37 Fin-Tastic Gifts for Sailors and Seafarers

Ahoy, mateys! It’s time to toss off your anchor and go cruising into the deep blue seas of mugs, posters, t-shirts, home decorations and more.

Here are just a few gift ideas for the sailor in your life!

37 Gift Ideas for Sailors

mermaid bottle stopper

For the Romantic in Them: Stainless Steel Mermaid Bottle Stopper

Mermaids have been capturing the imaginations of sailors since they first ventured out to sea. This bottle stopper is far from the only mermaid gift out there, but with its gorgeous, finely-detailed craftsmanship, it’ll be one to remember.

It’s made with glass, silicone and stainless steel, and the mermaid looks like a half-remembered vision that was glimpsed through the mist. She’ll be a perfect companion for wine, champagne, vodka, cooking oil and more.

cuff links

To Get Him Out of Those Board Shorts: Gold Ship Wheel Cuff Links

If they say that they’ve never stood at the helm of a ship with both hands posed on the wheel while they gazed majestically into the distance, they’re lying. The ship’s wheel is the most iconic part of the entire vessel, and it’s been used for centuries as a symbol of sailors, pirates, mariners and other seafarers.

These cuff links will make a great gift for a guy who spends a lot of time on the water. They can be especially useful if you’re trying to upgrade his everyday “beach bum” outfits into something a little nicer!


For the Female Sailor: Hope Anchors the Soul Sterling Silver Anchor Necklace

Delicately beautiful, this sterling silver necklace has a small anchor pendant dangling with a miniature heart charm. It’s pinned to a quote card that says “Refuse to Sink. Hope Anchors the Soul.” Though it’s a proverb from the Bible, she doesn’t have to be religious to appreciate the contrast of gentle feminine allure and strong, inspiring words to live by.

She can embody both concepts as a female sailor with an untamed spirit.

brass spyglass

For Something a Little Different: Vintage Maritime Brass Spyglass

If they already own all of the t-shirts and key chains that they’ll ever need, consider giving them something a little outside of the box. This “spyglass” looks exactly like the brass and leather telescopes that were used by Victorian-era seaman to peer at enemy vessels.

It has real functionality with its 15X magnification and adjustable focus, but its super-realistic aesthetic will also make it a great decorative item for homes or boats. Take them back to another time with this awesome vintage spyglass!

motivational canvas painting

To Make Their Guests Look Twice: A Smooth Sea Motivational Canvas Painting

With dark, hungry waves churning over a tiny boat, this canvas is so visually striking that it’s sure to become a conversation piece wherever it’s hung. It says “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor,” and it can be ordered in multiple sizes that range from 18 x 12 inches to 40 x 30 inches.

The material is a printed, hand-stretched canvas that gives it a much more stylish look than a paper poster. Your favorite sailor will love it.

fifty places to sail before you die book

For the Globetrotter: Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die

There are more than 332 million miles of ocean. How many has your buddy sailed? Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die: Sailing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations is chock-full of ideas, and since they all come from real-life explorers and adventurers, they’re much more valuable than what a random travel guide could tell you.

They’re also accompanied by photos, stories and travel tips to make them extra worthwhile. If you know someone who has always dreamed of sailing from coast to coast, this is the book for them!

playing cards with dice

If They Like to Play the Odds: Navy Playing Cards With Dice

Are they a member of the U.S. Navy? These playing cards can be a source of pride as well as entertainment. The Navy’s colors and emblems are on the back of each one, and the traditional kings, queens and jacks have been replaced with rank insignias such as admiral and petty officer.

When not in use, the cards can be stored in a handsome wooden box along with several sets of dice. Whether they’re into poker or craps, your serviceman should get a real kick out of this gaming set.

boat plaque

To Keep Them Safe: Saint Brendan Brass Boat Plaque

Saint Brendan is the patron saint of mariners. Also known as “Brendan the Navigator” and “Brendan the Voyager,” he watches over everyone on the water, so he’s a very appropriate choice for a boat plaque shaped like a ship’s wheel.

He’s even adorned with the text “Saint Brendan Protect Us” in a fine brass finish. Your gift recipient can hang him on the hull for good luck or tuck him into an office or barrack as a quiet guardian for all.

San Felipe 3D model ship kit

To Build Up Their Brainpower: San Felipe 3D Model Ship Kit

Depicting the San Felipe, a famous Spanish galleon built in 1690, this model ship has hundreds of pieces despite being scaled to 1:100 of its original size. It isn’t a puzzle for the faint of heart, but if your gift recipient is the type to relish a challenge, they’ll be glad to have it take over their tabletop.

It’s a beautiful work of art with complex colors and details that come together to form a very realistic model. You won’t believe that it’s made from nothing but paper and foam board!

popeye the sailor volume one DVD

A Blast From the Past: Popeye the Sailor Volume One DVD

Is there a sailor more famous than Popeye? This muscle-flexing, spinach-eating hero has been in newspaper comics since the late 1920s, but it wasn’t until his animated debut that he truly became a household name.

How would you like to go back to the very beginning of the cartoons with volume one of Popeye’s DVD collection? It has every episode and film short from 1933 – 1938, and though they’ve been digitally restored to give them high-quality video, their content remains unchanged.

You might be surprised by some of the raunchy stuff that slipped past the censors back in the day!

salt and pepper shaker set

To Spice Things Up: Nautical Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

A wooden boat serves as the base for two “sails” that are actually clever little salt and pepper shakers. The pepper container is plain white; the salt container has blue and white stripes. The nautical theme is unmistakable, so this should be a fun, self-explanatory gift for the sailor in your life.

Whether he uses them at home or on the boat, they’ll always remind him of bright, carefree days on the sea.

pillow case

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Life’s a Beach Cotton Throw Pillow Case

“Life’s a Beach. Enjoy the Waves.” If you know a sailor who embodies this attitude, give them a light, colorful throw pillow to celebrate their easygoing nature. The material is a soft cotton linen, and the 18 x 18 inch size makes it perfect for homes, boats, porches and more.

They can use it as a cushion or napping tool; they can prop it up somewhere as a decorative item. The possibilities are endless with a cute throw pillow.

lighthouse decor with candle holder

To Bring Them Safely Home: Metal Lighthouse Decor With Candle Holder

Lighthouses have been guiding sailors since time immortal, so use this candle holder to protect the flame of your loved one while they’re away at sea. It’s made with a solid, white-painted iron and decorated with everything from nets to seashells, so it looks quite rustic.

It even has a few scratches and paint peels to give it an authentic charm! The candle hides inside of the tower, and you’ll see its light flickering gently through the “windows” of the lighthouse until it burns itself out.

All things considered, it’ll be an amazing vigil for your sailor while they’re gone.

coffee mug

Ropes and Robusta: How to Tie Knots Coffee Mug

Tying knots is a quintessential skill for sailors, but what if they don’t know a half hitch from a sheep shank? This coffee mug can show them how it’s done. Eight different knots are illustrated on the ceramic, and the handle is a bright blue cleat to really emphasize the maritime theme.

Best of all, it comes with a length of rope to help them practice! This is a gift that will be fun and practical for the modern sailor, so it’s a slam dunk in every way.

poster prints

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Six-Set Vintage Sailing Patent Poster Prints

Designed to look like real blueprints from the U.S. Patent Office, these vintage poster prints depict boats, sails, anchors, spyglasses, steering wheels and other seafaring navigational equipment. Each one has a sepia-toned appearance to give it an authentically vintage flair, and they’re detailed with notes and numbers like they were actually sketched by an inventor.

There are six in total. They come unframed, but they’ll fit any 8 x 10 inch casing, so you can buy them yourself or let your gift recipient do it. Either way, these prints will look wonderful on a feature wall.

garden chimes

When They’re Stuck on Land: Starfish Mobile Musical Garden Chimes

There’s nothing like the wind whipping through your hair as the sea spray mists your face and the smell of saltwater beckons you forward. If your sailor can’t be riding the waves 24/7, this wind chime might be a balm for their soul while they’re landlocked.

A starfish sits at the top, and four long, narrow chimes sing a gentle song against beads and shells. It might not be as good as an afternoon on the water, but it’s a close second.

waterproof bag

To Protect That iPhone: Earth Pak Waterproof Bag

Though they’re advertised at campers, kayakers and other outdoorsmen, these bags can also be awesome for sailors. They’re available in sizes ranging from 10 – 55 liters, and like their name suggests, they’re completely waterproof.

You can even submerge them! Another benefit is that they’re made with a slick, malleable material that can be rolled down to compress space. When you pack light, you can make the bag light, too. It’ll be an amazing tool to take on the water when you have valuables that you don’t want getting lost, damaged or waterlogged.

ceramic butter warmer fondue set

When They’re Working Up an Appetite: Ceramic Butter Warmer Fondue Set

If their boat doesn’t have a kitchen, this fondue set will let them enjoy warm, tasty snacks even without an electric power source. You see, these cups sit above tea light candles, and they’ll slowly melt butter, cheese, salsa and dip with nothing more than the flick of a lighter.

Your seafarer will be able to enjoy freshly-caught shrimp and crab legs all day long. It might not be great for their waistline, but their taste buds will definitely celebrate!

draw 50 boats ships trucks and trais illustrated manual

For the Sailor With an Artistic Soul: Draw 50 Boats, Ships, Trucks, and Trains

Draw 50 Boats, Ships, Trucks, and Trains is exactly what it sounds like: an illustrated manual that will teach you how to draw different forms of transportation. In addition to sailboats, submarines and Viking vessels, it also covers subjects like dump trucks and tractor trailers.

It’ll be a nice guide for both first-time hobbyists who want to learn the basics and experienced artists who could use help with fine lines and details.

wooden art boat box

For Trinkets and Treasures: Homemade Wooden Art Boat Box

Gorgeously crafted, this box can be used for everything from coins at home to bait and tackle on a fisherman’s boat. It’s made with all-natural wooden materials and is lined with black velvet to protect everything inside.

What really makes it unique, however, is its soft, hand-painted lid. Depending on the box that you order, you can get a scene of sailboats, sunsets, forests and more. It’ll be a great maritime gift for someone who could use a keepsake.


Because Home is Where Your Anchor Lies: Sailboat Heartbeat T-Shirt

Are they so attuned to the sea that their pulse matches the ebb and flow of the tide? This is the t-shirt for them. It depicts an old-fashioned sailboat cruising the lines of a human heartbeat, so it’ll be both thoughtful and meaningful for someone who loves the water.

It’s also available in multiple colors and fits, including men’s, women’s and youth, so you can customize your order until it’s just right.

3D boat card with quote

To Help Them Through Tough Times: 3D Boat Card With Inspirational Sailing Quote

Simple and sweet, this greeting card can be given to anyone who likes sailing or boating. It has a William Arthur Ward quote about adjusting the sails of one’s life to overcome challenges, and there’s a pop-out cutout of a ship that will spring to attention when the card is opened.

It might look normal from the outside, but it’s sure to surprise when your gift recipient opens it!

baseball caps and beer holders

His and Her Sailing: Skipper Baseball Caps and Beer Holders

Perfect for a couple or spouse, this gift is meant to celebrate the bond between two people. One hat says “Captain,” and a matching one says “First Mate.” Both are a naval blue color with white text and an anchor motif.

There are also screen-printed can holders with the same design, so not only can they sail the ocean without getting the sun in their eyes, but they can also crack open some cold ones as they watch the sunset together.

The world will be their oyster!


For Fresh and Funky Fashion: Men’s Nautical Novelty Crew Socks

Help him “stay anchored” with these funny crew socks. They’re available in red, blue and navy blue, and they’re decorated with a repeating anchor pattern from cuff to heel. Their material is a soft and comfortable cotton, and they’ll fit any shoe size from 7 – 13.

They even boast calf bands to keep them from slipping down his legs! He can wear them under a naval uniform or with a casual pair of jeans or boat shorts. There are a lot of possibilities with a jazzy pair of socks like this one.

survival sailor´s knife

To Be Prepared for Anything: Multi-Use Survival Sailor’s Knife

Tactical knives come in all shapes and sizes, but this “sailor’s knife” is meant specifically for those who live and work on the water. It offers a blade, bottle opener, shackle key and marlinspike all on a single hinge.

The handle also doubles as a ruler with markers for both inches and centimeters. Stainless steel means that it won’t break under pressure, and nothing will rust or stain from saltwater. It’s the perfect tool for a sailor, especially since it’s multiple tools in one.

military bible

To Nourish the Soul: Leather Navy Military Bible

A military Bible isn’t like a regular Bible. In addition to the classic prayers and proverbs, it has also branch-specific content to bring comfort, wisdom and faith to servicemen who are far from home.

This particular Bible is devoted to Naval officers, so it offers readings like “The Navy Hymn” and “General George S. Patton’s Prayer.” It also outlines the U.S. Navy Core Values and includes stories and articles written by real military personnel.

If you know a Christian sailor, this Bible will send the Lord with them on every voyage.

cutting board

For the Seafood Lover: Personalized Boat Name Bamboo Cutting Board

Help them christen a new boat with this personalized cutting board. It’s made with 100 percent natural bamboo, so it’s a high-quality product that can withstand all kinds of slicing and dicing, and it has an anchor engraved at the top to give it a nautical touch.

Best of all, it can be customized with the name of your gift recipient’s boat. They can put it right in their cabin so that their passengers never forget where they are!

mermaid tail blanket

If She’s Always Wanted to be a Mermaid: Extra-Large Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Another great gift for female sailors, this “mermaid tail” will bring some color and whimsy into her life even as it serves a valuable purpose. The crochet knit is soft and warm, and the gigantic 71 x 35 inch size will cover her entire lower half.

Best of all, since its bottom is sewn closed to mimic a mermaid tail, it won’t let any cold air reach her feet! She’ll be nice and toasty as she rewatches a shirtless Jason Momoa emerging from the sea during her millionth Aquaman marathon.

coaster set

For Naval-Themed Home Decor: Sailor’s Rope Coaster Set

Hop on any boat and you’re sure to see some ropes coiled here and there. They’re one of the most versatile tools in a sailor’s arsenal, and these coasters play on that theme with rope fiber fabrics and tough, intricate weaves.

They aren’t quite leak-proof, so you won’t want to put them on grandma’s antique heirloom coffee table, but they’re more than enough for casual dining among friends. They even come with a cherry wood box for storage when not in use!

bottle opener

To Kick Off a New Chapter in Their Life: Steer Your Future Life Rudder Bottle Opener

Maybe they’re graduating. Maybe they’re getting married. Maybe they’re retiring and hopping on a sailboat, never to be seen again! This bottle opener will be suitable for any fresh start or new beginning.

It says “Steer Your Future Life” and is shaped like a ship’s wheel with a rudder on the bottom, and you can also order variations with anchors, sailboats, seahorses and other nautical themes. Feel free to click around and find the best option for your sailor.

All of them can be used on a champagne bottle, so they’ll work just fine for whatever event that you’re celebrating.

three sheets to the wind book

For the Etymology Lover: Three Sheets to the Wind: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions

Three Sheets to the Wind: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions is a fascinating look at how sailors and seafarers have influenced the English language. For example, did you know that “turning a blind eye” comes from a naval admiral who pretended not to see an order to surrender by holding up a spyglass to his blind eye? Three Sheets to the Wind is full of fun facts like this, so it’ll make a great gift for sailors, linguists, bibliophiles and trivia enthusiasts alike.

toothpick dispenser

To Get Popeye’s Spinach Out of Their Teeth: Whale Toothpick Dispenser

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or another kind of fun, low-cost gift, consider Jonah. He’s a blue whale with a grin made out of toothpicks! Just put the toothpicks inside of his stomach and slide them out through his blowhole.

Not only can he serve as a cute accessory for the dining room table, but he can also become a handy tool on a boat. How many sailors remember to pack toothpicks before they set off on an adventure?

pirate skull drinkware set

Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho: Three-Piece Pirate Skull Drinkware Set

Every sailor has a bit of a pirate spirit in them. They might deny it, but they do. This drink set will let their inner rebel come out and play for awhile with its awesomely bada** design. An eyepatch-wearing pirate skull grins from a matching goblet and mug, and a full-bodied skeleton serves as a spoon.

All three pieces will allow your friend to drink like they’ve just razed a village to the ground and taken all of its treasure!

drifting bottle sailboat cross stitch kit

To Relieve Some Stress: Drifting Bottle Sailboat Cross Stitch Embroidery Kit

Perfect for lady days at sea, this cross stitch kit can introduce them to a fun, relaxing hobby. Everything that they’ll need is right there in the box, and the design that they’ll be creating has a very fitting nautical theme: a ship in a bottle drifting on an ocean of whales, seashells and starfish.

They might even want to frame it when they’re finished. If they do, they’ll think of you every time that they see it, so it’s definitely a gift that can pay off with its thoughtfulness.

coffee mug

For Your Foul-Mouthed Sailor: Sorry For What I Said Coffee Mug

“Sorry For What I Said When We Were Trying To Dock The Boat.” It’s funny because it’s infinitely relatable to anyone who has been at the helm of a ship. It doesn’t matter if they’re a sailor, angler, crabber or recreational boater.

Everyone knows this frustration, so it’s sure to get a laugh when they unwrap the mug and see what’s printed on it.

canvas wall art

To Channel Their Inner Ariel: Three-Piece Sea Animal Canvas Wall Art

With their bold, bright colors, these sea animal prints are ready to splash into everything from nurseries to boat cabins. There are three prints in every set, and the first depicts a whale, turtle and octopus while the second depicts a seahorse, octopus and marlin.

They come on raised fabric canvas squares to give them an especially trendy look. You can hang them on the wall; you can prop them up on a shelf or mantel. They’ll always be ready to take you under the sea.

A Present Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a gift that will satisfy a sailor, you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices out there.

How are you supposed to pick the one thing that will shiver their timbers? Here are just a few ideas.

Choose Your Cliches Carefully

Some sailors love sailing a boat, anchors and wooden steering wheels. Others already have a house decked out with nautical-themed goods, so you’ll need to up your game if you want your present to stand out from the rest.

If you aren’t sure which of these categories your gift recipient falls into, don’t be afraid to ask their spouse, friend or roommate.

Figure Out Their Rank

If you’re buying something for a member of the U.S. Navy, make sure that your gift is reflective of their station. Better yet, buy something that doesn’t mention rank at all; that way, your gift will be evergreen instead of having an expiration date if and when they get promoted.

Think About the Setting

Are you buying something for their home or boat? There might be practical considerations if something needs to be displayed on a mast rather than a living room wall. There might also be restrictions for naval officers in terms of how they’re allowed to decorate their space.

Keep It Light and Portable

If they spend a lot of time on the water, the best gift might be a simple, travel-friendly one. Whether it’s a practical tool or a sentimental token, they can carry it with them on land and sea as long as it’s portable enough.

Speak to Their Interests

Don’t be so focused on finding a “sailor’s gift” that you forget about the actual person behind the label. What are their likes and dislikes? Do they have any hobbies? Can you customize the gift in any way? Be thoughtful with your present if you want it to have a long-term impact.


These are just a few things to consider when buying gifts for sailors. What do you think of our suggestions? Do you have any gift ideas that blow ours out of the water? We’d love to hear from you, so aim your cannon and fire!

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