28 Gifts for Pilots To Put Them on Cloud Nine

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a pilot!

If you know someone who considers a good day to be 36,000 feet high, here are just a few gifts for pilots that’ll send them soaring.

whiskey decanter

When They’re Off the Job: Whiskey Decanter Antique Wood Airplane

Perfect for the whiskey whisperer in your life, this decanter will be a gorgeous addition to any home or office setting. It’s made from a rich amber wood and modeled like a vintage airplane complete with old-fashioned propellers and upper and lower wings.

The decanter itself is crafted from borosilicate glass, and it comes with two drinking glasses suitable for whiskey, wine, scotch, bourbon and more.


To Keep Them on Time: Casio AE-1200WHD-1AVCF World Time Watch

Timekeeping is a pain when you’re always flying across time zones, but you can relieve some of your pilot’s burden with a watch like this one. Its multi-function dial has a world clock in addition to a dazzling assortment of other features such as alarms, calendars, timers and a 12-to-24 hour toggle.

Its display is backed by a battery-powered LED light, and its waterproof, stainless steel band is made to last. You could definitely do worse in terms of watches.

coffee mug

For the Pilot With a Sense of Humor: I Can Fly Misspelled Coffee Mug

If they aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, this mug is sure to get a place of honor at their table. It has several scribbled-out lines like “I’m a pielat” and “I’m a pielit,” and it finally concludes, “I can fly.

” Wrap it as-is if they’re a java junkie, or fill it with candies and other small treats so that they can stick it on their desk as an organizer.


To Be Magazine-Ready: Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

This is the kind of gift that they’d never splurge on for themselves but would love as a birthday or holiday surprise. It’s a pair of classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. They’re only missing the cap and the bomber jacket to complete the look of an old-school pilot, but you have to save something for future gifts, right?

portable espresso machine

When They Need Their Fix: Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine

At just 6.89 x 2.75 x 2.36 inches, this portable espresso machine is a wonder. It’s so small that it can practically fit into your pocket, but it also delivers a high-quality performance that results in smooth, flavorful and aromatic coffee.

When your gift recipient isn’t using it in the cockpit, they can also take it on camping trips or bust it out during long commutes.

flight bag

For the Polished Professional: Cross Country Flight Bag

A pilot’s bag is one of their most important possessions. It needs to meet industry standards while also being neat, organized and compact enough for long-distance travel. Fortunately, this bag can do it all! Not only does it offer multiple compartments for maps, charts, radios, headsets and other flight paraphernalia, but it’s also made with durable, comfortable materials suitable for heavy wear and tear.

All pilots want a bag like this one.

tile artwork

To Encourage and Empower: Against the Wind Motivational Tile Artwork

“When everything seems to be against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” This motivational artwork can deliver a much-needed boost on those days when your favorite pilot just isn’t feeling it.

Additionally, since it’s made with porcelain tile rather than being a flimsy paper printout, it’ll add a little prestige to their interior decor. The best gifts are meaningful in more ways than one!

ceramic coaster set

A Blast From the Past: Smithsonian Vintage Travel Poster Four-Piece Ceramic Coaster Set

Originally designed by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, these vintage travel posters have been shrunk and applied as vinyls to a set of rubber-backed coasters. With their bright colors and ’50s and ’60s era planes, they’re sure to become a talking piece in home decor! They’ll also do their job in terms of protecting tables and countertops thanks to durable ceramic surfaces.

dripdrop electrolyte powder

For a Hale and Happy Partner: DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Powder for Dehydration Relief

This is a practical gift for a pilot who’s always on the go. They might not be able to hydrate as much as they should, and even when they are drinking water, there’s no guarantee that they’re getting enough electrolytes.

The good news is that this flavored powder can help set their body to rights. It comes in a multi-pack of berry, lemon and watermelon, and individual packets can be tucked safely into their bags for whenever they feel a thirst.


When They Love Their Job: Airplane Pilot Heartbeat T-Shirt

Does their heart beat to the rhythm of a gas turbine? If so, this is the t-shirt for them. It has an EKG image with an airplane suddenly sprouting from the lines of the heartbeat, so it’ll be perfect for everyone from commercial pilots to hobbyists or plane owners who simply love being in the air.

It’s also available in multiple cuts and sizes to suit men and women both!


Shaken, Not Stirred: Airplane Silver Drink Shaker on Stand

Utterly gorgeous, this alcohol is made with premium-quality silver nickel plate that will gleam under the light like stainless steel. It’s shaped like an airplane, so it has great novelty value, but it’s also a fully functional drink mixer that can mix martinis, mojitos and more.

It’ll be an absolute showstopper in your pilot’s home bar!

table clock

For the Helicopter Pilot: Helicopter Table Clock

Helicopter pilots deserve love and recognition just as much as commercial pilots, especially if they’re working in war zones or operating on emergency medical flights! Offer your appreciation for everything that they do with this helicopter-shaped table clock.

It’ll be a fun gift as well as a show of support for the unique role that they occupy in their institution.


When They’re Just Winging It: Pilot in Progress T-Shirt

Perfect for someone in flight school, this t-shirt will declare them a “Pilot in Progress” along with a green loading bar. It could also be given to a child who dreams of becoming a pilot or even just someone who’s trying to earn a private pilot license for travel or leisure.

It’s a gift that’ll serve anyone who isn’t cleared to fly just yet but is definitely on their way up!

remote control airplane

To Unleash His Inner Child: Three-Channel Remote Control Airplane

You’re never too old to have fun with toy planes, especially when they’re sophisticated miniatures like this one! A cordless motor and gear box power system will kick it off the ground, and a three-level remote control will let the flier switch between easy, medium and hard modes to keep it in the air.

The maximum radio range is 320 feet, so your gift recipient will have plenty of room to play. They could even use this toy to pass along their love of flight to the next generation!


When You’re Forced to Spend Time Apart: Fly Safe Pendent Key Chain

“Fly safe. I need you here with me.” It’s a sweet message, and it’s made even sweeter by the fact that it’s portable; it’s engraved on a sterling silver pendant attached to a leather cord, so your loved one can carry it with them wherever they go.

Whether it’s epic, cross-country journeys or simple skips across the pond, they’ll be able to take your love with them. The pendant can be used as a key chain, luggage tag or even a lucky charm.

door mat

Snack Bar Not Included: Arrivals and Departures Door Mat

When they’re the king or queen of their domain, this door mat can help them decorate their castle. It’s meant to resemble an airport terminal with “Arrivals” pointing indoors and “Departures” pointing back out.

Luckily, however, its coir material will be much longer-lasting than the sticky floors of a real airport!

flyboys reversible kneeboard

To Play Angry Birds When No One is Looking: Flyboys Reversible Kneeboard With Clipboard

Kneeboards have become a must-have for pilots since modern aviation rules require them to strap everything down in the cockpit before takeoff. This is a particularly nice model since it can be used by left- and right-handed pilots, and it’s also adjustable, stretchable, detachable and reconfigurable in just about every way that you can imagine.

It’ll be a nice, high-quality gift for a pilot that shows that you did your homework about the job.


For Touch of Humor Under Their Dress Slacks: Men’s Fun Aviation Crew Socks

If you’re looking for simple gifts for pilots, how about a pair of crew socks decorated with planes, suitcases, captain hats and aviator sunglasses? They’re fun enough to be memorable while also being plain enough to give to relatives or co-workers that you don’t know very well.

They could be ideal as a stocking stuffer or something else equally low-key.

poster prints

A Legacy Gift: Four-Piece Vintage Wright Brothers Flying Machine Patent Poster Prints

Before there were Boeings and Learjets, there were the “flying machines” being built by the Wright brothers. This poster collection celebrates their ingenuity and innovation by showcasing the original patents for some of their work.

Dating between 1906 – 1914, the patents boast an incredible amount of detail, and they’ve been given a certain artistic flair thanks to their vintage, sepia-toned prints. They’ll look great on the wall of a dedicated pilot.

seat cushion pillow

Luxurious Lumbar Support: Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow

Another practical gift, this portable, ready-to-use seat cushion will keep them nice and comfortable on long flights. It can be taken anywhere, and its memory foam will adapt and conform to the user’s sitting positions while also providing support for the back and hips.

It’s the kind of gift that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but would love to receive from someone else.


To Keep Him Looking Sharp: Men’s Airplane Necktie

Decorated with small airplanes, this navy blue tie will be perfect as everything from a Father’s Day gift to a celebration of a new job or flight school graduation. It’s classy enough to meet workplace standards while also showcasing the fun and playful personality underneath.

Additionally, even though it’s marketed as a men’s tie, feel free to buy it for the well-dressed female pilot in your life!


Revenge of the Nerds: Aircraft Mechanic Aviation Designs T-Shirt

This t-shirt asks, “What part of lift don’t you understand?” Instead of actually using the word “lift,” however, it uses the flight equation with its graph and associated lines. There’s force, drag, relative wind, chord line and more.

It’ll be a fantastic inside joke for everyone from pilots to flight instructors to aircraft mechanics.

canvas wall art

To Take Over Their Living Room: Five-Piece Vintage Airplane Framed Canvas Wall Art

Take their wall art to new heights with this incredible five-piece display. The 20 x 20 inch squares will stretch more than eight feet long when combined, and the jigsaw artwork comes together as a massive, old-fashioned plane that seems almost alive thanks to its dark colors and fierce lines.

This is definitely a gift that will leave an impression. The only bad part will be topping it next year.


To Stay Warm in High Altitudes: Born to Fly Single Engine Prop Airplane Hoodie

Effortlessly fashionable, this hoodie is sure to become one of their favorites. It’s made from a soft, comfortable cotton with plenty of baggy coziness, but it also features a sleek, jet-black design with a minimalist white print of a vintage airplane and the words “Born to Fly.

” It strikes the perfect balance between casual everyday wear and stylish aviation gear.

cuff links

For Formal Occasions: Helicopter Huey Pair Cuff Links

Helicopters might be hungry beasts in the sky, but they have a surprisingly graceful charm when scaled down into silver cuff links. They’ll look fantastic when paired with a suit or other formal attire.

Is he graduating soon? Does he attend a lot of high-class functions? Give him a reason to stand taller with a well-polished, well-customized outfit right down to his cuff links.

pilot T-shirt

When They’re Out of Uniform: The Only Six Pack Pilot T-Shirt

Fun and silly, this t-shirt has a picture of plane controls under the words “The Only Six Pack I’ll Ever Need.” It’s available in multiple cuts, colors and sizes, so it’s suitable for both men and women of varying tastes, and it can be tossed into the washing machine with no special cleaning instructions.

It’ll be perfect for lazy days off when they’re grounded.

wall decor prints

For the Next Generation: More to Life Amelia Earhart Motivational Wall Decor Art Print

Inspire a female pilot with this fantastic quote from Amelia Earhart: “There’s more to life than being a passenger.” It’s printed on a vintage-style photo of the woman herself looking bada** as she stands in front of a plane, and it’ll make a great piece of wall art for everyone from successful, professional women to little girls dreaming of a day when they can fly.


For the Introspective Soul: Ancicraft Leather Airplane Journal

The life of a pilot can come with all kinds of untold dreams and difficulties. Why don’t you give them a way to organize their thoughts and express their feelings with a personal journal like this one? Its handsome leather cover will give it heft; its airplane charm will add a personal touch.

Your gift recipient can use it for writing, drawing, doodling, list making and even flight logging, so it can serve a variety of purposes at the end of the day.

Present Buyer’s Guide

Aviation gifts come in all shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking for something special to give to someone special, here are just a few ideas for getting it right.

Do Your Research

You don’t have to become an expert in gas turbine engines, but knowing a little about pilots and planes can help you make better decisions about aviation-related gifts. For example, if you’re familiar with pilot lingo, you’ll be able to understand the jokes on funny t-shirts.

Consider Their Wants, Needs and Interests

This should be a no-brainer for gift giving in general, but it’s especially relevant when it comes to the unique lives of pilots. They’re like doctors or athletes in the sense that their days just aren’t the usual 9-to-5s. Taking that into consideration might give you a lot of different gift ideas.

Avoid Anything Too Generic

They probably have a million trinkets shaped like airplanes. Do something different with a gift that incorporates planes in a fun, fashionable or meaningful way. For example, don’t just buy a clock with a plane printed on it; buy one that’s shaped like a plane. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


These are just a few gifts for pilots with their heads in the clouds. What do you think of our choices? Is there anything that you’d add? Have you ever given or received an awesome pilot-themed gift? We want to hear about it, so let us know!

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