39 Princess Mononoke Gifts To Please the Spirit(s)

Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke is one of the most beloved anime films ever made.

From the iconic Kodama spirits to the unforgettable music, the movie gives fantasy, anime, and adventure fans a delightful watching experience. If you know someone who loves Princess Mononoke, they will love these gifts as well!

Princess Mononoke Gift Ideas


To Decorate Their Bedroom: Studio Ghibli Scroll Wall Art

A new trend in wall art is the scroll poster – a print that rolls up into a scroll for easy storage (and also to look super cool). This scroll features the spirits from Princess Mononoke as well as Totoro.

Not only is it beautiful artwork, but it represents the best of Studio Ghibli fantasy characters!

music box

For the Music Lover: Carved Music Box

All Studio Ghibli features are known for their incredible animation, beautiful storylines, and stunning music. If your friend loves the theme from Princess Mononoke, this music box would be the perfect gift.

The outside is carved with an outline of San, and it holds an old-fashioned music scroll that plays the theme.


To Protect From Scratches: Princess Mononoke Smartphone Case

Protect your phone like San, her wolves, and the spirits protect the forest! This case will keep a phone from getting dinged up when it falls and will do it in style. It’s clear rubber and covered in prints of tiny Kodamas, which adds the adorable factor to phone safety.


To Remember the Forest: Princess Mononoke Tapestry

If you want to cover an entire wall with art (or live in a dorm where wall tapestries are becoming more and more popular), look no further than this stunning Princess Mononoke forest tapestry. It shows the forest from the movie in all its beauty and Ashitaka overlooking it on his loyal elk, Yakul.

face mask

To Keep Them Safe From Humans: Kodama Face Mask

One of the main themes in Princess Mononoke is the line between humans and nature and the damage that humans can do intentionally or unintentionally. While we know that other humans don’t mean to spread germs, it’s essential to stay safe! This face mask has little Kodamas on it as well, so that’s a plus!


To Keep Them Caffeinated: Forest Spirit Mug

Mugs are easy, relatively inexpensive gifts and come in all sorts of different design options. A Princess Mononoke mug is an obvious choice for this list. This mug has a delicate cherry blossom design.

Sitting in the tree branches are dozens of little Kodamas, looking to create mischief or magic.

car decal

To Honor the Spirits: Tree Spirits Car Decal

Want to properly honor the forest spirits (you know, so they don’t wreak havoc in your life and leave curses on you)? What better way than to put these decals on your car and honor them as you drive around? Of course, you could always put the stickers on other things as well – as long as the spirits are appeased.

pin badge

For the Nature Lover: “Kill the Humans, Save the Forest” Pin Badge

San is known as “Princess Mononoke” for her wild and almost beastly appearance. She despises humans for what they do to her forest, and we in the modern world might have cause to agree with that. This pin reflects San’s sentiments (which do soften later) and proclaims a protective love for nature.

face mask bandana

To Protect Them in the Wild: Face Mask Bandana

If you have a friend who loves Princess Mononoke and wants to go on adventures like Ashitaka, an ingenious gift would be adventure gear! This face mask can be used as a bandana, neck scarf, headband, or face mask and is perfect for hiking or other outdoor adventures!


To Perfect a Cosplay: Princess Mononoke Amulet Necklace

Here’s an idea – why not get some exciting bling as a present? Whether you have a friend who loves to cosplay or loves the amulet from Princess Mononoke, this necklace will make the perfect gift! It’s a replica of the famous wolf fang amulet from the movie and is sure to please.

wolf hoodie

For the Inner Wolf: Princess Mononoke Wolf Hoodie

Help your favorite Mononoke fan unleash their inner wolf with this hoodie. It has an image of San in her wolf headdress with a wolf by her side. The hood of the sweatshirt also has wolf ears sewn in, so your friend can genuinely feel like San, the Princess Mononoke of the woods.


To Stay by Their Side: Yakul Elk Plush

The most loyal companion in Princess Mononoke is Yakul, Prince Ashitaka’s faithful elk. He is more than just a vehicle – he stays with Ashitaka throughout the movie and provides companionship. Why not get your friend a tiny, cuddly version of Yakul? This plush is soft and sweet and will stay with them on any adventure!


To Keep Them Warm: Princess Mononoke Fleece Blanket

Although we don’t have to sleep out in the forest very often, humans still don’t have a fur coat like San’s wolf friends. However, here is the perfect gift to help with that – a fleece blanket to keep out the cold! Give this to your Mononoke fan to warm them up and remind them of the forest.

garden decorations

Their Own Forest Spirits: Glow-in-the-Dark Kodama Garden Decorations

This set of tiny glow-in-the-dark Kodamas might be my favorite item on this list. They are adorable, tiny, and perfect for any setting. You can spread these throughout a garden, a house, or a bedroom to make it feel a little more like a magical forest.

vinyll record clock

To Keep Them on Time: Princess Mononoke Vinyl Record Clock

Even though we’d want it to be, it’s not always forest time. This clock is carved out of a vinyl record and has a silhouette of San and a wolf on one side and the forest (complete with tiny Kodamas in the trees) on the other side.

It’s a nifty clock and will help your friend stay on time!

sticker pack

For Decorating Everything: Studio Ghibli Sticker Pack

This is the ultimate Studio Ghibli sticker pack – it has over a thousand stickers from all of the major movies in the franchise (including, of course, Princess Mononoke). Your friend can put these in a scrapbook, on a guitar or laptop case, or just around the house.

Decorate anything and everything to be themed Studio Ghibli!

3D night light

To Keep Away the Dark: 3D Night Light

3D laser night lights are one of the most excellent ways to light up your room at night. This one is an outline of San and a wolf lit up in blue and projected throughout the room. Any bedroom would be made cooler by this nightlight, and any forest spirits are sure to be spooked away by the protection of San!

magnet set

To Decorate the Fridge: Ghibli Cuties Magnet Set

This “Ghibli Cuties” magnet set features some of the cutest and most lovable characters in Studio Ghibli history. From huge Totoro to the tiny Kodamas, this set will add a spark of adorable anime to any fridge or washing machine (or other magnetic surfaces, but those were the only two we could think of).

wall tapestry

To Remind Them of the Forest: Princess Mononoke Wall Tapestry

When you think of Princess Mononoke, the first thing that comes to mind is San and her wolf pack. This tapestry is a minimalist rendition of the wolf-painted mask she wears when fighting for her family.

It will add flair to any room and could be a great conversation starter!

neck tie

To Wear to the Formal: Princess Mononoke Neck Tie

Buying a tie seems like a cop-out gift. Usually it is, but not this tie. You can buy it for a formal, a business meeting, or a dad on Father’s Day (after all, a tie is a classic gift for dads). It features San at the bottom of the tie and has a simple gray background (if necessary, San can hide behind a suit jacket)!

card deck

For the Game Player: Studio Ghibli Card Deck

A themed deck of cards will make any board game geek’s heart melt. These cards are Princess Mononoke-themed, which makes them twice as cool (in my opinion). They have different characters on the cards and will make playing any card game more exciting!

lightswitch cover

For the Themed Room: Aged Patina Lightswitch Cover

If you are theming your room, you have to get everything according to the theme. Even if you don’t want a Princess Mononoke forest for a bedroom, however, this lightswitch cover is still really cool. The aged patina makes it look antique, and the design adds to the allure of the light switch.

kodama toy

For Maximum Cuddles: Kodama Stuffed Toy

Different viewers remember varying parts of the movie, but everyone who’s seen Princess Mononoke remembers the Kodama spirits. Maybe the most memorable side characters in all of Studio Ghibli, these little spirits are spookily cute.

Why not buy a Kodama plush toy to honor your friend and these little wood spirits?

keychain set

All Their Favorites: Studio Ghibli Keychain Set

Does your friend like more Studio Ghibli than just Princess Mononoke? If so, a set of keychains featuring iconic Ghibli characters (including a Kodama) would be a great gift! They can use them for separate sets of keys, on their backpack, or switch between characters, depending on their mood!


In the Spirit of Coziness: Kodama Hoodie

Rule #1 of gift-giving: no one ever has too many hoodies. They’re the ultimate comfort clothing – warm, cozy, and casual. This particular hoodie has a little gang of Kodamas on a black background. If you’re going to give a hoodie (and you should), this Princess Mononoke sweatshirt is sure to be a hit.

mask and T-shirt set

For the Anti-People Person: “I Hate All Humans” Mask and T-Shirt Set

This matching shirt and mask set is excellent for the Princess Mononoke fan who would rather stay home and watch anime than go out and see people. If they have to leave the house and face humanity, this mask will tell others exactly what they think (but in a humorous and referential way).

It’s perfect for social distancing (even when we don’t have to any longer)!

car seat cover

To Jazz Up Their Ride: Princess Mononoke Car Seat Cover

For an incredibly unique Princess Mononoke gift (or to complete their Mononoke-themed car), get your friend this car seat cover with San’s mask on it! It will fit several different kinds of car seats and could protect the seat itself (especially in an all-weather car) in addition to looking fantastic.

coloring book

A Little Free Therapy: Princess Mononoke Coloring Book

Nothing’s more therapeutic than a coloring book, right? Plenty of people use coloring books to destress after a long day. If you have a friend who likes to relax by coloring (or just wants to color for fun), this Princess Mononoke coloring book would be an excellent gift!

lunch bag

To Preserve Their Food Supplies: Princess Mononoke Insulated Lunch Bag

One of the essential items for a long journey is food and something to keep that food. Whether your journey is to break a forest curse or make it through the day, this Princess Mononoke lunch bag will keep your provisions insulated and cool (while looking fabulous).


To Keep Their Identity: Princess Mononoke Lanyard

If you have a friend who uses their identification card a lot (like a college or high school student, medical professional, or frequent flyer), they probably use a lanyard. Whatever lanyard they have can’t possibly be as cool as this Princess Mononoke lanyard, so get them one and help them keep their ID card safe in style!


For Their Own Tiny Forest: Kodama Succulent Planter

If you have a friend who loves growing tiny plants (and enjoys little forest spirits), this small Kodama planter would be an excellent gift for them! It comes in several different colors and sizes (there’s even a glow-in-the-dark version!) and will bring whimsy and delight to any home gardener or succulent enthusiast.


To Keep Their Feet Warm: Studio Ghibli Socks

If your friend loves Studio Ghibli and staying warm, these socks are perfect for them! It comes with four pairs of socks themed from different Ghibli movies. They are adorable and comfortable, and socks always make a great gift! Wear them as pairs or mix and match for a bit of chaos.

pencil pouch

For Their Quest Essentials: Princess Mononoke Pencil Pouch

This pencil pouch isn’t just a small bag – it has multiple compartments for different sizes of stationery items, as well as pencil elastics and other zippered pockets. You can organize all of your pencils, pens, and writing supplies in this one bag.

It’s also tye-dyed and features San’s mask from Princess Mononoke!

license plate

To Journey With: Princess Mononoke Specialty License Plate

For an epic journey, you need an epic ride. You can’t ride an elk around the forest (unless you’re very lucky), but you can spice up your regular ride with a decorative license plate. If your state doesn’t require a front license plate, put this on your car and ride in style!

shower curtain

To Clean Off the Curse: Princess Mononoke Shower Curtain

Whether or not an ancient forest spirit has cursed you, you can still afford to stay clean! This lovely shower curtain will liven up your bathroom with Mononoke-themed art and keep the water where it should be (which is inside your shower and not all over the toilet).


For the Puzzler: Princess Mononoke Jigsaw Puzzle

If you know someone who loves anime and loves puzzles, this is the puzzle for them! It shows San and Ashitaka in the forest with the wolves and Yakul beside them. It’s a lovely scene – perfect for a mystery and impressive for a Princess Mononoke fan! (Pro-tip: you can also get them puzzle glue, and they can frame it when they’ve finished it!)

key charm

To Make Their Keys Jingle: Princess Mononoke Kodama Key Charm

If you want to get your friend a gift but don’t want to break the bank, there are several less expensive options on this list! For example, this keychain charm will add a little jingle to their day! Several little metal Kodamas are all strung up on a chain and dangle with charm and abandon.

AirPods case

To Protect Their Tech: Princess Mononoke AirPods Case

Now your friend can listen to Studio Ghibli soundtracks in style, with a Princess Mononoke Airpods case cover. It works for old and new Airpods and comes with a keychain carabiner to connect it to a backpack or purse.

One tip: make sure that they own Airpods before giving them a case cover!

studio Ghibli complete collection

For the Ultimate Gift: Studio Ghibli Complete Collection

One of the only annoying things about Studio Ghibli films is that they are hard to find! Even though they are increasingly popular, they rarely show up on streaming sites and have to be purchased individually online.

This is the complete set (for now) of Ghibli films, including Mononoke! For the Studio Ghibli fan, this is the perfect present.

Princess Mononoke: A Dark Fantasy Masterpiece

Princess Mononoke is an animated film by Studio Ghibli, a popular Japanese animation studio. One of the darker films in the Ghibli collection, Princess Mononoke, actually follows a prince (named Ashitaka). He travels from his homeland to try and break a curse acquired after a fight with demons.

Ashitaka meets San, a girl raised by wolves. It’s here that the villagers refer to as “Princess Mononoke” (Mononoke means “spirit of a beast” and refers to her friendship with the wolves and fear of humans). She helps him on his quest, and they fall in love. After breaking the curse and curing the land’s blight, the two lovers part ways when they realize they are best apart.

The movie is tragic, dark, and beautiful. Written and directed by Hayou Miyazaki (a founder of Studio Ghibli), it takes classic Japanese fantasy characters and translates them to a village in the Iron Age. The animation illustrates creatures of the wild as fear of the unknown, with undefined edges and ambiguous darkness.

Fans of the movie Princess Mononoke are generally fans of other Studio Ghibli films – the iconic animation style and charming characters are favorites worldwide. Princess Mononoke is a little different from some of the other Ghibli films in both style and content. It’s darker and more fantastical and has some surprisingly intense bits of fighting action.

The love story of San and Ashitaka is heartbreakingly beautiful – almost more so because they don’t end up together. Instead, they take the best course for their lives and give each other up to follow their destiny. The characters grow and change throughout the story, learning about themselves and each other as they explore the forest’s magical and spiritual world.

If you haven’t yet seen Princess Mononoke, it’s worth a watch. The characters, imagery, art, and music all come together to weave a beautiful story of love and magic. When you’ve watched it, you will want to be a part of the world in whatever way you can (especially if that involves Studio Ghibli movies or merchandise)!

Final Thoughts

If you know someone who loves Studio Ghibli movies in general or Princess Mononoke in particular, any of these gifts could make their day! Whether it’s a mug, a poster, or a car seat cover, you’ll remind them of their love for Ashitaka, San, and the forest spirits with a gift tailored to their tastes. Be sure to share this list of unique Princess Mononoke gifts, and leave a comment about which items you’re excited to get your hands on!

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