30 Sailor Moon Gifts To Go to the Moon and Back!

Sailor Moon is an animated series that originated in Japan and came to the United States in the early-mid 1990s. If you have a Sailor Moon fan in your life, browse our list of Sailor Moon gifts that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face and send them to the moon.

Let’s get started!

Sailor Moon Gift Ideas

ramen bowl

For Their Favorite Ramen: Sailor Moon Ramen Bowl

If your Sailor Moon fan loves ramen, especially the traditional Japanese ramen, this bowl and chopsticks set is perfect for them. It is decorated with familiar moons and symbols from the show, and it holds up to 16 ounces (453.

59 g) of ramen or other food your loved one enjoys.

The chopsticks have a special place to rest within the bowl, so the Sailor Moon fan can keep track of them after enjoying their meal.

cat purse

The Cat’s Got Their Tongue: Sailor Moon Cat Purse

As any Sailor Moon fan knows, Usagi’s cat, Luna, is very important to her. Likewise, this black Sailor Moon cat purse will be very important to the fan on your gift list. It is made from a soft PU leather shell and a polyester lining.

It is a perfect accessory for any Sailor Moon outfit with a gold crescent moon on the front flap and black cat ears in the back.

makeup brushes

To Look Their Best: Sailor Moon Makeup Brushes

Usagi fought against several villains, but she also looked her best while doing it. If your loved one is the same way, this Sailor Moon makeup brush set will thrill them. The set contains eight brushes and a pretty pink pouch to carry them in.

The brushes include:

Two blush brushes
Mascara applicator
An eyebrow brush
Two eyeshadow applicators
A lip gloss applicator
A miscellaneous brush

music box

Dancing to the Moon: Sailor Moon Music Box

This hand-carved music box is a great addition to your loved one’s Sailor Moon memorabilia collection. It has an exquisite design on the outside of the box, but when the lid is up, it displays the Sailor Moon logo and a shadow outline of the crescent moon and Usagi.

Since it is hand-powered, there is no need for batteries or any other power source.

50 piece gift set

For the Fan That Wants Everything: 50-Piece Gift Set

This gift set is the jackpot for the Sailor Moon fan on your list! The set starts with a beautiful drawstring bag with Usagi prominently displayed on the front of the bag. Then, a 40-piece sticker set, one phone holder, a necklace and bracelet, two card stickers, three-button pins, and a keychain completes the set.

Any Sailor Moon fan would be thrilled to the moon and back to get this set, especially if they like all the pieces included.


Keep Their Feet Warm: Sailor Moon Socks Set

When on the moon, your loved one will need a warm pair of socks. This Sailor Moon socks set contains five pairs of glitter low cut socks. Your loved one can mix or match their socks on any given day and will show off their love of the show.

Made with polyester and spandex, the socks are sure to keep their shape after multiple washing.

eyeshadow palette

For Angel Eyes: Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette

If you get your loved one the makeup brush set, you may want to add this Sailor Moon eyeshadow palette to your cart. The colors are of the same scheme as the colors in the show and can make your loved one’s eye sparkle like an angel’s eyes.

Your loved one can create different looks by using the following color combinations:

Pale peach with hot pink pinpoints for a moon look.
Vibrant tangerine can create a twilight flash.
Soft pink with a gold flip will create a silver crystal look.

To make the moon castle, a soft coral will do the job.

wall pocket organizer

To Keep All Their Valuables: Sailor Moon Wall Hanging Pocket Organizer

For the younger fan on your gift list, this Sailor Moon wall hanging pocket organizer will keep their valuables safe and off the floor. There’s enough space for things like toys, art supplies, books, or other things they love with six pockets.

It is made with natural cotton and linen and is waterproof if something spills inside one of the pockets.

It has a hanging rod and rope, but your loved one will need to provide door or wall hooks to hang it on their wall or door.

photolder set

For Kitchen Adventures: Sailor Moon Potholder Set

If your Sailor Moon fan loves being in the kitchen baking and whipping up special dishes or baked goods, they’ll love this potholder set. They are made with heat-resistant (up to 500℉) polyester and anti-scald cotton to keep their hands from getting burned.

The outer layer is a light blue background with two cats, white and black, sitting together and looking at the stars and moons. They are hand-washable only.


More Kitchen Fun: Sailor Moon Bib Apron

To complete the kitchen set, your loved one will love this Sailor Moon bib apron. Adorned with Usagi’s outfit and legs, your loved one will look like they are wearing her dress.

Made from 100% polyester, it is waterproof and stain-resistant, and is machine washable.

They can wear it in the kitchen, the garden, cleaning, or serving at a dinner party. Your loved one will adore this apron as it will complete their kitchen collection.


Purr-fectly Adorable: Sailor Moon Cat Earrings

Luna is the subject of these adorable Sailor Moon cat stud earrings. Her eyes are red and white, and a gold crescent moon on her forehead. Made with hypoallergenic alloy, these earrings are suitable for most Sailor Moon fans on your gift list.

Because they come in a cute gift box, you won’t need to wrap them before giving them to your loved one.


Staying Warm Under the Moon: Sailor Moon Throw Blanket

Usagi and all her Sailor Moon friends are displayed on this cozy flannel throw blanket. The blanket background is a pastel yellow and blue, with lacy doilies forming a border around her friends. At 48” x 60” (121.

92cm x 152.4cm), it is big enough to throw on the lap while watching TV or cuddling on a full-size bed at night.

It is made in China and from polyester and microfiber to make a soft, warm blanket that your loved one will cherish.


For Carrying Their Snacks and Tablet: Sailor Moon Backpack

This teal canvas backpack features the Sailor Moon logo on the front flap, while Usagi and a moon and star are on the pack’s front in a bright yellow color. It is big enough to carry a laptop and a few books, with a velcro pocket on the side for a water bottle or other things that someone needs to get to in a hurry.

Made with durable canvas, it is machine washable if needed.

mug and journal set

For Coffee and Quiet Reflection: Sailor Moon Mug and Journal Set

When your loved one wants to sit quietly with a cup of coffee, what do they think about? With this Sailor Moon coffee mug and mini-journal set, they can now write down their coffee thoughts while they have that first morning cup of coffee.

The journal comes with lined pages and a hardcover binding, so the pages don’t get torn or ruined. And, as a bonus, a pink bow keychain comes with the set.

carnival cup

Carnivals on the Moon: Sailor Moon Carnival Cup

Are there carnivals on the moon? Probably not, but this Sailor Moon carnival cup travels well to all fairs and carnivals that your loved one wishes to attend. All of Usagi’s pals are on the pink glittery cup, and a blue glittery dome cap keeps the liquids safe.

A pink plastic straw completes the cup.

Made from durable plastic, it holds up to 16 ounces (473 .18 ml) and should be hand-washed only.


Sweet Moon Dreams: Sailor Moon Pillowcase

A small decorative pillowcase can complete the look of the Sailor Moon fan’s bedroom or living space, and this particular pillowcase will certainly fit the bill if your loved one is a fan of the color pink.

Yellow crescent moons, dark pink stars, white bunnies, and purple cat faces adorn a light pink background.

The material is soft polyester and is cozy enough to induce dreams of stars and moons.

airPods case

Protect Their AirPods: Sailor Moon AirPod Case

If your loved one is concerned about their AirPods getting scratched or broken, this Sailor Moon AirPod protective case will address that concern. Made with silicone, it is pink with the standard Sailor Moon decorations and comes with a key ring, so they are never without their AirPods.

The case needs to be gently squeezed on the sides or pushed from the bottom to remove them. The case is rechargeable and takes a USB-C connected power cord.

toiletry bag

For Travel to the Moon: Sailor Moon Toiletry Bag

The Sailor Moon traveler will appreciate this toiletry bag, especially if they have a big trip to the moon planned, as it is clear PVC vinyl. The outside is decorated with Sailor Moon emblems, but in a way that you can still see the contents, which makes it easier to find the needed item even in low lights.

Makeup, toiletry items, or even art supplies like brushes can be stored in this bag, along with a smartphone or a wallet and keys.

wine bottle stopper

For the Older Fan: Sailor Moon Wine Stopper

Most Sailor Moon fans who watched the series as children in the 1990s are now adults and can buy wine or other “spirits” with a cork. For the older Sailor Moon fans, this metal wine stopper might be an excellent choice.

This stopper is made from heavy-duty metal and is painted gold. There is a star in the center of the top circle, with plastic “jewels” between every star point.

The rubber strips on the stopper help create a seal, keeping the wine or other alcohol fresh.


Find the Bling: Sailor Moon Charm Bracelet

Unlike other anime charm bracelets that look cheap with plastic and cartoon-like charms, the charms on this Sailor Moon charm bracelet are made from metal that is painted gold and has jewel-like glass in the center of the charms.

And instead of the Sailor Moon characters, the charms on this bracelet are hearts, moons, bows, scepters, and cats.

It is made from nickel-free, hypoallergenic metal that is appropriate for most Sailor Moon fans, and it is fancy enough for formalwear.

leather journal

For Their Private Thoughts: Sailor Moon Leather-bound Journal

A Sailor Moon journal, complete with a smartphone pocket, is just the thing for your loved one who enjoys journaling or sketching. The salmon pink Sailor Moon journal has an artificial leather outer cover with an outline of Usagi and a crescent moon embossed on the front cover.

Inside, there are the following features:

A packet of sketch paper
A packet of lined paper
A pocket for business or personal cards and credit or debit cards
Space for holding a pen
A pocket for a smartphone

It is eco-friendly, odorless, and sustainable, as the paper packets can be replaced.

And with an outer strap holding everything inside, your loved one’s valuables and secret thoughts will be safe.

wall tapestry

Decorate Their Bedroom Wall: Sailor Moon Wall Tapestry

The Sailor Moon fan on your list might have other bedroom decorations, but do they have a wall tapestry? This wall tapestry features Usagi looking surprised on a yellow/tan background. It comes with hooks and invisible nails to hang it up on a wall.

Or it can be used as a picnic blanket, bedspread, or beach towel. And a set of LED string lights are included as a bonus gift.

Even if your loved one uses the tapestry as a bedspread, the LED lights will decorate and light up any space brilliantly.

stickers set

Sticker Mania: Sailor Moon Sticker Set

Back in the early 1980s, stickers enjoyed a brief popularity explosion when scratch and sniff stickers came on the market. Since then, stickers have improved in look and feel, and this Sailor Moon sticker set is no exception.

They are made from high-quality PVC vinyl and are resistant to water and sun, and will not fade.

Your loved one will go to the moon with this 75-piece set that they can use to decorate their laptop, tablet, backpack, or anything else.

watch pendant

Sailor Time on the Go: Sailor Moon Gold Watch Pendant and Chain

Sometimes, even anime fans like to dress up but still stay true to their fandom. This Sailor Moon gold watch and chain can dress up even a casual outfit. The outside is a star shape, while the watch face is round and mostly white, with a blue sky and yellow stars.

While the numbers are missing, there are longer, bold lines indicating where the numbers are.

It comes with a gold chain with tiny gold balls, supposedly moons placed evenly through the chain. A tool that opens the back is included, so your loved one can change the battery when needed.

wallet organizer

Keep Their Money Safe: Sailor Moon Wallet Organizer

Pink seems to be the popular color for Sailor Moon collectibles, and this wallet is no exception. It is fully pink, with Usagi, Luna, rabbits, stars, and moons adorning the wallet. While it might be big enough to put a phone inside, your loved one might not have room for it, as there are five card slots, two bill sections, and an ID card slot.

It also has a coin purse for those loose coins that seem to find their way into every small space.

canvas print set

Decorate Their Room: Sailor Moon Canvas Print Set

This set of three prints shows Usagi in three separate activities, and when put together, it can show a story or series of events. They are unframed, but if you have a little extra room in your budget, you can buy a frame for each of these prints.

They are printed on premium canvas, making them a high-quality way to decorate your loved one’s room or living space.

cat mug set

For the Coffee Fan: Sailor Moon Cat Mug Set

Luna and Artemis are the two famous cats in Sailor Moon, and now your loved one can have a replica of them both with this cat mug set. These mugs are made from ceramic and have removable lids that have cat ears.

They are perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, or tea and need to be hand-washed only. They might even be used to hold trinkets if your loved one wishes. But make no mistake–these ceramic mugs will delight your loved one!

lunch tote

Lunch On-the-Go: Sailor Moon Lunch Tote

A Luna lunch tote is just the thing for your Sailor Moon fan, especially if they are always on the go. It is smaller than some lunch totes, but it can fit a small meal inside, with a small ice block. It is made with nylon material, and it has a metal zipper.

As you might know, plastic zippers break easily, so the fact that this has a metal zipper means it is of a higher quality.

seilor moon organizer

Organize Their Things: Sailor Moon Organizer

Your young Sailor Moon fan will certainly love this organizer, as it can hold several different things such as makeup, art supplies, electronics, or whatever else they are into. It is seven inches (17.

78 cm) long, four inches (10.16 cm) wide, and five and a half inches (13.97 cm) tall. The pink background complements Usagi, moons, and hearts and is made from soft PU leather.

mouse pad

For the Gamer: Sailor Moon Large Mouse Pad

Larger than the average mousepad, this Sailor Moon mouse pad can accommodate a keyboard, mouse, and smartphone. Usagi and all her girl pals are standing on the Earth, with space in the background. The top material is polyester, while the backing is a non-slip rubber that keeps it in place for gaming and other activities.

And it is easy to clean and waterproof so that when the gamer spills coffee, it won’t go through to the rubber.

Sailor Moon Buying Guide

Since Sailor Moon was an anime series that was popular in the 1990s, most original fans are young adults by now and have different interests, but still long for the days of their childhood and the cartoon series they used to watch. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t younger Sailor Moon fans, as there most certainly are, but most fans are older and may want more sophisticated gifts.

For most fans, many of the gifts listed in this guide are geared towards younger fans, but older fans might enjoy them as well. Let’s take a further look at how you might choose a gift for your loved one.

Age Guide

If your loved one is a bit older, they might not want the frilly pink items like the wallets or organizers. Instead, they might want the ceramic coffee mugs with lids or the Luna lunch tote. But younger fans, if they like pink, will appreciate the organizers and wallets. It all depends on their color preferences and if they like the cartoon-like vibes these items give off.

Become Familiar With Sailor Moon

If you don’t know much about this anime series, you may want to learn a little bit about Sailor Moon before trying to buy your loved one a gift.

Sailor Moon was a manga series written and illustrated in Japan and ran from 1991-1997. A schoolgirl named Usagi met a talking cat, Luna, who gave her a magical brooch that transformed her into Sailor Moon, when needed, to battle evil forces. Luna and Usagi started gathering their armies and soon had enough power to stop the villains.

Your loved one can tell you more about the series and their favorite characters, or you can watch the series yourself to learn more to make an informed choice of gifts.


Now we’ve reached the end of this Sailor Moon gift guide. We hope you’ve gained a few ideas of some great gifts for the Sailor Moon fans on your list. If you find something in particular you think is great, let us know in the comments!


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