not only does it unfurl with brilliantly red petals, but it glitters with an infusion of 24k gold flakes! Strictly speaking, it isn’t a Phantom gift, but anyone who is familiar with the story will understand the significance of it.


To Charm the Stockings Off Her: Phantom of the Opera Charm Bracelet

Delicately beautiful, this bracelet will make her feel like a young Parisian lady slipping into a lace-embroidered dress and covering herself with a sun umbrella. A silver chain carries several charms, including a rose, piano, violin and mask.

A hook clasp will keep it secured to her wrist, and polished surfaces will keep it from tarnishing or discoloring. Black beads offset the red of the rose and the silver of the charms. Is she ready to sing All I Ask of You? Clasp this bracelet on her wrist and let her go!

calligraphy dip pen set

For Writers and Dreamers: Calligraphy Dip Pen Set

Do your taxes like Viscount Raoul de Chagny with this vintage calligraphy set. The pen is made with copper and stainless steel, and you can choose between 11 different nibs depending on what size and shape that you want your letters to take.

There’s even a retro-style pen holder to grasp the pen when you’re done! This gift is so cool that you might just keep it for yourself even if you aren’t a Phantom wannabe.

Candelabra cake topper

To Party Like It’s 1880: Candelabra Cake Topper

Perfect for a Phantom-themed party, this candelabra looks like it could’ve come straight from Erik’s underground lair of hoarded objects and discarded trinkets. Despite its ornamental design, however, it isn’t heavy at all; it’s meant to sit comfortably on top of a cake.

Your buddy will love its gothic splendor, and you will love the fact that it comes with the candles already included, so all that you have to do is open the box and light it up.

Oval sticker

A Name in Lights: The Phantom of The Opera 1925 Oval Sticker

Glowing like the title card that you’d see on the big screen of a retro movie theater, this sticker will immediately make you think of the black-and-white version of the Phantom, and you’d be right to do so.

It’s stylized like the title card from the 1925 film adaptation. Your buddy can apply it to their wall, window, car, skateboard, locker or laptop case. Whether they’re a fan of old movies or just cool stickers, they should have fun with this one.

miniature opera binoculars

To Get Some Culture: Miniature Opera Binoculars

If they’ve always dreamed of seeing The Phantom of the Opera on stage, these binoculars will get them one step closer to a bucket list item. The lenses offer 3x magnification with a small but stylish frame, and they even come with a handle so that they can be held up to the face like proper opera glasses.

Additionally, they’re available in silver, gold and white, so you can choose the most fashionable option for your friend!


When They Can Quote the Entire Movie: Phantom of the Opera Famous Quotes Blanket

Close your eyes and let the blanket set you free. That’s the quote, right? Or maybe it’s a different one: Let your blanket take you where you long to be. Made with the softest microfibers, this is definitely a snuggle-worthy cover, and it’s only made better by all of the famous words on it.

Whether they’re a fan of the book, play, movie or Muppet version, they should definitely appreciate the most timeless lines from a timeless classic.


For Phantastic Cooks: Phantom of the Opera Cooking Apron

You don’t have to be as dramatic as Erik to be a Phantom fan, and this apron proves it. With a stylishly minimalist design, it says only “The Phantom of the Opera” in understated text below a picture of a half-mask.

There are no other design elements, and the apron itself is a plain black affair with simple ties that can be adjusted as you see fit. No one has to fly into a jealous frenzy while wearing it!

hinged trinket box

A Beautiful Box for a Beautiful Bride: Phantom and Christine Hinged Trinket Box

Gorgeously crafted with everything from brass hinges to subtle, hand-painted details, this trinket box looks like something from an antique shop. It’s partly a figurine and partly a music box, but it comes with a velvet-lined interior for storing rings, lockets, keys, coins and other keepsakes.

Press a dried flower into the fabric; roll up a romantic note for your lover to find. This is a beautiful gift with infinite possibilities.

phone case

To Make Their Texts Extra-Dramatic: Phantom of the Opera Phone Case

Nothing suggests “tortured artist” quite like a rose thrown over piano keys. There’s even a red-and-black smudge in the corner that could represent blood. Such is the nature of this Phantom phone case, which is stylish enough to stand out while still being casual enough for daily use.

It’ll make a great gift for Phanatics who live and breathe the tale.

Vinyl wall decor

When It’s Time to Redecorate: Vinyl Phantom Wall Decor

“It’s a Phantom Thing.” If this isn’t a sentiment that Phantom fans can relate to, nothing is. The best part is that it’s expressed on a gigantic wall decal with a mask and rose included, so whether they’re looking to dress up their dorm or create a fun feature wall in their home, they’ll have options.

This gift is for anyone who wants to give their interior decor an awesomely gothic flair.

coffee mug

To Get Out of Those Monday Morning Meetings: Strict Angel Ceramic Coffee Mug

“Sorry, I Can’t, The Angel of Music Is Very Strict.” Wouldn’t it be great if we could use this excuse in everyday life? Let your friend test it out with a funny, rose-covered coffee mug. Whenever their boss wants a new report, they can raise the mug and shrug.

Whenever their kids want to be fed or watered, they can raise the mug and shrug. Their hands are tied. The angel of music says no.

Muppets Meet the classics book

When They Have Every Other Version of the Book: Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera has been sold in many beautiful forms, including leather-bound hardcovers with ornate gold lettering and thick ivory pages. This version is not one of those. It’s a retelling of the old classic through the Muppets characters, and its cover depicts Kermit, Miss Piggy and Uncle Deadly in all of their colorful, puppet-y glory.

Even if your friend has an extensive Phantom library, they probably don’t own this particular book!

Star ceramic ornament

For the World’s Most Gothic Christmas Tree: Phantom Star Ceramic Ornament

At first glance, this might look like any other holiday ornament with the Phantom’s mask on it. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice that the “mask” has been formed by a white-and-red word collection of famous quotes from the book.

A star shape holds them all, and a tied ribbon tops them off. This is an ornament that will look fabulous on any tree!

The phantom of opera Playset

To Delight Their Inner Child: The Phantom of the Opera Playset

Toys aren’t just for kids! Manufactured in 1998, this playset has become a genuine collector’s item for Phantom lovers. It looks just like an opera house with a balcony, chandelier and pipe organ, and a small action figure can be outfitted with everything from a sword to a mask depending on whether you want him to be a dashing hero or deadly villain.

The chandelier will even swing from a platform if you want to re-enact a murder or two!


To Add to Their Jewelry Collection: Phantom of the Opera Mask Pendant Necklace

There’s no shortage of Phantom-inspired jewelry, but much of it is ostentatious costume jewelry that isn’t appropriate for everyday wear. This necklace, however, has a bit more subtlety. The mask is a small silver pendant that dangles from a delicate chain, and its surface is flat, so it can be tucked into a shirt when necessary.

If they’re a quiet Phantom fan, this is the jewelry piece for them.


A Psychologist’s Nightmare: Phantom of the Opera Moods T-Shirt

It’s hard to emote from behind a mask, especially the full-face versions that are favored by Broadway actors. Show some empathy for the struggle with this t-shirt! It has a mood board for the Phantom that includes everything from happiness to frustration, but sadly, every mask is the exact same.

Who designed those things, anyway?

pocket watch jewelry

For the Romantic Soul: Phantom of the Opera Literary Jewelry

Despite the occasional blood-soaked murder, you can’t deny that the Phantom is super romantic, and this quote is one of his finest: “You, alone, can make my song take flight.” If you have a significant other, you might just make their day with a gift like this.

The quote is printed on an old-fashioned pendant that can be worn like a necklace or even a pocket watch, and its vintage typography will make it seem even more authentic.

book page print

For Book Lovers and Bibliophiles: All I Wanted Typography Book Page Print

All I wanted was to be loved for myself. It’s one of the most heartbreaking quotes from the Phantom, but it has a certain beauty to it as well, and you can celebrate the duality of the line with this art print.

Each letter is stylized in vintage typography, and it’s properly attributed to author Gaston Leroux. Hang it; frame it; use it as a decorative item in an office or home library. The possibilities of an art print are endless.

T-shirt with logo

When the Phantom Needs to Take a Chill Pill: Phantom of the Opera Fan Logo T-Shirt

Given the grim nature of the story, it can be hard to find brightly-colored Phantom gifts, but this t-shirt manages to shake off the melancholy and offer a little sunshine. It’s available in multiple colors, including white and yellow, and it says “Phantom” with a mask in place of the “O.

” If they enjoy Erik’s character but hate the dark, oppressive atmosphere that’s always wrapped around him like a cloak, this gift will do something different.

Fridge magnet

A Vintage Throwback: Phantom of the Opera Movie Poster Fridge Magnet

Bring a little mystique to their kitchen with a Phantom fridge magnet. It’s styled like a window card for the 1925 movie, so it has vintage appeal, but it’s modern enough to come with a hard plastic material that will withstand all of their notes, memos, receipts and appointment reminders.

You don’t want to give them a fridge magnet that doesn’t stick! Fortunately, this Phantom is made of stronger stuff.

phantom of opera figurine

To Awaken Their Romantic Dreams: Phantom of the Opera “Journey to The Lair” Figurine

Another famous scene from many Phantom adaptations is when Erik takes Christine to his lair for the first time. It’s as iconic as Beauty meeting the Beast, so it only makes sense to see it immortalized as a beautiful, hand-crafted ornament complete with rushing waters and flickering candles.

You can even choose from a dozen songs to add a musical element to the figurine!


For a Well-Stocked Library: Phantom of The Opera Lon Chaney Bookmark

Another gift that celebrates the silent film, this bookmark offers a hair-raising look at Lon Chaney in full glory. A tassel swings by his side, and a small 35mm film reel accompanies the printed photo on the bookmark.

Your gift recipient can display it on their desk, laminate it as a collector’s item or use it as a real bookmark during their millionth re-read. The Phantom won’t mind. He’s a master of waiting.

ceramic mug

Humor That’s Just as Black as the Coffee: Keep Calm and Bring Down the Chandelier Coffee Mug

The dead man might say that it’s in poor taste, but who cares about him? This hilarious coffee mug isn’t afraid to be edgy. It says “Keep Calm and Bring Down the Chandelier” in bold black letters on a white background, and there’s a tiny picture of a chandelier to really sell it.

The owner of this mug can use it for coffee, tea, milk, cocoa or even just holding pencils. A murderous chandelier won’t discriminate.

mini book ornament

For Literary Geeks: Phantom of the Opera Mini-Book Ornament

Rendered with clay and glazed with fire for a smooth, polished look, this ornament is a step above the cheap plastic balls that usually decorate Christmas trees. Not only does it boast a beautifully detailed frame with old-fashioned gold lettering, but its centerpiece is a real copy of The Phantom of the Opera.

It’s just been scaled to a minuscule size. It’ll definitely be a talking piece during the holiday season!


To Chronicle All of Their Phantom Fantasies: Music of the Night Journal

Music of the Night is such an iconic song that you only have to hear one verse for it to get stuck in your head all day long. If you know someone who would love to inflict this fate on others, get them a Music of the Night notebook.

Its cover is adorned with some of its most famous lyrics, and inside, there are almost 200 pages for dreaming, doodling, writing, organizing and journaling. It’s a very multipurpose present!

rotating water globe

For a Show-Stopping Shelf: Phantom and Christine Rotating Water Globe

If they like collectibles, this water globe will become the centerpiece of their trinkets, figurines and jewelry boxes. It depicts Christine and Erik in a romantic hold as they slowly rotate inside of a glass dome.

Musical notes will play, and the black-and-gold resin base will hold them steady. Beautiful details can be found everywhere from the hand-sculpted roses to the curling calligraphy on the self-identifying plaque.

The Phantom of opera Pop up book

If They Like Rare, Thrifty Items: The Phantom of the Opera: Pop-Up Book

Originally published in 1988, this pop-up version of The Phantom of the Opera is a genuine collector’s item. Like its name suggests, it has pop-up pictures that bring the tragic story of Erik, Christine and Raoul to life, and some copies have lights and music as well.

However, since it’s an older item that you can only find through secondhand sellers, the special effects aren’t guaranteed. Only the pop-up pictures have withstood the test of time, but that’s what makes them amazing.

wall clock

For a Killer Interior Design: Phantom of the Opera Vinyl Record Wall Clock

With its jet-black material and ample use of negative space, this clock is one of the most visually striking things that you can hang on a wall. It gets even better when you take a closer look and see Erik sweeping Christine off her feet! The exposed gears have an almost steampunk look, and the vinyl has been artfully cut from the tip of his top hat to the bottom of the rose clutched between her fingers.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Phantom gifts, this is it.

3 Tips for Choosing Phantom of the Opera Themed Present

With more than 100 million viewers, The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most famous stories in the world.

But how are you supposed to choose gifts for it? With so many options, how do you narrow them down and find something that your gift recipient will actually like? Here are just a few tips.

1. Research the Different Adaptations

The Phantom of the Opera is a worldwide phenomenon, and its adaptations have ranged from old, silent films to massively successful Broadway shows.

Which ones has your friend seen? Do they like the ugly monsters from the original versions or the sexy anti-heroes from the modern stories?

It’s an important thing to know before you freak out a Gerard Butler fan with a Lon Chaney poster.

2. Figure Out What They Like

In the same vein as the above, the story of the Phantom has many different themes, concepts and interpretations, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page as your friend before you buy them anything.

If they swoon at the romance between Erik and Christine, they’ll like different gifts than someone who considers Erik a loathsome jerk who gets what’s coming to him.

3. Buy Something Practical

If they collect snow globes, that’s a great present. If they don’t collect snow globes, that will probably be one of those “oh, how nice” gifts that gets forgotten in a closet because it has no practical use to them.

Whether you’re buying an apron, bracelet, key ring, coffee mug or table lamp, make sure that it’s actually needed and wanted.

Don’t buy something useless just because it has a white mask slapped on it.

Final Words

Are you a fan of The Phantom of the Opera?

Do you see anything on this list that speaks to you, or have you noticed anything missing that we definitely should’ve included? Let us know! We promise not to drop any chandeliers on you!

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