44 Awesome Pokemon Gifts To Catch ‘Em All

It’s hard to believe that Pokemon has been going for almost 25 years. However, if you know someone who still gets just as excited at a Bulbasaur as they did when they were swapping cards in the school cafeteria, here are just a few Pokemon gifts that will rock their world.

44 Pokemon Gift Ideas

waffle maker

For the Most Important Meal of the Day: Pokeball Waffle Iron

Breakfast just got a lot more epic. Shaped like a Pokeball, this waffle maker will create crisp, golden brown treats that will look amazing slathered in butter and drenched in syrup. It will print the details of the Pokeball on both sides of the waffle, so you can stack them high on the plate without losing their visual appeal.

Who’s hungry?

Pikachu onesie

To Upgrade Their Snuggie: Pikachu Pokemon Kigurumi Onesie

If they’ve never experienced the magic of a kigurumi, it’s time to indoctrinate them into warm, fleecy goodness. Kigurumi are basically the Japanese equivalent of a onesie, but they’re made for adults, and they function like pajamas or other lounge wear.

They’re soft and snuggly, and they’re deliberately shapeless and oversized like full-body blankets. This kigurumi looks like Pikachu, but there are many variations out there, and all of them are awesome.

pokemon handbook

For Guiding Them on Their Epic Adventure: Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

Did you know that Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created? Were you aware that Azurill is the only Pokemon that can change gender? The Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is a crystal ball into the world of Pokemon.

It offers facts and figures on more than 800 species, and all of the information is presented on bright, colorful and fully-illustrated pages that are suitable for readers both young and old. It’s a must-have for Pokemon fans of all ages.

electronic coin bank

To Stop Their Splurging: Pikachu Electronic Coin Bank

The cutest thieves are the ones who are doing it for your own good. With this particular piggy bank, it’s Pikachu, and he’s sneaking away your coins with a stealthy paw and a mischievous look on his face.

Though the box is made in Japan and designed for Japanese yen, it works just fine with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Pop in a couple of batteries and you’ll be ready to start saving!

PEZ pokemon candy

To Satiate a Sweet Tooth: Pez Pokemon Candy and Dispensers Gift Set With Kazoo

There’s nothing like some Pez to take you back to your childhood, and with these Pokemon-themed dispensers, your gift recipient can enjoy an old snack with a new twist. They’re shaped like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, so the classics are all there, and they’re even packed in a box for easy gifting.

A plastic kazoo adds an extra bit of charm. Whether they’re eating the goods or just collecting them, Pez is always fun to give as a gift.

makeup brushes set

For the Geeky Girl: Avengers-Style Pokemon Wand Makeup Brushes Set

If they love Captain America’s butt almost as much as they love Pikachu’s cute little face, this is the gift for them. It’s a six-piece, multi-sized brush set that can be used for shading, blending, highlighting and contouring, and each brush is topped with a Pikachu in an Avengers costume.

There’s a green Hulk; there’s a red-and-gold Iron Man. She can combine her nerdy pop culture interests and create a killer eye shadow look at the same time.


Build Your Own Johto: Pokemon Monopoly

Who needs Atlantic Avenue when you can haggle for the rights to Misty’s Gym? Pokemon Monopoly combines the gameplay that you know and love with the characters, places, themes and accessories of a brand-new universe.

You’ll play with Pokedollars and compete for Pokeballs. When you draw a leech seed, you’ll collect $50 from every player. These updated rules put a neat, playful twist on an old classic.

origami kit

For Folding Fun: Pokemon Origami Kit

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes, and with the help of this origami kit, you can make them in 2D and 3D dimensions as well. The patterns are arranged by difficulty, so you can start with the easy, distinct lines of Pikachu before moving on to the more complicated folds of Eevee.

A few paper samples are included in the kit, so you can open the box and get to crafting right away. How many origami Pokemon can you assemble? Can you catch them all?

planter flower pot

For Gardeners: Exeggutor Planter Flower Pot

Designed to look just like the three-headed Exeggutor, this flower pot is a must-have for Pokemon fans with a green thumb. They can grow something large and leafy to serve as the Exeggutor’s hair, or they can go in a completely different direction by storing pens, pencils and other office supplies inside of it.

This lightweight storage container will be a cool and creative gift no matter how they use it.

cookie cutters

To Watch Chopped With Charmander: Pokemon Cookie Cutters

Maybe they bake when they’re stressed. Maybe they’re looking for new ways to slice breads and cheeses. The great thing about these stainless steel cookie cutters is that they can be used for a lot more than just cookies, so whether they want to get creative with brownies, sandwiches, fruitcakes, parfaits or any other treats, they can bring their love of Pokemon to everything that they create.


For Pokemon Go Addicts: I’m Just Here for the Pokestop T-Shirt

Pokemon Go isn’t quite the craze that it used to be, but if you have a buddy who still searches diligently for Scyther, this t-shirt can capture the spirit of his quest. It says “I’m Just Here for the Pokestop” with a Pokeball front and center, so other game enthusiasts will immediately recognize him as one of their own.

It might even stop him from getting arrested when he trespasses somewhere because he thought that he saw an Aerodactyl.

LEGO pokemon

Lego for Adults: Mega Construx Pokemon Every Eevee Evolution! Pack

You’ll find plenty of block-building sets for Pokemon characters, including quite a few from Mega Construx. However, this is one of the rare sets that comes with multiple creatures. Almost every Eevee form is here, so your gift recipient can build the cool blue Vaporeon, the vividly orange Flareon and the spiky yellow Jolteon at the same time.

When they’re finished, the Eevees can be displayed as collectibles or played with like mobile action figures. The possibilities are endless!

Pokemon season 1 complete DVD

For ’90s Kids: Pokemon Season 1 The Complete Collection DVD

Go back to the beginning with the anime series that started it all. Ash, Brock and Misty are introduced to the audience for the very first time, and they set off on a modest adventure with no idea that they’re going to become household names for generations to come.

The DVD set includes all 78 episodes of the first season, including several that were never aired in their native Japan. If you want to give a nostalgic present to someone who used to watch Saturday morning cartoons, this is it!

Slowpoke plush

To Encourage Snuggling From Your Spouse: 18-Inch Slowpoke Plush

The world is filled with Pokemon plushies, but there’s something special about this Slowpoke. Maybe it’s the large size that makes him a gentle giant; maybe it’s the soft microfiber lining with the irresistibly squishy stuffing.

Either way, your gift recipient won’t be able to get enough of him. He’s so big and comfortable that he’s almost more of a body pillow than a stuffed animal!

pokeball herb grinder

When It’s Thyme for a Cool Gift: Pokeball Herb Grinder

Constructed with aluminum and zinc alloy, this herb grinder has definitely evolved from its original form. Instead of being a flimsy little kitchen accessory, it’s a hardcore tool that can pulverize everything from nutmug to fennel.

Don’t let its appearance as a Pokeball fool you: It might be a novelty item, but it can also tear up some bay leaves. Chefs will love it, especially if they like doing these things themselves instead of relying on pre-ground or pre-prepared ingedients.

travel pillow with hood

To Defeat Jet Lag: Pikachu U-Shape Travel Pillow With Hood

A good travel pillow can be the difference between a pleasant flight and a journey from hell. If you know anyone who spends a lot of time in the air, they’ll probably appreciate this one. Not only is it designed with a soft, padded U-shape that will cradle their neck while they slumber, but it also comes with a hood that they can pull over their eyes and ears to block out the surrounding environment.

Did we mention that it has Pikachu’s face on it?


For Students and Scholars: Moleskine Limited Edition Pokemon Notebook

Pokemon characters can be found on all sorts of back-to-school supplies, but what if you’re looking for something a little more durable than flimsy composition books and stubby erasers? This notebook is made by Moleskine, and it comes with a heavy, hard-bound cover and thick ivory pages.

It can be used for studying, doodling, writing, journaling and list-making. It’s ideal for a Pokemon fan who could use more organization in their life.

pikachu stuffed doll

To Add a Little Color to Their Life: Rainbow Pikachu Stuffed Doll

You could drown yourself in the amount of Pikachu plushies out there, but this one does something a little different. Instead of being his trademark yellow, he’s printed with pictures of other Pokemon, so he’s brilliantly multicolored with lots of little details in his design.

He’s still soft and cuddly, so he’ll make a great companion during lazy afternoons on the couch, but he’ll be a cool, unique gift instead of just another stuffed animal to add to the pile.


For Long Afternoon Naps: Women’s Snorlax Crew Cut Socks

For the days when she just doesn’t want to get out of bed, these Snorlax socks will sum up her feelings perfectly: “I Wanna Be the Very… ZZZ… ZZZ…” It’s a relatable message for all dreamers and dozers, so it’ll be a fun and quirky gift for Pokemon fans as well.

The yarn material is soft; the targeted arch compression will support the entire length of the foot. She might be lazy, but at least she’ll be stylishly lazy.

shot glass set

Because Pokemon Isn’t Just for Kids: Pocket Monster Starter Shot Glass Set

Drink to their success as a champion with these Pokemon-inspired shot glasses. There are four in total, and each one can hold up to 1.5 ounces of alcohol. From a distance, you might not notice the Pokemon characters etched on the glass, but they’ll stand out in stark relief once you get some liquid gold in there.

Bottoms up!

bath bombs set

To Clean Up After the Adventure Is Over: Pokemon Bath Bombs Gift Set

You kick up a lot of dust as a Pokemon trainer, but with these bath bombs, you’ll be able to get nice and clean after a duel. The shea butter and coconut oil will soothe your tired muscles, and the Epsom salt will exfoliate your skin and detoxify your senses.

As a bonus, when you reach the center of the Pokeball-shaped bath bombs, you’ll be treated to a cute little toy of a Pokemon monster! Kids and adults can both enjoy the suspense of a slowly-fizzing bath bomb with a surprise inside.


For the Valiant and the Vainglorious: Pokemon Go Team Valor Double-Sided Key Chain

Let them rep Team Valor with this sleek, double-sided key chain. It’s made of metal with an enamel filling, so it won’t scratch easily, but it’s also been blunted around the edges so that it won’t cut any fingers that are digging into back pockets in search of keys.

A fiery red Moltres will show the world that they mean business. Everyone secretly knows that Team Valor can kick the snot out of Team Mystic and Team Instinct, anyway.

pokemon vinyl sticker pack

To Put a Pokemon Stamp on Absolutely Everything: 45-Piece Pokemon Vinyl Sticker Pack

Perfect for cars, windows, lockers, laptops and carrying cases, this sticker set will delight Pokemon fans of all ages. There are 45 stickers in total, and none of them are repeats. Their characters include everyone from a colorful little Venusaur to a cool and mighty Hitmonlee.

If you know someone who would love to decorate their water bottle or bedroom wall with Pokemon, these are the stickers for them.

chopstick set

To Spice Up Their Noodles: Pocket Monster Chopstick Set

If he’s the type of Pokemon fan to sniff and tell you that the protagonist’s name is Satoshi, not Ash, he might appreciate these authentic Japanese chopsticks. They’re made with resin instead of bamboo so that they can be thrown in the dishwasher after use, but they’re otherwise just like the chopsticks that your buddy has seen time and time again in the Pokemon anime.

He can enjoy his ramen and udon just like the pros.

draw pokemon

For Aspiring Artists: How to Draw Pokemon

Most people could take a stab at drawing famous figures like Pikachu and Meowth, but what about the lesser-known species like Swalot, Pyroar and Marowak? With How to Draw Pokemon, your favorite fanatic can bring their imagination to life with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate dozens of Pokemon.

It doesn’t matter if they’re an experienced artist or just a schoolyard doodler. This book is for people of all ages, genders and skill levels.


To Add to Her Jewelry Box: Pokemon Charm Bracelet

Charm her with a charm bracelet. This one comes with eight different Pokemon characters, including Pikachu and Psyduck, and they’re in full color with realistic details despite their small size. They’re attached to an adjustable chain with a lobster hook so that she can fit the bracelet just right.

She can even add more charms in the future if she wants to start collecting! This bracelet is versatile enough that it can become a staple of her wardrobe.

art print poster

Because Winter is Coming: Gyarados Versus Charizard Art Print Poster

Depicting an epic battle between Gyarados and Charizard, this art print is so finely illustrated that it doesn’t even look like it came from the Pokemon series. Gone are the bright, childish figures; this could be something out of Game of Thrones.

Two behemoth creatures are duking it out in an age-old representation of fire versus water. It doesn’t get more incredible than that.

T-shirt pokemon

For Gym Rats: Workin’ My Puff Into Tuff T-Shirt

Jigglypuff might not be the first Pokemon that you think of when it’s time to work out, but with this t-shirt, your favorite fitness junkie can do their lifts in style. It shows Jigglypuff evolving into Wigglytuff, and its text declares, “Workin’ My Puff Into Tuff.

” It’ll be a funny but relevant fashion choice for someone’s next gym visit.

pokemon nail stickers

Delightfully Dazzling: Pokemon Nail Stickers

Take their nail art to the next level with Pokemon-themed stickers. They come in a set that also includes Totoro, Doramon and Gudetama, so you’ll have all of your bases covered in terms of cute and cuddly characters.

They can be applied to both natural and fake nails, and removing them is just as simple as adding them. Give the gift of bedazzling with these awesome Pokemon nail stickers!

silicone travel luggage ID tags

To Have a Friendly Face in Strange Places: Pikachu Cartoon Silicone Travel Luggage ID Tags

Is there anything cuter than Pikachu in a backwards baseball cap? With these ID tags, your loved one can appreciate the sight every time that they travel. It’s a three-piece set with three different Pikachu designs, but each one comes with a space for names, addresses and telephone numbers.

They’ll never have to worry about losing their luggage again.

floor rug

For Contemporary Home Decor: Pokemon Go Umbreon Floor Rug

Umbreon is one of the most mysterious creatures in Pokemon Go, and with this rug, you can bring its dark glamor into the home. It’s handmade with three separate layers for softness, stability and noise absorption, and it’s decorated with an oriental-inspired circle of Pokeballs and evolved Umbreon forms.

Your friend will love it, especially if they’re already into sophisticated interior design.

baseball cap

To Represent the Power That’s Inside: Ash Ketchum Embroidered Unisex Adult Baseball Cap

If they love Pokemon but have too much dignity to walk around in bright yellow beanies with flapping ears, consider giving them this baseball cap. It looks just like Ash Ketchum’s in the Pokemon anime, but it isn’t an ostentatious design, so most people won’t even notice anything out of the ordinary.

Only other fans will recognize its true significance. It’s a subtler way of being geeky.

pokemon trading cards with case

To Guard the Goods With Gengar: Gengar Carrying Case for Pokemon Trading Cards

If they’re a card collector, they’ll need a place to store them all, and this water- and shock-resistant carrying case is just what the trainer ordered. Made with a smooth cover and clear, individual pouches for standard-sized Pokemon cards, it can hold hundreds of cards without strain.

It’s even decorated with the red eyes and sharp teeth of Gengar, so thieves might think twice before making off with valuable merch!

pikachu cosplay deadpool model

An Epic Crossover for Pop Culture Enthusiasts: Pikachu Cosplay Deadpool Model

Another gift that combines major pop culture icons, “Pikapool” is a figurine that has Pikachu dressed in Deadpool’s signature red suit. This includes his deadly tool belt as well, so Pikachu isn’t playing around.

He’s ready to destroy some bad guys, so he’ll serve as a great guardian on desks, shelves, coffee tables and fireplace mantels.

3D crystal ball LED lamp

To Light The Way: Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball LED Lamp

There are dozens of options for Pokemon lamps and night lights, but they tend to be kitschy, cartoony things meant for children. This is a rare Pokemon light that can be displayed by adult collectors. It’s a brilliant crystal sphere that will glow with gentle, laser-focused LED lights from a metal base plate, so while it’s colorful, it’s also subtle.

Guests might not even realize that it’s Pokemon-themed until they look closer and see the Squirtle or Charmander inside of it.

pokemon felties kit

For Rainy Afternoons When They’re Stuck Inside: Pokemon Felties Kit

Perfect for beginners, this crafting kit will teach them how to make “felties” with patterns and felt fabrics. There are 16 designs in total, and full-color illustrations will guide them through every step of cutting, shaping and gluing.

They can get started with a Pikachu feltie right away since there are materials already packed in the box. Other designs include Tepig, Chimchar, Cyndaquil, Piplup, Mudkip, Torchic and Totodile.


For Fabulous Fashionistas: Pokemon Pikachu All Over Print Fashion Infinity Scarf

Help them stay warm on chilly mornings with this Pokemon-inspired infinity scarf. It’s officially licensed by the Pokemon brand, so it’s made with high-quality fabric instead of cheap knockoff material, and it’s light enough that your gift recipient can wear it year-round.

Pikachu can dance through winter and summer.


To Save Their Sanity During All-Day Pokemon Marathons: Kids’ Headphones With Pikachu Ears

If you know a pint-sized Pokemon fan, this gift will send them into paroxysms of joy on Christmas morning. They’re fully functional headphones that can be used with phones, tablets and laptops, but they’re bright yellow and adorned with upright, zig-zagged Pikachu ears.

Your little one will look absolutely adorable as they wear them. As a bonus for mom and dad, they come with built-in volume control that won’t go over 85 decibels.

phone rings

Cool Accessories for a Cool Person: 10-Piece Pokemon Phone Rings

Protecting your phone is important, and with these easily-attached Pokemon rings, it can be a fashionable pursuit as well. The rings will stick to the flat surfaces of both iPhones and Androids, and you’ll be able to grip, hook or dangle your device without fear of it slipping through your fingers.

Best of all, you can swap between different Pokemon characters depending on your mood!


For Mashed Meowers and Lettuce-Topped Lizards: The Pokemon Cookbook

Let them take their geekiness into the kitchen with The Pokemon Cookbook: Easy and Fun Recipes. Filled with fun, family-friendly recipes, it will delight the entire dinner table with themed dishes that look like pocket monsters.

Most of the recipes are inspired by Asian cuisine, so there are lots of sushi wraps and teriyaki noodles, but other types of cuisine are represented as well.

Togepi airpods carrying case

A 21st Century Gift: Togepi AirPods Carrying Case

Is he always losing his AirPods? Is she afraid to even buy AirPods in case she leaves them on a bus or bathroom counter? Let Togepi help. He’s made of a soft silicone material with a lot of give, but despite his gentle appearance, he’s also anti-fall, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint.

You won’t have to worry about him protecting your AirPods. He’ll get the job done.

jigsaw puzzle

To Keep Them Hunched Over for a Long Time: 1000-Piece Pokedex Jigsaw Puzzle

Pokemon puzzles can range from quick, kid-friendly activities to gigantic murals that take days to finish. This puzzle is one of the latter. It boasts 1,000 pieces in total, and its design is a gigantic Pokedex that includes more than 150 different pocket monsters.

The person who puts together this puzzle will have to squint at everything from Seel’s tusks to Ekans’ rattles. It’ll definitely keep them busy for awhile.

oven mitt

New and Improved Kitchen Safety: Pokeball Fabric Oven Mitt

Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. In fact, with this Pokemon-inspired oven mitt, you can take them on a journey throughout Johto without even making them leave the kitchen. The exterior fabric is quilted to be heat-resistant, and the interior fabric is lined with soft terry for comfort.

They’ll be able to whip up all of their favorite dishes with a Pokemon twist!

pokemon Ash gym badges

To Take Their Passion Into the Real World: Pokemon Ash Gym Badges

Last but certainly not least, if they’ve been singing “I want to be the very best” since the fourth grade, you can make their day with small enamel replicas of Ash Ketchum’s gym badges. They’re available for multiple generations, including the very first, and they can be worn, displayed or simply collected at home.

Support your local trainer with some Pokemon pins!

3 Tips for Buying Unforgettable Pokemon Presents

There are so many Pokemon gifts out there that you might not know where to start. The good news, however, is that you can narrow down your options with these three tips.

1. Beware the Knockoffs

The details aren’t quite right. The stitching looks funny. The tags are in Chinese instead of Japanese. These are all signs of a cheaply-made knockoff, and you’ll need to watch out for them as you shop for Pokemon merchandise.

It’s such a popular brand that scammers are always looking for the next person to dupe.

2. Consider Their Interests

There are more than 800 Pokemon across all versions of the games, cards, movies and animated cartoons. Which ones does your friend like?

For that matter, which forms of Pokemon media do they consume? They might hate the anime or have no interest in the video games. Just like you wouldn’t pick up a random book for a bibliophile or a random necklace for a jewelry lover, don’t pick up a random species for a Pokemon nerd.

3. Mind the Language Barrier

There are plenty of Pokemon goods in English, but some games and videos might not be subtitled yet, or some toys might be made for Japanese buyers.

For example, a Pokemon piggy bank might be designed for yen instead of dollars. You’ll need to keep these potential differences in mind as you shop.

Final Words

These are just a few Pokemon gifts that will make them want to be the very best. They might even want to be like no one ever was. What do you think of our choices? Did we miss any cool Pokemon merch, or do you have any suggestions for different gifts? Sound off in the comments!

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