30 Gifts for Someone Who Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a wonderful thing.

If you want to delight someone you care about who has just nipped a smoking habit in the bud, then these gift options should all be on your “consideration” list.

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Quit Smoking


A New Lifestyle and Style Approach: Men’s Gothic Quit Smoking No Smoking Skull Sign Pendant Necklace

You can reward a friend who has just said goodbye to smoking with a distinctive pendant necklace that boasts a pleasing and timeless style. This pendant necklace does more than indicate that individuals no longer smoke.

That’s because it also notifies others who are nearby to not try to tempt them into falling off the wagon. It’s a present that can be practical and fun at the same exact time. This item is composed of stainless steel that’s remarkably resilient.

It’s a material that’s not prone to rusting. If you want to surprise someone with a necklace that’s a cinch to maintain, this option may work.

Easy way to quit smoking Book

Maintaining That Non-Smoking Lifestyle: Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking Without Willpower

You can encourage the person you care about to maintain his or her non-smoking status. The last thing you want is for him or her to revert back to smoking, after all. This book talks about saying goodbye to smoking without having significant strength of will.

It can come in handy for people who do not want to have to depend on tricks. It can come in equally handy for people who have concerns that involve packing on excess pounds.

sign gift

A Sign That Bans Smoking: Winco SGN-310 Sign, 3-Inch by 9-Inch, No Smoking

You can motivate a friend or family member who has recently quit smoking with a sign gift. He or she can put this sign up anywhere. It can discourage people from lighting up in his or her office at work.

It can discourage others from doing so in his or her place of residence as well. This is a timeless and basic black sign that gets the point across loudly and clearly. It consists of substantial plastic.

Mounting the sign isn’t a time-consuming or tough task at all.

warning stickers

Stickers That Protect People From Smoke: Hybsk No Smoking Logo Warning Stickers

It can be so frustrating for people who have just quit smoking to reinforce their new lifestyles to others. Thankfully, the use of convenient stickers can often help. This roll is made up of 500 stickers that depict the classic “no smoking” logo complete with the red line over the cigarette.

Peeling this sticker is a piece of cake. Sticking it onto surfaces is just as simple and rapid. Former smokers can use these stickers inside of their vehicles, bedrooms and elsewhere.


Nipping Yard Smoking in the Bud Today: SmartSign This is A Smoke Free Property Sign

It can be frustrating to have to deal with people who try to light up in backyards and in similar places. That’s the reason this helpful sign exists. If you want to delight a person who has just abandoned smoking forever, the assistance of this yard sign can go a long way.

All it does is remind folks that the property is a non-smoking one. It thanks people for not lighting up as well. It’s a laminated sign that consists of powerful and resilient aluminium.

the craving mind Book

Reading About Steering Clear of Smoking: The Craving Mind by Judson Brewer

You may have a relative or a buddy who just quit smoking and who also happens to adore reading. If you do, you may want to surprise him or her with a book that’s called “The Craving Mind.” It goes into tackling all kinds of addictions such as cigarette smoking, eating out of control and even staying on top of social media platforms.

This book can help people figure out what they can do to free themselves of questionable and destructive pastimes of all sorts. It was penned by a prominent neuroscientist.

air purifier

Ridding the Air of Unpleasant Smoke Smells: PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

People who have recently abandoned smoking pastimes may want their homes to look and smell different in the future. That’s why it may be a thoughtful gesture to give a former smoker a residential air purifier.

This purifier is completely ozone-free. It can do away with smoke. That’s just the beginning as well. It also makes a fine device for people who want to take charge of pet dander, pollen and even dust.

It has a fragrance sponge that can distribute pleasant and welcoming essential oil scents.

car air freshener

Freshening Up a Vehicle Without Smoke Odors: Little Trees Car Air Freshener

If you want to delight your non-smoking friend or family member with the gift of fresh air that smells clean and fantastic, this “hanging tree” air freshener set for any vehicle should do the trick. This product paves the way for pleasant fragrances that can stand the test of time.

They’re not only appropriate for car use, either. That’s because they can help keep living spaces smelling wonderful and inviting, too. People frequently use them in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms and pet spaces.

smoke odor eliminator

Deconstructing Awful Smoke Stenches: Smoke Odor Eliminator

Do you want to get an affordable and functional gift for a person who has just put an end to a smoking habit? If you do, this smoke odor eliminator formula may just be your best bet. It can extract smells that are associated with cigarettes.

It can even extract those that are associated with intense cigars. All people have to do is spritz this product onto any surfaces. It eliminates the need to wash and rinse. Its tea tree oil deconstructs undesired stenches starting from the enzymes and molecules.

It can be ideal for curtains, furnishings, hair, apparel and beyond.

quit tea herbal stop smoking tea

A Tea That Reinforces the End of Smoking: Quit Tea Herbal Stop Smoking Tea

Abandoning smoking is never simple. If you know someone who is going through the lifestyle change, this herbal supplement may make a fine gift. It’s a set that consists of 20 teabags. Its herbs are soothing and because of that can promote serenity.

This serenity can simplify the process of transitioning to a new smoke-free universe. It can accomplish more than simply assisting people with the process of stopping smoking as well. It also minimizes hunger and boosts vitality.

quit smoking pure essential oil

Aromatherapy and a Healthier Existence: Wild Essentials “Quit Smoking” 100% Pure Essential Oil

Aromatherapy can be a wonderful and soothing thing. People who have quit smoking often benefit from things that can reduce their nerves naturally. This formula is devoid of any chemicals and includes lemon, helichrysum, frankincense, eucalyptus, cinnamon, spruce and marjoram essential oils galore.

People can diffuse this oil nonstop in order to keep unpleasant and persistent cravings at bay. It can be a game-changer for people who feel intense desires to smoke. People can use it inside of their offices, vehicles and living spaces.


A Nonstop Reminder to Maintain Good Habits: Graphics and More No Smoking New Keychain

Gifts to people who have just stopped smoking don’t have to be pricey. This simple keychain can function as a pleasant and effective reminder to individuals. It can remind people that continuing to smoke is out of the question for them.

It has chrome plating. It’s a 3D urethane product that can blend in seamlessly practically everywhere. This makes a compact yet highly resilient gift option for people who want to surprise their non-smoking loved ones.

It may help people combat persistent cravings.

baby bib

Protecting Little Ones From the Hazards of Cigarette Smoke: Toddler & Baby Bibs Burp Cloths No Smoking Around Me

Babies are the most precious things in the world. You can make a person who has just stopped smoking grin with a little bib that’s ideal for youngsters to wear. The classic white bib simply features a classic and timeless “no smoking” logo.

It’s made entirely out of terry cloth cotton. It isn’t just a hilarious gift idea, either. That’s because it can also defend clothing from all kinds of unpleasant food and beverage stains that are tough to remove.

stainless steel tabletop sign

A No Smoking Sign for Any Tabletop: No Smoking Sign – Stainless Steel Tabletop Sign

It’s understandable that people who have just said goodbye to smoking don’t want to deal with others doing it. That’s why the gift of a resilient tabletop “no smoking” sign that’s made out of stainless steel may be priceless.

It has a brushed finish and can stand the test of time. It’s not prone to corrosion, either. The “no smoking” design is visible on two sides. It’s a tent sign that’s a piece of cake to safeguard. Maintaining it is simple as well.

candle orange lemon splash

Candles and Doing Away With Lingering Smoke Smells: Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Orange Lemon Splash

Candles are calming and can make any interior space feel a lot better. They can also help people who want to forget all about stubborn and unwelcome cigarette smoke stenches. This exterminator candle can do a lot for people who want to revamp their lives after quitting smoking.

It’s a soy and paraffin combination that has a lovely scent that includes both lemon and orange elements. It can eradicate cigarette smells thoroughly. It can do the same for pipe and cigar ones. It can burn for 70 hours.

refrigerator magnet sticker

A Badge That Warns Others Against Smoking: No Smoking Warning Symbol Refrigerator Magnet Sticker

This badge can make a fine gift for people who want to remember just how detrimental smoking habits can be. It has a basic and straightforward rectangular form. It’s not vulnerable at all to water and staining.

People can use this badge on refrigerators, whiteboards and dry erase boards. It can even come in handy inside of lockers. It’s appropriate on top of all surfaces that are magnetic. It’s composed of magnet and resilient and powerful metal.

It just reads “no smoking.”

card shell holder

Speaking Out Against Smoking Using a Card Sleeve: No Smoking Warning Symbol Transparent Card Shell Holder

You may have a non-smoking family member or pal who works a stressful job daily. If you do, then you may want to dazzle him or her with the gift of a card sleeve that’s totally clear. This sleeve can safeguard all kinds of essentials.

Some examples are licenses, credit cards, identification cards, bus passes, office name tags and even library cards. This product is a combination of both nylon and PVC. It showcases a warning symbol that states simply and tastefully “no smoking.

No smoking rearview mirror hanging charm

Making a Vehicle a No Smoking Zone: Double Sided NO SMOKING Rearview Mirror Hanging Charm

Vehicle decorations can make things look aesthetically appealing. They can also remind smokers not to return to their detrimental habits. This acrylic hanging charm can be ideal for the interiors of all kinds of vehicles.

It showcases the classic no smoking logo. It also says “every success in your job” right below the illustration. The back and front have identical patterns. The pendant is acrylic and because of that has a powerful hardness level.

It’s a plastic that’s tough to harm.


Jewelry Pieces That Promote Healing After Smoking: Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet

A big part of transitioning to a lifestyle without smoking involves healing and recovery. There are some accessory pieces that have calming vibes and because of that can do a lot to pave the way for easier and more pleasant healing journeys.

This bracelet features lovely amethyst beads that can complement all kinds of style approaches. People who do not want to succumb to the desire to continue smoking again may appreciate this gift in a big way.

It can help people who have all kinds of addictive patterns.

I QUIT pin

A Pin That Puts No Smoking Pride on Display: These Are Things I Quit Enamel Pin

Do you want to please a new non-smoker who wants to showcase his or anti-smoking stance to the rest of the planet? This enamel pin can be terrific for people who have pride. That’s because all it says is “I quit.

” It can be ideal for use on hats, bags, shirts, jackets and coats. It consists of authentic sterling silver plating. It has tough enamel coloring that’s polished as well. It even has a rubber closure that can keep things firm and intact.

neon sign wall light bedroom decoration

Banning Smoking With Bright Neon Colors: Neon Sign Wall Light, Real Glass Tube Lamp, Bedroom Decorations

Bright and radiant neon lights can make any space instantly look a lot more appealing and energizing. People who have recently stopped smoking won’t be able to turn away from this neon wall light that reads “no smoking.

” It features an adorable cat, too. It’s a light sign that never becomes immoderately hot in times of use. It can look terrific inside of residential spaces. It can also be suitable for use inside of lounges, dining establishments, bars and beyond.

It can function as a wonderful decoration for the holidays.

door math

Welcoming Guests and Reminding Them Not to Light Up: SZshenya Door Mat Outside ,Indoor Front Door Mat

Home is where the heart is. That’s why it’s no surprise that people who have recently stopped smoking don’t want guests inside of their living spaces to light up. Thankfully, this door mat gift can discourage them from even trying.

It features nothing more than the enduring no smoking logo that’s a staple all around the globe. It’s made entirely out of polyester fiber. It can be suitable for outdoor and indoor applications alike.

wooden sign

A Wood Sign That Tells Others Not to Smoke: No Smoking Zone for Cafe Store Boutique Custom Wood Sign

This quaint and fanciful wood sign reads just “no smoking.” It can make a fine decoration for people who don’t want to have to deal with the hazards of smoking. It has a rope that makes hanging it a walk in the park.

It has a pair of openings, too. People can use this sign on the walls of their bedrooms and living rooms. They can also be suitable for people who own and run businesses such as diners.

plush no smoking cigarette pillow

Playing and Resisting the Temptation to Smoke: WDDH Creative Plush Toy No Smoking Cigarette Pillow

If you’re searching for a gift for a significant other who not long ago nixed a smoking habit, this plush toy may be right up your alley. It’s an innovative stuffed cigarette that has an adorable cartoonish form.

It features a small no smoking logo for good measure, too. It has a smooth texture and because of that is ideal for lounging around. It can be suitable for a vast range of settings. People can keep it inside of their bedrooms and offices.

No smoking sign stickers

Spreading the Word About Not Smoking Using Stickers: No Smoking Sign Stickers – 6 Pack

You can pleasantly surprise a brand new non-smoker with a set of classic no smoking sign stickers. These vinyl decals are a piece of cake for anyone to use. They have self-adhesive on their backs, too.

The stickers are stylish and simplistic and because of that can blend in well in all kinds of interior design schemes. They’re an eye-catching combination of white, red and black. The decals have defense against ultraviolet rays.

They’re not vulnerable to water damage, scraping or scratching, either.

vinyl magnet sign

A Magnetic Way to Prohibit Smoking for Good: No Smoking Vinyl Magnet Sign

Magnets are a lot of fun. They’re staples on refrigerators and because of that can instantly make any food preparation space feel a lot more cheerful and dynamic. If you want to help a friend or relative who has just quit smoking, then you can give him or her a straightforward vinyl magnet sign that illustrates a timeless no smoking logo.

This magnet was printed with the assistance of inks that are not vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. They’re not vulnerable to water-related destruction, either. Discoloration isn’t a problem for people who own this item.

absolutely no smoking vaping sign

Banning Vaping and Smoking Alike: Absolutely No Smoking Vaping Sign

Are you searching high and low for a suitable gift for a person who has just stopped smoking and vaping? If your answer is yes, then you may want to get your hands on this adorable unframed print. It instructs people to refrain from both vaping and smoking.

It has a simplistic yet timeless charm. It’s off-white with straightforward and classic black text. It can fit in nicely in homes that have all kinds of design approaches. It can be a strong fit for commercial spaces as well.

brushed gold sign

Thanking People for Not Smoking: NO Smoking Thank You Sign – Brushed Gold Medium

A basic and simple sign can do a lot for people who want to attain and maintain indoor spaces that are 100 percent free of cigarette smoke. This attractive brushed gold sign instructs people to not smoke.

It also thanks them for not doing so. It was constructed in the United States and is appropriate for educational institutions, commercial spaces and residential properties. It’s made of laser engraved plastic and has a resilient and strong feel.

People can place these signs on windows, walls and doors as they please. It’s not only accessible in gold. People can choose between multiple eye-catching sign colors that can be suitable for their preferences.

Suggestions: How to Select Amazing Presents for People Who Have Abandoned Smoking Forever

It doesn’t have to be a chore to find a gift that’s ideal for an individual who has just quit smoking permanently.

If you want to make a rock-solid present choice, then you can turn to the unparalleled power of the Internet.

The Internet is a haven for comprehensive forums and message boards that cater to people who are dealing with stopping smoking.

People who participate in these forums and boards often have no qualms about sharing their suggestions with others who are in their shoes. If you want to purchase a gift that’s sensitive, fun and useful at the same time, you may want to consider requesting guidance online via a fitting forum.

Describe how long it has been since your recipient has stopped smoking. Talk about his or her pastimes and sources of enthusiasm as well.

If you post a detail-oriented request, then you may get responses back that can help you easily make a strong and fitting decision.

Tracking down gifts that were designed exclusively for people who have concerns about smoking is in no way, shape or form a difficult thing nowadays. If you take the time to search the Internet, you should be able to find an abundance of lists that go into gift types for people who have just stopped smoking. These lifts often discuss home decorations, clothing pieces and devices that can get rid of persistent cigarette smells. If you’re able to learn about all of the options that are on hand to you, then you may be able to make a rational and balanced decision.

You don’t want to waste your precious money on a gift that doesn’t make sense for a person who is no longer smoking, after all.

If you want to take a casual approach to finding a present that’s optimal for a person you care about who has just stopped smoking, then you may want to check nearby shopping centers and department stores. There are always brand new products that cater to non-smokers on the market.

There may be essential oils that soothe people who feel anxious due to a lack of cigarettes. There may be air purifiers that can aid people who want to air their living spaces out after years and years of incessant cigarette smoke odor buildup.

Don’t be too afraid to take a straightforward approach to shopping around for a gift for that special non-smoker in your world, either.

If you don’t want to run the risk of making a questionable purchase, then you can test out being straightforward. Talk to the recipient about his or her experience as a non-smoker. Ask if there are any products out there that may help the transition feel a lot more smooth.

You may discover exciting and useful products that can be game-changers for people who no longer want to squander money on pointless cigarettes. You may discover practical products that can be lifesavers for people who no longer want to compromise health and comfort.

Don’t ever make the mistake of going forward with impulse purchases. There are a vast number of gift ideas that are terrific for people who no longer smoke.

You don’t want to buy anything without conducting ample research in advance, however. If you come across gift options that seem appealing to you, then you should take the time to read customer reviews and ratings on the Internet. The last thing you want to do is rashly purchase a gift.

Gifts can be quite costly. If you take the time to research products, then you may be able to make a smart choice. You should search for gifts for non-smokers that are resilient and that aren’t prone to damage.

You should try your best to find gifts for non-smokers that are relevant and current as well. Try to find non-smoker presents that are the ideal blend of functional and visually enticing if at all possible.

It can be a kind gesture to surprise a buddy or a relative with a no smoking sign that also happens to have a rustic and cozy charm.

You can also test products out prior to giving them to the people you care about the most. You should strive to purchase products from stores that have rock-solid return policies in place. It can be nice to know that you can get a refund if the recipient decides that he or she just doesn’t want to keep the item.


Odds are high that you know someone who has recently said farewell to smoking. If you do, then you may have some superb gift suggestions.

There are non-smoker gift ideas that are suitable for all kinds of holidays, occasions and events. Some are ideal for the warmer season.

There are others that are better for the colder months, too. If you have any expertise that relates to shopping for and buying first-class gifts for people who have just recently stopped smoking, then you shouldn’t think twice about posting them for others to see. You can discuss non-smoker gift options that are functional.

You can discuss non-smoker gift options that are decorative, too. Remember, no two non-smoking gift recipients are the same. You should always take personalities and interests into full consideration prior to committing to any gift options.

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