47 Return Gifts for a Baby Shower to Shower Your Guests

If you’re lost for party favor ideas that will go with the theme of your baby shower while still appealing to your very adult guests, look no further.

This article contains more ideas than you could ever use, so you’re sure to find something for you here!

Return Gift Ideas For A Babyshower

measuring spoons set

A Spoonful of Love: 15 Packs Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons Set

Although these spoons are tiny, the amount of love they provide is abundant and ever-lasting. These adorable heart-shaped measuring spoons come in pretty boxes with cheesy inscriptions like ‘A heap of perfection’ that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

candles set

Burning Bright: 12 French Vanilla Scented Candles

One popular party favor suggestion is gender-colored candles – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Why not go in an entirely different direction and surprise your guests with these neutral vanilla scented candles? Whether you decide to give them the entire set of twelve or an individual candle each, your love for them will burn bright for an entire ten hours.

scented sachets

Nursery Scents: Willow Brooks Baby Powder Scented Sachets

No need for baby powder; these scented sachets can be stored anywhere in the house to get an ever-lasting clean, fresh, cradle smell. My suggestion would be to store it with your bedsheets so that you can actually start waking up fresh as a baby, or smelling like one, at least.

honeycomb soap

Combin’ for Honey: Kate Aspen Scented Honeycomb Soap

This honey-scented soap is sure to bee an instant buzz with guests! Its unique honeycomb shape and adorable mommy to bee inscription are guaranteed to remind guests of your special one.

bath bombs set

Pink or Blue: Mixed Gender Reveal Bath Bomb Set

Is it a boy or a girl? You need to take a bath with these bath bombs to find out! Try guessing the color beforehand and see how accurate you are – if you never slip up, you’re the bomb!


Over the Moon: Under the Stars Kate Aspen Glass Coasters

Starring constellations and a night’s sky, these glass coasters will potentially make you say, ‘Oh my glass, this is perfect!’ You can finally stop using books as make-shift coasters and give your mugs and cups the luxury treatment they deserve.

drinking mug

Dying of Thirst: Yorkshire Drinking Mugs

These drinking mugs are worth mugging someone for! They come with mini chalkboards attached for you to write the names of the drink on. They also offer a great way for you to play a practical joke on someone – you can write one thing but serve another.

flower seeds

Seeds of Love: Blue Love in a Mist Miss Jekyll Nigella Damascena Flower

Sow the seeds of love and let this gorgeous deep blue flower bloom! These flower seeds can easily be divided into little paper bags and given as party favors. When in full bloom, it’ll make neighbors blue because they didn’t get those flower seeds.

french rose sugar scrub cube

Sweet as Sugar: 12oz French Rose Sugar Scrub Cube

These French Rose sugar scrub cubes will leave your guests smelling like roses. Other side effects include baby soft skin and a feeling of utter contentment.

24 plastic candy bottles

Hard as Rocks: 24 Plastic Candy Bottles

These baby bottles aren’t just a cute reminder of your impending happiness but also a great way to store candy. They can be filled up with M&M’s or rock candy, though suckling the bottle is not guaranteed to yield any results.

bottle stopper

Show Stopper: 12 Beverage Bottle Stoppers

Drinking can make you feel young again, but these beverage bottle stoppers with beautiful cradle imagery are for when you need to stop the party. The feeling of youthfulness can still be captured if you stare at the cradle long enough.

champagne bottle bubble wands

She’s About To Pop: 72-Pack Champagne Bottle Bubble Wands

Get ready to pop your champagne bottles and celebrate with some bubbly…but of a different kind. These champagne-shaped bubble blowers put a whole new twist on the meaning of child-friendly(and also champagne bubbles) – it’s the perfect mix between adulthood and childhood!

bottle openers

Tea Time: 12 Antique Gold Teacup Bottle Openers

A tea party has never been so exciting. These antique golden bottle openers will never fail to liven up the booze party. Particularly punny people might make some tea just to pour their whiskey in it after opening it with this unique bottle opener.

pitter patter soap favors

Pitter-Patter: 12 Boxes of Handmade Pitter-Patter Soap Favors

With these tiny soaps, your guests will be able to imagine the pitter-patter of tiny feet and hear a child’s laugh. In a loving, domestic kind of way, not in a creepy horror movie kind of way.


Mark the Book: 48 Pieces Baby Carriage Metal Bookmarks

This intricately designed metal bookmark with colored satin tassel symbolically represents a brand new chapter – parenthood. It’s a call to a new exciting world, just like the unread pages of a book after a bookmark has been placed within.

honey pot

Honey, Please: Sweet As Can Bee Ceramic Honey Pot

This bee-witching ceramic honey pot is the perfect addition to any pantry! Even if you’re not buzzed about honey, you won’t be able to resist showing off this honey pot and filling it with other goodies like sugar or sweets.

bath poufs

Poofy Poufs: Pack of 8 Bath Poufs

From the baby shower to a bathroom’s shower, these poufs will guarantee a splashing good time for any who receive them. They’ll make grime and gunk vanish with a ‘Pouf!’ and leave their users feeling refreshed.

mini baby bottles

Bottles Up!: 24 Pieces Mini Baby Bottle Charms

Charm your guests away with these mini baby bottle charms! These can be added to a bracelet, a keychain, or even used as wine charms. It allows each of your guests to add their own personal touch to your little token of appreciation.

beer sleeves

Chill Stout: Panda Creative 10 Pack Beer Sleeves

If you’re feeling really lazy, you don’t even need to get a special gift for your guests. Simply wrap these pack beer sleeves around a can of beer to give family and friends an un-beerlieble experience.

These sleeves will get loved ones in their happy hour really quickly. As they say, don’t worry, beer happy.

glitter powder

Glitteraly Can’t: 12 Colors Bearals Fine Glitter Powder

To thank the people for a magical time, just pour some of this sparkle dust into a small vintage jar, like these spice jars. Affix a handy label or note, and voilà, the magic will have been cast! For extra pizzas, you can advise your guests that this glitter brings good luck and ask them to use it for spells.


My Little Princess: 12 Pieces Pink Crown Princess Keychains

What better way to tell people that they’re slaying it like a queen and inform them that you’re having a little princess? These bright keychains will ensure that nobody ever forgets to take their keys; the characteristic bright pink color is too loud for anyone to miss.

stuffed teddy bear

Unbearably Cute: WILDREAM Stuffed Teddy Bear

Nobody can bear staying away from these loveable stuffed bears for long – they have all the koalafications to steal someone’s heart. Cuddling up to these bears under a blanket on a rainy day, yes, please!

cocktail glasses

Boozin’ It Up: 4 BlueFind Coupe Cocktail Glasses

Customize these cocktail glasses by writing your guests’ names at the base in Sharpie or permanent marker. Don’t worry; your message won’t come off glass unless it’s given a bath in rubbing alcohol. Yes, way, rosé.

dream catchers

Catch Me if You Can: 3 Naturels Dream Catchers

These dream catchers are the perfect accessories to hang up in a car. There’s a significant chance that they will keep the bad spirits away and reduce your chances of a car crash with it.

lip balm set

Bye Bye Chapped Lips: EOS Lasting Hydration Lip Balm Set

The characteristic round shape of this lip balm is a shoutout to the expecting mama’s baby bump! They offer a balm to the very soul with their ability to heal all kinds of broken and chapped lips.

botanical flowers kit

Peony One for Me: 6 Pack bMaker Botanical Flowers Kit

With your help, your guests can bring the idea of edible flowers into bloom. These flowers can be used in cakes, tea, or to make essential oils if that’s what they’re into. It’ll show guests that you lilac them a lot, really.

dried lavender bundles

Lavender Way You Look at Me: 2 Timoo Dried Lavender Bundles

Spruce up living rooms with these dried, scented, lavender bundles. The minute anybody steps in, they’ll know it’s party thyme.

tiny rubber duckies

Quack Quack: 12 Kicko Tiny Rubber Duckies

Swimming with rubber duckies in the tub is an adult thing to do, I swear. And even if it isn’t, it makes for a ducking good time! Quack it up with these precious golden nuggets of your childhood.

sweet raspberry jam

Jammin’: 12 Ounce Tiptree Sweet Raspberry Jam

Spoon parts of this raspberry jam into ornamental containers with pretty ribbons attached, and let the jam session begin! It’s more fun if you have bread present, I promise.

artificial silk plants

Going Bamboo for Bamboo: Nearly Natural 20″ Green Bamboo Artificial Silk Plants

Bamboo is commonly known to be an auspicious plant, heralding good luck and new beginnings. Plant good luck into your loved ones’ lives by getting them this massive(fake) bamboo plant. This should be displayed in the living room to spread good cheer throughout the house.

shot glasses

Worth a Shot: 12 1.5oz Thirsty Rhino Karan Shot Glasses

For a more homemade touch, inscribe ‘Oh Baby!’ on these shot glasses in Sharpie. It’s an appropriate reminder of your soon-to-be child, but it’s also an appropriate swear when someone has had one too many shots of vodka.

keychains 20 pieces

You’re the Key: 20 Pieces Finduat Key Chains

These adorable gender-colored elephant keychains will stomp their way into your guest’s hearts. Elephants never forget, and if you get these, everybody’s sure to always remember this very special day!

hot cocoa mix

What’s Coaco-in’?: Ghirardelli 32 Ounce Hot Cocoa Mix

Perfect for a cold winter’s day, this gift is sure to leave your guests’ choc-full of joy! It’s up to you how you want to package this powdery goodness, but either way, your guests will love it a choco-lot.

jelly beans

Beanalicious: Brach’s Classic Jelly Beans, Assorted Flavors

These childhood favorites are likely to be a popular hit still with your adult compatriots today. I can guarantee that most of them have bean thinking of these beans at one point or another.

hubba bubba bubble gum

Bubble Pop!: Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum

If you’re having a boy, feel free to distribute countless packets of this sour raspberry-flavored gum. You can even make it a game – see who can make the largest bubble before it pops.

dum dum lollipops

Sucker for You: 2 Pack 300 Count Bag of Dum Dum Lollipops

You won’t find anybody who isn’t a sucker for these lollies! They come in many flavors, so you can let guests pick and choose which flavor they like best. The early bird gets the lolly.

anti bacterial hand gel pack

Clean and Fresh: Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 5-Pack

With the current pandemic, health has become a priority for many. Show guests that you care by gifting this anti-bacterial hand sanitizer set, designed to kill 99% of germs.

coffee mug

Monogrammed Mugs: Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug

Monogrammed mugs are easy to get, but they’re still a thoughtful way to show that you’re thinking of each guest individually. This particular mug is only monogrammed with an ‘A,’ but if you search the products offered by Farmlyn Creek, you’ll find mugs with every letter of the alphabet on them.

bath salts set

Bathing in Bliss: Set of 4 Kneipp Bath Salts

Show your guests that you’re the polar opposite of salty by getting them these thoughtful pain-relieving scented bath salts. They can soak in the joy that you feel with your little one soon to arrive in the world.


Shine Bright Like a Diamond: 10 Crystal Diamond Ballpoint Pens

What better way to tell all your family and friends that you think they’re a gem by getting them a pen with a massive diamond attached to it so that they can’t miss the message? If you still don’t think they’ll get it, feel free to attach labels saying the above.

fake succulent plants

Water Me Not: 4 Fake Succulent Plants

These succulent plants don’t need water(or love) to grow – they can thrive all on their own. Get your guests a fuss-free fake plant that can take root in their homes and serve as an ornamental piece.

Victorian London fog tea

Ain’t No Tea, Sis: Harvey & Sons Victorian London Fog Tea

This tea will leave your guests feeling pleasantly foggy-headed and relaxed with its citrus, vanilla, and lavender notes. The only emotions brewing after drinking this concoction will be sheer contentment.

wine glass charms

Whose Glass Is That?: 12 Colorful Crystal Wine Glass Charms

Charm your guests with these energetic wine glass charms. With these loud, signature glass charms, nobody will have to engage in that horror-struck self-questioning about whether they drank from the correct wine glass ever again.

kitchen whisk

Whisked Away: Kate Aspen Pink Kitchen Whisk

Eggs aren’t the only thing this whisk tackles – you’ll also be able to stir up a ton of gratitude by getting your guests this popping pink whisk! Trust me; this particular gift is a whisk that you should be willing to take.


Poppin’ Some Corn: 4 Pound Hoosier Hill Farm Popcorn

Popped popcorn is a classic baby shower party favor. It’s a fun snack and a priceless opportunity to remind your guests that popcorn will not be the only thing that will be popping in a few weeks if you get my drift.


Everything Is Honey: Nature Nate’s 32 oz Pure Raw Honey

Honey in a tin is an unbeelievably good idea. This organic honey sourced from the Amazon rainforest makes for a sweet time. It’s also a great way to reminisce about your childhood – watching Winnie the Pooh while eating delicious honey-flavored snacks.

nail polish

Sleek and Polished: Nail Polish

Pick the appropriate nail polish color and give it to all your guests – yes, even the male ones. If you can’t give a man nail polish in 2021, what are we doing with our lives? Besides, nobody ever said you could only use nail polish for painting nails.

Return Presents: a Buyer’s Guide

Before we begin proper, here’s a cautionary note. Some of the items below might come in an elaborate package that you can give your guests as is, but some don’t. For those scenarios, I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting possible containers to put these items into, along with relevant stickers and tags.

For containers, you can choose these 30 Pack Vintage Mini Yoghurt Jars With Label Tag and String. Simply inscribe a personalized message onto the label and let your guests discover the goodies within! Alternatively, you can also use these unique Besego Empty Tea Bags(100 Pieces).

To spruce up your gifts, you can also attach all those baby-related tags and puns that are sure to make your guests groan. These 2 inch Oh Baby Stickers are a good place to start. Otherwise, these gender-colored Kate Favors Thank You Baby Shower Tags will also do the trick.

You can also add some gender-colored ribbons to tie a bow atop your presents. Feel free to use this LIUYAXI Pink Satin Ribbon or the LIYAXI Blue Satin Ribbon for your special day!

Now, onto the presents!

What Is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the arrival of a baby. During a baby shower, the mother can expect to receive many gifts – every guest will be buying a gift for the baby. The baby shower is usually held about four to six weeks before the baby is due so that the guests can purchase gender-appropriate gifts.

Although a baby shower can be held by the mother, it is usually thrown by a family member or close friend. They’re the ones stepping up to volunteer to plan every aspect of your impending happiness.

However, they don’t plan independently – the mother is also giving a lot of input on various issues. She’ll be looking through the guest list deciding if anybody needs to be kicked off. She might even have a gift registry to prevent guests from getting duplicate items or telling people who don’t know her well what to get.

What Happens in a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is just like any other party, except with a self-evident theme – children. Here’s what you can expect to find in this event:

Games: Baby-related games are a great way to keep guests entertained and let them celebrate their joy with you. You can find some great games here.

Food: The food won’t be baby food, but trying baby food as an adult can be an entertaining game. Guests can either organize a potluck or have a buffet spread bought from outside. Some baby showers even have special cakes made for them.

Gifts: If parents have a gift registry, guests can bring related presents! Remember, gifts aren’t just for the baby; you can also give the soon-to-be parents something nice and relaxing, like scented candles or face masks.

Decorations: Baby showers usually have a theme that is reflected through the decorations. You can find a great list of themes here, which will show you that a baby shower does not mean boring.

Do You Need To Have Baby Shower Favors?

You don’t necessarily need to have return gifts, or baby shower favors, as they’re called(which is a horrendous name because gifts are not favors). However, it’s polite to give each guest small gifts so that they can have a little token to remember the baby shower by.

It’s a personal choice whether or not you want to attach thank-you notes to your return gifts. They don’t even have to be handwritten – small digitized printed out cards are fine.

What Are Appropriate Baby Shower Party Favors?

When you’re picking the perfect party favor, you need to pick something that guests will both love and use. Selecting any of the favors in the list above is guaranteed to get a positive response, but if you want to go full DIY, here are some tips to making a great party favor:

Create a favor that imitates your theme.

If your baby shower is an ode to Game of Thrones and you’re giving away earrings, they could be shaped as mini spears or other weapons used in the show. Go crazy and paint mini flames on shot glasses. You should try to link elements from the show into the presentation of your party favors.

Pick useful gifts. You might want to remind your guests what type of event they went to by getting them cute baby shower related gifts and designs, but these gifts should also be practical and useful. A bar of baby-shaped homemade lye soap is fine; a painted baby cardboard is not(unless you have exceptional painting skills).
Get edibles. These edibles can be a homemade loaf of bread or the brownies from that amazing local bakery down the street. Either way, these party favors will be an instant hit with all of your guests because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like food?


We hope you have gotten some useful information and ideas on what to get as a baby shower favor! Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments and this post with any loved ones who might need this advice if you like this post.

47 return gifts for a baby shower


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