35 Unique Gift Ideas for a Secret Lover

Maybe it’s a clandestine affair. Maybe you just aren’t ready to reveal your relationship to your friends and family just yet.

Whatever your reasons for keeping things discreet, you’ll still want to celebrate the good times together, so here are just a few gift ideas for a secret lover.

floral rose bath soap

A Garden for Two: Floral Scented Rose Shaped Bath Soap

Bath products can be a great way to pamper someone you love, and these delicate, rose-shaped soaps are a thoughtful gift and a treat for the eyes and the skin. They come in three blushing shades of pink, and they’re already ready for gifting since they’re tucked into a sleek black box.

Make your secret crush think of you with every long and luxurious soak in the tub!

artblox soundwave art

To Unlock a Hidden Message: Artblox Soundwave Art

Say it with a song when you invest in soundwave art. No one else has to know the meaning behind the music that you choose, but your special someone will be able to play it whenever they’d like just by scanning it with their smartphone.

This particular gift paints the soundwave on a trendy acrylic box, but you can find other soundwave presents in the form of greeting cards, art prints, and more.

electric wine opener set

For Impromptu Date Nights: Electric Wine Opener Set With Charger and Batteries

You can’t always plan romantic evenings with a lover that you’re keeping on the down low, but this gift will let you share a toast no matter where you are. It’s a portable, electric wine opener kit that includes everything from a foil cutter to two vacuum-sealing bottle stoppers.

The batteries only need occasional recharging, and it can be stashed in desks, kitchens, glove compartments, and more. You can break open the Chardonnay whenever opportunity strikes!


To Harness Big Love in a Small Container: I Love You Projector Heart Necklace

With its shimmering, crystal-lined heart pendant made with rose gold, this necklace is undeniably romantic, yet it’s also something that she can claim to have purchased for herself. Only the two of you will know its secret: The center of the pendant has a micro-engraved message of love that can be projected on the wall with the help of a flashlight.

Even better, it declares its love in more than 100 languages, so there can be no doubt of your feelings.

oval locked necklace

For Holding Them Close: 14K Yellow Gold-Filled Oval Locket

Lockets are charming, old-fashioned kind of gifts, and they’re perfect for clandestine lovers since their images are hidden from sight. This one doesn’t even look like a locket; it has a smooth and seamless surface made from 14K gold with a small diamond accent in the middle, so it could be mistaken for an ordinary pendant necklace at first glance.

No one has to know that your lover is actually carrying around a token of you. For the most secretive of relationships, you don’t even have to use a picture; you can substitute any meaningful words, quotes, or images instead.

da vinci code cryptex lock

A Secret Worth Keeping: Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock

If you enjoy the secretive nature of your relationship, you can play it up with the ultimate puzzlemaster gift. It’s a “cryptex,” or a rolling wheel of letters that have to be arranged in a specific order to unlock its inner chamber, and you can fill that chamber with whatever trinkets that you’d like.

Give them a gift that’s as intriguing as their gaze across a crowded room.

kissing mugs set

When You Aren’t Afraid of a Little Risk: Mia and Mio Two-Set Kissing Mugs

Alone, these coffee mugs look like any novelty item. It’s only when you put them together that you realize they’re a set of kissing faces that slot perfectly into place! It’s a sneaky, stealthy kind of gift that you and your loved one can brazenly use in the open without people cottoning on to the secret that you share.

.. if you dare.

instant camera

To Make Memories Together: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Your time together is precious, so why not document it? You might shy away from cellphone cameras and their digital trails, but an instant, handheld camera will let you take Polaroid-style photos that are printed right there in the moment.

It’ll also be a stylish and trendy gift since you can order it in multiple shades ranging from “ice white” to “lilac purple.” Ideal for girls and guys alike, this will be a great present for a secret lover.

morse code tin sign

I-L-U: Vintage American Morse Code Tin Sign

Send secret messages to each other with the help of Morse code. If they don’t already know it, this tin sign can be an easy reference point, and its trendy, kitschy aesthetic can be used as an excuse to hang it up as a decoration.

You can delight in exchanging carefully-coded messages all day long, and no roommates or co-workers will be the wiser.

tablet pillow

For Late Nights Together: Multi-Angle Tablet Pillow

Long distance lovers, this one is for you. If you spend a lot of time gazing into each other’s eyes through Zoom or Skype, a tablet pillow can make it much easier to talk all through the night while lying in bed.

This one even comes with multiple slots so that you can adjust the angle of the screen to your liking. It’s a practical gift, but since it promises lots of time together, it’s a romantic one as well.

engravable brass compass

For Him: Engravable Brass Compass With Leather Carry Case

If you’re looking for a masculine gift, how about an antique brass compass with a handsome leather carrying case? You can even have it engraved with the text of your choice. A romantic option might be something like “I’d be lost without you,” but you could also opt for something with more subtlety if you’d like to keep your relationship a secret.

Who would suspect ulterior motives behind a compass?

star constellation map

When Only the Stars Bear Witness to Your Love: Personalized Star Constellation Map

Your relationship might be a secret, but you can still commemorate it in sneaky ways. One such option is a star constellation map. You can customize it with a specific date and time to get a picture of the night sky at that very moment, and you can add whatever text you’d like to go along with it.

You can be subtle; you can be obvious. The choice is yours, but the stars will light your way.

heart shaped glass jar

A Token of Your Affection: Heart Shaped Glass Jar

You have to be careful about mementos when you’re in a secret relationship, but this heart-shaped jar can pass for an innocent piece of room decor. It can also be customized with all sorts of treasures and keepsakes! Fill it with her favorite candy, for example, or pour some sand in it during a special date night on the beach.

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

lock and key keychains

Practical But Purposeful: Lock and Key Two-Pair Key Chains

Available in both copper and gunmetal grey, these key chains make a pretty set, and no one has to know their secret meaning besides their bearers. The icing on the cake is that this perfect gift is also quite functional: They’re made from a high-grade plated alloy that’s both water- and wear-resistant, so like your relationship, they’ll be built to last.

You could definitely do worse in terms of gift ideas for secret lovers.

steel crown pendant necklaces

For Your King or Queen: Royalty Stainless Steel Crown Pendant Necklaces

Matching necklaces can help you feel connected to a special someone even when you’re apart, but since these secret gifts are a secret treasure, you don’t want anything ostentatious that would broadcast your relationship to the world.

Skip the hearts and go for something like crowns instead. You’ll know the meaning behind them, but no one else will.

lamps two set

When You’re Forced to be Apart: Two-Set Long Distance Wi-Fi Touch Lamps

Another gift that looks perfectly innocent on its own, these lamps are actually a pair, and they’re connected through “touch technology.” In other words, they run on an interlinked WiFi charge that can be brightened and dimmed by either owner.

You’ll be able to let your sweetheart know that you’re thinking of them without saying anything at all, and nosy folks won’t even realize it.


Saying It Without Speech: Love Sign Language Women’s Hoodie

There are several ways to say “I love you” in American Sign Language, and this hoodie takes the long way around, spelling out the individual letters L-O-V-E rather than the expression itself. This will give the wearer some deniability if they’re ever asked about it.

They can just say that they love the world or that they wanted a fun, positive t-shirt with ASL on it!

candy hearts

For the Bawdy Beau: Six-Pack X-Rated Valentine Candy Hearts

Spice up your usual Valentine’s Day gift with these X-rated treats. They’re conversation hearts like you can find in any sweets shop, but their messages are very much not what you’d want others to read aloud.

This makes perfect as a dirty little secret with a randy partner in crime.

sore muscle massage oil

To Hide In Plain Sight: Botanic Hearth Sore Muscle Massage Oil

With the soothing scents of lavender oil and arnica extract, this massage oil will transport them to another place entirely. It’s ideal for all kinds of deep tissue manipulation, including hot stone massages, and it can also lead to fun times in the bedroom.

Best of all, since it says “sore muscle massage oil” right there on the bottle, it won’t be suspicious if it’s discovered in their medicine cabinet. It’s just for muscle aches!

picnic basket set

When You’re Ready to Brave the Outside World: Wicker Picnic Basket Set for Four

You can’t hide all of the time, so when you’re ready to risk a public appearance, this picnic basket can provide everything that you need for a date in the park. Its large willow hamper fits plates, glasses, cutlery, and napkins in addition to an extra-large picnic blanket to spread out on the grass.

A cute checkered lining gives everything an old-fashioned charm, and it’s designed for four people, not two, so your secret will be safe. Your secret crush can use it for all kinds of outings, not just romantic dates.

hershey's gift basket

To Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth: Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses Gift Basket

If they’re as yummy as chocolate, it seems only fitting that their gift is equally as sweet. Why not give them a gigantic gift basket of Hershey’s confections? As a bonus, this particular gift basket offers hugs and kisses, giving a deeper romantic meaning to an already loving gesture.

They’ll think of you every time that they pop open the next treat.

wooden jewelry box

A Long-Lasting Keepsake: Decorative Wooden Jewelry Box With Lock and Key

Handcrafted from wood with a golden, antique-style brass hinge lock, this box is perfect for storing everything from poetry to pressed flower petals. It could also be used as a keepsake box for movie tickets, love letters, and other tokens of your affection.

Its lock and key will keep everything safe from prying eyes, so you can use it as a chance to freely express your emotions for once.

mini waffle maker

To Delight in a New Day: Heart-Shaped Dash Mini Waffle Maker

You never know when you’ll get to wake up together, but you can make those unexpected mornings all the sweeter with a heart-shaped waffle maker. It takes just minutes to heat up, and it’s quick and easy to use with no turning or button pressing required.

Just pour in the batter and wait a few minutes. You’ll have lovely golden brown waffles to take to your sweetheart for breakfast in bed.

digital photo frame

To Channel a Secret Agent: Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

What if you could hide or display couple’s photos with the touch of a button? It’s possible with the help of a Nixplay digital photo frame. As long as you and your boo are both connected to the app and its cloud-supported photo album, you can share pictures at will, and you can change the ones in the frame whenever you’d like.

Broadcast your love for all to see, or hide it away when there are prying eyes around. The control is in your hands.

crystal tree

To Connect on a Higher Plane: Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

If she’s the spiritual sort, she’s sure to appreciate the meaning embedded in this crystal tree decoration. Not only is rose quartz known as the “love crystal,” but it’s seen here blooming from a raw fluorite stone that symbolizes confidence, clarity, and direction, so it’s perfect for a relationship that’s still in transition.

One day, your love won’t have to be expressed through hidden symbols. It’ll be a proud tree growing tall.

care package

Caretaking in Gift Form: Hug in A Box Care Package

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and “just because” occasions, this “hug in a box” care package is full of self-pampering tools for the overstressed or overworked. It offers everything from tea bags to hand towels all tucked neatly into a pre-wrapped box.

As a bonus, since there are no overly romantic words or images on it, it can serve as an incognito gift for a special someone.

couples bracelets

Sweet Serendipity: Red String of Fate Couples Bracelets

Have you heard of the red string of fate that connects lovers even before they meet? It’s usually invisible, but you can turn it into real, tangible evidence of your connection with these matching bracelets.

Each one has a delicately knotted red cord that will remind you of your other half. Even if you can’t be together publicly, your fates will stay intertwined.

52 uncommon dates book

To Enjoy All of Your Time Together: 52 Uncommon Dates Book

An unconventional relationship deserves unconventional gifts, so consider wrapping up 52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together. Not only is it filled with fun ways to spend time together, but it can also enrich and enliven your existing routines by offering multi-step plans for living fully in the moment.

Embrace your unique bond with an equally unique book!

cuff links

To Send Him a Secret Message: QR Code Personalized Cuff Links

It’s the 21st century. You no longer have to send hidden messages through tin cans on a string. QR codes are the high-tech way to reach out to a lover without anyone else knowing about it, and with the help of these sexy, fully customized cuff links, he can actually wear your words all day long.

Make them say whatever you’d like. That’s the power of a personalized message.

the getaway kit

When You’re Feeling a Bit Risque: Kama Sutra: The Getaway Kit

Escape to a romantic paradise with the help of “the getaway kit” from the Kama Sutra store. It offers yummy and oh-so-naughty gifts like feather dusters, vanilla crepe oils, and strawberry body butter souffles, but everything is conveniently travel-sized, so you can throw it in your bag with no one the wiser.

It’ll be portable fun when you want to make some mischief with a willing partner.

gift basket

To Get Back to the Basics: Movie Night Gift Basket

When you’re tired of running around in the shadows, it can help to re-group and re-establish your relationship with a bit of normalcy, and there’s nothing more normal than a movie night. This gift basket makes it easy with everything that you’ll need right there in the box, including popcorn, concession snacks, and a Redbox voucher.

Everything comes in pairs for a perfect date night for two.


To Stay Warm on Cold and Lonely Nights: Adult Weighted Blanket Queen Size

You might not be able to share a bed every night, but this weighted blanket can bring comfort even when you’re apart. Its soft fibers will be silky smooth beneath their fingertips, and its light but reassuring weight will make the bed feel less empty.

If you can’t be there all of the time, give them a proxy to make do.

copper bartender kit

When You Like a Little Sex on the Beach: 11-Piece Rose Copper Bartender Kit

This is another gift that’ll be great for sudden and opportune date nights. You don’t have to plan things out; you can just seize evenings together when they come, and this 11-piece bartending kit will be ready to whip out from a trunk or cupboard at any time.

Make all kinds of cocktails with its collection of attractive, smoothly-polished tools, and neatly pack them up again when you’re done. You’ll leave no trace of your rendezvous.

floating candles

For a Night In: 12-Piece Heart Shaped Floating Candles

If you’ve always dreamed of surprising them with a trail of rose petals leading to a candlelit bath, these are just a few of the accessories that you’ll need to get the job done. They’re small, heart-shaped red candles, and since they come in plastic shells, they can be poised on tubs and jacuzzis or even set floating on the water.

Get yourself some rose petals and you can really bring the fantasy to life!

ticket stub diary

Because Your Relationship is Special: Ticket Stub Diary

Your relationship might be a hidden one, but it still deserves to be remembered, and this keepsake can help. It’s a ticket stub diary with compartments to fit all kinds of mementos, including movies, concerts, sporting events, and more.

There’s also scribbling space if you want to add written notes with your treasures. Give it to her empty to make new memories, or give it to her full to commemorate the time that you’ve already shared together.

Either way, he’ll love this notebook THAT will show that you’re playing for keeps.


For a fun, sexy, and hush-hush relationship, you’ll only want the best gift ideas for a secret lover.

Buying gifts isn’t always easy, i hope this list was helpful!

What do you think of our suggestions? Is there anything that you’d add to the mix? What would you like to receive from a hidden Romeo or a secret Juliet? Tell us all about it!

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