32 Return Gifts for Adults To Get Them Coming Back

Searching for a way to thank your guests for attending an event, but stumped about what to give them?

We compiled a list of the perfect favors to show your gratitude for your attendees so you can focus on planning a seamless event. Check one thing off your to-do list and snag some of these return gifts for adults

Return Gifts For Adults

lavender candles

Keep the Spark Alive: Kiss of Death Lavender Candles

Every time your guests light their gorgeous Kiss of Death lavender candles, they’ll remember the fire you lit in their hearts at your wedding, baby shower, or motivational speaking event. These floral-scented soy wax candles work wonders for relaxation, meditation, sleep, and more.

Enjoy over 50 hours of burn time, then clean out the minimalist designed, frosted glass jar and reuse it for anything your heart desires.

salt lick BBQ dry rub spice

Simple yet Sophisticated Spices: Salt Lick BBQ Dry Rub Spice

Spice blends are one of the most fool-proof gifts around. Everyone needs to spice up their life a bit, and these lovely little seasonings can be used on anything from chicken to steak to veggies. Salt Lick BBQ Dry Rub contains only three spices, but you’d never know it.

This blend perfectly balances salt and spicy to create a lip-smackin’ dish.

coffee mug

For That Morning Cuppa: Dowan Insulated Ceramic Coffee Mug

One can never have too many mugs. Still, this one goes above the competition. This crisp white coffee mug is based out of ceramic but features an insulative cork bottom. Not only is this minimalist color-blocked design visually pleasing, but it also acts as a built-in coaster to fight scratches and staining.

Even better, this set of mugs comes with splash-proof lids. Spill-prone drinkers rejoice!

growfetti seed paper flowers

Better Than Confetti: Bloomin Growfetti Seed Paper Flowers

Regular confetti is notoriously difficult to clean up and ends up in the garbage after the party is over. Instead, Bloomin Growfetti consists of 100% recycled paper and is filled with various easy-to-grow flower seeds.

Each pack contains approximately 400 handmade floral shaped pieces of confetti that your guests can take home and enjoy. If that isn’t eco-friendly enough for you, Bloomin Growfetti is produced in a solar-powered facility.

chocolate pack

Like a Box of Chocolates: Elements Truffles Chocolate Bar Sampler Pack

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for chocolate? Elements Truffles are treats that you can feel good about giving to your loved ones. These cocoa delicacies are free of dairy, gluten, preservatives, and GMOs.

On top of that, they’re raw, organic, paleo, and sweetened only with honey, so even the most health-conscious guests will indulge.

These bars are crafted in small batches and combine ancient Ayurvedic ingredients with flavors we know and love.

The luxury chocolate sampler pack features five different bars, including orange turmeric and rose cardamom.

We suggest keeping at least one for yourself or even consider ordering an extra pack to enjoy a healthy treat.

shot glasses

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot: JoyJolt Carre Square Shot Glasses

Some shot glass collections are exclusively composed of cheesy souvenir drinkware. Don’t get us wrong, we love those too, but sometimes you need a glass that’s a little more elevated. The JoyJolt Carre glasses are modern yet elegant with a square design and offset angled base.

Each set comes with four 1.8oz (53.2mL) glasses contained in a geometric-printed magnetic box. Your guests will surely cherish these artisan-made shot glasses for years to come.

Mc squares dry erase stickies

To Stick in Their Memories: Mc Squares Dry Erase Stickies

Let’s be real: sometimes, the giftbags from corporate events are less than exciting. Luckily, we found these reusable sticky notes that not only stick up but also stack up. These stickies don’t leave any residue and come with a smudge-resistant marker.

Re-stick them up to 2,000 times each!

Mc Squares are an excellent office addition but work well in the home too. These bad boys act like a magnet on shiny surfaces. Post ’em on washing machines, mirrors, cabinets, or wherever your heart desires.

lunch bag

Lug Your Lunch: Lifewit Large Insulated Lunch Bag

You shouldn’t have to transport your lunches in clunky but too-small bags that don’t actually keep anything cool. Instead, give the gift of the sleek Lifewit insulated lunch bag that maintains temperature for up to 5 hours.

These bags have an impressive 15L (4gal) capacity to store just about anything. Use them to carry your lunch to your desk job or bring them with you on a picnic in the park. They’re playful and professional at the same time.

Fill them up with other goodies for your guests or let them shine alone as the rockstars that they are.

playing cards

To Have and To Hold ’Em: Sumind Black and Gold Playing Cards

Hitting up Vegas for one last boys’ weekend, but can’t find anything to give your groomsmen? It can be challenging to find a great bachelor party return gift, but we’ve got you covered. These decks of Sumind black and gold cards are the perfect balance between flashy and classy: think Gatsby-esque.

It’s not just the aesthetics that we love, though. These plastic cards are waterproof, so don’t worry about spilling drinks at poker night. Plus, these decks won’t bend or wrinkle. You’ll have to hold ’em because you can’t fold ’em.

adjustable cell phone stand

To Help You Connect: Lisen Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

The Lisen Adjustable Cell Phone Stand is a fantastic gift open for guests coming from far away. FaceTime or Zoom calls will never be easier when you can enjoy a hands-free experience. It’s easy to adjust the height and angle of this stand, so you don’t have to worry about neck fatigue.

The Lisen stand’s diverse compatibility means iPhone and Android users alike can unite in their love for this product.

cube planter

To Keep the Memories Growing: Cheersville Thyme Seed Cube Planter

Looking for an easy way to show your growing gratitude? How about handing out these punny “Thank you for your thyme” herbal cube planters? It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your guests’ attendance.

Plus, you’ll get a guaranteed giggle out of it. The Cheersville thyme seed cube is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Consider passing these out after your next corporate retreat or the launch of your new product line.

bottle opener

For When You Need a Hand: Cherrylish Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Nostalgia-inducing gifts are some of the best kinds. That’s why we know your friends, family, and other guests will love this vintage motorcycle bottle opener. It’s a fantastic addition to your home bar and is definitely a conversation starter.

This piece is durable and rust-resistant for long-term use, but it’s still small and portable, never clunky. What else could you want?

electric razor

For a Care-Free Cut: Vifycim Electric Razor for Men

A nice razor is a game-changer, and that makes it a great gift. The Vifycim electric razor is a great return gift for men that’s luxurious but highly functional. It’s an ideal shaver for wet or dry use and features pinch-preventing technology for the most seamless experience possible.

On top of that, this electric razor includes a pop-up trimmer for precise manscaping. You can also enjoy an LED display screen showcasing the remaining minutes of battery life and convenient USB-compatible charging for convenience.

bamboo cutting board

A Culinary Dream: Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board

Beginner and experienced chefs alike will enjoy this professional-grade cutting board. It’s composed of antimicrobial bamboo for improved sanitation. The Royal Craft Wood board absorbs less moisture than other cutting boards, features a juice groove around the perimeter, and totally cutlery-safe.

Feel free to use your top knives on it!

Plus, it’s extra-large, so there’s room for everything on here. Even those with an ounce of experience in the kitchen can use this board as a beautiful serving tray.

Maybe it’ll inspire your guests to invite you over for a dinner party soon. Did someone say charcuterie?

organic coffee

Jive Up Your Java: Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Not all coffee is created equally, but most java lovers already know that. Luckily, Ethical Bean strictly carries fair trade coffee, so you can feel comfortable sharing these grounds with your guests, knowing every worker in the process earned a fair wage.

Ethical Bean ups the ante by including a unique QR code on every package so you can track your coffee’s story. It’s a feel-good gift, and knowing your cup’s story will make every sip that much more enjoyable.

weleda skin food travel size

For Nightly Nourishment: Weleda Skin Food Travel Size

Weleda Skin Food is a powerhouse when it comes to moisture replenishment. We especially recommend handing these out if you live in an environment with blustery winters that sucks the life out of your skin.

This travel size bottle is the perfect trip companion, but we’ll bet your guests will add it to their daily routine too.

The formula is totally natural and locks in hydration with beeswax. It’s great to use on the face, hands, or anywhere else you need a little pick-me-up.

water bottle

To Quench Your Thirst: Simple Modern Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Most people need to up their hydration game, and what better way to encourage it than by giving out fancy new water bottles? Simple Modern flasks come in 43 different colors and patterns, including gradient sunset shades and hazy dark forest dreamscapes.

You can hand-select the right design for each individual guest to make it that much more personal.

Aside from being beautiful, these bottles feature a built-in straw (no tilt needed), leak-proof seal, and double-walled insulation to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature.

These are easy to clean in the dishwasher – no bottle brush needed!

champagne bottle bubble wands

For Classy Wedding Fun: Champagne Bottle Bubble Wands

Who said adults couldn’t enjoy bubbles too? These cute little champagne bottle-shaped bubble blowers will leave your guests “ooh” ing and “aww” ing as they liven up the dancefloor. Not only will your partygoers rave about the bubble fun all through the night, but they’ll also look magical in your wedding reception photos.

Best of all, these bottles are leak-proof, so don’t worry about the soap solution spilling anywhere.

classic tea variety box

Warm Guests From the Inside Out: Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

ea is the ultimate comfort drink, so your guests can keep the comforts of your housewarming party going in their own homes. Gift the entire box of 48 tea packets or add a couple of individual tea packets to create lovely gift bags.

Each set contains eight types of teas, including lemon-orange, decaf breakfast blend, and green tea with jasmine, so you can trust that there’s something for everyone.

Taylors of Harrogate is a family-owned company, and you can feel the love they put into their craft – and your guests will feel your love too!

greenever bluetooth beanie hat

To Keep the Beats Bangin: Greenever Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Help your guests say goodbye to tangled headphone wires that fall out of their ears mid-run or clump into a terrible knot. The Greenever Bluetooth hat may be a frivolous gift, but it’s a neat product with some pretty practical qualities.

It’s as easy as connecting your hat to Bluetooth and heading out. This beanie will keep you warm and entertained at the same time. Better yet, it’s still breathable and washable, making it ideal for sweat-inducing activities like snowshoeing or skiing.

diffuser lemon eucalyptus

A Scentsational Souvenir: Cocod’or Signature Reed Diffuser Lemon Eucalyptus

Memory is highly linked to our sense of smell, which means the lemon eucalyptus-scented Cocod’or Reed Diffuser will always remind your guests of the wondrous time they had at your event. This bright and mellowing scent balances out with a hint of mint for an equally relaxing and energizing aromatherapy experience.

Don’t let safety concerns distract you – it’s completely non-toxic too.

Everyone has different preferences, so guests can adjust the scent’s intensity by adding or removing reed sticks until they find their ideal level.

Once the diffuser runs out, they can refill it for everlasting enjoyment.

leather coasters

To Deck Out Your Drinks: Thipoten Black Leather Coasters

Thipoten’s sleek black leather coasters are quintessential for dressing up the home bar or elevating your living room atmosphere. White stitching lines these coasters for a luxurious color contrast that adds a certain sharpness to these drink rests.

Sit your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening scotch on one of these classy coasters and sip away. It’s a simple way of helping your guests spruce up their homes. Stain and scratch prevention has never looked so good.


For Cozy Nights In: Green Orange Lightweight Pearl Grey Fleece Blanket

After a long day or night of socializing at your event, your guests will be ready to curl up on the couch. Help them out by gifting them an Orange Green fleece blanket to wrap themselves up in. These plush microfiber blankets are soft and cozy but not too hot.

Anti-pilling properties mean they’ll appear good as new wash after wash.

The pearl grey color is a lovely neutral tone that matches just about any room. Guests will love its versatility in any room of the home.

You just might get a few messages asking where they can pick up more.

cooling towel

The Best Workout Companion: Sukeen Microfiber Cooling Towel

What makes lightweight workout towels even better? Cooling properties. This bad boy will take care of all your sweat but provide you with a refreshing chill whenever you need it. The Sukeen cooling towel stays cold for up to three hours and is simple to activate by giving it a quick shake.

This microfiber towel is the perfect supplement to your gym bag and attaches easily with a convenient carabiner clip. It doesn’t just have to be for the gym, though. Runners, yogis, beach-goers, and even overheating pooches will equally love this chilly towel.

reusable shopping bag

Fully Functional Fabric: Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

Gone are the days when we carry our groceries home in an array of white plastic bags. Those sacks may last forever in the landfill, but they don’t exactly last long without a rip. Instead, Baggus are made from recycled ripstop nylon that can actually stand the test of time.

Featuring over 40 unique and flashy designs, Baggus adds a little life to your attendees’ grocery shopping experiences. It couldn’t be easier to just fold them up for simple storage, so you always have one on you.

Better yet, Baggus are machine washable, so you don’t have to cry over spilled milk.

pizza socks box

To Keep the (Pizza) Party Going: Rainbow Socks Store Pizza Socks Box

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love pizza. Sadly, it doesn’t have a shelf life long enough to make it a good return gift, but this pizza sock box by Rainbow Socks is the next best thing.

It’s brilliantly designed to actually look like a pizza in a takeout box and just might fool a few guests. Then, the laughs will ensue.

Each box comes with four pairs: three with toppings and one with the crust.

Sit back, relax, and let the “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” debate commence.

cocktail shaker set

Bring the Bartender Home: Cresimo 24 Ounce Cocktail Shaker Set

Not well-versed in the bartending world? Well, you will be soon, thanks to the Cresimo cocktail shaker set. It contains all the basic barware essentials to craft a perfect drink, including a mixing spoon, shot glasses, shaker, and recipe booklet.

The shaker is made entirely of stainless steel and features a built-in strainer. Cresimo’s shaker has a whopping 24oz (710mL) capacity, so you can craft up to three drinks at once. It’s the perfect gift to keep the party going even after the last call.

The only question left to ask is: shaken or stirred?


Luxe Up Your Look: Veronz Super Soft Cashmere Feel Scarf

Veronz cashmere-feel scarves are a fashionable unisex choice to show thanks to your guests. With 37 different styles to select from, there’s something for everybody. These soft, not scratchy scarves add a pop of style to fall and winter fashions and are warm enough without being too bulky.

It’s easy to spruce up bundling up with these cozy wraparound scarves.

silicone tongs

Grab Life by the Horns: Hinmay Small Silicone Tongs

Isn’t everything somehow better and cuter when it’s mini? These adorable pastel tiny tongs are a great thank you gift for attending your gathering. The small Hinmay tongs come in a set of three to make a lovely serving trio or let them shine individually.

A perfect addition to a gift bag, even for those who don’t know their way around a kitchen.

birthday cake dog treats

Take a Doggy Bag: Bocce’s Bakery Birthday Cake Dog Treats

Throwing a dog party? Then you already know that every puppy parent wants to give their pooch the best, and don’t they deserve goodies too? These dog biscuits are made entirely of ingredients we humans know and love, so you can feel comfortable giving them to your craving canines.

sandalwood beard oil

Manscaping Made Easy: Beard Reverence Sandalwood Beard Oil

Most men don’t indulge in luxurious multi-step beauty routines that their female counterparts do. Why? Maybe it’s too expensive or confusing or simply requires too much effort. Help your male attendees find some “me-time” with the Beard Reverence oil enriched with jojoba and argan for the most hydrated and moisturized beard around.

This earthy, musky sandalwood treatment also features antimicrobial tea tree oil to add a bit of freshness and reduce dreaded beard itch. We’ll call it what it is: a manscaping dream.

cinnamon honey infused

For Those As Sweet as Can Bee: Jamie’s Hive to Table Cinnamon Honey

Give your guest a treat as sweet as they are: a bottle of local honey. You won’t bee-lieve how delicious Jamie’s Hive to Table cinnamon-infused sweetener is until you get a taste for yourself. It’s packaged in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle perfect for drizzling onto french toast or stirring into our morning cuppa.

Return Presents: a Buying Guide

Now you have your creative juices flowing, but you might still have some burning questions about giving return gifts. Don’t worry; we’ve got the answers.

What Is a Return Gift Anyway?

Return gifts are small presents that organizers or hosts gift out at events. They’re essentially a way to show gratitude to your attendees and to thank them for their time. Since you’re giving gifts out to all of your guests, you don’t have to spend as much money as you would on standard gifts for your loved ones or colleagues.

Usually, the same return gifts are given to every attendee and not overly personalized.

However, it is good to consider your audience. It can be difficult to find something that each guest will love, so don’t stress out about pleasing everyone. Functional or edible gifts like chocolates or glassware are nice as they appeal to most people.

How Much To Spend on Return Gifts

There isn’t a set in stone amount that you must spend on each of your attendees. The best way to choose a price per guest is to consider how much room you have in your budget. If you find that you have some financial flexibility, why not spend a few more dollars on your return gifts?

Another factor is how many attendees you’re expecting. The smaller the list, the more easily you can get away with dishing out a few extra dollars per person. It’s perfectly acceptable for larger events like weddings to spend as little as $2 to $3 per person.

Keep in mind, though, that most guests aren’t expecting you to splurge. They aren’t showing up because they want a gift; they’re there to support you.

Do I Need To Give Return Gifts?

In North America, return gifts aren’t necessary, but some may expect them. Children at birthday parties, for example, might leave a bit disappointed if they don’t receive a bag of goodies, but it won’t be the end of the world.

Customs regarding return gifts vary depending on the place. For instance, giving return gifts to honor childbirth, New Year’s, and mourning is the norm in Japan. In fact, they even have their own word for it: Okaehsi.

If you’re hosting an event somewhere else in the world, do your research on local gift-giving customs first to ensure you’re well-prepared and don’t accidentally offend anyone. Consider reading up on the implications of certain gifts in other countries or religions as well.

Certain gifts may be very inappropriate in different cultures. For example, giving a beautiful letter opener to someone in China can suggest that you’d like to end your relationship with them.

Return Gifts vs. Party Favors vs. Swag Bags

There really isn’t much of a difference between a return gift and a party favor. The only truly notable variation between the two is that return gifts aren’t exclusively handed out at parties. Instead, they can be given out at corporate retreats, graduations, networking events, and more.

Swag bags, an acronym for “stuff we all get,” are also a similar concept. However, this term is more commonly reserved for business-related gatherings. Of course, swag bags also imply that guests will receive a variety of gifts. Typically, these products are branded with the company logo.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a return gift to show gratitude for your attendees, don’t stress about perfection. If you love it, your guests will too. Be sure to share this post with your fellow host friends and tell us about the best return gift you’ve ever received in the comments below.

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